this is so not a serious drinking game

Family portraits

Batfamweek 2017, day #1: family.

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It starts with a casual comment, one that shouldn’t bother him so much. And it doesn’t. Not right away.

“You don’t have any photo on your desk”, the new girl says. She started working at WE two weeks ago and Tim thinks her name is Kathy, or July, or something like that. He’ll pick it up eventually. Now he just blinks up at her from behind the pile of reports he’s working on.


She bits her bottom lip, now looking embarrassed at her own straightforwardness, and vaguely gestures at his desk again.

“No photos”, she repeats. “People usually have photos on their desk. Family. Girlfriends or boyfriends. You know?”

Family, girlfriends, boyfriends. Yes, Tim knows.

“Well”, he smiles politely. “I’m just trying not to look like I’m fifty and live only for my work, to the point to spend all my time in my office and need photographic reminders of what my family looks like.”

Kathy or July or something like that frowns at him.

“Beside, my family is really ugly”, Tim continues, going for less subtle sarcasm, but the joke doesn’t really comes out his mouth as a joke, and KathyJulySomethingLikeThat looks more confused than before.

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Critical Role Drinking Game

Done with the help of @maxbegone (Ally) and @kaleidoscopegirl (Stacey)!!

Drink responsibly critters!

but like don’t do this because you might die from alcohol poisoning

- Drink every time someone laughs so hard they go off frame
- Drink every time one of the cast takes a drink
- Drink every time someone laughs off set
- Drink every time Liam gets super duper serious™
- Drink every time Pike saves someone’s ass
- Drink every time Keyleth makes an awkward comment
- Drink every time Matt says “How do you want to do this?”
- Drink every time Taliesin changes his hair
- Drink every time Vax goes stealth (two shots if he puts the hood up)
- Drink every time Grog rages (two shots for a frenzied rage)
- Drink every time Scanlan sings
- Drink every time Vex winks at someone
- Drink every time Taliesin rolls a natural 20
- Drink every time Liam reaches over to tap Travis
- Drink every time Sam does a promotion during announcements
- Drink every time Trinket nudges Vex
- Drink every time Will Wheaton rolls a number higher than 5
- Drink every time Percy misfires
- Drink every time Orion says something that has already been said
- Drink every time Laura does “Hunter’s Mark” out of combat
- Drink every time the party gets something out of the bag of holding
- Drink every time Matt forgets about a bonus action
- Drink every time Travis rolls a successful beard check (two shots if Laura touches Travis’ face)
- Drink every time Liam says “Dagger, dagger, dagger”
- Drink every time someone in the party starts crying
- Drink every time you start crying
- Drink every time a dice lands on the floor (two shots if the dice was thrown there in a fit of frustration)
- Drink every time the party gets Matt to laugh
- Drink every time Scanlan and Grog go out in search of Lady Favors
- Drink every time Laura wears her glasses (two shots if she spends more than 2 minutes looking for them first)
- Drink every time the twins cuddle
- Drink every time Taliesin and Marisha cuddle
- Drink every time Marisha does hand motions for one of her spells
- Drink every time Vex pulls her bow out before initiative is rolled
- Drink every time there is a technical difficulty on stream
- Drink every time Matt says their break will be 5 minutes (two shots if the break lasts longer than 10 minutes)
- Drink every time there’s a guest star
- Drink every time Ashley is not in attendance
- Drink every time a funny phrase said by the party is then turned into a t-shirt (two shots if the cast wears them, one additional shot if more than one cast member is wearing the same shirt)
- Drink every time Vex haggles (two shots if it’s another party member purchasing and Vex tells them to haggle)
- Drink every time a party member rides Trinket
- Drink every time a cast member joins the session late
- Drink every time Vex kisses someone’s cheek (two shots if it’s someone other than Percy)
- Drink every time Matt loses it at the start of the stream because a cast member said something weird and/or inappropriate
- Drink every time Matt pronounces “sigil“ wrong
- Drink every time Sam wears one of his custom shirts
- Drink every time the stream starts with Matt speaking but you can’t hear him
- Drink every time Vex calls someone “darling”

Last but certainly not least:
- Drink yourself into a stupor every time a party member dies and you’re just as scared as Vox Machina is

Feel free to comment and add your own!

the ghost ship that didn’t carry us

egobang :: m :: game grumps :: arin wakes up in a parallel universe where he married dan instead of suzy. 

(i’ve had a number of requests to repost this, since i pulled it from ao3 a few months ago!  it was originally posted last april, and have been really heartened to hear how many people enjoyed it since it was taken down.  so in honor of april fool’s day, my take on Wake Up Married: 

It’s not like Arin’s never thought about it–him, Dan.  Arin’s had a few dozen thousand very gay thoughts about Dan, because Dan is Dan.  Dan’s not just unconventionally attractive, he’s hot, he’s scorching to such a degree that Arin would worry that if Dan actually got his mouth on Arin’s junk that all the ball hair would be singed off by sheer proximity. If Arin hadn’t met his soulmate at age fourteen, eyes locking across the crowded hall of an anime convention, he’d be the first to admit without any hesitation that Dan would probably have turned him totally, completely into a brunch-loving, pastel-wearing cock sucker.  Dan would have full dibs on his butthole, and there’s no shame in knowing it.  

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milkandcookies528  asked:

12, 43, and 51 with spencer.

12. I’m pregnant.

Before getting pregnant, you thought that the stories you heard of getting random cravings in the middle of the night were total exaggerations.

But as you found yourself waking up at four o’clock in the morning with a strong desire for Froot Loops, you sighed in realization of how actual those stories had been.

Carefully climbing out of bed in hopes of not waking Spencer, you tiptoed your way into the kitchen and began to make your bowl of cereal as quietly as possible.

Once you were sat down at your dining table, enjoying the small bowl of cereal and mindlessly scrolling through your phone, you jumped in surprise at the groggy voice that came from behind you.

“Are you really awake and eating right now?”

I’m pregnant,” you mumbled around the spoon you had placed in your mouth, “Cut me some slack.”

Chuckling softly, Spencer came to sit opposite from you. His eyes still heavy with sleep and his hair messily sticking up in all different directions, you couldn’t help but smile in adoration.

“I didn’t mean to wake you up,” you felt bad knowing that Spencer was to be at work in a little over two hours.

“It’s okay,” Spencer shrugged, “I mean, I guess I should get used to it.”

Swirling your spoon around the milk that had become dyed with colors, you smiled thinking about the four o’clock mornings to come, full of feedings and diaper changes.

“Will you still want to sit up and eat Froot Loops with me at the crack of dawn when you’re sleep deprived and covered in baby puke?”

Reaching over to take a hand full of cereal from the box, Spencer popped a piece into his mouth, “As long as it’s with you, I would do it at any hour.”

43. Frost the damn cupcakes.

From the moment that he woke up, Spencer had been in an overly affectionate mood. On most days, you would have reveled in his love, but with it being the same day as Garcia’s surprise party, you found yourself too busy to properly enjoy his mood.

Standing in front of the two dozen cupcakes that had just finished cooling, you felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist.

“Spencer,” you groaned, reaching for the piping bag you had previously laid out, “I need to get these decorated.”

“The party doesn’t start for another two hours,” his lips ghosted over your neck, “You still have time.”

“But I have to finish the cupcakes, and then get ready, and then we have to head over to Morgan’s place” your voice got softer and softer as Spencer’s lips trailed higher and higher up your neck.

Your resolve was beginning to weaken as Spencer hummed against your pulse point and spun you around to face him, however, you refused to give in.

“You know what I would love for you to do?” your lips grazed against his.

“What?” Spencer practically begged, bumping his nose against yours.

“I would love for you to…” your voice trailed off, knowing full well you were teasing him, “Frost the damn cupcakes.”

Taking the piping bag that you still held in your hand, you pressed it against Spencer’s chest and released yourself from his grip, quickly heading for the bathroom to get ready for the night, but not before you heard Spencer let out a frustrated groan.

51. I’m your husband. It’s my job.

“You were so over the line! That strike doesn’t count!”

The accusing tone that Penelope had pointed at Morgan was so serious that it had the whole team dissolved in laughter.

“I was not over the line, baby girl” Morgan smirked, sauntering back to his seat and crossing his arms behind his head, “In fact, I do believe that strike has put me in the lead.”

Prior to the start of this game, Penelope thought that wagering a bet on the last game of the night would make it a bit more interesting. The wager being that whoever was to get the highest score would get a round of drinks bought for them by whoever had the lowest score.  

Glancing up at the leaderboard that hung overhead, you giggled upon seeing that in the final frame of the game, Morgan had in fact taken the lead while poor Penelope was losing by a landslide in comparison to everyone else.

“Don’t get too cocky, Morgan,” Spencer teased from his seat next to you, “Y/N isn’t trailing too far behind you.”

Spencer was right, all you had to do was get a strike yourself and you would have beaten Morgan by two points.

“Well, it’s a good thing that it’s your girls turn” confidence dripped from Morgan’s voice as you came to pick up the bright orange bowling ball you had chosen for the night.

“You’re going down, Derek” you winked, earning a chorus of cheers from the rest of the team who wished to see Morgan lose a sports game for once.

Making your way up the alley, you chucked your ball down the lane and crossed your fingers as it rolled towards the pins. In a flurry, the pins toppled into each other one by one until none were left standing.

The entire team, excluding Morgan, leaped from their seats and cheered louder than they had before. Spencer darted towards you as you came to rejoice with them, wrapping his arm around your waist and lifting you off the ground.

A joyous laugh left your lips as he spun you around, “I didn’t think that you’d be this excited for me to win.”

“I’ll always be excited to watch you succeed,” Spencer beamed, “I’m your husband. It’s my job.”

Cooing at the pride that Spencer showed to you, Penelope reached for her purse and a begrudging Morgan, “Alright, you lovebirds, let’s go get some drinks for our newest MVP!”

Oh shut up - Justin Foley

Originally posted by secretgif-s

Sidenote: Justin and Jessica are not together here and have never been.

Word count: 849

Request: Slightly kinky 7 minutes in heaven game at a party with Justin foley with his kind of attitude “i don’t care


“Hey y/n we’re going to play a game, do you want to join?” Jeff shouted. You were at Bryce’s party with already enough alcohol in your blood to agree for a stupid bottle game. You sat in a circle with some friends of yours.

“Okay so we’re going to play 7 minutes in heaven, we’ll spin the bottle twice, the two who are pointed at will go to the bedroom and spend 7 minutes in heavennnn.” Sheri explained.

“Really guys 7 minutes in heaven? Isn’t that like a middle school game?” Justin Foley asked before drinking his beer.

“You don’t have to stay.” You said on a serious tone. You talked without thinking. Justin was a typical jock, being all popular and rude. You never really liked him. The boy had a reputation and as much as you liked a little trouble that boy was way too much to handle. He was well known for playing girls, which was not a problem for you since you don’t fall in love. The thing was Justin wasn’t just a basic fuckboy. Justin was a  fuckboy with a lack of respect. He didn’t just ignore those poor girls but  he really humiliated them. You really hated that about him.  He just rolled his eyes and stayed. Sheri spinned the bottle, the first two who had to spend 7 minutes in heaven were Zach and some cheerleader you never heard of. When they came back Zach’s hair was completely messed-up and he had some lipstick from her left on his lips. It was a pretty funny view. Sheri spinned the bottle again and it pointed to Justin. Everyone had to laugh since he was the one not wanting to play this game. When she spinned it again the bottle started to slow down and stopped pointing at you. You panicked, why did you even agree on playing this.

“You got to be kidding me?” you asked on a frustrated tone. Out of all people who were sitting there you had to make out with Foley. Without even looking at him you stood up and walked to the bedroom where the 7 minutes in heaven, correction: hell, were about to happen. Justin followed and entered the room with his fuckboy attitude.

“So are we doing this?” you asked

“Oh yeah right.” He said with a nonchalant tone. It made you boil inside. He walked towards you and held your face between his hands and started to kiss you. At the beginning the kisses were superficial but you felt like you were having an effect on him, and what was better than playing a fuckboy. Two could play that game, right? You  started to intertwine your fingers with his hair and started to kiss him more passionately, him answering with deeper kisses. His hands travelled down to your thighs, he pulled them up slightly signing you had to jump. You wrapped your legs around Justin’s waist while he pushes you against the wall. You bit his lower lip a little before interrupting the kiss.

“You seem to enjoy it?” you winked.

“O shut up.” Justin groaned before kissing you passionately again. His tongue licking your lower lip telling you he was going to enter. His tongue swirled around yours. You broke yourself from his lips and start to kiss his neck sucking a little on it.

“Damn y/n, you’re good.” Justin moaned out, obviously liking what you were doing.

“Oh shut up.’ You whispered against his neck. Justin walked with you to the bed and laid the both of you down. Your legs were still wrapped around his waist so you felt his erection push through his pants against you. You pulled him closer and felt it even more. You had to admit, the thought of it made your panties soak. You turned the both of you around sitting on top and continue kissing him while you rolled your hips over his bulge. Moans leaving his mouth non-stop. His hands were on your butt squeezing them hard, but you liked it. He started to pull at your shirt when suddenly:

“Guys, you can come out, 7 minutes are over.” You heard Sheri shout. Right in time you thought. You broke the kiss and stood up, quickly fixed your hair and threw Justin a last  wink before leaving him with his mouth agape in the room. You joined the others again. They were all smirking a little, probably because of all Justin’s moans. A couple seconds later Justin also came back with a shocked look on his face, instead of sitting on the same spot as before he came sit down next to you. When everyone was already busy with the next couple he whispered in your ear:

“You’ll have to finish what you started.”

“I don’t have to do anything Foley.” You left him wanting more and that exactly was what you wanted. He looked away from you when you saw he was subtly biting his fist. Mission accomplished you thought by yourself.

Let me know what you think and thanks for reading! xxxx

Better Together (Smut) Part One

Request: Heya hey can you do one where you and shawn are best friends but then sleep together its gets awkward after but then you both decide to try a relationship? (Lil smutty and fluffy?) haha ur stories are cute!!

Word Count: 2,466

A/N: Again a two part, because it became rather long. 

Better Together (Smut) Part One

“Cheers to you being home… for a while at least” I yelled, trying to out speak the noise in the bar. Shawn clucked at me, before raising his glass clinging it into mine.

“And our new apartment together” he hurried to say.

“And our friendship” I joined in, laughing.

“Best friend for ever, bitch” Shawn smiled at me.

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anonymous asked:

Idek if you're taking requests but if you are can you write a Harry imagine where you guys get invited to a Christmas Eve party and Harry seems like he doesn't want to go but you don't know why and at the party he's being really clingy and quiet and eventually he asks you guys if you can leave and he looks almost like he's in pain and once you guys get home he breaks down and starts getting really sick and is upset because he's really sick to his stomach on Christmas. Thanks love!

Thank you for the request sweetie. I’m sorry for the extreme delay! I hope this mends it! Love ya

#11: I’ll Take Care Of You

The soft padding of his feet came to be heard in the kitchen as Y/N sauntered in there, clearing up some tit-bits of their lunch. The house was awfully quiet considering the fact that they had been asleep for a while before, and now as Y/N was awake, Harry was still getting over his jetlag. 

Until his groan came loud into the kitchen and Y/N turned around in her place to see him walking in groggily, fingers rubbing his eyes and his lips pouted, pink and plump. 

“Hiya baby.” Y/N smiled as Harry now approached her with open arms. 

In reply to her he groaned some more and went in for a tight hug from her, snuggling his nose in the crook of her neck and winding his one leg around her hip in an attempt to find the desired warmth. Chuckling, Y/N wound her arms around his waist and pressed her lips to his hair sweetly. 

“Why’d ya get out ‘o bed, huh?” His deeply husks, words muffled into her skin and tone extremely languid. 


“C’mon, I wanna get back, c’mon.” He didn’t even let her leave her position, and snug his arms under her bum, pulling her off of her feet and carrying all the way upstairs to their bedroom. 

Y/N shuffled the blankets away at their feet as Harry sat her on the bed. She raised her arms to him, inviting him closer to her, and Harry gratified, pushed himself down at her till they both lay on the bed, him atop her. 

His lips found her neck, peppering kisses lazily, while her hand found his hair, scratching at the scalp and tugging on his roots that gave him a lighter feeling. 

“What happened? Don’t feel good?” Y/N asks in a hush voice, tracing her lips on his outer face as he gradually paused his lips at her skin and just breathed her in in long breaths. 

“It’s too cold. Just wanna stay here, with you.” He lifts his head to her, bringing his lips down and meeting hers in a slow, soft kiss. 

Tugging at his shoulders, Y/N succeeded in bringing him under her and priced his tired face and slump mood with soft, longing kisses. Harry held her hair, tugging up in a ponytail as she slowly trailed down his face, on his neck and then on his bare chest, and the anticipation of all of this made his breathing raspier. 

She had reached the hemline of his boxer briefs and Harry couldn’t wait to give out to her when suddenly, the phone on the bedside table rang.

Y/N lifted herself off of the bed, annoyed at the abruptness of this petty gadget and sat on the edge of the bed as she received the call. 

Harry sat up behind her, running a hand through his hair as he eyed her back suggestively. His hips bucked up, slowly sliding him across the mattress to her until his groan touched her behind. His arms closed around her waist, slipping his hands under her top until they met in a knot at her navel. He kissed her shoulder, back and side of her neck before resting his head on her skin, rocking back and forth with her, completely ignorant of her chit chat.  

“I can’t believe it just left my mind. God, we have time right? I mean it’s definitely not startin’ before 9 even though it says 7?” The thought of the pre-Christmas party at her friend’s home had completely left her mind; but she couldn’t really blame herself when Harry had arrived back home. 

“Okay, I’ll make it. Just let’s arrive there together so I don’t be the only one late. Kay, see ya.” She put her phone back to its place, and slowed arched her neck to see Harry’s face at her side, chin propped up on her shoulder. Resisting somehow, she grants him a peck on his lips and even after he urges for more with lip biting, she refrains and gets off of the bed. 

“We gotta get ready. There’s a party at Makayla’s place.” Y/N announces, looking at Harry now slouching back on the bed with the support on his arms. 

“And we’re not going..?” He hints slowly, giving her a curious look. 

Y/N sighs through her mouth. “We have to. It was planned like long back, Harry. I have to be there.”

“But now I’m home so we’re staying back here, baby, c’mere.” He lifts his arms to hold her but she flinches back. 

“That’s what it is. You weren’t supposed to be back till next week and I got committed to certain outings and plans which I doubt I can cancel now.” Y/N whines, biting her lip in slight tanginess of her words. 

Harry’s eyes grew wide. “So it’s coming down on me then, is it really now?” He grew serious, eyes sombre. 

“You can stay home if you want, I’ll be back soon.” Shrugging her shoulders, Y/N turned to walk to the wardrobe when he held her wrist to tug her back. 

“I’ll come with ya.” 


The house is packed and merry with familiar faces, all laughing and chatting about in casualty. Y/N smiled at her friend walking to her, enclosing her in a tight hug with her one hand that was free of Harry’s hold. Pulling away from Y/N, Makayla turned to Harry who gave her a mere smile, and quick hug, almost equivalent to a shrug. All this while, not leaving Y/N’s hand for a moment. 

“Come on, get your drinks, guys, we’ll start with some games after that.” Saying so, Makayla walked off in the party. 

Y/N looked up from her hand intertwined with his to his serious, jaw tightened face. She cupped the side of his face with her other hand and brought him down, kissing his cheeks twice. 

“I’m sorry about before, baby. Please let’s go through this thing together and all smiley?” She waited for him to respond while pressing her nose on his cheek repeatedly. 

“Hmm.” He responded, looking down at her with a slight neutral expression. 

“Now gimme a kiss and smile, sweetheart.” They kiss slowly - something a little more than a peck - and Harry pulls back, tucking his hands in the pocket of his jeans while leaving Y/N from the warmth. She frowned, nevertheless held his bicep and together, walked in the crowd. 

A while later, Y/N found herself on her third glass of wine, a little light headed as she sat on the arm rest of the couch, laughing about imbecile topics. Harry joined the group at the couch, sliding down Y/N from the armrest to his lap abruptly, almost toppling the wine glass on her lap. 

“Woah, easy there, honey.” She chuckled, looking back at Harry with glassy eyes. 

“You too there, love.” He gestured to her glass, keeping a straight face. Y/N chuckled some more and aimed for a kiss on his lips but he turned and she found his scruff under her lips. She turned back to the group, not minding his actions at the moment. 

One of the guys in the group, later, picked out his guitar and sang songs, changing the lyrics someway and making them sound chessy and sweet to the crowd. He serenaded every woman during this, looking in their eyes and smiling a handsome one. 

he approaches Y/N, shifting a chord here and there on the guitar, beginning to play soft, amorous tune with lyrics that he dragged to a slurry tone. Y/N smiled, not really minding the deal with the man - he’s just being sweet. The guy slowly drew close to her face, urging her to sing along and Y/N chuckled, looking away shyly. 

“Okay, that’s enough.” Harry’s voice came through and the music stopped, all eyes turning to the stoic man behind Y/N. 

“Yes?” The man questioned. 

Harry got up, making Y/N stay together with him. His hand came down against the man’s chest, flat, and it just seemed he was an inch away from shoving the man on to the group sat behind him. 

“That was good, but thank you, enough of it, we’re leaving.” With this, he grabs Y/N’s hand and drags her out of the building, the wine glass in her hand falling to the ground and breaking on the way. 


Y/N shuffles at the door, taking off her heels, Harry hot at her feet. She scurries away from the door in haste but Harry’s voice makes her stop. 

“Y/N, baby, I’m n-”

“What was that?” She demanded, turning around. 

Harry’s face grew struck with shock. “We were coming back, anyways, might as well did an hour or so before - what’s wrong with that?” 

“You really are stubborn, aren’t you? When you had thought that you’re gonna be absolutely rude to my friends, act like absolutely out of this world person and be absolutely sulking away my mood along with yours, I guess you played really well then.” She flared her nose at him. 

Harry’s shoulders dropped.” Baby, I wasn’t feeling well at all.” 

“I told you to stay at home, didn’t I?” Y/N accused. “I think you purposely act around like this arrogant and stoic in front of my friends just to maintain this air and talk about Harry Styles, don’t you? Goodness, you’re so implausible at times.” She hurried away to their bedroom. Harry trailed behind her, quick in his steps and got inside the bedroom before she could have closed the door at his face. 

Not sparing any look to him, Y/N quietly walked to the dresser to put away her earrings. It was until she heard sniffles that she turned around. 

With his face in his hands and his figure turned small at the edge of the bed, Harry openly let his sobs be heard. 

Y/N furrowed her eyebrows, biting her lip, and walked to him. Standing before him, she spoke,” Why are you crying?” 

With his face burried in his hands still, Harry answered. “I’m not feeling good, Y/N. After being home sick for so long, all I wanted was to spend time with you when I’d come back and you drag me to this party where there’s guys tryna flirt with ya. It makes me so sick, but is that what you’ve been doing while I was away?” 

Y/N dropped to her knees before him, clutching his wrists to bring his hands away from his face. 

“No, I would never do that, I swear, baby. And I didn’t drag you to the party, you could’ve stayed home if you wanted.” She spoke in a less monotonous and more understanding, soft voice. 

Harry looked up at her with his bloodshot eyes. “But I wanna be with you, why don’t you understand?” He burries his face back in his hands ,and Y/N’s fighting to have him look at her. 

“I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry, Harry. Please look at me, I love you, I’m so so sorry, baby.” She hugs him over him trying to hide his face, and she’s squishing his body in her grip before he finally wraps his arms around her. 

“Please smile, it’s almost Christmas, baby. I’m so glad you’re home!” She squeals into his shoulder, kissing his ear and neck and everywhere that she can. 

“Please come and hold me, I’m feeling so cold.” Harry murmurs against her hair. 

“I’ll take care of you baby, I’ll love you so much. C’mon.” Y/N urges pushing him back on the bed. She wipes his cheeks as she kisses him under his eyes and moves her hands down to help him change up. 

“I love you, Y/N and I’ve missed you and I love you so much.” Harry smiles at her. 

She leans to his face, pecking a kiss on his lips and smiles back. “I’ve missed you too,bug. Love you so much.” 

And their lips meet again. 


The set up

Originally posted by littlehobbit13


Ravi Chakrabarti x Reader
Words: 1,199

Before if anyone had asked Ravi Chakrabarti what his own person hell would look like, he’d struggle to find a fitting description. Now he knew and it looked a lot like his best friends, one on bad life coach brains and the other on teenage girl brains.

He sat in his office chair with his head leant in the palm of his hand with Major and Liv on the other side of the desk trying to ‘help’ him.
“Guys, I don’t need a life check, I’m absolutely fine.” He finally snapped.
Liv tutted and clicked the gum she was chewing, “You’re like so stressed, maybe you need a cleanse.”

Ravi rubbed his face with his hand, “Maybe I don’t need two zombies on annoying brains in my office.”
Major, who had turned his chair around so that he could lean on the back of it as he faced Ravi, clapped his hands together, “Okay, so real talk. When are you going to do something about your feelings for Y/N?”
Liv and Major both leaned forwards expectantly and Ravi fought the heat rising to his cheeks.
“Y/N and I are just colleges, and yeah we’re friends, v-ery good friends, sure. But that’s it.” Ravi managed to stutter out his hands coming down to the desk like that was the final word.

“P-lease.” Liv rolled her eyes, “You’re, like, such a puppy every time that she’s around.”
“I’m quite charming all the time actually.” Ravi tried to defend himself.
“But you try so much harder when she’d around,” Major told him, “and when she laughs at your jokes you do that grin.”
“What grin?!” Ravi exclaimed his voice going slightly higher.
“The dimple grin.” Liv countered.

“You say that like it’s obvious?” Ravi asked, he could feel his cheeks burning, that god you were coming in late today and would miss this. He’d never been awkward when it came to women, as surprising as that fact was to everyone, but he didn’t want to run the risk of spoiling what you guys already had by trying to pursue anything.
“It’s totes obvi.” Liv said.
“Look, Ravi, you gotta cast your line out there and see if Y/N bites, if she doesn’t then you get on someone else.” Major told him.
Ravi gave him an incredulous look, “And you think that’s good life coaching do you?”

“Who’s life coaching?” You asked as you practically fell into the office while trying to put your lab coat on. You’d phoned ahead to warn Ravi that you’d been late, rushed through the department shouting morning to Clive and down into the morgue and straight into a room of your friends. Ravi looked nearly flustered while your undead friends looked downright cheeky.
Ravi recovered himself, “Major is on life-coach brains, and Liv’s had a teenage girl for lunch so I’ve had a wonderful morning.”
“Kinda sorry that I missed that.” You laughed.

Major went to speak to you but Ravi cut him off quickly, “Y/N could you please go and start on the asphyxiated woman that came in this morning?”
You narrowed your eyes at his behaviour to agreed anyway and went off to work.

After a week of life-coach Major and teenage Liv, Ravi was ready to go out and kill somebody just so that you had other brains ‘in stock’. It had been a week of text speak, needless drama, tantrums and most annoying was that they both were constantly teaming up to try and set you and Ravi up together. Three times a day you found yourselves both locked in the closet together or being pushed towards each other. Yesterday, when you’d gone to play video games at his place, they’d both removed all the chairs in the house except one, like they were hoping you’d sit on Ravi’s lap. They were disappointing to come home and find that you’d both made a blanket fort on the floor.

Today, Major had given up any sense of subtlety and just full on tackled you both into each other sending you skidding to the floor together. It was hard for you to be in these situations with a man that you’d had feelings for a long time who simply laughed it off.
Maybe that’s why you were so drunk.

The pair of you were hiding out at your flat, playing videos games, eating junk food and drinking as much alcohol as you could. After a while you gave up on the games, neither of you could really focus anyway.

But if anyone were to ask, you’d definitely blame the alcohol for just blurting out, “It’s my fault that Liv and Major are being ridiculously annoying.”
Ravi scrunched his face slightly, “Think it might have something to do with the fact that they eat brains.”
You laughed and nudged his arm, “I’m serious and I wasn’t going to say anything because of how long we’ve been friends but, well, I have a bit of things for you, okay? I told Liv and she must have told Major, they think they’re being helpful. I’m sorry.”

You glanced up at him from where you’d been scratching at the label on your beer and instantly his lips caught yours in an awkward, face bashing, drunken kiss which you returned with equal drunk enthusiasm.

When you pulled away he looked contemplating, “I didn’t mean to do that. No, no, I did. I was just supposed to tell you that I thought they were doing it for me before trying to kiss you. I told Major about my thing for you, great zombie brains must think alike.”
Grinning you leaned into him to give him a much softer, slow kiss; your hand came up and ran through his hair.

“Ravi, I do have one question.” You started.
“Yeah?” He waited, his eyes half lidded with drunken haze.
Your face was close to his, your hand was still in his hair and his arms had come around to circle you, “Would you like to join me in pretending to be absolutely furious with Liv and Major when they come down off of their brain trip?”
His grin was magic, “Oh absolutely.”


Liv led the way up to Major’s house with Major and Clive in tow, she spoke as she walked, “I’m just saying that we need a plan, they’ve been friends for years and now they’re mad with each other and us.”

“You both made things worse before, why don’t you leave them alone now? They’re grownups.” Clive asked.
Major shook his head as he opened his front door, “You don’t understand, Ravi has had feelings for Y/N for ages and I helped ruin tha-”

He stopped as they piled into his front room to find you and Ravi kissing in the middle of the room, both scantily dressed with ridiculous bed head. You jumped at the sound of the door opening and felt your face flush when greeted with Liv, Major and Clive all staring at you. Ravi didn’t budge nor move his arm from around you he just gave them all a small wave.
Clive smirked, “I think they made up.”  

[NCT] Doppelganger?

Hello hello hello! It’s me, Froggi, back at it again with the requests I should have gotten to a million years ago. This is like the best thing I’ve written since I made my blog though so hopefully that’ll make up for me being late. 

Originally posted by y-ta

Genre: idk fluff i guess 
Word count: 1,000+ 
Feedback is always appreciated, thank u and goodnight 

Cozy, inviting, and seemingly set in past decades, there’s something indiscernible that draws you to the cafe that lies on the busiest street corner in Chicago. It’s a place you’ve visited countless times; the employees now know you by name and vice versa. On a particularly rainy day, you find yourself padding into the building, the warmth inside soothing your chilled skin. It’s rather empty, which is out of the ordinary given its reputation, but it’s not at all surprising to see the lack of patrons. It is only Tuesday, and with the downpour outside, it’s no wonder you can count the number of guests on one hand. The chime that sounds throughout the cafe alerts one of the waiters, and he bounds out from the kitchen to offer you a greeting. He’s tall, with chocolatey brown eyes and lips that curve up at the corners naturally, perpetuating an enticingly cat like expression. A few strands of soft dark hair fall into his eyes, and he lazily blows them aside with a harsh puff of air before throwing a welcoming smile in your direction.
“Hey, sexy,” says the waiter, poking fun at your perhaps overly casual attire. “Do you not have an umbrella? You’re soaked.”
You breathe out a sigh, climbing onto one of the large and rustic mahogany barstools that line the counter.
“No, I lent mine to a friend.” Is your response.

Johnny looks you up and down, pursing his lips in thought, before scurrying away. Out of sight, you can hear the whirring of machines and the clinking of glass and it’s not long before he returns, a drink in hand. It’s a tradition, so to speak, for you to leave your order up to Johnny every time you visit. He’s good at what he does, and he’s always thinking of new combinations of ingredients to put together just the right beverage to suit your mood. On days like this, your drinks are usually served hot, varying between overly sweet flavors with heaps of cream or something more simple, usually a hot tea with only a dash of sugar.

Today, you guess the drink is going to be on the sugary side, judging by the mountain of whipped cream and chocolate shavings that dust the top. When you take a sip, though, you’re pleasantly surprised. It’s sweet, but not overbearing and there’s a faint hint of citrus. Your eyes widen, and you throw an excited thumbs up to Johnny as you gulp it down, the liquid heating your throat and warming you down to your toes.
“It’s my newest concoction.” Johnny muses, bowing as if he’s in front of a relentlessly cheering audience.
“I’m impressed. I’d say this is your best work to date.” You say, “What’s in it?”
“That, my friend, is top secret information. I’m afraid I can’t tell you, though you know I hate to turn down a pretty face.”

You haul your bag into your lap, pull out your laptop and boot it up.
“That’s fine; I’ll just ask Nathan.” You counter, and Johnny’s eyes narrow.
“You wouldn’t dare.”
“Try me.” You taunt, taking another sip of the drink.

Johnny, one of your 3 roommates, works and makes a living as a waiter and residential pretty face. There’s a handful of people that attribute the cafe’s popularity to Johnny’s devilishly good looks, and you can’t say you blame them; the days Johnny works are usually the cafe’s busiest. Girls practically line up to see him, no matter where he goes. Of course, it’s an unspoken rule that absolutely no one, under any circumstance, is allowed to flirt with him, unless they enjoy being gently but brutally rejected.To most, it’s painfully obvious that he already has eyes for only one girl. ‘Most’ meaning everyone except for you, the girl in question. It’s routine for Johnny to constantly be flirtatiously throwing quips in your general direction, which you reflect back at him with ease. Everything about him, from the way he dresses to the way he acts, screams “ladies man”, so you suppose you’ve sort of embedded that idea into your brain, projecting his flirty behavior onto everyone he interacts with. “Just ask her out already.” Is a phrase that’s commonplace among Johnny and your two other roommates. Among the four of you, it seems that the only one out of the loop is you. Of course, Johnny isn’t one to push. While it kills him to be so close to you without actually being able to call you his, he’ll take what he can get. He’s a man who’s all about subtlety; he’d rather drop hints for decades before he finally grabs you by the shoulders and scream to the heavens that he wants to go out with you. Which, unfortunately for him, is something he probably needs to do. You don’t consider yourself ditzy and clueless by any means; in fact, you’re at the top of your class in the university’s art program, but that’s another story. Point being, you can’t exactly take a hint, no matter how obvious Johnny might make it. Presently, Johnny’s leaning against the bar, asking you, “What brings you here, by the way? The weather outside is total shits; I didn’t expect to see you walking through it.” You’re in the middle of gulping down more of your drink when he continues. “Don’t tell me it’s because you wanted to come see me? I’m flattered, Y/N, I really am.” You click your tongue.
“Wow, you’ve got me figured out,” you deadpan, “I actually just came to study, since it’s so loud back at the apartment.”
“You couldn’t study at the library?” He asks.
“Nope. Power went out, so the school’s got it closed off.” Is your response. Taking one last sip of your drink, you beckon him over, “Come help me.”
He shoots you a, “I’m going to get in trouble for slacking off.” though he doesn’t make any move to decline your request.
“No, you won’t. Everyone here loves you.” You say as he climbs into the seat beside you.

He scoots closer, brazenly leaning against you with his chin propped on your shoulder. You don’t question the action, but rather the sensation is sends shooting down your spine. It’s not uncommon for him to have his hands on you; often times he’d have you in his lap or an arm slung securely around your shoulder, and it was never considered more than a mindless action between friends. After all, that’s the dynamic your friendship is built on. So why, you ask yourself, does it send your heart into overdrive? Of course. It’s because you’ve got a hopeless crush on the boy. It’s an idea you’ve only nurtured a small number of times, afraid that the blossoming adoration you have for the waiter would cause you to do something stupid, like telling him how you feel, should you entertain the notion that yes, you do like Johnny.His eyes are trained on the brightness of your laptop, and he’s silent as you pull up a number of windows, ranging from PDF files to a random playlist you found on Youtube. Johnny does wonders in helping you study. Physics, your weakest and his strongest subject, is the monster that you try to tackle as you sit tucked away into your own little world inside the cafe. Occasionally, he’ll reach a hand up and point to something you might have missed in your equations, and he’ll murmur answers to your questions. It’s when a sudden change in your playlist has you switching over to Youtube that Johnny lifts his head from your shoulder, prompted by a man seemingly in his 40s entering the cafe. The music that plays through your headphones isn’t something you could see yourself listening to, but when paired with the bright colors of the accompanying music video on screen, it serves to almost hypnotize you. Nine men dance with powerful movements on screen, and the song fluidly moves from hook to bridge to chorus, and it’s during the second verse of the song that something catches your eye. One of the boys, dressed in a candy red jacket with gold chains and auburn colored hair, moves to the front of the group, and your jaw drops. That guy looks just like Johnny! When he moves back to your side, you point to the screen in astonishment.
“Check this out. That dude looks exactly like you!” Johnny’s eyes widen a slight bit, and he furrows his brows in confusion before his features relax and he cocks a goofy smirk.
“Dude, maybe he’s your long lost twin. You know like that movie The Parent Trap!” You joke.
A breathless laugh pulls its way from Johnny’s lips, and he slaps a hand to your back, between your shoulder blades.
“Pretty sure I’d know if I had a twin, Y/N. That dude in the video? That’s me.” He casually throws out.
“Eat it, Johnny. I don’t believe you.” You say, but upon giving it more though you realize that the idea is entirely plausible. Plus, it doesn’t take much convincing on Johnny’s part to have your jaw dropping in disbelief.
“Wait, so you’re telling me that you, Johnny, the Johnny that works making just above minimum wage as a barista, the Johnny that does a shitty impersonation of parrots 24/7, are the same Johnny who’s a famous Korean pop star?”
Johnny nods, as if it’s something as simple as 1,2,3.
You blink a few times, and it only takes you a few moments to fully come to terms with the knowledge. After all, it doesn’t seem far fetched for Johnny to do something so… Extra.
“Is that why you have so many girls up your ass?” You question, jokingly. Johnny leans back in his chair.
“Maybe. It didn’t work on the girl I want, though, so what’s it really matter?” As he speaks, he fixes you with a gaze that’s perhaps a bit too serious given the lighthearted nature of the situation, but it nonetheless has your throat going dry.
“Bummer.” Is all you manage to mumble out.
“Yeah. I guess she didn’t really know about it until just now. I bet if she knew I was so famous, she’d already be falling at my feet.” Muses Johnny, casually despite the rapid beating of his heart.
“Maybe now that she knows I can use that as leverage to get her to go on a date with me.”
“Why don’t you ask her, then?” You counter.
At this, Johnny leans forward, face entirely way too close to yours as he searches your expression for anything that could hint at deception, to give away the idea that you’re playing him like a fiddle, serving as a warning for him to back away because he doesn’t want to deal with the embarrassment of being rejected by the one girl he’s head over heels for. Finding nothing, he takes the opportunity to speak, tongue darting out to wet his lips before he asks, tentatively, “Will you go out with me?”
Your lips quirk up in a little grin, and you can see the tension leaving Johnny’s frame when you nonchalantly reply with, “I’d love to.” The waiter has a smile stretching from ear to ear throughout the rest of his work day.

On Saturday, when he texts you, telling you that he’ll be picking you up once he gets off of work, you find yourself smiling stupidly at your phone.
You shoot a quick ok text, worrying your bottom lip between your teeth before typing out another message.
“Oh and by the way, you don’t have to be famous to take me on a date.” Followed by another text, “I’d have said yes any day.” 

Pour Up - Part 4

Summary: EXO Mafia AU ~ Yixing is an operative for his crime family, the Kims, and his next mission is to kidnap you, an heiress, for a ransom. He’s been doing this all his life, he’s prepared for this - or so he thinks…until he meets you.

Pairing: Yixing x You

Note: Slight influence of The Godfather

Warnings: Language

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SPECIAL FEATURE ALERT: This is a reader-interactive fic, so in the box below, if you enter a name (yours or a character’s, for example), and click “submit”, it will swap out “Y/N” for that name. None of the information entered is stored. This feature does not work on dashboard/feed/mobile app unfortunately.

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Originally posted by exeauxs

No. No no no.

Yixing blindly reaches for Sehun as the dull grief he had been feeling for the past several years spikes into acute, jagged fear. And fury. She can’t do this. She can’t just play with his life like this! She can come for Yixing, poison him, beat him, take a shot at his head all she wants – but if Y/N thinks she can lay a single finger on Sehun, on his little brother—

Yixing’s feet react faster than his brain and he’s weaving through the crowded room, trying not to run, trying to keep his face impassive, silently calculating how many fucking bullets he’ll put between her eyes – when a hand catches his arm and stops him.

“You’ve come home,” Suho says, dropping his hand when Yixing stares at it.

“No thanks to you,” he mutters and takes a step away. He needs to go, now, and the last person he wants to talk to is his father. He’s half-turned towards the door, but Suho continues with purposeful obliviousness to Yixing’s urgency.

“Please,” he scoffs. “There was no doubt in my mind that you were going to escape. I trained you myself, remember? I will always bet on you, Yixing.”

A blossom of warmth unfurls in his chest, but Yixing quickly tamps it down – because this is what Suho does. His words are sweet as honey but his actions are colder than a knife’s edge.

“This wasn’t a bet, Suho,” he rakes a hand through his hair, “you took a gamble on my life. What if you had lost?”

“Have I lost before?” This is a rhetorical question. Suho’s track record of victory is impeccable. “Anyway, I expect a thorough debriefing of the whole event. The Nightshade girl is playing with fire here, and I think it’s time we turn up the heat.” 

Yixing’s eyes slide to Sehun happily chatting with his brothers, and he nods. On this matter, he agrees with his father – but he’s not about to come running back home because of it. “Okay,” he lies smoothly. “We’ll talk tonight, but I have to go now.”

“Where on earth could you possibly go when your entire world is right here?” Suho calls after his retreating figure, and he grits his teeth. Because Y/N has somehow managed to wedge her way into his world too, Suho just doesn’t know it yet.

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ok but?? chowder being a Party Boi in high school. he was always just so happy to be there and got everyone hyped. not so much anymore bc he’s gotta be serious about stuff (like hockey and his friend and his gf and his degree) but like. pong partners lardo & chowder??? unstoppable. undefeated. actually undefeated. they never lose games, chowder just loses interest and like high fives everyone and goes off to do something else.

Auston Matthews I don’t need a man Pt 2

Thanks to austonmatty34 for requesting a part two! This has been a great distraction from doing my actual school work for a little while

Part 1 can be found here

Word count: 1,599

“Hey (Y/N) it’s Auston, are you free tonight?”

You stared down at the message on your phone, you couldn’t believe, after all your hours crying over your ex-boyfriend. You thought you should swear off guys for a while, they had been more trouble than they’re worth lately, but this Auston guy seemed like he maybe wasn’t too bad. But maybe you were thinking more about how good he looked and not who is actually is.

You were sitting in your room with your best friend staring down at your phone deciding what to say back.

“If you don’t go out with him tonight I’m never speaking to you ever again.” she said, probably noticing the confliction on your face.

“But do I really need more guy drama in my life?”

She stared at you like you were stupid, “Um, yes” she replied, “You need ALL of the Auston FREAKIN Matthews drama in your life. It’s one date! Just think of it as a free meal with a cute guy who cares.”

You rolled your eyes and looked back down at your phone.

“Yeah I’m not doing anything tonight”

You looked at the text on your screen one last time and hit send. You let out a deep breathe and laid back down on the bed.

“It’s just one dinner it’ll be fine, just one date” you muttered under your breath.

“You said yes!?” your best friend squealed. She jumped up on your bed and started bouncing shaking you where you were laying.

“Yes yes I said yes!” you said rolling your eyes and sitting back up.

Just then your phone buzzed with a new message, you felt your heartbeat quicken.

“7oclock tonight? Nothing too fancy ;)”

You looked over at your friend and she was beaming at you. “So what should I wear, you have to help me pick it out!”


It was 6:45, you were wearing a brand new outfit, sitting nervously in your room trying to think of ways to kill time before Austin showed up. You had chatted back and forth a few time throughout the day and he seemed like a pretty cool guy. You gave him your address not too long ago and you hadn’t really been able to think or really breathe properly since. You weren’t usually so nervous on first dates but you really hadn’t been on one in a while. 7 o’clock finally came and almost right on the dot, there was a knock on your door. You took a deep breath and stood up, checked your hair again in the mirror, and walked over to the door.

You opened the door to find that same tall, fit, brown haired brown eyed boy you had spent the whole day thinking about.

“Hey” he said smiling, “Nice shirt”

You looked down and noticed it was the same shirt that had started your first (almost) conversation.

“Oh thank you!” you said blushing.

“Ready to go?”

He lead the two of you down your steps and out to his car.


The car ride was filled with pleasant conversation, laughing, and all around a great start to a first date. Auston pulled into the parking lot of a burger place you had never been to before. He got out of the car and rushed around to grab your door, a perfect gentleman. He placed his hand on the small of your back and guided you towards the restaurant. Usually you might have been a little annoyed at someone you didn’t really know touching you, but there was something about this Auston Matthews that made you happy to be touched by him. Once inside, you were lead to a table and sat down, you both ordered drinks and looked at the menu.

“It would make the most sense to order one pizza to share right?” you asked.

“I was just thinking the same thing” Auston replied smiling.

You argued over pizza toppings for a few minutes but decided before the waiter came back so Auston ordered.

“So if you’re not a Leafs fan and you like hockey who’s your favorite team?” he asked.

You couldn’t help but blush a little, embarrassed at the memory of not recognizing one the league’s top rookies of the season. “ Well um I like a couple of different teams and there’s a couple of players I like to watch.”

He nodded taking a sip of his drink. “Not the four goal in his first game rookie though?”

It seemed like he was trying to be serious but you could tell he was holding back a laugh. Your face was reddening but it was as much out of embarrassment but more so from trying to hold in your own laughter.

“Guess it really didn’t make much of an impression on me.” you said playfully, “but that song you have is something else.” It was Auston’s turn to turn red.

“Oh god I was hoping I had found the one hockey fan in the world who has not seen that video.”

The waiter brought out your pizza and your conversation died down a little while the two of you ate. But the conversation picked back up as you finished up eating. You couldn’t believe how well the date was going. He was funny and cute and your conversation was never boring. When the bill came he grabbed it up before you could even pretend to try and go for it. After the bill was paid the two of you headed out, again with Auston guiding you out the door with his hand on your back.

You weren’t ready for the night to end yet and it seemed Auston felt the same because once you were in the car he suggested to do something else.

“Ice cream maybe?” he asked. You nodded in agreement and he headed down the road. It was a quick drive, he parked in a municipal lot and the two of you walked to the nearby ice cream parlor.

“This is my favorite place.” Auston said as you walked in. “They have the best homemade ice cream, it’s one of my favorite cheat foods”

“I can’t wait to try it” you said, you looked down at the glass checking out the flavor varieties. Auston ordered his cone but it took you a little longer to decide. Auston poked your side urging you to hurry up and make a choice. You finally picked a flavor.

“Thank GOD” Auston teased.

You rolled your eyes licking the ice cream on your cone. “Do you want to stay here, or we could go for a walk it’s pretty nice out” you asked.

“That is a great idea!” he paid for the ice cream and the two of you headed for the door.

The ice cream shop was in the middle of a cute little town, most of the shops were closed but many of the lights were still on and it was a warm summer night. The two of you walked down the street, eating your ice cream and keeping up with the easy conversations you had been having all night. Throughout your walk your hands kept brushing together but you didn’t know if holding hands was something he was going to want to do yet. It seemed like he was reading your mind yet again, because he grabbed your hand and smiled at you. You couldn’t help but smile as you finished off your ice cream cone.

You and Auston walked around a little more, holding hands and getting to know each other. But it started to get late and you had work the next morning, but, you couldn’t really be bothered because you were having such a great time. But Auston had an early day too so you headed back to his car, but walking a little slower than you had been earlier. On the car ride back Auston grabbed your hand again, and when you had to let go to text back your friend, he rested it on your thigh. The heat from his hand through your pants gave you a kind of tingling sensation you had not felt in a while. You could feel your pulse quicken but you kept a cool exterior. This ride was a bit quieter than the others had been, but it was a comfortable silence, something you did not experience with very many people.

He pulled up to your apartment building and parked his car. He got out first and opened your door.

“Do you want me to walk you to your apartment?” He asked with a bit of a smirk.

“Um yeah that would be great”

He closed the car door behind you and put his arm around your shoulders. It was a short walk to your building so Auston walked you into your building all the way to your door. You got out your keys and turned and unlocked your door. But before you opened it you turned back to Auston.

“I had a really great time.” You said.

“Yeah me too, we should do it again sometime.” You couldn’t help but notice Auston kept looking down at your lips. Taking the hint, you stepped forward and kissed him. It was a soft kiss at first, the kind that usually happens after a nice first date, but Auston deepened the kiss. Grabbing your waist and pulling you close to him. The kiss was electric and made you feel things you didn’t think you’d feel for a long time. You finally pulled away, a little breathless.

“Yeah we should definitely do this again”  

Imagine you and Ivar love to raid and battle together (part 6)

Part I:
Part II:
Part III:
Part IV:
Part V

Summary: After almost a year a lot had changed, Ivar is two months gone on raid and finally comes back, alive and well. Not only is he impressed by your old self again, he is the most impressed of your son who just learns to walk. And stubborn as he is, Sigtrygg succeeds.
Words: 2193

This is the last part of this series. Hoped you all liked it, moving on to the next series I guess? 

You looked intensely to Sigtrygg who drew himself up on the chair and let his hands lose so he stood alone. You smiled a little when he tried to find some balance before he looked down to the ground, trying to take his first step. But everytime you thought he would do it, he didn’t and held back on the chair again. Sigtrygg was just his father, stubborn when something doesn’t go to plan and confident in what he wanted. He was almost a year now and still the center of your life. Seeing him wake up every morning was the most beautiful thing of your day. He turned his head and looked at you with piercing blue eyes. He babbled something and you shook smiling your head. “Soon.” You wispered. Ivar was in Engeland, for weeks now and you started to notice that Sigtrygg missed his father. Despite he was still so young, he was clever and he knew that Ivar wasn’t around, espially because he loved his father more than anything on the world. Sometimes you had to rock him to sleep because he was crying, or he laid with you in bed instead of in his craddle. You didn’t mind, how closer he was, how closer Ivar was. You pulled yourself out of your own thoughts and looked back at Sigtrygg who crawl to a little wooden horse that Floki had maked for him. Would Ivar come back? You hoped, there was still so much that Sigtrygg and Ivar had to do together. Raiding, fighting, conquer the world. You looked up to the ceiling, praying to the gods. “Please let my husband come home. Please let Ivar be still alive.”

In the time that the Brotherhood and their army were away you grew a little closer to Lagertha. She saved you from certain dead a year ago and you were still thankfull for that. So you adviced her on the defenses of Kattegat, that was what the two of you were doing when a shieldmaiden came in to tell the return of the brotherhood. “I hope the gods aswered our prayers.” Lagertha said to herself. You shoved your axe in your belt and took Sigtrygg who was playing with the wooden toys again. After almost two months you finally saw those ships again. The people of Kattegat rushed to the harbor, all eager to see their husbands and sons again. Queen Lagertha took her place in on front and you stood becides her, with Sigtrygg in your arms. You looked how his little bleu eyes gazed over the ships, impressed by what he saw.
“Some day you will sail this sea to.” You said to him. He didn’t understand it but he looked at you for a moment before his eyes went to the boats again.
“If he has the spirit of you and the cofident of his father he will one day be a great leader.” Lagertha smiled towards your son. You looked at Sigtrygg, his dark hair blowing by the wind. You recognized Björn immidiatly, he was hard to look over. But when the boat came closer you recognized not only Björn, you saw Ubbe, Sigurd, Hvitserk and offcourse Ivar. You felt so much relief in the moment that Lagertha embraced you for a short time.
“Look, your fahter.” You pointed to the boat. Sigtrygg was looking when you said that word but the fuss around him maked him insecure for a moment. When Ivar left two months ago Sigtrygg barly could crawl, now he almost could walk, he had grown, brabbled a lot more and you were sure that Ivar would be impressed. Björn jumped off as first, the conquering hero and you nodded respectfully towards him. But when the brothers came from the ship you putted Sigtrygg on the ground, he wrapped his both arms around your leg but was standing.
“Sigtrygg, hardly had regconized you.” Hvitserk laughed, clapping his hands to your son while Ubbe and Sigurd helped Ivar out the boat. Hvitserk was Sigtrygg’s favorit uncle, some much was sure but all his attention was towards his farther now.
“Glad your are safe.” You said to Hvitserk, he smiled and stood beside you, looking towards Ivar. He was shocked, he stared at his son like it was a other child. In disbelief he looked a moment to his brother.
“It’s not my son.” Ubbe laughed. You laid your hand on Sigtrygg’s head, he looked up at you.
“It’s oke.” You said. Ubbe and Sigurd let their brother carefully sit on the ground and Sigtrygg dropped his body on the ground and started crawling towards his father.
“What did you gave that kid?” Ubbe asked laughing about the fact that your son had so much changed. But you couldn’t replie, you looked at the smile on Ivar’s face when Sigtrygg finally got to him. The boy wrapped his arm around his father and Ivar almost started crying about it.
“How did it go?” You asked the others brothers.
“How does it look like?” Sigurd pointed out to the other ships. They were all stuffed with treasures and even slaves, you nodded.
“We missed you.” Ubbe said. You smiled to him and walked over to Ivar and Sigtygg.
“Husband.” You said tenderly. Ivar looked up at you. Yes, he left leaving you in a dress and now you were back in battlegear again. Two months changed a lot, that was for sure. You crouched beside him and looked betweed him and your son.
“Can he walk?” Ivar asked with an intensive  glare towards his son who stood up without needing help.
“Good to see you to Y/n, missed you a lot.” You said to yourself. Ivar rolled his eyes and shook his head.
“It seems that my son is not the only one who changed so much.” He responded with that smile of his.
“You still aren’t saying it Ivar.”
“You serious?” He asked right away. You nodded, took Sigtrygg and walked away from him. You were your old self again, he not greeting you was one of the things you would use against him. “Y/n.” He yelled after you. You smiled but didn’t look back. There was nothing more you wanted than just snuggle into his embrace and talk about his raid but you didn’t let yourself. You could play that kind of games again and you knew that it would make him crazy.

“This evening we drink on the gods, on the safe return of the five sons of Ragnar Lotbrok.” Lagertha said, standing before her throne, you stood beside her, before you a long table with the sons of Ragnar. Sigtrygg was already with his father again, Ivar wasn’t really paying attention to anything other than his own son. Lagertha sat down on her throne and you walked over to the table, sitting on the chairrest of Ivar his chair. He looked up at you, wrapping one arm around your leg. “Did I say how much I missed you?” He asked. You smiled and shook your head in disbelief.
“It’s to late for that Ivar.”
“Even I said it.” Yelled Ubbe from the other side of the table. 
“You shut your mouth.” Ivar commanded immidiatly. Sigtrygg tried to climb over to Hvitserk, Ivar tried to stop him for doing so and you only helped your son.
“I didn’t missed that about you.” You pointed out to his over protective behavior. Ivar glanced towards his son who was trying to pull some bread out of Hvitserk his mouth, they maked it a little game and you smiled because of Sigtrygg his laugh. Ivar pulled you from the chairrest into his lap.
“What is it that you missed about me?” He asked, his smile nothing more than a little grinn.
“Nothing really. You?” You putted your finger on his chest, looking at it without looking at him.
“Nothing. Only missed my son.” He nodded slowly. You looked back at him, briging your lips a little closer to his, while looking into his eyes.  
“Can you prove that?” You asked. He gave in, pulling you closer those last inches and kissing you. You really missed him, his taste, his toutch, those blue eyes, the feeling of his skin underneath your fingers. And he missed as much from you to, he doesn’t need to say it for you to feel it. You pulled your head back, a little out of breath, your forehead still against his.
“You coming the next raid?” He asked, his eyes intense into yours.
“What about Sigtrygg?” You asked in return.
“We take him with uss. I really need you Y/n.”
“So you did missed me.” You teased him, pressing a soft kiss on his cheek. “You up for it?” Again ignoring your words. You pulled back and shook your head slowly.
“Can I prove it to you tomorrow?”
“There is nothing more I wanna see than you beating the crap out one of my brothers.” He agreed. Offcourse he agreed, there is nothing more he rather did than watching you fight.

You trained so hard the last couple of months and you finally got the results of it. You tackled Hvitserk and pointed the tip of your sword against his throught. Ivar was laughing from against his tree, Sigtrygg somewhere around him. You didn’t break a sweat, Hvitserk held his hands up in surrender. You gave him a smug smile before helping him up again. “Your turn.” You pointed your sword towards Ivar. He grinned, petted your son on the head before he pulled his body towards the piece of tree trunk that just stood there waiting for him. He pulled his body up to it and took the sword from his brother.
“Wife.” He challenged you. You took more grip around your sword and looked at the confident and cocky smile around his lips. You attacked, he defended your first move, your swords against each other, watching each other intensly. Ivar always was a challenge, despite the fact he was a cripple, he could fight pretty good. His unpredictability maked it harder for you to hit him. But your focuse shifted sometimes to Sigtrygg who stood against the tree and tried to walk again. Therefore you didn’t saw Ivar his sword coming, hitting you in the stomach. You gasped for air, stepping backwards a few steps. “Y/n!” He was already panicking again. But you looked at Sigtrygg.
“You alright?” Hvitserk asked. You tried to point towards Sigtrygg but the pain took the better of your movements.
“Y/n, come her.” He demanded. You walked over, stiff like hell.
“He tried to walk.” You said, moving your body against the pain. All of Ivar his concentration shifted from you to Sigtrygg. You stood all three still, looking at Sigtrygg who tried again and did. One step, than two and three. The pain doens’t mattered anymore, your son could walk. “Sigtrygg.” You said to your son, he turned, fell again but stood up right after. This was not only a highlight in your son his life but also for Ivar. He never learned to walk and you knew he was afraid that Sigtrygg maybe would turn out a cripple to. But this proved everything.
“He walks.” Ivar wispered while your son tried to get to the both of you. You looked away from Sigtrygg his desperate tries to get to you both and looked at Ivar. There rolled a tear down his cheek.
“I gave him strict instructions to wait with that until you returned.” You laid your hands on a shoulder of Ivar and let your head rest on it. Hvitserk slowly walked away, leaving the three of you in peace. Sigtrygg didn’t gave up, every time again he stood up and tried again. “He is just like you.” You wispered, smiling of the slight frustration you saw in Sigtrygg his light blue eyes.
“Is that a good or a bad think?” Ivar asked softly. You both didn’t want to make much noise, wanted to watch for a long as you both could.
“Bad mostly,” you joked. Ivar pulled his eyes away from his son and looked at you. Your thumb slided the tear away  while you took all the emotions he showed in. “Also good. There is nobody as strong as you are Ivar. If he is like you then he will one day rule the world.” You said while looking back at your son. He finally arrived, pushing his hands up to you. You took him in your arms and smiled proudly. He smiled back and you both looked at Ivar who was definitely crying now.
“Everytime I ask the gods why I deserve this after all that I have done,” He felt silent and shook his head.
“Because you Ivar the Boneless, you brought our people victory and there is nothing in the world that the gods want more. They want uss to make stories, history and if there is a tale that will be told over hunderd years than it is the tale about the cripple who rised. And for that my dear husband, for that you deserve this.”

The end

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23 and 24 for taekook?

how do they hug? kiss? tease? flirt? comfort?

hug: jungkook likes to bury his head in the crook of tae’s neck and just breathe him in; hugs are usually initiated by tae who can just open his arms at any given time when he wants a hug, sometimes jungkook picks him up at random times just to hug him hard and let him go straight after.

kiss: a lot of the time, deep. slow. jungkook likes to fist one hand in tae’s hair and place the other on his waist and tae’s hands are everywhere; he likes to hold onto jungkook’s belt loops or put his hands in the back pocket of his jeans, sometimes he even plays with kook’s ears. they get lost in each other pretty easily and hate letting each other go; even when one of them asks for something like a goodbye kiss it starts off with one or two chaste pecks until one of them suddenly yanks the other back and decides they need a little more. they’re always being yelled at for being all over each other, too.

tease: taehyung likes to ~annoy~ jungkook when he’s busy just because jungkook pretends to get mad at him and literally throws him out of the room (after peppering kisses all over his face and whining at him, ‘hyung, please c’mon). jungkook teases tae about how endearingly bad he is at certain things just to wind him up and then laugh about how cute it is.


comfort: jungkook comfortingly rubs tae’s shoulder and wipes his cheeks and talks to him about things that he likes, to help take his mind off of whatever until tae himself wants to share what’s bothering him. taehyung brings jungkook one of his favourite snacks or drinks and just silently cuddles him until jungkook decides that he’s ok/ready to talk about it. in less serious cases the only comfort they need is being able to hold the other’s hand.

any doubts about the relationship?

it’s not at all major but sometimes tae worries that jungkook’s going to get bored of him or decide that he doesn’t want him anymore since they’ve been together for so long that he sometimes thinks that jungkook might find somebody/something better. 

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i just jumped back into dorohedoro and hooo boy. dont get me started. q hayashida is such a great storyteller and artist. it’s inspiring. its really inspiring i’ll tell ya. if u havent read dorohedoro and u like a good multifaceted yet perfectly tied together story with great characters and funnyness and heart touching moments, dont be put off by the scary art style bc its got all that and more. ms. hayashida really broke the mold with that one im serious… if u start reading it dont stop until the art style kind of cleans up bc at first its sort of scratchy looking and hard to get used to, but once u do it’s a really fun read that u wont be able to put down! :) and if u do end up reading it please come and tell me so we can talk about it and play a game of cards and drink hot drinks

Preference "How we find them drunk and they admit sweet things about us"

(Sorry for posting so late, there are so many characters XD but anyways Yay for our faves being all cute and giggly people in love :3 PS. I tried my best to make them all different types of drunks XD and tbh I love them all!!! Pls read all of them!!! Gifs not mine/found them on google/credit to the original owner.)

Negan-He had decided to reward everyone and let you all party. As the night went on, he was hoping to get you drunk knowing how hilarious you where usually but in the end, he himself was drinking so much he started to be all loud and was stumbling all over the place. As you noticed, you went to help him but as you approached him, he turned Lucille upside down and as if she was a microphone and in a loud voice, started to confess his true feelings for you so everyone could hear. “Y/N! I love you!Like i’m in love with you! I’m serious! You’re amazing! Truly the best! You care for me so much and you’re sooooo cute! And Hot as hell too! I like that! I want to live the rest of my life just with you!”

Daryl-You were all having a fun party late at night and naturally drinks were being passed around. He kept pushing it onto you all but in the end, he was the one crazy drunk. He was stumbling all over the place and was looking for you. He kept calling your name sweetly and was hanging onto other people, mistaking them for you or just taking time to tell them about you. Eventually, you heard your name and as you approached, you heard him telling Rick about you. “Rick? You know I gotta tell you, i’m like really in love with Y/N! She’s amazing and really pretty! She genuinely cares for all of us and takes good care of us…and that’s what matters! You think we should get married or something?”

Rick-You were all having fun at the diner table and everyone was talking with loud voices. He was handing drinks to them and you as well. However, as the night went on he eventually started to drink as well and had drank so much he could barely stand up straight. You noticed and approached to help him but instead he signalled and told you to wait as he had announcement to make before leaving with you. He suddenly climbed on the table and in a loud voice talked about you. “Y/N before we leave! I-I have something to say! Listen closely! I love you! I’m serious! I know I tell you that every day but I want everyone else to hear it as well! So I love you!”

Merle-It was one of The Governor’s party and everyone started to drink and drink. As the night went on, Merle had left your side to drink with the other men. However, you got a little worried and then walked to search for him. As you found him, he was hanging onto a truck nearby and appeared to be real drunk with the others as well. As he looked your way, he immediately smiled and turned to grab a megaphone nearby and climbed on top of the truck and started to talk about his feelings for you. “Alright…listen up everyone! Y/N over there is the best thing that has ever happened to me! She cares for me and i’ve never been more grateful than to have her in my life! I love her…I love you Y/N…Can you hear me?”

Glenn-You were celebrating all together and although he was reluctant to drink with the encouragement of Daryl, he ended up accepting. You noticed him drinking and drinking and eventually got worried over him. You got closer and tried to take his cup away from him. As he noticed, he just felt and thought you were trying to be affectionate with him and couldn’t stop giggling and started to ramble on about his feelings for you as everyone listened. “Aww Y/N! You care for me so much, you remembered how drunk I can get! That’s so nice of you…Just like the rest of you! I love you! you know that? I love you!!”

Carl-The two of you were allowed to have a few drinks but eventually you both got tipsy from it. You were a little lost but clearly not as drunk as Carl. You had decided to go to your room and sleep but as you did he followed you without you noticing it. You got in your bed and closed the door but suddenly it opened and him thinking he was whispering , started to yell at you about all his feelings. “Y/N, I know this is awkward but I just had to tell you that! I’m in love with you! You hear me! You’re adorable and I enjoy looking at you! So yeah I’m in love with you!”

The Governor-It was one of his parties and he was handing drinks to the people but of course he had to drink as well. The night went on and you had lost sight of him while he eventually ended up drinking so much he could barely stand up. You decided to look for him and you then found him sitting by one of the benches. As you approached, he raised his head up and smiled at you, he then called your name sweetly and got up to hug you tightly. “Y/N, I missed you so much! I know we saw each other earlier but as soon as you’re away I miss you! It’s because I just love you so much!”

Abraham-The night went on for a while and you both gladly drank everything your friends were mixing for you. As you sat next to him, you clearly noticed him as he was way more drunk than you. You wanted to help him get up to go to your room but as you did he fell on the ground. However, instead of grunting in pain, he smiled and laughed and pulled you along on top of him and started to speak in a rather loud tone about his feelings. “Oh Y/N, how clumsy can you get! But that’s what I like about you! Actually, I am in love with you! You’re just great and you’re so caring of me, it’s hard to not be in love with you!”

Eugene-You were all having fun together and you wanting to see him drunk for once, managed to get him to start drinking. As the night went on, you expected for him to get all tipsy and loud but instead he just sat by the couch by himself staring blankly at floor. You went to sit next to him and as you did, he put his hand on your thigh and in his serious tone, you could hear hints of drunkiness and he started to ramble on about you. “Y/N…I love you…I really do…I think i know what love is since I met you…I really wouldn’t know what to do without you…”

Ron-It was a late party and as everyone drank they let you both have a few drinks with them. As soon as you both started to drink, you eventually got tipsy together. The others noticed and thought it was enough for the night and they helped you both get to your room. On your way there, he then started to tell you and the person helping about his feelings for you. “Hey listen up…I’m in love with Y/N! She’s the best! Did you hear me Y/N? I love you! I'min love with you! For real!”

Jesus-There was a party in Alexandria and you had been both invited to join with them and stay for the night. As you both arrived, you were convinced to have a few drinks and eventually got separated as you went to talk with some other friends. When time came to go to sleep, you went to look for him and found him jumping on the bed of your room. He was smiling and laughing and as he saw you, he got excited and started to ramble on about his feelings. “Y/N! You’re here! Finally! Ever since I’ve met you I’ve been super happy! I think i’m really in love with you! No! I know i’m in love with you! and it’s an amazing feeling!”

Dwight-Negan had let you all party together and as you did, Dwight had no problem drinking the night away. It got late and you heard him mentioning your name from afar. It made you worried and you went to look for him. As you pass the others, you got to him and all you saw was him laying on the floor laughing and speaking in a loud voice. As he caught a glance at you, he smiled and sat up to call your name sweetly and threw his arms up at you like a child and ended up telling you about his feelings. “Y/N! There you are! Come hug me babe! I love your hugs! They’re the best! Please! I love you! I’m in love with you! I’m not getting up until you come hug me!”

Morgan-You were all simply sitting by the table eating and drinking and he was just next to you and was having a few beers here and there. As he did, he clearly got a little tipsy and kept staring at you lovingly. As you noticed you turned and smiled at him. He then suddenly lunged at you and kissed your cheek. It surprised you but not as much as when he started to bang his beer bottle on the table to get everyone’s attention and speaking about you in a loud tone. “I love you Y/N! I really do! I like how you care for me! The way you look at me and the way you hug me…Actually everything about you! Yeah I love you…”

Shane-You were having a little party around the campfire and eventually started to drink. You were talking with the others while he and some of them were having fun playing drinking games together. As it got late, you had made your way to your tent to sleep before him. As you prepared both of your sleeping bag, you suddenly heard the zipper door open and him calling for you sweetly. He then tried to get in but instead tripped inside the tent, laughing and speaking about his feelings. “Y/N, you caught me! Thanks…You know I love you right? Like i’m in love with you! It’s serious…You’re just so…pretty to look at…and you care for me…It’s hard to not love you!”

Milton-It was one of the Governor’s party and although he was reluctant to drink, he eventually gave in when you offered it to him sweetly. He ended up having fun time and got real drunk with the others. You then got worried and decided to walk him back to your shared room. As you sat him on the bed, you decided to change him in his pj’s and he started to chuckle. As you got to his shirt, he suddenly hugged you tightly and started to ramble on about his feelings. “You’re so soft Y/N…I like that…well actually I love everything about you…I mean I am in love with you…I’ve always been…And I don’t think it’ll ever change!”

Aaron-You were all crashing his house for the night to party and you were having fun drinking. Although, he was reluctant at first, everyone had convinced him to drink and he gave in. He ended up having fun and was looking for you all over. He stumbled over and eventually got a little too wasted. You looked for him all over and found him sitting nearby a plant and talking to it in a rather loud voice about his feelings for you. “Listen here, you! Y/N is great and i’m lucky to be in love with that person! I don’t think i’ll ever get better! Do you hear me! Y/N cares for all of us and always has me as a priority…I love you Y/N…”

Gabriel-You were all partying together at your house but he was reluctant to drink until the others convinced him. He ended up having fun and it wasn’t even late at night yet but you lost sight of him during the party. You searched all over and as you walked into your room expecting for him to wait for you, you instead heard your name being called from outside and as you looked through the opened window, you saw him barely standing up straight and he raised his voice so you could hear him or rather everyone. “Y/N, can you hear me? I love you, alright! You’re the most beautiful woman I ever laid my eyes on and…I enjoy making love to you! I-I don’t care if everyone knows! I’m too in love with you to hide it!”

The Wolf-You were drinking with your friends and having a good time around the camp fire. The night went on for a good while and you noticed him staring blankly at the ground. You went closer to wave a hand in front of him and it made him look up at you. He smiled and was teary eyed. He grabbed your hand and thinking you couldn’t hear him, he raised his voice. “Y/N, I love you, alright! That’s what i’m trying to say! You’re perfect in every aspect! It’s hard to believe how I got this lucky to be with you!”

Noah-You were having a little diner party in the house and you both got excited at the idea of finally drinking. As you both started, you were having fun playing drinking games and suddenly you went to the bathroom. As you came back, you found him asleep with his head on the table, you went to shake him awake and he started to mumble about his feelings for you. “Y/N…I-I love you…You’re amazing…Great..And you’re beautiful…I just want to hug you when you smile at me…I just really love you…”

Simon-Negan had let you all party together and were allowed to drink. Simon was keeping it up with the others and eventually got wasted. You got slightly worried over him as you lost sight of him and started to look for him all over. Eventually, you found him, shirtless and hanging onto your pillow tightly. He kept kissing it all over and complementing it, obviously mistaking it for you. You went to tap his shoulder and as he turned around he giggled and pulled you in for a hug. “Y/N! You’re here! Let me kiss those nice lips of yours! Please! I want to! I’m in love with you! What i’m saying is let me kiss you because I love you!”

Ezekiel-You were all allowed to have a little party and eventually everyone started drinking. As you drank together, you had never expected for him to down some so easily. He made you laugh and smile but eventually someone had distracted you from him and you both separated for the night. As it got late, everyone went to their room and you did the same. You walked in and found him laying on your bed spread all over like a starfish and laughing. As he saw you, he said your name and started to talk about his feelings. “Y/N?! Come closer to me! Please! Your bed is very comfy it’s a shame to sleep on it without you! You know, I just realized how much I love you…and every time i think about it I can’t stop smiling!”

Benjamin-There was a party at The Kingdom and you were all permitted to drink. Feeling bold, you challenged him to a drinking game in which he gladly accepted. You both got serious about it but he seemed to have gotten even more drunk than you but suddenly you left to go to the bathroom. As you came back, you found him crawling on the floor and calling for you. You answered back and he turned his head to look at you, smiling. “Y/N, I thought I lost you for a second that’s why I am here…but you’re back! I just wanted to tell you that i love you! Like seriously in love! It’s hard to imagine a day without you!”

Caesar-You were having a party in Woodbury and you drank all together. As you handed out the drinks, he stayed close to keep an eye on you. However, he ended up leaving to join his friends and was drinking as well, getting obviously drunk. You got worried and went to look for him. As you found him, you saw him sitting by a bench playing a guitar, rather awfully, and singing along with the others. As he noticed you, he smiled and got up on the bench to sing about his feelings for you. “Y/N, you beautiful woman! I love you! I love you, do you hear me? You take good care of me…and I like that! Are you looking at me?”

Heath-During the party in Alexandria, you were trying to convince him to drink and obviously he ended up giving in. You left him for a moment as someone else called for you. However, as you came back, the others had made him drink much more and he ended up being drunk as well and was singing along next to the karaoke machine. As he saw you, he smiled and started to serenade his feelings to you. “Y/N…You’re so beautiful…and I know for sure…I’m in love with you…I love you…Everything about you…Can you hear me talking into this microphone?”

Spencer-During the party in Alexandria, he was trying to see your drunken side and had challenged you to a drinking contest. To his surprise, you never got drunk but he did. You laughed at him and left to go get something. As you came back, he had fallen backwards on his chair and decided to just stay there. You approached to help him and as you tried to get him up, he laughed and started to ramble on about his feelings. “You’re helping me again? Y/N! You’re too much! Well I actually like that that you’re like this! It makes you an even more beautiful person! And i love that, I love you!”

Michonne-After a long day out, everyone had decided to drink together. You were having a little party in your house but you all ended up drinking. As you did, Michonne surprised you with all the drinks she down. However, as she got tipsy it all changed and you laughed at her. As she heard you, she shot a deadly gaze at you and pointed at you, only to start talking about her feelings for you. “You…Don’t you dare laugh at me…Because I love you, alright! I’m serious Y/N! I’m in love with you! You’re the greatest! I really do love you…You can smile at me but don’t mock my feelings!”

Maggie-You had decided to have a little party and you all started to drink. As the night went on, the drinking got heavier and eventually Maggie had gotten real drunk. She got up and made her way to the bathroom. Worried, you followed her, only to find her laying in the bath tube and staring at the wall laughing. As she saw you, she started to ramble on about her feelings. “Y/N! You’re here! Come closer I have something to tell you! I-I’m in love with you! isn’t it great! I mean i know we’re together but I Just had to say it out loud!”

Andrea-It was the party in Woodbury and you were allowed to drink. Although, she was reluctant at first you managed to convince her. As she did, she eventually got drunk and you found her laying on a bench. She was looking up at the sky and as she saw you she smiled. “Y/N? Is that you? Hey! I have to tell you something…I think i’m in love with you…Like I have feelings for you and I can’t stop thinking about you all the time!”

Jessie-You were at the party in Alexandria together and you noticed her drinking quite a lot. You tried to get her to stop as you got worried and as she noticed, she got away from you. She started to run away for you to catch her but as you caught her, she smiled at you. “Y/N, you caught me! That’s nice of you! Well actually you’re always nice! That’s what I love about you…I love you…”

Beth-You were having a little party in the prison and luckily had a few drinks. You both drank together but she got a little more tipsy than you. You tried to get something for you but she held onto you. She then pulled you closer and went to whisper in your ear. As you couldn’t hear her you told her to raise her voice and she got away from you and with her hands around her mouth repeated herself in an extremely loud tone for everyone to hear. “What I said was! That i’m in love with you Y/N! Like i love you! I’m not joking! You’re an amazing person and i’m lucky to have you!”

Sasha-You were celebrating together and you had managed to convince her to drink with you. As the night went on, she eventually got drunk and it worried you. You helped her up to her room and as you got there, you laid her in her bed. However, she started to chuckle and as you tried to leave, she pulled you closely to her and told you about her feelings. “I-I love you Y/N! I really do! I don’t think I ever felt this way for anyone before you! And it’s great! Like I really love you…please tell me you feel the same…”

Rosita-You were simply drinking beer together for fun but suddenly she suggested to get to the heavier booze. You accepted and as the night went on, she ended up way more drunk than you. You wanted to help her up to her room but she held your arm to keep you from getting up. She chuckled and smiling started to ramble on about her feelings for you. “Y/N, you know I love you, right? No like i’m in love with you! It’s serious feelings here! I mean just being around you i’m happier! So it must mean I really love you!”

Enid-During the party, you were both allowed to drink and you managed to convince her to try some. As she did, she quickly got drunk and went to sleep as you both sat on the couch. You tried to wake her up but she pushed your hand away and to your surprise started to talk about her feelings for her. “Y/N…I-I love you…I’ve always felt that way…Please tell me it’s the same for you! I don’t want you to reject me…that would be terrible…”

Tara-You were having a fun party in Alexandria and were talking to your friends. As the night went on, you both drank separately and eventually you walked around to look for her as you got worried. You the found her laying on the grass with her sunglasses on and with a big smile on her face. As she noticed, she called your name sweetly and started to ramble on about her feelings. “Y/N? Hey! You know, I really love you! You’re just so great! It’s hard to imagine my life without you…Gosh I just love you okay! Now don’t just stand there lay down with me!”

Ironic Echo, or why you shouldn't be mean on dating sites.

(warning: long story)

This story may be unique in the fact that it finished literally a day ago, but had a lead up of several months. Names have been changed to stereotypically appropriate ones.

Two years ago, I met a guy, Hans, during a holiday in Europe. He’s the prototype of the ‘arian’ german, blonde hair, blue eyes, taller than me(I barely touch the 2 meters) and so on, but has struggled with being overweight for most of his life(imagine notorious BIG big). Had little success with girls because of it. He’s a fun guy, spirited, graduated as a chemist with the highest honours(or so I hear), etc. Ever since our meeting, we’ve been friends, shared stories, played games and kept contact, even though we were in completely different countries at the time.

One of the stories he told me during our conversations is that he tried online dating. He met this one German girl, Helga, online, who, despite his physical appearance, seemed nice and genuine. She was blonde, perky, pretty and interested. He met up with her a couple of times, took her on dinner dates like a gent, the whole shebang. All seemed well until one day he wanted to kiss her and she 'recoiled’. By his account, she was suddenly cold and mean to him, despite being friendly before. When he asked if she liked him, the verbatim online reply was 'Ugh, you’re so ugly, how could I?’. This crushed ’m and that was the end of his online dating days. We’d still hang out, but the experience put a big damper on him. That sentence came up in chats a lot.

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A/N: this is really rushed, i’m sorry for the delay and if it sucks.

word count: 1k?

pairing: christoffer x female reader (sorry!)



You could’ve paid good money right now for having an identical twin, that’s how much you wanted to skip the party and stay home binge watching something that you’ve already seen four times. The truth was that you didn’t, so as days went by agonizingly fast, you found yourself at Eva’s place getting ready.

Vilde and Eva were still picking dresses when you decided to sit down next to Chris. You couldn’t help but let out a small sigh.

”What’s up girl?” She asked, actually looking concerned.

”This party stresses me out a little. I would rather be home than here, but can’t help it can I?” You were staring at Vilde, who was probably blabbering about just how dreamy is William.

”Sure you can, but Vilde and Sana will kill you. I wouldn’t want to see Sana mad to be honest, she would probably be quite scary then.”

”Yeah” was all that you could say, before Chris went on.

”It’s going to be okay, you know? Flirt with my name twin and try to get his hot friends hook up with me if I fail in it.” She said with a wink, earning a laugh from you. She never failed to make you feel better.

”Uhhuh, got you.”

Few seconds later Vilde and Eva announced that they were ready as well and that you could all leave now.


The place where the part was held at wasn’t that far away, so it took you only 10 minutes to get there by foot, much to Vilde’s dismay. She wanted someone to drive so she didn’t have to walk in her incredible high heels for a party, her words not yours.

Vilde walked up and rang the bell a few times, before someone opened it. Neither one of you recognized the boy, but Chris immediately started to flirt with the stranger only making Sana roll her eyes and walk inside. You gave a quick look to Eva and Vilde, before shrugging and joining Sana inside.

You were glad to find out that the party wasn’t huge, since crowds freaked you out sometimes. You had still managed to lose all your friends in the matter of seconds, making you groan under your breath memories flooding back from the first party you had attended with Vilde. Christoffer was there too, hell, you had even flirted with him a little and had enjoyed it. If you were honest, it scared you a lot to be around him. There had to be a reason all the girls were drooling for him after all?

You pushed the thought aside, making your way to the table where all the drinks were. A grimace found its way on your face when you saw the liqueurs that there was, they all sucked. Even so, you started to make your own drink when you felt someones arms wrap around you. Your reflexes kicked in, making you literally kick the person.

You turned around, only to see Chris on the floor groaning in pain. You felt somewhat happy that it was him who got kicked.

”We really need to talk about where’s the limit, even if I like it rough I don’t like being kicked” he said with a large smirk, before groaning again in pain.

His words made you blush a little, this not going unnoticed. ”Oooh, did I make my little princess blush?”

You let out a shaky breath. ”Nah, that only happens in your dreams. I also told you to stop calling me that, didn’t I?”

”I don’t recall, nice to see that you showed up here.”

”For my friends, not you.” You turned around, continuing on making the drink you needed a lot at this very moment.

”Damn, at least give me a chance here.” Chris said with a chuckle. ”I really want to get you know you though.”


”Let’s play a game then? I won’t try to make a move on you, so it’s harmless right?” He said with a sweet smile. You were doubtful, but just nodded as a yes since he seemed serious.

”I will ask you questions and you’ll answer the first thing that comes in mind.”

”Wait, they had this game in friends..” You said, shocked.

”Yeah, so? It’s a good show and Rachel is really hot.” He was smiling, the chances of him thinking about Jennifer Aniston high.

”Just figured out guys like you watch some car movies that’s all” you muttered, Chris hearing this.

”Guys like me? You really do think I’m a walking cliché, unbelievable.” Chris looked pretty hurt, your features softening up for a moment.

”You really don’t give me any reasons to think otherwise. Anyways, the game?” You were avoiding his gaze, ashamed that maybe you had just hurt his feelings.

”Oh right. You answer first. Cats or dogs?”

You couldn’t help but let out a laugh at his question, but when you saw the face he was pulling you stopped. ”Dogs.”

”Vilde or Sana?”

”Sana.” That came out much faster than you thought it would. “Wow, I thought it’d be Vilde.”

”Do you think I’m hot?”


A large smirk appeared on his face, making you feel confused before realization hit you. You couldn’t find the right words to answer him, so you just were there silently. He took a step closer to you, making you take a step back and hitting the wall. Chris took your hand in yours, intertwining your fingers together.

”For the record princess, I find you really fucking hot too.” He leaned in, closing the gap between the two you.

Your brain was yelling to push him away and run, but you did quite the opposite. You kissed him back for a moment before pulling away.

“I could like you if you’d just stop playing these sick games and let me get to know you.” with that you pushed him off of you, rushing out of the room feeling disappointed in yourself.

The Flick Of A Switch // A Stiles Stilinski Smut

Prompt: To them, becoming friends with benefits seems like the absolute perfect idea. He’s madly in love with Lydia and she never wants a relationship ever again. So, what could possibly go wrong, right? (Part 3 of 6) 

Series: Part One Part Two - Part Four Part Five Part Six Epilogue

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Public Smut, Jealousy, and Swearing. 

Relationship: Stiles Stilinski x Reader/Stiles Stilinski x OFC 

Word Count: 6,165

Song: I Think I’m In Love by Kat Dahlia 

A/N: I highly recommend you listen to the song after you finish reading because it is just spot on with this chapter.

“And what about the Dread Doctors?” Theo asked the question we all had in our heads as we sat around the table.

The pack was currently at Scott’s house for our regular meeting. Everyone was trying to come up with seemingly impossible solutions to the insane problems we we’re facing in the supernatural department.

And, yet, all I could truly think about was the way Stiles was staring at me from across the table. How our eyes connected along with our imagination, both of us clearly thinking about how we could just leave and pleasure each other right now.

“I think we should just leave them be.” I stated, my eyes never leaving Stiles’.

“What?” Scott’s confused voice broke my trance away from him and I was back in reality.

“Look,” I sighed, now looking at my Alpha. “We know nothing about them or what they actually want. It won’t make a difference if we try to stop them when we don’t even understand what we’re up against. I say, until we get more information, we should just leave them alone.”

“You know, Scott, that actually makes sense.” Stiles spoke up for the first time tonight and I felt warmth on my skin at his approval. “I have to agree with her.”

“Me, too.” Malia confessed and I looked around the table to see everyone nodding at me.

“No, we can’t do that.” Scott shook his head in denial. “They’re killing people.”

“And if we try something prematurely, they might just get away and kill more people in the process.” Stiles instinctively expressed his opinions through his hand gestures. “We just can’t risk it.”

“Fine.” Scott sighed, after pondering his words for a while and gave in. “You guys are right.”

Stiles and I shared glances again, this time smiling at each other. It’s something we’ve been doing a lot, lately.

“Great, so can we get to the fun part of this meeting now?” Lydia asked, clapping her hands together in excitement. “How about a game of Truth or Dare?”

“What is it with you and the typical middle school games that you like so much?” I smirked, my attention leaving Stiles and now focused on the banshee.

“I have no shame in enjoying good fun that’s equally as scandalous.” She smirked back and I couldn’t hide my small laughter.

“I’m up for it.” Malia shrugged and soon enough a chorus of agreement filled the McCall dining room.

“Awesome, let me just get something to drink first.” Stiles quickly ran to the kitchen and everyone was mentally leaving the serious supernatural mode to careless fun mode.

“I’ll get an empty bottle.” I offered, getting up from the chair and walking towards the kitchen.

I smiled once I was inside and spotted Stiles getting two glasses from the cupboard. I watched as he placed them on the counter and strode over to the fridge.

“Why two?” I asked, pulling him out of his own little world. Stiles’ head popped up from behind the refrigerator door and I surprisingly felt myself swoon at his cocky smile.

“I thought you’d like one, too.” He shrugged, pulling out a small bottle of soda and closing the door with his elbow.

“Well, aren’t you sweet?” I smirked, leaning against the kitchen’s door frame.

Stiles opened up the bottle of soda and poured all of its liquid into the two glasses in front of him. Just as he was finished, he turned around to throw the container away in the trash bin.

“No, no, no!” I shouted, stopping him in his tracks. Stiles, immediately, froze and turned around just enough to look at me with a confused expression. “We need that to play.”

“Oh, right.” He nodded, pointing at me and stuck the empty plastic bottle under his arm. Stiles grabbed the two full glasses and approached me with a grin. His face was inches from mine and we playfully stared into each other’s eyes.

“Thanks.” I grinned back, taking the drink from his hand and the bottle from his underarm.

“No problem, princess.”

And then Stiles, suddenly, did something he has never done before. It was as if the entire world had gone into slow motion as I watched him lean in closer to me and place a chaste kiss on my lips.

Stiles and I have been having constant sex for about a month now and we only ever kiss went its sole purpose is to turn the other one on and spark profound lust. We have never just kissed before, not without expecting hot sex to come right after.

For Stiles to randomly kiss me and not have any other intention behind it was news for us… and it actually brought butterflies to my stomach. Yes, butterflies.

Stiles didn’t seem to recognize what he just did because he left the room without another word. I decided to follow him in his footsteps and just push away any questions I had. If Stiles wasn’t going to dwell on this, then, neither would I.

“Sorry, man.” I heard Theo speak as I entered the dining room. Once I was inside I noticed him sitting in the seat Stiles was originally in.

“It’s fine.” Stiles stated, but not without suspiciously narrowing his eyes at the werewolf he didn’t trust first.

With my drink in one hand and the empty bottle in the other, I sat back down in my seat. Which was coincidently next to Stiles and for the first time since this has all started, I felt a bit nervous.

“Alright, let’s get this show on the road!” I exclaimed, placing the bottle in the middle of the table. “I’ll go first.”

I anxiously spun the bottle and all eyes watched in awe as it stopped moving and pointed towards, the one and only, Kira Yukimura.

“Which will it be, kitsune?” I smirked, leaning back on my chair. “Truth or Dare?”

“Let’s go with truth.”

“Such a prude.” Stiles said through fake coughs and everyone laughed at his witty comment.

“I am not a prude!” Kira protested and she looked like an adorable puppy as she pouted at us.

“Okay, then answer this.” I proposed, slowly taking a sip from my drink to add suspense. “Is sex with Scott sweet or is it… kinky?”

Her face immediately became flushed with embarrasment and Scott nervously laughed beside her, scratching the back of his neck. I didn’t need to have supernatural hearing to know her heart rate must be off the charts right now.

“Kinky.” Kira answered with such a low voice, I almost didn’t hear her just confess she and her boyfriend were freaks in bed.

“I’m sorry, what?!” Stiles bursted out laughing, completely shocked like the rest of us. “Attaboy, Scott!”

I laughed, along with the rest of the pack, as Stiles stood up and reached over the table, excitedly high-fiving his best friend.

“Okay, my turn.” Kira quickly spoke, desperately wanting to get out of this uncomfortable topic.

She spun the empty bottle and it landed on Stiles, everyone else was relieved they wouldn’t be the one suffering Kira Yukimura’s wrath.

“Dare.” Stiles smirked, challenging the japonese descendant.

The mischevious grin on her face hadn’t gone unnoticed as she folded her arms on the table and leaned in closer.

“I dare you to kiss Lydia.”

“Okay.” Stiles carelessly shrugged, getting up from his chair.

“I’m not finished.” Kira intervened and he stood there, waiting for her to speak. “With tongue.”

Everyone’s eyes widened in response. It was a known fact that Stiles was in love with Lydia, heck even she knew it. And Kira asking him to do this dare would be so nerve-wrecking for him.

This is the girl he’s always wanted to be with, afterall. Kissing her alone wasn’t going to be easy for him and Kira knew that. Especially since this would be their first official kiss together. It’s Kira’s revenge for his snarky comment, to make him feel all flustered and shy.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Stiles easily walked over to Lydia. He didn’t seem to be nervous at all, instead he actually seemed to move without a single care.

He hovered over the redhead and placed his hand behind her neck. I watched as they both leaned in and their lips touched.

A strange and unkown feeling came over me, seeing Stiles kiss Lydia. It was an unpleasant feeling and, for some reason, I felt inclined to turn my head away. And that’s what I did, my eyes focusing on the clock hanging up on the wall.

I could hear the pack cheer around me and I didn’t understand why I wasn’t shouting along with them. I’ve always wanted Stiles and Lydia to get together, so why am I not celebrating right now? And why do I feel like actual crap right this moment?

When I heard Stiles walk behind me and in front of his chair was when I looked back at the pack. They all were smirking at the two that had recently kissed and I just wanted them to stop.

“I do believe that it is, in fact, my turn.” Stiles sat back down and my heart fell into my stomach as I watched him wipe away her lipstick from his lips.

He spun the bottle in the middle of the table and I stared at his fingers, the same fingers that have done absolute wonders on my body.

I swooned, thinking back at how just this morning they were buried deep inside of me. Expertly moving against my sensitive walls, pushing me over my edge.

“Emma.” The sound of my name leaving Stiles’ lips had me pulled back into reality.

“Huh?” I asked, my eyes looking up at his golden brown ones.

“It landed on you.” Stiles pointed to the bottle and I noticed that it had, indeed, landed on me.

“Oh, uh.” I cleared my throat, swiftly pushing back my dirty thoughts and saving them for later. “Truth.”

“You, too?” Malia questioned, laughing at how I was also being a prude.

“Okay, then, Dare.” I shrugged, my interest in this game beginning to fade as I gazed at Stiles’ plump lips.

“No, no, no.” Stiles shook his head, smirking. “You chose Truth, now stick with it.”

“Fine.” I narrowed my eyes at him. Everyone else percieved it as me challenging him, but by the way Stiles’ eyes dialated slightly, he certainly took it as a seduction attempt.

“I think we can all agree that you’ve had your fair share of boyfriends in the past-”

“Where are you going with this, Stilinski?” I interrupted and Stiles chose to ignore my question.

“Which means you’ve had different sexual partners and different experiences.” He stated and I, immediately, knew where he was trying to get to.

“Just ask the question already.” I sighed, narrowing my eyes at him.

“Who was your best?” Stiles asked, genuinely wanting to know the answer.

“Not one of my ex-boyfriends, that’s for sure.” I practically whispered, but by the look on Stiles face, everyone had heard me.

“Oooh, this is getting juicy.” Lydia squealed, but all I could do was study Stiles’ expression.

His eyebrows lifted in wonder and I could read the very obvious question swimming in his pupils: Am I your best?

“Wait, who was it, then?!” Scott’s excited voice rang in my ears and I watched as Stiles’ eyes widened in fear.

“Let’s just say, he’s the person I last had sex with.” I answered not Scott’s but Stiles’ burning question.

He pursed his lips, trying to hide the incoming smirk, and grabbed his drink. Stiles’ intense stare leaving mine as he took a sip from his glass. I could feel the cockiness radiate off of him, clearly thrilled at the knowledge that he’s the best sex I’ve ever had.

“Seriously?” Malia audibly groaned. “You’re gonna be that vague?”

“I answered the question.” I shrugged, now looking over at the were-coyote.

She rolled her eyes at me and I mentally thanked every possible god out there for her not pressing further. Or any other pack member for that matter.

From the corner of my eye, I could see Stiles’ body relaxing back into the chair and I reached over to spin the bottle.

The game went on for an hour and it was, actually, fun. Laughter was the constant theme of the night as we watched each other do some pretty stupid and embarassing dares. Not only that, but we discovered a lot of dirt on one another and I was contantly shocked. Like Kira, for example, lets Scott chain her up in bed.

“Theo.” Lydia raised an eyebrow once the bottle stopped in his direction. “Which will it be?”

The werewolf that wasn’t in our pack, but still hung out with us anyway, thought for a bit before answering. I took the last sip of my beverage, everyone waiting for him to respond.


“Is it true that you have a crush on Emma?” Lydia smirked and I, immediately, spit my drink out in shock.

“What?!” I exclaimed along with a very familiar voice, the same voice that makes me melt whenever he sexily whispers into my ear.

I turned around to see Stiles looking at him in surprise and I’m certain we have the very same expression planted on our faces.

“You like Emma?!” Stiles furrowed his eyebrows, continuing our previous question.

Theo cleared his throat and I could see the faint blush on his cheeks. He sat up straighter in his seat, trying to shake off his embarrasment.

“Yes.” He confessed and my eyes widened in response. Theo looked at me for the first time since the bottle landed on him and he seemed actually nervous. “I do.”

I felt anxious and it wasn’t a good kind of anxious. It was the type that you felt in a very bad and terrifying situation. Usually how I feel everytime I have to face the scary side of the supernatural.

“Oh.” I stated and from my peripheral vision I could see Stiles staring intently at me. “Okay, well you answered the question. Now you have to spin the bottle.”

I quickly tried to change the subject away from me. Look, Theo is great looking and what not but just… God, no.

Theo’s face faltered just for a second and if I hadn’t been paying close attention, I would’ve missed it. He reached over to the bottle and spun it. It didn’t take long for it to find it’s next victim and I, immediately, felt my body go rigid as it picked me.

“Of course.” Stiles sighed and I didn’t have to look at him to know he just rolled his eyes.

“Emma,” Theo grinned and my skin itched. “Truth or Dare?”

“Dare.” I let out a sigh of defeat.

“I dare you to go on a date with me.” Theo smirked and my stomach, instantly, turned.

My first instincts wanted me to look at Stiles and plead for help through eye contact. But, I knew that if I looked at him right now it could possibly raise suspicion. So, to save our own personal fun, I had to figure this out by myself.

“No.” I shook my head, folding my arms against my chest.

“No? You can’t say no to a dare.”

“I can when it’s invalid.” I pointed out, leaning into my seat.

“How is this invalid?” Theo raised an eyebrow, challenging me.

I felt all eyes on me, including Stiles’. They desperately wanted to know what I would come up with to keep myself from going out with Theo Raeken.

“Because if we were to go on a date, it wouldn’t be tonight. And since we’re playing right now, you have to pick a dare for me to complete at this exact moment.”

“Fine.” Theo sighed. “Then, I dare you to sit on my lap for the rest of the game.”

“Excuse me?” I scoffed, offended at his request.

“Well, I was going to dare you to kiss me. But, I don’t want our first kiss to be in front of everyone. So…” Theo lifted his hand and called me towards him with his index finger.

“Why do you want me to sit on your lap?”

“So, we can chat.” Theo shrugged. “And to get closer to each other.”

“Theo, you’re disg-” I began to protest but he interrupted me, instead.

“A dare’s a dare, Emma.” He taunted. “And I triple-dog-dare you.”

Everyone let out quite comical gasps at his challenge and I rolled my eyes. That is, everyone except for Stiles. If looks could kill, Theo would be long executed by now.

A sense of comfort flushed over me as I thought about how protective Stiles is. I know for a fact that he’s just glaring at Theo because he doesn’t trust the guy and would do anything to keep his friends safe. I profoundly admire his dedication to his close loved ones.

But, Theo’s got the upperhand here. A dare’s a dare, afterall.

“Fine.” I sighed and the entire pack looked shocked as I stood from my seat and made my way towards him.

I watched Stiles carefully as I relunctantly sat on Theo’s lap. To say he was furious was a complete understatement.

“Hi.” Theo whispered in my ear and an eerie chill ran up my spine. “You’re very beautiful.”

“I am here to fufill the dare and not your nasty little fantasies.” I turned to talk to him, our faces inches apart.

“Alright.” Theo stated, but not without smirking first. “I don’t want to do anything that makes you uncomfortable, anyway.”

“Too late.” I scoffed, rolling my eyes.

The game went in full spin and about two hours later, we all decided we had enough. It was, without a doubt, the most interesting game of Truth or Dare I’ve ever played.

Stiles’ eyes never left me the entire time. Well, occacionally he would glare over at Theo, but for the most part his attention was on me. It made my skin tingle and my cheeks blush.

There was even a moment when Theo’s hand settled on my upper thigh and I could feel the anger coming off of Stiles from where I was seated. His eyes were so furious I, honestly, thought that a laser beam would, suddenly, burst through his pupils and destroy the werewolf.

When I was finally able to get off of Theo’s lap and be free, I had never been more grateful. Look, Theo is handsome and all, but he’s just not for me.

My first instinct when the game was over and everyone stood up to either eat or use the bathroom was to walk over to Stiles.

However, a finger lightly tapping on my shoulder stopped me before I even could. I hesitantly turned around to whomever was trying to grab my attention, but not without noticing the roll in Stiles’ eyes first.

Of course it’s you.

“Hey, Emma.” Theo smiled too wide and I narrowed my eyes at him. “Look, I’m sorry if that made you uneasy in anyway.”

“Whatever, Theo.” I sighed, turning back around. But he placed his hand on my arm instead.

“Wait.” He called and I watched Stiles’ eyes look at his hand on my skin before I returned to the werewolf.

“What is it?”

“I, um-” Theo nervously scratched the back of his head. “I was wondering if you’d want to go out with me this Friday. Not as a dare, but as an actual date.”

“Not gonna happen, Theo.” I denied, immediately.

“Emma, I know I can come off as a bit cocky sometimes. But, I need you to know that I’m not.” Theo sighed, letting go of my arm. “I really do like you. I think you’re amazing and so beautiful. All I ask is for one simple date. One chance to show you there’s so much more to me than meets the eye.”

A pang of pity hit me as I watched him talk with such innocence in his voice. He really seemed to be telling the truth and normally I would be into a guy like this, but for some reason, I just didn’t feel compelled to him.

“I’ll think about it.” I sighed, looking for an answer that wouldn’t hurt him. “Okay?”

“Okay.” Theo smiled sweetly and I smiled right back.

The second I turned around I was met with a very annoyed Stiles Stilinski. His eyes watched closely as Theo walked passed him, his attention focused on the werewolf until he finally left the room. Funny enough, that’s when I noticed everyone else had dispersed as well. Stiles and I were alone for the first time tonight.

“What’s with the look of murder on your face?” I chuckled, grabbing the packet of peanuts that were on the table and popping a few in my mouth. “Not that I’m complaining. It’s actually very hot.”

“Who the hell does Theo think he is?” Stiles scoffed, finally looking at me.

“I don’t know.” I shrugged, sitting down on my original chair. “But, he clearly thinks he’s the shit.”

“How uncomfortable was it? To sit on his lap?” Stiles asked, his expression worried as he sat in the seat beside mine. “O-Or did you like it?”

I narrowed my eyes at him, a scoff making its way out of mouth.

“You’re kidding me, right?”

“Sorry.” Stiles sighed, rubbing his face with his right hand. “It’s just…”

“It’s just what?” I leaned in closer to him, noticing a small glimpse of fear in his brown eyes. “Stiles?”

Stiles blinked quickly before shaking his head and leaning against the back of the chair.

“I don’t trust him.” He spoke the statement he’s said to all of us over and over again. It’s practically written on his forehead at this point.

“I know-”

“Emma, did he ask you out after the game?” Stiles interrupted, his nerves too anxious not to.

“Yes.” I answered, eating more peanuts.

Stiles didn’t say anything, he just nodded. I am certain that I’m mistaken, but a part of me feels like I just saw hurt flash quickly in his eyes. However, it was gone before I could even check twice.

“What did you, uh, say?”

“I said I’d think about it.” I wiped the salt from the peanuts off on my blue jeans. “But, I lied.”

“You don’t want to go on a date with him?” Stiles furrowed his eyebrows.

“Hell, no.” I shook my head and chuckled.

“But, he’s like super good looking?”

“Do you not remember when I said I don’t ever want a boyfriend, again?” I questioned and Stiles’ eyes fell to the floor.

“Vividly.” He whispered so low it was almost inaudable.

“Stiles.” I spoke his name in a seductive tone and his head snapped up to look at me. “I know you care about my safety, but I could care less about Theo Raeken, right now. Do you know what I really want?”

He shook his head and with a smirk on my lips, I rested my hand on his right thigh.

“To go in that bathroom and let you have your way with me.” I grinned, my fingers lightly squeezing him.

“Here?” Stiles swallowed nervously, peering around the room to see if anyone was near.

“Mmhm.” I nodded, standing up to plant a kiss on his lips and then his jaw. Working my way up to Stiles’ earlobe, nibbling on it and scraping his skin with my teeth.

Stiles let out a satisfied hiss and I knew he’d be putty in my hands in a matter of seconds.

“What if they hear?” Stiles asked, closing his eyes as his fingers gripped my waist. “This house is in fact filled with werewolves.”

“Then, I guess we have to be really quiet.” I mumbled against his neck, the vibrations making him moan.

“Shit, let’s go.” Stiles excitedly spoke, grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the bathroom.

A hushed giggle escaped my lips as I let him rush me to the small room. I gently closed the door behind us and Stiles picked me up to place me down on the sink counter.

His mouth desperately crashed on mine and my hands grabbed his cheeks, keeping his lips in place. They felt so amazing moving against mine and I softly moaned into his mouth when he pushed his tongue inside.

Stiles’ tongue played with my tongue as his fingers rapidly unbottoned my jeans. Goosebumps made their way on my skin and he unzipped my pants, pulling them down and off my legs.

The denim fell on the floor and I spread my legs for him to settle between them.

“Damn, you’re such a good kisser.” I whispered when Stiles’ lips moved from my lips to my jaw and across my neck.

“You, too.” He smiled against my skin, lightly sucking on my pulse point. But, he didn’t dwell for too long beause we have a strict rule about no hickies.

The second he no longer had his lips pressed against me, I took the advantage to pull his shirt off his body. My teeth biting down on my lip as I appreciated his toned stomach.

“I don’t get how you swoon every single time you see me naked.” Stiles chuckled in a quiet voice as he opened the buttons of my pink blouse.

“Stiles, the sooner you realize you’re sexy as fuck, the better.” I whispered straight into his ear and he smirked at me before placing a lingering kiss on my cheek.

“Holy shit.” Stiles breathed out when he slid my shirt off my arms and, finally, noticed the pair of matching red laced panties I was wearing.

“Do you like it?” I smirked, looking up at him seductively.

“You have no fucking idea.” Stiles quietly moaned, attaching his lips back on mine.

All of the whispering and sneaking around had the hairs on the back of my neck standing up and my core getting wetter by the second. But, it was when Stiles removed my panties and put them up on a towel hook that I felt my skin tingle with excitement.

Stiles’ fingers slid the slickness in my folds and his lips worked fervently against mine, his middle finger moving slowly up and down.

My hands were wrapped around the back of his neck, my mouth concentrated on his and my mind focused on how he circled his finger on my clitoris.

He drew patterns against my nub and I felt my body relax into him. Stiles is definitely great with his mouth, but damn… his fingers are my true weakness.

Stiles’ other hand slid across my back and unclasped my bra. He quickly took it off and threw it some place unkown when he sqeezed my breast with his hand.

I let out a breath of satisfaction and his fingers increased his pace on my core. I moaned into his mouth at the feeling of two of his skillfull fingers now pumping inside of me.

My eyes rolled to the back of my head as he quickly moved inside of me, my body clenching in pleasure. It was when Stiles’ hooked his fingers against a sensitive spot that I knew I needed all of him right now.

Without even saying anything or detaching my mouth from his, I pushed his fingers out of me.

“Did I hurt you?” Stiles broke our heated kiss and looked at me, confused. “I’m so sorry.”

My heart swelled at his genuine concern and I bit down on my lip, shaking my head. Stiles, finally, understood why I had taken his hand away when I opened his pants and let them drop onto the floor.

He smirked at me as I licked my lips, appreciating the view of his boner straining against his boxers. Stretching out my hand, I palmed him over the cotton and Stiles hung his head with his eyes closed.

Pressing my mouth back on his, I pushed his boxers down enough to expose his dick. My hand wrapped around him and slowly pumped, Stiles’ forehead resting on my bare shoulder.

I took my time to work him and he kept kissing my skin when I increased my pace. My fingers grazed the precum on his slit and his hips twitched.

“If you keep doing that, I’m going to cum.” Stiles whispered and I smiled. He let out a hushed groan when I stopped pumping him.

Something seemed to snap inside of him because he roughly gripped onto my thighs and quickly positioned himself in my entrance.

I bit down harshly on my lip, grabbing his shoulders, as he slid inside of me. My nails dug into his skin with his cock filling me up entirely.

He was buried deep inside me and both of our bodies throbbed in excitement. Stiles fit his face in between my breasts and pressed soft kisses before I hitched my hips up, begging for him to do something.

He waited a few seconds before moving and I leaned my head on the bathroom mirror hanging right above the sink.

Stiles’ cock slipped in and out of me with ease thanks to how wet I was for him. I mean, kowing that I can have sex with this attractive boy whenever I damn please has kept me constantly wet and ready for Stiles to just take me and fuck my brains out.

Which was was he was currently doing.

A strangled moan escaped my lips when he attached his mouth on my nipple and Stiles immediately brought his hand up to my mouth. His fingers pushed past my lips and made their way inside.

“Suck them.” Stiles commanded with a husky voice and my core clenched around him in response.

Never breaking eye contact, I grazed my tongue on his skin and I could taste myself on it. Stiles picked up the pace of our connecting bodies as he watched me gladly suck on his fingers. Sure, it’s main purpose was to hide my moans, but it certainly didn’t fail to make us both even hornier.

Reattaching his mouth on my nipple, Stiles pounded his hips harder into me and I was thankfull his hand covered my filthy moans.

All I could think about was how much I loved this whilst being consumed by the feeling of him fucking me with no mercy.

It was when he bit down harshly on my nipple that I felt my peak near itself. My back arched and my core throbbing against his member.

“Fuck, I’m not gonna last much longer.” Stiles whispered and I hummed against his skin.

His lips moved to my neck, nibbling as one of his hands let go of my thigh and moved to massage the back of my knee.

“Go ahead, cum for me.” Stiles whispered straight into my ear, his hot breath dancing on my now sweaty skin.

My toes curled at his dirty words. It wasn’t often then he used them, but damn when he did… God help us all.

Stiles moaned into my neck when my hand moved towards our connecting bodies and pressed against my clit. It took me about three seconds of rubbing my nub before the wave of ecstasy crashed down on me and I was drowning in the waters of my own intense orgasm.

My body shook with such force that the cup that held toothbrushes fell into the sink. Stiles didn’t even bother to care because the feeling of my core clenching tightly around him had his own release reach him.

Stiles bit down on my shoulder and I could feel the muscles of his back arching against my hand as his hot liquid spilled into me.

The only sound that followed our incredible orgasms was the both of us panting whilst we came down from our highs. Stiles breathed into my neck and my legs and arms fell limp in exhaustion.

When we were both back into reality, Stiles pulled out of me and I felt cold without him there. He grabbed toilet paper and wet it, cleaning his dick from both of our juices. Stiles kindly cleaned me next and I blushed at his actions.

He helped me down from the sink and placed me on the floor. The second he let go of me, my knees went weak and I began falling.

“Whoa, there.” Stiles chuckled, grabbing me by the waist before I could actually hit the ground. “Having trouble standing?”

“Apparently.” I quietly laughed and he laughed with me.

“Here, hold onto the counter while I put your clothes back on.” He helped guide my hands to the surface and I gripped it.

Stiles slowly let go, trying to see wether or not I would slip again. My legs were wobbly, but I managed to hold on tight.

He took my panties off the hook and kneeled down in front of me. Carefully, I lifted one foot at a time for him to place them on my legs. Stiles slid them up as he stood.

I smiled, feeling slightly embarrassed, when he lifted it over my ass and snapped the waistband against my hips.

The jeans were a bit harder to put on me, but Stiles managed to do it suprisingly well. His arm wrapped around my waist and he told me to let go of the counter. I did what he requested and he pulled me towards the lid-covered toilet, sitting me down on it.

“Can you put your shirt and bra on?” Stiles asked, grabbing the two pieces of clothing and I nodded.

I took them from his hand and put them on my body, watching with a smirk as he put his own clothes back on. I don’t really know why, but I always get turned on whenever I see him either taking off or putting on his belt. It’s a strange confession that I have yet to tell him.

“Do you think they’re right outside?” I asked when he was fully dressed again and fixing his hair so it didn’t look like he just had sex.

“Shit, I forgot about that.” Stiles groaned.

With a sigh, he slowly opened the door just enough to peek through the small crack. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion before pushing the door all the way open.

“They’re not even here.” Stiles stated, looking around to see if he could find anyone and eventually gave up. “Can you stand now?”

“I don’t know.” I shrugged, getting a grip of the hands he extending to me. “Let’s see.”

Once I stood up from the toilet seat, he slowly let go of my hands. Watching me carefully the entire time. We both immediately smiled when I was actually able to stand on my own again.

“You did it!” Stiles exclaimed, celebrating my conquest. “Good job!”

And then, for the second time tonight, Stiles kissed me unexpectedly. It wasn’t a kiss full of lust and it wasn’t chaste either.

One of his hands slid around my waist and the other got a hold of my cheek. I was so surprised that I didn’t even have the idea to stop him. I kissed him back fully and I could feel my head spinning in response.

Stiles slowly broke the kiss, but he kept his face close to mine. He pushed a loose hair behind my ear and my cheeks heated with a blush. Stiles smiled as his gorgeous brown eyes pierced into mine, making my heart flutter.

Suddenly, everything changed in one instant. I felt myself falling into a pit that I desperately wanted nothing to be a part of.

It was as if a switch has been flicked and it turned on this feeling that was deep inside of me, now bringing it to the surface.

It now all made perfect sense why I felt horrible when Lydia and Stiles kissed. Why I kept looking over at him when I was on Theo’s lap. Why, even though he’s cute and would be great to get into bed with, I wasn’t the least bit interested in going out with the new werewolf.

Looking at him now, I realize I see something I didn’t the night before. The person who was just a friend moments ago is now the only person I ever imagine myself with.

“Come on.” Stiles grinned, slipping a hand into mine. “Let’s go find our friends.”

My heart beated faster than ever as I let him pull me outside of the bathroom. He looked around the dining room, trying to find the others.

But, I couldn’t concentrate on helping him. I was too terrified at that fact that I fell in love with the one person I wasn’t supposed to.

I fell in love with my friend with benefits.

I fell in love with Stiles Stilinski.