this is so precious i can't even

You know what I want to see this season? I want to see Alec and Magnus holding hands. They were so precious in episode one holding hands like that, I just want to see it happen more often.

I want to see the team all walking into battle or something, or even just walking through the institute, and Magnus and Alec are holding hands and it’s not a big deal, like nobody looks twice at it. I want to see Alec reach for and hold Magnus’ hand out of instinct, without a second thought, when he’s nervous or worried about Jace or something, and Magnus strokes the back of his hand reassuringly with his thumb.

I want them to hold hands around Maryse and have literally nobody else react to it at all because it’s totally normal, because holding hands is Magnus and Alec’s thing and it makes Alec smile in that little subdued but giddy way and Magnus’ eyes are that bit brighter and every time Alec reaches for his hand he smiles softly, because they’re both just so happy.

I just want to see Alec and Magnus holding hands like its the most natural thing in the world.

I just love how Yuri use the ring after Viktor put it in his finger
Like, he doesn’t take the ring off his finger
He uses this:


Before skating, while skating and after skating his performances,

While telling Viktor that their relationship should end after the Grand Prix,

After the Medals ceremony,

While skating with his fiance…

even after moving to  St. Petersburg

Can we pls talk about how important this ring is for him and notice that it’s not just a simple gift 

Okay but you know what fucks me up… precious Lukas, who is closeted, unsure, afraid of his own sexuality and afraid of falling for Philip, is so far the one who initiates most of the kisses they share… even though he’s terrified like he can’t stop himself from wanting to kiss Philip… I’m dying.


this year has been absolutely crazy for me for so many reasons, and getting to meet my best friend kayli @fairlylester for the first time and spend most of my free time with her from september-december was a pretty huge one (in a good way!!). this girl has been my stability for whenever i felt down or hated my job, and to be honest having each weekend free to spend exploring different areas of london with her was so hugely important to me and always will be. we have done SO MUCH in such a short space of time (dodie gig, tøp concert, halloween, bonfire night and trying out all the american food chains i could find) and i’ll really really miss being able to see kayli so often, but we still have plans for other exciting things in the future ✨✨ one of the biggest highlights of 2016 was getting to spend time with her and i won’t forget a minute of it- she is my best friend and platonic soulmate and i love her with all my heart 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖to more adventures in 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

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ok but leo and gaung hong would totally have like a six hour skype conversation

They would totally skype like every free second they have even tho it’s so hard with time differences and stuff they would skype at practice and stuff too you don’t understand I love their relationship way too much

Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate Lee Chan.

  • Seventeen’s maknae.
  • Helps Hoshi choreograph.
  • Has a strong rapping voice
  • Michael Chanson. Powerful and sharp-edge dancing.
  • Has a stable singing voice.
  • He can do falsettos.
  • Brave. Brave enough to break a gourd thing on Jeonghan’s head.
  • Jeonghan’s baby. Even if he doesn’t like it.
  • He can actually MC well.
  • His glow up.
  • I mean, he endured an era with that Dinosaur hair. Praise him.
  • Girl group dances. Michael Chanson style.
  • Facial expression changes in a split second.
  • Cute, precious child.
  • With this pure, adorable smile.
  • …But also pretty hot. But he’s still a baby. RIGHT? :( 
  • Cinnamon roll.
  • Sinnamon roll.
  • Had Seungcheol and Jihoon soft enough that they let him use a “gat” for their OMG performance– even if the two knew it was ridiculous– in Seventeen Project because he sulked and wouldn’t talk. If that isn’t power, I don’t know what is.

I probably missed a lot of things. But we just got to keep adding to list and spread the love for Seventeen’s precious maknae.

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You know, I came to this blog for rinch but I must say seeing your posts on my dash is so much more than that. There is the quality fic and the adorable gifs but then there is also the text posts that remind me on a daily basis that it's ok to be who i am. It's ok to say fuck the gender binary this shit is not for me. So thank you! Following your blog makes my days a bit better on a regular basis and I appreciate it so much! <3 <3 <3

i… i’m…… sitting here absolutely stunned and crying literal tears you wonderful anon. I don’t even know what to say to something like that. For me this is by far the nicest anon message ever and i have to gather my thoughts a bit to figure out how to reply.

After several hours of trying to gather my thoughts (emphasis on the word ‘trying’ lol) all i can say is you have absolutely no idea how much this message means to me, really! i am so incredibly happy to hear my blog can remind you that it’s ok to be you! (i have tears in my eyes again btw) Because it most definitely is ok to be exactly who you are! Please always remember that ok. You are good enough and valid whether you have a gender or not and whether your possible gender is binary or non-binary. It has absolutely nothing to do with your value as a person. (i know you know all these things already but i feel like i want to say them anyway)

I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to send me this ask! I’m more touched than i can say. please drop by any time if you feel like talking, on or off anon, it doesn’t matter, which ever is more comfortable for you! I hope you’re having a wonderful day/night my dear anon.


Joking around (in the kitchen)

  • “I could have joked about a dick.”
  • “When you’ve found the man of your dreams and he likes Gabrielle..”
  • “As long as you’re smiling and wearing clothes…”