this is so rare!

vanessa and sonny are very close and have a lot of fun together,, okay that is all

My favorite ships in the Wander Over Yonder are Black Eye (Peepers x Sylvia) and Skeleton Dance (Wander x Hater). These pairings bring me a lot of joy and happiness, their chemistry and interactions amuse and inspire me so much. Also, that’s rare and pleasant case when my two OTPs support each other making the perfect space family! <3 And, of course, I want to see them developing their relationships in the 3 season! @disneyxd @savewoy

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Here’s a rad live video of MFS; it starts off with a cool drum solo by Kid’z and a short instrumental song that hasn’t appeared on any of MFS’ albums so far.

Also, during the bridge of Fukagyaku Replace, Hiro mentions the Tokyo Dome. Is that MY FIRST STORY’s next goal, having done the Budokan?

“You know what people can be like, especially at our age and in our culture. People have the capability of being arseholes and I didn’t-“

“-You didn’t want people treating you differently if they knew you were gay.” Melissa summed up, her voice harsh and rather unforgiving.

“It’s not as easy as you make it for people to just… Well, you know. It feels like you’re trying to push me into doing something I’m not comfortable with.”

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when people ask why I even care so ship camren my response, it's rare kind of love when so many people can tell they are in love with just stares, small glances and little touching, it's makes there love so pure because we know how much they have been in love just by that, and that truly is a beautiful thing ❤️ Why do you?

Same as you, and also cause they’re hot together, really really hot.

if squenix is going to give 85% of their characters white/silver hair in ffxiv can they at least learn how to make older faces on women look actually… you know, old… bc i got super excited thinking i was about to be given video game girlfriends when minfilia and the f’lhiniminidfisnia furry reunited at the beginning of heavensward and there were 120000 levels of emotion and they started talking about keeping memories of each other and f’lhihisnisfbia always being able to smell minfilia’s perfume wherever she is and DEADASS i was sitting there like this is GAY AS FUCK when l;fhsjfdhcat went “I RAISED HER AND SHE IS MY DAUGHTER” what the fuck was that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can that peebee gifset die already i’m sick of seeing notifications for it

Richonne party week!

Day 1- When did I start shipping richonne

a bit of background info as to why they both have an unnatural hold on me

 I was a massive hoe for Michonne ever since we saw her at the end of S2 with that mega badass intro and I was so curious about what made her so guarded because she rarely spoke but she conveyed so much with every little thing she did and being the teenage black girl I was and still am I was amazed by her multi dimensional character like she was serving us more than the angry black woman shiz and she’s dark skinned! So I put my sudden shipping down to my Michonne obsession first. I was equally in love with the very conflicted Rick who did everything he could for his family, like more than his Adonis looks, Rick’s relentless striving to lead his people safely was why my heart fell out my ass for him.

When the two collided….

When the 2 apples of my eye ( apples get it lol ) locked eyes at that fence?! I felt pure fire and some other things I can’t describe but it was just an instant “FUCK THEY LOOK GOOD THEY NEED TO GET TOGETHER” and I did feel really bad at first because I only based it on their looks but then I realised that shit is called chemistry and it doesn’t exist like that from the first meeting without going somewhere really deep and meaningful.

Then from Clear, it was just too much to see how interwoven their personal stories are and I just fell deeper. I binged all the way up till when After aired live and I’m still kinda floored 13 year old me put 2 and 2 together so fast when I was reading and watching non stop like I think that’s one of my greatest life achievements lmao I pinpointed richonne when I probably missed everything else that had people going bananas!

In a colder tone, he added, ‘So what did you really plan to do, Chade? Pass off Fitz’s daughter as Verity’s? Steal her from Molly and give her to the Queen, to raise as her own?’ The Fool’s voice had gone deadly soft.

Assassin’s Quest

taking a moment to appreciate Fool laying in to Chade for his behaviour because it’s so rare that anyone does and I am really hoping for more of this in AF (though given the way the plot’s going it seems unlikely idc). Also, Chade’s response to the above quote:

‘I… the times are hard and the need so great… but… not steal her, no. Burrich would understand, and I think he could make the girl understand. Besides. What can she offer the child? A penniless candlemaker, bereft of her trade… how can she care for her? The child deserves better. As does the mother, truly, and I would do my best to see that she was provided for, also. But the baby cannot be left with her.’

1. Fool has made Chade hesitate. Lots of ellipses in that speech, especially for Chade, I think. Fool hit the nail on the head and now Chade’s trying to pretend that what they said wasn’t perfectly accurate.

2. Chade holy shit you are a terrible person. Seriously. If you’re that worried about Molly being able to care for Nettle, maybe you could… idk… offer some monetary support. Noooo you’re going straight for steal the child and pass it off as someone else’s

3. You cannot convince me that Molly would have been at all safe in this scenario. Chade passing Nettle off as Verity’s child and just leaving Molly hanging out in luxury as a loose thread? Fuck no. Molly would have died. Probably not too immediately; or alternatively, Molly was bound to pass away while looking after Nettle despite “all of Chade’s help” leaving Burrich as the sole person to persuade to give Nettle up to Kettricken.

tl;dr: chade fallstar is a terrible, terrible human being and Beloved should tear him a new one more often.

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The photo is really nice, he is happy to see her. I just think they are both feeling the heat and maybe a little ashamed of the shit show. And of course they are (finally) respecting their SO's who are at the back. I actually thinks it's funny bc MM being an actress was ignored in the RC. Tony we know is a not a part of Hollywood and always let's her shine solo, so nothing rare there... same impressions as me? Or disagree?

Nah. They aren’t ashamed. These people are not NEW to the scene. They’ve been around a long time…. if they felt bad the time is long past for that in my opinion…. ahem… Shatner… 


i’m sure this has been posted before….but if u feel like fucking weeping and maybe ending up in the fetal position, watch florence welch sing to karinya chen (apparently she had tickets to a florence + the machine concert but had been battling a rare type of bone cancer and was in hospice, so florence came to her and fucking delivered. the way she closes her eyes and nods her head at one point while florence sings is just ….. this is so heartwarming florence is truly an angel and by the look on her face i am sure she made this girl so unbelievably happy)

I cannot stop watching when La La Land lost an award that was never theirs, as graciously as they may have done so. When so much art represented people who rarely get represented or recognized in mainstream culture is finally, boldly launched to the front, we celebrate it, we lift it further, we demand more of those stories. We need those stories. We don’t need another whitewashed movie, complete with subpar singing and dancing, sweeping all the accolades when those performers couldn’t perform half as well as their competitors. Ryan Gosling had to learn to play the piano? Alex Hibbert had to learn to swim. Moonlight is life changing. Their glory should never have been stolen last night. But what else is new?