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Auston Matthews #2 - Game Six

@memz-elizabeth- asked: Hi can i get an imagine please? Can i get an Auston Matthews one about the loss of the Stanley cup? a lot of fluff and cuteness please! thanks

So sorry this came out much later than expected. I think I caught a cold from a friend of mine who neglected to tell me she was sick and that I shared a drink with. This was super fun to write because who doesn’t love fluff? I know I do. I hope you enjoy this! 

The great thing about game six of the playoffs taking place at home was that you got to see your boyfriend Auston play live. What wasn’t so great was them losing and you having to watch first hand as they skated heartbroken off of the ice. When all of the parents and significant others gathered to meet them outside of the locker room you went as well but hung towards the back. You wanted Auston to see his parents first since he would likely be riding back with you. It had been Mitch’s turn to drive the carpool and by you bringing your car it gave Auston the room to decide if he wanted to be alone or not.

Your phone buzzed with condolences for Auston from your friends and you answered a few as you waited for your boyfriend to emerge. Auston was one of the last ones out likely because the media wanted to pester him with questions and he made a beeline for his parents, not noticing you. Though usually towering over people with his broad shoulders and 6’3” frame, the way he hunched in on himself gave the impression he was much smaller. You made no attempt to move from your spot against the wall. This was a private moment for Auston and his family and you didn’t want to interrupt.

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Heat Stroke

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Prompt: Imagine working as a P.A. for Black Veil Brides on the set of Legion of the Black and having to take care of Andy when he passes out from heat stroke.


“Cut!” Patrick shouted, and the music stopped. The director sighed and made inaudible gestures to the various crew surrounding him. I just shook my head, pushed the hair from my eyes, and pulled open the cheap cooler by my feet.

Ashley smiled, whooping in glee as he rest the neck of his guitar on the stage, running over to me. Everyone else soon followed suit.

“I honestly have no idea how you guys do this all day,” I said, astonished, as I handed a refreshing bottle of water to Jake and CC, “I mean, I checked on my phone, it’s a hundred and ten degrees.”

“Hah!” C.C. jabbed an accusing finger at Andy, “I called it! Over a hundred, pay up, Biersack!”

The singer rolled his eyes, “Yeah, fine, you win, I’ll give you the money later.”

Soon I had given all the band members a bottle, and an extra one for Jinxx. I was the official P.A. of the illustrious Black Veil Brides. When I got into the job I only did it because it sounded better than working at Wendy’s or some shit just to pay off student loans. I did not, however, think that it would involve going to the middle of the goddamn Sahara to film. I thought I would just have to run and get smoothies for arrogant douchebags. Instead I’m trapped in the southern part of hell, hoping I don’t burst into flames.

“Uuugh… Andy, you dick, why’d you say desert?” Ashley grumbled, running a hand through his sweaty hair, “we could be filming anywhere else and you chose the desert?”

“Shut up, it’ll look amazing,” Andy muttered a quick thanks to me before taking the bottle from my hand, his fingertips brushing against the side of my hand, “anyway, at least you’re not Alicia. You know how many scenes she’s gotta do tomorrow?”

Jinxx pitched in, “But Alicia’s makeup is just a bunch of smeared oil. I saw her pour some water on her hair earlier and wanted to punch something I was so jealous,” he added, “We get any water on our stuff and we’re screwed.”

I chuckled, nudging Jinxx’s side, “Why don’t you just boycott the makeup forever?”

“I’ll toast to that,” C.C. raised his almost empty water bottle like a champagne glass, “to never wearing makeup again!”

Eventually everyone was clinking their plastic bottles to a makeup-less future. Andy grinned, “At least we only have an hour left.”

Ashley choked on his water, his eyes wide with surprise, “At least an hour! At least!”

I rolled my eyes at Ashley’s shock, “Hey, keep in mind that the crew has to be out here till nightfall so you can both your mouths.” I said jokingly. Andy laughed, taking another sip of his drink. Although, it wasn’t as clear cut as I put it. Hence the title of the movie, ‘Legion of the Black’, the boys were clad in nothing but shiny black leather and cloth. I would take the white shorts and short sleeved t-shirt I had on over that any day. Overall, Andy probably had it the worst. He was up an extra hour before everyone else to do his scenes with Alicia, where they finished up Resurrect The Sun.

“All right everyone, we shoot in five!” Patrick called, and the boys groaned, throwing away their bottles into the spare bin near the tent.

Andy waved to me before running up to his stand and I flashed him a quick smile in return. I’ll admit, one of the best parts about this job was the boys. I’ve been working as a P.A. for about three years now and when I got drafted to work for an obscure, punk rock, heavy metal band called Black Veil Brides It almost made all the other countless jobs for assholes like Gene Hackman and Taylor Swift worth it. They didn’t treat me like trash, they smiled and talked to me before doing takes, and, when my boyfriend of three years dumped me, they comforted me, told me that he didn’t deserve me and overall made the whole experience hurt a lot less. I had no idea why, after a year of working with them on tour and during video shoots I still had no idea why I hadn’t been relocated to another movie shoot but Jesus, I’m thankful to work with people like them.

Just then I felt a buzz in my back pocket. I took out my phone and saw that it was Lisa. Usually I would stay and watch the boys preform but… Lisa hadn’t been able to call for a while and I did need to check up on her. The song they were shooting for, Abeyance, came on over the old boom box and they started to preform, so while I brought the phone to my ear, I walked away from the set and behind a tent.

“Hey, Y/N! Sorry I haven’t been able to call for a while. My asshat of a boss made me do overtime yesterday and I forgot to ring you up,” Lisa, my roommate back in Chicago, apologized profusely.

I snickered, “Forget it, it’s okay. Hopefully you’ll get the promotion soon and then you can make his life hell.”

“Ah, yes. Vengeance and spite. The two motivations that get me up in the morning,” I laughed, and began not paying attention to the music playing from the set.

“So how’s the desert been?” I gave her an exasperated groan. “…That bad, huh?”

“Lisa, it feels like I am in Satan’s anus it’s so hot, I feel like I’m going to combust into flames.” I heard her lowly whistle over the tone.

“Well, if it makes you feel any better, that bitch Lindsey Lohan you filmed with a year ago just got arrested,” I gasped. Lindsey Lohan. Two years ago I was filming something with her and on the second day of the shoot she hadn’t turned up on set. The director, a nice girl if I remember right, asked Y/N, the brand new P.A., to go to Lindsey’s trailer and wake her up. When I knocked on the door she shouted at whoever was there to get out. I insisted that she was missing from the set and the director asked me to come get her. In response, she threw open the door of the trailer, poured half a bottle of scotch on my head, spit at me, and told me to fuck off. Needless to say, that was one of, if not the worst day of my life. So by now I was too deep in the conversation to notice that the music had stopped. “Yeah. Cops down in San Francisco had a hunch, you know? They thoughts they’d find some weed or something in her flat. Guess what they found?”

“What?” Distantly, I could hear something off in the direction of the set.

I could practically hear the malicious grin in her voice. “You name it. PCP, crack, LSD, everything under the sun.” I was bending over laughing I was so happy, and only stopped when I heard distressed shouting from the set.

“I know, right? She’ll be away for a long ti-“

The jokes forgotten, I was starting to feel panicked, “Listen, Lisa, something’s gone wrong on set. I’ll call you back,” and I promptly disconnected the call, stuffed my phone in my pocket and sprinted over to the set.

When the set came into view, a small crowd had gathered around the center of it. Brief panic turned to fear as I tried to push through the sea of people.

“Hey! What happened?” I asked one person, and I distinctively heard someone shout my name.

“There she is- Y/N! It’s Andy he… shit, he just…” I heard Ashley say and my worry spiked. Once I pushed through the crowd my eyes landed on the dusty desert ground and I felt my stomach drop. Andy had collapsed on the ground, face down on the sandy terra.

My breathing escalated and I crouched down beside Andy, my hand reaching to search for his pulse and inevitably located the steady beat of his heart somewhere down his neck. I looked up at Ashley questioningly, “What the hell happened?”

“I don’t know! Everything was normal and suddenly Andy just dropped.” I was about to try and wake him up when I heard Patrick’s angry shouts from across the scattered crowd.

“Heat stroke! You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me, Biersack. Of all the days to beauty sleep you chose today of all days!” He ranted and I felt my blood boil.

Sir,” I growled with an edge of bitterness, “Andy has just passed out. And it’s not unbelievable with this sun. Therefore, I will be taking him to his trailer to be sure that he is alright. And if you have any complaints you can take it up with the medic you surely hired just in case something like this would happen.” The director’s face paled. He knew just what I was implying. I had strongly urged as an experienced P.A, that going to film in the desert and not hire a medic because of funds was incredibly risky and incredibly illegal, which worked well in my favor.

Jinxx snickered at Patrick’s face and C.C. had to suppress laughter. I slipped an arm around Andy’s shoulder and tried to lift him. Ashley noticed and helped me get him upright. Despite his slim frame, he was surprisingly heavy.

“Hey, Y/N?” Ashley asked as I pulled open the door to the band’s trailer. I hummed in response, the majority of my attention devoted to helping Andy and making sure he was okay. “Thanks for sticking up for Andy back there. Patrick is seriously a huge hard-ass and needs to let up on him.”

I shook my head, “You better be fucking grateful, I probably just lost my job over you jerks,”

Ashley beamed, “Come on, you know you can always find a job with us. Personal butler sounds quite fitting.” Resisting the urge to shove the guitarist was almost too great.

“Oh shut up and help me get this idiot into bed.”

Ashley went back to the set to smooth things over with Patrick, leaving me alone with the barely conscious Andy. He hadn’t exactly awoken but had taken to mumbling, his eyelids shut tightly. His skin was suspiciously dry but flushed red and burning. Jinxx called me earlier and said that Patrick, being the cheap prick he is, wouldn’t waste hundreds of dollars for a doctor to inspect what he called ‘a fever’ and said that I had to get Andy back on his feet by tomorrow. That bastard… I’m working off of symptoms that I googled on fucking WebMD, how am I supposed to deal with this?

“Mmm… M’it hurts…” Andy mumbled.

I hummed, “I know, just hold on…” Finally, I found what I was looking for on the shitty website.

Heatstroke treatment centers on cooling your body to a normal temperature to prevent or reduce damage to your brain and vital organs. To do this, your doctor may take these steps: Immerse you in cold water. A bath of cold or ice water can quickly lower your temperature.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me.” There weren’t any baths in the trailer, or showers for that matter. It wasn’t an RV, just a rental trailer.

An idea popped into my head. Maybe not as effective as a bath but it might do the trick. I grabbed a spare rag from the drawer, dipped it in water and ringed it out until it was cool and damp.

“Okay, this might sting,” I mumbled to myself, seeing as how Andy probably couldn’t even hear me. I gently pressed the towel to Andy’s forehead and he instantly recoiled with a wince.

“Yeah, I get it hurts but please just stay still.” He twitched here and there but after a while he kept still and let me work. Everything was going perfectly well until his mumbling got more prominent. Originally, it was just funny, as he started talking about cats and batman, some strange dream he must’ve been having, but then everything went downhill when I started hearing my name fall from his lips.

“Y/N…” He muttered, and I spun around from my spot in the kitchen. I shook my head, thinking I must’ve just misheard him or something. But it happened again, this time sounding more like plea.

Cautiously, I walked over to him, setting the thermostat on the end table beside the couch. “Andy, you awake?” But he gave no response. He just repeated my name again. By now I had begun to notice a small bead of sweat forming on his temple, despite the fact that I had managed to get his temperature to a normal balance half an hour ago.

“Please… no…” He started turning from side to side, his hands twitching and clenching in his hand.

What the hell? “Andy, it’s okay, I’m right here,” I said softly, trying to wrestle his hands to be still. He didn’t slow, only becoming more and more anxious.

“Can’t… hurt her,” and now even his shoulders were spazzing out, “get… out…”

Now, as it was probably easy to guess, trying to hold down a convulsing, 6’4 heat stoke patient who was at least a foot taller than you is pretty difficult and I ended up with my legs trying to pin down his torso and my hands holding down his arms.

“Andy, please calm down!” I shouted, trying to wake up the singer.

“Love…her…can’t hurt…her…”

My heart skipped a beat when his words reached my ears. Realization hit me, a baseball bat swung to my chest and Jesus, it hit a home run. Andy, my best friend for over a year, was having a nightmare about me.

“Andy, come on, it’s just a dream, wake up!” His words were rattling in my head. In his tired voice was genuine concern. And there were those few syllables that I couldn’t ignore. Just two, though. ‘Love her’

What did that mean? He surely didn’t mean any more than a friend, right?

He didn’t wake up at all. His twitching only increased to painful thrashing. I couldn’t hold his legs down anymore and I could only barely hold his arms down to the couch. It felt like I was riding a bull it was so difficult. If I let him go he would surely have a stroke.

“Andy, please stop it!” I shouted, and still nothing. So I did all I could do. Without actually thinking things through, I leaned my head down and quickly pressed my lips to his, praying that it might calm him down.

His limbs stilled, the only tremor remaining was a small twinge in his fingertips. Kissing him felt… nice. His lips were surprisingly smooth, and I forgot to pull away. Then, after a few more extended seconds of chaste kisses, I felt a small pressure on the back of my neck, creeping up and tangling itself in my hair. My eyes went wide and I pulled away to see Andy’s bright blue eyes staring back at me, a victorious sparkle within the hue. He was smiling widely, and I grasped the compromising position the two of us were in.

“This isn’t what it looks like!” I shouted as I sprung off of him like a startled cat, scrambling back to the kitchen, blushing furiously.

He laughed, “How else is it supposed to look? Y/N, I knew you liked me but in my sleep, I never would’ve guessed!”

Thoughts ran through my head madly and I had no idea what to do. I mean, how the hell do you even respond to that? “Andy, please-“

The singer stood up, still chuckling mildly, “Last thing I remembered was passing out on set and then someone kissing me? I half expected it to be C.C. giving me mouth to mouth or some shit, so you can see how I was pleasantly surprised.” He droned on, walking over to me as I grew more and more embarrassed. I just kiss my boss when he was sleeping. That was a fucking line I really shouldn’t have crossed.

“I’m sorry, please just let me explain-“ My hands gipped at the edges of the kitchen sink as he approached me.

“I mean, Jake and Ashley said that there’s no way she would make the first move, C.C. said that you did. Guess I owe him ten bucks, huh?” My head was lowered as I came to terms with what was about to happen.

“I’ll get my shit in the after the shoot,” I forced the words out of my clogged throat, my hands shaking.

He raised an eyebrow, “Wait, what?”

I turned around to look at him slowly, “I’m fired, right? I just fucking kissed my boss while he was sleeping…”

He shook his head, “Y/N-“

“Even though I only did it because you got heat stroke and were having a nightmare and some kind of seizure and you were just spazzing on the couch and there really wasn’t anything I could do because Patrick was too cheap to hire a goddamn medic and I-“

“Y/N, listen-”

“Well I did all that I could do but I’m just a P.A. and it was stupid of me to think we were friends and even when I may have thought it was more I just tried to help you so I got on top of you because your legs were shaking and I-“ That was when he grabbed my arm and leaned down in front of me.

“Please, just calm down. I’m not going to fire you, that’s stupid.” He spoke slowly, like he understood the boiling point I was falling over.

I stood, bewildered and backed up against the kitchen sink, registering the space, or lack thereof, between us. “Y/N, what I wanted to say is that I really enjoyed that, okay?”

“What… are you saying…” The very concept of someone else ever enjoying kissing with me was so foreign I couldn’t even fathom it.

“Jesus, you’re dense,” Andy whispered, before pressing his lips against mine. Even though I had done the exact same thing moments before, I still felt utterly taken aback when he initiated it, though. The fireworks were more prominent, they were brighter than before. Electricity sparked though my skin as his hands slipped down to my side to rest on my hips. The taste of the hot sun of his still-warm lips was addictive and I couldn’t get enough of it. The only thing that made me pull away was the burning need for oxygen in my lungs.

“Wow,” I gasped out, taking deep breaths of air.

He grinned, “Yeah… wow.”

After a moment of awkward silence, he said, “So, maybe after we get out of the goddamn Sahara desert, think maybe we could get a coffee or something?”

I fucking loved/hated writing this. I mean, I was considering turning this into smut but I honestly have no idea how to actually write smut. I mean I read it plenty, who doesn’t, but really I have no blues clues how to do this shit.

Anybody got any tips for me?

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Hello Neighbour

Characters: Tony x Reader

Summary: Living next door to Tony Stark is, unsurprisingly, a little bit of a nightmare but how much could you take before you are seriously planning to sneak in and murder the inconsiderate ass in his sleep?

Word Count: 2041 words

Prompt “You’re my new neighbor, but I know you’re stealing my wifi to watch porn. Can you not?”

A/N:  This is for @bionic-buckyb and her fabulous challenge.  Thanks for the prompt sweetie. xx

You weren’t usually a passive aggressive note kinda person and as you found yourself scribbling yet another post-it note for the inconsiderate asshole who had moved into the apartment next door you let out a frustrated growl.  It had started innocently enough.  The wonderful, amazing gay couple that you adored moved out into a gorgeous, much larger condo and you had waited the arrival of your new neighbour with a little trepidation but general hope.  You had been at work when they moved in and upon entering the hall you’d had to climb over several boxes just strewn about the place with a frown.  It was okay though, perhaps they were moving in by themselves and with the parking restrictions had to get everything in the building as quickly as possible.  You got how stressful moving was so you let it slide.  When the thumping bass caused your bed to vibrate so much it woke you at 3am you had simply taken a steadying breath and tried to focus on the fact that your new neighbour was still unpacking at this hour and deserved your pity, the music was probably just to keep them awake to finish what they could.

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get real | isaiah/reader

i had anon requests for isaiah fluff and sneaking around/getting caught

“I need a place to stay”

Isaiah stepped aside in the doorway, letting you in the house.

“What happened?”

“Ughhh…me and Polly had a fight” you waved your hand “let’s not”

“You alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just need some space. Your dad home?”

“Nah, won’t be back tonight. We’re safe” He pecked a kiss to your temple, moving behind you to set the kettle going. He can’t have been home long, his coat draped over the chair, his pockets half emptied onto the table top. He was down to his shirt with his sleeves rolled up. He looked at home.

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anonymous asked:

Hi. Not to creep u put but I found your blog and was scrolling through like heaps and was wondering if you could post more stuff about house hunting. -your new anonymous follower

hi! not creepy at all although i am about to disappoint you: i don’t really have the right temperament to watch ‘house hunters’ or any other reality show by myself. conflict makes me nervous and i have an extraordinarily low threshold for second-hand embarrassment.

the only conditions under which i can make it through an evening of house hunters are if i’m watching with friends who are bothered by the same things i am, alcohol is involved, and if we all agree it’s ok to spend the whole time yelling at the screen (”PLEASE PLEASE STOP SAYING YOU WANT ‘PLANTATION CHARM’ WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU” “SORRY ABOUT YOUR DOOMED RELATIONSHIP” “GHIRARDELLI IS NOT ‘THE MOST ICONIC PART’ OF SAN FRANCISCO, FUCK YOU!”)

the post about the wife who wants a castle and the husband who wants a floating orb was, in my own way, an attempt to work through my lingering discomfort. i had to leave out the most bonkers stuff that actually happened during the like six episodes we watched, including:

  • a couple who works out their conflict by talking in cartoony stereotypical italian accents, complete with fake italian names. the empty look on the realtor’s face when she explained to the camera, ‘uh so i’ve met lucenzo and luchenza…’ was a piece of very sad modern art
  • a dude who wanted to live so far out in the middle of nowhere that we got real concerned the episode was gonna turn into a murder mystery
  • a woman who believes in ghosts to the point where she wouldn’t move into a ten year old house without conducting a sage ceremony
  • seriously more than one person on this show (and it’s always the wife or girlfriend, it’s never the dude) who just wants that “plantation charm.” listen, you were born in the eighties, how nostalgic can you possibly be for an era where it was legal to own human beings like property? one of these plantation enthusiasts was looking for a house in montana, which wasn’t even a fucking state during the civil war. IF YOU WANT BIG WINDOWS OR SOMETHING JUST SAY YOU WANT BIG WINDOWS YOU DON’T HAVE TO FUCKING BRING ONE OF THE WORST EVILS THIS COUNTRY HAS EVER COMMITTED INTO YOUR FUCKING DESIGN AESTHETIC, BRITTANY, HOW DOES THIS POSSIBLY FEEL LIKE A THING IT IS OKAY TO SAY

if i get invited to another house hunters party, i may post more about it. otherwise, probably not. i don’t really like how that show makes me feel inside.

anonymous asked:

I find you as a very important part of Obitine fandom (your art keeps this ship alive!!) and I'm thankful for that. Also i have a question: how do you imagine Obi-Wan after Satine's death? I think he could live with this, he is a Jedi after all. But i believe he had one huge break down when he cried so much he couldn't breathe (and maybe drunk some alcohol??? idk man) and Anakin did comfort him. These are my thoughts I wanna hear yours! And sorry for this ask being so long, hope you don't mind!

Aw, sweet anon, you make me blush, but everybody in the fandom is important! I’m glad you like the art, but your liking it is keeping the ship shipping along too, otherwise I‘d just be tossing sketches into the abyss of the internet.  <3<3<3  And there are lots of lovely artists in this corner of fandom, most of whom have been here longer than me.

Your (sad) question:

I’m not sure I think that Obi-Wan has much time to grieve for a while after Satine’s death? It’s unclear what the timeline is between The Lawless and Sabotage, but it seems close to me.

In general, I think after Satine’s death might be when Obi-Wan’s friendship with Padmé grows (they seem closer in RotS than they were during Clone Wars), since she was friends with Satine as well. I’m not sure he’d ever say much about it, just quietly enjoy Padmé’s company, knowing that she’s thinking of Satine and missing her too.

Anyway, I wrote you a little scene set during the Sabotage/The Wrong Jedi arc, but it’s pretty depressing.

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A Needed Night of Romance Chris Evans x Reader

Summary: You come home frustrated with your editor, and discover a surprise guest.

Notes: Straight Fluff!!! // This is my first Real Person fic, so I would LOVE feedback from you guys. I may even consider making another part to this. I’m not using my usual tag list since this is a different pairing than I have ever used, so if you want to also be on my RP tags, let me know!! (I will tag @moreinfinite because she always wants tagged and the lovely @tsfrce)

Word Count: 2,199

In the silence of the plane, Chris anxiously scratched at his full beard. In only another two hours, he’d be strutting into Sweet Thing’s house to surprise her with his early arrival. Y/N had been so good about Chris’ time away for press and filming. Honestly, it gave her time to work too. She was in her final phase of writing her first novel. She was able to schedule her writing around his less malleable schedule. That way, she had more available time to spend with him when he was home. Chris was over the moon with how disciplined she had been to keep her schedule. He knew that she was now ahead of schedule, much to his excitement, so he planned out a long evening for the two of them. He actually found himself discussing it with the kind woman next to him. Her heavy lidded and wrinkled eyes seemed to shine more and more as Chris swooned over Y/N.

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Once Upon A Time [Pt. 1]

Summary: In a universe very different from the one Charles is used to, you’re a bartender. But just because you live in a world filled with princesses and magic and singing chipmunks doesn’t mean life’s a fairytale - a lesson Charles is soon to figure out for himself. (A Charles Xavier Enchanted!AU)

Warnings: A couple swears, Charles is probably pretty ooc, my bad :3

Word count: 1500

A/N: I’m writing this for @hunters-from-stark-tower ’s AU challenge, and I’m so so sorry it took so long!!!! I have like five drafts of this first chapter because I couldn’t find a good way to write it, but I think I’ve got a handle on it now :D I hope you guys like it!!

Originally posted by maryanne-spears-timberlake

In hindsight, Charles really should have expected something like this to happen.

Well, maybe that was asking too much of himself, but when had any X-men fight not included a curve ball? He probably should have noticed that it was too easy from the start, and that something extraordinary and/or disastrous was on its way.

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This is a little follow-up to this drabble +   This time in Zayn’s POV.


“We’re hopeless.”

As soon as Zayn says those words, he expects Liam to give him that soft smile the one that was just for him, and then he expects him to turn around and walk away. 

And maybe that would be for the best.

You see Liam’s addictive without being life threatening, except to Zayn’s soul, and he’s as much second nature to Zayn as breathing is, as opening up the cafe each morning, as lifting a cigarette from his pocket and then shaking his head at it because he’d promised himself he’d give up.

Liam looks how he’s always looked, a little bit thinner and the smudge of grey under his eyes speaks of how Liam’s probably struggled for sleep just like Zayn.

It’s hardly surprising when you share a bed with one other person for almost as long as you’ve been an adult.

Then it’s gone.  He’s gone and sometimes all you dream about is him missing from your life, and somewhere in that dream, there’s the touch of a hand on your skin, and then there’s the softness of Liam’s lips, and him above Zayn, smile brilliant as it always was for so long, and dream Zayn would lift his fingertips up to brush against the birthmark.

And just like he’d popped a balloon with a pin, the dream would end and he’d wake up and the nightmare would begin once more.

So Zayn expects it to be the same because this isn’t a dream, it’s here and it’s now and he lifts his head which he hadn’t realised he’d allowed to drop and he expects there to be no one there.

Half expects a hand to fall on his shoulder and Niall to spend the next year nd 3 days pulling him back from the edge again.

Except Liam’s there, and he’s closer than he was before, his head’s tilted to one side and there’s a look of concern on his face, his forehead creased with concern.

Then it’s gone and he starts to speak.

“But what if we’re not?”  

As soon as Liam says the words, he takes a step back, chews at his lips in the way he always did when he suggested something a little bit out of the blue, but Zayn’s more concerned with what he means, till he realises what his own words were and he knows the answer already.

Has known it from the morning after he walked away.  Has known it from each time he’d walk past New Scotland Yard then round the corner to the cafe Liam always got his poached egg on toast in every other morning. 

Except Liam had stopped going.  

So he’d given up looking, he stopped looking at the laptop and the 50 or so draft emails that stayed unsent and instead he’d done what they’d dreamt of, applied for planning permission for a rooftop terrace at the cafe. Liam’s idea.

He can’t even remember why he walked out that day, and yet he can think of a thousand reasons why he shouldn’t have. 

“Good question,” he says in response, and then he takes a step closer to Liam. 

There’s a flicker of a genuine smile on Liam’s face before it’s replaced with uncertainty, it reminds Zayn of seventeen-year-old Liam walking into college that first day, finding a space next to Zayn that was never empty again even when they were apart till 368 days ago. 

“Do you ever wonder if the reason we split up was just to show how we’d be without each other, to show that nothing else can better this?” Liam pauses and then he takes a step forward and Zayn looks down towards the ground as their feet are inches centimetres from touching and he does that thing he always did, he parts his own feet and Liam’s naturally adjust so they fill the space in between and Zayn can’t help it, he smiles. 

“I mean that sounds so stupid even to my own ears, but oh I dunno.”

As Zayn looks up, Liam’s running his fingers through his hair as he shakes his head and mutters to himself and it’s how he was an hour before he’d put in for the transfer to New Scotland Yard where he’d been full of doubt, and all it had taken was Zayn’s fingertips stopping Liam’s from worrying at his hair and a “You’ve got this,” and by 5pm that day they’d been in the pub celebrating Detective Constable Liam Payne. 

Except it’s their future, and it’s an admission of a mistake, and a realisation that they’ve wasted a year.

But what’s worse than wasting a year?  Wasting a single second more thinks Zayn. 

So he reaches out his hand, ignores the tremble as his fingers fall on top of Liam’s hand and gently pulls at it and that’s all that’s needed because then Liam’s fingers lock with Zayn’s till it’s like they were just on any other day in London, holding hands.

Now or never Zayn thinks.  

“I think us not talking is what’s more stupid, ignoring that what’s written on your face is what I know’s on mine, it’s if I failed to admit that whatever broke us isn’t enough to make me want to ever let you out of my sight again.”

Liam’s fingers squeeze Zayn’s and he replies with a quiet, “But what’s to stop it happening again?”

Zayn shrugs, looks into Liam’s eyes, lets his eyes travel lower to the birthmark and he lifts his other hand up and his forefinger ghosts over the birthmark before he shuts his eyes as he touches it and prays that it won’t be like all those dreams. 

He opens his eyes and Liam’s still there and he’s sure then.

“It won’t though, happen again I mean.”

Liam nods, and it’s quiet between them for a minute or two, and there’s this hope inside Zayn and he’d forgotten what it felt like and he doesn’t want to give it up but he’s not sure.

When Liam’s fingers leave his, and he looks down and the feet leave that space in between his, it’s like a kick to the stomach but he’s not ready to give up and he feels the tears sting his eyes and he’s about to let the words, though he’s not sure what words, spill from his mouth but then.

“Oi, are you coming or not?”

Zayn flicks his head upwards but Liam’s not two or three steps away from him, waving goodbye, no instead he’s two or three steps away from him, pointing in the direction of the cafe.

“Are you going to make me some poached egg on toast or not? And then are you going to take me upstairs to the new roof terrace I know got signed off for planning permission several months back but you’ve still not opened?”

Zayn fires back with, “Well, someone needs to fatten you up, you’ve been ailing without me.”

Liam grins, “Nah, done that thing that you always suggested I should do.”

“Fucks sake Liam, not in public.” Zayn pulls a face and Liam starts to laugh.

“No, not that thing you dirty bastard, needs two for that anyway, no the other thing, the New York marathon, and well play your cards right, I may enlist you for my cheer squad.”

Then he’s grinning as he turns away before he looks back one more time before he crosses the road and calls, “Well, are you coming or not?”

Is it really this easy?  To forget 368 days of life without each other?  Zayn doubts it, knows that what broke them, could threaten again. 

But, he knows that the alternative, to not try at all, that’s the equivalent of not living at all so as he hears his name called, and he nods, lifts his hand up to acknowledge Liam, and he breaks into a run and he can see Niall shaking Liam’s hand then drawing him into a hug and giving Zayn a thumbs up as he does. 

He owes it to himself, to both him and Liam, to try. 

Change of Heart & Song: Part Two

Title: Part Two - Downhill spiral 
Synopsis: Dean and the Reader go through a rough patch in their relationship. Though Dean doesn’t want things to change, will you do something you regret?
Characters: Dean x Reader, Castiel (mentioned)
Word count: 2002
Warnings:  Angst, some fluff at the beginning?  
Tags: At the bottom! 

A/N: y’all weren’t expecting this today, were you? This is still a sort of flashback-y chapter (sorry!) I just really want you guys to have their full story. I hope you enjoy! 

Catch up: Part One

Originally posted by supernatural-jackles

February – 1999

Every fight and every argument that you ever had with Dean Winchester would be ten times less painful than this. You would rather be screaming at him for doing something so small and insignificant – like leaving the window open when he left the apartment, or never unloading the dishwasher when it was his day to – but no. This time it was not a petty argument, this time it was goodbye.

Dean had recently been signed by a small record label in New York. The company had been so fascinated by his quickly escalating popularity that they decided to take him under their wing. Dean was hesitant at first, the thought of leaving you filled him with such a dread that he couldn’t describe. The two of you had been together for almost four years now and he would rather do anything but leave. But you thought otherwise…

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The water’s closing in above my head
and it’s so dark and so cold and so silent
But it’s not drowning that I’m scared of–
I’m scared because I can’t tell anymore
If the water in my lungs is salvation washing me clean
or damnation claiming its victory

And your fingers on my skin,
they burn,
they burn like candleflame, like hellfire, like sunlight,
and you caress my cheek,
      you stroke a finger down my ribs,
      you stab a blade into my leg–
it all burns the same, I can’t tell anymore–
but to be honest, darling, I don’t care.
I don’t care if you heal me or bleed me,
I don’t care if you kiss me or kill me,
as long as it’s your fingers against my skin,
as long as it’s your lips against my lips,
as long as it’s you and no one else.
I don’t care anymore.
At least if I die, I’ll die pure this time.

And your skin burns against mine,
collecting molten iron in the notches of my spine,
pouring lava into the hollow of my throat,
setting fire to the screams in my lungs–
And I can’t tell if the air stuck in my throat is just breathlessness,
just you robbing my lungs of life like you always do,
or if it’s smoke tainting my blood blacker and blacker,
or maybe the noose of my sins slowly strangling my death away–
all I know is I can’t breathe when I look at you.
all I know is I can’t breathe when I look at you
but my heart stops beating when I look away and I am dying.

I am dying wearing another man’s face,
wearing another man’s name like secondhand clothing–
too small in the shoulders that never learned to carry the world
too big in the chest that once carried a living heart–
I am wearing his history like a cloak around my self,
wielding his memories like a shield against the blood
    against the death
    against the damnation.

But the blood is coming from me,
it’s my fingers leaving rusty streaks down my face
and I am afraid to reach for you.
I am afraid to hold you in case
I stain you red,
like everything else I touch–
and if I taint you with my stained lips
I don’t think even I could carry that sin.

The preacher puts his hand
on my head,
on my chest,
across the cavity of my empty heart,
and I can’t tell if his words are blessings or condemnations–
I can’t tell if he can bleed the red from my soul
but you look at me so earnestly and I have to try,
I have to try.

I am drowning, and you are my raft.
You are the glimmer of light dancing above the waves,
you are the handful of straws dancing at the edge of my grip–
but I cannot hold you.

I am drowning, and you are my lifeline–
and I let you go.

—  am I drowning or being reborn? ( j.p. )
reunion falls full script

so…. i think it’s about time to face the music that there is no way in Heck im ever going to be able to draw out all the stuff i have written for rfalls. i mean, there is boatloads of dialogue here. i dont even have the time right now to work on my own webcomic, let alone a fancomic. but i figure, hey, this silly little thing has a lot of fans, maybe they would appreciate seeing the drafts i had planned! and maybe they’d even like to take a crack at drawing some of it themselves!

and this isnt me giving up, either! i’d still really love to draw a ton of this. when i can find time, i’ll totally try! and i’m still going to finish sock opera and the backstory comic. but yknow. the people have been waiting long enough. so here’s a comprehensive list of all the notes and dialogue ive written so far, organized by “episodes”.

(it’s long. really freakin long)

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i miss you sideways daily (Pidge)

Title: i miss you sideways daily
Summary: “I just meant—as long as I have you, Mom, and Matt around, I’ll never be lost, you know?” / Pidge character study of sorts, oneshot.
A/N: Pidge is my favorite and I’m still not sure I’ll ever do her justice but. here is an attempt.  Also inspired by some lovely art by @kidworm and @tropicoola which made me very emotional. anYWAYS.

{Leave a comment over on Ao3} or continue under the cut. 

“Sideways because I have to beam my love in all directions, hoping it bounces off something and eventually finds you.”

            —Richard Siken


The engineers called it a marvel, a feat. The media said a whole new frontier of exploration, an unprecedented display of human curiosity and determination.

Katie Holt stands in front of the Kerberos mission launch site, eyes the towering white shuttle, and says, simply: “Whoa.”

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anonymous asked:

Hiya, Ashlee! Could I bother for just a second? I'm having quite a bit of trouble writing lately; I have an idea set for what I want to write, but I just can't get the juices flowing enough to press my fingers to the keyboard and make progress. There are somethings I REALLY want to get to, including a huge project I want to get moving, but I can't shake away this block holding me back. Do you have any tips on how to break away and get to writing again??? Thanks! -That sweet Anon from earlier. :D

Hey sweet anon!! You’re not a bother at all, I’m actually flattered you’d even think to ask me. :)

I understand perfectly well what a bitch writer’s block can be. I have a few different methods I use to break through it, so I’m just going to throw them all at you in no particular order and hope that one of them helps. 

Disclaimer: some of them will be contradictory because every case of writer’s block is different and what works one time might not work another. Also take everything with a grain of salt because a) I am sadly not a professional author, b) I am probably terrible at giving advice and c) it is very late and I may or may not be high on cold and flu medicine. 

Let’s go!

  • That scene that you can’t get out of your head? That one exchange of dialogue that keeps echoing through your thoughts, even though you have absolutely no idea who’s saying it or why? That little spark for your big project that makes you get butterflies in your tummy, the idea that started it all? Write it down. It doesn’t have to make sense. It doesn’t need any context at all. Don’t bother about stitching it into a larger plot or universe right now - just get it on the page. Yeah, it’s not going to sound as good on paper (or screen) as it does in your head, but it’s no good to anyone if you just keep it up there. The important thing is to just start writing. Worry about everything else later, and just start with what you have. You never know what could flow on from there.
  • But Ashlee, I hear you say, What if I don’t have any scenes or dialogue yet?! Never fear! If all you have is an idea - not even a plot, just a raw, basic, idea - you’re still good to go. 
  • Grab yourself a nice big piece of paper and write your idea down in the middle of the page. That’s right, we’re going to mind map this bitch. I find it helpful to use different colours for different things - one colour for character ideas, one colour for plot ideas, another for sub-plots, another for backstory, etc. etc. Apart from that, there’s no order to this part. Literally scribble all over the page, wherever you like, whatever comes to your mind. If one idea links immediately to another, sweet, draw a pretty coloured line between them and give yourself a pat on the back. If not, it doesn’t even matter. You’ve got plenty more paper to fill, so just leave that lonely little idea floating there in your cloud and move on to the next one: they’re all going to link up eventually, so don’t feel bad for it. 
  • Once you’ve got your awesome multicoloured mind map, step back from it and admire your handiwork. Look at all those words on the page! You did that! You deserve a cookie. Go get a cookie and then come back to your pretty mind map. It’s time to turn it into some not-so-pretty documents.
  • Group ideas based on colour and type them up into separate documents: At this point I normally do one for characters, one for plot and one for whatever the hell else I wrote down in my initial creative frenzy. 
  • Let’s start with the character document. I love characters. I especially love my own characters. They’re like my babies. (My teenaged, fictional babies.) But at this point in the process I don’t give them very much attention. I write down what I’ve got - usually a physical description, age, what their main goal/motivation is and some defining features that have bearing on the plot (eg. selfish, over achiever, etc.). 
  • And then I leave them alone. I’m a big believer in letting characters grow and develop over the course of the plot, so I don’t like to cram too much information on them immediately. Some people fill out massive character forms, but I’m not about that. If I know I want them to start out one way and end up a changed person by the end of the story, of course I write that down. But it is literally in the form of: “Starts out selfish. Develops heart/conscience. Sacrifices own happiness/original goal for others and ends up getting happiness through that act anyway.” Bam. Done. No more detail needed right now. Say bye to your babies and move on.
  • The plot document is next! You’re going to use a lot of headings and bullet points here. Probably. I do, anyway. Now is the time for me to introduce my good friend - outlining! (Outlining and I are actually not friends. We’re more like begrudging students who got paired up for a group assignment and really don’t want to work together but know that we have to in order to get a good grade, so we’re all passive aggressive and complain about each other to our friends for the whole project but end up pulling it together at the end and getting a pretty good mark. But whatevs.)
  • Take the points from your mind map and put them into a rough chronological order. After that, try to fill in any gaps you have, but don’t feel too bad about empty spaces. If you need to write “Something awesome happens here and they escape” just go ahead and do that. No one will judge you. Once you’ve got a big, very rough plot outline down, the fun really begins. 
  • Take that outline and break it down into three acts. Beginning, Middle, End. Simple, right? Now take each of those sections and break them down into chapters, where one big plot point/event/development occurs each chapter. Underneath the chapter number and the summary of the plot development you just assigned to it, break it down into three scenes (by scenes I don’t necessarily mean scenes, like how they use the term in screenwriting, I more mean it in the sense of pacing/emotional beats). In these scenes it’s good to make notes of any new characters or plot developments being introduced.
  • Here’s an example from the first draft of the outline I did for my novel.
    ACT I:
    Chapter 1: Introduce Jenna, Harper, Elle and Gabby as they move into their new dorm for their final year of school, and Jenna finds the weird old book.
    Scene I: Jenna saying goodbye to her dad, moving in with the girls and giving a basic rundown of how things work at this school/are different from what she’s used to.
    Introduce basic physical descriptions and history of the girls.
    Introduce Jenna’s dad being a professor on a research trip, hence the boarding school.
    Scene II: As Jenna’s unpacking and putting her stuff away she discovers a secret compartment in one of her drawers, inside of which is the book with notes about a storm and a shipwreck.
    Scene III: Jenna’s first day of classes.
    Establish Jenna as a good student.
    Introduce Bill the prefect.
    Introduce Chekhov’s Gun!!!!
  • You see some scenes are more detailed than others. I haven’t gone into what each scene really entails, and I haven’t even got a Chekhov’s Gun yet, I just know that I want one. Because Chekhov’s Guns are one of my favourite tropes and I love them. But anyway. The point of this outline isn’t to be super detailed and to have your entire story worked out - it’s simply to give you little breadcrumbs that you can follow when you get lost. They’re just jumping off points that remind you of all the bases you need to cover. 
  • If you have any snippets of dialogue or specific ideas you know you want to include, they’re just added bonuses you can put in their corresponding scenes. 
  • Don’t panic if you don’t have enough information to do an outline like that for your entire story! At first I actually only did an outline like the one above for Act I. Act III got a single paragraph summing up how I wanted the story to end, and Act II only got a few disjointed sentences with lots of question marks at the ends. But it didn’t matter, because I had a starting point, and as I wrote other stuff came to me and it got easier to fill in the gaps for the rest.
  • If you’ve made it this far go get yourself another cookie, because you’re being a real trooper. 
  • As you write, if you come to a scene that’s not working, skip it. Move on. Come back to it later. Maybe you don’t even need it, or maybe you just aren’t looking at it the right way at the moment. Whatever the case, let future you deal with it and just jump ahead for now.
  • If you want to go ahead and write random scenes in no particular order at all, do it. I do it sometimes, and store them in a separate document until I get up to that point in the manuscript. Then I copy and paste them in, do a bit of tweaking and reward myself for how much my word count just jumped with very little effort from my present self.
  • If neither randomly writing nor outlining is helping you, go ahead and step back from the project a bit. Go get another cookie. Go sit in the sun. Go for a drive with the windows down and try to find the exact words to describe how the wind feels against your face. Do not feel guilty for this. Everything is research.
  • When you come back, you don’t have to dive straight back into the proper writing. Make a playlist for your story. Choose a fancast. Make edits. Go searching for random prompts that don’t match your plot at all but will be a good exercise in character. Not everything you write has to have the goal of being in your final draft.
  • That’s a really important thing I’m going to emphasise: Don’t look at this with any sort of finality. First drafts are always crap. They’re meant to be crap, it’s why they’re called first drafts. A lot of the words you write today are not the words that are going to get published, so who cares if they don’t quite flow? They’re there, you wrote them, and that’s all that matters.

I have no idea if this makes any sense at all - I definitely went off on a few tangents - but I hope that you find something in there that can help you get past writer’s block. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or comments, and good luck with your projects!!


jongyu / morning after au / pg-13 / 1600 words
Jonghyun doesn’t expect a one-night-stand to turn out quite like this.

this lil things has been sitting in my drafts for a while now, and i guess i never bothered to post it. thank you to the lovely @shitfics for reading it for me and convincing me it is good enough to share lol enjoy!

Jonghyun wakes up in an unfamiliar apartment, blinking blearily into a chipped, pasty white ceiling. There’s sunlight filtering in from behind the curtains, nearly blinding him as he buries his face into a pillow. His head is throbbing, each of limbs feels heavy and uncooperative, and there’s a dull ache in his lower backside – but he welcomes that one with a faint, knowing grin. He went out to the club last night with a reason after all.

It’s easy to recall the beginning of the night: Going out with Kibum to have some fun and forget about his shitty week, which meant flirting with the attractive guy he met at the bar (“Jinki,” he remembers the man yelling over the thrum of the music, leaning in so close his lips brushed against Jonghyun’s ear). They’d hit it off right away, a hot, smooth chemistry that had Jonghyun leading Jinki onto the dance floor after only a couple of drinks, already reconsidering his resolve not to go home with the first cute guy he met that night.

He’s glad he did, because Jinki got him hotter and on his knees faster than he ever thought he could give it up – he’s still amazed he got so lucky on the first try.

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See these Gifs up here^^ yeah they aren’t mine, got them from google. So if they’re yours you have the right to tell me to take them down… but if not thanks for letting me use them!!:)

Based on: this, this, and this imagine!!
Rating: Mature/Explicit
Pairing: Gadreel/Reader
Word Count: 4,366
Warnings: Kidnapping, torture, cursing,(but that’s a given) and of course smut:)
Author’s Note: Me, being the obsessed Gadreel Girl that I am, had to finish writing this, it’s been sitting in my drafts forever, it’s one of my longest fics!! Hope you all enjoy it!:) 

“Mom, you weren’t at the bookstore so I assume you’re here!” You call, hurrying into the house from rain. You took off your coat and boots continuing to talk, walking towards the kitchen where you heard your mother bustling around.

“I hope you weren’t out in that rain, I don’t want you to get sick.” You stopped in the doorway, shutting your mouth when you saw it wasn’t just your mother in the kitchen. You hadn’t been out of town that long, three months tops, who was this stranger sitting at the table?

“Hey, my little Sunflower!” Your mother said hugging you tight but your eyes didn’t stray from the man in the room.

“Mom, are you doing the cougar thing now?” You whisper in her ear and she laughs letting you go.

“Oh, no dear, this is Gadreel, he’s been helping me around the bookstore and the house, and he fixed the roof where your room is.”

“Oh, that’s great, thank you.” You said directing your words to him.

“It was my pleasure, your mother has helped me very much since I got here, helping her out is the least I can do.”

“We’re just sitting down for tea and I made your favorite mini sandwiches, I knew you would be here.”

“Okay, let me just change real quick, the rain got me.” You smile lightly at your mother and hurry to your old room, you had grew up in this house and you were glad to know you would always have somewhere to go if you needed.

Once you got into the room you took the time to freak out, Gadreel was gorgeous and his voice, whew, you grew hot just thinking about it! You hurriedly changed and dried your hair before making your way back down and the conversation between he and you began. He was definitely an interesting man and you felt yourself sucked into his charm but you couldn’t help but sense a sadness in him that made you want to hug him on the spot.

“Well, it seems it’s time for me to get some sleep, you two have fun out here.” Your mother said getting up, the three of you had moved from inside the house when the rain stopped and were on the front deck.

“Do you need help?” You ask her getting up.

“Sweetheart, I’m only 50, you act like I’m an 88 year old woman with a cane, no I don’t need help but thank you.” She laughed making her way in the house and shutting the door behind her. You turned around looking at Gadreel “Do you have to leave?” You silently hoped he didn’t.

“No, not unless you want me to.”

“No!” You said a little quickly and you could see a smirk grace his face while you felt yours heat up, you hadn’t meant to sound so desperate.

“Why don’t you come sit next to me?” he suggests and your mind runs wild at the thought of being so close to him but your feet move until you’re in front of the loveseat porch swing and you sit down. He moves slightly closer to you and you suddenly become shyer.

“So, where do you work?” You ask

“At the bar in town, I’m a bartender.”

“Oh, cool, I’ve never been in there.”

“It’s the only bar in town.” he chuckles and you take in the glorious sound smiling.

“When I’m here I’m usually helping mom around the house or the bookstore or just sleeping, my job requires a lot of moving around.”

“What do you do?" 

"I’m a flight attendant, so, I’m always in a new state or a new country, up all hours of the day and night. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, I’ve seen almost the entire world but when I come home it’s just nice to rest.”

“Oh, I’ve never been on a plane before.” he says and you look at him with disbelief.

“How do you get around?!”

“I drive.”

“Well, sir, you can’t drive everywhere.”

“How about one day we both get on one together and you show me what’s so good about it.” His green eyes look into yours and your stomach flips again.

“O-okay, I’ll hold your hand throughout the flight, that sound good?” You tease with a smile.

“I would like to hold your hand now if you don’t mind.” You take no time to slip you hand in his and he brings it up to his lips to kiss it all the while still looking into your eyes. You melt in a puddle right there, where has this guy been all your life? 

For the next 2 weeks that you’re home you and Gadreel have been spending most of your time together and your mother gladly shooed you off so you could be with him, talking about wanting grandchildren.

“Maybe he can help you stay put for once.” She says and you roll your eyes as you walk out the door and to his car.

“So, what are we doing today?" 

"I was thinking about taking a walk around the park.”

“That sounds nice.” Comfortable silence falls between the two of you as he drives while you look at the trees go by and think about how close you and he have gotten in such a short amount of time, you’d never felt this way about any guy before and you definitely didn’t open up to anyone so fast but Gadreel was special.

“You ready?” he asks and you realize that you’re at the park already, you smile with a nod and he gets out first while you unbuckle your seat belt, he comes around and opens the door for you helping you out and keeping your hand in his with your fingers intertwined as you walk around the quiet, almost empty park.

“I forgot how beautiful it was here.” You sigh seeing the beautiful flowers along with the bright green of the grass and trees, the two of you walk towards the pond to sit on one of the benches taking in the quiet. His arm comes around and you scoot closer to him and rest your head on him.

“_____, I need to say something to you, I’ve never said it to anyone else before but I do not know of any other way I can express how I feel.” You shifted so you could look at him.

“What is it?” You ask, worry crossing your features which makes Gadreel frown.

“It is nothing bad, ____, I just… I love you. I have never felt this way before so it is strange but I like it.” The face of his realization was cute and you couldn’t help smiling.

“I love you too, Gadreel.” You feel a blush rise when his face breaks out in a smile.

“May I kiss you?” The question too you way off guard, no one had ever asked you before but now that someone did you liked it, someone asking permission instead of just taking.

“Yes.” His lips touched yours lightly at first, an experimental kiss, but you wanted more and pressed your lips more firmly to his which turned into a slow, heated make out session, you let him take the lead and you both ended up back at his apartment with you pressed against the wall and him kissing down your neck. The pace was still going slow and you weren’t against it, Gadreel took his time in case you objected to anything he was doing and you loved that, you loved how attentive he was and how he went from soft to rough. If the noises coming from you didn’t show how much you loved it you don’t know what else could.

His slender fingers smoothly ran up your exposed leg and under your skirt until he got to your panties, he rubbed you through them and at the slight touch you moaned.

“Ah, yes more, Gadreel, please.” You beg moving your hips, his fingers find their way into your panties so now he’s touching your bare pussy, one finger slips through your folds and touches your clit and you give a small high pitched squeal as he rubs it exactly the way you like it. His finger slides down to your opening and teases it while his thumb proceeds to flick and rub your clit, when he finally slips his finger into you, your head falls back and hits the wall, his other hand comes up and strokes your cheek with the back of his fingers and then goes down to your neck, he cautiously wraps his fingers around your neck, not putting too much pressure around it but just enough to heighten your excitement as he continues to thrust his finger in and out of you, he adds another and starts to speed up the tempo.

“Oh, fuck!” You call out as your eyes open to see him staring down at you, a smirk playing on his lips, his heated gaze only making everything more intense, his fingers brush over your g-spot softly exactly as he bends to kiss you, he does it again and again whilst quickening his pace on your clit, his hand tightening just a tad more and finally you scream your release, tears falling as your eyes close from the overflow of pleasure.

Gadreel’s hand moves from your neck and his arm wraps around your waist, pressing his body against your as he helps you to ride out your orgasm. When he stops and gingerly pulls his fingers out of you you have to take some breaths to calm your racing heart before you look up at him, when you do you end up laughing which in turn has him laugh and kiss your forehead tenderly, then your nose, cheek and finally your lips. You don’t think you’ve ever felt so loved before.

“How long will you be gone again?” Your mother asks as you, her and Gadreel stand outside the airport.

“No matter how short or long it is you’ll still hate it.”

“I know I just miss my baby.”

“Are you ever going to stop calling me that? I’m 23!” You play as if you’re annoyed but you still end up smiling.

“No.” She answers with her own smile.

“If you can’t take me leaving now then what will you do when I get married?" 

"Can’t I live with you and your husband?” She jokes and you laugh

“No, sorry, not happening.” You wrap your arms around her neck and hug her tight telling her you love her before letting go, she gives you one last kiss on the cheek and steps a distance away to give you and Gadreel some privacy.

“What am I to do without you here?” He asks wrapping his arms around you to bring you closer to him.

“Whatever you were doing when I wasn’t.”

“Oh, so you mean nothing.”

“Find a hobby, oh, and get a phone so we can talk. How do you not have a phone?” You wonder and he rolls his eyes playfully.

 "I will miss you.“

"I’ll miss you, too.” You move up onto the tips of your toes so you can reach and kiss him. He wraps his arms tighter around your waist and lifts you an inch off the ground; you smile into the kiss and laugh when you pull back.

“I love you, my dear ____.” He puts you back on the ground.

“I love you too, Gadreel. Don’t worry I’ll only be gone for 2 months, they’ll fly by fast, promise.” You give a last wave to your mother and a smile to Gadreel as you walk into the airport. You honestly weren’t prepared for what would happen the very day you would get home.

You had gotten back a little after the 2 month time, it was getting dark outside and you knew your mother wouldn’t be closing up the bookstore until a little after 9 so you weren’t going to bother her to come pick you up and you knew Gadreel worked tonight so you would just get yourself home.

“Hi.” Someone said starling you, you hadn’t seen anyone out here just a moment ago.

“Hello.” You say politely now seeing the man that was entirely too close to you, you shifted away slightly to give yourself some room, this guy gave off a bad vibe.

“Do you need a ride somewhere?” He asks not taking his eyes off you.

“No, thanks.” You say and begin to walk in the opposite direction from him, you would just go back into the airport where you knew there would be more people. You went to look back at him but he wasn’t in the spot you left him in, your eyebrows furrowed wondering where the hell he could have possibly gone to until you turned your head back around and gasped.

“Why couldn’t you say yes? It would have made things a lot easier.” He spoke before you were immersed in total darkness.

“Wake up.” Something hard hit your head jolting you awake, your eyes fluttered open, everything blurred at first but as you blinked it got better. You took some time to look at your surroundings and realized you had no idea where you were; you had ropes around your wrists and ankles tying you to a rickety chair in the middle of an old abandoned house.

The same man you had seen at the airport now stood before you, his posture showing he was annoyed and his face scrunched in anger but at whom? Surely not you, what the hell had you done to him?! 

“Go ahead, ask the typical questions. Where am I, why are you doing this, who are you?” He drawled walking around behind you and out of your sight, your heart was racing, there was no doubt that you were scared, this man had just kidnapped you and you had no idea why!

“Why did you take me?” You ask quietly

“Oh, don’t think about all this is about you, I need you here to call your boyfriend for some reason I can’t sense him. Weird, huh, demons can smell an angel a mile away but your angel, he’s a slick one.”

You were even more confused now, why did he keep calling Gadreel an angel and what did he mean when he said demons can sense angels? Nothing he was saying made sense!

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You stutter out and he’s suddenly in your face eyes pitch black and anger more evident than before.

“Do not play games with me girl!” He hits you across the face and you let out a groan, it hurt like hell, the side of your face immediately felt like it was on fire. 

“You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to ugly this pretty little face up before you call for him, that’ll be good.” Before you could even plead for him not to his fist came down upon your face over and over again until you could hardly feel it.

“There we are, perfect,” he went around behind the chair again and suddenly grabbed your hair and yanked your head back up from its hung position. “Now, call him.” He growls in your ear, you’re still confused about what exactly he wanted you to do; everything he was saying didn’t make sense. What was he, he said something about demons and then something about Gadreel being an angel but that couldn’t be possible, could it?

“CALL HIM!!!” He yelled and you whimper, tears rolling down your face as you opened your mouth.

“No.” You said lowly.

“I’m sorry, did you just say no?!” his voice got louder with each word and his hand smacked you, as if you already weren’t beaten bad enough, you could taste the blood as it pooled in your mouth and fell from your lips. 

“Call for him!”

“No!” He hit you again; the cycle went on and on until you were hardly conscious.

“Stupid girl, you’re so quick to keep your little angel safe, do you know what he’s done? He ruined humanity; he let it be plagued with evil!”

“What are you talking about?” You slurred

“Your precious angel was supposed to protect the Garden of Eden but he let the serpent in, you know, Lucifer. He says that it was a mistake but I just think he didn’t care about humans enough or he was just a coward to go against Lucifer either way he’s still a coward. He was Gods most trusted angel and because he betrayed him by letting Lucifer in he was imprisoned in heavens dungeons for thousands of years…don’t you read the bible girl? It’s an interesting book.” His tone was condescending and bitter but the information he was giving you startled you.

You were still trying to get pass the shock of finding out angels and demons actually existed.

“Why are you doing this to me?”

“Well, I do want revenge, see, Gadreel killed my mate so it’s only fair the I torture and kill you before I kill him.” A smile set on his face as he looked at you, his eyes turning black again quickly before he took out a knife.

You struggled against your bonds weakly, you didn’t want to die; you had so much you wanted to do, get married, have kids, and grow old!

“Don’t worry, it’ll be quick, then I’ll leave your broken and beaten body right in the middle of town for everyone to see, even your boyfriend and mommy.” He walked around behind you again and you panicked as he grabbed your hair and pulled your head back showing your neck, he put the knife to it and at that exact moment the house began shaking violently and a bright light shined throughout it, it was so bright you hand to close your eyes. You were suddenly ripped from the chair, the ties that held you tight now falling to the floor and you were stood up, hardly able to, your back against the demons chest with the knife still at your throat.

“Let her go.” You heard Gadreel’s voice command, he stood not far from where you were, his eyes glowed with a brilliant light and his posture was one of a soldier, not the usual laid back one you were used to. 

“No, I don’t think I will, I figure it would be like an eye for an eye. You kill mine, I kill yours type of thing.” The knife pressed to your skin and a sharp pain hit as it began cutting you and then nothing, you felt nothing.

Your eyes snapped open and you sat up in your bed quickly feeling your throat and face, everything felt fine, no evidence of you being beaten or cut. You looked around the room realizing you were home everything in its original place until your eyes landed on the man sitting in the chair not too far from the bed. You gasped and jumped out of the bed almost falling in the process of trying to get as far as possible.

Gadreel stood up, eyes not leaving you as you backed yourself up into the wall, and he began to walk towards you.

“Stop.” You demanded pressing yourself against the wall.

“I will not hurt you, ___, I promise.”

You were more pissed than scared “You lied to me!”

“Well, technically, I did not lie I simply did not tell you the truth about who I was. I thought it was not important.”

You stared at him for a moment in disbelief “Not important! You’re a fucking angel and you thought it wasn’t important to tell me something big like that!”

“You would not have believed me or you would simply have thought I was crazy if I went telling you what I really am.” His voice and posture stayed calm and collected while yours was a mixture of anger and fear.

“Was everything that…”

“Demon.” He said

“Demon…was it all true?" 

"Yes.” He sighed looking defeated


“Yes, ____, everything he told you about me was true.” He took another step towards you.

“Leave.” You commanded and he stopped in his tracks.

“You do not want to speak of this now?" 

"No, I want you to leave, I-I have to think.” He stared at you for a second looking as if his world was falling around him, he nodded.

“You know where to find me…if you want to talk.” He said lowly before turning and leaving, when you were sure he was gone you slid down to the floor.

All of this information was too much, there was a whole new world that was just thrown at you and you had to have some time to process it. You had never been much into religion but now finding out that angels and demons exist had you wanting to pick up a bible which is exactly what you were going to do.

You looked at the time seeing that it was nowhere near the time your mother would be closing up the bookstore, she didn’t even know you were home, didn’t know the ordeal you just went through,,, you weren’t going to tell her though, first of all you would seem crazy and second you didn’t want to worry her with such things. Gadreel had healed all you so there was no evidence. You took a shower, feeling dirty from everything you went through and put on a new set of clothes. You stepped out of the house cautiously, you had no doubt that Gadreel had killed the demon that kidnapped you but there were other demons out there, you were sure of it.

When you got to your mother’s bookstore you went in quickly, she was behind the counter putting some books into different bins when she saw you. A smile appeared on her face and she came around the counter with open arms, you gladly hugged her needing some comfort after almost dying. You stayed like that for a long time until the bell over the door rang lightly signaling a new costumer.

You let her go and she looked at you with worry on her face “Are you okay?” She rubbed your back.

“Yeah, why?" 

"You haven’t hugged me like that since you were 5 and you thought there were monsters under your bed.” She laughed

“Yeah, I just missed you.”

“I missed you too, sweetie.” She pressed a kiss to your forehead and let you go, the smile coming back on her face as she went back around the counter to help the customers.

“You need any help?" 

"No, it’s been a slow day but thank you.” You smiled as you walked back to the religion section and automatically picked up a bible, sitting down in the window seat so you could flip through it. You were so immersed in it that you hadn’t realized it began raining, the people outside running to get out of it.

You were just reading the part about Gadreel and you felt bad for him, it wasn’t his fault that Lucifer tricked him, he trusted his brother especially one that everyone loved, and he shouldn’t have been punished for that! You closed the book not wanting to read any more and laid your head against the cool glass falling asleep quickly.

“Sweetie, wake up, it’s closing time.” Your mother coaxed you out of your sleep and you had to give yourself a minute to fully wake up.

“Ready to go home?” She asked and you were about to nod but you wanted to talk to Gadreel.

“Actually, I need to go see Gadreel; will you be okay going home alone?" 

"I swear you treat me like some old woman, I’ll be fine, go see your man.” She teased; you gave her another hug before hurrying out. You dropped into the bar first to see if he was there and when you were informed that he wasn’t you made your way to his apartment. You didn’t even have to knock, the door opened and there he stood.

“Hi.” You said shyly

“Hi… would you like to come in?” He offered opening the door wider, you walked in and he shut the door behind you.

“You would like to talk?” He questioned and you shook your head, coming closer to him and wrapping your arms around him, he responded immediately and hugged you.

“Of course I’ll have some question but for right now I just want you to know that I love you.”

“And I love you, my dear ____, very much.” He kissed your forehead and you closed your eyes to take in the feeling, it wasn’t enough, you wanted his lips everywhere on you. You took the initiative and pressed your lips to his, your arms wrapping around his neck and you pushed up to wrap your legs around his waist, his hands held you under your thighs and he made his way to the bedroom knowing exactly what you were thinking.

The clothes were carelessly thrown everywhere both of you to captivated by the other to care where they landed, kisses were exchanged all over getting you both ready for the main event, the feeling of his skin on yours drove you mad with want. You laid on your stomach as he pushed into your wet canal, you positioned yourself so he could reach further in you, and he kissed up your spine as he continuously thrust into you. The pace was slow, gentle and each of you could feel the love radiating off of the other being passed back and forth between the 2 of you, he kissed your neck and you turned your head to kiss his lips as you came undone with him right behind you.

You lay with him all night mostly talking and laughing, the orgasmic high had been worn off but the two of you were just high on love and you honestly didn’t want it any other way.

Tom proposing to you: POC

While I should be finishing up an assignment for class,this came up. I have some other imagines in draft and plan to have those out soon. I feel like Hamilton…Like I’m writing like I’m running out of time 😭

Warnings: Extreme Fluff, Cursing…I think that’s it. 

This is really long btw!

Tom had traveled back with you to your home. Your family was very excited to have you back at home. After a long debate your mom decided that Tom could stay in your room but your stepdad was reluctant. “No funny business!” He said walking away. 

Your house wasn’t as big as his because its was only you, your mom and stepdad, and your little sister. 

Tom walked in your room and looked around, smiling. “Wow, so much purple and blue.”

He picked up a stuffed animal and started playing with it. “Give that here.” You said playfully snatching it out of his hands. 

The weather was hot and you and Tom were having a great time in your hometown. “Can you believe that we’ve been dating for 5 years and I have never been to your house?” He asked. “Crazy uh?” You said turning in your drive way. 

You put on your bathing suit and you guys went out to your in ground pool. Your parents decided to host a “Welcome back” party for you since you hadn’t been home in a while. At first you worried about if Tom would feel comfortable, but before you knew it he was playing the pool with your cousins-who happened to all be your age as well. 

You heard them laughing and having fun as you talked to your family and friends. “So you are dating a white boy?” Your uncle who literally has no filter yelled while shoving a burger in his mouth. (I know poc have these type of family members, lol)

You groaned, “Yes, Uncle Steve. And do you have to be so loud.” 

“Well excuse me miss actress, I just asked a question.” He said sipping his beer. You rolled your eyes, “We’ve actually been dating for 5 years.”

“5 years! Since when? No one told me.” He yelled. He called your mom over to discuss the fact that he has been out of the loop. You slid yourself away from that conversation and walked over to your  5 year old cousin who was staring at Tom wide eyed. “Hey Jules, what’s wrong?”

He pulled you down to his level and whispered in your ear. “That’s Spider-man!”

You giggled and nodded, “Yep, sure is. Do you want to talk to him?”

Jules looked at you and shook his head, “But what am I going to say?”

You laughed, “Don’t worry, he’s pretty cool. Tom-I mean Spider-man!”
Tom looked over to you and swam to the edge, “You better not cheat!” He yelled back to your cousin while swimming over to you. “He wanted to meet Spider-man.”

“What’s up buddy!” Tom said high fiving Jules, who smiled. “So are you SPider-man?” Jules asked suspiciously. “Of course, but I’m just taking a break with your beautiful cousin.” He winked at you. 

“Where are your web shooters?”

“I left them at home.” 

Tom continued to entertain Jules questions, “Do you want to see something cool?” Tom asked. Jules furiously shook his head and Tom got out of the pool to do a cool flip. “Awesome!” Jules yelled. 

“You want to play water ball with us?” Tom asked. “I can’t swim without my floaties!”

You put his arm floaties on and his life vest on and Tom helped him jump into the pool. In those 8 minutes you fell more in love with Tom. The way he interacted with children and how he was so comfortable no matter where he was at was so admirable to you. 

“Did you have fun?” You asked Tom while getting ready for bed. “Absolutely! Your family is awesome and the food was amazing!”

You grabbed his face and planted a soft kiss on his lips, “I love you.” He smiled and kissed you back, “I love you too.”
“Your little cousin, Jules is so sweet! I was wondering if he would like to come on set for the last movie.”
“I think he would love that! He would freak out!” You said laying your bed. Tom joined you and faced you. “You’re amazing.” He said playing with a loose curl. You smiled and snuggled him until you fell asleep. 

The absence of his warmth was noticeable as you opened your eyes and saw his side was empty. You got up and brushed your teeth before heading down stairs.  “Mom, Dad?” You called but no one answered. “Tom, Y/S/N?” Still no answer so you decided to get dressed. 

You texted everyone and your mom was the only one to reply. Out! Be back soon ❤

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They Got Older

A/N: Okay, Yeah, couldn’t think of a better title. Sorry. ;-; Buuuuut, this is basically just a short story thing with Sodapop and Darry. It’s mainly about their relationship before and after they got older. :’D By the way: Italics/Bold means it’s in the past, and just the normal typing thing means it’s in the present :””D M’kay yeah enjoy I guess–

“And, Sodapop,” The teacher smiled softly at the ten year old and nodded, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Soda’s brown eyes gleamed in happiness as he grinned, “I wanna be just like my older brother, Darry when I grow up!” He shouted confidently.

 Sodapop let out a soft sigh as he stood behind the register at the DX gas station. This was what he grew up to be. I mean, I guess you could say he was happy, but he really wasn’t. He looked ahead to the front doors of the gas station as the bell that signaled that another customer had walked inside started ringing.

 “Hey… Are you Darry Curtis’ little brother?” An older kid eyed Sodapop curiously and raised an eyebrow. Soda’s eyes widened as a huge smile appeared on his face and he nodded contently, “Yes! Yes I am!”

 As the customer went up to the register Soda stood at, he tilted his head slightly and looked at Sodapop’s nametag.

“… Sodapop? Huh, are you—uh—Darrel Curtis’ brother?”

The man looked at Soda and crossed his arms as the 16 year old merely nodded, “Y-Yeah, I’m his younger brother.” He shrugged.

 Sodapop’s big chocolate brown eyes stared up at his older brother in admiration as he poked Darry’s chest.

“Yeah, little buddy?” Darry laughed as he looked down at his younger brother. Soda looked at him with the happiest smile as he pulled his brother into a hug.

“You’re the greatest, bestest, amazingest older brother I could ever ask for!”

 Sodapop slowly looked up as Darry walked through the front door of the Curtis’ home, not giving his little brother so much as a second glance as he walked to his room to change. The 16 year old sighed and looked down again, playing around with his DX shirt for a bit.

 “D-Darry?” Soda mumbled as he walked up to the 13 year old with tears in his eyes. He sniffled as Darry looked down at him with worried eyes, pulling him into a soft hug, “What’s wrong little buddy?”

 Darry walked out of his bedroom and went right into the kitchen. Sodapop ran a hand through his golden blonde hair and bit his lip. “Darry?” He mumbled, looking into the seemingly empty kitchen. No response. He tried holding in his tears as he slowly walked into the kitchen. “D-Darry…?”

 Soda started to ramble, making it kind of hard for Darry to really catch what he was saying. The 13 year old sighed and started rubbing his younger brother’s back, trying to calm him down. “’s alright, kid… You’re gonna be okay.”

 The blonde felt his voice catch in his throat as his older brother slowly looked over at him, “What, Soda?”

Soda struggled to get any words out as his breathing began to waver around a bit. He remembered all the times he and Darry spent together as kids, which only made it harder for him to speak at all.

“Sodapop? What’s wrong?”

“Darry… I’m leaving…” Sodapop finally mustered out, trying real hard not to start crying right then and there.

“What the hell do you mean?” Darry frowned deeply and narrowed his eyes.

“… I got drafted today.”

Okie, I was going to give credit to @talk-greasy-to-me at the beginning of my A/N thing for the Sodapop getting drafted idea, but that would’ve spoiled the end part– so here! XD Thank chu Jess fer the amazingly sad idea! :’D