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thank you so much for explaining wolf dominance behavior! I'm so sick people like "dominance means they beat each other up all the time" and then someone going "no that's not right wolves don't have dominance at all!" and I can never articulate why both those ideas are wrong but you did it so well! Do you know more good resources about how wolf dominance actually works?

You’re welcome, I’m glad it helps! Yeah I think the debate has gone to 2 extremes now and neither extreme is helpful when looking at actual dominance based interactions.

Here’s some of the models of pack structure that have been theorised:

Some of these are more updated than others and there’s still a lot of variation within these structures. The model that’s pretty much debunked is A. No one uses terms like Beta, Gamma, Omega anymore  (and our guests sometimes do and it drives us nuts). The most basic and updated wolf pack model is that of a family group: a breeding female and male and their offspring. 

But not every pack is like this. Kanti, Bicho and Fiona are siblings, but Bicho usually will defer to Kanti and Fiona and get in trouble for doing things Kanti doesn’t want him doing (howling, ambushing Fiona, being a pest ect.). Kanti and Bicho both defer to Fiona but I have seen Fiona defer to Kanti or Bicho. And Kanti gets in trouble from Fiona from time to time as well. So they’re really all over the place.

Bicho deferring by pawing at Kanti, who is posturing over him. Bicho often uses very exaggerated submissive gestures to annoy Kanti enough to move him away from whatever resource there is. He is the master of Obnoxious Submission.

Also it’s important to remember that, in play, dominance structures are usually completely thrown out. So sometimes you’ll see a dominant wolf self-handicap and flop on the ground and throw out submissive gestures at a submissive wolf who will “dominate” that wolf. It’s hilarious. Good wolf jokes!

Despite Kanti and Bicho often deferring to her, Fiona is IT in this game of Wolf and Hounds where one wolf will be chased and harassed by the other wolves and then the game will switch with another wolf being “it”.

In order to simplify things as much as possible (even though it’s a lot more complex): When looking at wolf pack structure the dominant wolf or the “alpha” wolf - which generally will be a male and a female - is the animal with the most social freedom. These wolves do not defer to anyone and they do not need to “enforce” their position. It’s continually reinforced through body posturing, which is then responded to with reciprocal submission from other wolves. 

Also these dominant wolves are not necessarily going to eat first, howl first or get any other privileges other than being allowed to breed. Their offspring will naturally defer to them and then disperse once they grow up so as not to cause conflict. 

@koryos wrote up a great run-down of different canid pack models which can be found here:

I also recommend reading the papers linked to the article.

Hope that helps!


A while ago we had an assignment in character design class to design an extra character for selected cartoon TV shows. I chose The Amazing World of Gumball cause that was the last cartoon on the list I kinda watched until I cut my cable haha.

I liked how i could pretty much design anything for this show so i went with a trash can character. I was originally going to just draw a trash can until someone said it’d be better/funnier if i just took pictures of a trash can and drew stick legs/a face on it. I dunno if listening to that was a big mistake lol.

So yeah, this is Eddie! Hes an overzealous, tree hugging recycling bin that goes around terrorizing kids when they dont throw their trash away, or dont throw their trash in the right cans. :’D (think of him like the ‘hall monitor’ type of kid)

I also discovered that i cant draw Gumball at all hahaha.


More reverse au stuff I’ve been working on. I drew the Pinkie/Spike pic before I decide to swap Spike for Gummy, so don’t take it as canon.

Even moore facts:

-Bigmac and Cadence are a happily married couple here. Bigmac is the prince of the Crystal Empire while Cadence is the captain of the Crystal Guard. and lemme tell you there’s nothing more awesome than captain cadence

-look I know I said appledash was a canon couple in this au but RARIJACK. but seriously I just needed to do it, and i already said rares and aj made out previously so yeah

-Working around with the concept of Rarity wanting to become a guard. She’s even trained by Cadence. And Rares is lowkey gay for her because Cadence is just SO stunning and pretty

-Alicorn princess Pinkie?? I still gotta get used to her design because it’s weird as hell but lol

-Some EQG designs made for the funsies. Rarity, Rainbow and Pinkie are my faves. Twilight looks like scitwi lol

Again thanks @beach-city-mystery-girl for so many ideas. We’re creating some good shit here :^)


@hpqueernet | introduction event - @ginnyweaslcy​, gay albus potter

Albus Potter knew from the beginning his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and beyond that he had been deemed “Harry Potter’s disappointing son” by the media. After growing up in a home where everyone had been filled with so much love and adoration for each other, Albus has never considered for one minute that his parents would have been disappointed in him for being different. But the media was a powerful tool that helped instill the “Harry Potter’s disappointing son” mantra into the heads of thousands, including Albus himself. 

So when the end of his third year rolled around, and Albus had finally admitted to himself that, yeah, he was pretty gay, his first thought was great, another adjective to add to my “Harry Potter’s disappointing son” list. Along with stupid, slytherin, and doesn’t like quidditch he could now add g a y

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Okay but @therealjacksepticeye’s reaction to the whole thing with Clementine getting her first menstrual cycle was EXACTLY the appropriate reaction and something I can respect. He didn’t cringe at it or make some uncomfortable comment or act like it was offensive, he just was more fascinated by the fact that “oh yeah that’s something important that she should know about”. My dad was that way with me when I started at that age and so that warmed me really… I mean I know there are guys out there that are respectful of it, but just having Jack be that calm about it when I’ve also seen some pretty asshole and disgusting reactions from guys before… Idk it made me smile and reinstalled in me one of the reasons WHY I follow Jack and watch his stuff. Because he’s a good dude who screams and calls everyone a harry bitch but he’s also rather mature and open when it’s needed… I like that. It’s the little things for me, dude.

Dating Mark Tuan

Anon Asked: I just read some of your work and it’s FANTASTIC !! Could you pretty please do a dating Mark like you did for the others ? Thanks hun <3

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- Old friends that haven’t talked in years

- Bumping into each other when he’s on a tour or something

- “Oh, I’m sor-”

- Silence bc 

- Wtf whY HAVEN’T YOU CALLED _____?!

- “Mark? You okay bro?”

- “Huh? Wha- oh yeah, I- I’m fine.”

- He’s not fine

- He asks if you still have his number 

- You do

- He’s sh00k™

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i’m real and i don’t feel like boys

Summary: Vilde has a secret she needs to tell, and Sana’s the only person she trusts to hear it.

Notes: HUGE shoutout to Zoë (@ziggy-sapphdust) for being an AMAZING beta, and to all the gays in the @skamwlwnet for being supportive and wonderful.

For Lesbian Visibility Day 2017

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The night starts out like a typical Friday night. Vilde or Eva or Chris have secured  invites to some party at someone’s house and now Sana’s surrounded by loud music and drunk people trying to dance. Pounding, hot, and stuffy, and yeah–pretty much a typical friday night. Noora’s MIA again–citing something having to do with Linn and Eskild and cooking dinner as her excuse–so Sana’s left alone to be the sober one looking after her friends and making sure they don’t get hurt or do something particularly stupid.

Sana’s taken her typical place among the party guests, perched on a couch off to the side in an angle that gives her a full vantage point of the room. From here she sits and watches, taking in everyone around her and taking mental note of anything that catches her eye observing the couples dancing and hooking up and drinking. Sometimes she thinks she knows some relationships better than the actual couples do. This thought makes her chuckle a little.

Realizing it’s been a bit since she’s checked on her friends, she looks up to scan the room. She spots Chris right away in the center of the room, talking to a group of guys who are laughing and hanging onto her every word. A little more searching and she locates Eva dancing and laughing with Ingrid and Sara. And Vilde…Sana sits up straighter. She can’t find Vilde.

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#55: Shut Up and Kiss Me Already // Alex Standall

Request: 55 and 59 with Alex

Requested by: @a-spark-in-the-dark-yeah

Pairing: AlexxReader

Alex and I were at a party at Jessica’s house. The two of us were looking for something to do tonight and were at a loss until Jessica texted me saying her parents were gone for the weekend and she’s having a few people over. Pretty soon “a few people” turned into half of the class.

We were in the kitchen looking for something to drink that wasn’t alcoholic. Personally I don’t like the taste of alcohol so I steered clear of it. At times I wish I could join in on the fad and get sloppy drunk just to do it but I couldn’t bring myself to drink more than a sip or two. I grabbed a water while Alex grabbed a beer and headed to the living room where our friends were seated.

At first everyone was busy with their own individual conversations talking about school, who’s hooking up with who, what they were going to drink next, or arguing about who the designated driver was.

I turn to Alex who was half way done with his beer and that’s when it hit me how gorgeous he was. His blonde hair was slightly messy and his septum ring complimented him nicely. His bright blue eyes were looking around the room until they landed on me and I smiled.

“What?” he laughed and I shook my head.

“You’re just cute.” I wink at him and he blushes.

“Let’s play spin the bottle!” Jessica suggests and everyone cheers.

“Great! I didn’t know we were in the sixth grade!” Alex mocked and I laughed. I was always the only one laughing at his sarcastic remarks. I don’t know why I just loved them.

“Oh come on, grouchy.” I teased and sat on the floor as Justin and Zach moved the coffee table to the side.

“Okay. There is only one rule: you must kiss whoever it lands on, boy or girl.” Jessica raised her eyebrows as she explained and I could see a few boys with nervous looks on their faces.

“I’ll go first.” She offered and spun the bottle.

“Y/N.” she said as the bottle landed on me and I nervously chuckled.

“C’mon, it’s just a kiss. We aren’t scissoring.” she rolled her eyes and a few hollers were made at her comment and she glared at the boys. I sigh and get on my knees, leaning into her and giving her a small peck on her lips. Cheers were heard around us and I scoffed.

“Okay calm down.” I laugh and sit back down next to Alex who was shuffling awkwardly. We went around the circle with more kisses exchanged and then it was Alex’s turn to spin.

“This is dumb. You can skip me.” he grunted.

“Suit yourself.” I said as I grabbed the bottle and took my turn. Honestly I had no idea why I was playing seeing as I didn’t really want to kiss anyone. Well maybe one person comes to mind. And to my luck the bottle lands on him.

I look at Alex and his eyes widen.

“Are you sure?” he chuckles nervously.

“It’s just a game, Alex. Don’t stress out too much.” I reassure him and he wipes his palms on his jeans.

“I mean we don’t have to if you don’t want to. We’re friends this could be weird.” he rambles.

“Just kiss her.” Justin exclaimed impatiently and we looked at each other.

“Okay, but what if-” he starts and I cut him off, “Shut up and kiss me already.” I say exasperated and his lips crash onto mine. The kiss was brief but sweet and my body felt warm and fuzzy afterwards. I could taste the beer he was drinking on his lips. We pull away as the person next to me spins the bottle.

One thing was for sure, I don’t think I hate the taste of alcohol as much anymore.

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How many people do you guys follow on tumblr/ what does your dash look like?? Like is is mostly cosplay stuff or aesthetic (or nsfw o.o)

We following almost 2k blogs. 

We do have some aesthetic, and some cosplay, and some hentai / nsfw stuff yeah. But its far outweighed by the number of Star Wars blogs we follows. Also lots of cars. Sheila’s super into cars, so there a lot of drag/drift/engine blogs. XD

 But its pretty varied! We love our dash! 

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"idk itd be a loooot less confusing if the ace community just dumped those labels becoz theyre really unnecessary" sorry all I'm hearing is "it would be so less confusing if you dropped all those unnecessary genders" like. Idk it sounds rlly similar also I have been romantically attracted one (1) time in my life so idk demiromantic is pretty damn useful to me, almost like everyone has different experiences with their own attraction

yeah damn right

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DUDE!!! I'm so excited about this new platform for quality wlw content you and your team are working on!! Can't wait to see what creations come to fruition! I would love to see something like this take-off and become popular. I know there are web series' and at least one other streaming platform catered toward wlw, but most of it isn't quality. Like, the acting is usually sub-par or really horrible; to the point of not being able to enjoy it.

Yeah, we’re really excited about it as well! I’ve been working on this thing pretty much all day, every day since I posted about it the other night. This week should be big in terms of finally optioning the first script we want to produce first and getting everything else closer to at least a soft launch and officially introduce people to the basic idea of what we’re trying to do with this platform.

It will be QUALITY content for WLW made by WLW. Two out of the core four people working on this right now are POC. The DP im bringing on board is a Jewish woman. Our first story has all sorts of rep across the board. It’ll be good. I’ve been done with the “white girl falls for white girl” thing for a while. The WLW community is more than that. Time to get more of our stories out there and for us to have control over them. 

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I'm pretty certain Mascherano is gonna leave, I've never seen him try so hard for a goal like he did tonight, he said before he refused to take penalties multiple times because he wanted his first goal to come naturally, so I'm guessing with all the important games left tonight was his last chance to score. And now he can leave knowing that he has.

I think it was more because we had the 3 points in the bag so he was like “why not try to score today since it Osasuna”. But yeah i still think he will leave soon. If not this summer than most certainly next. I think he wants to go back home. 

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So recently a lot of my friends have been joking around and saying that I'm a lesbian. Mostly because I'm pretty affectionate with one of my friends and she is with me too. Not only are they way off but honestly? She is a lesbian, she told me this a while ago. I came out to her at the same time. It annoys the fuck out of both of us and she feels really sorry for me because oh man does this make me feel like shit. They are so far off. I know they mean it as a joke they're good friends just.. Ugh.

EDIT: I read this wrong. Yeah then you should both just sit down with all your friends explain that by calling you a lesbian, they’re both misgendering you and insinuating that she should be with a boy. Both lesbophobic and transphobic.

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Hi there Majesties! If the two of you could have lived normal lives, what profession would you have chosen to work in?

“In truth, despite being a prince, my life was pretty normal. I went to a regular school, actually worked part-time at a diner for awhile, and hung out at the arcade regularly. But, if I had to pick a profession other than being a prince, I’d have to go with a video game tech and designer. I love King’s Knight and other games I play with Prompto and Gladio. It’s kind of amazing to me how people create them and make them so realistic and fun. Yeah. I think I’d learn to do something like that, and I used to do volunteer community service work to help people out, especially kids. I’d continue doing that too as often as I could, too.”

*she stands up and walks towards the balcony, overlooking the palace garden* “I would have chosen to become a florist. I just always loved tending my own fields of Sylleblossoms back in Tenebrae. I would have made all different kinds of bouquets containing so many variations of flowers. I used to tend to them together with my mother. She taught me all about flowers as well, and once I got older I studied them more. It is not only the tending that I adore, but also making other people smile because of them. It’s because of the growing and their scent that makes people happy and content in general.”

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With regards to an ask you answered about lana and that barcelona con i think the reason she gets asked so much sq questions is because most of the sq fandom feel like she's the only ally they have. Most of the cast and especially adam & eddy put c$ on a pedestal and ignore the fact that they say alot of mean and hurtful stuff to the sq fans whiles complaining that the sq fandom are the ones causing trouble

yeah, i mean i’m pretty clear on what brought fans to this point, and i sympathize–i’m in the same position. i’m not denying the 6+ years of harassment from m/f-shipping groups or the writer’s habit of baiting and stringing us along for the sake of viewership, all without ever once considering swan queen a viable option for the show. but while i’m with you on the marginalization of swan queen fans as a collective group within fandom (in partic b/c while there are obviously LGBT people throughout broader ouat fandom, swan queen fans as a group are positioned as non-straight because their ship is non-straight, and a majority of us are wlw) that doesn’t mean all of us are perfect or that our behavior is above reproach. 

even if lana hasn’t been perfect, i think she (more so than any other cast member) recognizes everything you’ve mentioned in this ask, and has bent over backwards to accommodate us because of this. in return, it’s our responsibility to acknowledge her position as a woman of color at the whims of an all-white cast and crew, who’s discussed drastically altering her speech and appearance to get roles in the industry. lana isn’t in the same position as jen, colin, bobby et al. and she’s still been far more gracious toward us than any of them. 

at the very least, i think swan queen fans should ask themselves “would this make me uncomfortable if it were me?” before asking lana leading questions or giving her inappropriate things to sign. i’m not saying don’t ask questions about swan queen/swan mills family! what i am saying is that there’s a very big difference between polite, respectful questions (“how would you say emma/regina’s relationship has changed over the course of the seasons?”/“how are emma and regina different kinds of mothers to henry?”/“will we see emma and regina combine their magic in upcoming episodes?”/etc.) and, like: “can you read this vaguely sexual line for us just so we can post clips of you doing it on twitter, wink wink, nudge nudge?” especially when you consider that she can’t really say no when fans back her into these kinds of corners, even if she feels uncomfortable. 

all i’m saying is…i get that people are hungry for validation after being ignored, called delusional or outright harassed over the past few years, but that’s not a get-out-of-jail free card for treating lana like a receptacle for our feelings instead of a human being! when you ask her a question, it’s probably a good idea to expect…her answer, not the one you’ve already formulated in your head and are waiting to record and post on twitter. 

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Anakin travels 10 years into the future to Tatooine and is not allowed to return home until he has given Ben a baby. Cue 9 months of awkward bonding/catch up. Anakin goes into labour and the moment the umbilical cord is cut he is back in his room at the Temple, no time has passed since he left, and he is still in labour with 2 more babies to go.

I have to ask: do they know about the terms for Anakin to return back to the future (like does the Force tell him)? Or do they just sort of have to figure it out themselves? Because that is such a very specific payment, I doubt it would be anyone’s first guess if they were suddenly sent so far into the future.

And yeah those months are pretty awkward, especially at first, when Ben doesn’t know if Anakin is just some delusion his mind has created out of his pain/misery/whatever, and Anakin really wants to know how they ended up with the situation of Obi Wan being on Tatooine… going by a fake name and being cautious around him. Eventually Obi Wan figures out Anakin is the version of him before everything went really bad and that if he’s going back in time they might be able to change things. So the rest of the time is just Obi Wan trying to tell Anakin everything that’s important for him to know when he goes back. Also pregnancy shenanigans.

Also they probably assume that Anakin won’t be sent back until all the babies are born once they figure out it’s multiple. Like sure the Force only said Anakin had to give Obi Wan a child, but the Force also got him pregnant with triplets so… clearly the Force changed its mind. It didn’t so it’s also super surprising for both of them TBH when Anakin gets send back to his own time after only one of the babies are born.

Then Anakin gets to explain to everyone how the hell he’s giving birth to twins (they don’t know about the other one) despite the fact they all saw him yesterday being very clearly not 9 months pregnant with twins.

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Same as Louis looking sad anon, but I follow Niall pretty closely and he's been busy but he's been in good spirits so I don't get why people think he looks sad?? Liam is the only one that has had me :/ these days

yeah i have to say i haven’t noticed niall looking too down just a bit tired maybe but liam … seeing his face lately feels like a punch to the gut and i hope he’s okay

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I love your Crutchie taking care of drunk Jack, but what about Jack taking care of drunk Crutchie?

“Hey sunshine, you’ve had too much to drink, it’s time to go home, okay?”

“But I’m having fun.”

“You just fell over while standing still and you’re looking at me like you don’t quite recognize me, it’s time to go home.”

“Jack there’s a cat on my head.”

“You put her there.”

“Look, she’s funny. She likes my head so much, why?”

“Cause it’s soft and warm and smells nice, probably.”

“Cats are weird.”

“Yeah, sunshine, they are.”

“Who’s a pretty kitty, look at the pretty kitty, she’s a sweet sweet kitty, look how sweet you are-Jack the cat is having an earthquake and it feels funny!”

“She’s purring, love, she’s just happy.”

((((Jack knows a) Crutchie won’t go to bed until he’s come down a little and b) he’s rarely more adorable than when he’s drunk around Graffiti Kelly the cat))))