this is so precious

that moment when isak first tells him about the man of my life hashtag and even is all like “meeee? I’M the man of your life?” and he pretends to look behind himself AS IF isak could POSSIBLY be referring to anyone else is one of my absolute fave moments of this clip even is such a GIANT DORKY TEASING BEAN WHY IS HE LITERALLY THE MOST PRECIOUS 

important things in life
  • ice skaters
  • russian ice skaters
  • young, talented, and hard working russian ice skaters
  • ice skaters who are all beauty and grace on the ice but will not hesitate to fight you off the ice
  • ice skaters who are simultaneously known as the ‘russian fairy’ and ‘the russian punk’
  • ice skaters who are 15 and act exactly like a typical teenager should
  • ice skaters who has a love and adoration for all kinds of cats
  • ice skaters who go from “there’s no room for two yuris on ice” to “it’s almost your birthday, here’s some pirozhki my grandfather painstakingly googled and made’
  • ice skaters that have a burning annoyance regarding a certain canadian skater
  • ice skaters who love their grandfather so much
  • it’s yuri plisetsky
  • yuri plisetsky is important

more closeups!! now with chris and georgi included lmao

(viktor, yuri and yurio)