this is so not a serious drinking game

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imagine sherlock and jim going on a starbucks date

jim would ask sherlock for a coffee and sherlock would agree only because he thinks it’s for a case or something. so he would just… look suspiciously at jim the whole time, making deductions because “the drink has something to do with the latest muder in london” and jim would be amusded lmao

(and then he would be annoyed, because sherlock always thinks about the game so a serious conversation would happen and they would end up talking about what they meant to each other and stuff like that but i dont want this headcanon to become emotional)

Don’t Drink & Drive

On this day in 2004, my brother Dan (and his friend) were killed when a drunk driver ran a red light going 80mph. Two other people in the car had serious injuries, and took years to fully recover.

Dan was 9 years older than me, and had a huge influence on my life. All the art, animation, and video games you see on this blog? Dan got me started on them.  I saw him drawing, so I did it. I saw him watching cartoons, so I did (we both liked GI Joe). Video games? Fucking forget it, that’s all we did. I was always Luigi, and I always ran out of lives first. The reason I have gerbils? Dan had two, and I loved them, so I went and got two.

He was 27 years old when we lost him. He had a job filming, which he had always loved. He was going to get married to a girl he met in Japan, who he fell in love with while traveling/filming for the military. Picking her up at the airport, so I could take her to the funeral, is still one of the most heart-breaking things I ever had to do.

He never got to meet his nieces and nephews, or my husband. His career was just getting started. He was a huge Star Wars nut… He didn’t get to see “Revenge of the Sith”, because it came out a year after he died. He really wanted to play Resident Evil 4, too.

So many big and little things he didn’t get to do, or experience.

My parents having to bury him. My dad having to drive me to and from college because he died right before finals. My sister having to drop every cent she had so she could get a plane ticket from CA to PA. My Grandma, 86 years old, sitting with all the flowers at his viewing, crying, because he was her first grandchild.

All that happened because someone drank too much. They didn’t feel like waiting for a ride home. They didn’t think they could hurt anyone, or they simply didn’t care. One selfish, poor choice, ended two lives. Hundreds were left to mourn the loss the rest of their lives.

In 2015, 10,265 people died in drunk driving crashes. Thousands more, like me, were left behind to watch the aftermath.

tldr: Don’t drink and drive. Don’t let the people you know drink and drive. Take the keys, let them get mad and yell at you. Call people out on it. It saves lives, and it prevents suffering. That’s all I can do: Beg you to do those things, and hope you listen.

What it would be like to date Kim Miseok (xiumin);

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- aeygo, so much aeygo

-has lots of cute animal shirts.
-he’s fearless
-definitely matching couple items

-man bun, serious man bun game

-you get jealous over his flawless hair after he took his hair out of the man bun
-marshmallows are a daily thing, with hot chocolate or your preferred drink.
-sleepovers with luhan
-having dedicated days to watch children’s films with blankets and snacks on the couch.
-he plays with your hair, like braiding it or just touching it.
-passionate and intense kisses
-batting his eyes at you when he wants something or he’s done something to upset you (you love his single lidded eyes)

-major eyeliner game.

-he’s overly excited over the littlest things around you or his members but in public, he’s usually quiet or shy.
-he’s neat.
-helps you with chores even though he has busy schedule.
-surprisingly an amazing cook.
-buys you lots of teddies because he secretly loves them too.
-Polaroids of you two on the wall, pieced together.
-reading together.
-you sit between his legs with your back against him and your head on his chest. He cuddles you with his arms wrapped around you protectively.
-talks in detail about his day and what he did, showing you the new choreography to the new song.
-sings to you (before bed, whenever he wants or when you ask him to)

-eyebrows on point

-winking at you (adorably or sexily)
-he raps to you because it’s his talent that’s rarely used.
-secret sassy side
-sexy dancing
-he loves everything about you and tells you that every day.
-dances to girls kpop music way to well.
- surprises you on a daily basis with flowers or little notes dotted about the house.
-gym sessions together (if you go to gym)
-large family dinners (with exo members)
-body waves/ rolls
-long strolls/ walks (winter sea)
-he lays on his side and cuddles into your side while your head rests on his arm when you go to sleep on a night.
-he loves the little mermaid and always sings the songs with total passion and hand movements.
-gives you a private show of playboy (dance and singing)
-doesn’t act like the oldest member of exo
(For further information of the hot AF cinnamon roll/ bun that is kim minseok please watch this link, it pretty much explains everything.)

Just finished watching Shinsekai Yori and hOLY SHIT it was amazing! Amazing story, amazing animations, everything was just so freaking awesome. Such an amazing moral, such a wonderful ending.

And now for something less serious, I bring to you the SHINSEKAI YORI DRINKING GAME: take a shot everytime you think “Shun, you’re a fucking idiot” after episode 8. If you don’t get alcohol poisoning in three episodes, you will by the time episode 17 and the time skip kicks in, gettin us THIS

because why the fuck would you give up on SATORU of all people just look at this gorgeous chunk of meat, enjoy it while you have it yOU FUCKING IDIOT

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A- age: 26, I’m so fucking old
B- biggest fear: cillian murphy, kangaroos, and some actual serious stuff
C- current time: 2:40pm
D- drink you last had: tea
E- everyday starts with: shutting off my alarm and gulping down water because it’s always so damn dry
F- favorite song: History Maker omg yes, Tous Les Memes & Papatoui by stromae
G-is missing
H- hometown: Green Bay, WI -__-
I- in love with: yoi wow haha bet nobody guessed this!!
J- jealous of: People who don’t go through agonizing pain on a daily basis (keeping this answer bc wow for real)
K- killed someone?: Nope (wtf kind of question … )
L- last time you cried: this morning bc someone left nice comments about my ferrets
M- middle name: Marie :/
N- number of siblings: 2, plus 2 stepsiblings who don’t wanna associate w/ me
O- one wish: I have so many wishes :O
P- person you last called/texted: my mom
Q- question(s) you’re always asked: name and birthdate? (i go to the hospital so damn often gheioowegh)
R- reasons to smile: my ferrets, my dogs, fanart, books, my few actual friends :’)
T- time you woke up: ghghhg, 10:30
U- underwear color: today we got peach
V- vacation destination: Tatra Mountains in Poland! \o/
W- worst habit: dermatillomania -_________- (is it a habit really if it’s a diagnosed condition??)
X- x-rays you’ve had: It is easiest to say my entire body (omfeoghe for real; keeping this one too)
Y- your fave food: blueberries, pb
Z- zodiac: leo/cancer 

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Cosplay Safety Tips

Because it’s Halloween - I figured I’d pull out some of the cosplay safety stuff, especially as there may be new people trying to get into the serious costuming game this year:

1. Stay hydrated. Do not drink excessive alcohol. It’s easy to overheat wearing heavier costumes and full suits.

2. Break in new footwear in advance so you aren’t a blistering mess by the end of the party. If you do not normally wear heels, make sure to practice in them beforehand.

3. If you are crossplaying, do not bind using Ace bandages. Please don’t. If you don’t want to justify the expense of a proper binder, use a sports bra and don’t worry too much about it. Also, do not double bind.

4. Do not carry realistic weapon props on the street. Especially if you are black. (I really wish I didn’t have to include that). Do not carry real weapons as a prop. If you must carry a prop gun, blaze it on both the barrel and the hilt (so the blaze is still visible when holstered). For Halloween, though, it is often best to leave the weapons props at home, or keep them in a bag until you get to the party.

5. If you are wearing a wig, please do not use cheap narrow band wig caps. They will make welts around the edge. Do not use wig caps that are too small. If you have a middle eastern type skull, you will need a wig cap a size larger than you think you need, because they are designed for round Caucasian skulls. I suspect some African types might have the same issue. If your head starts to ache, go into the bathroom and take the wig off for a few minutes, and then get a bigger cap for next time. The same goes for skullcaps - make sure they fit correctly.

6. If you do not normally wear makeup, then test the makeup you wear a couple of weeks before so if something brings you out in hives… Have a hypoallergenic cleanser you know works for you handy when you test makeup. This is a PSA from the person who volunteered to help somebody train for Mary Kay and ended up being the “This is what you do when the makeup turns somebody’s entire face red” training dummy.

7. If you plan on doing poses, then practice them in your costume ahead of time so you don’t end up damaging your costume or falling because you didn’t realize how much something restricted your movement.

8. If you are using an animal as a prop then please:

a. Test run the costume so you know the critter won’t object to it violently. Particularly important for cats.

b. Test run the costume so you know it fits the animal properly and will not pinch or anything. I have seen horse cosplay with bridles that really did not fit the horse and were across the animal’s eye, which actually endangers the animal’s vision.

c. Take water and a water bowl with you and make sure you hydrate the animal.

(Trick or treating with your dog can be a lot of fun, but please do make sure he isn’t going to tear off the costume at home :P).


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Lipstick or chapstick: Lipstick

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Ok, so Bucky is drinking by himself in the bar and brooding until Steve comes over, even though the rest of his pals are there, clearly feeling like shit and worried after Zola pumped him full of ‘Red Skull Brand’ super soldier serum.

He’s still got this in him, though….

Jesus, Buck. You could at least glance at her face. Eyes up, mister.

Admittedly, he’s probably thinking, ‘Damn, Steve. You’re really stepped up your game’, because his attempt at flirtation is half-assed, distracted and likely more automatic than serious, but his eyes still work, that’s for sure.

It is obvious to Renee that Anita needs to talk to her about something, so she agrees to her request that they go to a nearby wine bar after lunch instead of the mall. They have several more drinks before Anita confesses to throwing Jared’s PlayStation into the swimming pool. 

Renee: Oh my God! Have you completely lost your mind?

Anita: Can you be quiet? People are looking…  

Renee: It’s just…oh my God, Anita. You need serious help. What happened, for Christs’s sake?

Anita: Jared wouldn’t do as he was told, he wouldn’t stop playing his stupid game even though I must’ve told him a hundred times to clean his room, he was just muttering under his breath, you know, back-chatting me. He always says things about Botox and about how I’m crazy because he knows that sets me off. Jim was at golf or he might have been able to defuse the situation. Anyway, I just snapped. I could actually FEEL something physically snapping inside my head. I could see him screaming at me but I couldn’t hear him because there was too much white noise in my head-

Renee: Anita! He’s a child! He’s not responsible for your behaviour.

Anita: He still knows how to wind me up. He’s just like Saffron.

Renee’s heart caves in for Jared.

Renee: And how is Saffy? Still refusing to see you or talk to you?

Anita: She knows better than to come near me at the moment. Not after she deliberately disobeyed me and went to that concert-

Renee: Harry said she told him she never wanted to see you again. Ever. How does that make you feel?

Anita makes a face and tries to catch the eye of the barman.

Renee: Do you want Jared to feel the same way about you as Saffron?

Anita: Well, I can’t do much about it. It’s probably inevitable.

Renee: Okay, sweetie. I think it’s time to go home. 

Anita: You can go home. I have to be twice as drunk as this before I’m going home. 

She looks towards a group of young men playing pool at the other end of the room.

Anita: Or anywhere else for that matter. 

Before I went to college I never got why everybody was into drinking so much because they never really allowed that before, but now I totally get why they say it is the best years of your life.  Which is why I honestly don’t care if it takes me five or six years.  The one thing is they don’t really give you time to study and do what all their always assigning because you got so much goin on all the time.

Plus these are the times when you should be learning how to drink, smoke up a bit, get involved with everything goin on on campus and socialize plus you’ve got home games so many weekends.  When you gots to be in the gym and all the other stuff you got goin on there’s just no time.  Overall its been awesome though.  We got a bunch of cool guys to get an apartment and I hardly even wear a shirt all summer anymore, we got a keg in the basement goin on all the time.  I just don’t know how they expect you to keep up.  But doesn’t really matter to me right now cuz it’s Saturday and Ive got only a lame two credit class I’m making up over summer that I don’t even know why I took it!

Fresh Starts and Flirtations Ch 13: The Lowest Low

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Emma still hasn’t replied. Frowning, Killian pushes his phone back into his pocket as Robin arrives at their table with two fresh pints.

“Problem?” he asks as he reclaims his seat. Killian shakes his head, his eyes returning to the game of rugby on the bar’s big screen.

“Just this bloody game - I was looking forward to a pint while watching the match live and now we’re getting thrashed.”

Robin smirks, “Let’s just be thankful for time zones and games played on the other side of the planet.”

Killian nods, lifting his glass to his friend and then taking a sip.

“So, you all set for tomorrow?”

Smiling, Killian sets down his drink. “Aye.”

“So things are getting serious between you two…” Robin probes further, “You’ve just not said very much about her recently.”

“Serious? I don’t know. We’re trying to take things slow,” he admits, shrugging lightly.


Always one to keep his cards close to his chest, Killian squirms a little under his friend’s scrutiny.

“Mate, she’s not Milah…” Robin continues, until Killian meets his gaze.

“I know.”

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amazing scenes in the greed island arc of the manga that didn’ make it into the 2011 anime:

  • when gon and killua are at the restaurant, the food is free bc they ate it quickly enough but there’s still a charge for their drinks, and real world money doesn’t work in-game so they had to wash dishes to pay
  • gon teaches killua how to cheat at rock paper scissors. i’m serious.
  • the scene after gon and killua win the sword in the rock paper scissors tournament is dragged out a lot longer, but it’s absolutely hilarious. one guy who spent all his money on spell cards only to get thief as his only useful card tries using it on killua, but killua doesn’t have the card in its assigned slot. (there’s thsi whole part abt the guy’s angst over being stuck in the game too and how “this is his one shot”). some other guy is like “oh so you put it in your free pockets huh??” and uses a card that takes a card from those at random, but killua doesn’t have it there either. gon has it. but when he uses it against gon, he gets a fucking rock, and killua’s like “oh yeah, you were picking up a lot of random crap, huh?”