this is so pretty to me

harry coming to work one day to see a freshly picked daisy lying on his desk, the next day a yellow acacia with a red ribbon, the third a bouquet of thornless roses in full bloom. there are no cards and the security cameras around and in his room suggest that they’ve been tampered with. 

he’s surprised but nevertheless is calm about it all, a reaction that bothers eggsy to no end because he did his research and there’s no way his messages were lost in translation. so he mopes for about 48 hours and in the morning, when he opens his door to an insistent, exceedingly loud knocker, his fatigues show. 

a bunch of ambrosias is the first thing to greet eggsy. 

“yes, eggsy,” harry says once he lowers the flowers to reveal his face, a shy smile adorned his lips, “i, too, know a sufficient amount of flower language.” 

“so you know that i think you’re hot, that i fell in love with you at first sight, and that you want to date me?” 

“well, i’m not sure about that last part. but i do know that i want to give you a mistletoe right now.” 

clearly the message goes through, because next thing he knows, eggsy’s arms are wound around his neck like a drowning man grabbing hold of a lifebuoy, and together with the assault of warm tea and milk, soft, eager lips meet his own as if to say yes, i’ve been waiting for this forever, yes, i’d love to kiss you, you idiot.         

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Kaito as a fortune teller with three eyes, and the third is on his palm.

whipped this up real fast!! i don’t kno what fortune tellers look like, so it’s that fortune teller machine thing dude and kaito’s outfit combined!!

Let’s play a game!

The Premise:

Some deity/the band themselves has given you the power to pick the next Green Day song to be made into a proper music video. It can be any song from any album. (If it already has a music video, you get to remake it) 

The catch: 

You must get rid of a song already in their catalog. You will never be able to listen to that song again. The boys may play it live someday, but that’s it. 

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Cat Appreciation Post!

Okay doodds. So I want to introduce you guys to my cat, Lola! She’s a pretty sweet and energetic little kitten. I got her quite recently and she’s such a great friend…. She really helps me to relax and control my stress. She’s also likes to watch me draw too.. She can be a brat at times, but I still love her… ♡

I have a bunch of pictures of her…

Like this one for example… I’m pretty bad at taking pictures (>人<;)

Anyways! That’s my cat! I hope y’all have a great day/night! ( ´∀`)

Serving you looks this holiday season 👀

I am thankful for all the fanfic writer who had spent some of their time writing things and put it up there so I can read it and make me forget about my problems for a while.

I am thankful for all who read my story, as it let me know that I can make something that I can share with other people. I am thankful for the readers who leave kudos or comments, as it let me know that what I share is something that other people can actually enjoy.

I am thankful for all the content creator who has made all the wonderful, awesome edits, as seeing their creation never fails to amaze me.

I am thankful for all the people who leave their appreciation on my edit, either by reblogging it or just by clicking the like button, to let me know that no, I didn’t waste my time by doing so, that yes, I can still contribute to the fandom

I am thankful for all the people that I am following, seeing you in my dash has been a wonderful part of my daily lives.

I am thankful for all my followers who still have the patience to keep following me, even though things that I post are sometimes things that they do not understand about.

I am thankful for all the people who tag me in those tag games (even though sometimes I forget to do it, apologize for that), as it let me know that some people want to know more about me through those questions.

I am thankful for all the people who send me messages, anonymous or not, from just some random things to all the encouragement and uplifting words that I have received. There are times when real life is just too much and times when I feel so alone, but you guys show that yes, there are people who still care. Those words are the warm hugs that I need.

I am thankful for all my mutuals, who not just cheer together during the glorious time in the season, but also cry together when nothing happens right and we’re hating the team together but also at the same time loving them so much, maybe a little bit too much than what is good for us.

I am thankful for all the mutuals who share the same passion with me. While in real life people will only roll their eyes or force a fake smile out of politeness whenever I start to talk about it, you guys know, and understand how much it means to me. I am thankful that you will respond with “I KNOW RIGHT????” whenever I say something like “ALL THE FEELINGS I CAN’T EVEN agdfakjfvjhafvldb”

I am thankful that in this goddamn site, no matter how it can be a toxic and dangerous place with all the hating and the discourses, I can still meet the good people from all around the world, that I can still find people like you. I am thankful that the friendship that we share, even though it’s just a virtual one, it’s something that can make me feel better in my bad days, a little light in my dark times, some reasons for me to keep going.

I, am thankful for you, people :)


hes so expressive and i love him and i was this 👌 close to redrawing every single frame