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All I can say is I sure hope this teach you a lot for science and for educational purposes- but anyway, I hope you like this! Special, special, special shoutout to @jikookielove for giving me the idea of using jocks!jikook and even helping me to beta this oh god what will I do without you? Thanks so much, wifey, really sobs. This is for you too my smut queen xoxo.

Warnings: This is highly nfsw (!!!!)

  • Jungkook and Jimin are both popular jocks in the school, one a rising star player in his basketball team and the latter a swimmer who has clinched several medals for the school already.
  • Both of them have lots of things in common: popularity, lots of popularity, fame, fans, people crushing hard over the both of them (regardless of gender) and also the same secret to keep — the fact that they are friends with benefits.
  • It first started when there’s a party in Jungkook’s basketball team captain’s place, and almost all the athletes are there, and after one or two many drinks Jungkook’s mind sobers up hours later to the sight of Jimin who’s in the middle of sucking him off and he should really be concerned but he isn’t.
  • He tugs at Jimin’s soft locks and lets the other deep throats him instead, with swollen pretty lips around his cock and dark eyes never breaking contact with his own ones that are blown with lust.
  • When Jungkook comes with a grunt and sees Jimin swallowing without a second thought, the way his body gets heated up so simply yet again tells him that he wants more— and Jeon Jungkook never backs away from what he wants (he also makes sure that Jimin wants exactly what he wants too in the future by blowing Jimin’s mind off the same way later).
  • Ever since then Jungkook and Jimin find all sorts of opportunities in school to get some alone time to themselves — early before classes begin, during restroom breaks, recess, after school, anywhere, any time.
  • Jimin once jerked Jungkook off in the restroom during the break, and in the middle of stroking at Jungkook’s cock, people came in. Instead of stopping, Jungkook simply let Jimin continue pumping at his cock as he muffles his grunts by leaning forward to bite at Jimin’s shoulder roughly.
  • Jungkook pretending that he isn’t close to Jimin when they pass by each other in the corridors, simply looking away like they aren’t even acquainted in the slightest bit when no, Jungkook knows exactly how Jimin’s lips feel against his own, how Jimin’s touch burns hotly across his skin, and how Jimin’s moans sound to his ears. Jungkook knows it all.
  • Sometimes, Jungkook comes to watch as Jimin swims even after his practices have ended — and most of the time it ends with him entering the pool, fucking Jimin so hard in it that water’s splashing everywhere every time his hips rut against the other’s.
  • Jungkook has sex with Jimin in the shower the other times, tasting chlorine in his mouth when he leaves open mouthed kisses over Jimin’s shoulders, his abdomen, the insides of his thighs, and he finger-fucks the swimmer while he licks at his rim until Jimin’s coming, again and again until he almost falls onto the floor boneless if not for Jungkook who catches him on time.
  • Of course sex happens when Jimin visits Jungkook discreetly during his basketball practices instead — the quick hand jobs here and there in the locker room before his teammates are back from the shower always get Jungkook riled up in the best way.
  • Having their meals together with the other jocks are sometimes good, and sometimes bad. Good because it’s exactly how it feels when Jimin drags a foot up his leg if he gets into a teasing mood, past his thigh and way too close to his crotch and bad because everyone’s around, and he can’t push Jimin onto the desk so he can take the other fast and hard.
  • He always ends up making Jimin suck him off in the school bus that’s still vacant after the break, parked somewhere in the corner without the driver in it since there’s still a long while before school ends and if they have enough time, Jungkook lets Jimin ride him until he’s a moaning mess.
  • The marks on Jimin’s body are always out for the world to see whenever he swims, and so Jungkook deliberately leaves more hickeys, and even if Jimin grunts in annoyance after looking into the mirror, he doesn’t stop Jungkook when he comes over to suck at his neck till a new mark’s showing.
  • When Taehyung complains about Jungkook who accidentally tackled him way too harshly onto the floor during lunch with all the jocks around as per usual, Jungkook catches what Jimin mutters under his breath with a look in his eyes only Jungkook can decipher.
  • “He’s a rough one, isn’t he?”

HTGAWM cast at “The Rape Foundation” in Beverly Hills, California. September 25, 2016.



Childhood Comfort || Mem & Adam

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Memory looked up at him, and nodded without a word. “Yes, Master. Is there any specific time you need me to be there for you?” they asked, eager to help in any way they could.

Not able to look into Memory’s eyes, for that time and place he thinks of was a time when he had been… ——————

Curling his fingers inward, Adam closes his lids and simply says. ❝ After… An attack late at night… Where I was left alone in my bed. And I had no sheets. It was Winter and I was left without any means for warmth. Could you… go then? ❞ Opening his eyes he looks at Memory with pain.  

They saw then that they’d made a mistake, by asking for specifics. Forcing Adam to relive the memory before they could soften its edges.

“Yes… Adam.” Memory nodded, kissing his cheek. “I will be there for you your entire life, whenever you need me most.”

⟅ ⚜  Those words holding far more meaning to him then one could imagine. It almost breaks the prince’s dry and tired state…Letting out a breath, Adam drops his gaze and hides himself against the crook of Memory’s neck. He places his lips, remaining for a moment.  Not sure how long this could take, it may be an instant or day? Adam forgets, but he knows Memory– and Memory knows him now. Having confessed himself to Memory at this point, it may actually be evident in Adam’s behavior as a child. Though, the thought was far more innocent. And in this moment, Adam needs Memory more than ever–but what can be done? It’s the wretched curse, and it is himself. If Memory could go back and soften a cruel, harsh night– it might bring Adam’s confidence level back up. It might give him another ‘something happy’ to reminisce on. For his childhood is the root of everything. Wrapping his arms around the other before they go.

I shall patiently remain here– Please…. Keep him warm. He needs it.❞ 

Bowing his head, he leans in and presses a soft lingering kiss to Memory’s hair. As if to bless them on their journey.⚜ ⟆

anyway….. onto more important things. i held my baby cousin who’s barely a week old and got him nap for a bit bc i hummed “sing” by the carpenters to him while i carried him in my arms and it was so precious i just stood there holding him for like ten minutes and kept saying “you’re beautiful!” and “so precious!” and my personal favorite “look at those sausage link arms/legs!” and oooooohhhmygod does he have the most gorgeous eyes and beautiful smile oh my goodness