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For @artemis-rae​ A collection of Percy/Annabeth set in canon universe. welcome back to the fandom! We missed you! Some of this fics were written in canon universe before the the last books came out, so now it can be also considered au’s. I didn’t included any fic from @greenconverses because I’ve a feeling you have read them all. 

Privacy by books4belle

“Do you know the best thing about living in Cabin 3?” Percy slid his cheek along hers and brought his mouth close to her ear so he could whisper the answer: “Privacy.” Set between Last Olympian and The Lost Hero.

Things We Could Be by @rongasm

Three times that Annabeth is prematurely called Mrs. Jackson and one time that it’s long overdue.

Where We Go From Here by icy roses

How much of love depends on memory? Percy/Annabeth, post-TLH

Waiting for Tomorrow to Come by whispered touches

“Love is not knowing what you have until it’s gone.” Annabeth takes her time before she speaks, and “I love you” is no different. But she’ll regret her silence. Pre-TLH through SoN. One-shot.

Something Blue by @starksgrace

It’s five years after the Giant War and Percy has a question.

Rite of Passage by @ignitesthestars

Annabeth and Percy have dinner with Sally and Paul for the first time after they get together.

After by @ignitesthestars

It’s like this every time. She can remember thinking, four years ago now, that she didn’t know if it hurt more being with him, or without him. And every time the months and the distance stretches out a little further between them, she convinces herself that they’re definitely better apart. That a scarred heart is better than an open wound with him lodged inside it.

And then they see each other again, and she’s pitched right back into that uncertainty. Three and a half years should be enough to get over a boy, shouldn’t it?

A story of how Annabeth and Percy fell apart, and what it took to piece them back together.

Stained by @ignitesthestars

Annabeth has never baked cookies before. Percy decides to rectify this.

The Perils of Being Alone by @ignitesthestars​ 

Set in some indeterminable post-Heroes of Olympus time. Annabeth and Percy realise that, for the first time in a very long time, they’re actually alone. With no chance of being interrupted. Banging ensues. (Explicit)

Table, Interrupting by Burst-ofSILENCE

Like many other things, it’s Percy and Annabeth’s fault why the Hedge hologram on Buford keeps yelling “PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!” Or: a continuing saga on how Percy and Annabeth can’t make out in peace. Percy/Annabeth

Witnesses by AnnabethLuna

Percy and Annabeth probably thought they were being subtle, but everyone knew about them even before they did. These are their “moments” from the perspectives of the people who just happened to be watching. Viewpoints include Beckendorf, Silena, Malcolm, Michael, Rachel, and more.

A Kiss for Luck by @suchastart

It’s all you can think about this summer: kissing Percy Jackson. Which is a total waste of energy, because there is entirely too much for you to think about. Kronos. The Titans. Mount Olympus. And while you’re trying to focus on all these other, more important things—like not dying—Percy Jackson walks around with his stupid, clueless face.

can’t you feel my heartbeat by @seaweedbraens

trusting is hard for demigods, and to love is even harder. percy and annabeth don’t have it easy. [bits and pieces from all the books :: percy/annabeth]

Tattoo by ricecookerwritings

She had disliked the tattoo from the start. It ignites their first argument since the reunion, but the patching up opens her eyes to new things. Set during the first day of MoA, all the culture clash, misunderstandings and comfort fluff I personally missed in the book. Bonus dash of Hazel/Annabeth friendship. One-shot.

All These Versions by conniehdez

They were together. They were alive. They were happy (ignoring the angry horde of Romans). Isn’t that what they were in all her scenarios? Together, alive, happy? Annabeth’s wasted plans to say “I love you”. 

Everything by conniehdez

This is better. This – lying down on Percy’s bunk in Cabin 3 on a lazy summer afternoon, him hovering over her as though scared she might break, kissing to their heart’s content – is so much better. This is everything. Pre-TLH, Percabeth.

may the bridges i have burned light my way back home by @lesbabeths

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

par for the course by @lesbabeths

She kind of wishes she could look away, but there’s nowhere else to look, because there’s an the elderly lady in the aisle next to them looking for soap who keeps scoffing at them and shooting them scandalized looks, and she’s also fairly certain that if she spares a glance at Percy, she’ll spontaneously combust from mortification and all that will be left of her is a sizzling pile of ashes on the floor.

Sight of the Sun by @psychohannahlyze

All things considered, Annabeth figured she did an okay job as a young mother.

Annabeth Wins a Bet by @bananannabeth

Not for the first time in her life, Annabeth wondered if she was the butt of some cosmic joke. She’d barely gotten into her story (which was definitely going to win the bet, come on) when her cousin Magnus interrupted her with some nonsense about Norse gods. Because of course the Chase family wasn’t complicated enough as it was.

Impossible Year by @bananannabeth

Percy and Annabeth lean on each other to recover after Tartarus, but as the rest of their friends slowly settle back into a semblance of normalcy they realise that maybe they’re holding each other back from healing. Scared of being too codependent and hurting in ways she doesn’t want Percy to see, Annabeth makes the painful decision to take a break – a choice which impacts Percy, all of their friends and herself in ways she’d never imagined.

Annabeth Loses Sleep by @bananannabeth

Annabeth was exhausted. She was trying to do way too many things at once, and she barely had time to catch her breath. So when the opportunity to get to sleep while her watch still said PM rather than AM came up, she was so grateful she almost burst into tears. But of course her one night of rest with Percy had to be interrupted by her butt of a cousin.

It’s A Long Way Down by @romanitas

Five times Annabeth and Percy held hands.

Eighteen Years a Hero by @romanitas

It’s Annabeth’s birthday. Everyone celebrates.

Transplant by @romanitas

Percy tags along with Annabeth on a visit to San Francisco. After the war, after Tartarus, interacting with her family is mildly surprising and weirdly grounding.

Provisional Education by @romanitas

Annabeth doesn’t know how to drive. Percy does. It’s not often he’s the one giving lessons.

Flaws by @romanitas

Percy’s always been angry. Tartarus just made it harder to hold back.

Breaking and Entering by @romanitas

Sneaking in and out of Annabeth’s dorm is always an interesting and challenging experience, for all parties involved. Especially with nuns.

And It Scares You Being Alone by @romanitas

Rachel Elizabeth Dare storms into Percy’s life at just the right moment. For him, at least, as he clings to his mortal side, leaving Annabeth alone with her thoughts on the demigod side. And okay, maybe she’s avoiding him, too, but mostly she’s just tired of losing people. Set somewhere vague in that time period between Battle of the Labyrinth and the Last Olympian.

Academics by @romanitas

Learning how to kiss is it’s own kind of homework. Probably best done away from the company of parents.

Imagine having to give Dean his present a little late...

Originally posted by ehghtyseven

He opened the door to the bunker as softly as possible, the light of the moon beaming in as he and his brother sneak in, blood splattered on their clothes from the latest hunt.
Upon closing the door they saw that the house was lit up by the soft glow of Christmas lights. For around the banister was lights and blue garland covered in sliver snowflakes. The tree, which was two days overdue, still sat in the middle of the space, the lights on, and the cheap, plastic, colorful bulbs hung all over it. Under the tree, however, was not presents of every shape size and color, but pine needles, which demanded sweeping. The smell of Gingerbread still could be sensed in the home.
“So do you really think she isn’t mad that we missed Christmas?” Sam whispered as they both started down the stairs.
“ When I called her on Christmas and explained that we weren’t going to be here she seemed fine with it, and told us to be careful and not worry about her.”
“Yeah, and we promised her we wouldn’t work on Christmas, and. Then promised we be back by Christmas for the party she wanted to throw.”
“Sam I am sure she is fine. Now you go get some sleep, or shower cause you smell like ass.”
“Hey you were the one who decided that a hotel with no water was a good place to stay the past 4 days.” Sam quietly smiled before heading into his own room, as Dean placed his hand on the handle of his shared bedroom, unsure exactly what he would find when he opened the door.

When he opened the bedroom he saw you laying in the memory foam, your figured illuminated by the soft glow of the Christmas lights hung in the room. As he got closer, he could see the features of your body, for most of it was hidden under the bulging comforter over the bed, it looked as though you were curled in a ball however. Your hair was laying on the pillow under your head, your mouth slightly opened, and your eyes fluttering in your sleep. The breathes you took barely were audible, the only sigh of them was the slight raising and falling of the bulge on one side. He smiled as he gently rubbed a callused hand over your head, and softly sneak to the bathroom to shower. A smile spread across your face as you listened to the bathroom door close.

When Dean reopened the door, his hair was dripping wet, and his body covered only by a pair of baggy sweatpants, which you bought him in the beginning of your relationship. He noticed that you had moved over to the other side of the bed, a smile slowly forming as he realized you were waiting for him.
He slowly climbed into the comforter and nestled his head onto your shoulder as you hummed, leaning your back into him, his arms engulfing your frame, as your hands wrapped his hands.
“Merry Christmas babe.” He whispered in your ear, he could feel your whole body shivers against him when he did.
“Merry December 27th. How was the case?”
“Long, the stupid vampires were not where we expected, turns out instead of being in a creepy abandoned mansion, they were in a heavily populated night club. So we had to draw them out, which was slightly harder but we got it done.”
“Well I am glad you are home, I have a present for you.” You whispered.
“Is it you? Because I would love to unwrap that present.” You giggled at his response as you rolled out of Dean’s grasp, and reached towards the night stand drawer.

“Well seeing how you have seen that gift multiple times already, I figured I would try to get you something different.” You beamed as you handed him a small box, which was wrapped in pale green wrapping paper and decorated with a shiny red bow.

“Is it a box of Cond…” He started however you just raised your hand towards him.

“I will not tell you what is in it, so I guess you have to open it to find out what it is.” You replied as he slowly started to open the paper around it, careful not to ruin the paper as he did. His eyes meeting the top of your head, as he observed you watching his hands play with the wrapping. His eyes then fell back upon the closed box, and upon opening it he discovered a engraved, metallic flask.

“No way, where the hell did you find a Metallica flask?” He asked as he started to pick it up, feeling that it was slightly weighted.

“Ebay, plus I went to the story the other day after the party, since Bobby accidentally drank all your supply, and bought you a newer and bigger bottle of whiskey. I figured I would fill it too this afternoon. So it should still be…”

The rest of your sentence was lost however, when Dean crashed his chapped lips into yours, and slowly began making out with you, as he did he softly whispered, “Best present ever.”

“You think that is good, you should se….” Your sentence was once again lost though at the sound of Sam throwing your door open and the sound of bells as a lump of golden fur leapt up onto your bed.

“Oh no no no no no.” Dean started as the lump of fur collapsed into your legs, as your hand began to pet the lump.

“Dean, she might be the best girlfriend you have ever had.” He exclaimed as you giggled at the thing fallen next to your legs. Dean watched as you interacted with the fur ball and sighed lovingly, “Yeah, she really is.”

So this Follow Forever is so overdue, but I’m glad I’m doing it now because there are so many blogs I’ve come into recently and so many bloggers who, honestly, I would’ve missed had I done this earlier. I don’t follow a ton of people, but I’m happy with who I do because honestly they’re such rad blogs/bloggers! ♥

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So it’s VALENTINE’S DAY and this blog is long overdue for a thank you to my followers/a promo list, whatever. HERE WE GO

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hi loves! i have been away for ages (sorry!) - so here is a very overdue life update: 

  • i couldn’t be happier to have the boy back in the states! we are all settled into our new apartment - we’ve been cooking loads, sitting outside at night on our little balcony, reading by the fire…
  • i’m still ballet-obsessed. i’m thinking of starting to blog more about my classes, workouts, etc. on here - maybe some pictures&videos, so i can look back and see my progress one day! 
  • today i had two classes and my legs are in bits. i am actually going to be in a performance in april - we are doing a degas ballet and i have actual rehearsals beginning next week (who would have thought at the age of 24, i’d be in a ballet - but hey, why not??) 
  • work is really hectic. i still haven’t been seeing the results i’d like and its been frustrating. i’m honestly feeling burnt out with it at the moment, but i plan on just plugging away at it and hoping that things will start to look up soon. 
  • the boy and i are home for the weekend to spend time with my family and so i am drinking a glass of wine with my mom, with my dog at my feet, while it rains outside :) 
  • on thursday this week, we are going to charleston, south carolina for my cousin’s wedding! i’ve never been and heard its charming - so i’m pumped about that 

that’s about it for now. hope everyone is doing well x

Well, here we go! This recording was waaaayyyy overdue (about 120 followers overdue, to be precise)!
Here’s my recording of me singing “Let Her Go”, though not the original version. I guess you could say that it’s a cover of a cover? I wanted to sing this version because it put more focus and emotion into the lyrics, which are pretty relatable.
However, I couldn’t find any instrumentals of this one, so unfortunately you have the original singing in the background to add to the poor quality. I’m sorry, it’s not the greatest recording, and it’s not my proudest run-through of the song, but y'all deserved to finally hear this! So enjoy!

Can we take a moment to talk about KryallaOrchid

Literally everything she writes is an absolute masterpiece, including her new fic Sting !!!!

let me tell you guys, this fanart is looong overdue because I have have so much Tendencies fanart just lying around unfinished, but lord you people need to read that series. And this series. The opportunities for bee related puns are unreal and i am living

ANYWAYS, here you go, and I hope this is at least A LITTLE close because i suck at reading and also visualizing things and just fill in the blanks with incorrect ideas most of the time, but i digress.

TLDR: Bee Adrien is a punk loser and you need to read everything by KryallaOrchid

Winter Wonderland - Nate Maloley Imagine

Request: A cute cuddly Nate Maloley imagine where you guys are trapped inside a cabin because of heavy snow?



“Stay inside folks and stay warm! Its a holy blizzard out here!” Nate and I hear the tv say for what seems to be the millionth time.

“Hear that lil mama that means we can stay inside and cuddle.” Nate says rubbing my shoulders, because I’ve been so stressed with all the overdue bills from my start up business. 

“I know. I know. I guess I won’t be paying anybody until this snow storm passes.” I sigh. 

“That’s right baby so lets go cuddle and maybe you know.” Nate says with a wink. 

Thats when a wicked idea popped into my head. “Okay but only if you can catch me!” I yell as I push Nate over the couch and take off running towards our bedroom. 

“Hey!” I hear Nate yell then followed by things being knocked over by him obviously trying to get up. 

I giggle as I reach the bedroom I quickly close it and lock it. Within seconds I hear Nate trying to open the door followed by pounding. 

“Lil ma why you gotta be that way! Open up.” Nate demands with a low chuckle.

“Nope!” I say popping the P. 

As much as I love to cuddle with Nate there is some serious work I need to do. I sit down and put my hair into a high pony and start to type transfers. I pause for a moment when I stop hearing Nate trying to unlock the door. Confused I stand up and make my way towards the door cautiously. 

“Nate?” I question and open the door to find no one there. 

Seconds later I feel a cold body pressed against mine and picking me up by my waist. I scream. 

“Did you really think you could lock me out y/n.” Nate says with a smirk that I could see even though he was behind me. Nate threw me down on the bed and climbed on top of me looking down at me. 

“How the hell did you get in?” I ask trying to figure out looking around the room. 

“The window. I knew you were working and you need to R-E-L-A-X.” Nate says taking in a deep breath showing me what to do. 

“Are you stupid its freezing out there! Why did you do that?” You ask playfully hitting Nate’s chest. 

“I said I want to cuddle and I always get what I want.” He says with a dimpled smile.

“Everything?” I ask with a mischievous smirk.

“Well I got you didn’t I?” Nate says doubling his award winning smile.

“CHEESY!” I yell grabbing Nate’s neck and pulling his lips down to meet mine.

“I could kiss you all day.” Nate mumbles into my neck leaving small kisses under my ear and in my sweet spot. 

“Then do it Maloley.” I say as my smirk turns into a grin. 


Nate leans down so his chest is on mine but he is still propping himself up by his arms and kisses my temples, my forehead, nose, cheeks, and lips once again. 

“I love you Maloley.” 

“I love you too Lil Mama.” 


Holy Shit I had a lot of fun writing this imagine! I hope you guys love reading it! 

Stay beautiful! 

-M 💕


Chapter Thirty two

Thirty one | Home

For those who didn’t see the announcement, I’ve decided to add a few more chapters to the fic so that I could tie up all the loose ends. Anyway welcome back! Yes I’m back.

“So you’re really leaving us huh?” Ying asks with a sigh and smile, hugging her.

“I thought you guys wanted me gone.”

“Well yeah, but it’s like… we actually started liking you,” Wenhan replies with a chuckle and I hit him playfully. I loved being at the Dawn Lake house. It was like home and I was happy here. I am forever indebted to them for the love and support they gave me.

“Thank you so much for having me Yixuan. I know I’m a pain in the ass,” Yixuan chuckles and rubs my shoulder with a gentle smile.

“I’m glad you’re going home. It was far overdue.”

Keep reading

Remember to laugh (Volturi Twins x Reader) request

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“You guys need to get in touch with your inner child. It’s long overdue.”
Jane and Alec sighed, here you go again.
“What did you guys do when you were human?”
“We don’t remember.”
You shrugged. “We’re going into my modern childhood then.”
You got an idea. “Jane?”
“Can you do this?”
You did a cartwheel and the twins gawked at you. “I’ve never tried.”
“Oh! I’ll show you.” You showed Jane how to position herself and gave her the brief on being able to do a cartwheel. She did it in the first go. Both of the twins seemed surprised by Jane’s cartwheel.

“Okay, how about a game to Tag?” The twins looked at you confused. “What’s that?” You eyed the twins before briefly poking Jane’s arm. “You’re it.” Jane looked at her arm and back at you. “Good thing I’m a vampire if you’re gonna chase me.” You grinned.
“I don’t see the point in chasing you.”
“Okay, if you don’t I’ll tell Felix you told me you are attracted to him.”
“…but I’m not.”
“He doesn’t know that.” You took off running and Jane suddenly started chasing you.
“Oh Felix~” you sang.
“Don’t you dare!”
“If you tag me then he’ll never know!!” You laughed. This gave Jane more incentive as she quickly caught up with you and tagged you. She took off running with a grin back down the hall as you hunted down Alec who was standing outside.
Alec didn’t have time to process you digging your fingers into his sides making him turn. “Ha. Not gonna be that easy to make me chase you love.” Alec grinned smugly. “Hmm, what if I told Jane we did some inappropriate things in her room?”
Alecs eyes widened. “But we didn’t!”
You ran off. “She doesn’t know that!” You called back and he quickly followed you. “My, my, a few little white lies and you two take off running.” You taunted as Alec chased you and soon caught you.

You played many kinds of games. The whole day consisted of silliness. “Okay, okay, you two win… But” you stood in between the twins wrapping an arm around each of them. “To get in touch with your inner child, do you know what you have to do?” They waited for you to finish. You poked them both in unison and took off running again. “Remember to laugh!”

Momma needs a break (drink)

I’ve worked 5-6 day work weeks EVERY week since last JULY. I haven’t had any time off and now I am finally taking vacation time this week and I’m going to see my bb Alex in Portland and I’m so excited to be able to relax. Like even on my days off I’m busy being adult af and getting stuff done, and going to bed at a reasonable time. I’m so excited to just be able to have several days off in a row so I can actually calm the fuck down and stop being so high strung and tense all the time. I’m going to kick my feet up and have my first (legal) alcoholic drink(s) on a plane, and then I’m going enjoy the fuck out of my friend time and then also have some alone time I’m so excited. It’s well overdue but here we go!!!!!!

Anyway this post is super overdue because it is approximately 6:26am on Not Valentine’s Day but here goes I guess,,

Happy Valentine’s Day, @transdoka ! I love you so much. It has been the best month of my life and I can’t wait to spend many more months, years by your side. I am so happy you’re in my life and I’m so grateful that every day I get to wake up knowing that we’re in love and that everything’s going to be okay as long as we have each other. Happy one month, my love. My soulmate. My other half. I love you more than anything or anyone else in this world.

You are my beautiful Honoka, Madoka, Rin, Nozomi. The most stunning Nico. My Tracer, my Marinette. My Ladybug. I love you.

#269 I would know him blind

I decided to do LGTBA couples from YA novels and we were missing some patrochilles here, didn’t we?

I meas they are the ultimate gay couple. Like gay af to the marrow. so I needed feels and the pics i’ve seen show always carefree young boys and well… their lifes pretty much sucked, so, i wanted to cause more feels to myself and i drew them in pain… you’re welcome.

PS: Also catching up with all the long overdue images i’vebeendoingbutfailedtoupload about my 365 days challenge
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an anon asked me to share some of my fave weskin pics, and this is overdue but i’m glad that it took me awhile to answer because i’m going to include some recent pics in here.

This would definitely still be my #1, I know I was asked to share my fave pics like last summer but this still has top spot because they’re kissing like asdfghjkl. It’s just so adorable. I never thought we’d get a pic like that, thank god for Phoebe’s friend for posting it.

This is my another favorite pic, mostly because I am shallow and appreciate aesthetics, and this pic is just really hot, and they also are so relaxed. Also, shirtless Paul, and Phoebe’s hands on his shoulder, need I say more?

I love this picture so much because their faces say it all, they’re so in love with each other. Like this picture is just so precious. Anyone who doesn’t ship them after seeing the way they look at each other here, I’m astounded by, because how can anyone resist? But, regardless, it’s clear that Paul and Phoebe make each other happy and if one of them is your fave, what more could you want?

Phoebe pretty much killed me when she posted this like omg. It made me fangirl knowing that they were spending valentines day together and happy, and the fact she’s more comfortable now sharing such a cute selfie of her and Paul as a couple is so important. And just LOOK AT THEM! The amount of beauty and love in this pic is almost too much, I love it so much.

So, I’m really happy I was delayed in posting this because now the candids from the Lakers game exist, and I can add one of them to this list. I loved all of those pictures, they were so precious and cute and after seeing them when they first got released sometime after midnight, I was up til like 3am fangirling on twitter with people, no shame lmao. But yeah this picture is just perfect, how he leaned in to kiss her, and her hand on his arm asdfghjkl.

This picture from the US Open tennis game is still a fave beccause they look so carefree and happy together, and they both look so cool and sassy with their sunglasses.

And of course I need to bring up this picture, I mean??? He is holding his adorable baby niece, but this looks like a Weskin family portrait, and it makes me think of them having a family and I’m so emotional. Just the fact they are so good with kids, and so loving, they are going to be the perfect parents once the time is right. <3

And then I need to mention this photoset >here< Like they are taking selfies together, and Paul is the one taking all of them. I just think that is one of the cutest things in the world, my heart is melting. 

Snowbaz Blog Masterlist


@snowdragon23 had a WONDERFUL idea to add a blog masterlist page to @officialcarryonheadquarters and today im feeling PRODUCTIVE so I’m sending this out

If you want to be listed in the masterlist reblog/like this (easiest for me if you reblog with your own url) and i will put your name down and i will keep adding to the page — i will have this page up and running sometime in the near future (hopefully today)

~ @fuck-a-nine-toed-troll


What’s in my Pencil Case?

This is a long overdue post as it was requested a few months ago and I keep forgetting, so here we go…

  1. Coloured muji pens (red 0.5, green 0.5, blue 0.38)
    I use these a lot in my notes or when I’m drawing out mind maps and they’re really good. I didn’t mean to get different nib sizes and I actually prefer the 0.38 nib as it is finer and dries quicker so is less likely to smudge.
  2. Black muji pens (0.38)
    I have too many of these pens but I think they’re great and they are pretty cheap too!
  3. Mildliner pens/highlighters
    You’ve probably seen these on lots of studyblrs and they are pretty good. I use them in my bullet journal and in my notes and they’re pretty versatile. Some of them are a bit dark for highlighting- the blue and grey ones particularly.
  4. Glue sticks and Mini Stapler
    You would never guess how useful these can be. I use the stapler at least every day and the glue sticks are more of a ‘just in case’. The fact that the stapler is so compact is great too! 
  5. Free university pens/pencils
    I am not one to turn down free stationery and I’ve been on quite a few open days so I have a little collection of pens from universities over the past months.
  6. Ruler, Protractor and Nail Clippers
    These are pretty standard so there’s not much to say.
  7. Black muji pens (0.5)
    These were the first muji pens I got and most of them are running out by now. I decided to get the 0.38 pens the second time around as these ones tend to smudge and I can write smaller with a finer nib.
  8. Groot keyring and Capt. America USB stick
    These are just to make me smile as I don’t really use my USB stick much but it’s good to know it’s there if I need it. I’m also a big marvel nerdd

So that’s what is in my pencil case!

On EXO’s Impending Comeback

As per usual I’m keeping up with literally everything that’s going on this comeback especially in regards to anticipation and rumors !! So let’s get started with some basics of what I know + theorize

On rumored concepts:

  • Mask + masquerade
  • Angel + demon / devil concept

If either hold any basis in the truth, we can assume exo will be doing a dark concept. 

You can find posts on these theories here and here, but apparently both (in particular, the mask one) have risen in the past and fans think easter eggs + unperformed, alleged choreography suggest that this might finally be their time to shine!

Personally I think EXO is overdue for a summertime concept, but I don’t think that’s the direction SM Ent wants to take with them, especially after this:

On rumored comeback + teaser dates:

Earlier this evening (I’m on U.S. East Coast Time so that might be different for you) rumors surfaced on twitter that EXO’s teasers would come out next week, which makes sense because the comeback date is all but officially announced for June 6th. However, we all know by now that SM tends to conveniently tease groups and have intra-company scandals around the time something unsavory comes up (or just to put them into the media if there is no buzz about the company.)

Most of us also know that the final deliberation / decision in the Kris + Luhan vs SM lawsuit is slated for this week. News should arrive either May 27th or May 28th. Therefore, it makes sense for SM to use teasers and high anticipation for exo to cover up the news – especially if it’s bad. There are few reasons why why this wouldn’t happen.

  1. SM anticipates Kris and Luhan actually will lose and see no need to cover up the news announcement.
  2. Number (1), but they also have a revelation of another SM artist dating to cover up for it instead, as a backup plan
  3. SM is planning to use an SM artist’s dating scandal to deflate the news regardless of whether the court rules in their favor.

1. is highly unlikely. SM has been fighting this battle for 2 years now; they want and need a backup and do not want to play a dangerous game. Personally, I lean more towards 3., because there were rumors upon Kaistal’s revelation that another SM artist (namely an EXO member)  was in a relationship as well, and would be revealed right before their comeback. (I’m not sure how exactly a relationship reveal would benefit EXO but more power to you SM !) This is of course the case only if EXO is in fact just getting around to MV filming this week with teasers to be released next week – something not unlikely and probably substantiated truth.

Now back to the comeback date. If EXO really is doing a dark concept, the comeback date of june 6th, 2016 – 6.6.16 (three 6′s) – would be incredibly sinister and poignant. Earlier rumors have pointed to a June 3rd or so comeback, which would definitely merit teasing at the end of this week more so than a June 6 comeback date. I believe either are viable, but it will probably depend a bit on how mv filming goes and again the lawsuit business. In particular, if the comeback was slated for June 6th, then just using a dating issue to cover for the lawsuit news seems even more appropriate; no need to stretch out teasing for too long. that didn’t stop them in 2012 but whatever


  • Possible dark concept
  • Comeback date between June 2nd/3rd and June 6th
  • Expect a dating issue
  • Keep an eye out for lawsuit news
  • Teasers to come relatively soon

Here we go, my long overdue half of trade with @bagropa!  Who wanted V'stalu of the Galaxium Croach, which I took the creative license of making all glowy and shit.  I was going for a mix of a Saint-like figure and Gandalf the White trope lol.  She mentioned flower crowns so I was like halo of galactic flower crown, why the fuck not.

The hand gestures originally were taken from Catholic iconography, but when I looked up what they meant they were a little too religious, so I found some info on orator hand gestures from days of yon.

alright so this is about 1903 years overdue but i’m so excited to be posting my first ever follow forever!! i love all of my followers and just wanted to say thank you to the people i follow for keeping my dash lovely… even if i complain about it being dead (i’m sorry it’s me, not you lmao).. okay so let’s do it!!

my bffs:

nsfwboyfriends: han……. hAN. okay well first of all #rannah obviously but if we are being honest, which we are, you’re maybe one of my favorite people and i am so lucky to have you (in real life and on the internet). thank u for always being there for me… whether i’ve been drinking too much or just need you to reblog some shitty text post for me. ilysm :))

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