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Prompts Masterlist



▪️Draco’s Boggart
Draco faces his Boggart in front of the class, however no one but him expects who steps out…
Part 1Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 8 {Rewrite} Part 9
Draco and Y/n aren’t on the greatest of terms, however when both receive news of an arranged marriage, they must learn to tolerate each other, and possibly fall in love…
▪️Bad Day
Y/n has been having a bad day/week, and who better to cheer her up than best friend Draco Malfoy?
At Malfoy Manor, Bellatrix is having the time of her life torturing poor muggle-born Hermione, however Draco’s girlfriend Y/n isn’t as happy about it…
▪️First Encounters
The story of how Draco Malfoy met his beautiful wife, Astoria Greengrass, in a small pub in Hogsmeade.
After a ‘special’ detention with Umbridge, Y/n tries to hide her injured hand from her boyfriend, Draco, who is less than pleased when he finds out about it.
When a storm attacks Hogwarts, Y/n can’t seem to sleep, especially since they’re her biggest fear. With help from her boyfriend Draco, Y/n realises storms perhaps aren’t as bad when you have someone to take care of you…
▪️The Third Task
Cedric is Y/n’s best friend, so when tragedy strikes in the third task of the Triwizard Tournament, it’s up to Draco to try and console her.
▪️ Bet
Part 1 Part 2
When Draco makes a bet with a Gryffindor girl, will he win his date to the Yule Ball, or be forced to be Y/n’s slave for a month?
▪️Help Me {Soulmate AU}
Part 1 Part 2
Soulmate AU where whatever Y/n writes on her skin also appears on her soulmate’s skin. Draco is determined to find the girl who is begging to be saved from herself.
A short blurb about how Draco is coping with the task assigned to him by The Dark Lord.



Sweet Wrappers
A small blurb on Neville Longbottom, based on a section of text from Order of the Phoenix.




James doesn’t react well to getting his best friend Y/n pregnant. When will he finally decide what he really wants?



Sirius finds himself looking after a drunk Y/n, who is determined to make it as difficult as possible for him to do so.
▪️Numb {Songfic}
Songfic based on the lyrics of Linkin Park’s ‘Numb’.
▪️One Chance
Sirius Black wants to be with Y/n L/n, but can he prove that he’s more than just his one night stands?
▪️Don’t Do It
Whatever you do, don’t think about it…
When Y/n has a one night stand with Sirius Black, she finds the consequences are far worse than she ever thought.
Prologue Part 1
A series based on the events in the film John Tucker Must Die
Sirius takes Y/n to get her first tattoo; an elephant with her sister’s initials within.
▪️ Sirius Prompt
All Sirius really wants is a hug from his girlfriend.
▪️Shape Of You {Songfic}
Songfic based on the lyrics of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape Of You’.
Imagine based on the prompt “Shut up and kiss me.”
▪️So Close
Sirius is so close to a perfect life with Y/n, yet there always seems to be something - or someone - standing in his way.
▪️I Always Was
Y/n is in love with her best friend Sirius Black, a boy notorious for his one night stands. After he leaves her to hook up with another girl, he finally realises his true feelings.
▪️Maybe I Just Like Being With You
A classic love story where flirtation turns into something more.
▪️We’re Soulmates? {Soulmate AU}
On a random day of a random year, you will switch bodies with your soulmate, and you won’t switch back until you meet again. In which Sirius Black wakes up to find himself in a female’s body, and absolutely freaks out.



The Marauders constantly tease Y/n about her crush on Remus. After months of denying it to them, Y/n finally cracks, admitting to it. A certain Mr Lupin overhears…
▪️Full Moon
After a particularly bad full moon, Y/n decides it’s time to admit that she knows all about Remus’ little secret, especially since she’s known for years.
▪️Study Partners
Having a crush is hard, especially when they don’t seem to notice you…

-POA Remus Lupin-

Y/n has a crush on her Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, who has to decide whether or not to act on his own feelings towards her…



▪️Being Draco’s crush would include…
▪️Being on your period and Draco finding out would include…
▪️Being Ron’s crush would include…
▪️Valentine’s Day with Fred would include…
▪️Being George’s date on Valentine’s Day would include…
▪️Sirius looking after you whilst you’re sick would include…
▪️A fluffy night with Sirius would include…
▪️Dating Remus would include…
▪️A Slytherin/Hufflepuff friendship would include…




You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart;
You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true
And unafraid of toil;
Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
if you’ve a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind;
Or perhaps in Slytherin
You’ll make your real friends,
Those cunning folks use any means
To achieve their ends.


▪️Harry Potter
“You’re a wizard, Harry!”
▪️Luna Lovegood
“You’re just as sane as I am.”


“Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus
~ Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon”



Gryffindor values bravery, daring, nerve and chivalry.
Hufflepuff values hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty, and fair play.
Ravenclaw values intelligence, knowledge, and wit.
Slytherin values ambition, cunning and resourcefulness.


▪️Draco Malfoy
“My father will hear about this!”
▪️Harry Potter
“No need to call me sir, professor.”
▪️Ron Weasley
“She needs to sort out her priorities.”
▪️Hermione Granger
“Another clever idea to get us killed, or worse… expelled!”
▪️Luna Lovegood
“Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.”
▪️The Weasley Twins
“You know, George, I’ve always felt our futures lay outside the world of academic achievement.”
“Fred, I’ve been thinking exactly the same thing.”
▪️Neville Longbottom
“Yeah? You and whose army?!”
▪️Cedric Diggory
“Harry. Take my body back, will you? Take my body back to my father.”
▪️Ginny Weasley
“The thing about growing up with Fred and George is that you sort of start thinking anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.”
▪️Pansy Parkinson
“Ooh, sticking up for Longbottom? Never thought you’d like fat little crybabies, Parvati.”

▪️Bellatrix Lestrange
“He knows how to play. Itty-bitty-baby-Potter.”

▪️James Potter
“Lily, take Harry and go! It’s him! I’ll hold him off!”
▪️Sirius Black
“We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.”
▪️Remus Lupin
“It is the quality of one’s conviction that determines success, not the number of followers.”
▪️Lily Evans
“Harry, you are so loved… Harry, be safe. Be strong.”
▪️Severus Snape
“Yes, it is easy to see that nearly six years of magical education has not been wasted on you, Potter… ‘Ghosts are transparent’.”

▪️Newt Scamander
“My philosophy is, worrying means you suffer twice.”
▪️Tina Goldstein
“Yesterday, a wizard entered New York with a case. A case full of magical creatures. And unfortunately, some have escaped.”
▪️Queenie Goldstein
“But I made ‘em cocoa.”
▪️Jacob Kowalski
“Hey! Mr. English Guy! I think your egg is hatched.”

are you cute as hell?
  • aries rising: yes!!! your energy is magnetic, you're so adorably bubbly. i'd say yes to anything you ever suggested because your excitement is infectious. i love your hair.
  • taurus rising: yes!!! your smile is so sweet, you're just the sort of person i want to hug all day. i want to buy you so many presents & cuddle you all the time. i love your skin.
  • gemini rising: yes!!! it's just the cutest thing when you speak fast like you're so excited about something. your laugh is perfect & you just seem sooo cool. i love your hands.
  • cancer rising: yes!!! you're so kind & precious & expressive in like 1 million ways. you are literally too good and pure for this world omg, i want to hug you. i love your eyes.
  • leo rising: yes!!! when you're happy or excited it is honestly the most adorable thing. it's so difficult to take my eyes off you whatever you're doing. i love the way you move.
  • virgo rising: yes!!! omg you're so funny & sweet in so many different ways. you're the sort of person i ALWAYS want to hang out with no matter what. i love the way you dress.
  • libra rising: yes!!! how are you so kind to like everyone ever? i swear there is not a single person in the world you don't make so god damn happy. i love your cute tiny habits.
  • scorpio rising: yes!!! you're so quiet, it makes everyone want to know more, & your jokes are A++ bc we never expect them!! you have such class. i love the way you hold yourself.
  • sagittarius rising: yes!!! how do make everyone like you so easily??? honestly tell me your secrets, you're so funny & magnetic & just generally awesome. i love your laugh.
  • capricorn rising: yes!!! idk but i just wanna hug you & keep you safe, like, forever. i look up to you so much, plus you are sooo funny!! you rock. i love the way you walk.
  • aquarius rising: yes!!! omg your comments are always appreciated bc they're so dry & funny, and your dress sense is so quirky and cute, you're a pleasure. i love your voice.
  • pisces rising: yes!!! you're like the softest baby of light, can i wrap you up in tissue paper please??? you're so sweet & lovely & well meaning all the time. i love your smile.

Concept: Mickey and Emil have been friends basically since they both began skating. They’re really close, and when I say close I mean HELLA. Sleepovers, friendship bracelet exchange when they were 12 (Emil still wears his outside of skating, and while Mickey will never admit it he still keeps his in his wallet of all places), the whole deal. Sara is also part of their friend group, but she’s definitely not as close to Emil as Mickey is.

And then puberty hits and Mickey suddenly becomes very aware of Emil and his closeness to Sara. In reality, nothing’s really changed, but he’s begun to get a weird tight feeling in his chest whenever he sees Emil smiling and laughing with Sara. He begins to be a lot more protective over Sara because that’s what it’s gotta be, right? Sara is getting prettier each year, and as her big brother he has a responsibility to keep men from taking advantage of her. Even if it’s Emil, who he’s known for years. Anyways, there’s nothing else this feeling can be, right? Right. Nothing more than protectiveness.

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  1. “You’re really soft.”
  2. "You smell nice.”
  3. “You’re cute when you’re worried”
  4. “I think i’m in love with you, and that terrifies me.”
  5. “I would’ve had breakfast ready, but you were sleeping on my arm, and I didn’t want to wake you.”
  6. "I’m here for my daily fix of hugs and kisses.”
  7. "Is it possible to love too much?”
  8. “You’re the perfect height for me to rest my chin on your head.”
  9. "I don’t wanna get up– you’re comfy.”
  10. “I’m so in love with her/him, I don’t know what do do.”
  11. "I will always be there protect you.”
  12. "I’m cold. Come closer.”
  13. “You have something in your hair, umm… Do you want me to get it out?”
  14. "I love you a lot, but please stop trying to cook me dinner, you suck.”
  15. "I’ve never seen such gorgeous eyes before.”
  16. "I can’t stop thinking about you.”
  17. “You’re really hot, shame about the personality”
  18. "All I want is you.”
  19. “This movie is really scary, but you’re into it so I’m trying not to cover my face the whole time, but- WHAT IS THAT?”
  20. “You came to my room at 4am, to cuddle?”
  21. "I could never leave you, I love you too much!”
  22. "A fairytale with a happy ending always brings a smile to my face.”
  23. "I don’t think anyone could ever be as lovely as you.”
  24. “You look really cute in that sweater.”
  25. "You look incredible in that.”
  26. “Is that my shirt?”
  27. “You’re so clingy, i love it.”
  28. “No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.”
  29. “Do you ever shut the fuck up?”
  30. "He/She’s quite stunning, isn’t he/she?”
  31. “Are you sugar personified or something?”
  32. “I look forward to holding you close in bed soon.”
  33. "Sometimes I just can’t control myself when around you.”
  34. "Do you believe in love at first sight?”
  35. "I think I’m in love.”
  36. "I’d like it if you stayed.”
  37. “You made these cupcakes for me?”
  38. “Have you lost your mind?”
  39. “You’re so fucking adorable.”
  40. “You’re my best friend’s sister, we can’t do this..”
  41. "People are jerks, but not you.”
  42. “All these new feelings are scaring me.”
  43. "I’ll share the blankets with you.”
  44. “I know I’ve kissed you like, ten times, but just like another ten, please.”
  45. "I have never felt this way about anyone.”
  46. “How do you always manage to look so captivating?”
  47. "I want this to never end…”
  48. “I’m a big girl, i can handle it myself.”
  49. “I can’t believe I got the first date, let alone a year.”
  50. “Can I kiss you?”
  51. “Don’t give me that puppy dog face.  How am I supposed to say no to that?”
  52. “So, are you guys dating or?”
  53. “There’s no way in hell i could fall in love with someone like you”
  54. "I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks.”
  55. “Could you hold my hand?”
  56. “Have you seen my jacket?”
  57. “Who changed the thermostat settings? I’m freezing to death.”
  58. “Can we just watch a movie and fall asleep on the couch?”
  59. “You can put your cold feet on me.”
  60. “You make me so happy.”
  61. “I can’t get over how a few months ago I wanted to learn your name and now you’re having breakfast with me in my sweater.”
  62. “Your stray red item turned my whites pink.”
  63. “A thunderstorm is rolling through town and you’re scared of lightening/thunder so I’ll protect you.”
  64. “Did they hurt you?”
  65. “You’re hiding under the blanket because you’re blushing?
  66. “Your lips are really warm.”
  67. “I just came home to you crying while watching a movie, please tell me what’s going on.”
  68. “That pet name was so gushy, but it was also so cute.”
  69. “I really love holding you, darling.”
  70. “You found me crying on the kitchen floor in the middle of the night surrounded by a shattered jelly jar.”
  71. “My parents are coming over in 10 minutes so please put some clothes on”
  72. “You look so comfy, and cuddle-able.”
  73. “We’re repainting the apartment and going to the hardware store together to pick out color swatches.”
  75. “I want you to fight for me!”
  76. “Please don’t go.”
  77. “You can call me whenever you want… Even if you don’t have a reason to.”
  78. “It’s nice that your voice was the first thing I heard today.”
  79. “Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that.”

I decided to make a prompt list cause I’ve always been anxious about getting a prompt I don’t know what to do with so I chose to grab them from other lists that I was comfortable with (originals: x  x  x )

~ Clara

anonymous asked:

could you write something about my poor touch-starved sweet baby lena getting physical attention? (like the chin touch from rhea, the PERFECT hug from kara, anything i just have so many feelings about my child 😭)

She’s not used to touch.

Being touched.

Unless it’s by rough hands.

Rough hands, dismissive hands.

Hands that want to show her off to the world, but only because she’s beautiful. Only because she’s brilliant. Only because she can raise her mother’s bottom line.

Until she can’t anymore.

And then the only touches are clinical. Necessary.

Jack touched her. It was nice. It was delightful.

But Jack was a long time ago, and now Jack was dead, and now…

And now, there’s Kara – there has been Kara, since before Jack… – and Kara doesn’t shy from her touch like her skin contains a Luthor plague.

Kara hugs her and Kara holds her and Kara kisses her forehead gently, gently, gently, and it’s the most tender kiss Lena thinks she’s ever received.

And Supergirl’s arms are strong and they keep her safe and they protect her, like Kara says she will. Protect her, and they feel exactly like Kara’s arms do, and she wonders, and she knows, and she wonders when Kara will tell her.

And then there’s Rhea, and Rhea talks to her the way she’s always fantasized her mother would, and Rhea touches her chin the way her mother used to touch Lex’s but god, no, never hers.

Not like that.

She doesn’t think she needs it. Most of the time.


Because she has her work and she has her red wine and she has her meals brought to her at her desk, because if she’s working while she eats, she doesn’t have to be reminded of the soft, quiet intimacies that she’s missing.

The touches that she’s starved of.

And she is.

Starved for them.

For touches that love her, that revere her, that… treasure her.

And that’s how Kara Danvers touches her.

That’s how Kara Danvers lifts her chin, softly, gently – god, how can a woman with such superhuman strength have such control, such perfect tenderness? – and that’s how Kara Danvers touches her entire body with her eyes when she breathes, “Lena, can I kiss you?”

And god, yes, yes, yes, she can.

And Kara’s hands are gentle, and they’re soft, and they’re slow, but they touch her like Kara will die without more of Lena’s skin under her palms, under her fingertips.

Her lips taste of wind and mints that mostly mask the taste of pizza, and Lena smiles, because Kara Danvers is touching her, holding her, loving her.

Worshiping her.

She promises she won’t cry, and she immediately breaks that promise.

It’s the little intimacies that bring the tears to her eyes.

The ones like Kara bringing her hand to Lena’s thigh under the table when someone brings up Cadmus.

The ones like Kara’s fingers weaving through hers when they walk from their newest brunch place to the docks to meet Alex and Maggie for the second half of their date.

The ones like Kara’s kiss brushing the back of her neck while she works, Kara’s fingers kneading softly into her shoulders, melting her tension like magic.

The ones like Alex hugging her in greeting at game night while Kara beams behind her.

The ones like Winn offering her his hand when he invites her up to play pool with him and Maggie.

The ones like James pulling her into a relieved hug after she narrowly avoids taking a bullet during one of their skirmishes with the Daxamites.

The ones like J’onn putting a hand on her shoulder, an approving nod accompanying his almost-smile that’s more than good enough for her, after she saves everyone, again.

The ones like Maggie putting her hand on Lena’s lower back as she leans up and whispers, “Our Danvers girls are at it again, huh?” when Alex and Kara start to team up against James and Winn on game night.

It’s the little intimacies – the softest, most casual touches – that, slowly, slowly, slowly – make her life full again.

Dating Jin!

Thank you @beth-is-trash for requesting this!

  • omg don’t even get me started on dating this boy
  • he would make sure you smiled every day NO. MATTER. WHAT. 
  • bc your smile just makes him completely weak and get the warm fuzzy feeling (and vice versa, obviously)
  • dates would include (but not limited to);
    shopping (for both clothes & ingredients for the next date…)
    cooking dates
    movie, blanket fort, snuggle dates
    ‘lets stay in bed all day bc its Sunday’ dates
    ‘lets be cultured’ museums, art galleries, theatre dates
    ROMANTIC AF dinner dates, fancy ass outfits & being picked up in a town car…. YOU’SE FANCY
  • you would wake up and just find cute little notes and gifts (e.g: you find a vase of beautiful flowers with the note “some flowers from your flower boy <3″ and you can’t keep a straight face bc why is this boy so ridiculous and sweet at the same time?!
  • Namjoon would get tough and tell you not to hurt Jin but low key ship the shit out of you bc he sees how completely blissfully happy you make Jin
  • High key being the protective parents of the Maknae line together
  • back hugs from Jin are the best bc his shoulders (being so wide) just completely swallow you but in the lovely warm way that makes you feel 100x better no matter what
  • fights are rare but when they do happen your both stubborn and passionate… until you both calm down & then you’re sad, missing each other… and you both apologise & always straighten things out
  • fave nicknames are ‘Oppa’ for Jin and ‘Jagiya’ for you (but he always drags it out to ‘jagiyaaaaa’ when he wants something & same for you with ‘oppaaaaaa’)
RFA insecure of weight gain

Hope you like it! Starting an AU tomorrow!


  • You thought it was a little weird when Yoosung decided to work out with Zen.
  • You had just thought he was trying to impress you with his masculinity.
  • But one day you found Yoosung in the bathroom squeezing his belly flub.
  • Your heart broke when you saw the look of disgust in his eyes.
  • Rather than approach him about it you drop compliments here and there.
  • When you hug him you say “I love how you feel,” and “You’re even more handsome than I remember.”
  • One day when he was on the phone with Zen, he asked him, “What if MC thinks I’m not attractive anymore.”
  • You overheard this then hugged him from behind and told him, “If that ever happens then MC will just need glasses/stronger glasses.”
  • After a chat, Yoosung was less concerned but still wanted to look good for you so he still went on jogs with Zen.


  • You noticed that Zen was bragging less about himself and woking out more.
  • You didn’t mind too much until he started eating less.
  • You asked him about it but he didn’t really give an answer.
  • It wasn’t until Seven messaged you a celebrity news link that you found out.
  • “Famous actor Zen gains 15 kg!” Right underneath it was a before and after.
  • When you showed Zen the article, he confessed.
  • “It’s not the article that bothers me… Some of my fans were disappointed with me. A few even said they were disgusted. I… I didn’t want you to think that too.”
  • “Zen, I love you, not your face. You face was just a nice bonus.”
  • It took some convincing but he finally felt confident again.
  • Zen still wanted to look good for you so you both worked out together.


  • Jaehee’s cakes and pastries seemed different the past couple of days. 
  • They’re less sweet. 
  • You thought she was trying new recipe.
  • If something were wrong then she tells you. So it’s okay, right?
  • One night you got her soda and fried chicken, perfect combo.
  • But, she didn’t want any and went to bed.
  • Was she mad at you? 
  • You crawled into bed after her and hugged her. She pulled away.
  • “Jaehee?”
  • “Hm?”
  • “Did I… do something wrong?” The thought of hurting an amazing girlfriend made your eyes water.
  • “No.” Jaehee turned to find you near tears.
  • She realized her actions were being taken the wrong way.
  • She explained that the other day she saw her reflection in the pastry cover and saw she had gained weight.
  • She started to watch it better the past week to make sure she didn’t gain more. After all, you did fall in love with a more “attractive” her.
  • You hugged her tight and told her that there is no one who can match her inside or out.
  • She went back to her normal habits but you two worked out afterwards to maintain your health better.

Jumin (slightly nsfw)

  • Your dominate significant other was no longer well… dominating.
  • You understood he gets tired from work but it had been three weeks since the last fun session.
  • It was frustrating. He was probably frustrated.
  • So tonight you threw on Jumin’s most favorite lingerie and waited for him in bed.
  • When he got back and told you he wasn’t in the mood, your heart broke.
  • You asked him if he didn’t find you attractive anymore.
  • And with that outfit and that face of defeat, he fessed up.
  • “I… I don’t feel sexy. I gained weight and I’m trying to lose it. That’s why I’m tired. You look more beautiful each day and I just don’t want you to leave me if I-”
  • You shut him up with a kiss.
  • “I still think you’re sexy. I love you for you. You could gain 40 kgs and I’d still want to be ravished by you.”
  • Jumin wasn’t so insecure anymore.
  • And you were in for a long steamy night.


  • Saeyoung tended to have terrible eating habits and that never changed.
  • He still ate HBC and PhD Pepper for meals.
  • When you replenished his stock, he told you he didn’t want them and to give it to Yoosung.
  • You were worried he was sick. He insisted he was fine.
  • Saeyoung was in front of the mirror when you found out what was wrong.
  • He kept sucking in his tummy and frowning.
  • When you walked in, he pulled his shirt down.
  • “Saeyoung? Are you… upset?”
  • “No…”
  • “Saeyoung?” You gently grabbed his hands. “You can tell me.”
  • Apparently since you two settled down, he no longer went on field missions and has gained a few kilograms.
  • He was a little nervous when you started to laugh a little.
  • “We can be cutest and blobbiest couple, Saeyoung.”
  • He thought you would find him less cute but in fact, you didn’t care at all.
  • You hugged him just the same, kissed him just the same, and loved him just the same.
  • He did started eating better afterward and went on outdoor excursions with you. And by excursions, I mean he went outside.
nct 127 reaction to you being insecure of your physical appearance

request: ‘nct 127 reaction to you being really insecure of your body, weight, and appearance in general? i struggle w it myself (sadly) but i’m trying to accept myself :P thank u :):)’

a/n: anon!! i’m over 100% sure you are beautiful inside and out– not everyone is perfect, even the people that you think!! we’re all just used to pointing out the flaws in ourselves; what matters most is how you treat and think about yourself ♡

also, i want to thank everyone for over 800 followers!! i feel so spoiled;;,,.. 
i love every single one of you guys so much!!!!!!! sending you all virtual hugs~


  • he actually uses your name when talking about this topic
  • like instead of ‘babe’ or ‘baby’
  • ‘y/n, you’re beautiful, i want you to realize that’
  • he doesn’t mind if you want to change something about yourself– as long as you’re happy
  • so then he’s happy!
  • but he loves you the way you are


  • ‘i really don’t understand y/n’
  • ‘i can’t see any flaws????’
  • he assures you that everyone has their insecurities but he thinks your’s are perfect
  • sings for you when you’re feeling down in the blues
  • always staring at you in adoration
  • he loves to let you know that you are amazing


  • he absolutely hates it when you talk about how imperfect you are
  • ‘babe don’t say that please :(((((’
  • sometimes gets frustrated because you only see the flaws in yourself
  • even though you are so much more wonderful than you think of yourself
  • he hates it when you diet or do anything to change how you look
  • proud! mom! when! you! accept! yourself!!!!!!!!!!!


  • cuddly 25/8
  • only if you’re comfortable of course
  • really disappointed when you talk about your flaws
  • ‘i love you for you, i need you to do the same for yourself’
  • will do anything in the world to make you more confident
  • sends you ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ all the time in person and over text


  • over exaggerates
  • but just for you boo
  • whenever he sees you he’s such an embarrassing little nugget but it’s so freaking cute at the same time
  • ‘wow just wow, w0w wow oh my wow such beauty-’
  • ‘i saw an angel~~~’
  • cheesy and prefers cheering you up by making you laugh 


  • aegyo king™
  • ‘y/n y/n look here!!!!’ starts shooting hearts at you literally 
  • sets up a relaxing bath for you with like flower petals, candles and everything whenever you have a bad day
  • says you’re hot/cute/pretty even if you just woke up
  • and he’s serious so appreciate him pls
  • sigh ‘i love you so so so sos ososossoosos sos so much y/n you don’t even know’


  • little bean always knows how to make you happier
  • though he may not be too vocal of what he wants to say
  • actions are louder than words as they say!!
  • so he often just likes to give you lil eskimo kisses
  • if he says something it’s usually small but definitely brightens you day by 102984798237x
  • ‘bub you look so cute today!!’
  • afgghsdjflksjfs


  • ?????? really confused
  • ‘baby i really don’t understand?? please you’re so fking gorgeous’
  • stares at you often without knowing it cause you’re just so dang beaut
  • often likes to write short rap lyrics for you since he knows you love that
  • hugs you a lot and just likes to cuddle you in silence
  • shows little signs of how much he loves you no matter what: like just playing with your hair, holding your hand, etc
  • gets smiley just at the thought of you


  • thinks you’re joking when you say something negative ab yourself at first
  • but once he realizes you’re serious he’s like
  • girl
  • immediately changes his attitude and acts softer towards you
  • even when you just look in the mirror in a miserable way
  • he pulls you away right away and hugs you
  • ‘no no no don’t do that bub, you’re too beautiful for that’
  • genuinely cares for you and truly loves you despite the flaws you have

anonymous asked:

Can I request RFA + saeran reacting to a MC self harming like how they would find out and react (sorry if this makes you uncomfortable and you don't want to this) I'm currently almost a year clean!

Well done, anon! That’s a brilliant achievement ^^. I’m over 2 years clean now and currently feel really positive in myself. I really hope I wrote these alright because everyone self-harms for different reasons and feels differently about it. I tried to sort of generalise it and I’ll put a trigger warning here that there are mentions of self harm and blood (Not detailed, though) ~H x

RFA with an MC that self harms


-He saw it by accident one day at school
-You were both in science, doing an experiment involving water
-The water had splashed on your sleeve and Yoosung had kindly offered to dry it off
-You didn’t expect him to pull your sleeve up, though
-He saw the scars on your arm and gasped in shock, quickly pulling the sleeve back down so that no-one else sees
-You looked down in shame
-Yoosung was never meant to see that
-“I’m… sorry,” you apologised.
-“You’re coming to mine after school, right? I really want to talk to you. Why are you sorry?” Yoosung responded.
-“I thought you’d be upset with me. Or disappointed,” you explained.
-Instead of answering, Yoosung pulls you into a big hug as you try not to cry
-At Yoosung’s after school he asks you when it started and why it started
-You’re reluctant to tell him but he eventually has you in tears, spilling out the full story of when you started with depression
-All throughout, Yoosung hugs you close to him, rocking you and stroking your hair
-“You’ve been through so much, MC,” Yoosung said after you’ve finished, “I’m so proud of how strong you’ve been. But please- it breaks my heart to think that the most wonderful, most beautiful person I know would harm herself because she thinks she isn’t good enough.”
-You nod. You understand how he feels and you wish it was as simple to stop
-But Yoosung went through a rough enough time after hearing that Rika was mentally ill
-So now that he knows what you’ve been suffering with, he’s not letting the same thing happen to his precious girlfriend. He wants to get you professional help.
-And if you think he’ll be too shy and won’t
-Think again
-Because this boy loves you


-After a while of dating, he noticed that you always wore long sleeved tops
-One day, it was absolutely boiling outside but you wouldn’t take your jumper off
-Even though you feel like you’re going to be fried alive
-“Babe, just take your jumper off! You look like you’re boiling,” Zen tried to persuade you.
-Your sudden, “NO!” is all it takes for him to confirm the worry he’s had for a while
-“MC, please will you show me your arms,” he asked seriously as he reached across the table to you and held your wrists.
-You squeeze your eyes shut and shake your head
-Not today. You can’t let him see. He’ll think you’re a failure
-“MC,” he said so sternly that you jump in shock
-As you jump, his hands accidentally slide up your arms and scrape a recent cut
-You yelp in surprise
-And he doesn’t allow you to pull your sleeve back down
-When you face him, you’re expecting some sort of emotion but you didn’t know what
-What you certainly didn’t expect was tears
-“How long?” he asked quietly, maintaining eye contact and making you want to shrivel up in yourself
-“A while. Since before I knew you,” you responded, making him know that he had nothing to do with the mental illness you’d be struggling with for ages.
-“Does anyone know?” Zen asked.
-You shook your head.
-“MC, I want you to look into my eyes and tell me that you want to hurt me in the same way you hurt yourself,” he said sternly.
-“But I can’t- I don’t- I love you!” you argued, wondering how he could suggest such a thing.
-“The fact that I now know you did this gives me exactly that pain. Imagine how I feel to know that you would suffer through this alone, without telling anyone, hurting yourself in such a way,” Zen sighed, holding your hands tightly.
-You don’t know what to say. You’re not good enough. Surely he knows this
-“Please- we already lost Rika- we can’t lose you. I can’t lose you. Not after everything we’ve been through,” Zen cried, now fully letting tears stream down his face.
-“I’m sorry,” you whispered, “I’m disappointing you.”
-“No!” Zen immediately interrupts, “I’m just worried about you because I want you to be well. Please let me take you to see someone. They can help you.”
-You didn’t want to see anyone- that’s why you hadn’t
-But if Zen was hurting, you’d at least give it a go
-“Ok,” you agreed as Zen pulled you into his chest.
-At least you had something to live for- your wonderful boyfriend
-Did anyone notice the quote I kind of took from Phil? It’s so beautiful


-Mama Baehee sees and knows all
-She realised practically immediately
-Because she literally forced you to take your jacket off when you came to her house
-You were really worried how she’d react and if she’d realise you weren’t the support she needed and ditch you
-Instead, she ordered you to sit and talk
-“You can say what you like to try and get out of it, MC, but you aren’t leaving until I have the truth,” she insisted.
-So you cried and told Jaehee everything
-“What I think you need is someone there to promise you that they’ll always be with you and help you to believe in yourself,” Jaehee seemed to analyse.
-But then she shuffled closer to you and hugged you
-“MC, will you let me be that friend? Can I help you?” she asked, to your surprise.
-You were already crying too much so you just nodded
-So Jaehee smiled and started to cry too
-She looked so cute crying but you didn’t deserve her
-In fact, you wondered how many times you’d drawn a line of your own blood because you were ashamed of your sexuality
-But with Jaehee hugging you so tightly and promising to be there for you, you allowed yourself to imagine what a world with good things in for you could be like
-What if Jaehee did like you back?
-Oh if only you knew
-If only you knew how much it broke her heart to see that you’d caused yourself pain
-Jaehee wondered if it was her fault for not being a good enough friend
-It’s not, Baehee, you’re perfect and we love you


-It was whilst you were still ‘trapped’ in his penthouse that he found out
-He thought you were about to leave
-So he grabbed your arm to stop you escaping
-You know the Visual Novel I’m on about, right?
-And you accidentally let out a yelp of pain
-He let go go your arm and saw blood seeping through the fabric
-Forget whatever he was about to tell you- you were injured
-“MC, what happened? I didn’t- I didn’t hurt you did I?” Jumin panicked.
-“No- it’s not you. I’m fine,” you lied.
-He wasn’t about to let you pretend you weren’t hurt
-So he rolled your sleeves up
-And saw the lines on your arms
-And broke down
-“MC- I- Why- Why would you do this to yourself?” he asked, practically in tears.
-You just hung your head, not answering
-“It’s not me, is it?” Jumin asked with his eyes wide, “Am I trapping you? Is that why? Please- I’ll let you go immediately.”
-At this point you’re pretty sure he’d leaked a few tears
-“No,” you said calmly, “It was way before I met you that I started.”
-“How could someone as kind and beautiful and perfect as you do something like that to your body?” he asked.
-“I’m not perfect or beautiful in any way. I’m messed up. Really messed up. I just wanted to try and help you,” you explained.
-“And you are doing. So now I need to help you,” Jumin said sternly.
-You looked up at him
-And started crying
-So he cried too
-Jumin decided to envelope you in a hug
-So you just cried into his chest, feeling safe
-Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to stay at his penthouse forever
-When Elizabeth was around, Jumin promised himself that he’d force you to see the best counsellor in the world


-He found out just after you’d started living in his house
-He’d told you he had something to fix on his computer but you were having a really bad day
-So to you, that just seemed like an excuse to not spend time with you
-He loves you though, please never think that! People love you and sometimes they actually just have to do stuff
-For once, he didn’t put his headphones on
-So he heard crying and decided to come and check it out
-Only to find you with blood coating your arm in a pile of tears
-He panicked
-And just runs towards you and hugs you close to his chest, not caring if he’s getting blood all over him
-You cry into his shoulder for a while whilst he just rocks and shushes you
-He knows the feeling
-Whilst he never self harmed, he was very depressed for so long
-And he knew what it was like to feel like you shouldn’t even exist anymore
-But without you
-He couldn’t exist
-Deciding it was best to tell you this, he starts to
-“MC, I love you. I couldn’t live without you. You mean so much to me. You helped me with my depression and now I want to help you. Please, let me save you like you saved me,” he begged.
-He’s going to do absolutely anything he can to help you


-I feel like he’d know the signs
-Because I’m pretty sure he’d self harmed too
-So he just asks you
-“MC, do you self harm?”
-“What makes you think that?” you answered sceptically.
-“Because I did for a while. You were what made me stop. Please don’t lie to me and show me your arms,” Saeran ordered with clear concern in his eyes.
-You show him your arms- it’s pointless hiding it
-“You’re going to come and see my counsellor with me,” Saeran said immediately.
-“No, Saeran! I don’t want to see a counsellor,” you begged.
-He grabbed you by the shoulder and leant down to look you directly in the eyes
-“I don’t care if you want to go or not. I’m not going to allow the person that saved and healed me to suffer herself. I love you too much to lose you. My life is nothing without you,” he told you.
-You hug him really tight
-And just wonder how you’re both messes
-Saeran was not going to allow you to help him as much as you had without him helping you in return
-He loved you too much to lose you


-You were constantly thinking that you were nothing compared to Rika
-Sure, she’d been crazy, but V had loved her
-Probably more than he loved you
-V found out you self harmed when he accidentally walked into the bathroom whilst you’d just finished showering
-You had a towel wrapped around you but your arms were exposed
-And bleeding
-“I’m sorry- wait, MC, your arms!” V started to apologise before seeing the lines and blood on your forearms.
-You hung your head
-He was going to tell you that you were nothing compared to Rika- that you were weak- that you were weird for harming yourself
-But he didn’t
-Instead, he runs towards you, gently takes your arm and kisses all your scars
-“I made a mistake last time- I didn’t help her. I’m not going to make that mistake again because I love you so much that I will force you to see a therapist,” V told you.
-“But I don’t want to-“ you started to protest
-“I know. Last time I made the mistake of thinking love would be enough. I’m not blind anymore and I can see that despite me loving you, you need proper help. I don’t want to lose you. You mean far more to me, MC,” V said.  
-I’m sorry for the blind joke, really I am
-It suddenly registered in your mind what he was saying
-V loved you
-He loved you more than he’d loved Rika
-And he wanted to help you
-Finally- someone did
-And you loved him

Red Wings. Dean Winchester.

Request: You know, orgasms can help with cramps ;) Do you think you would be up to a Dean x Reader where the reader is on her period and Dean decides to help with her cramps by making her cum 2+ times? I hope you feel better?

Triggers: Smut. Period. Red Wings.

Word Count: 1414

Cramps are the absolute worst! Especially after you ran out of your birth control pills. While you did miss feeling Dean inside you, you missed being able to still function even on your period. The cramps were so bed you were confined to your bed, hugging the pillow to your chest as you laid on the heat pad.

Sam and Dean had gone out grocery shopping, Dean making sure that something cheesy was on the list at least. You hated your weird cravings. You wanted things like pizza and toast instead of chocolate. You whined about it once to Dean, saying you wished you were normal.

Keep reading


• Before you both met in person, he always asked you if you have eaten yet
• You always answered yes, of course
• But when you both started living together
• He realized that you skipped you meals very often
• “Hey babe, there’s a new restaurant I want to visit. What do you say?”
• “I’m not really hungry babe, maybe next time”
• You always said that
• And he was getting worried for you
• So he decided to have a talk with you
• “MC, I’m worried about you. You never eat nothing and you always avoid me when I’m talking about food, please tell me what’s going on”
• You couldn’t just explain to him the feeling that you had every time you eat something
• How insecure you were about your body, and how you wanted to look good because
• He was so perfect. He was an actor with an amazing body and such a good heart
• And you…
• “MC” he told you, holding your hands “Please babe, your health is the most important thing for me, okay? I don’t know what to do, please ”
• You have never wanted to hurt him, and the look in his eyes was almost begging
• “I-I… I’ll try” you whispered, feeling your heart hurt your chest when Zen hugged you so tight
• “Thank you babe, I’ll do everything I can to help you”


• He always cooked for you
• And he noticed how you left your meals almost without even touching them
• “I had a big lunch at school/work, so I’m not really hungry” you said to him
• He believed you at first
• But when your face started to become thinner and you started to feel so tired all the time
• You avoided his meals more often that before
• So he realized
• He cooked you a meal like always, and when you started to reject the meal, he just said
• “I cooked this special for you, if you don’t eat it I’m gonna be so sad”
• His eyes were begging and he was pouting
• You knew just by looking at his eyes, that if you didn’t touch the dish, he was gonna get mad at you
• So you decided to eat
• He just looked at you while you eat all
• “I finished…” you said almost ashamed by the way you finished everything so fast
• He smiled softly
• “I know is hard for you MC”, he whispered
• “But I’m gonna help you to overcome this”
• He knew he couldn’t just force you to eat everyday
• But he was going to be by your side
• And support you with everything


• She noticed very fast
• She is used to skip meals very often, so when she caught you skipping meals
• She was a little worried
• Your health was very important to her but
• She was kind of doing the same thing, so?
• She decided that, if she wanted you to eat healthy, she should do the same thing
• So she started to do her own lunch box
• And yours too
• “MC, I did lunch for you” she said while giving you the lunch box
• You were a little confused at the sudden change but
• How couldn’t say no to her after all the care she took to cook it
• So you decided to eat it
• So the lunch thing become a often thing
• Until you decided to ask her why was the reason
• “I was thinking that, we should worry about our health… together”
• It was difficult for you to just eat everything, because of your own thoughts
• But you were happy that she was willing to give you all her support


• He had hired a nutritionist just for you
• He did everything to keep you healthy
• But
• When you started to eat less, and less, and almost nothing
• He was worried
• He eventually thought that there was something troubling you
• So he decided to skip work and have meals with you
• When he caught you putting away your plate with a face of disgust
• He would hold your hand and feed you himself
• You couldn’t say no to those eyes that were almost looking at your soul
• “MC” he said one afternoon, during lunch “I love you so much, you know that” he was holding your hand “And I’ll be so said if you ever get sick”
• “Please, let me take care of your health”
• You didn’t want him to worry for you
• You didn’t want to hurt him
• So you decided to try just for him


• When he was working, you usually prepare a meal for him
• He was always eating chips and soda, so you cooked for him in order to make him healthier
• He always ate everything you cooked
• So when you stopped cooking for him
• Of course he noticed
• You were spending a lot of time in your room
• He caught you a lot of times looking at the mirror, at your reflection, with a strange face
• You started to get weak and lifeless
• So he couldn’t take it anymore
• He decided to learn how to cook
• With Vanderwood’s help, of course
• He knocked the door at your room and showed up with pancakes that looked like cats
• “I made breakfast for you, cutie!” he said cheerfully
• He would feed you when you say you weren’t hungry
• Give you tickles when you looked at your reflection with a strange face
• “I love you so much MC, exactly by the way you are”
• “Please don’t hurt the body that I love so much”
• “I’ll take care of you”
• His meals were barely meals but
• He was trying hard for you


• He noticed
• First, it was the way you looked yourself at the mirror
• The way you’ll look at food, like if they were declaring war at you
• You had started to drink a lot of water and no food
• And even your humor had changed
• He didn’t showed to you, but he was getting so worried
• You started to look pale and lifeless to him, and it kind of reminded him to the monster of her mom
• He knew it was totally different between you and her but
• He didn’t wanted you to be like her
• So he decided to act silently
• When you both were together, he would bring candies with him
• And when you looked at him eating, he’ll offer you of his candies
• When he caught you smiling while he shared, he knew it was going to work
• Then it was food
• He’ll bring you food and said “I bought this for you, so you better eat it”
• This continued for a couple of days
• Until one day, when you both were eating ice cream
• And looking at the clouds at some park
• He whispered at you with a worried voice
• “Please take care of yourself… I don’t want you to become like… her”
• You knew who was he referring to
• And it break your heart the fact that he worried a lot for you
• You didn’t want to worry him, so you just whispered back
• “I… l’ll try”


• He started noticing that there was something bothering you
• The way you acted in front of everyone, and the look in your face when you thought no one was watching you
• The way your smile seemed less real
• And the way you get a little mad when you eat something, even if it was a little bit
• He was confused
• You were so wonderful and beautiful to him, so he didn’t understand why wouldn’t you love yourself?
• You were perfect
• He started to take pictures of you. A lot of pictures.
• And he show them to everyone, telling them how beautiful you looked and how you were the most precious thing
• You felt shy when he started to talk about how beautiful and sexy you were
• So, when you both were watching the sunset
• Your head resting in his arm, with your hand tangled with his
• “MC” he whispered “I know what you’ve been doing”
• “You should take care of yourself more, you know? Even if you don’t want to do it for yourself, just do it for me” he said with a kind voice “please?”
• He didn’t force you to eat or anything
• He just wanted you to decide it to do it by yourself
• So you decided to try

The Pickett Ring

Pairing: Newt Scamander X Reader

Requested: Yes

Anon: Omgosh can you write an imagine where newt proposes to the reader??

A/N: I wrote this at two in the morning cause I couldn’t sleep :P Enjoy!


“Newt, we’ve been here for an hour, just choose a ring.” Jacob mumbles, totally bummed out. But he had reason to be this unenthusiastic, Newt had dragged him all the way to the centre of New York to find the best jewelry store in town, at five in the morning. They could’ve just went to the closest one but Newt was afraid of the chandelier after the last incident…

Jacob yawned and leaned against one of the glass displays being careful not to accidentally smash anything. He looked to Newt who’s eyes flash, shaking his head furiously, making his soft curls bounce like crazy.

“No, this is (Y/N) we’re talking about, she doesn’t deserve just any ring. She deserves the perfect ring, and I’m going to find it.” his eye suddenly widen as he sees a gleam out of the corner of his eye and he quickly runs to it, gasping when he sees what produced the beautiful glow.

“This is the one! It’s perfect!” Newt cries happily, clapping his hands together like an excited child on their birthday.

Jacob strolls over and takes a peek over Newt’s shoulder, straining as he tried to look over the tall man’s figure.

“Gee, it is perfect! It’s gorgeous, yet simple. I bet she’ll love it!”

“But she has to accept it for it to mean anything…” Newt trails off, trying to picture the look on your face when he goes down on one knee…

“Hey man, stop it. She loves you, why would she decline?” Jacob lightly punches his shoulder and Newt topples a bit closer towards the perfect ring they had been eyeing. “If it makes you feel any better, I would totally marry you if I were her - but don’t tell Queenie I said that.”

“I’m afraid I can’t make any promises.” Newt says, chuckling.

Jacob laughs too, before saying, “Well, what are you waiting for? Go get it!”

Newt nods happily and calls a clerk over, pointing to the ring.

“I’d like this one please.”

The clerk names an outrageous price and Newt feels himself getting weak in the knees.

“That is preposterous!” he exclaims, nervous sweat starting to trickle down his forehead.

“That’s the price mister, you take it or leave it.” the clerk replied, walking away and leaving Newt standing there in shock.

“Jacob, what am I going to do? I will never be able to afford this, never in a life time!”

“Hey, it’s alright, we can find a solution.” Jacob murmurs, gently trying to comfort the now shaking man.

“But it was perfect…”

“I know man, but there has to be another way, we’ll make something work. I promise.”



Jacob jumps, turning around to find the source of the noise, only to find Newt with his head on his desk, muttering in emotional and physical pain.

“Come on man, lighten up. We’ll find a cheaper ring that’s even better than the one you originally found.” Jacob says, desperately trying to lift the spirits of a usually optimistic Newt.

Newt raises his head, his face covered with a mask of despair. He shakes his head sadly, his green eyes sparkling sadly before his head went crashing back on to the desk.

“You don’t understand, I can’t afford even the cheapest ring and besides, you can’t find one just as nice as the first one for such a low price.” his voice is muffled and depressing. Pickett, who was in Newt’s front pocket for the entire time, crawls out and moves with Bowtruckle grace across his arms to his hand, gently giving one of his fingers a hug. Newt wasn’t sure if this was a sign of affection and pity or him just having attachment issues again. Maybe both.

“Oh,” Jacob mumbles, his spirits also lowering. “Couldn’t you just magic a ring? Transform something into one!”

“How meaningful.” Newt says dully. “"Hey (Y/N), you know that ring that’s on your finger? Well I didn’t tell you this, but it’s actually a cup, sorry.”“

“Okay, point proven. But you can’t just postpone the proposal! Knowing (Y/N), I know she will agree to marry you without a ring, she loves you no matter what Newt.”

“Exactly, what have I ever done to deserve her? She perfect and I need a ring that has meaning, something perfect…” Newt trails off as he raises his head, only to see Pickett entwining himself with Newt’s finger, looking majestic as he did so.

Newt blinked and smiled suddenly, an idea starting to form.


“Newt? Jacob said you needed me?” you called, skipping down into the case, landing gracefully into his shed. You smile, remembering the first time you were in there. Let’s just say that you didn’t land as gracefully as you had now.

He wasn’t in the shack so you decide to walk out to the beautiful world that was filled with creatures.
Sure enough, you see Newt, standing in the mist of it all, anxiously fidgeting with his bow tie. Your face bursts into a smile and you run towards him, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“(Y/N),” he breaths, holding your hands. You look at him quizzically, tilting your head slightly to the side.

“I love you, I have loved you ever since I laid my eyes on you. You keep me sane when work piles up, you make me happy, you make me laugh. You radiate confidence, so much that you’ve transferred some of that to me. But most of all, you make my heart flutter like a Billywig whenever I’m near you. You’re perfect and I want this relationship to be something more…” he takes a deep breath and kneels on one knee, pulling out a rather large, velvet box. Your eyes widen.

“(Y/N), love. Will you marry me?”

“Yes!” you say happily without hesitation, before he even got to open the box.

You pull him to his feet and hug him tightly, then kiss him on the lips, your lips fitting together like two pieces of a puzzle.

“Thank Merlin, I was afraid you were going to say no.” Newt says, smiling and pulling you even closer.

“Now why would I do that? You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met and I love you.”

He smiles and lifts up the box that was now shaking.

“You were so excited that I didn’t even have time to present you this,” he says, smiling nervously. He opens the box and inside was Pickett. He crawled on to your hand and intertwined himself with your fingers and Newt’s, bringing them close together.

You start to say something but he cuts you off before you even get a word out.

“Please let me explain. (Y/N), I have attachment issues, to you. You are the key, the only key, to unlocking my heart and I love you as much, no, more than all of the creatures in the world and this is why I present to you a Bowtruckle. You are worth more than just a precious metal for you, are priceless just like the lives of these creatures and I would never trade you to some goblin or anything for the world.”

He closes his eyes, expecting a back lash but when he hesitantly opened them, all he saw was a beaming smile.

“Newt, I was about to say thank you earlier. This means so much more than a tiny ring. It’s the perfect ring.” you smile, gently moving your fingers against his.

“Don’t you mean it’s the Pickett ring?” he says with a smile.

Monsta x reaction to their crush not having confidence in their body

// okay, first of all, this request is me. Not having a tone flat stomach or any curves and being short!! I took a long time to write this, but I hope you like it!! //


- I think shownu would be really confused because he thinks that you are beautiful the way you are, and he’d be sure to tell you that. After you told him your insecurities he would gently hold your hands and put your hair behind your ear, looking at you in the eye, while talking.

“Baby, I want you to know that you look perfect in my eyes. I wouldn’t ask for anything else because you are all that I want.”


- Ohhh Wonho. Wonho would be sURE to tell you how perfect you are. He, as the soft ball he is, would look like a little puppy, super sad because you didn’t have confidence in yourself. He would compliment you over and over.

“Baby, do you know how beautiful that dress looks on you?” “Wow babe, you better not let go of my hand tonight. Someone might steal you from me…”


- Lee Minhyuk would actually yell at everyone in the street, super proud of you, like:


He would be so proud of you and showing you off everywhere you two would go. When you would have break downs because of your body he would hold you tight and be sure to tell you how good you look.

“Baby, no one has a perfect body. We are how we are, you may not have the curves of a super model, but you’re so perfect in your own way, I wish you could see that too…”


- This boy would also be sure to tell you how beautiful and perfect you are, until you were perfectly fine with your body. He would repeat over and over and over and over:

“Baby, you’re so wonderful. Every detail in you feels so perfect and in the right spot! Don’t be harsh on yourself, and love you the same way that I do.”


- He would kiss you at every place and in his inside he would be so pleased with your height difference, it would feel so right. Hyungwon would help you with your break downs, and take you to the bed to take a nap with him, cuddling, making you forget your insecurities with yourself.

“Baby let’s sleeeeep… I love cuddling with you, your skin is so soft, let’s sleep.” He said falling asleep while holding you tight.

- Jooheon probably would feel your insecurities as his own. As the softie he is he would cry with you, wanting you to know how important you are to him, and how he likes you based not only on your looks, but also on your good heart, your amazing personality and the way you make him feel any kind of emotions.

“Babe your so beautiful, so funny, so kind, so amazing!! Why do you think your not enough?? You are more than enough you’re perfect for me! I don’t want you to think less about yourself, I want you to think of you as the queen you are.”


- As he sees you break down and not having confidence in your body, Changkyun probably would hug you so so tight, and be like that for a few minutes until you would calm down. And then he would do the talk:

“Y/n, I want you to listen to me.” he said looking into your eyes. “You are the most important person in my life. You are just perfect and I want you to see that. I don’t want you to cry about something as looks. The important is the inside, the heart, the kindness, and yours are of gold.”

He would smile and kiss you passionatly, showing you the truth in his words.

Connor Murphy with a Writer S/O Headcanons Part 2

Part 2 to this.

  • Ok, now you two were inseparable. Connor went with you everywhere, and you ditched class with Connor all the time.
  • Connor opened up to you little by little. Even told you that he wanted to do therapy for years, but his parents kept on saying he didn’t need it.
  • You were furious. You helped him as much as you could. Connor began to help himself sometimes, too. It was amazing.
    • “(Y/n)?”
    • “Everything ok, Connor?”
    • “I feel…”
    • He wouldn’t need to say anything else. You’d hug him and kiss him and whisper sweet nothings into his ear.
    • Connor would push you away sometimes too, go silent and just not talk to you.
    • “Connor?”
    • Silence
    • “Superman,” you’d drawl and wrap your arms around his shoulders, “hey, you know you can talk to me about anything, right?”
    • Still silence.
    • “Ok, I’ll be right here when you need me.”
  • Then, you got a job. You wanted the money for yourself, sure, college and publishing and all that, but your main reason was Connor.
  • You emailed a doctor that Connor contacted a long time ago. You explained what was happening to Connor, and that doctor knew a therapist who would give you a discount just for Connor.
    • “Connor?”
    • “Everything ok?”
    • “Perfect, actually. Uh, so I’ve been saving up some money.”
    • “Where are you going with this?”
    • “Well, I know you’ve wanted to go to therapy, and one of the psychologists offered you a discount for sessions.”
    • Connor blinked.
    • You froze, scared you did something wrong. That you were intruding and that Connor didn’t want any therapy anymore.
    • Then, he took you in his arms with tears in his eyes. “Thank you,” he whispered.
    • You could breathe when you heard those words. You hugged him back as he whispered those two words over and over.
  • Twice a week, you and Connor walked to the psychologist’s. You waited inside another room where you could write and read.
  • When Connor missed a session, whether it was because he had a particularly bad day or because his parents forced him to go somewhere, the psychologist gladly moved his appointment and never deprived Connor a session.
  • Both of you still get teased and bullied. It doesn’t get to either of you as much, though. The other was always there.
  • You were a writer, so you developed your own sense of wit when it came to responding to bullying
    • One time, Connor was waiting for you outside of your classroom. Then, some douche decided to confront him. He didn’t insult you, just Connor, so Connor didn’t feel like fighting back.
    • But, when you came out, all hell broke loose. You saw your boyfriend surrounded by idiots, while head idiot was spewing shit about your boyfriend.
    • Some idiots were smart and let you through. Some weren’t so you pushed them out of the way until you were standing in front of Connor. “Shouldn’t you be picking on someone your own, size?”
    • “What, like you?”
    • “Me? I’m too big for you. I mean, you’re what, three inches? Two?” You scoffed. “I mean you’re obviously compensating for… well.” You held up your fingers to demonstrate how small two inches really was.
    • The head idiot was so mad and embarrassed, he couldn’t even think of a good comeback.
    • You grabbed Connor’s hand and pulled him out of the crowd.
    • Connor kinda just stared at you in awe.
    • “What is it, Superman?”
    • He kissed you against the lockers with passion you hadn’t thought possible. When Connor pulled away, he just breathed, “You’re amazing.”
    • You told him. “Learned from the best.”
  • Connor was always honest and blunt, so when it came to responding to bullying…
    • You were in the library. Connor had left to find some more books for research. He had also left with a kiss on your cheek, you know, if you wanted to know.
    • A group of girls came up to you and asked what you were doing.
    • “Some research for my rough draft.”
    • “Rough draft, like a novel?”
    • You nodded with a smile.
    • A guy scoffed. “Right, cause you can write a good novel.”
    • You blinked. “Well, I-”
    • “Is it even good?”
    • “Look at her! She can’t even speak, let alone write.”
    • You were shivering. You couldn’t fight back, not when it was about your writing.
    • “I found the perfect book!” Connor came rushing back, but when he saw the group of kids and your shivering, his smile faded into a scowl. He stomped over to you, wrapped you in his arms, and glared at the kids. “Apologize.”
    • The kids shook in their place. “We d-didn’t do anything. WE just-”
    • “I don’t give a fuck about what you think you didn’t do. Apologize. Now.”
    • “We’re sorry!” They scurried off while Connor gripped your arms and shoulders.
    • Your boyfriend just continued to glare at the spot those kids were standing in before.
    • You pulled on his jacket. “Connor,” you whispered.
    • He pulled away from you and held you by the shoulders. “What did they do? I swear, I will-”
    • “Connor!” You took a deep breath and kissed him lightly. “Thank you.”
    • He laughed. “Anything for you.”
  • I know this is long already, but just imagine the first I love you. It would probably almost a year into the relationship.
  • You’d be writing away at the foot of your bed. Connor would be reading on your bed, because if your significant other’s a writer, you are going to pick up a bit of reading.
    • You were getting some serious writer’s block. Bad writer’s block.
    • After an hour of staring at your rough draft, you threw back your head and groaned. “That’s it. I’m done. I can’t finish this.”
    • Connor peaked over the side of his bed. “What are you whining about?”
    • “This! I can’t finish this. Too complicated. Too many characters and subplots and motifs. What the fuck is a motif anyway?”
    • Connor chuckled. “You know what a motif is, (Y/n)?”
    • You shook your head. “I’m giving up. I can’t finish it. I can’t edit this many words and get it out to the public!”
    • Connor rolled his eyes and flopped back onto his bed. “I know you’re exaggerating.” He held his book above his face and continued to read
    • You humphed and plopped down on the bed. You removed the book from his face. “And how do you know I’m exaggerating?”
    • “Because if you were telling the truth, you wouldn’t be the person I fell in love with.” He went back to his book.
    • It took about five seconds for you to register what just happened.
    • You couldn’t exactly find your voice, so you just sat on the bed staring at the wall because that wonderful, passionate, stubborn guy loves you. And you love him.
    • Connor voices his thoughts. They did not match yours.
    • “I fucked it up, didn’t I?” He pulled at his hair. “Ugh! I’m sorry. I am so sorry. I knew that I was going to mess this up somehow. I’ll just leave. I’m sorry. Of course, I said it too early and I’m too fucking needy.”
    • He continued to ramble as he grabbed some of his stuff and walk to your door.
    • You pulled him back and kissed him. You pushed him against the door and intertwined your fingers with him. You smiled against his lips and kissed him again. You let go of his hands and wrapped your hands in his long hair and pulled him closer.
    • When his hands were free, Connor tried to get the nerve to pull away from you to ask if you were sure about this, but he couldn’t do it. Not when you were pulling him closer and smiling against his lips like that. Just more reasons to love you.
    • He pulled away first with a gasp.
    • You giggled and whispered, “I love you, too, Connor Murphy.”
    • He shook his head. “What did I do to deserve you?”
    • “What did I do to deserve you?” you countered.
  • You meet Mr. and Mrs. Murphy at graduation, and you were not grateful for them. Because Connor had been rubbing off on you, your first impression was everything but traditional.
    • “So you’re (y/n)!”
    • You froze next to Connor. Even he stiffened and pulled you a closer to him.
    • You looked around to make sure everyone around you was occupied with other things before you whipped around and interrogated his parents, “So why’d you ignore Connor when he asked to get therapy?”
    • Mrs. Murphy’s face filled with dread, and Mr. Murphy clenched his jaw.
    • Mr. Murphy let go of his wife and crossed his arms. “I don’t think you have the right to ask such questions, (Y/n).”
    • “Being Connor’s girlfriend for the last two years, I think I have every right.”
    • “Connor doesn’t need therapy,” Mrs. Murphy argued. “He’s fine now.”
    • “He’s fine now because I brought him to fucking therapy,” you stated.
    • Just on time, the psychologist who helped Connor for over a year, and still makes time for him when he needs it, pushed through the crowd to commend you and Connor on your accomplishments.
    • “Doctor, this is Mr. and Mrs. Murphy.”
    • “Ah, your son has made so much progress. I expect big things from Connor.”
    • Connor smiled a little. “Thank you.”
    • The doctor left, and Connor’s parents were speechless.
    • Wanting to shed some light on the situation, Connor explained, “(Y/n) paid for it, so you don’t have to worry about your precious bank account.”
  • Years pass and even though Connor and you go separate ways, your relationship persists.
  • Then, you get your book published with sketches by Connor and a dedication to Connor.
  • Your book gets enough attention that you and Connor are promised a book tour after you graduate college.
    • “What do mean (Y/n)’s late? You’re her agent. Aren’ you supposed to make sure she’s here.”
    • “She called in earlier, Mr. Murphy. Her flight’s been delayed, and she will be a few hours late.”
    • “She’s the fucking author. She can’t be late to her own book tour.” Connor slumped in his seat.
    • Then, hands covered his eyes. And only one person had the guts to do such a thing to Connor Murphy.
    • His lips curled into a smile and let out a laugh. “(y/n), I swear-”
    • “What is that, Superman?”
    • He turned around and kissed you hard while your agent averted her eyes and gave you too a moment.
    • “I missed you,” you murmured against his lips.
    • Connor couldn’t help himself. He kept on kissing you, running his hands up and down your body just to make sure you really were in his arms. “I love you,” he whispered.
    • “I love you, too.”
  • You were dreading the last stop of your book tour. You weren’t sure what you were supposed to do afterwards. Connor had a bright future ahead of him as an aspiring social worker or therapist or psychologist or something like that. You… You weren’t sure what to do with yourself.
  • When the cameras were all gone and the people deserted the bookstore, you took a deep breath and prepared yourself for whatever end was coming.
    • “(Y/n), everything ok?” Connor came up behind you and hugged your waist.
    • You sighed and leaned back into him. “I’m fine.”
    • “I’m calling bullshit.”
    • You laughed. “As you should.” You licked your lips. “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do after all this. Most writers have a second profession, but me? I have no clue if that will happen or if I’ll go back to school. I just… I don’t know what I’m supposed to do for the next year or two or forever.” You laughed bitterly. “I don’t know.”
    • Connor rubbed your arms, and you leaned into his warm touch and closed your eyes.
    • Your boyfriend of over six years leaned over and whispered, “Marry me, then.”
    • Your eyes flew open. You turned your head and breathed, “What did you say?”
    • Connor nodded to the space in front of you. You followed his silent instructions and looked in front of you. In Connor’s hand was an open ring box with a diamond ring.
    • You brought a hand to your mouth as tears formed in your eyes.
    • “I do believe,” Connor whispered, “that I asked you to marry me.”
    • Yes. You wanted to say that one word so badly, but with the tears in your eyes and Connor’s warmth around you, you just couldn’t find your voice.
    • Connor backtracked. “If you say no, it’s fine. You have stuff to figure out, so do I. Trust me. I am perfectly happy with just being by your side with no ring or whatever and… Did you just nod?”
    • You nodded again.
    • Connor gasped. “Wait, so you’re saying yes, right? Don’t fuck with me, (Y/n).”
    • You laughed. “Yes! I’m not joking with you. I’m not fucking with you. I am saying yes, and I would love to be your fiancee and get married and get a house and a job and…” You inhaled sharply. “I love you, and I want to be with you, Connor Murphy.”
    • Your fiance beamed and brought you back in his arms for a kiss. “I love you,” he whispered. “I love you.” He kissed your forehead. “I love you.” He kissed your nose. “You and only,” he kissed you again, “you.” He laughed.
    • “Saved me again,” you joked, “my superman.”

It’s sooo long!!! Ah, but I love it so much! It’s so cute!! This is dedicated to all the imagine writers in the DEH fandom. Uh.. trying to think of some off the top of my head. @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou, @pacman-tattoo, @cherrywiness, @let-the-world-pass-by, @indigo-streaks-in-her-hair, and @dear-evan-imagines, thank you for the imagines and headcanons and for being amazing writers that I read constantly. I’ve forgotten a few, but if you have ever tagged anything Connor murphy x reader, I probably read your stuff, so thank you very much.

Also dedicated to my awesome friend, @super-fabulous-killjoy, who introduced me to Dear Evan hansen and got me back into my Broadway obsessions!

Have wonderful day, readers!

fauxmoon22  asked:

hey! new im a new tumbler user but i loooove your blog, its so fun. and i love mystic messenger so even better. for valentines would you consider writing about how the guys ( seven, jumin,zen, yoosung ) have planed the "perfect" valentines date ( in their own style)but things keep going sooo wrong its funny, but mc can see they're trying so hard and convinces them that its perfect by just spending the day with them? they could be a couple already or a first formal date hope you like the idea!

Thank you for your request, you’re so cute *v* i really hope you like it!


  • Mc will love this cake ;)
  • He made it with a lot of love!
  • Oh, but he needs to organize this place too, let’s see…
  • Candles are always something romantic, doesn’t it?
  • Why doesn’t this light up? Why this is hard?!
  • When he finally did it, he’s just smiling
  • “Done ;)" 
  • But he forgot the tablecloth…
  • Ok, no need to be nervous…Let’s just take the supporter of the candle gently…
  • SHIT, the fire went out
  • Not this again T-T, so he yeah, it was some time before he could light this up again.
  • Everything is perfect!

  • Wait…How many minutes he’s here…?
  • Ok, when he was going to take the cake off the oven, he forgot the gloves
  • The cake is on the ground now…Yoosung is crying.
  • You came home earlier to see this scene when he sees you his eyes widened
  • "No…! Don’t see this disaster…Oh no no no, worst boyfriend ever!”
  • You laugh and then you give him a hug “It’s alright Yoosung…Don’t cry!”
  • He looks at you, with his puppy eyes “I want to do something special…”
  • You smiled, so cute!
  • And then you got closer “Being with you is already something special”
  • His eyes are so bright now, and he’s blushing…After a while, he gives you one wide smile.
  • Both of you will go see some movie, a romantic one!
  • But hey, Yoosung is already thinking about next year…Those candles will not beat him again!


  • Ok, first things first, he pick a big sack of petals that he was keeping hidden for all this moment
  • He’ll put all these petals in bed, romantic right?
  • You’ll be so surprised! It’s going to be so great! This will be one unforgettable Valentine’s Day!
  • So he did it, he fills the bed with those petals, he’s with such a wide smile on his face while he’s doing that
  • Just to think about…Calm down beast!
  • When he opened the door to go to the living room, he noticed that the bedroom window was open!
  • It was like a slow-motion scene in a movie, he was screaming “Nooooo”  while he was running to the window…
  • But the worst happened, a strong wind came and made the petals fly…
  • And because he let the door to the living room open…The petals are in the living room now too.
  • It’s just a big mess!
  • He ran to the living room to pick those petals before they go to the bathroom, kitchen, he doesn’t know!
  • But then he sees you in the door…You were out to buy something to one special dinner…But you came home you early!
  • “MC?! Why are you here so early?!”
  • “…The market was closed…” You look at all this mess “What happened…?" 
  • "A DISASTER!” He said sighing, you can see he’s so frustrated, you know how he is always waiting for Valentine’s Day, he’s the romantic type of guy.
  • “Hey” You got closer to him, putting your hand under his chin, making him look at you “You’re here, i’m here too, this is all we need to have the best Valentine’s ever” you smiled.
  • He smiles too.
  • He understands with that simple quote that what matter is not what he does…What matter is that you’re with him.
  • And you’re not going to leave this house today anymore, let’s just say that.


  • Last year you said to Jumin that something meaning is better than anything money can buy.
  • So instead of going to a restaurant or something, he’ll cook something for you.
  • But Jumin’s so confident today, he can make you pancakes, so this recipe will be easy!
  • Everything goes wrong.
  • His first attempt, the food got burnt.
  • His second attempt, the food was raw.
  • In his third attempt…What has happened here? Is this food?! Or he created a monster?
  • He’s so pissed off right now, he’ll call some help, you’ll never know!
  • But you got home too early…You weren’t supposed to be here, Driver Kim should make you wait even more in the shopping!
  • WHY
  • Your eyes widened when you see the mess…Oh god, even the couch is dirty with food.
  • You see a dress in the couch, it’s dirtied too.
  • Jumin saw this too, he’ll die.
  • “Oh no…The dress…!” He runs to it, picking it up, he look at you, “MC…I’m sorry, i’ll make up to you, i’ll but anything you want, we can go on a trip or some—”
  • You cut him out, with a laugh.
  • This is too funny, and he’s too cute like that!
  • You pick an apron, putting it, and then you just smile looking at him “Let’s do this together!”
  • Jumin froze, just looking at you…After that, he just gives you a genuine smile.
  • “Yes, my love…”


  • He’s creating another robot for you, this time a robot of him.
  • Now he’s just recording something, so when you press a button, you’ll listen to it!
  • “MC…I love you” He smiles, and when he recorded the press the button…Nothing.
  • And then he tries and tries, again and again, his sweet “i love you” is angry and stressed, “i love you”.
  • Until he has enough of it “Go to hell, stupid thing!” He sighs, throwing that on the couch. 
  • And then he realizes…The place is a mess, you’re used to it…You know, see all those metal bits on the floor, but today is supposed to be a good day!
  • He looks at the window…Well, at least you guys can see the stars ;D
  • It starts to rain, what the hell!
  • DAMN IT! He screamed, and this woke up, you get out of the bedroom and walk toward him “Saeyoung…?What’s the matter?” He widened his eyes, oh shit, he didn’t think about a solution yet!
  • “Oh, hi MC…!” Stay calm…Act normally….Smiles…Smiles…
  • “What happened here?” You ask laughing “Oh, nothing MC, i was just…DON’T TOUCH THAT!”
  • You were picking up the robot “Why not…?It spits fire?! But it looks like you, it’s cute!”
  • “This doesn’t work…I couldn’t make it talk” He sights walking towards you.
  • “Really?” You push the button and then you listen Saeyoung’s voice “GO TO HELL, STUPID THING” Your eyes and Saeyoung’s eyes widened 
  • He sighs, this Valentine’s Day got out of control.
  • “Hey, we can try to make another one…Together, come on, teach me!”
  • He never thought you were interested in this… Oh, you actually want to spend some time with him? Trying to make him happy?
  • While he was thinking, you pick his glasses from his face putting on your face now “NOW I FEEL LIKE I CAN DO ANYTHING!!”
  • He laughs, while you laugh with him and then he picks your hand, dragging you to the bedroom “What are you going Seven?”
Baby Girl You're Just My Type (Seventeen Preference)
  • S.Coups/Seungcheol: Definitely someone girly; he's the tough, man's man, and he'd need a very feminine partner to contrast that. He seems like an ass man to me, so someone who is very bootylicious and likes to show off their ass/doesn't mind having it grabbed. He'd also probably be into a girl who is quieter or who doesn't feel pressure to talk a lot so that he can be the one to do the talking, and so that he can feel listened to, and so that the two of you can just sit in comfortable silence when you feel like it. He would love the type of girl who can wear heels all the time and not feel overdressed, but also rocks a messy bun and flannel. His type all around would be the "girl next door" to the extreme, but in a good way.
  • Jeonghan: He would like a softer type of girl. Being someone who doesn't conform to gender norms himself, he would never be opposed to dating a tomboy or someone who often bounces between ultra feminine and masculine. He just wants someone who would be easy on the eyes - someone that everyone could look at an agree is absolutely beautiful, just like him. It would also have to be someone with amazing hair, so that you could be a stand out hair power couple. As personality goes, he would enjoy who is very cute without trying. Maybe they're awkward or clumsy but this turns out very cute and he enjoys those moments to the maximum even if you get embarrassed, just for the cuteness. He would also like someone shorter than him so that he can lay his head on top of you during hugs, and he can cover you completely when spooning.
  • Joshua/Jisoo: He would want someone opposite of him. He's all shyness and blushes and giggles, so he'd need someone who's confidence and certainty and standing tall. He would love the contrast you make against him and the confidence you give him when you're together. He also loves that when he gets shy or embarrassed he can bury his face into your shoulder or hair and you'll be the one laughing with a brave face because you enjoy how cute he's being. He'd also want someone very cuddly. Because he seeks physical comfort, and he would want his partner to be very okay with that happening when he needs it. And although he might not always be completely okay with showing PDA because of how shy he is, his ideal type would also know how to use words to calm him down and make him feel good because you would be smart and linguistic like that.
  • Jun: As predictable as it sounds, Jun would like a bad girl. But not just a "bad girl", a genuinely bad, doesn't give a fuck, bad attitude kind of girl. The kind of girl that the rest of the boys and Pledis would hate and probably ask him to stop seeing. Mostly because he would like the thrill. This is the kid who 9/10 legitimately thinks he's a vampire, so if he found a girl who smoked and had dozens of piercings and tattoos and swore more than his little ears could handle, he would want to hold onto you forever. Eventually he would find out you have a whole other side, a softer side, and this would just make him melt, and then you'd never get rid of him. Because as much as fishnets and barbells are appealing, actual emotions are like the jackpot here. And he would follow you around like a lost puppy, hanging on your every word, waiting for your next move, wanting to see just how bad you could get. You just might get sick of him. But he would be a lovesick puppy because being with a bad girl is the closest he's ever really come to living on the edge.
  • Hoshi/Soonyoung: Hoshi would need someone versatile. He can go from literal puppy to walking sex monument in two seconds flat, and he needs someone who can embrace his many sides and roll with them. I can also see him falling for a plus-sized girl. Saying that he enjoys the curves more and that your gorgeous body is part of what captured his attention when the two of you first met. He'd want a girl who is very good at taking care of herself, but can also take care of him when he needs it. He can work long hours and dissolves into a child-like state, and he needs somebody there to pick up the pieces and put him back together at the end of a hard day. He might also like a girl that he has to bring out of her shell a little. Maybe you're more shy around others, around the boys, and from time to time he has to help you loosen up and he loves that about you. He loves the challenge, and he loves the reward of when he finally gets to see the same you in public that he does in private.
  • Wonwoo: He would go for one of two types of girls - he would either date the ultimate goth girl and live out his emo dreams, or he would date the softest, girliest hipster/kawaii girl and defy everyone's expectations. If he dated a goth girl, they would match perfectly in your emo appearance and attitude, and your occasional slips of undeniable cuteness and happiness. Black is the perfect color that goes with everything, so he would love seeing his girlfriend dressed in it every single day, and would delight in finding black lipstick stains on his skin and even items of his clothing. He would also love that he would get to see the cutesy and caring side of you that people never expected when they saw your harsh appearance, and he would always be right their defending you if people judged you too harshly. If he dated a super soft kawaii girl, it would a lot like the cinnamon roll meme. It appears that he could kill you, but he is, in fact, a giant cinnamon roll, and he is protecting you, a perfect cinnamon roll, too good for this earth, too pure. That's what he believes and that's what he upholds. He doesn't let anyone come near you, look at you the wrong way; he doesn't even let anyone speak badly about you when you're not around. You would be his one weakness, and he would both love and hate that about being with you.
  • Woozi/Jihoon: His ideal type is definitely someone who appreciates music. Someone who can listen to his work and it's afraid to give him critical feedback about it, but also isn't afraid to tell him when it's perfect. He wouldn't mind dating someone taller than him. He might even enjoy dating someone taller than him, but continuously claim that it's just a coincidence (I mean he is only 5.3") when in reality he enjoys the bear hugs and feeling so safe all wrapped up in you. He's the type of guy to feel confident and secure enough that he doesn't need to be taller than his girlfriend. He would also want a to date a girl that he finds genuinely interesting. Whether this be because you're into the arts, or because you're athletic, he'd find something about you and then from there, he would want to learn everything about you. He'd study you like it was his job. He also might prefer a girl with coloured/pastel hair so that you could match and be ultra cute together.
  • DK/Seokmin: DK would want to date a sporty girl. He would love everything about you from the fact that you always wear ponytails to your muscle tone to your yoga pants (probably especially the yoga pants). He would watch you jogging by one day and be hooked. He'd want to know your name, everything about you, and the fact that you might not be much of a talker only baited him so much more. He would love dancing with you and trying out all the sports that you're into, even if he sucks at them. And in the rare moments that he could get you to open up, that he could get into your mind instead of the physical aspect of your being, he would feel so rewarded he would be over the moon. He would also love the times that you dressed up. Seeing you all the time in sportswear, you always looked amazing no matter what, but when you dressed up, it always shocked and amazed him, and reminded him that he was so lucky to have you.
  • Mingyu: He would probably like a really quiet, shy girl. As cheesy as it is, he would be the type of guy to dream about finding the introverted girl and sweeping her off her feet. He would probably think it's so romantic and dreamy to pick up a girl at a coffee shop or a book store and all the other boys would make fun of him because deep down he's just a sucker for John Green and Twilight. He would want to find a girl who would blush whenever you looked at him and giggle at all his jokes and used her hair to hide her face out of shyness. He'd be a sucker for a girl who had sweater paws and stared at her shoes and spent a lot of time reading or writing and liked watching old movies. He'd get weak in the knees for a girl like that.
  • The8/Minghao: I can't really pin down his ideal type. He is a puppy, but at the same time he's very mature, so I feel that he'd be very versatile when it came to girl. He mostly would probably wouldn't care what his girlfriend looked like because he believes that all girls are beautiful in their own way. But if he fell for someone, he would fall hard and fast. You would sweep him off his feet, probably within days, and he wouldn't know what hit him. He might even think he was getting the flu with how lovesick he was feeling. He wouldn't be able to get you off his mind and he would come to the undeniable conclusion - you had captured his heart. You were his ideal type.
  • Seungkwan: He'd want someone sassy. He is the king of sass, and he'd want someone who could at least try and compete with him and his sassy antics. This also means you would have to have a very good sense of humor, because even though he can be very serious, he loves his jokes. He would also need someone to help keep him calm, because he gets very tense and aggravated (especially when asked to do aegyo) and he'd need someone who knows how to calm him with words and simple touches. I also think he'd want his girlfriend to be stylish. Because, let's be honest, out of all the boys I think he'd be the one to most pay attention to what his girlfriend is wearing. So if his girlfriend has a very defined sense of self style and image, he would be very proud to be around her and show her off to everyone.
  • Vernon/Hansol: I feel like he would actually go after a very nerdy girl. On stage he's all "$wag $wag money" but he's actually just a huge dork, so I feel like a nerdy girl would be the perfect match for him. Someone who would watch anime with him and obnoxiously scream the themes, someone who would poke fun at him and not mind being mocked as well. He probably also thinks that glasses are hot, so he would embrace that in a girl. He's got plenty of confidence, he's maybe even a little cocky, so he needs someone who will knock him down a few notches and remember to keep him level headed. He would love someone who's really smart, who can teach him things, someone who's very energetic like himself, very enthusiastic about life. I also feel like he'd be very into just sitting and listening to you talk for hours about what your passionate about - whether it's TV shows, or the book you're reading, or stars - he'd just want to listen because it would give him peace and it would give him a chance to learn more about you.
  • Dino/Chan: He's the little maknae (which nobody will ever forget) so he needs somebody who will balance him. Somebody who can be funny and immature with him when the time is right, but also somebody who can be serious and talk about serious things when he needs that. I also feel that he's still uncertain - he's still young and shaping his confidence, so he needs someone who's not afraid to shower him with compliments to help him boost his confidence over time. He would also need to date someone who shares his interests (dancing, music) but can also introduce him to new ones that you can explore together and use to bond. Overall he needs someone stable. He wouldn't do well at all with someone playing with his feelings, he needs someone to be straight with him (where some of the older boys might like "the chase"). Dino would probably also like someone very girly who wears skirts and has longer hair.
  • AN: yeah so this is the obvious thing so post under kpop, right? sorry if it's kind of all over the place, i tried. i also tried to make it a little more unique than other ones i've seen and i genuinely tried to imagine what each of the boys types are. pls lemme know what you think! <3
BTS reacing to their S/O having to hug something to fall asleep

Requested by; anon

Hey can i have a reaction of bts where you would always have to hug something so you can go to sleep?


“You could just use me as your pillow instead of your stuffed animals or your huge pillow. Come here; let’s sleep together.”


“Only now I realise that you always hug something, you’re adorable. C’mon; I’ll be hugging you back now, you need to sleep.”


“Really!? That’s so cute! Take one of my hoodies, I’ll join you later so you can cling onto me!”


“Good; we can be clingy together, I like hugs and I love you so that’s a perfect combination, isn’t it?”


“Seriously, can you get any cuter than you already are? Want me to be the big spoon or the little spoon?”


“Here; have these stuffed animals, then you’re kind of my stuffed animal because I’m the big spoon and I’m not letting you claim my name!”


“Come~, let’s cuddle then shall we? Don’t look at me like that; I love cuddles, okay? As long as I’m the big spoon, I’m good.”


Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins (WWE)

Okay so that hug between Dean and Seth was perfection in itself. Still kinda wanted to do something with it, but doing it more Nooneymish, because that’s kinda my thing. Poor Roman though, having to deal with them x’3

Sharing this like… sketchy version… we’ll see that will become of it.

Sorry about it only being a sketch though… been redrawing it like three times and I don’t want it to lose even more energy…

CARE AND LOVE! (Tom Holland X Reader)

Request: @aurelialemarier

“Ok so I recently injured my knee while I was dancing and I was thinking maybe you could write something like Tom taking care of you while you’re injured?? Much love 💕”

I really like this one) hope you’ll like it too! And I’m sorry for that long delay:/

Btw, requests are open!! Request anything!



Care and Love…

“Don’t fall behind Tom” - you and Tom are riding bikes. He finally came home for 2 days from Canada just to see you and get rest with you! Today’s morning was so adorable… he bought two bikes and surprised you with that.

You don’t need anything else now. Your love is with you, even if it’s only for 2 days…

“Carefully (Y/N)! You shouldn’t go that fast, we have time!” - You overtook him, but it didn’t make him go faster, he Just smiled…

“You’ll always be a nerd Tommy! BE MORE RISKY!” - After that words you raised your hands up and started yelling and laughing. All you hear back is bird’s singing and Tom laughing and yelling “carefully” at the same time.

Suddenly you lost control, the bike completely turned to the right, you closed you eyes because you were scared.


You crashed into a tree. You was on the ground, your hand and knee was bleeding a little bit, but you didn’t care about it… the bike, Tom’s present, was crashed! The wheel bent… you felt so guilty and bad, so you started crying…

“(Y/N)!!” - you looked out and saw Tom throwing his bike and running to you! He was so shocked and scared that something could happen to you!

“Are you Okay? Oh god… your leg… does it hurt like this” - he was touching you leg around the place where it was bleeding…

“I’m sorry Tom, I’m so sorry! It’s all my fault… the bike… and you told me to be carefully… I’m sorry” - you couldn’t keep your tears inside anymore.

“Wh… What? Oh God (Y/N) bike? Are you serious? It’s all that matter for you now?” - you haven’t seen him that scared since the time he saw a big (for him) spider in your bathroom… but now he wasn’t scared because of himself, it all was because of you!

“Come on… I’ll bring you home! Hold my neck here…” - he stood up, placed one his hand Yoder’s you legs, and the other one under your back, he raised you and started to go.

“But I can go by myself Tom, really! It’s not necessary to…” - but he interrupted you with his look, you know this look! It’s so rare and it appears when he is way too serious and nervous.

“But our bikes Tom? We left them!” - you said.

“It’s just a bikes (Y/N)… but if it means that much for you, I’ll call Harrison and he’ll take them!” - he said, he was almost running…

You’re in front of the door to your house. He opens it with his foot, gets both of you in.

He opens the door to your bedroom and puts you on your bed!

“Is it okay? Can you move it? Did you break it? Say something!” - he was sitting on his knees so his face is right in front of yours.

“I’m fine Tom!!! It’s not that big! Don’t worry that much!” - you smiled softly, put your hand on his head, and softly kissed him on the cheek!

He smiled back, kissed you and left the room. In two minutes he came back with a box in his hands.

“We need to treat the wounds in your hands and leg! So…” - he opened the box and took a cotton wool, bandage and greenery. Added greenery to the cotton wool and softly started touching your knee while blowing on it!

You feel that it hurts, but you see how he is trying to help you and make it better… you tried to handle all the pain.

“Perfect… now I’ll just bandage it and that’s it!” - now he was less nervous than before, he softly bandaged the knee.

“Now just get some rest, and I’m gonna cook something for you!” - he went to you and kissed, he wanted to leave but you caught his hand…

“I’m not hungry babe, all I need now is you! We don’t have much time to be together…” - you smiled, he sat beside you - “Come here, lie with me please!”

He lay with you, hugged you. You put your head on his chest.

“I love you so much!” - you almost fell asleep.

“I love you too babe!” - he answered.

You fell asleep with a smile on your face!


anonymous asked:

My friend came up with this but basically Stan’s obsession for everything to be perfect eventually leads to himself and he develops some sort of eating disorder and then bill comes in somewhere?? And helps him?? Don’t write if you feel uncomfortable though!

Okay anon, firstly thank you so much for this ask! Secondly i am so sorry it has taken me so long to reply! Thirdly I think you were expecting headcanons when you sent this but I ran with it and ended up writing a 2.3k word fic! I hope you like it!!!

A/N: This is the first fic i’ve ever written so I would love any feedback! Thank you to @once-upon-a-ghost-blog and @conversetozier for proof reading parts for me! Also this ending is kinda rubbish cause apparently idk how to end a story but I’m proud nonetheless

Warnings: Eating disorder (Bulimia specifically), also poor Stan I just really want to give him a hug after writing this

Perfect: to make (something) completely free from faults or defects; make as good as possible

Stanley Uris needed things to be perfect. His curly hair had to sit perfectly styled on top of his head, his crisp white shirt had to be tucked perfectly into his freshly pressed jeans, his shoes had to be so perfectly shined you could see your reflection in them, his notebooks were colour coordinated for each class and his notes were written in perfect cursive handwriting. So, when Stan looked at himself in the mirror and found what he saw to be imperfect he knew he had to do something to change it.

beware the read more

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