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Once Upon a BROTP: a tribute to all of the brotp’s cultivated by the cast members of OUAT.
Exhibit A: The sisters from another mister, Lana and Bex.
    • Item 1 - Bex talking about her experience and love of working with Lana.

therunya asked:

Sousuke listens to music on his phone in the show right? What if you wrote about Sou being willing to share an earbud with Haru? It helps when I write it.

This became mostly makorin, I’m sorry, it got away from me!  Rin is in so so deep.  And Sousuke probably got a little lax on his no pda rule…

“Do they really think this is necessary?” Rin asks, voice low as he bends across the picnic table to speak to Makoto.

Giggling softly, Makoto can only shrug, looking half-exasperated himself.  

“They just care about us, Rin,” he whispers, chancing a glance at their uninvited audience.  Sousuke and Haru are sitting side-by-side on a bench across the park; Sousuke on his phone with his earbuds in while Haru stares blankly off into space, probably dreaming about water.

“Did they actually think we wouldn’t notice them there?” Rin hisses squeezing Makoto’s wrist without thinking, before he quickly draws back with a blush.

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