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i’m going on a semi-hiatus

oh look, here goes ashley making another hiatus post bc she’s overwhelmed nothing new 

hi guys. i’m sure if you’ve followed me for a while, you’ve realized how completely out of the loop/inactive i’ve been when it comes to tumblr/the phandom.

if you give a shit to know why i’m going on semi-hiatus, then read under the cut, bc this shit is going to be long. 

if you don’t care, just please reblog to spread the message. 

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Tonight, we’ve got a short fic that I wrote likely not long after I started watching the show a few years ago (but honestly it feels like ages ago now omg), set sometime around mid-Season One (I consider it to be AU-ish). I’d never really been a big fan of this one, but I re-read it again recently and liked it a little more than I’d remembered, so hopefully it’s alright!



“Okay, next question…” Skye trailed off, pursing her lips thoughtfully as she reached for the bowl of popcorn between them on the bed. She had insisted on a “girl’s night”, and when she’d tried to propose a game of Truth or Dare, Jemma had gently reminded her that there weren’t many dares they could carry out on the Bus that wouldn’t end with them on the receiving end of one of May’s terrifying glares. So, they’d simply stuck to the “Truth” part of the game, and so far the questions had been pretty tame – Jemma was waiting for the other shoe to drop. “Hmm…” Tapping a finger against her chin as she chewed her handful of popcorn, Skye’s eyes suddenly lit up. “Oh! I’ve got it! Have you ever kissed Fitz?”

And there it was.

“Oh! Um…” Nervously, Jemma played with a strand of hair that had come loose from her ponytail, twisting it around her finger. “Well…I’m afraid the answer to that question is rather…complicated.”

Skye stared blankly at Jemma for a moment, then she rolled her eyes exaggeratedly. “Um, no it’s not. Either you’ve kissed or you haven’t, it’s a simple question.” Then, with a smirk, she tacked on, “Oh, and if the answer is yes, I’m definitely going to need details.”

Anxiously wringing her hands in her lap, Jemma let out a long, slow exhale, then launched into the honestly complicated answer to what was supposedly a simple question. “Well, during our third year at Sci-Ops, Fitz and I attended a party one of our colleagues was throwing, and we got rather…inebriated. What I remember of that night is spotty at best, and honestly, half the memories I have couldn’t possibly be real. Yes, I remember something like grabbing Fitz once we returned to our flat and kissing him, but I’m…well, I’m just not sure it actually happened. I woke up the next morning with a wretched hangover, lying on the bathroom floor – Fitz was passed out in the kitchen. I never found the courage to ask him what he remembered from that night, so I can’t definitively answer yes or no.”

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Hello everyone! 

I’m a new studyblr and new to the community! I’ve been following and reblogging other studyblrs’ posts, but never actually made one myself. One day I decided that it’s finally time for me to suck it up and make my own, so here we are!  


  • My name’s Emma, but new nicknames are always welcome!
  • I’m fifteen years old, turning sixteen in October! 
  • I’m currently just starting 10th grade (lukio) 
  • I live in Finland I speak Finnish, English and the tiniest bit of Swedish and French. I start lessons after summer for French, though! 
  • I love music. My absolute favorites are:
    • Fall Out Boy
    • Panic! At The Disco
    • BTS
    • Mamamoo
    • I’m always up for new music so hmu if you have recommendations! 
  • I love tv shows such as Hannibal, Sherlock, Yuri!!! On Ice and Stranger Things! 
  • As for movies, anything Ghibli! Wonder Woman was also A+
  • I don’t have photoshop or any expensive “stereotypical studyblr things” and I’m still bad at editing photos, but I’m learning!


  • emma studies for original posts
  • emma rambles for, well, my rambling hah
  • queuete for queued posts (may change in the future) 

I’m really excited to start using this tumblr! It’s still a bit under construction, but I’ll figure things out as I go ~ I hope I’ll be able to stay active and post a lot of original content instead of just reblogging posts this time! 

Hiya! I’ve never posted on this, but I’m interested in learning about people from all over the world and exhanging music, books, movies and stories. I’m excited to make friends!
My name is Mercedes (friends call me Mercy), I’m 15 years old, my birthday is on August 2nd (leo squad!) I’m Latina and I’m from Ohio.
My interests include:
- Concerts/Music! (I listen to everything from classic rock, emo punk to r&b and rap) I’ve seen the 1975, Catfish and the Bottlemen, TwentyOne Pilots and Blackbear so far but I plan on seeing Blink182 and Greenday in the best month!!
- Horror and Romance movies!! (Stuck in Love, Perks of Being a Wallflower, 7years, Ask me Anything, Remember me)
- The 70s and 80s that generation has just inspired me so much from the clothing, music and vibes
- Poetry I’m not much of a writer but I love reading it especially slam poems
- I’m a pro-life feminist and liberal
My favorite series are: American Horror Story, Freaks and Geeks, Shameless, Fosters, Greys Anatomy(still on season 7… procrastinating the inevitable ending), Stranger Things and Criminal Minds SVU.
My favorite bands/artists are: 1975, Arctic Monkeys, Neighborhood, Sublime, RHCP, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, Frank Ocean, SZA (all 2000s r&b!!)
My favorite book is: All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
I speak fluent English and a little bit of Latin.
I’m open to anyone from anywhere, I can talk to anyone in the age range 13-20, regardless of your nationality, sexuality and gender. Interested in long term or short term friendships maybe we can even meet one day!
You can message me on:
Tumblr: @mercyt12
Instagram: @mercyt12
Twitter: @mercyloll
Or email me at

Just out of curiosity - is it easier for people to read short fic here on tumblr or on ao3? I usually post ficlets just on my tumblr, but I’m considering posting these new prompts in a collection on ao3 and then possibly migrating my old ones over. 

Any strong opinions either way? 

TalesFromYourServer: No tip, unless you count urine.

Hey there guys, I’ve lurked here a long time but never posted. I’ve worked at a small family owned italian place for 10 years. A lot of regulars, nice old folk. But tonight, 15 minutes before the dining room closed six young men came in. They were probably 18 to 21. They got slices and stromboli so they were easy in that sense. So after I gave them the check about 4 of them went to use the bathroom. While ringing them up they were about 4 dollars short and they scrambled to pull 4 bucks together. They leave and I go to bus the table. No tip. It sucks because they wre my last table but what can ya do. Now they dishwasher is sweeping the bathrooms and comes out holding the can, which is full of piss! Wtf?? I know it was them because we changed the bag before they got there and only they used the bathroom. So yea. Shitty end to the night.

By: Burnsie312


Hello… I’ve never written freely on my blog, I never revealed myself fully.
The only thing you know about me is my love for AC/DC, but now I’ve decided to write something about me sometime.
I begin by saying that I am 15 years old, almost 16 years old, and I am Italian.
I opened this blog on tumblr in January 2017 and since I had few readers, I was going to leave tumblr.
Then I noticed that more and more people started to follow me and so I decided to continue posting photos on my blog.

Now, every day I receive a lot of notifications from you and I have almost 400 readers. For now it’s all about, put a heart to the post if you want me to keep writing about me. If you want to write to me, for more information, you can do it both publicly and privately. I greet you, a kiss!🌻 P.s.: I won’t stop to posting AC/DC photos!

Like this post (or reply with the name of your rp sideblog) if you want a starter with Harry Hook!

Open to:

  • New followers
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  • People I’ve never interacted with
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(Lengths will vary depending on my muse at the time)

I’m a very shy mun so if you are too, but you want to interact, then here ya go  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

anonymous asked:

Dude I love your blog, I've been having severe anxiety because I, an 18 year old who just started using tumblr had no idea terfs existed. Your blog has relieved so much of the anxiety I've had about this toxic community for the last week. Thank you.

I read this and started smiling like an idiot, I just get really happy when this blog is able to help someone other then me. I do admit though, it sucks to find out about terfs not too far into being on Tumblr. I don’t know, I just never saw transphobic posts on Tumblr until I came across terfs, and I’d like to think that it’d be the same for you. But still, it’s awesome that this blog was able to relieve a lot of anxiety you had with terfs. Thank you for telling me this.

(also if it makes you feel any better on how ridiculous they are, I’ve literally seen them use ‘womb envy’ in serious context.)

  • changing your icon on any other website: okay your icon is changed to exactly what you set it to for everyone to see.
  • changing your icon on tumblr: okay uhhh, it might show up sometimes for some people. but most people are gonna see your old icon and not even realize its changed. also sometimes your icon is gonna either be somebody else's icon or something you never even set it to. hope that's alright.

idk man


Everyone is smiling except Keith, because he’s got better things to do than smile at you.  

Right! So I made y’all a few icons you never asked for! If anyone wants one with a different flag behind it, feel free to PM me, I’ll fix you up.

Fixed version: And by this, I mean I’ll 100% make this post about pride, and not about my headcanons for the characters :)