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Do you have any new serpent jughead or serpent Betty fics?

Okay - so you asked for “new” Serpent fics… of which there are lots. 

Still before I give you a mini list - I’m going to link you to the Serpent Tags so you can see if you’ve read the other fics we’ve suggested with this theme.

Enjoy! <3 Jandy

Serpent Juggie Tag

Southside Betty Tag

Over the years by @theonlyemmaleigh (4/?)

WIP / Rating: T

Summary:  Some people come into your lives and change everything you ever knew.

From Pink Perfection to Seduce Scarlett by @xoxo-juggiejones (6/?)

WIP / Rating: T

Summary: Betty is living in her sister Polly’s shadow, darkness clouding her vision, afraid to show her true colors to anyone. With a little push from a new student named Veronica Lodge, Betty joins the vixens and gains the confidence she has always wanted. Her bright smile and confidence get noticed by Southside Serpent Jughead Jones in a diner at Pop’s, and Betty for the first time in her life feels something other than the darkness that’s been following her around.Of course, there will be some obstacles along the way, one by the name of Cheryl Blossom, and the other may be a gang. But Betty wants change, and she’s finally ready to go for it.

Southside High by @noorakardemmomesaetre (2/?)

WIP / Rating: M

Summary: Due to the start of Riverdale High’s complex renovations, the school is shut down for one year and all Riverdale High students are forced to attend Southside High.In an effort to integrate at her new school, Betty goes to a meeting for the Red and Black and meets the Serpent Prince, Jughead Jones.AU: Jughead Jones is a Southside High student and, therefore, doesn’t know any of the regular Riverdale High students.

cloaked in leather by @lilibug–xx (1/1)

Word Count: 8132 / Rating: M

Summary:  Betty is cleaning out the attic with intentions of finding some of Alice’s vintage clothes and maybe some old photos. She didn’t expect to find her mother’s old Serpent jacket, but… Betty makes it her own and uses it to surprise her boyfriend.

Come On, Let’s Go! by @it-happened-one-starry-night (3/3)

Word Count: 20,937 / Rating: M

Summary: It’s 1957 in Riverdale. Jughead Jones has a penchant for bikes, books, and Betty Cooper. He’s instantly smitten when he sees her, rescuing her from an awkward situation so that he can learn more about her. And Betty, who happily goes along with him, finds herself inexplicably drawn to the young man. He’s well-read and a little mysterious. Bughead AU. Based on the 1950’s era and culture. Subtle sexiness.

Up Close and Personal by @wordsonpages1 (4/4)

Word Count: 14999 / Rating: M

Summary: One of his hands was curled into a fist, pressing against the metal just above her shoulder, while his other one was splayed out on the delicate skin of her throat, his grip strong enough to send trickles of fear running through her blood, but not tight enough to choke her. His dark features were twisted in a snarl and his breaths were coming out in pants. His body was pressed up against hers and the space between them was non-existent. Betty couldn’t breathe for an entirely different reason now.They had never been this close before.

Chadwick Boseman

For the past few months Chadwick had been seen alone at all his award shows, interviews and every where he went. He was seen without you. That only made people go crazy. Immediately everyone assumed you and Chadwick were over. That’s what people thought about every couple who were in the eye of the media. If you weren’t seen in public everyone thought you were done.

Moments like those made you angry and scared. Scared that them thinking and saying that might make it actually come true. But being in the place you were in, the place in your and Chadwick relationship where everything was just perfect. No one knew about what was going on with you and Chadwick, except for your families and closest people, but rest of the world had no idea.

Chadwick was cramming all of his work together and doing it as fast as possible so he could have time off for a long time. So Chadwick was at every possible event, going to every meeting he could find to work everything out. He was at his 5th event in 3 days, he was tired but it all was for the best intentions. Walking down the carpet doing interviews he kept thinking how you were doing.

“So there’s a lot of things your fans want to know?” the interviewer started bringing Chadwick back to reality. He smiled at her acting as if he actually heard what she was saying. But he did hear what she asked next. “People really want to know if you and Y/N have really broken up?” Chadwick shook his head

“No, we aren’t broken up. Never broke up and never will” Chadwick smiled looking at her “It’s quit silly to think people have broken up just because you haven’t seen them in public” The interviewer started to feel bad about even asking that. Then again that was her job, to ask questions that other people are interested in.

“I’m sorry” she said taking a small step back as a sign, the interview could be over if Chadwick wanted.

“Don’t be. I understand it, but yeah we aren’t over. We’re great, we’re more then great” he looked down at his hand and then pulled something out of his right pocket. It was a wedding ring. Chadwick slipped it on his finger and lifted his hand up for camera to see it. “We’re actually married and expecting our first child” he was so excited, he couldn’t control his smiles and chuckles.

Chadwick and you wanted to keep your marriage and pregnancy a secret for a much longer time, but you knew that Chadwick would be the one who couldn’t keep the secret any longer. You were ready for that and you were ready for what was waiting for you and Chadwick as now a married couple.

Questions for the Signs


  • Why do you hurt people without consideration?
  • Does it ever get tiring, keeping so many secrets?
  • Why are you scared of letting others help you?
  • Why do you jump so quickly into relationships only to leave just as quick?


  • Why do you need others peoples approval?
  • Why do you not believe in yourself?
  • Do you not think you’re worth more, do you not see all the value you have?
  • Do you like to feel broken or have you just learned to live with the pain?


  • Are you afraid of your flaws?
  • Do you fake your confidence so people can’t see how self conscious you truly are?
  • Have you ever stopped to think how others feel when you leave them behind because you got bored?


  • Why do you claim to be innocent when you are guilty of so much pain and abuse?
  • Can you not live independently?
  • Why must you jump into relationship before you are even aware of what love is?
  • Will you ever take responsibility for you own actions?


  • Why do other people’s opinions matter so much to you?
  • Why do you have to win ever argument you get into?
  • Will you ever be able to fully shown another person your flaws and insecurities and realize they still love you even if you’re not perfect?


  • Why do you see emotions as a vulnerability?
  • Are you so proud and mighty that you must go through life without ever letting others help you?
  • Why are you incapable of realizing you aren’t perfect, but it’s okay that youre not perfect?


  • Why do you try so hard to make sure nobody ever finds out who you really are?
  • Why does your social appearance dictate how you live your life?
  • Do you think you are only worth love if you conceal your true self?


  • Why do you hide your loneliness behind your humor?
  • Do you not see all the value you’re worth?
  • Why do you expect people to be honest to you when you always lie and deceive others?


  • Why do you have to one up people every single chance you get?
  • Why do you never take other people’s feelings into consideration?
  • Do you know how much of a narcissist you are?
  • Is there a reason you need to be better than everybody?


  • Why is it so hard for you to express your emotions to others?
  • Will you ever stop and realize other people can help you, you aren’t alone?
  • Why do you push yourself so hard and still never think you’re enough?


  • Why are you so scared of accepting the love people have for you?
  • How can you be so oblivious to other people’s emotions?
  • Will you ever learn that some things are better left unsaid?


  • Are you capable of being your own person instead of just following everybody else?
  • Why do you let others walk all over you?
  • Do you know that your opinions and feeling are just as valid as everybody else’s?
  • Will you ever let other people see who you truly are instead if putting on some “innocent” facade?
I want to remember your face for the rest of my life.
—  Poets Love Her


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Who Do You Love

Many of us, like hounds with a scent, have honed in on that one part of the Qstiel line: “I know who you love…”

But there’s a problem with taking a single line out of context: it’s easy to mold it into whatever we want to believe. Non-shippers can make a convincing argument that that one line is about Cas’ platonic love for several people just as easily as a shipper can argue that line is about singular and romantic love. 

No matter who you are, what you believe, we HAVE to rewind and look at the FULL CONTEXT. And the full context is whittled down to romantic love. From what we know from canon and from the symbolism, we can easily surmise that Qstiel is referring to a singular and romantic love. 



Qstiel: “Oh save it.”
            Qstiel is calling bullshit. What has the narrative of the show been trying to define? Singular versus plural. Romantic versus platonic. And here’s Cas using the excuse that the brothers, as a unit, need him in order to get Qstiel to send him back home.

            Qstiel wants Cas to stop lying to himself. This isn’t about Sam. And Cas has no idea if he’s needed. Now Cas does want to be wanted, but only by one human (which we gather from the rest of what is said). It’s time for everyone to appropriately use we/I, us/me, them/him. 

Qstiel: “I have tiptoed through all your little tulips.”

            Let me save some time and space: read the lyrics to the song here. Flowers are a major symbolic tool in Supernatural. Out of all the things Qstiel could liken Cas’ thoughts to and it’s about TULIPS. Tulips represent true/perfect love with a mythology based on star-crossed lovers, one of which SAILS OFF A CLIFF… uhhh… Dabb? Is that a toss to: “So what, I’m Thelma and you’re Louise and we’re just gonna hold hands and sail off this cliff together?”.

            So basically, out of everything Qstiel could glean from Cas’ mind, he picks apart Cas’ ROMANTIC THOUGHTS. He doesn’t pick up on power-hungry Godstiel and use that against Cas. He doesn’t talk about Cas’ life before the Winchesters or even about being an angel. Nope, he brings up the tulips (true love) and in the next breath: memories and feelings.  

Qstiel: “…your memories, your little feelings, yes.“

            This is the second time he says ‘little’. Little tulips = little feelings. Of course, they’re not actually little, especially to an angel. Feelings are a big deal! Using the word ‘little’ is a mockery to Cas’ love. It’s another way to try and make Cas himself feel stupid for thinking his love could be returned (Qstiel mocks Cas’ intelligence several times). 

            Listen to Qstiel’s tone, too. He’s airing out Cas’ dirty little secret, in a mocking tone and with exaggerated facial expressions. There is no reason to taunt a platonic love. Qstiel is the bully dangling Cas’ deepest secret to use as a weapon against him. He’s mentally, emotionally and physically abusive to Cas in their scenes.

            And I don’t know about you, but when I had a secret love or crush, I kept it close to my heart. I would have been mortified had someone violated my mind and treated me like Cas is being treated here. Any other loves (familial, friendships) aren’t a secret and aren’t taboo. If just friends, just bros, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

Qstiel: “I know what you hate. (whispering) I know who you love. What you fear.”

            Qstiel didn’t say, “I know you love them.” He didn’t say, “I know those you love.” Everything in these statements is singular and yet packed with complexity: Cas hates not being with Dean, whom he loves, and he fears his love is unrequited. What fear is there in love unless it is a love with great risk to one’s heart?           

Qstiel: “There is nothing for you back there, no.”

            How can Qstiel get Cas to shut up, lay down and go back to sleep? Why, show him all of the horrible things he has gone through in the name of that (singular) love, of course. Make him believe it is one-sided and not worth fighting to go back to, make him believe his worst fear is truth. Qstiel is lying to Cas here. 


After Cas mentions Sam and Dean, it isn’t, “Oh I know you love them but they don’t love you back.” No, it was, “You think you can fool me into thinking Sam and Dean need you? We both know the truth because I saw inside your head and I saw the ONE you love but it’s a shame he doesn’t love you back. Just go to sleep and forget about him.”

This entire scene was also another, “You have to choose: us or them,” moment for Cas, which of course is also in the singular. Cas can choose himself or he can choose to go back to Dean.  

Just as Cas faced Metatron, Naomi, Hannah and other angels, he also faced Qstiel, a cosmic entity masquerading in his God-given body/image and told him to FUCK OFF.

Despite the shit he’s gone through, despite the pain and sorrow, despite possible unrequited love… he still chooses Dean. His LOVE for Dean PIERCES THE VEIL OF DEATH so he can return to him.

It’s always been about one human.
Dean is Cas’ weakness.
It is all canon and it’s gorgeous.

I wholeheartedly believe this LOVE Qstiel is speaking of is singular, romantic and about Dean. 



“What is it?”


Get To Know Me Meme: Current Celebrity Crushes [2/5] Hilarie Burton

“I don’t engage in social media, which has its good and bad sides, I guess - but the good side is when people hate my guts, I’m kind of oblivious to it.“


Summary: You’re on pain meds, and won’t stop running your mouth.

Word Count: 876

Warnings: swearing, talk of drugs, implied smut, mentions of leg fracture

A/N: Just a small drabble-ish piece that’s been sitting in my drafts for a while :) It’s been hard for me to write part 3 of Fading because I haven’t been in the mood to write angst lately :/

“What the hell is wrong with her?” Sam gestures to you with a nod of his head, referring to your current state. You rest your chin on your hand, propping your elbow up on the table as you stare directly at a water bottle, facing the living room.

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