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Okay, yeah we’re all screaming over the mini-heart attack Yuuri gave us in the end. And we’re all so proud of JJ and his wonderful fiancé,,



bottom line is, give my little white tiger-fairy son some credit. He’s worked really hard and he did so well. I’m so goddamn proud of him.

BTS reaction when they develop a crush on you @ a variety show

Anonymous said: BTS reaction when they at an variety Show with an female Idol and Start to have a crush her!?

I swear the reaction requests in my inbox have been sitting there for so long, I’m sorry guys T^T

Here it is though! I hope you enjoy ^_^

Also!! I wrote this reaction in a slightly different way (I’ve changed the tense a little) let me know if it works well or if I should go back to the old way ^o^

(Y/G/N) = Your Group Name [just for clarification cx]

Rap Monster (Namjoon):

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Being the leader of the group, Namjoon would be most engaged in the activities, answering many of the questions sent their way, and even translating questions from international fans for the other boys. However, he’d feel himself getting distracted by the sight of you sitting on the stool, your cue cards in hand, your legs swinging as a warm smile rested on your face, genuinely enjoying the company of the boys. 

As you were also the leader of your own group, Namjoon would have seen you around before, be it at award shows or on broadcasts, admiring your outgoing personality and your natural beauty. So to see you sitting here in front of him, as the host of the variety show no doubt, he feels himself wanting to impress you. And so, he puts even more thought into his answers, occasionally looking down with a smile.

When you speak, he listens intently, his attention focused entirely on you, his lips stretching into a smile, dimples indented on his face as he feels a new feeling of attraction to you, your presence uplifting his mood immensely. Your smile warms his heart, as you both make eye contact, grinning at each other, to the amusement of the other boys, and even the other hosts. 

Jin (Seokjin):

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Jin would gaze at you adoringly as you spoke, the others all laughing at your playful banter, his hands propping up his chin as he watched you. Not wanting to make you feel uncomfortable though, Jin eventually looks away, instead putting effort into everything he is asked to do, in an attempt to impress you.

Even when it comes to the dance segments, Jin is the first to jump up, giving it his all, a smile on his face the whole time. He glances over at you occasionally, curious about your reaction. When he sees you smiling, nodding in encouragement, his heart swells, and the other boys notice his clear change in mood, giggling and chuckling to themselves as they all watched Jin being completely enamoured by you.

Noticing Jin’s behaviour towards you, you couldn’t help but smile and giggle, feeling touched that he might think of you in that way. And so, your behaviour signals to him that you feel the same way, nodding encouragingly at him and grinning at him, your gaze often sliding over to look at him. The boys of BTS try to muffle their laughter, as they notice the two of you discretely flirting with each other, making sure to tease Jin about it afterwards. 

Suga (Yoongi):

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Yoongi would be sat next to Hoseok, on the set of Star Show 360, listening and nodding away as the hosts asks questions, chuckling at the other boys’ antics. He casually joins in with the talk, cringing at Jin’s dad jokes, and sighing at everyone who actually laughs at Jin’s jokes.

“Do you actually find that funny?” He asks in disbelief, while Jin hits the table, laughing at his own jokes.

The show progresses, and a special guest is announced to help with the next segment. The boys perk up in curiosity, everyone looking towards the entrance waiting to see who this guest is.

You walk through, your hair bouncing as you grin at everyone there, the boys cheering politely. Yoongi continues to look at you with curiosity, recognising you as the rapper of (Y/G/N). He’s seen you perform before, your undeniable charisma and surprising skills catching his attention.

So, when he spots you walking in, an air of confidence surrounding you in the way you held yourself, he leans forward, all his attention now focused on you. As you lead the next segment of the show, he realises that, while you are confident, you’re still down to earth as a person, your laughter and jokes bringing a smile to his face, and even urging laughter from him.

“Yah, so you laugh at her jokes but not mine?” Jin exclaims in mock offence, shaking his head, and yet unable to stop his own laughter as Yoongi simply laughs, his lips curling up into a gummy smile. Yoongi looks up at you, your cheeks dusted with a light pink as you returned the gaze, a warm smile on your face.

J-Hope (Hoseok):

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Your idol group would be on Weekly Idol along with BTS for a special episode. The atmosphere is lively, the set alive with the sound of laughter, even the cameramen trying to muffle their own laughter at the hilarity that ensues. Hoseok notices you from the start, your outgoing and funny personality bringing a smile to everyone’s face.

Everyone quietens down while the hosts introduce the Random Play Dance segment of the show, starting with your group. You stretched your arms out, your face lighting up with determination, gesturing to your group to get up. Being the main dancer of your group, Random Play Dance would be your favourite segment of the show, a chance for you to both show your skills and also have some fun in the process.

The segment commences, the music echoing through the set, as the boys of BTS watch intently, Hoseok focusing especially on you. You laugh and shout out as you all frantically try to find your position, but once you get yourselves together, your group powers through the choreography, making only miniature mistakes here and there. Cheering spreads through the set, from BTS and from the hosts themselves. The music suddenly changes up though, and instead ‘Fire’ by BTS plays, to the shock of the boys and to your group. After a second of confusion, your lips curl up in a smile, and you begin pulling off the moves effortlessly and almost flawlessly, causing Hoseok to jump up from his seat, waving his arms in the air excitedly as he watches you with awe.

The music finally stops, and you wipe the sweat away from your forehead, a huge grin etched onto your face as you notice Hoseok staring at you adoringly, his heart fluttering as a new feeling settles in his chest.


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BTS would be live on After School Club, sitting together on stools, laughing and casually answering questions. You would be one of the hosts, along with 15&’s Jimin and DAY6′s Jae, a grin resting on your face as you interview the boys and introduce the different segments of the show. You genuinely enjoy hosting at ASC, your playful banter with both the boys and the hosts filling the room with laughter.

Jimin would seem weirdly shy, constantly looking down at the floor with a smile, a rosy pink dusting his cheeks. When he thinks you wouldn’t notice, his eyes dart up to stare at you, butterflies frantic in his chest, as he realises he’s beginning to develop feelings for you. The sweetness of your smile, the way you seem like you truly enjoy their company, the way you tease the other hosts with a laugh. He doesn’t realise how long he’s been staring until the hosts are watching him curiously and expectantly, their eyebrows raised, a smirk dancing across their lips.

“Jimin?” You ask, waiting for an answer. “Okay, well, I guess we’ll move on.” You try not to laugh, your cheeks turning a light shade of pink under his gaze.

He looks down at the floor once again, slightly embarrassed at being caught. Jungkook sitting next to him nudges him, teasing him about you, a mischievous smirk on his face. Jimin only laughs, hitting him on the shoulder lightly. He looks up while Jae introduces the next segment, only to see you staring at him, your lips curled up in a pretty smile. You wink lightly at him, before turning to face the others, and once again, Jimin blushes, wondering if he had imagined the whole thing.

V (Taehyung):

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Taehyung would be oblivious to the fact that he has been staring at you for a lengthy amount of time, his mouth wide in a box smile, hands pressed to his face from how his heart swells at the sight of you. You’re sitting composed yet a mischievous twinkle dancing around your pupils, as you shuffle your cue cards, explaining the next segment of the show.

Out of the corner of your eye, you notice Taehyung’s adoring gaze, and you try to hold back your own smile, attempting to remain as professional as you can. You can’t help the small smile that twitches on your lips as the sight would be too adorable to behold.

Trying to hold back his own giggles, Jimin would lightly elbow him, in an attempt to stop him from staring so much.

“Tae,” Jimin whispers, trying to look natural while his giggles begin to escape, “You’re gonna creep her out with your staring.”

“Huh?” Taehyung snaps out of his trance, a dusty pink flushing his cheeks as he finally realises that he’s been staring so long, and that you likely noticed by now. He averts his eyes elsewhere, looking around the room, before his eyes come to rest on you again, and this time you’re the one staring, a grin on your face directed towards him. He feels his heart flutter, and returns the grin, making a note to approach you after the episode recording is done.


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Jungkook would be a little restless as his group sat by yours, the distance a bit too close for his own comfort. While the rest of his group seem relaxed and engaged as always, Jungkook would struggle to sit still and composed, his eyes darting around as he tries to avert his attention away from you, sitting only a short distance away. He doesn’t know how to act around you, how to act normally, when you are igniting all sorts of feelings in him, when you are causing his heart to back flip in his own chest.

His eyes quickly slide over to glance at you, his heart once again jumping as he realises you’re looking over at him, giggling ever so slightly at his awkward composure. His eyes widen, and he looks away again, trying to focus on what the host is saying, hoping that the hosts won’t ask him a question in his flustered state.

“Jungkook,” the host says, smiling over at him. “What do you think?”

Jungkook looks up like a deer caught in headlights, his mouth opening to say something, and yet no words come out, as he realises he has no idea what the topic was.

Giggling, you lean over to discretely whisper to him, telling him what the topic was, and what they are trying to ask him. Jungkook sighs in relief, finally engaging in the conversation and answering the question as best as he can, the attention finally diverting away from him.

He smiles at you in gratitude, trying to ignore the butterflies in his chest, and you simply wink at him, grinning as you turn back to face the others, leaving Jungkook sighing in slight relief.  


a conga line of goobers

when that TF porn image went viral on twitter people were like “ugh this is an awful statement about women” and then when it turned out to be porn they were like “oh wait, its a J/O fantasy, not ideological, never mind lol”

and I think as a culture we’ve become so hesitant to criticize things that give people boners that we can’t acknowledge how the image is both very horny AND ideological

i mean come on, look at the terms invoked in the fetish: “bimboification” and “de-bimboification”. the thing was basically a modernized erotic remake of this old chestnut:

I do think this hesitance to criticize erotica stems from a good and well-meaning place, specifically arguments that have emerged in support of sex-work and gay rights– arguments that we can’t condemn or legislate against what consenting adults do, sex-ways. and this is a valuable principle!

but I don’t think it logically follows that we shouldn’t ever analyze erotic art or critique the messages disseminated therein; if we adopt that idea, we’re essentially creating an anti-discourse shield around anything that incidentally gets someone’s rocks off, and I don’t think that’s productive

this has been my thinkpost about the “de-bimboification” horny comic that went viral on twitter for some reason okay bye

Me vs. me after 10 days without sleeping and shaving JK

Makeup practice I did for 20 y/o Noctis and 30 y/o Noctis!

My bros want to cosplay their Homecoming outfits so I wanted to see if I could manage older Noct as well

↳ More of our FFXV cosplay: []


A Tennant/Tate Celebration 

Interviewer:  “You can’t stay apart.”
David:  “We can’t, no.”
Catherine:  “No, we tried.”

David:  “We’ve always enjoyed working together… specifically working together as well as hanging out.”

A gif-tastic update of this old post o’ mine

When Bitty and Jack adopt they set out to adopt a baby, but then they receive a call about a 13 year old girl 

She has been kicked out of home because she is trans and a lesbian and their profile is the best for her of all the available foster parents on file 

And well they can’t say no to that 

That’s how they end up in Ikea with a kid they barely know who is so damn jumpy around them it terrifies Jack (because kids don’t flinch like that without reason)

Bitty is being his welcoming self (and maybe even a little more enthusiastic than usual to compensate for Riley’s uneasiness) but he is terrified that they won’t be right for her 

The first time she seems comfortable that day is when Bitty is critiquing “Ikea’s famous meatballs” while Jack chuckles under his breathe because his husband is so ridiculous 

She cracks a soft smile and they can see their future in it 

Their future as a family


Have you ever wanted to see how I draw Sans? Well here’s your chance! Enjoy this old speed drawing of mine.

I cannot believe this video nearly has 10,000 views! O: Thank you all so much for watching!

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Time travel shenanigans. Present McCree meets dead lock McCree

omg Anon. I wasn’t sure if you wanted Reader or not so I included s/o but if you want you can imagine that’s a canon character.

  • You know how everyone says stuff like ‘omg I’d beat up 13yr old me and shove them in a locker’ well that’s pretty much McCree’s feelings.
  • The Jesse that ends up with them is 16 and a complete jerk. Arrogant in a way only teenagers can be, combined with the fact that he’s actually dangerous, he’s insufferable.
  • McCree’s distracted trying to keep him away from everyone on the base (dl!Jesse tried to flirt with, in no particular order: Genji, Hanzo, Zenyatta, Mercy, Tracer, and Symmetra. Two of them nearly killed him.)
  • He’s too busy doing this to notice that dl!Jesse is terrified.
  • Because how’s he going to get home? How will this effect the timeline? Does he really want to end up like the current McCree -who has friends, real friends, but who has a history he doesn’t want to talk about that’s not all Deadlock. 
  • And he has s/o, who Jesse’s… not sure how to feel about. Sure they’re hot, but they’re not exactly what he’d imagined. Not since he was a kid and got bored of all those romantic old fairy tales.
  • Eventually they find out that Jesse is from an alt. universe, so there’s not going to be an effect on this timeline.
  • But now Jesse’s even more confused, because he kinda… wanted this. To be his future. Because his older self has issues, but he’s happy. He’s got the coolest friends ever, he’s got a home, he’s got someone who loves him (and as much as Jesse pretends to gag whenever they’re being mushy, he can’t help but want that -the easy contact, the little smiles, the dumb jokes).
  • So McCree takes him aside and explains that he’s never gonna get that. Not with Deadlock. If he wants this -friends, family, home- he needs to get out. And McCree knows how impossible that looks, can only promise Jesse that he’ll get an opportunity, and prays that the alt. universe he’s from has a Gabriel Reyes willing to give a kid a chance. 
  • And after that, Jesse’s a lot calmer. He’s still a little shit, and McCree’s slowly realising what everyone had to deal with when he first joined OW (Ana is sipping tea, smiling because there is justice in the world). And he still tries to flirt with every attractive person on base, which is most of them, really.
  • But he’s also a lot more respectful (to everyone except McCree). The difference is particularly noticeable with how he treats s/o, as he keeps trying to get hints out of them about where and how they’ll meet.
  • When Winston creates a device that will send him back, Jesse’s a little upset. After living with people who care about him, he’s not sure he wants to go back to Deadlock -but of course, he can’t stay, and McCree swears he won’t be there for long.
  • After Jesse’s gone, McCree makes a few jokes about how he was never that annoying, which Ana and Mercy are more than happy to refute, but then he sneaks off a little while later.
  • And s/o finds him smoking and just sitting, staring at the sky, and they sit with him and wait.
  • When he’s ready, he talks about how he’d almost forgotten what it felt like to be in Deadlock. He knew it was bad, of course, but it’s been so many years since then that the feelings just went to the back of his mind, the loneliness, the constant need to prove himself, to be better than the other guy because if he’s not, he’s useless. It’s those feelings that led him to do a lot of terrible things that he’s still trying to make up for, almost two decades later.
  • S/o rests their head on his shoulder and he puts an arm around them, because he needs to distance himself from that again, to remember that he’s here, that there are people who love him, that he’ll never have to go through what Jesse is going through again.
  • And maybe next time they meet, he works in a little thank you to Reaper between all the shooting, because he may be an asshole now but he took McCree out of that life.
: : S U C H B O Y S : :

Inspired by this post.

“We wanted to see if she was hot, we’d just like make loads of noise so that she’d turn around, so like. I’d be with like 4 of my friends and we’d just go “AAAHHH” and the girl would go… and you’d go yeah”

                                     ||    S  U  C  H      B  O  Y  S    ||

                                    Also called “Boys Will Be Boys”

But like imagine him getting together with his old friends… 

After tours and filming, he’s got a bit of a break, and they are going to be back in town as well, and of course, they are his childhood friends, he’s bound to get together with them. And it’s all normal, just lads being lads, talking, laughing, going around town, just like the old times. Except well, Harry thinks he’s the one who’s matured enough because when they all stop for a bit and they see a girl and they start talking lowly, want to know if she’s hot, he feels what’s about to happen, and they are still rowdy loud boys and of course they go all
“ya lads know what ta do” and of course Harry’s so embarrassed, trying to get them to stop from screaming and getting a girl scared just to see if she’s cute. It’s dumb, it’s so childish.
“ Lads, please, we don’t have to” he’s cowering into his coat, thinking ‘oh god i don’t know them i don’t know them, nope, i’m running’  Harry just wants the earth to swallow him whole. Right fucking now, cause he’s so embarrassed.

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Alright, Drama time! What would the UT, UF, US and SF bros do if on Valentine's day their S/O's old ex boyfriend (who is a total snobby jerk), interrupts their date and wants(demands) to get back together and even chastises them for dating a monster.



He’s the most lowkey, passive aggressive shit in the world.
“hey [S/O’s name]’s ex-boyfriend, nice t’meet’cha. name’s sans, [S/O’s name]’s current boyfriend.”
“how’s your Valentine’s goin? well, uh, assumin you’re here, i’d say not so well…”
“oh here’s a dating tip: try not being a stalking asshole. i highly recommend, it got me this lovely human right here.”
“y’know, i think it really says something that a literal skeleton can keep this sweetheart longer than you. have you seen a urologist?”
“oh hey, where ya goin? i said you could join us.”


He outright tells the ex THAT IS NOT A VERY NICE THING TO SAY, PLEASE APOLOGISE FOR INTERRUPTING OUR ROMANTIC OUTING. Then he’ll try to explain in great detail why the ex should leave; this is a private activity, you are not respecting S/O’s decisions and space, you are adhering to exactly what not to do in the dating manual… perhaps you read it wrong? Please step in lest the situation escalate. 


He slings an arm around his S/O, obviously and exaggeratedly nuzzling their cheek. “hey darlin,” he says, loud enough for the ex to hear. Then he turns his attention to the pissy man-child, letting his sockets darken as he bares his teeth, “who’s this?” If that doesn’t make the ex wet his fuckin pants, he’ll actually summon a blaster, “for ya own safety, i’d really suggest ya run home to mommy.”


He stands up. He’s tall and intimidating. Need I say more?


He kindly and cheerfully suggests to the ex to apologise for harassing his S/O. If things escalate, he not so kindly but still cheerfully forces the ex to apologise for harassing his S/O.


“hey babe, you wanna get back with this guy?”
“Uh… No?”
“kay cool, you wanna continue with our date?”
“kay.” He says, holding them flush against his body. He kisses them right on the mouth, winking to the ex as he teleports away.


Oh boy, here we go. A fun edition of male posturing. He will actually literally challenge the ex to a duel for S/O’s heart. Valentine’s Day Date turned “Let’s Watch The Ex Get Humiliated Several Times Over”.


He sighs, looking tiredly over at the ex. “Do you fucking mind?” He says before teleporting the ex away to the first most inconvenient place he could think of: Middle Of The Fountain In The Park.

Big Bang Reacting to their child getting hurt.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

T.O.P - T.O.P wasn’t surprised. His daughter had so much energy, so cuts were nothing new. He thought he knew how to handle it well, that was until she actually broke something. The five year old tripped and landed on her arm, successfully snapping it when it hit the table. The moment he realized what’d happened he’d go into shock for a few minutes. Snapping out of it though, he’d drop right beside his daughter cradling her in his arms as he called you. When he realized she needed to go to a hospital, he’d go insane. Packing bags for both him and her as he carried the girl to the car, to holding her hand while she was getting her cast on. There was no way he’d leave her side after that.

Taeyang - Taeyang was usually calm when his daughter got hurt. He knew she was young and that she was bound to get a few cuts and bruises here and there. That went down the drain when she came inside with a bloody nose. The four year old had gotten into a predicament with the swing, and the second she realized jumping off of it like Uncle Seungri did was a bad idea, she had already hit her nose. Taeyang would go nuts, the first thing him doing is ratting out Seungri, before he tended to his daughter. There wasn’t much he could do after the bleeding stopped, but his assumption is that cuddles fix everything, and that assumption was more than a correct one.

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G-Dragon - He exaggerated. Except his exaggeration in his eyes seemed like it wasn’t enough. All he’d done was sprain his ankle, but Jiyong made it seem like his son had been shot in battle. He freaked out, called you, called his mom, called his members, and even though everyone said it would be fine, still rushed him to the hospital anyway. It was to the point where even the six year old was getting annoyed with him. Except all of the ache was forgotten the second they left, his son with a wrapped foot and in a wheelchair that Jiyong claimed he had to have, as he took the boy to buy all the toys he wanted. He just wanted to see his son smile, even though he’d been the one freaking out.

Originally posted by magikasa

Daesung - Daesung would feel so guilty when he saw the scrapes on his daughter’s knees. Even though it wasn’t technically his fault, since she’d snuck out of the house to play on her bike while he was making lunch, he couldn’t help but be upset. The second she ran into the house with her bloody knees and elbows, he’d lost it. He called you, asking what he should do and if she needed to be taken to the hospital. Of course, he was relieved when all he had to do was clean them off and put bandages on them. Once she’d calmed down, and he had quit worrying about it, he’d completely forget about lunch, and just settle for ice cream and all the princess movies imaginable. 

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Seungri - A five minute nap seemed like it couldn’t hurt, so that’s what Seungri decided to do. The worst decision he could have made. His son, who had no doubt inherited his mischievous, stubborn nature, was having nothing to do with the baby gate that was keeping him out of the kitchen. Seungri was surprised to be forcefully awaken by a loud bang, and even more surprised to see the bawling one year old on the other side of the gate. He felt complete terror for a moment and rushed to his son, who was luckily okay. Even though he wasn’t too hurt, other than a small bump on the back of his head, Seungri would still bribe him with all the candy in the world to keep it a secret from you. 

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-Admin H

It's proposal day on the eremin calendar❤️~
  • 9 year old Armin: I really wanna explore the world with you, Eren... for the rest of our lives. *leans on Eren's shoulder*
  • 9 year old Eren: Hmm... Wouldn't that make us kind of like a married couple?
  • 9 year old Armin: *blushing* aha- heh- erm, well, I mean--
  • 9 year old Eren: I wouldn't mind that. Yeah. With you, that sounds alright.
  • 9 year old Armin: o///o
  • 9 year old Eren: We could make it official right now, even. What do you say Armin, will you marry me?
  • ...
  • 6 years later after all they've been through:
  • Eren: Say, Armin... you remember when I proposed to you as kids?
  • Armin: 0///0... Yes, I do, actually... and do you remember what I said?
  • Eren: *nods* "ask me again in 10 years"... I remember... *winks*
  • Armin: //////.... (*DAMN AGE, DAMN WAR, DAMN IT ALL, WHY CANT TIME GO FASTER?????!!!!*)

Around Christmas time two or three years ago, I got myself a second job at Superdrug (a U.K. Store, which basically sells health and beauty things) and i am still a little bitter about this old woman, because I was only just 18, (I’ve been in retail for two years already at that point, but I hadn’t worked in a city centre, so it wasn’t as hectic to what I was used to

Basically, when completing a purchase we had to ask if the customer has a beauty points card and if they don’t, do they want one; and well, at this point I was serving the husband of the b.o.w. and she had wondered off, so when I asked if he had a beauty card, he said no and so on. I completed the purchased just as his wife came back, who then handed me her beauty card. We cannot add the points to her card after the purchase is complete but I could give her a phone number for her ring and they’d add her points on for her. So she took the number and walked away. So i thought everything was fine.

BUT five minutes later, this b.o.w. Comes up to me and starts moaning quite loudly and rudely about how I’m “extremely disrespectful, rude and a horrid person”, so she wanted to speak to my manager to file a complaint and return all her items as she wouldn’t be shopping there again.
So I ring the button three times under my desk to call for a manager as the woman stands back so i can continue to serve, and she is slowly simmering in her anger. She keeps glaring at me, like I’m Donald Trump himself.
But two minutes after waiting, she just huffs and storms off as my manager didn’t even come.
So it worked out in my favour to be fair.

Well..he suddenly became my senpai 

Goth is so addicting to draw ;o;

The reason why the paper is a little crumpled because I found it on my Old Art Desk ;;-;;

Please tell me what to draw next..

Goth | @nekophy

Merry X-mas


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Not sure if this has been done yet but could you do kiss headcanons for the team? Thank you xx

Sen: Another request came in saying “what’re our boys’ favorite types of kisses?” so they’re here together. I’m finishing up as much as I possibly can of the s/o requests without suffering in preparation for Valentine’s.


Forehead kisses: Not only does he love giving these but he also likes receiving them as well. These kisses are so gentle and he’s not really that comfortable with full on making out so it helps a lot that he doesn’t have to be so direct like that.


French kiss: He’s romantic and loves the feeling of someone’s lips on his. His tongue is a very valuable asset for him and he’s almost a natural somehow… it’s great for when he has other ideas in mind as well.


Hand kisses: He’s old fashioned and chivalrous so he’ll look into his s/o’s eyes as he does so while it can seem innocent and gentle, it can also be something he can do to show off the passion he holds for his s/o in front of others if he needs to.


Candy kisses: He’s not too experienced so his idea of kisses are pretty cinematic; the taste of candy on his s/o’s mouth while he tries to guess the flavour is pretty goofy but if they’re competitive enough with him, this little game can take a turn as well.


Cheek kiss: He brims with pride when he gets a kiss on the cheek from his s/o. While he thinks it’s cute and all, it bigs up his confidence to a state larger than it already is. He loves showing off but this is just subtle enough to not get him embarrassed.


Biting kisses: He won’t kiss someone unless he’s fully invested in them and he’s got a bit of a biting kink as well. Don’t expect to kiss him in public because he’ll probably have planned something after since it takes a while for him to build up the courage to just kiss his s/o.


Marking kisses: It doesn’t matter how he’s marked, whether it be a temporary lipstick smudge or a hickey he’ll have to cover up somehow; he just feels so satisfied to see his neck or anywhere else marked up from a few minutes or hours of just him and his partner alone together.


Shoulder kisses: It’s like a permission or trust kiss, usually something that he’ll do before he gets really intimate with someone. He won’t do it from behind because he wants to look up at their face when he’s done it to check that they’re totally okay with their closeness before they continue.

shopping with joonie

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  • hello everyone i am in love
  • l-o-v-e love
  • i just
  • im so in love??
  • anyway
  • shopping with namjoon, my fave kid
  • everyone of these i kinda did a different store so for this one i’ll do that as well!!
  • okay i just reread my shopping with jin one and that was so funny s/o to me
  • okay so namjoon namjoon namjoon
  • i don’t think he would like shopping unless it’s clothes shopping because fashion icon of our century
  • but guess what this isn’t gonna be clothes shopping
  • you guys are living together at this point okay right and it’s wild
  • okay let’s say you guys have just recently moved in together
  • and namjoon is like man i’m so happy that we live together but uh,,, our apartment is looking a little lack luster
  • i think namjoon would be SO into decorating his house like he would spend hours planning it all to just look perfect??
  • like he has a clear vision in his head and he will not settle for anything less than his dream apartment
  • but like the move itself was a little more important and namjoon and you were so stressed about getting all the stuff paid for and making sure that your furniture was delivered correctly??
  • like those things were priorities
  • but after that namjoon was like time to DESIGN
  • okay so yikes
  • i always picture namjoon as a savvy chic type person and his apartment would like overlook NYC or something
  • wow my NYC obsession is wild
  • but imagine him living in the suburbs or something in an older folks community and wellness walking club with grandmas
  • okay nah the city is totally namjoon and he wants to decorate his apartment like city like but then
  • but then you’re like namjoon what about vintage
  • you show him some vintage houses and some vintage inspired rooms
  • and he’s blown away because every time he thinks vintage he thinks stuffy old folks home or something
  • but you show him that vintage can look really nice actually and ??
  • and man he’s in love with this whole vintage thing
  • so when you guys do end up shopping guess where you’re going
  • that’s right
  • the antique store
  • where else to find better vintage stuff?
  • you’re excited because shopping with joonie your babe
  • but then you’re like oh shit isn’t there like,,, highly fragile and breakable stuff up in antique stores
  • that idk,,, namjoon could run into and break,,,
  • because god knows that would be him
  • that’s okay because it would also be me
  • okay so you guys get in the car and you’re like babe listen,,, i love you but when you get excited you kinda flail
  • and like
  • you can’t do that
  • because they have lamps and dolls and shit up in there
  • and namjoon nods because yes i understand
  • but then you guys walk in and he’s super excited because everything as far as the eye can see is unique and just how he dreamed
  • he grabs your hand and squeezes it super tight
  • “you think we can find a dog”
  • “a what”
  • “a dog”
  • he means like a dog statue or something and now he’s determined to find one or something
  • so he drags you around the store, looking for a dog statue
  • he finds the vintage toys instead and you’re like wow what are these
  • and he sees one that catches his eye and he picks it up and it’s this red apple with a cute smiley face on it!! and when you move it, it makes this cute noise
  • his eyes go wide
  • and he just grabs the apple and hugs it to his chest and he’s like okay i think we can stop shopping
  • but then something else catches his eye!!
  • he keeps the apple close to his chest and he wanders away from you and at that point you’re looking at some of the toys and you don’t realize he’s gone right away
  • when you do realize you’re like panic mode!!
  • where’s namjoon
  • you round the corner and guess who’s standing there
  • it’s kim namjoon
  • he’s staring at this old grandfather clock and the face has a really pretty scene painted on it of the stars and constellations and the night sky in general on one half, and the sun rising and shining on the other??
  • there’s a pendulum swinging at the bottom and you think maybe it’s hypnotizing namjoon because he’s zoned completely out
  • “the realms of day and night…”
  • and you’re like namjoon omg stfu it’s not time to be fake deep
  • but he starts pointing out the different constellations to you and he knows so many and you’re just amazed because he tells you the different myths behind them?
  • and you’re like wowow i am so in love with you namjoon
  • he says he wants to keep the grandfather clock on reserve
  • so he can come back and buy it
  • okay after that you guys like wander towards the artwork??
  • like some old paintings of like ducks or something idk
  • he wants one regardless because the ducks are cute and he loves them
  • probably points to the really disproportionate pieces and says “me”
  • or “same” at every vaguely poorly done piece
  • he’s still holding the apple btw
  • okay he’s like you know what we can get yoongi to take some pics for us and keep them in the house
  • he wants to look at lamps instead
  • when i think antique lamps i think applebee’s? i think i’m remembering them right
  • so like the glass lamps with different colors and they’re always really opaque so like can you even see the light probably not? but the designs are so pretty and so are the colors of glass??
  • but also i just googled some yikes and they have the really old, pretty glass ones? that aren’t mosaic like the first one but more like porcelain? they’re called antique hurricane lamps these kind??
  • you and namjoon decide to get one for his work desk and it’s off white with pink roses and some vineage is that a word
  • anyway it’s really pretty and namjoon likes it more than he should
  • “it reminds me of you because it’s flowers and it’s pretty”
  • probably ends up getting a mosaic lamp too to keep on your nightstand right near the bed because namjoon loves some quality late night reading
  • okay but i think antique stores have antique cutlery am i wrong
  • i might be wrong honestly don’t trust me
  • but you and namjoon are like wow cutlery
  • and he’s like can we buy
  • “a silver spoon”
  • and then he starts doing some seaweed dancing and rapping to baepsae hardcore like he’s going for it in the middle of the store
  • you whine and tell him to cut it out but he won’t and you’re like namjoon is2g
  • he won’t cut it out btw he’s jamming way too hard for his own good
  • you groan and without thinking you cup his face in your hands and your press your lips to his
  • that gets him to cut it out
  • he blinks and then just smiles dumbly and goes bright red
  • “if i start singing again will i get another kiss?”
  • he wiggles his eyebrows and you’re like
  • “namjoon plz, our son is watching”
  • you point to the apple and he just raises his brows and laughs under his breath
  • “oh yah i forgot,,,”
  • tbh you guys are aimlessly meandering through like is there even a plan or a purpose to this??
  • he sees a grand piano and you’re like namjoon no
  • but he’s like namjoon yES
  • there’s honestly no place in the apartment to put it but guess what namjoon is dead set on putting it somewhere
  • he’s like we don’t need a bed
  • “go move in with yoongi then”
  • namjoon drops the idea of the piano right away,,,
  • you’re getting low hey agitated though because namjoon won’t hold your hand because he’s holding the apple and so you pout until he holds your hand tight
  • he apologizes by kissing your face all over and promising that he’ll clean the dishes or something in apology
  • but then he gets distracted by something else surprise
  • it’s tea pots!!
  • and namjoon is like i don’t even like tea that’s a yoongi thing why am i staring at these things,,,
  • but now he kinda wants one because they’re all so different and intricately designed and he already bought some cute rose things today so why not some more?
  • he goes to grab this one set with peachy colored roses and oops
  • knocks down another thing in the process
  • both your eyes go wide and you just stare at each other in horror because you cannot escape this one oh no
  • you swivel as you hear someone cough behind you and standing there is this old lady with an expression that makes you think that she sucks on lemons for fun?
  • she glares but then she !!
  • namjoon looks behind him “wait where”
  • “namjoon, babe, love of my life,,, that’s you,,,”
  • “oh yah i forgot”
  • and the ladies eyes light up and she just stares at him and you’re like um yikes is she trying to steal my man
  • “my grand daughter was into you guys. she would always show me your pictures and you were always the most dashing”
  • she winks and you hear namjoon audibly gulp yikes
  • “i won’t make you pay for that tea set if you sign my shirt”
  • and namjoon is like anything for a fan,,,
  • except not really, he’s kinda !! but he really doesn’t wanna pay for that tea set,,,
  • you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes,,,
  • so he signs her shirt with a big smiley face and all and says he really appreciates her and her support of the group
  • he’s like oh but man we’re running late we should probably check out now,,,
  • you guys get the apple
  • and the grandfather clock
  • and then the lamps
  • the tea set you guys avoid
  • he pays for all of it and you’re like wow my hero
  • he just winks and kisses your nose
  • “it’s cause i love you”
  • you smile and you guys head out
  • tbh he ends up strapping the apple in the car seat
  • and it’s wilD
  • the end