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i saw ppl were drawing barneswilson so i decided to join in on the fun!!! i hope that’s ok, i am weak against cute ppl <3 (also sorry for the super vibrant colors omg)

desirae soflo 🌴 I’m bi but its like 90% girls 10% boys lol. what I’m honesty looking for is a girlfriend and friends ofc lol and I don’t mind an LDR at all 😊. I like bands books and youtubers so basically another girl on tumblr 💁 Harry potter is just oml amazing. and yea um I’m really shy at first but then random once I get comfortable around you so sorry lol. just send me your number in my message and I’ll text you but only off anon so yea that’s me but I can’t fit myself in this little text box so just text me lol byesss 😋💕

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  • Person:why do u like to watch asian guys sing and dance?
  • Me:why do u like to watch mainstream, western boy bands sing?......... Ohhhh were u waitin for me to say dance? Sorry but they don't and can't dance for shit so don't sit there and silently judge me just let me live my life and leave me to watch my asian guys thanx. Bye.

First day in LA and first time in a @brandymelvilleusa store. The manager came up to me mid shot and asked for a couple of pics outside (I genuinely thought she just liked my style/hair- then I later learned she recognised me from here😂 lol) anyway so random!! But honestly, just reading through the all the ridiculously sweet comments from you guys recognising me on their page… Legit made my whole day 😳💃😌Sorry I know my posts are a little soppy atm but I’m just so grateful to be able to connect with so many people through social media and genuinely feel like I have a voice. I know this isn’t that big of a deal but reading comments on their photo like “I love this girl’s channel” or “this girl helped me so much with self esteem/acne/health/fitness/spiritually” .. It just feels surreal. The number of followers/likes on a screen means nothing (it feels make believe to me) but meeting people who follow me (don’t like that term) here in LA, flipping Taiwan airport (😂) and of course at home and actually talking about all things “life” is surreal. is Social media is surreal. #gratefulandoverwhelmed #essenashutuphaha


Most of the important players in my weird western UNWANTED: Journey to the Southwest! Sorry for the random breaks/white lines, but tumblr forced me to cut the image up in order for it to display at the proper resolution. *grumble*

(in descending order: Owl Spirit, Ray Stone, Ma’ii, Jean-Baptiste/Raven, Casey Brown, Fox Spirit, Turtle, Wendigo and Gray Woman)


okay sorry this took so long but i had a very long ride home and i was just so tired from that amazing concert but anyways, here it is, a summary of trb in la and the romantic tale of tae becoming one of my ults. Long post ahead

this is just random bullet point notes of the highlights of the concert lol hopefully it goes in order

  • I managed to work up the confidence to shift the line from curving to the side of a building (in the sun) to a U shape so everyone still had their spot in line but were all in the shade. People there told me thank you and it made me feel so warm even tho i died on the inside lmao
  • fans handed out hand made stickers and photo cards!!!! theyre so adorable i have some V and Jimin ones theyre so cute omg.
  • As soon as I entered the concert hall and took my seat i had like a tiny panic attack i was so overwhelmed lmao
  • the girl i sat next to was really tiny and sweet she was pretty calm but i could see her getting excited lol we followed each other on tumblr
  • i kept telling people i wouldnt scream because i didnt think i could and like at some parts i just clapped but i was screaming yoongis name like my life depended on it tbh


  • like his hair is perfect and his skin is perfect BUT HIS EYES IDK WHY HIS EYES GOT ME SO MUCH he has such a perfect eye smile like they turn up into crescents and his teeth show and theyre just a tad bit crooked like just a bit and it makes him look so endearing
  • he seemed a bit tired at first and didnt really do much interacting with the other members or the crowd other than a bit of cute and smiley faces
  • he warmed up eventually probably from all the hype and was messing around a lot 
  • his english was the most accented i think but he was so adorable in the way he talked it was kind of like an anime or something the way he said things it was so cheesy but adorable like at one point he said “Let’s sing together, okay~?” And i fucking screamed i think i screamed the loudest for Jin 
  • He is the tallest member, you think it’s rapmonster but it isnt its him he is so tall and he has swimmer shoulders my kind of guy
  • he dances so good omg
  • did i already mention his singing and how attractive he is
  • During Let Me Know I feel like he poured his heart out into his singing like he was so into it and his voice was heavenly and he was just so strong and powerful i love jin
  • he didnt really try and act sexy all that much even tho he was by default he kind of went for the goofy dumb cute boy act and let me tell you it worked 100% like he’d cup his face and look cute during a part of a dance or song then start giggling to himself stop kim seokjin
  • at the end of the concert everyone had already walked off stage he just kind of stood there as they played I Need U and all of a sudden started singing and it was so wild everyone went wild Jin went solo for like 12.6 seconds I swear to god and it was amazing
  • Jin is amazing sorry


  • he is so fucking flawless like his skin is really pale?? like not yk european feature pale but he does have fair skin, and it is flawless omg
  • his eyes are really small and he wore a lot of eye makeup and tbh it made him look like some kind of fairy i fuckin love him 
  • his hair is like something straight out an anime or a disney movie that stuff could go for like 100,000 dollars like it was just so perfect and it looked so soft??? and even when he got really sweaty it was still like perfect tf
  • He is the shortest member omg like at some points he looked like he was the same height as jimin or maybe an inch taller but like 85% of the time he was shorter than him
  • he is so thin like namjoon legs are thicc and when they stood together during cypher yoongi looked like he was a 6th grade hanging out with his junior in high school older brother omg
  • Yoongi was so lit at first probably from how hard everyone was cheering he was jumping around and walking around stage and doing cute little hip hop dances but he got tired after like the 5th or 6th song and was kind of mellow after that 
  • he was mellow until what i like to refer to as the original prayer followed by the holy trinity aka when cypher came on and everyone screamed and was jumping and the earth shoke he came alive man he was everywhere i swear he was either jumping up and down around stage like a rabbit or throwing his hands to the beat near other members omg
  • then the holy trinity aka war of hormone danger and boy in luv one after the other no breaks it was fucking wild everyone was singing and they were so into the dance and yoongi just looked so happy to be up there he was spitting his verses like a damn king
  • His english was so cute idk why it sounded like he was a lost tourist or something omg he spoke with confusion yet confidence
  • i forgot to mention that in audio his voice sounds a lot deeper than it actually is but theres not that much of a difference tbh its just yoongi sounds a lot younger and higher pitched than the audio but its still him and hardly noticeable
  • he called LA his second home town during his goodbye speech and it sounded so sincere the crowd went wild
  • When tae started tearing up and turned around to get a hold of his emotions yoongi was rubbing his back and holding his hand up to everyone saying “Wait, just wait” and it was just ahfjbfhlladd
  • You could tell he was exhausted and he was the first to leave the stage but alas i love him


  • I felt so bad for the poor guy he was so hot and he was dripping in sweat and he kept saying “I’m sorry it is so hot in here” and “Let me just take off my jacket” but he wasnt allowed to take it off or something omg 
  • everyone kept screaming when he said that though and I feel like 80% of the words coming out of his mouth were “Oh yeah, you like that?” like jhope please 
  • Right before they sung miss right rapmon was like “We all know you guys are better at Korean than even me,” and Jhope piped in and was like “To make a better concert, lets practice together okay?” and the lyrics to the main chorus of miss right came on and Taehyung was at the top of the stage pointing at them as we sang along
  • When we finished “practicing” the main chorus Jhope clapped and said good but Jimin came over and they started laughing and teasing us because we mummbled some of it like they mimicked us like “ yeonghwa asdfghjhssdfkdkiguioligufydt -eon geu saram” and then they laughed and i think they called us cute it was so nice omg
  • He was so alive and bright he kept doing either aegyo or super sexual hip dances like omg it was a mess he also threw a ton of hearts and smiles at everyone
  • I felt bad for him because he was wearing a black sweater underneath a white shirt and jeans when they came to put on jackets they wore for cypher like he was dying but he pulled through and lit the stage he was on fire
  • at the end he said “thank you and i hope you can always stay with bangtan saranghae” and then he did a heart and kisses and i exploded

Rap Monster

  • Let me tell you right fucking now that this guy is literally so hot like i was taken aback by how attractive he was like I knew he was good looking but idk man seeing him irl he was so so so so so fucking hot
  • his voice is deep and smooth and like you could tell he was happy he could speak english and was happy to joke around with us like ive already said he said “We all know you guys can speak Korean better than me” and he kept joking around and telling us how proud he was that we were following the songs well
  • he has like a praise kink 100% because he kept asking us to scream then hed be like “We can do better” and so we’d scream even louder and he’d just smirk omg
  • hes actually really good at dancing like??? omg
  • HE WAS LIT FROM BEGINNING TO END I SWEAR HE DIDNT TAKE  BREAK if they were set loose for let me know instead of the dramatic stage theyd set up you bet he’d be the one jumping up and screaming and ruining the atmosphere omg
  • he turnt the fuck up during the original prayer and holy trinity (see above) like he was set to maximum capacity 
  • he was really nice and sweet and i feel like out of all of them he had the best time 
  • he talked about when they filmed ahl and how happy they are to continue to come to LA and the states and he was happy that we always took care of them omg
  • I feel like theres more but i cant remember anything than how generally happy he looked to be on stage and speaking to us and rapping his heart out idk


  • Out of all the members he was sooooo obsessed with himself omg like not that im complaining
  • he was obsessed with touching his dick and moving his hips like 75% of the concert was park jimin with one hand on the mike one hand on his crotch doing some kind of gyrating hip dance
  • he took every single opportunity to shout “LET ME HEAR YOU SCREAM” 
  • his english was so cute omg since hes willingly admitted he has the hardest time with languages you could tell he practiced a lot and like yoongi he was confident but sounded a bit confused and nervous as if he was worried he was going to say it wrong
  • he is literally FIT AF like his abs are back which is both a blessing and a curse since i dont want to know what he did to himself to achieve those again but
  • he was dancing so happily and smiling and he kept messing around with rapmon tae and jhope the most he was just having a blast that dork
  • his eyes are literally beautiful at one point he was staring in my general direction and i was crying because his eyes are so perfect so so so so perfect
  • his voice is literally so good omg like he hit all these high notes and looked so proud of himself omg
  • his hair isnt red anymore but a kind of faded red/orange and i love it???
  • OH and i cant really remember what happened but jhope rapmon and him were talking and i think jhope jokingly said that he was ugly and jimin was like “no im handsome” and everyone screamed so he yelled into the mike like two or  three times “IM HANDSOME” and everyone was going wild like you could tell jimin was thinking about all the soaked panties out there omg
  • HIS A B S
  • he kept jumping off the upperstage and he looked so hot doing it i hate him
  • i love him


  • He was so happy when he spoke english kind of like jin he sounded really adorable and everything seemed to have an invisible “~” at the end of his words omg he asked if we like it when talking about a song or dance or member
  • During Miss Right he was on the upperstage pointing at the lyrics while he sang to make sure people were following along he was like a kindergarten teacher or something lmao
  • He hit so many butts during the holy trinity especially war of hormone and danger omg
  • i feel like he is probably third or fourth tallest. the first two being jin and rapmon then i think he and jungkook are tied???
  • the moment you’ve all been waiting for the moment i ulted kim taehyung
  • okay so i was staring at yoongi during a break while some members were talking and others were wiping sweat and drinking water and i happened to glance over and see tae was looking in my general direction and so i started waving my hands (frantically) at him and we made eye contact and he smiled and did the whats up head nod thing to me and waved just a tiny bit before he continued to look at other people and i screamed i died i sreamdnfkfkfnf kgbfbkkbfkerfnk


  • This boy was wild he had no chill
  • His forehead is actual beauty and i dont understand how he can be the sweatiest member but his hair stays perfectly styled as if he was just taking a nap in the chair and not running around on stage screaming
  • he was kind of quiet when it wasnt like a designated speaking time and he joked around with the others a few times but you could tell he was pretty shy and nervous
  • his english is so good hes so cute he kept saying whats up LA and asking if we were having fun or we liked it it was so cute omg
  • his smile is pure gold
  • at the end he brought out a selfie camera during attack on bangtan and he was filming himself and the crowd and he got really goofy and excited and was dragging other members in like jimin and they were all so silly
  • at the end for like 2 minutes he was trying to do the LA symbol with his hands while holding the mike and he had this goofy smile on his face it was fndjdjfhgjfd
  • he said at the end he hopes that we can stay forever with bangtan and that he was thankful
  • jeon jungkook is a prince that fucks me up

theres so much more im forgetting to put in like when they were calming down and getting ready to do goodbyes taehyung was wiping something off the floor (water??) and i had a really nice view of his ass also tae was doing really silly dances with jungkooks selfie camera and jin was just so beautiful and namjoon put on this headband and slicked his hair back and is2g jesus touched me in that moment and so much happened but i figured ill just add on to this post later because ive been typing it for like an hour lmao

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If each one the axis (Including Romano and Prussia) had to be paired with a single Allies, and there were no repeats, who would you pair up? How would they initiate this relationship? (Sorry if this is random, but I think this would be hilarious and so sappy and sweet at the same time.)

are we going with unconventional pairs? let’s say yeah lol and let’s go with dinky aus for their initiation.

America x Germany: This would be interesting. America makes an ad on their university “Want Ads” board: Seeking a workout buddy, someone who doesn’t give up or slack and can keep me on track! Looking to work out 4 out of 7 days a week, morning or evening!

Italy x France: France working in a department store, and Italy calling because he’s “going to need someone to stick with him while he shops to help him find good clothes and good cuts and I need a new wardrobe because the one I have clearly isn’t getting me laid! Hahaha!” And then he comes back often and it turns into a thing.

Japan x Russia: Russia is doing a campus flower delivery but keeps getting lost in the dorms and Japan is the only person nice enough to help him find where he needs to go. And then Japan ends up ordering flowers for some reason, and once Russia finds out his room number, he stops by with free flowers as an excuse to awkwardly talk to him.

Romano x Canada: Three words: Anger Management Class. And to quell their tempers, they kick back and get blazed HAHAHAHAHAHAHA CAN YOU IMAGINE THIS THO HOW FUNNY.

Prussia x China: Prussia going to this hipster coffee and tea small business, asking for something with “the most caffeine” because of exams and needing to study. His drink tastes so bad he gags and spits it out on the poor barista cleaning tables (dat China) and instead of getting offended, China helps him find new drinks with high caffeine content that taste better, so Prussia, finding this dude pretty interesting, returns at least three times a week to try a new custom drink made by China.

~Admin Mattie

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Klaroline prompt:) "I bumped into you and your paint box fell and your stuff spilled out everywhere, oh god i’m so sorry."

This drabble has been brought to you by my current obsession with Skin Wars. Loved the prompt (and all your prompts! You have a gift, LOL).

Meet (not so) Cute

Checking her phone again Caroline bit back a curse (because swearing to yourself was just asking to be looked at like a mental hospital escapee – and she did not need the silent judgement of random strangers right now). But she was late and she hated it. Punctual was Caroline Forbes’ middle name, usually, but the Gods of public transportation had a vendetta of some sort, and her bus home had been almost ten minutes late.

And crowded. And inhabited by several people with questionable taste in fragrance, and no idea how to apply said fragrance subtly, leaving her with a bit of a headache.

Shoving her way off the bus, she’d raced to her apartment, rushed through getting ready, only managing the barest hint of makeup, popped a couple Tylenol, and was now speed walking to work.

So Caroline was frazzled, and cranky, and focused on the time on her phone’s screen, rather than on where she was going. Truly, a recipe for disaster. She’d just reached the building where the Gala she was serving at was being held, and she had less than sixty seconds to get to the back entrance and slip inside. Caroline took a corner quickly, and her shoulder slammed into something, someone, as it turned out, causing her to stagger slightly before she caught her balance.

She turns to the person she’d just barged into, a flurry of apologies on the tip of her tongue. The person, a man who did not share her qualms about the judgement of strangers, if the creative string of profanity spilling out of his mouth was anything to go by.

Not that she could blame him. Since he’d been carrying a large, square, case, and her crashing into him had caused him to drop it. Various little brightly colored tubes and brushes, things that looked like makeup sponges, had spilled out, scattering and rolling across the pavement.

Caroline had frozen, seeing the mess, and clapped a hand over her mouth.

The man had crouched down, and was gathering up his belongings. He cast irritated eyes up at her, and some part of Caroline’s brain noted that he was very attractive, full lipped and blue eyed. And then he spoke, ruining all that handsome. Because while the accent was also appealing, the tone and words he used were definitely not, “Well? Are you just going to stand there dithering? A little help, sometime this century, would be much appreciated. Since your clumsiness and lack of attention caused this.”

Caroline dropped her hand and narrowed her eyes into a glare. Sure, he had a point but was being such a dick about it really necessary? “Look, I’m sorry. I’m running late and…”

“I don’t care, sweetheart,” he gave her a once over, eying her white shirt, black pants and pulled back hair dismissively, “I’m sure your evening plans are scintillating. It is tax season, perhaps you’ve a hot date with a calculator? But some of us have actually important engagements, so be a dear and pick up a few things, would you?”

Caroline’s jaw dropped at his nerve, “Excuse you, this is a uniform, you jackass. Rest assured, that out of it? I’d blow your mind.”

He raises a brow at that and looks at her once more, lingering a little longer in the chest area. And yeah, ordinarily that would piss her off but she’d kind of invited it. Also, let him eat his heart out because the odds of her ever giving him the time of day after this were slim to none.

The guy’s just about to say something else, but Caroline’s so done with him so she cuts him off, “Now, I am sorry for running into you. But it was an accident. And yeah, Emily Post and my southern upbringing say that I should help you. But you’re a douche and I have somewhere to be. So bye.”

Caroline spun away from him, sort of wishing her hair was down, because a toss of her curls would have made her badass exit slightly more satisfying, and stomped away.

Her boss gives Caroline an unimpressed look when she rushes into the kitchen, but waves Caroline’s apologies away with a grudging, “Just don’t let it happen again, and get to work!”

Caroline falls into the rhythm of set up easily, methodically laying out cutlery. She’s just retrieving the place cards and seating chart when one of the newer girls intercepts her. April’s sweet, a bit shy, and currently the color of a ripe tomato, “Caroline! Could you please, please, please, take this tray into the models? They’re… naked.” The other girl’s eyes had darted around, her voice dropping to a whisper on the last word. And Caroline did remember something about ‘living art’ being a part of this event.

With a mental shrug, she trades April, emphasizing that the seating chart must be followed exactly, and heads down the hall April had indicated. Balking at a little nudity wasn’t exactly Caroline’s style and April was always up for a shift trade so Caroline figured protecting the other girl’s delicate, Pastor’s daughter, sensibilities was the least she could do.

Pasting on a polite, customer service smile, Caroline quietly slips into the room and begins arranging the food. She sneaks peeks as she does so, though no one pays her much mind. There’s six models, two are fully painted and coiffed, standing somewhat awkwardly in the center of the room. Caroline can’t really blame them, going first would have to have sucked as there’s not much they can do without smudging off the paint that covers them.

She can’t help but study them briefly, surprised by how beautiful, and weirdly tasteful the work is. They’re naked but it’s somehow not in your face or salacious at all.

There are four other people in the room, two on the far side that she gathers are hair stylists, and they’re busy with two of the models, gluing what looks like fabric leaves and beads onto tall, elaborate up-dos.

The final two models are standing on stools, being painted by the artists, both of whom have their backs to Caroline. One’s a diminutive woman with pink hair, the other a man with dark blonde curls and very nice shoulders, displayed in a light grey shirt. And it’s him she ends up paying attention to. Something about the way he moves (and the way he fills out his jeans…) keeps drawing her eye back to him. She wonders for a moment what it would be like to be the girl being painted, to have all of the attractive stranger’s focus on her bare skin.

Sexual fantasies at work were probably a no-no but Caroline’s imagination would not be denied. Hey, she’s been single for months now, and this was primo fantasy fodder.

She watches as he steps back, surveys his work for a moment, before he seems satisfied, and offers his hand to the model to help her down. He says something quietly and the model laughs, in a distinctly flirtatious way.

Either he works fast, or the hair stylists are behind, because he seems at a loss for a moment, before he turns and notices her.

And Caroline wants to slap herself for being such an idiot. Because the guy she’d just been ogling appreciatively is the same asshole she’d run into earlier. Really, the painting paraphernalia should have had her making the connection immediately. But no, she’d just spent a solid five minutes having dirty thoughts about the corded muscles in his forearms and his probably dexterous fingers (because artists totally had those, right?)

Such a waste because she had no desire to ever speak to him again.

Although, a little voice that sounded distinctly like Kat pointed out, none of said dirty thoughts technically involved conversation…

But he recognizes her immediately, and shoots her a grin, before striding over, “Fancy meeting you here, love.”

Caroline wonders how polite she has to be. He’s not technically a guest, right? He’s the help at this thing, just like her. So she ignores him, pointedly gathering the various garbage that unwrapping the food had produced, and makes to leave.

He sidesteps around her quickly, and put himself right in her path, “Come now, don’t be like that. We had a little spat, I’m over it.”

Caroline lets her expression show exactly how unimpressed she is with that startling lack of apology for his earlier jerkitude.

He grimaces slightly, and she gives him a fraction of a point for reading her “I am very displeased” signals better than a past boyfriend or two, “I apologize for snapping at you. You weren’t the only one who was late to a work commitment, you see.”

Caroline shifts her weight, slightly, crosses her arms, “I was going to say sorry, you know. And help you pick up your things. You just didn’t give me the chance.”

“I know, I know. It was unforgivably rude. But this is technically my first job of this sort. The money’s very good and I was already worried that being late meant I’d fucked things up and I took it out on you.”

Caroline looks back at the painted models, “Well, I know zilch about art but I think you’re talented.”

He smiles, a little shy, and so different from the arrogant man she’d met outside. Caroline finds herself warming to him. Just a smidge.

“Thank you. The other artist,” he nods to the pink haired woman who was just finishing up, “kindly covered for me, and I felt like a prick immediately after you left.”

“You should have,” Caroline sniffed, “The outfit’s terrible on purpose. And I wouldn’t be caught dead in it unless I was being paid. I’m supposed to basically be furniture at these things.”

He laughs softly, “As if that’s possible. But I suppose the wives would be quite perturbed if their husbands paid too much attention to the beautiful woman serving the food. Because even in a room full of gowns and jewels I’m quite sure my eyes would be drawn to you.”

Caroline blinks at the compliment, feels her face heat, at a loss for how to respond, cursing him for being charming and crazy hot. How was she supposed to hold a grudge against all of that?

His attention is caught by the final two models shrugging out of their robes, “Ah, duty calls. My name is Klaus, by the way. Have I acquitted myself sufficiently enough to earn your name, love?”

“It’s Caroline,” she finds herself replying.

“Caroline,” he repeats it, slowly lingering over the ‘L’ in a way that she shouldn’t find hot, “it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Would you consider going out with me, once this event is over? I’ll be around for touchups and such, and can wait for you to be finished? I know a great twenty four hour place that has the best pie you’ll ever have.”

“What? Why?” Caroline asks incredulously.

Klaus shrugs, scratches absently as some dried paint on his wrist, “I find that I quite like your sharp tongue, love. I’d like to talk with you some more, but it’s up to you, of course.”

“I’ll think about it,” Caroline tells him, unwilling to cave quite so easily. She’d loathed him an hour ago, after all.

But, as a person who didn’t always make the greatest of first impressions herself maybe, just maybe, she could give him a shot?

Caroline thinks about little else the rest of the night, thankful that she’s done this job enough to muddle through on autopilot. She’s too busy to speak to Klaus again, though she catches his eye a few times. He smiles at her, sometimes commiserating, because somehow he’d picked up on the strain dealing with so many people used to their whims being catered to always caused her to feel, and sometimes he seemed just genuinely happy with her presence, however fleeting, as they passed one another.

The first few smiles Caroline had avoided, still confused as to whether she liked him or not. Then she began returning them. At first tentatively, then more genuinely as the night wore on.

Klaus had been true to his word, and when she’d exited the back entrance he’d been leaning against the building, hands stuffed in his pockets. Caroline regarded him for a moment, came to a decision. She pulled the elastic out of her hair and shook it out.

He looked kind of mesmerized, and what girl didn’t like that?

“I believe you offered me pie? Now, I have very high standards for that particular food, so fair warning, I doubt I’ll think it’s the best ever.”

Klaus pushed himself off of the wall and waited for her to fall into step with him, “Challenge accepted, love. And if it’s not, well then I guess I’ll have to keep trying.”

The pie was pretty good, but the conversation had been better. And when Klaus offered to walk her home, Caroline accepted. And when his fingers had brushed hers, she’d grabbed his hand and hadn’t let go, and if both of them smiled like sappy idiots at least no one was around to notice.

desirae soflo 🌴 I’m bi but its like 90% girls 10% boys lol. what I’m honesty looking for is a girlfriend and friends ofc lol and I don’t mind an LDR at all 😊. I like bands books and youtubers so basically another girl on tumblr 💁 Harry potter is just oml amazing. and yea um I’m really shy at first but then random once I get comfortable around you so sorry lol. just send me your number in my message and I’ll text you but only off anon so yea that’s me but I can’t fit myself in this little text box so just text me lol byesss 😋💕

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but imagine Jack taking Omi out to see Goo Zombies 3D: The Return as their 1st or 2nd date 

and Jack keeps hiding, screaming, and holding Omi throughout the whole thing

Omi’s just mystified by the whole thing bc he’s never seen large screen movies, let alone ones in 3D too bad it’s a shitty video game movie tho

And afterwards Omi says “But I thought you said jump scares are what bad horror movies use to seem more scary…”


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Can I hear five random facts about [Rebecca Carlisle]? Once you get this, paste it into 5-10 people's inboxes whose characters you'd like to know better! :)

I’m sorry my answer is so late, but thank you very much for asking treason-and-plot! I was a bit surprised that you were interested in learning more about Rebecca, lol, but I honestly had a ton of fun working on this. <3

1. Rebecca likes to think of herself as a “cool mom”, and when it comes to parenting her eight-year-old son Leo she leaves the rule making and enforcing up to Leo’s father/her ex-husband Sam and Leo’s stepfather/her current husband David. This attitude applies to David’s children/her stepdaughters Madeleine, Gabrielle, and Natalie as well, and Rebecca enjoys spoiling the three of them with shopping trips, expensive meals, etc. She claims that she’s not trying to buy their affection; rather, she considers the girls her friends and insists that they make her feel young again. David believes it’s probably a little bit of both, but if it keeps his family happy then he doesn’t mind funding these extravagances.

2. Unbeknownst to almost everyone, Rebecca has another biological child. She got pregnant at fifteen, had the baby at sixteen, and promptly gave him up for adoption at the urging of her mother and (maternal) grandmother. Becca does not regret this decision, although she now wishes she hadn’t signed off on a closed adoption so she could at least see how the boy turned out and answer any questions he may have (or had) about his genetic background.

3. She met her first husband, Samuel Whitlock, while on spring break in Roaring Heights during her sophomore year at college. It was love at first sight, and they eloped less than two months later. At the time, Sam worked as a pilot in the air force, and Rebecca rashly dropped out of college to “follow him around the world”. She didn’t realize that “around the world” meant “exotic” places such as Twinbrook and Riverview. To this day, she blames him as the sole reason she’s never finished her degree or held down any sort of long term job, despite the fact that by now she has had plenty of opportunities to go back to school.

4. For the most part, Becca dislikes animals of any kind, but particularly dogs. They’re dirty, loud, needy, and unpredictable, and she can’t imagine living in a house full of pet hair (getting all over her designer pants and white sofa). Actually, the first part applies to her feelings about children as well, with the notable exception of her son. She thinks his messes are “cute”.

5. Despite appearances, Rebecca is approaching her forty-sixth birthday soon. She prides herself on her “youthful good looks” and would die before admitting to having had work done. Fortunately for her, her husband David can keep a secret and has more than enough money to bankroll her vanities.

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Hi! Thanks for reblogging my post (from my side blog got7ism)! I noticed the notes started growing because you posted it on your blog so I just wanted to say thanks with a follow! Your blog is super cool btw!!! ^^

awww omg hi! ^_^ i’m so glad that both the notes were able to grow and that you liked this blog enough to follow it ^_^ thank you so much. keeping this message!!! :D that gif of jacksin in the practice vid was hilarious lol i’m glad someone made the comparison!

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lmao sorry i just needed to add a random jb gif XD 

  • on my own (from les mis)
  • my virtual band voice audition

virtual-band my voice audition because i definitely didn’t choose an overused song!! i literally sang this at midnight bc my family was so sound asleep i didn’t have to worry about waking them up. i’m going to regret this tomorrow morning but yolo