this is so plain and ordinary

my aunt actually pointed this out while i was making her watch opm and also explaining mp100 to her but i’m sharing this bc its interesting

saitama and mob both have similar, very plain faces. like, so much to the point where i’ve seen people call mob “saitama with a bowlcut”. now i explained the reasons as to why they’re both so expressionless to my aunt (i.e. saitama has depression, mob has to control his emotions) but she told me that she thought it was a very deliberate story telling device

my aunt explained that since they both have plain faces, it would make sense then to view them as the “everyman” – a character that’s so plain and ordinary that it’s easy to project on them

and that’s when i realized that’s the whole /point/ of saitama’s and mob’s characters

i think another meta post pointed this out, but in a typical manga mob and saitama would be the quirky side kicks. the ordinary ones that follow around more serious protags with tragic backstories like genos and ritsu. it’s easier for audiences to project on characters that are kinda quirky, kinda expressionless, and also kinda “funnier” (humor-wise, referring to both saitama’s and mob’s deadpan jokes) – making it easier for them to admire the hero because they feel as though they are already in a role that does.

but with opm and mp100, saitama and mob are the heroes – for a very specific reason. the moral of both stories is that /anyone/ can be special, depending upon what they do. they even say it in mp100’s OP: “if everyone’s not special / then maybe you can be what you want to be.” the point is that everyone is equal (and we’re talking fundamentally, not in terms of society or under the law okay), even if you have great powers. it’s what you do with those great powers that make you, well, great.

saitama and mob look like the “everyman” for this reason then. but also so we can project on them, for reasons stated above. we’re supposed to project on saitama and mob because, as the moral of both their stories say, we are all the same. we are all the everyman. and we all have great powers. and, god, this is gonna sound corny. but while our powers might not be defeating villains with one punch or literally exploding in an overload of a manifestation of our emotions, we still have the choice to do something great with them.

and i think that’s fucking brilliant of ONE to make that/emphasize that point just through something as simple as a /facial expression/

Build A Boyfriend - Wonwoo

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The sun was shining and another day at work has yet to begin. The twilight sky was slowly setting into a midnight nap as the morning sun had begun to peek over the buildings. And you were somehow wide awake, well with the occasional yawn and running of the eyes. The company building was large by default. It rose over 6 stories high and expanded the width of several buildings. It was massive and looked plain, but the inside was anything but plain. To the outside world it looked like another boring office building but it was anything but boring.

Sure it was an office job. But not the ordinary office job you’d think. The employees had access to several luxuries such as massages, free gourmet food, nap rooms to name a few. I know what you are thinking, ‘it’s google isn’t it?’ But it’s not. It’s so much more than google. The office you worked at had many luxuries like google but the difference wasn’t what you created but who.

Thousands upon thousands of questionnaires flooded the desktops with exact clothing, hair, eyes, height, even name was down to a tee. Sure many people thought the website was a complete and utter joke, but the feedback was phenomenal from all corners. Your company never failed to please their customers. You worked round the clock, granted with paid time off and breaks. Seem to good to be true? It isn’t because the company had become so successful going from a tiny little ad on other sites to a huge industry round the world. In all there was around 7 locations world wide. It seems like a small number but the buildings were massive. Your job was to design the desired person from the questionnaire, but that didn’t mean you never got curious. You know what they say, curiosity killed the cat. But did it really?

The tapping of the computers was slowly being drowned out by the music being played over the speakers that drifted through the air on a soft whisper. It was calming, but that didn’t mean you weren’t bored.

“What to do. What to do.” You muttered as you aimlessly spun in your chair. You had already finished all the designs that came into your file and you didn’t get off until 5 and it was currently 1:30. You groaned as time seemed to go slower and slower each time you took a glance at the clock. Social media had nothing you hadn’t already seen and you weren’t hungry just yet. You already had a massage just the other day and you weren’t tired. That’s when an idea struck you. You bolted straight up in your chair and spun toward the computer monitor clicking on your own website.

‘It won’t hurt to try it. I’m sure I’m not the only one to try it.’

You knew you weren’t the only one. Let’s just say your friends at the office had tried it out once before and their kids were blown by their final product. From their stories it had gone well and now you wanted to try it out for yourself. So you clicked on the questionnaire and began to answer the endless questions.

What seemed like 5 minutes actually turned out to be an hour and a half making the time 3 o'clock on the dot. Your eyes stared in disbelief on the clock.

“I could’ve sworn I wasn’t on there that long! Where did the time go?”

“What are you rambling about now?” You jumped from the voice of your work mate.

“God don’t scare me like that!” You groaned putting a hand over your racing heart.

She giggled. “Sorry y/n-ah. I just wanted to know if you’d grab some food with me? We’re both bored and I know you are hungry.”

“So I basically don’t have a say in this?” You asked raising an eyebrow.

“Come on. You’re turning down food?”

You grinned and stood up. “No. who turned down food? Let’s go eat!” You said following her out of your office.

Hours later you said your farewell to your friend and entered your office jumping in surprise to find another presence in the room. It was a man you hadn’t recognized, unless he was the new worker that you could’ve sworn was a female.

“Um hi. Are you lost? Are you the new worker?” You asked staring at the male.

He slowly spun around toward you and flashed you a grin with a chuckle.

“What’s so funny?” You asked.

“Nothing y/n. I just love how you jump to conclusions so quickly.” There was that stupid grin again.

You tilted your head in confusion. “Excuse me?”

“I should probably introduce myself. I’m wonwoo and you created me.” He smiled.

You blinked at him eyeing him from head to toe. “Huh. Everything is exactly how I wanted it to be. And damn that was quick” you muttered.

“WELL of course y/n. Isn’t that how your company does things around here?”

“Well yes, but it’s only been a few hours. It usually takes a few days to have the final product show up.”

“Well maybe somebody wanted to get me done for you. Plus you are at the main building already. Just a few floors up in fact.” He grinned.

You blinked. “At least you are smart.” You muttered.

“Your welcome y/n-ah!” The voice of your other friend who had done the questionnaire months back shouted form down the hall. “I knew you were oh so curious to see the real product that was made for you and lucky me got your questionnaire! Your welcome by the way!”

“Um thanks?” You said eyes darting from Wonwoo to the door where her voice came from.

“Well now that that’s settled, shall we go?” Wonwoo grinned holding his hand out.

“Um Wonwoo? It’s only 3:15. I still have an hour and 45 minutes left.

“Oh. Well why don’t we go get food?”

“I just ate.”

“Um massages?”

“Got one the other day. How bout we play 20 questions in here while we wait till I can go?” You grinned.

Wonwoo grinned back. “Sounds like a plan.”

Curiousity doesn’t always kill the cat now does it?



A cute STUPID little fic cause after someone just reposted my stuff -AGAIN- I thought. Hey, let’s make something shitty

For: @nobear-tmblr


The ordinary school story normally starts with the new girl entering the school.

This is Stephanie. She was new in town.

But no one cared about that because the author was a Sportarobbie fan and so the scene was skipped and focused on the senior class of the middle school.

There was Robbie Rotten. Sitting in the last row next to the window and talking to no one as usual. The typical anime cliché. He was minding his own business and never interacted much with the other students. The other students were just plain idiots or full of energy, partying a lot and meeting nearly every day after school. Robbie couldn’t stand them. He also barley knew them. He was a bright student and able to skip a class. Some might say because of his laziness he wouldn’t be able to do that. But skipping a class means one year less of school; ergo: one year less of work.

Back to his class mates.

The stupidest of them all was SportCOW (author: No, no, no. His name is Sportacus, Robbie!). He was always moving around, showing of his skills, his muscles, his abs, his ass- No! He definitely didn’t like that idiot. The guy was so oblivious (author: Who of you?). Sportacus never seemed to realize that there were a lot of girls -and boys- liking him quite a lot. They would jump him right on the spot if he showed any interest in them.

HRGH! STOP IT ROBBIE!’ he thought to himself and slowly let his head drop on the desk. He has fallen in love with that idiot and the guy didn’t even know of his existence. (NOTICE ME SPORTA-SENPAI!).

During lunch Robbie left the room and went into the Physics room. No one entered the Physics room during breaks. Or ever. Why did they have such a room? Never mind. Back to the story.

Robbie was enjoying his peaceful lunch and scrolling through tumblr as a someone rushed into the room and slammed the door behind them with more force than necessary. Robbie dropped his phone as he realized who entered.


And he was looking at Robbie perpelexed.

If it weren’t for his big ego, Robbie would have made a girly screech.

“Sp-Sportador-Sportacus!? What are you doing here?”

A sheepish smile appeared on Sportacus’ face. “Uhm. A flock of people was running after me.”



Sportacus turned around and opened the door a gap. After a quick look in both directions he closed the door and let out a sigh of relieve. Without the caution of before he dropped himself in a chair close to Robbie.

Robbie willed his heart to calm down and focused back on this absurd scenario he was now stuck in that only an idiot could come up with (author: :’( ).

Sportacus kept looking at Robbie as if he was expecting a question, a sentence or maybe a love confession? Why was he so god damn silent? Robbie didn’t say anything.

Apparently, he took the hint. “I thought you asked me a question. I am sorry, I didn’t catch what you were saying.”

Robbie felt the need to make the cliché move of rubbing his temples. Instead he kept his steady breathing. “A flock of people was running after you? So?”

The sport-loving-disaster-of-a-guy in front of him looked like he wasn’t sure Robbie was joking or not which made Robbie rather uncomfortable. Did he miss something? What was going on here?

And again the guy had mercy on him.

“Today is Valentine’s Day.”


-Next episode on SCHOOL OF SPORTS-

Robbie struggles with his feelings. A lot.

Sportacus does sports. A lot.

Stepahnie isn’t mentioned. A lot.


a) Robbie tries to murder SportaFLUMPTY

b) Sportacus likes Robboe too and has a cliché gift for him

c) Stephanie makes an appearance

d) Robbie has a melt down

*writen in 10 min - don’t expect quality

Brown eyes? I once had a “thing” for a girl with huge, messy brown eyes. Don’t get me wrong, they were beautiful. They weren’t as captivating as blue or green eyes, they were like a perfect disaster. They were warm, they would seek out your soul and comfort it, even if it was in a million pieces. Her eyes were raw emotion, that hid behind rich, chocolate marbles. They were plain, but so, so special, and so, so familiar. Like the smell of freshly cut grass or of rain on brown, dry soil.

I guess I’m trying to say that she was anything but ordinary. She was doe-eyed, she looked innocent, and pure, but I knew she was hiding something behind those deep brown eyes. They shimmered and glistened against a bleak world. I wish I could lose myself in them again. Those beautiful, brown eyes.

-livewireonfire // excerpt from a book I’ll never write

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And here Saihara believed that out of all his classmates, Shinguuji would be the one to reveal the truth.
Then again, the folklorist always beats around the bush and doesn’t say a truth directly….he should have known that he wasn’t going to get a straight answer out of him.

“I just said I don’t know what event happened over the weekend, Shinguuji-kun,” Saihara repeated, “so how can you be so sure that we aren’t talking about the same thing?”  
Especially since his classmate wasn’t wanting to reveal his side of the story, the detective was almost certain that the taller male played some part in this event.

Almost certain.

What Hides In Plain Sight

A/N: So this is my first actually planned planned lol fic! I have no idea how long it’s going to be, or what the update schedule will be for now! 

Natsu Dragneel is just an ordinary 21 year old trying to get by on his craft’s business, keep his landlady off his ass, and grow his friendship with his new weird neighbor Lucy. Without revealing that he’s a witch. Or his cat can fly and talk. So maybe Natsu isn’t that normal. Things take a serious left turn for him when people from his past start showing up, and he and Lucy as well as some new -and old- friends travel across Fiore trying to find some answers. But the question is, will they be happy with what they find?

Wiccan!Natsu AU

Pairings: Nalu, Gruvia, Gajevy, Fairy Tail

Words: 2157

Rating: M

Part: Part One

Natsu Dragneel did not freak out. He did, however, from time to time, perchance, become acutely aware of how much of a shit disturbing cat he had, and said cat’s ability to somehow break into the apartment across the hall from him. The one that a new tenant had just recently moved into, that Natsu had not yet met. He didn’t really care about what other people thought about him - he didn’t exactly socialize- but he figured that his cat tearing up all of their furniture or getting into their fridge would be a truly horrible way to meet someone.

So had Natsu decided the only available option would be to break into their flat.

“Happy!” Natsu hissed, dropping down to his hands and knees to look beneath the large cream sofa in the living room. His cheek was pressed firmly against the soft carpet as he craned his neck to look into the darkness that separated the furniture and the floor, glaring when all he saw was two pens and a handful of change. A slight rustle from the kitchen caught his attention and Natsu jerked his head up, cracking it on the low wooden coffee table behind him. Natsu let out a low groan, and tenderly rubbed the now sore spot by the crown of his head. The fridge door was open and blocking his view, but Natsu knew what Happy was searching for. “Happy, you can’t just break into someone’s apartment and take their food.” Natsu chastised as he walked around the sofa and short bookshelf that rested against it’s back. When he finally got to the kitchen Natsu crossed his arms and rolled his eyes at the cat’s sad face. Looking over the contents of the fridge Natsu let out a small chuckle and relaxed his stance. “Of course she’s not going to have raw fish laying around buddy,” Natsu sighed at Happy’s watery eyes, bending down to scoop up the feline. “I know you smelt it earlier, but maybe she ate it,”. The cat shot him an aghast look before leaping from his arms and running down the hall, dashing into the girl’s bedroom.

Well, Natsu had assumed it was a girl from the vanilla scent the already permeated the air in the apartment. Not to mention the ten pairs of boots and heels he had seen in the front entrance. Really, why did someone need that many different things to wear on their feet? This entire apartment confused him if Natsu was honest. The furniture looked brand new and high end, plush cream upholstery and dark wooden accents on the matching reading chair to the sofa. A lush dark carpet designated the living room space, which also boasted an average sized flat screen, or at least what Natsu though would count as ‘average’ for someone who could afford a flat screen. The off-white walls that were standard with the apartment flowed nicely with the look of the open floor space, while in Natsu’s they were smudged and stood out from his mixed-matched furniture. A small sandalwood table by the window had a tiny flower pot -freshly planted- and two chairs, though Natsu guessed that one was more for show than another person. Overall the room looked like it had been ripped from one of those home design magazines, the glass and white plastic cabinets and stone countertops of the standard kitchen included. 

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Two-Bit say’s goodbye to his girlfriend… (9)

“You could come with me, you know” You whispered, pressing your hand to his cheek softly. “It wouldn’t be this whole greaser against soc deal that we have going on down here. We could just be plain ordinary people in love.”

“That’s not who we are, it’s not who I am Y/N, I love you, God, do I love you. But this is my home, my friends and my family live here in Tulsa” 

“I know.” You could feel the tears welling up in your eyes, you knew that this was it. This was the end of you and Two-Bit, you had fallen in love with him, you fell so fast and so hard. “I was just kinda ‘hopin.” 

“I know” He sighed, pressing his forehead to yours and breathing you in. He wanted to remember every little part of you, he wanted to remember what it was like to hold you in his arms one last time, he wanted to remember the scent of your perfume and the way your hands would caress his cheeks so softly like you were brushing your fingers against a butterflies wings. “You don’t have to leave.”

“But I do” He pulled away from you and brushed away your tears kindly. “They are my family and what they say goes.”

“Do you want to get married, or run away?” You looked at him curiously, you weren’t so sure he was joking. After a few moments of silence he spoke again. 

“If only it were that simple” 

“What’re we going to do? I don’t want to spend another day of my life without you in it. I want to be able to hold you whenever I feel like it.” 

“I know Keith, I want the same. But maybe we’re not meant to be together right now. We are going to be on two separate sides of the country.” 

He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you tight against his chest and resting his chin on top of your head. “I don’t want this to be the end” 

“I’ll write you, Keith, every day, I promise.” You looked behind you, at the big clock that stood in the middle of the park. “I have to go, okay? My plane leaves in twenty minutes and I have to be on it”

“I’ll wait for you” He promised, you could see the tears welling up in his eyes, but he refused to shed them. 

He pressed his lips to yours one last time, he put all his pent up emotions into the kiss. 

“I know, I’ll be seeing you” You pulled away and let your eyes take one last look at the greaser you never expected to fall in love with, and then you walked away into the night.


“So I’ve heard you’re in need of a flat?” the man you had met at the cafè lulled with his thick Irish accent.

“Yes, I’ve just graduated from college and I want to find my independence as soon as possible”

“Well, it just so happens that I’m in search of a flatmate to share my apartment with”

You thought about it attntively and, after analizing the pros and cons of the offer, exlaimed:”Then count me in!”

When he had seen you, he just couldn’t resist. You weren’t particularly peculiar neither did you stand out from the crowd; but maybe that was just what he needed. You had been far too naive and innocent, accepting a stranger’s offer without knowing anything about them. Even more so when that stranger was the most dangerous consulting criminal in the world (and the only one, may I add). Who would have thought that this little girl, who seemed so ordinary and plain, would become the biggest (and only) weakness of said evil Mastermind.


“Sooo… What’s your job again?”

“Well let’s just say that I help other people to achieve their goals

“So you’re kind of a motivational speaker or counselor..?”

“Kind of” he smirked.

This post reminded me of a story from my own family.

We moved to the house my parents still live in back in the summer of 1979. Sometime that summer, my oldest sister finished eating a peach, and buried the pit in the back yard.

My hometown is not known for its agriculture. The soil is sandy, thin, and acidic. We grow cranberries, pine trees, and weeds. I tried to grow a garden several summers running, and, even with a lovely compost heap to fertilize it, never got anything worth harvesting. Things did not grow in our back yard, unless they were sharp and thorny, or just plain stubborn.

So imagine my father’s surprise, as he’s cleaning up the yard after a hurricane in 1991, to find this fuzzy pink ball lying on the ground. And more of them hanging overhead. That peach pit, out of an ordinary supermarket peach, had sprouted, grown, blossomed, and borne fruit. Took it 12 years, but there it was, growing and fruiting in a tangle of brambles and pine trees.

My parents don’t bother harvesting the peaches nowadays. They tell me it’s far more entertaining, watching squirrels try to run carrying one. Or seeing the results after the fruit ferments, and the backyard wildlife gets soused.

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When it was time for lunch, almost everyone left the classroom to eat their meals elsewhere.  Saihara normally the one to spend his lunchtime in the library, but today, he was just going to stay in the classroom with his bento.  For some reason, the young detective was feeling sluggish in his movements, as if it was simply too troublesome to move for the most part.  Paying attention to his teacher’s lectures was also troublesome, so Saihara just allowed for the words to flow right over his head.  He will just read the required material later, he supposed.

Sighing, Saihara laid his head down on his desk.  He wasn’t feeling all that hungry either, so he will just eat his lunch later.

Anything but simple

You thought that you were plain.



The world tried to simplify

The complexities of your equation,

And in their ignorance

They forgot to carry the 3

and didn’t know how

To multiply the 4.

The world wasn’t versed in your


As it is so much


To see beauty in the 


Than to search for the Freckle

Above your lip.

It’s faster to add 2+2

Than to square

To the greatest common factor.

And so the world tried to make you


But to me,

You are far more extraordinary

Than the Pillars of Creation

In a far off Galaxy.

You are a nebula

Getting ready to explode,

A speeding asteroid

Chasing the stars 

That I’ve fallen in love with,

And I am prepared

For the amount of Math

It will take to get there.

You are a single Hydrogen Atom

That created my universe

With a




Flooding the whole





With bright pink clouds

And Streaks of Stardust.

And when they say

Your eyes are blue,

I call bullshit.

Your eyes are the snowflakes

That melt on my nose.

Your eyes are my


                           and my


And my Galaxy.

You are not as Simple

As they say you are.

anonymous asked:

Now that it's been revealed that Uta actually used a clone in this arc, how do you think he controlled those clowns? Some of them were able to talk despite their mouths being tied up! Maybe not all of them were humans but still! I feel sth's still missing

There was a mixed group, Anon. There were ordinary ghouls that were basically using the captured humans to make their numbers look larger, and to trick the Investigators into killing them.

The ghouls were the ones doing the talking and the actual attacking. But they had a bunch of kidnapped people that had been maimed, terrified, and were probably threatened and/or drugged to force them to march along with the ghouls. And since the situation was so chaotic, Investigators just started mowing people down without waiting to see whether any of them were actual threats or not.

They were meat shields, plain and simple.

The conquest―getting me alone― was all that mattered, and once he saw me up close I wasn’t so special after all. But I, of course, knew that already.
—  Sarah Dessen, This Lullaby

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“Hi, Kiibo-kun.” Saihara, once he had put away his school materials in his bag, the young detective approached his classmate–dare he say friend?–once class had ended.  “Would you like to join me in the library?”

In this class of stuck-up kids who were too competitive and harsh to each other, Kiibo was one of the very few who didn’t step all over Saihara.  He wasn’t cruel to him, and was one of the very few people that he enjoyed speaking to.
Hopefully, Saihara can forge a friendship with this boy….

The Opposite

You are the exact opposite of each other.

He’s confident, you’re timid. He’s famous, you’re low-key. He has an overwhelming personality while you are passive. He knows what he wants, and you work on what comes to you. He’s a fighter while you hide. He’s beautiful, you’re plain. He’s amazing, you’re ordinary.

And yet, you compliment each other so well. You are two different pieces in a puzzle, but you fit together like no one else.

“Where are you?” Kiseok says once you put your phone against your ear.

“I’m looking at you.”

“Huh? You’re in Busan?”

“No,” you giggle, “I’m at Seoul. I mean, I am looking at your poster. You have one–a big one–here near the grocery.”

On the end of his line, you hear him produce the familiar stream of laughter you’re so fond of. “What poster is that?”

“You know, that one with AOMG. Gray’s wearing that fur coat. You’re in the middle.”

“Oh… How long are you planning to stand in front of that poster?”

Your eyes flick at the plastic bag full of the things you bought at the grocery, seeming to get heavier as the time passes by. “Until I get tired of looking at you?”

“Won’t that take forever?” Kiseok shifts on his seat and you can imagine him doing so as if you’re beside him. Is it even possible to say that you can hear him smiling?

“Hm, I don’t mind,” you tighten your grip on your phone, still looking at his 2-dimensional face looking back at you. And you think of how you want the real deal–the full-blooded, breathing man–and how you need to be patient, because tomorrow morning he’ll come home to your arms. And you smile. “I don’t mind at all.”

Because in this world, you two–who are so opposite–know that it’s your difference that exactly what makes everything better.

The next generation of Not So Ordinary Life is dealing with time travel. I’m looking for suggestions for era’s my little group of time travelers go to. What I’d like is a book/story suggestion in that specific era and one thing you’d like changed. I thought it would be easier to change something in a fictional story than real history.

For instance Pride and Prejudice and yes we’ll be going back to meet this family of Bennett’s and finding a husband for the plain sister Mary.

So I’m looking for suggestions like that since I’m coming up blank other than that one. Help me out please!!! 

Leave a comment or message me. Any suggestions/ideas will be considered.

@failscars ✩ – “Oh,” Well, well, well. If it wasn’t a certain Miss Franziska von Karma he had run into in what was quite the coincidence. Phoenix had gone to a local coffee shop to get, surprise, a plain coffee to go. He didn’t expect to run into the exceptionally young prosecutor in a place like this. A place so… ordinary.

“I… always expected you to be more of a tea person.”


Even when we don’t desire it, God is ripening.” Rainer Marie Rilke (The Book of Hours)

Digging for Gold

I’m not saying that my journey

Has been less than honorable

.My longing has been sincere

Propelled by a driving question

And occasionally desperation.

The search has not been so much foolish,

But rather, just necessary.

The truth is

The thing I’ve been looking for

Has been looking for me,

Yes, even there

In the darkest places,

And did not stop looking

When I sat down on the banks

Of what I thought to be an ordinary stream,

Gazing at my empty hands

In frustration and despair.

I am the one who finally stopped

Digging in all the wrong places,

And discovered the gift,

Always there, hidden in plain sight.

Right there in the wet sand and last year’s leaves,

Shining stones carried to the surface,

By water, time

And no small amount of grace.

I am still growing inwardly and outwardly,

I am still yearning toward the unnamable holy.

I am still digging for something true,

In the light

In the dark

In the unexpected,


And broken places.

- By Carrie Newcomer


Roman Gilt Bronze Crossbow Fibula, 3rd-4th Century AD

This is a spectacular example of the so-called ‘crossbow’ fibula, an item used for fastening the heavy woolen cloaks of Roman soldiers. The design was introduced around 200 AD, intended purely for the military cloak, but it quickly became the official insignia of military and administrative rank. The intricately gilded scene on the present example indicates that it belonged to no ordinary Roman legionary, who would have had to make do with a plain bronze fitting, but to a senior officer. Such precious fibulae, along with coins, phalerae, pendants and bracelets were presented to high ranking officers as military rewards or official gifts. For more than three hundred years, this fibula design was therefore synonymous with leading contemporary figures and the history of the late Roman world.

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