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why is a youtbuer au so sad????????????,,

[this au is sad bc mod starry and i have way too many sad hcs and we enjoy suffering from our own angst,, iT’LL BECOME FLUFF SOON I SWEAR,, just have faith and patience in us,, lmao

also this is a scribble i was sending to starry over skype?? which sorta doesn’t make sense without context buT LMAO- i just wanted to post smth a lil more mild/humorus bc of how much angst there is on here,, yikes]

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Im sorry but like, I just, Spiderman!Jer gives me life. But I totally understand cause like, a lot of the time she was just, there, she didnt have much of an objective apart from being an outsider to the whole thing. Like just imagine Jer trying his damn best to impress Iron Man (I wanna say its Jake or some shit being Iron Man) or just Michael staying night to track down the bad guys? Big feels here dude -spiderman ask anon

((YEAH SAME…and it fits so well because Jer is so awkward and nerdy and cute just like Peter? And he’s so eager to impress and fit in and just be accepted it’s like they’re the same person oh my god

I FEEL THAT…Liz is a pretty boring character and she has no depth she’s not! Interesting! To me!!
Now if it were Christine in her place that would be a whole other story //strokes chin thoughtfully

HUHUHUU…but what if Iron Man was the Squip how great would that be? Father figure Keanu Reeves admonishes teenage boy for almost sinking a ferry and acts like a Stern Dad™

THAT SCENE WAS SO CUTE…when Ned and Peter tried to pull an allnighter in his room tracking the bad guys, and Ned had the Spider-Man mask on at some point hhh
Mike and Jer would just play Apocalypse of the Damned while they track the baddies hehehe))

sendtrees said: What is the Purple glowy thingy that you talked about???

((In Spider-Man Homecoming Peter and Ned find a weapon made by the bad guys that’s infused with alien technology back from the Avengers movie (remember when Loki brought in all those aliens to terrorize NYC? Yeah)
Basically the purple glowy thing is alien tech that becomes a bomb when exposed to radioactive rays so Ned had it in his pocket while he was going through security at the Washington Monument and they scanned it and it started to activate so Peter flipped out and tried to warn him about it over the phone))

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hey!!! I just wanted to say that I really like how you've been dropping backstory/plot hints as this blog goes along!! it's neat to try and speculate at what you have planned, and I'm rlly looking forward to watching as you guys build up to it!!! (like... I have post notifs turned on for this blog. thank u for the quality content and art <3)

[Oh my gosh, thank you guys so much! I was worried that my method of only dropping hints was being a little tedious but this is reassuring! Thank you for letting me know!

You guys are all absolutely so kind and sweet and I’m just??? Thank you for being so understanding and thank you guys for your support!! Hearing you guys put notifications for this blog is a HUGE encouragement for when I draw tbh so thank you!!]

     The one thing I will never accept is this idea of Aerith being this incorruptible pure goddess of ultimate divinity. like I get where it comes from and I do fully blame Square for ramping that up in pretty much everything post the original game ( lookin @ you advent children!! ), but I rebuke it with every fiber of my being! That generic sweet sugary goodness is so infuriating because it’s like people forget that this is the same girl who walked the streets of the slums selling flowers on her own. The same girl who threatened to rip off a dude’s balls. The same girl who willingly went into a brothel just to help Cloud save a girl she didn’t even know. The same girl who was so flirty, stubborn, emotional, secretive, independent, assertive, witty and passionate in the original game. Like THAT is Aerith Gainsborough !!

     I’m all for adding to and exploring her connection to the planet and her Cetra heritage, but I will never allow that to override her personality. Aerith is a flawed, beautiful and truly relatable character and that’s what you’ll be getting from this blog ! I want to explore her thoroughly and add more to her, but not at the sake of removing what it is I loved about her in the first place.

  • Y'all: omg Batman killing is so ooc it made me so uncomfortable!
  • Me: it's supposed to be ooc. You're supposed to feel uncomfortable. There is nothing comforting about being damaged and lost. About mental trauma and illness. You are supposed to see someone who feels he has nothing more to lose after the brutal murder of Jason Todd, who was like his child in his eyes. Someone whose every breath, every step, is filled with darkness and trauma and fear and anger and hurt. Someone who is without any semblance of hope.
  • Me: What is the ultimate way to show you are at your lowest point in life? By becoming the one thing you hate the most. Bruce became what he hated whether he realized it or not. He became an enemy of himself. Alfred knew this. And he could do nothing about it. It wasn't until Superman, an alien whose actions are all that spoke for him, made the ultimate sacrifice for mankind that Bruce was re-taught what he stood for. That "men are still good".
  • Y'all: Batman doesn't kill anymore in Suicide Squad. DC is finally learning from Snyder's mistakes!
  • Me: Everything post-BvS is meant to show Bruce learning from the events of BvS. How Supes indirectly (and yeah at times, directly) saved Batman and turned him back into a hero. It's called character development and would not have been possible without the events of BvS.
  • Y'all: b-
  • Me: shut 🔪 up 🔪🔪 :)

      okay but that whole silver/madi scene just shows that silver is still the same man he was in s2 when he made that speech about not wanting to be a pirate and, really, at the inevitable end of all of this, he just wants a quiet life away from the sea with madi

When I started Felix nearly a year ago, I NEVER thought he’d last as long as he has. Everyone knows me for being the woman who makes blogs and is constantly finding new muses. But Felix… Felix is special to me. Both as a muse and as a person. I started watching Pewdiepie back in 2012 when I was in a very bad time in my life. He really helped me get through those times. And he continues to be there when I need to smile or laugh or to distract me. Yes, I know, a lot of people are like this with their youtube idols. But it’s not only him I turn to when I need those distractions. It’s HERE. To YOU guys. You have no idea how much I love each and every single one of you and how GRATEFUL I am to have been able to be here and talk to you guys. This list took me a good while because, honestly, I wanted to include everyone. But, then it would have been a VERY, VERY long list. So I cut it down to the people who I adore and who impact my life more than they’ll ever know.

First; A note to my Bae

@shxmrxckiisms/ @orangcworld/ @goldcnbcyvav/ @squirrclking ; Honestly, you will never know how much you’ve helped me in these last few months. It’s weird because I never was the type to just, throw myself at people. But something inside me just clicked with you and your writing. And I am so glad that I decided to start talking to you more. You’re always there for me when I’ve needed someone and I will never ever forget that. You are without a doubt, my best friend. And I am so happy to have you in my life. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. <3

Best Club: AKA, the most awesome people ever.

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The Personal Blogs I fucking adore
     and will always follow tbh.

@socivil @areyoujelix @pewdiepievevo

Thank you all so much for all your support and love. You all mean a lot to me. And I look forward to moving into the future continuing to write with you all.

you can set yourself on fire || kidge week day 1

A/N: so so so i actually saw @88bulletsart​‘s kidge week prompts but i really wanted to write for @kidgeweek​‘s prompts as well so here you go. super late. i really hope none of you mind! 

i’ll be writing for both weeks tho, so expect a hell of a lot more of my writing! title is from crazy=genius by p!atd. and yes, i will base my story titles off p!atd songs and lyrics coz i’m panic trash 

Prompt: Burn

Summary: Pidge may or may not have accidentally singed herself in one of her technical endeavors but lucky enough Keith was quick to help out.

It was no secret that Keith was the most observant of all the paladins of Voltron, second only to Shiro who somehow managed to pick up on…well, everything. The only real difference between the two of them was that the older paladin would rely on this skill when in battle and rarely outside of it. Meanwhile Keith can’t help but notice all the little things in their daily lives.

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College/Roomies AU RP ideas
  • ‘this isnt my door but i’m a little drunk and your place looks comfier than the walk back to my room.’ 
  • ‘you woke up and found me passed out in the hallway naked & were very kind about it. here’s your robe back’
  • ‘you woke up and found me passed out in the hallway naked & took numerous photos. why’
  • ‘my roomate dates your roomate and we’ve been sitting her awkwardly as they make out for the past 10 minutes. i’m going to pretend to smoke and you’re gonna follow me out’
  • ‘you’re in my class and i never have a pen & you always give me yours so i got you a $20 gift card to office depo as an apology’
  • ‘you’ve sat next to me in IT for the last year and now we’ve been partnered for something & i don’t know you’re name, this is awkward’
  • ‘The three of us haven’t slept for days because finals but now they’re over and we’ve basically collapses in a big pile on the couch. we woke up this way’
  • ‘I’ve seen you a few times around halls but I didn’t expect to wake up next to you’
  • ‘You’re always late to breakfast and usually I enjoy watching you run in five minutes before the hall closes but today you didn’t even show up and I had to see why not. That’s why I’m at your door with a plate of waffles’
  • ‘I was a little too drunk and you helped me back to my dorm. how did you know where my dorm was, again?’
  • ‘I saw you had a shirt on for my favorite band so i wore my shirt of them the next day to send you the message but turns out you were doing it ironically’
  • ‘i was dared to kiss the next guy/girl/ person who walked through the door. sorry. pucker up’
  • ‘I was late for class and ran into you and broke your project and now i’m spending the next two weeks helping you fix it because I feel so bad’
  • ‘You kept putting fliers for your goddamn dungeons and dragons meets under my door and i’ was sick of it so i went to one of the damn things to tell you to quit it but you’ve got me hooked on the game & i hate you’
  • ‘My friends left me in a club & you recognised me from dorms and helped me get home/looked after me so i’m taking you out for coffee as a thanks’
  • ‘We take the same bus every morning and share like three classes and are always sneaking glances at eachother but the bus has broken down and it looks like we’re walking together’
  • ‘We’re roomies and you found out I hate the smell of coffee so you make a fresh POT of coffee every morning and i’m going to end you’
  • ‘I always stop and listen to you singing in the shower but this time you caught me. I was just listening i sweAR’
  • ‘The dorm rules said no pets but you’ve been keeping a ______ in your room for the last 4 months and i’ve bonded with it more than I have with you’
  • ‘I like classical and you like screamo. We’re going to have to compromise’
  • ‘You keep changing my alarm because its waking you up too but my classes start earlier and I might just kick you ass if you do it again’
  • ‘My train was cancelled and you drove four hours to pick me up even though we’ve only been rooming for 3 weeks’
  • ‘You keep putting marked lines on the milk carton so you can see noones used it so i just keep rubbing them off and using it then drawing new ones on to see if you’d really notice. you noticed’ 
  • ‘There isn’t any toilet roll left but i just saw you leave the bathroom without saying a thing’
  • ‘There are two plug ports but three of us. I end up with both of them’
  • ‘you wear shirts with references to bands you know nothing about and it really irks me so i’m gonna have to say something about it’
  • ‘How did they managed to room two people together who were so different?’
  • ‘You always do long presentations and I fell asleep during one of them and you confronted me about it after’
  • ‘we’re on the newspaper together and you keep trying to write articles about ______ and its something i feel strongly about too so we plan to take over the paper from the inside over coffee’
  • ‘we’re on the newspaper together and you keep trying to write articles about ______ and its literally pissing everyone in the news room off’
  • ‘you’re a parachute in the school & don’t take shit seriously and think interuptting my classes is funny. i’m gonna show you how it really isn’t’
  • ‘we’ve both been listening to Beyonce on full blast for the last 2 days and dont see any end in it. our dorm is a paradise’
  • ‘you always have your friends over and i’m trying to study can you all go play Mario Kart some place else’ 
  • ‘you’re spending so much money on take out  that i’m getting sick of seeing it so i’m teaching you how to cook’
  • ‘we have to stay over the summer for make up classes & i’ve had a year of you bragging over your good grades, this is gold’
  • ‘you ask me out on the very last day of the year and i’m just really mad because i’ve been waiting so long for you to goddamnit’