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do you know of any good harlivy comics to read?

yeah sure! i tried to put the ones that have the best interactions.

pre n52

  • Batman: Harley Quinn #1 (1999) this one has a lot of joker too so be careful
  • Harley Quinn (2000) #1, #3, #5, #11-19
  • Catwoman #83 (2010)
  • Gotham City Sirens (2009-2011)  this one is basically all about them + selina, some people dont really like the characterization but i enjoyed it.


  • Harley Quinn (2013-2016) #2, #6-7, #15-20, #25, #29 (lots of ugly scenes with the joker, b careful), #30
  • Harley Quinn Annual #1 (2014)
  • Batman: Black and White #3 (2014) that one iconic scene with ivy and harley saving the little girl from her abuser
  • Harley Quinn Road Trip Special #1 (2015)
  • Harley Quinn Valentine’s Day Special #1 (2015)
  • Convergence Harley Quinn #1-2 (2015)
  • Catwoman #50 (2016) ok they appear supper briefly but they look cute so,


  • Harley Quinn (2016 - on going) #1, #2, #3, #8, #9, 
  • DC Holiday Special #1 (2016)

alternative universes or other

  • The Batman Strikes! #41 (2008)
  • Arkham Unhinged (2012) #17-19
  • Batman: Li’l Gotham (2012-2013)  #4, #14, #19 
  • Injustice – Ground Zero #21 /  Injustice Year Four #2 /  Injustice 2 #7
  • DC Bombshells (2012-2017) #14, #18, #42, #44, #46, #49, #50, #53, #54, #76, #77, #79, #80, #82, #83, #85, #89, #93, #95, #100
  • Batman: Arkham Knight #38 (2015)
  • Scooby Doo Team-Up #23 (2015)

set on the animated universe

these are a bit mmmmn and where the whole “ivy abuses harley as much as the joker!” myth comes from, but tbh its really not serious.

  • The Batman Adventures #12 (1993)
  • Batman Adventures Holiday Special (1995) this one is iconic and also appears as an episode in The New Batman Adventures (Holiday Knights)
  • Batgirl Adventures #1 (1998)
  • Gotham Girls #1-5 (2002-2003)
  • Batman: Harley and Ivy (2014) i have this as only one book but i think you can also find them as three separate issues. It includes The Bet, Harley and Ivy: Love on The Lam, and Batman: Harley and Ivy
  • Batman Adventures Annual #1 (1994) ok they barely appear but there are two cute panels that i love w all my being so yeah 

today may not be a good time to post this and im sorry for blowing up ur notifs but what the fuck !!!! i hit 1.1k followers !!!! i usually do my follow forever posts at end of the year but i didn’t do this last year bc i was waiting to hit 1k ! now here i am !

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anyways! my experience here on tumblr is Awesome so far! (i am not being sarcastic) (or am i?) and i met great people thru here and have made a lot of amazing friends and lost quite a few, sadly

of course @ everyone thank you thank you thank you thank you all for making my tumblr experience great! i still don’t even understand why y'all still follow my lame ass trash of a blog but i couldn’t ask for more lol i love y'all for still keeping up

NOW all i wanted to do right now at this very fucking moment is to give my mutuals a Huge Shoutout for being so so fucking lovely and so so fucking awesome and so so fucking nice! (even tho i only every occasionally talked to some of you and wish i had the guts to talk to everyone), my sappy ff starts below! :)

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Worldwide, mysterious radio stations are broadcasting unexplainable signals. One of the most curious is UVB-79, which has been traced back to Russia. This station was first discovered in 1982 and consists of a constant buzzing sound. Every so often this buzzing sound is interrupted by a voice that appears to be giving cryptic messages in Russian. On top of this, listeners have frequently heard distant conversation and background noise, indicating that the buzzing is not generated internally but are transmitted from a device that is placed behind a microphone. In 2010, the following background conversation was heard from the station: “Officer on duty of communication node Debut senior ensign Uspenskaya, got the control call from Nadezhda OK.” The government and the broadcasting officials have refused to reveal the purpose of this peculiar station which has led to many conspiracy theories and obscure speculations. One of these theories is that the station is used by intelligence agencies to pass messages to one another. This station is one of many known as Number Stations. It was these stations that inspired the radio broadcast of the numbers in the well known TV show, Lost.

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ok so this was a long time ago but when I first started working a couple came to my register with two giant carts filled with .79 cent paint bottles and it literally took 30 min to do their transaction and when I was done they wanted to return half of what they got and I literally. wanted to kill myself why are people like that ! it was like $400 lol

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Hey! I hope you don't mind me bothering you but I absolutely love your work; thank you for sharing it with us online. Close Every Door is amazing, I keep going back to read it again and again. I've recently joined the Supernatural side of tumblr and I'm looking for more people to follow (right now I follow 4 people, paha). Would you be able to recommend a few? Thanks!

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Thank you so much sweetheart!  You will NEVER bother me by sending me an ask!  I love getting them!  And your sweet words about Close Every Door just made my whole day!  

OMG…people to follow…ok…  Fair warning, I’m going to forget a LOT of folks here…and for that, I apologize in advance!  Below are literally just a fraction of my faves that I will follow to the ends of the earth!  Both because the bloggers themselves are amazing people, and because their writing is amazing!

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Like I said…I KNOW I’m leaving a lot of folks off, and this is just a fraction of my follow-forever people, but this is a good start for you!

Adventures in Sassing // Wolffe x Reader

When he first met you, he couldn’t stand the sight of you. Not only were you a civilian, you were a civilian nurse who was way to mouthy for their own good. He couldn’t stand you! What with your sassy remarks, eye rolls, sarcasm, and attitude? You were INSUFFERABLE. Wolffe didn’t understand how someone so small could possibly be so bitter.

“Sir, I don’t see how you can dislike her so much. She’s literally a smaller version of you.” Wolffe got told this anytime he brought her up to anyone. It was infuriating! We’re they really comparing him to someone so.. so… so YOU!

After a few months, ever so slowly, this disdain turned to slight appreciation. As long as you weren’t sassing him, he could laugh as you snarked off his brothers. Or at least, disguise his laughs as a cough, he’d die if you thought he was laughing with you. This only egged you on.

“Rip your stitches again, and you’re doing them yourself.” He heard you reprimand a shiny. Before moving onto the next.

“Don’t be a pussy, I’m just disinfecting it.” Was the retort to a whiny trooper.

God help the trooper who said, “Do you have to be so rough?”

“You think that was rough.” At that point Wolffe couldn’t contain himself he let out a small laugh, but quickly turned it into a ‘coughing fit.’

“I heard you coughing, commander, you need an exam?” You smirked, he rolled his eyes.

“Get back to work, (L/N).” He growled. Without missing a beat, you already had a retort.

“Making sure you’re not dying is my job.”

Eventually though, this turned silent liking. He had several nicknames he called you to irk you, most of them revolving around your name, but the one he used the most was ‘Doc’, he like how you looked when you rolled your eyes at it. In retaliation, you had many dog related nicknames for him. His least favorites were Fido, Sparky, Wolfy, especially when you convinced Cody, Rex, and even Bly to share these nicknames. Regardless, he held secret how much he loved the lilt of your voice he you teased him.

Of course, please remember that Wolffe has the emotional range of a piece a scrap metal. He didn’t even realize he liked you until one day talking to you didn’t leave him with a headache. Even then, love? That’s a bit drastic. {sounds fake, but ok.} (he may or may not have (totally did) ask an actual medic why you made his heart beat faster.)

When he told you how much he liked you, it went something like this:

“So when I first met you, I hated you. I couldn’t stand you. Like you made me wanna punch something-” you interrupted him.

“I get it. I was the bane of your bitter existence. Is this going anywhere?”

“But now, I don’t hate you. Like really, really don’t hate you.”

“Wolffe, there’s a word for that.”

“Don’t make me say it.”

“It’s ok. I went through the same thing. I like you too, Fido.”

Then, once he admitted his feeling and you revealed you kind of went through the same thing. The amount of sass you tag teamed, woah. Now, when it was directed toward each other, it was playful.

“Are y’all flirting by insulting each other?” Fives asked once at 79’s. Amazed at the rapid fire of insults going between the two of you.

“Less flirting, more like foreplay.” Warthog snickered. You paused you loving remarks to turn to him.

“Listen, Pumba, I’m so not afraid to roast the crap out of you.” You smirked. Warthog raised in hands in surrender, he still hadn’t recovered from last week’s roasting.

“Wait, who the hell is Pumba?”

Bonus: You were the best roasters in the GAR. Y’all made a separatist general give up plans just by roasting him together.

Requested by anon. This is kinda a mashup of an imagine/ headcanons. But this is how it turned out, please don’t hate me!


Author: @riversong-sam
Request: @jkqueenly
Drabble 100 where Dean is whining at Sam…???
Prompt: “You can only suffer through my whining for so long until you get up and make me a sandwich.”
Word Count: 108
A/N: Feedback is greatly appreciated.

See post here for drabble prompts or see my drabble prompt list for my 800 follower thing here
“No Dean.”
“Come on Sammy.”
“No make (Y/N) do it she’s your girlfriend.”
“And you’re my brother.”
“You can only suffer through my whining for so long until you get up and make me a sandwich.”
“He has a point Sam.” You cut in.
“Now you’re on his side?” Sam scoffs
“No but for my sake and yours before he gets anymore whiny go get him food.”
“Hey! I’m not whiny.”
“Baby you’re doped up on pain killers, yes you are.”
“No I’m not.” Dean pouts.
“Fine ok I’m going.” Sam gets up.
“See I knew it!” Dean grins.
“Yea, yea” Sam mutters going to the kitchen.

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This literally woke me up and had to be written.

Sam x Eileen
Word count: 554

Eileen sat on the edge of the motel bed, sharpening her machete with a flint. Her eyes followed as it drew over the edge of the blade, and an image of it slicing through the creature’s neck a few hours earlier fluttered into her mind.
She smiled darkly.
A pen connected with her arm and drew her out of her reverie. She turned to look in the direction it had come from and her eyes settled on Sam. He sat at the table with his laptop.
She raised her eyebrows. ‘Really?’
Sam shrugged, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth and dimpling his cheeks. It was adorable.
‘I couldn’t be bothered to get up.’

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Only Human

The reader gets seriously injured saving Sam and her boyfriend Dean isn’t happy about her decision

Dean and Reader

Warnings: Being stabbed, Dean being angry, Reader running away, angst then fluff

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              It was a spit second decision. It was a rogue demon, and it was aiming right for Sam. So, I stepped in front of him and took the blade. The demon stepped back in shock as I collapsed to my knees trying to take deep breaths. Dean took the chance to kill him for good, then rushing over to me. The pain was indescribable but I was ok with it. It was better than Sam dying on the floor in front of me.

              Sam leaned over me wiping the tears from my face, trying to stay calm himself. Dean gently picked me up while Sam ran out to get the car started. I could tell he wasn’t happy either, I knew it was going to be a screaming match later. Dean and I hadn’t been dating long, but I couldn’t let him or Sam take the hit. I loved them too much to see them badly injured or worse, dead.

              Once we reached the hotel, Cas was waiting for us. Dean laid me on the couch and slowly pulled out the knife as I bit my lip trying to not cry out in pain. Cas touched my forehead healing the damage that was done, I thanked him quietly as he smiled and flew away. I sat up and watched Dean pace back and forth. “Dean” I said quietly “Don’t” He growled “What made you think that was a good idea? You could have died! How could you be that stupid?!?!?!?!”

              I could feel the tears pooling in my eyes, how dare he. “I WASN’T GOING TO LOSE SAM OR YOU!! I know you Dean! If Sam had died tonight, you would be heading to a crossroads then I would be mourning you!” I ran out the door as a storm was just hitting but I could care less. I walked across the parking lot into the nature trail until I found a tree to sit under. I know he’s angry but how dare he say that to me? I knew what he did in the past and I wasn’t going to let him do that again.

              I watched the storm go through, just watching mother nature at its best. The tears never stopped rolling down my face as I contemplated going back. I didn’t want to get sick but I also didn’t want to go back for more yelling. I just curled up underneath the tree and started to fall asleep. I was too tired to care about anything.

              I felt myself being lifted and carried, I immediately knew it was Cas. He smelled like honey and something musky. I was in a state between sleep and consciousness, but I could her a door open and two voices muttering their thanks and thank gods that I was safe. It was then I started to wake up and noticed I was in our motel room.

              “Dean?” “Hey baby, I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have said that” I could hear his voice cracking. I cracked my eyes open to see a pair of green eyes red and puffy. I felt like absolute crap, knowing that I was indeed going to get sick. He helped me out of my wet clothes and helped me into the shower, getting me warmer and feeling much better. He had warm clothes waiting for me when I got out, and helped me get redressed feeling much better than I was.  

              “Dean I’m really sorry, I know it was stupid but I couldn’t see Sam get hurt” My voice started cracking at the end and Dean just held my face wiping away the tears that had been shed. “You do not have to apologize ok baby, I understand but please don’t do something like that again” I shook my head while repeating “I won’t”

              Once we had everything packed Dean had a super fluffy blanket in the back seat for me to snuggle into. I must have had a confused look on my face from how he got one in the first place when he kissed me on the cheek and told me he asked Cas to grab one before they had left. Dean helped me in the back shutting the door quietly. As we pulled out of the parking lot, I fell asleep to Led Zeppelin on the radio and the purr of baby’s engine.

Benny Drabble #9

Submitted By: @bohowitch for my 900 Follower Celebration

All Gif Drabbles for this celebration will be posted on my Gif Drabble Masterlist and labeled 900 FC next to them

“Benny.” You whined sleepily. “Come back to bed.”

He chuckled softly, “Dean needs help on a case Cher, I gotta go help.”

You frowned, “Do you have to?”

“You know I do darlin’.”

“I could come.”

“I don’t think so darlin’.”

“Why not?” You pout.

“Because I’m a selfish man Cher. I don’t want to share you again.”

You giggled kissing him, “Alright Benny ill stay here.”

He smiles, “I’ll be back soon my love.”

“Ok babe. Be safe.”

He nods before gathering his things, kissing you goodbye and disappearing through the bedroom door. 


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Why is important to discover, in Prometheus, that Meredith Vickers is Weyland’s daughter?
It’s an important detail to understand Weyland’s character better.
Weyland dislikes his biological daughter because the existence of Meredith remembers him that he’s mortal and that another generation will substitute him in the future. Weyland can’t “accept” the natural procreation system, because that system exists because humans aren’t immortal, and to survive, a specie must reproduce (look how he retires his hand when Meredith tries to take it, he really despises his daughter for being here reminding him that he have to die, sooner or later).
Weyland has built a synthetic son, an artificial son “from nothing”. He created him. Weyland says that David is “the closest thing to a son” he has. David is a new kind on man, it’s a “living” piece of art, is the proof that Weyland is a god. Weyland wants to “break the chain” and “frees” himself from his “mortal nature”. Weyland wants to show the world his genius, wants to stand out as different and superior, because of David’s existence. So, Weyland dislikes Meredith because she’s the proof he’s human, but he likes David because he’s the proof he deserves to become a true god.

Weyland (speaking to the Engineer in Prometheus): “Do you see this man? (…) I made him, and I made him in my own image, so he would be perfect, so he would never fail. I deserve this, cause you and I, we are superior, we are creators, we are gods. And gods never die”

Weyland wielded “an incredible power, the power to create, the power to destroy and create again”, Weyland can terraforming planets, can create new worlds, can create “better worlds”. To really create “better worlds” he also has to create “better men”, at a certain point, it must be the maximum expression of his godly status, and in fact, Weyland presents David to the awakened Engineer exactly as the perfect man created by the god he (Weyland) is. In the novel: Frankeinstein, Victor Frankeinstein decides to give life to a man because it’s the best thing he can do with the power he had obtained. At first he considers if starting with a more simple animal, but then he decides to start directly creating a man, and he decides to make it different from usual: he makes him bigger, he tries to make him better than normal men. Victor can’t resist the temptation to use his powers to make the best “work of art” he can make: a man, a better man. In Alien Covenant we discover that our “David8” is the first David ever created, a “prototype”. He was the robot that choses the name “David”. He’s the first, the other models came after him, modeled to imitate him (David was probably the first of his kind to choses the blond hair for the “David category”).
Ridley Scott said that David is 79 years old in Alien Covenant.
Ridley Scott said that as soon as David was switched on, Weyland realized that he was really “human”, that he was aware of his superiority (“you will die, and I will not”) and that he could have become a problem in the future. Weyland thought that David was a dangerous robot. But Weyland decided to not destroy him, and kept him always by his side. Weyland knew that David had to obey him because of his program, so, he decided to not worry about it, he probably thought: as long as I can control him that’s ok. Weyland was too proud of his creation to destroy him, Weyland was too proud of himself: he really had managed to built a “man”.
That’s why, probably, David hasn’t the restrictions that later will be put on Walter, that’s why Weyland made him “emotional”: Weyland created David with the ambition to crate something as similar as possible to a man (to the perfect man of his dreams, a man very similar to him, unfortunately) he says to the crew of the Prometheus that the ONLY ONE thing David lacks is a soul. David was never meant to be something to really help men, at least not to help “ordinary” men, David was created to serve WEYLAND, he was created to HELP WEYLAND becoming a god (and he would have helped him simply being “a perfect man” and with his ability to learn all that ancient languages).
That’s why David is a so “special” robot. That’s why he has turned a “monster”.
He’s the monster of the “modern Prometheus” of the Alien franchise.

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I can’t remember the last time I gave a patient blood so fucking fast!!!

We got a 51-year-old female, with no medical history who presented with aching then suddenly worsening LLQ abdominal pain, originating yesterday.

Patient had an outpatient CT scan of the abdomen with IV and PO contrast, which showed a small 2.3 cm ovarian cyst with otherwise normal anatomy.

Patient went home with a plan to follow up with a GYN. During the night at 2am, the patient was found by her teenage daughter doubled over in pain, diaphoretic, and barely responsive. Patient arrives to ER, pale, tachycardic with an acutely tender abdomen that is rigid. ER doctor called the bedside emergently, patient went right to CT scan.

CT scan of the abdomen showed a large amount of blood from unknown origin in the peritoneal cavity. Efforts to get a surgical resident down to the ER proved challenging. Finally a surgical resident arrived seamingly unconcerned trying to reach the surgeon on call. O neg blood was requested and released for the patient STAT. We transfused 4 units of packed RBC’s in about 20 minutes.

Patient was prepped for OR, blood pressure in the 80’s, NS wide open, blood infusing under pressure bags. Patient unstable, barely responsive was then taken to the OR, where we were halted by an ice queen anesthesiologist who was annoyed that we woke her up at four in the morning. “Ok, where are you going so fast ?!” she says, as were storming through PACU. “It’s not like this is a ruptured aorta or anything… is she that unstable?”

I said, “Well 15 minutes ago her B/P was 79, now that she has 2L of NS, and 4 units of PRBC’s infused, we got her blood pressure up to 107, so YES, I consider her unstable, since we don’t even know where she’s bleeding from… "🙄🙄

Surgical resident pressed on with the stretcher through the double doors where we were met by the OR team and they took over.

In tow was a cooler with 4 more units of blood. I headed back to the ER not knowing if she was going live. Her two teenage children went to the waiting room, where they would wait for news.

Towards the end of my shift, I was updated by the ER Doctor Who reports she had a ruptured mesentery artery of unknown origin. She receive six more pints of blood upstairs and went to the ICU fairly stable.

Thank goodness for the quick response of our ER doctor and our ER team getting the blood hung , helping the patient get stabilized while all the other numbskulls piddled around figuring out what to do.

She is so damn lucky to be alive! Timing is everything. Holy fucking crap.

One Line Prompts To Get Us Going!

(I do not own these, nor do I take credit in thinking them up. Found some of them around Tumblr but I don’t have the original bloggers names. If you see your stuff, tell me and I will credit you.)

If you want something that isn’t on here, feel free to ask it, I’m not a judgey judger. And I need to know whether I’ll need to add a trigger warning to it or not, but if I feel it’s just a tad too over the line, I may not post it publicly.   

1) “Stay the night. please”

2) “You know we’re supposed to be together. i knew it the first time i saw you, and you knew it, too. i know you did”

3) “Those things you said yesterday, did you mean them?”

4) “I’m not going to apologize for this. not anymore”

5) “Thats almost exactly the opposite of what i meant”

6) “Marry me”

7) “Do you want me to leave?”

8) “You are not going without me”

9) “I can’t believe you!”

10) “Are you still awake..?”

11) “Don’t yell at me”

12) “Thats it. end of discussion”

13) “I swear it won’t happen again”

14) “What did you say?”

15) “I’m not jealous”

16) “We can’t keep doing this”

17) “Isn’t this amazing?”

18) “I’m going to take care of you, okay?”

19) “You can’t die. please don’t die”

20) “Run away with me”

21) “You did WHAT?”

22) “Were you ever going to tell me?”

23) “Never in a million years”

24) “Don’t ask me that…”

25) “W-what are you doing?”

26) “Say it!”

27) “I could kiss you right now!”

28) “What’s going on here?”

29) “Stop pinning this on me! you started it!”

30) “Did you do this on purpose?!”

31) “Kiss me”

32) “This is all your fault!”

33) “I shouldn’t be in love with you!”

34) “It’s not fair!”

35) “I could kill you right now!”

36) “Knock it off!”

37) “Screw you!”

38) “You’re an idiot!”

39) “Make me”

40) “Don’t tempt me”

41) “I hate you”

42) “You are infuriating!”

43) “Just shut up”

44) “That doesn’t even make sense”

45) “Bite me”

46) “I’m OK, thank you. just please, stop talking to me”

47) “Could i sit here? all the other tables are full”

48) “Do you need me to kill someone for you?”

49) “I have something to tell you… (pregnancy)”

50) “I think I’m pregnant”

51) “Sorry! i didn’t mean to touch your butt”

52) “When were you going to tell me you’re pregnant?”

53) “What, does that feel good?”

54) “Are you wearing my shirt?”

55) “You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this”

56) “Did you just… finish?” smut

57) “Are you getting any closer?” smut

58) “Shit sorry, am i going too fast?” smut

59) “Take off your clothes” smut

60) “It hurts!”

61) “Fuck, don’t do that to me”

62) “He did what?!”

63) “Wait, you’ve never done this before?”

64) “You know that i love you, right?”

65) “Don’t touch me”

66) “I’m not actually feeling anything” smut

67) “Wow, you’re hot”

68) “Don’t give me that face, i might not be able to hold back” smut

69) “Are you sure about this?”

70) “I don’t think you’re doing it right?”

71) “I couldn’t care less, I’m with you, that’s what really matters”

72) “Pregnancy suits you…”

73) “Hello little one, we can’t wait to meet you (preg)”

74) “We aren’t ready for a baby!”

75) “Your hair is so soft”

76) “You’re so cute when you pout”

77) “Just relax I’ll wash your hair for you”

78) “Have I ever lied to you?”

79) “Let go of me!”

80) “You’re beautiful, you know that?”

81) “Can you come with me? i’m scared”

82) “Leave”

83) “I’m not ready”

84) “I’m not ok”

85) “You are as intimidating as a puppy, my dear”

86) “Fuck, do that again”

87) “I’m not done yet”

88) “I’ll show you weak”

89) “You’re a little too rough lately, yeah”

90) “No, no.. take it off, please”

91) “Don’t cry. just don’t fucking cry”

92) “I’m sorry for being awkward, i just really like you”

93) “I hate you for making my life a living hell”

94) “I don’t care anymore”

95) “I just love looking at you”

96) “I’m just not strong enough”

97) “I’m not really into that kinda stuff”

98) “You frustrate me”

99) “It’s okay to not be okay”

100) “It feels strange”

101) “What did you just call me?”

102) “My hands?”

103) “Say what you want, I’ll stay”

104) “Let go of him/her!”

105) “What would your mother say?”

106) “Come here. right now.”

107) “You’re still my favorite”

108) “It’s the thought that counts”

109) “Need help?”

110) “You’re making me feel good, don’t worry”

111) “She hates me, doesn’t she?”

112) “God, i miss/ed you”

113) “Babe, stop it or i swear I’ll tie you down”

124) “I’m sorry, next time I’ll be more careful”

115) “I know i fucked up”

116) “Do you even realize how much stuff like this hurts me?”

117) “What a sight in the morning”

118) “Push me away all you want, I’ll always come back”

119) “What are you staring at?“ 

*NEW* (more possessive one’s, I suppose. They belong to @dragon-memes) 

120) “You belong to me”

121) “Did you think I wouldn’t notice you sneaking out?”

122) “You’re not allowed to see them anymore”

123) “You’re being too friendly with them”

124) “I don’t like when they touch you”

125) “I can’t stand how they’re looking at you”

126) “You can’t leave me, I won’t let you”

127) “Give me your phone, I’m going to read your messages”

128) “You don’t need them! You have me!”

129) “Who were you talking to?”

130) “You don’t have to stay”

concept: clones playing pokémon GO

so the basic conceit of the au is obviously that the pokémon franchise exists in the star wars universe. the clones have caught the odd holovid of the series, there’s a few cartridges of the games floating around kamino (no one really knows how they got there but the kids like ‘em)

and then pokémon GO comes out and son, it’s on like space donkey kong

it takes less than six hours for someone to figure out how to port the visuals of the app into the HUD on their buckets, and from then it spreads like a kriffing virus through the GAR

it’s not unusual to see troopers standing stock still in the corridors, bucket on and no other armor, the contrast against their black skinsuits absolutely absurd, swinging their arms around to throw pokéballs. swearing loudly when they miss

the coruscant guard all pick team valor. for like…a number of reasons. most of the time the city is entirely red gyms, and a good 45% of those are held by user Fox1010, who has somehow got his hands on a handful of each eeveelution

then the 501st, particularly torrent company, swing back into town, and while general skywalker is having private meetings with senators his men are painting the town blue. see, while the guard have access to all the city’s pokestops, the men in the field are travelling far and wide to get all the varied and rare pokés. the jedi temple gym (because of course there is one - geographically it’s technically attached to the gate of the temple) is soon presided over by an unbeatable snorlax owned by Fulcrum (none of the men can figure out who the hell it is but they’re team mystic so they consider it a win). one time rex and fox stood two feet away from eachother bouncing ownership of the 79′s gym between them and getting progressively madder

EVERY(!!!) pynch moment in trc part 3: blue lily, lily blue

 alternatively titled: if you didn’t think adam was bi before,, well bud, u do now

part 1 // part 2


“Maybe I dreamt you,” [Ronan] said.

“Thanks for the straight teeth then,” Adam replied. (pg. 13)

ok, an anon asked me to explain the significance of this quote and i’m gonna try to do my best. this is the first textual example of ronan,, (hear me out),, actually, intentionally flirting. did he mean it in the ‘adam you’re so unreal, you’re like a dream, i love you so much’ way? maybe!!! maybe not!!! but regardless, ronan made a joke that he knew could be taken as a romantic advance, and he did it ANYWAY!! this just shows how far he’s come since the dream thieves. adam handles this statement well and honestly? this sets up the entire book in terms of their relationship

Blue’s voice warred with the engine and Ronan’s still abusive electronica. It seemed impossible that Adam could sleep through it. (pg. 33-34)

hmmm, adam is so used to his extremely loud music that he can sleep through it??? he must spend a lot of time around ronan, then …..hmmmm

For a moment, he watched Ronan and tried to imagine that he was a teacher instead of a Ronan. It was impossible. Adam couldn’t decide if it was how he’d shoved up his sleeves or the apocalyptic way he tied his tie. (pg. 78)

mostly I’m including this line to remind you all that adam thought of ronan as a teacher, a king, and a god all in one book (but we’ll get to the last two later ok)

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Mick Drabble #1

Submitted By: @wayward-mirage  for my 900 Follower Celebration
All Gif Drabbles for this celebration will be posted on my Gif Drabble Masterlist and labeled 900 FC next to them

Mick sauntered into the bunker kitchen. You smirked as you followed him in. Sam and Dean looked like hell.
“Something wrong boys?” you inquired teasingly as you poured you and Mick some juice.
“Never drinking again.” Dean grumbled
You laughed, “I doubt that Dean. But hey I did try to warn you we could drink you under the table.”
“Got any Vodka?” Mick asked making both Winchesters groan.
“Maybe later baby.” You kiss Micks cheek smiling when he wraps an arm around you.
“Breakfast? I’ll cook.” You say
“Yes please.” All the men say.
“Ok” you grin as Mick kisses you once before letting you go to start cooking.  

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* Peggy × fem!reader
* Modern
* Requested by anonymous
* 36: Do you think she could have loved me?
* 37: Does she know about the baby?
* 79: I can’t get you out of my head.

A/N: ok, this story went through like 3 different versions which is why it took so long. This is also my first attempt at same gender stories so there’s that…I hope you like this anon, as well as all my other followers!

Word Count: 2,416


You stared down at your drink. Getting drunk wasn’t your usual coping method, but your friends were too busy to listen to you whine tonight. “You ok?” A soft voice said. You looked over and assessed the person who spoke.

Tan skin that contrasted nicely with her yellow top. She had long brown curls that were tied into a high pony tail. Everything about her screamed happiness and joy.

“Uh…well I will be.” You shrugged. She sat down on a barstool next to you. She tilted her head in curiosity and gave you a small smile.

“Wanna talk about it?” She absent-mindedly swung her legs back and forth, childish but adorable.

You chuckled at her question. “I don’t want to bore you.” You said and sipped your drink.

“It’s fine. Please, if you want to talk about then go ahead.” She urged. You sighed.

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Minghao Icons

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