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@fragilecapricorn asked: live in chicago northern downpour vs bush hall northern downpour

  • looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: poisoned cinnamon roll
  • looks like it could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: cinnamon roll in a halloween disguise
  • looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Plain cinnamon roll
  • looks like it could kill you and would actually kill you: probably a knife i am not sure i didn't research this info too thoroughly

I know a lot of the fandom is really good about not doing this but I’ve seen in a few times anyways so I feel like I have to say this:


Stop drawing fanart that depicts Shiro with his white hair and facial scar but with both of his arms. Stop drawing fanart that erases the fact that he is an amputee.
If it’s fanart that depicts him from before he lost his arm then there’s no problem.

Stop writing and drawing AUs that erase Shiro’s disability by giving him a different temporary injury or a tattoo or a “his arm isn’t lost just hurt really bad then gets better” story.

It’s erasure plain and simple. It’s erasing a characters canonical disability.

This also applies to erasing Shiro’s mental illness.

Don’t do it.


Happy birthday, @gladiolvs!!

actually, I’m danganronpa trash, I really like all the zetsubou and Kibou talk with the crazy characters and plot twists.

This is based on DanganRonpa2 (Just want to use some ideas, not all ideas but some), Izuku Midoriya is a student without memories on Class 1-A, everyone seems to have a talent or a quirk, when asked about his own quirk he realised that he don’t know, and that he don’t quite fit in class 1-A but get along with everyone, even with those who seems to have a difficult character.

Everyone is in U.A, a special school for ultimates heroes in training.

But Villains seems to know Izuku too well and Katsuki knows something but refuse to talk.

*Izuku, like Izuru, was supossed to be the ultimate hero, but ended as a Villain with a big power, later, With the use of a brainwash quirk Izuku is returned to his original self, unaware of his quirk*

Damn, The DanganRonpa2 plot seems to work really well with this? this is kinda weird but amusing.

Izuku discovers his quirk by accident, destroying part of UA, Teachers who knows the truth are scared of this unintentional act of vandalism

The Way He Looks (gaston/lefou)
Early Days, Pre-Wartime, First Kiss, Gaston loves LeFou’s hair ▪ read on ao3

Tentatively, LeFou risked looking up at him again. Gaston was looking out the window now, certainly dreaming of his next, successful hunt in the vast plains of the land. These were perhaps LeFou’s favourite moments; when they stopped to make camp in the forest or under the stars—and when they found peace here, at home, and he could watch Gaston bathe in the sunlight.

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“O-kay, turn ‘round and let’s see how that looks.”
Emily Ripov turned to face the friendly zbornak — Sylvia, she’d called herself Sylvia — but she did so awkwardly. Ripov was no longer used to kindness without a price, and had quickly learnt to trust no one while travelling the galaxy. This was the source of her discomfort now as she was dealt with something (or rather someone), that flew in the face of all her experiences. The hunter hesitantly raised a hand to her head, trying to imagine what she looked like now the zbornak was finished.

Sylvia cast an eye over Ripov’s unruly mop of hair and leaned in again to tighten the bandana she’d just tied around it another notch. She stood back then, arms crossed and eyes squinting in the planet’s weak light. She couldn’t exactly say the hair was tamed but it was better than the feral mess it had been before. Sylvia wasn’t one to worry about this kind of stuff usually, but when a young lady fails to deck some creep in a dive bar down to poor visibility, something needs to be done. Sylvia was happy to give up her own bandana for a good cause.

“…Well? How do I look?” Ripov asked, noticing the difference, now.
“I think… it looks like next time, you won’t miss.”
Her answer was accompanied by a wide grin that stretched even further as the larger creature’s gaze moved past Ripov, back towards the bar they’d just exited. The two watched a gaggle of the bar’s patrons begin to trudge purposefully towards them, creep numero uno leading the pack; Oh boy.
They shared a look, Sylvia pleased to see that Ripov could, Ripov pleased to have someone to shoot a look at. There was a high whirr as she fired up her blaster, ready to shoot something else;
“Looks like it’s next time already.”

@savewoygiftexchange gift for @seerofbread
Hope this is cool for you, I know you were more interested in fic, but I wasn’t about to attempt to write something and try to call it a gift.

Your wish list was fantastic, you had so much material there to play with!! I had a lot of fun thinking about everything, but when you mentioned the possibility of Sylvia and Ripov meeting at some point in the past (possibility forgotten on a canon timeline), I couldn’t get it out of my head. I began to think about a younger Ripov and how she might look a little different – And then of course, both of our ladies have a bandana thing going on as bounty hunters.
I was thinking Sylvia went into bounty hunting by choice (and has been doing it for a while now), meanwhile Ripov has been plunged in there by pretty awful circumstances. Finding Sylvia sure could help her out.
Bounty Hunting takes you to a lot of pretty unsavoury places, too. I imagine them being able to bond when it comes to extra dangers they might face as women (“women”).

Anyway: Hope you’ve been feeling better lately and this has brought you some cheer. I’ll shut up now

BBRae Week 2017 - Telling the Team

I apologize for what you are about to read. 

The common room that was once the place of countless meetings, lounging, and social events for young, teenage superheroes, was now the setting for a small gathering of retirees. Old men and women sat around the infamous couch, chatting idly with one another. On one end on the couch was an older man dressed a plain white shirt, black pants, and a red tie. He had thin grey hair, a cane in his hand, and a familiar black mask over his sunken eyes. Sitting next to him was an equally aged woman, who still had long flowing hair, but the last of its fiery-red color was faded and intermingled with white. On the other side of the couch sat a large, black man, with a hunched back and walker sitting in front of him. He too had grey hair, but only on the sides of his otherwise, bald head. The man was more of a machine really, with only the very last basic human parts left exposed. They were all waiting for the man that had summoned them here. That man was hiding behind a door that separated the common room from the hallway.  He was a green-skinned man, with pointed ears and a jutting fang protruding from his bottom lip. He, like the female, had aged rather nicely. He had mostly grey hair, with only a few stray forest-green locks sticking out. His senses were still sharp as ever, and physically he was doing pretty well for a 77 year-old.

He was waiting behind the door, listening to his old friends attempting to make conversation as they awaited his announcement. His palms were sweaty and his stomach kept doing somersaults. It reminded him of all the other times he has been in this exact situation. When he would be found standing behind the door, anxiously preparing to make a nerve-racking, life-changing announcement to his teammates.  The feeling of déjà vu brought back all those memories from long ago.

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ok this is gonna b so extra but can u do some coffee shop headcannons? idk if any of the band drinks coffee much but if they did? what would they order? how would they react if it was a cute barista? or if they drew a lil heart by their name/gave em heart foam art? all of the members would be great but murdoc & noodle esp thank u! (i'm sorry if this is dumb i am just so Curious)

(honestly name one AU more iconic than the coffee shop AU)

2D: He shows up pretty mosts mornings. He’s a pretty simple man to please when it comes to coffee, he mainly just has a plain latte to go. Most baristas scoff when he tells them his name for his cup but you smile and manage to spell it correctly. You doodle quick pictures on his cup and you always see him smile as he leaves.

Murdoc: He’s also pretty simple for coffee, his regular order being a black coffee. He’s a regular at your shop so you guys kind of build a bit of banter between you. You guys have a running joke where you misspell his name and he mispronounces yours. Eventually he ends up trying to ask you out and whilst you say that you’re at work and you have to keep it professional your number still manages to find your way on his cup.

Noodle: She’s not huge on coffee so she normally gets a green tea. She also tends to get mocked by baristas for her name but you tell her you thinks it’s cool and you actually spell it correctly. One time she walked in on a customer being a dick to you and she BRAWLS them. Whilst she got banned from the café you guys still find time to see each other. 

Russel: Like 2D he’s pretty simple and orders a latte. You draw cute little patterns with the foam and you can tell he appreciates them. This guy likes his espresso and sometimes you get concerned with how much caffeine he intakes. He catches you one night when you close up and he walks you back to your car

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sorry to bother you but how were the portayals of black characters in mass effect racist? ive only played me2 so far and i liked jacob, but maybe im just desensitized to these things bc im white?

I have a real problem with Jacob and his entire story, so I am sorry that you like him.

See Jacob’s story promotes a very racist stereotype, The Baby Daddy.

Jacob a black man, grew up without a father and has deeply seated issues because of it. 

Woe is the black man who without a father and has to do twice the amount of good to make up for that, who has to do good for both himself and his father and worse says so almost verbatim.

Now look, many people grow up without fathers, but it becomes an issue because of how his loyalty mission and later in ME3 all hinge on this one trope that is always stereotyped for black people.

In his loyalty, he goes to find his father and surprise not only is his father not dead, but he is the only leading man left. He is a rapist, a criminal, an abuser, and he stays only for a harem of women; when he could have beacon-ed home to his wife and son sooner. Basically Jacob ends up as a black man with an absent, black, criminal father. Not good.

Then, unfortunately, in Mass Effect 3 (sorry for the spoiler, but it is important) this comes back two-fold. Jacob ends up being a father himself, which again wouldn’t be inherently terrible if this wasn’t a common trope for him. Not to mention, if he was romanced by Shepard, he ends up being unfaithful and having the child anyways.

Just a LOT with Jacob was handled poorly and made him into the poster child for black men with daddy issues.

My favorite black person in Mass Effect is actually Anderson, he is promoted as a person, an Admiral, just plain badass, and a GOOD father figure for the main character Shepard. Plus Keith Motherfucking David. Wish we had more like him.

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Just hearing about that anon's friend purposely being sexual around them is making me seriously angry. To that anon, I'm so so so sorry you have to deal with that. I'm not sure what your personality is like, but if I were in your position I would lose my shit on them, and that's not something I normally do. God! Like why???? Why would someone purposely do that???? What kind of horrible person???? Grrr! I'm sorry to that anon, I know they were your friend, but what they're doing is disgusting.

I agree! Friends shouldn’t make friends uncomfortable. It’s just plain disrespectful. Anon, you’ve got tons of support here, and you’re completely valid and loved. Please do whatever you need to do in order to feel comfortable, even if that includes leaving this friend behind.


You know what sucks? When you listen to your best friend talk about how a bunch of guys have flirted with her and called her cute.
And being her best friend, you want nothing more than to be happy for her. But you also start feeling really jealous and upset because no one’s ever treated you like that before. No one’s ever told you you’re cute or anything.
I can’t help but feel horribly lonely because nearly every guy seems to not find me as appealing as she is.

Long story short: it sucks being the plain friend.