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anyways! my experience here on tumblr is Awesome so far! (i am not being sarcastic) (or am i?) and i met great people thru here and have made a lot of amazing friends and lost quite a few, sadly

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NOW all i wanted to do right now at this very fucking moment is to give my mutuals a Huge Shoutout for being so so fucking lovely and so so fucking awesome and so so fucking nice! (even tho i only every occasionally talked to some of you and wish i had the guts to talk to everyone), my sappy ff starts below! :)

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Worldwide, mysterious radio stations are broadcasting unexplainable signals. One of the most curious is UVB-79, which has been traced back to Russia. This station was first discovered in 1982 and consists of a constant buzzing sound. Every so often this buzzing sound is interrupted by a voice that appears to be giving cryptic messages in Russian. On top of this, listeners have frequently heard distant conversation and background noise, indicating that the buzzing is not generated internally but are transmitted from a device that is placed behind a microphone. In 2010, the following background conversation was heard from the station: “Officer on duty of communication node Debut senior ensign Uspenskaya, got the control call from Nadezhda OK.” The government and the broadcasting officials have refused to reveal the purpose of this peculiar station which has led to many conspiracy theories and obscure speculations. One of these theories is that the station is used by intelligence agencies to pass messages to one another. This station is one of many known as Number Stations. It was these stations that inspired the radio broadcast of the numbers in the well known TV show, Lost.

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Hey! I hope you don't mind me bothering you but I absolutely love your work; thank you for sharing it with us online. Close Every Door is amazing, I keep going back to read it again and again. I've recently joined the Supernatural side of tumblr and I'm looking for more people to follow (right now I follow 4 people, paha). Would you be able to recommend a few? Thanks!

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Thank you so much sweetheart!  You will NEVER bother me by sending me an ask!  I love getting them!  And your sweet words about Close Every Door just made my whole day!  

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Only Human

The reader gets seriously injured saving Sam and her boyfriend Dean isn’t happy about her decision

Dean and Reader

Warnings: Being stabbed, Dean being angry, Reader running away, angst then fluff

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              It was a spit second decision. It was a rogue demon, and it was aiming right for Sam. So, I stepped in front of him and took the blade. The demon stepped back in shock as I collapsed to my knees trying to take deep breaths. Dean took the chance to kill him for good, then rushing over to me. The pain was indescribable but I was ok with it. It was better than Sam dying on the floor in front of me.

              Sam leaned over me wiping the tears from my face, trying to stay calm himself. Dean gently picked me up while Sam ran out to get the car started. I could tell he wasn’t happy either, I knew it was going to be a screaming match later. Dean and I hadn’t been dating long, but I couldn’t let him or Sam take the hit. I loved them too much to see them badly injured or worse, dead.

              Once we reached the hotel, Cas was waiting for us. Dean laid me on the couch and slowly pulled out the knife as I bit my lip trying to not cry out in pain. Cas touched my forehead healing the damage that was done, I thanked him quietly as he smiled and flew away. I sat up and watched Dean pace back and forth. “Dean” I said quietly “Don’t” He growled “What made you think that was a good idea? You could have died! How could you be that stupid?!?!?!?!”

              I could feel the tears pooling in my eyes, how dare he. “I WASN’T GOING TO LOSE SAM OR YOU!! I know you Dean! If Sam had died tonight, you would be heading to a crossroads then I would be mourning you!” I ran out the door as a storm was just hitting but I could care less. I walked across the parking lot into the nature trail until I found a tree to sit under. I know he’s angry but how dare he say that to me? I knew what he did in the past and I wasn’t going to let him do that again.

              I watched the storm go through, just watching mother nature at its best. The tears never stopped rolling down my face as I contemplated going back. I didn’t want to get sick but I also didn’t want to go back for more yelling. I just curled up underneath the tree and started to fall asleep. I was too tired to care about anything.

              I felt myself being lifted and carried, I immediately knew it was Cas. He smelled like honey and something musky. I was in a state between sleep and consciousness, but I could her a door open and two voices muttering their thanks and thank gods that I was safe. It was then I started to wake up and noticed I was in our motel room.

              “Dean?” “Hey baby, I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have said that” I could hear his voice cracking. I cracked my eyes open to see a pair of green eyes red and puffy. I felt like absolute crap, knowing that I was indeed going to get sick. He helped me out of my wet clothes and helped me into the shower, getting me warmer and feeling much better. He had warm clothes waiting for me when I got out, and helped me get redressed feeling much better than I was.  

              “Dean I’m really sorry, I know it was stupid but I couldn’t see Sam get hurt” My voice started cracking at the end and Dean just held my face wiping away the tears that had been shed. “You do not have to apologize ok baby, I understand but please don’t do something like that again” I shook my head while repeating “I won’t”

              Once we had everything packed Dean had a super fluffy blanket in the back seat for me to snuggle into. I must have had a confused look on my face from how he got one in the first place when he kissed me on the cheek and told me he asked Cas to grab one before they had left. Dean helped me in the back shutting the door quietly. As we pulled out of the parking lot, I fell asleep to Led Zeppelin on the radio and the purr of baby’s engine.


This literally woke me up and had to be written.

Sam x Eileen
Word count: 554

Eileen sat on the edge of the motel bed, sharpening her machete with a flint. Her eyes followed as it drew over the edge of the blade, and an image of it slicing through the creature’s neck a few hours earlier fluttered into her mind.
She smiled darkly.
A pen connected with her arm and drew her out of her reverie. She turned to look in the direction it had come from and her eyes settled on Sam. He sat at the table with his laptop.
She raised her eyebrows. ‘Really?’
Sam shrugged, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth and dimpling his cheeks. It was adorable.
‘I couldn’t be bothered to get up.’

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Author: @riversong-sam
Request: @jkqueenly
Drabble 100 where Dean is whining at Sam…???
Prompt: “You can only suffer through my whining for so long until you get up and make me a sandwich.”
Word Count: 108
A/N: Feedback is greatly appreciated.

See post here for drabble prompts or see my drabble prompt list for my 800 follower thing here
“No Dean.”
“Come on Sammy.”
“No make (Y/N) do it she’s your girlfriend.”
“And you’re my brother.”
“You can only suffer through my whining for so long until you get up and make me a sandwich.”
“He has a point Sam.” You cut in.
“Now you’re on his side?” Sam scoffs
“No but for my sake and yours before he gets anymore whiny go get him food.”
“Hey! I’m not whiny.”
“Baby you’re doped up on pain killers, yes you are.”
“No I’m not.” Dean pouts.
“Fine ok I’m going.” Sam gets up.
“See I knew it!” Dean grins.
“Yea, yea” Sam mutters going to the kitchen.

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Dean/ Jensen tags only:

Ok so important ABO grammar question:
When writing a fic do you capitalize alpha/beta/omega? Why or why not? (I’ve asked a few people and I’m getting a 50/50 split on the answer and it’s driving me crazy)

Thank you!

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Adventures in Sassing // Wolffe x Reader

When he first met you, he couldn’t stand the sight of you. Not only were you a civilian, you were a civilian nurse who was way to mouthy for their own good. He couldn’t stand you! What with your sassy remarks, eye rolls, sarcasm, and attitude? You were INSUFFERABLE. Wolffe didn’t understand how someone so small could possibly be so bitter.

“Sir, I don’t see how you can dislike her so much. She’s literally a smaller version of you.” Wolffe got told this anytime he brought her up to anyone. It was infuriating! We’re they really comparing him to someone so.. so… so YOU!

After a few months, ever so slowly, this disdain turned to slight appreciation. As long as you weren’t sassing him, he could laugh as you snarked off his brothers. Or at least, disguise his laughs as a cough, he’d die if you thought he was laughing with you. This only egged you on.

“Rip your stitches again, and you’re doing them yourself.” He heard you reprimand a shiny. Before moving onto the next.

“Don’t be a pussy, I’m just disinfecting it.” Was the retort to a whiny trooper.

God help the trooper who said, “Do you have to be so rough?”

“You think that was rough.” At that point Wolffe couldn’t contain himself he let out a small laugh, but quickly turned it into a ‘coughing fit.’

“I heard you coughing, commander, you need an exam?” You smirked, he rolled his eyes.

“Get back to work, (L/N).” He growled. Without missing a beat, you already had a retort.

“Making sure you’re not dying is my job.”

Eventually though, this turned silent liking. He had several nicknames he called you to irk you, most of them revolving around your name, but the one he used the most was ‘Doc’, he like how you looked when you rolled your eyes at it. In retaliation, you had many dog related nicknames for him. His least favorites were Fido, Sparky, Wolfy, especially when you convinced Cody, Rex, and even Bly to share these nicknames. Regardless, he held secret how much he loved the lilt of your voice he you teased him.

Of course, please remember that Wolffe has the emotional range of a piece a scrap metal. He didn’t even realize he liked you until one day talking to you didn’t leave him with a headache. Even then, love? That’s a bit drastic. {sounds fake, but ok.} (he may or may not have (totally did) ask an actual medic why you made his heart beat faster.)

When he told you how much he liked you, it went something like this:

“So when I first met you, I hated you. I couldn’t stand you. Like you made me wanna punch something-” you interrupted him.

“I get it. I was the bane of your bitter existence. Is this going anywhere?”

“But now, I don’t hate you. Like really, really don’t hate you.”

“Wolffe, there’s a word for that.”

“Don’t make me say it.”

“It’s ok. I went through the same thing. I like you too, Fido.”

Then, once he admitted his feeling and you revealed you kind of went through the same thing. The amount of sass you tag teamed, woah. Now, when it was directed toward each other, it was playful.

“Are y’all flirting by insulting each other?” Fives asked once at 79’s. Amazed at the rapid fire of insults going between the two of you.

“Less flirting, more like foreplay.” Warthog snickered. You paused you loving remarks to turn to him.

“Listen, Pumba, I’m so not afraid to roast the crap out of you.” You smirked. Warthog raised in hands in surrender, he still hadn’t recovered from last week’s roasting.

“Wait, who the hell is Pumba?”

Bonus: You were the best roasters in the GAR. Y’all made a separatist general give up plans just by roasting him together.

Requested by anon. This is kinda a mashup of an imagine/ headcanons. But this is how it turned out, please don’t hate me!

concept: clones playing pokémon GO

so the basic conceit of the au is obviously that the pokémon franchise exists in the star wars universe. the clones have caught the odd holovid of the series, there’s a few cartridges of the games floating around kamino (no one really knows how they got there but the kids like ‘em)

and then pokémon GO comes out and son, it’s on like space donkey kong

it takes less than six hours for someone to figure out how to port the visuals of the app into the HUD on their buckets, and from then it spreads like a kriffing virus through the GAR

it’s not unusual to see troopers standing stock still in the corridors, bucket on and no other armor, the contrast against their black skinsuits absolutely absurd, swinging their arms around to throw pokéballs. swearing loudly when they miss

the coruscant guard all pick team valor. for like…a number of reasons. most of the time the city is entirely red gyms, and a good 45% of those are held by user Fox1010, who has somehow got his hands on a handful of each eeveelution

then the 501st, particularly torrent company, swing back into town, and while general skywalker is having private meetings with senators his men are painting the town blue. see, while the guard have access to all the city’s pokestops, the men in the field are travelling far and wide to get all the varied and rare pokés. the jedi temple gym (because of course there is one - geographically it’s technically attached to the gate of the temple) is soon presided over by an unbeatable snorlax owned by Fulcrum (none of the men can figure out who the hell it is but they’re team mystic so they consider it a win). one time rex and fox stood two feet away from eachother bouncing ownership of the 79′s gym between them and getting progressively madder

Gods and Monsters Pt 3

Dean brings the reader back to marry her that night so that she knows he’s serious about his love and devotion. Dean gets a call in the middle of their honeymoon of a revolt of Lisa followers. 

Warnings: SMUT!!!, sweet Dean, marriage, rough waters ahead, absolute fluff, swearing

Demon Dean and Reader, Sam, Castiel, Crowley, and Rowena

Butterfly by Crazy Town

Part One Part Two

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Originally posted by hunterchesters

              Rowena pulled everything out of the bags and got everything organized. “Ok dearie, go get a shower then we’ll get you ready” She had a very thick Scottish accent, and she felt so homey and motherly. I washed all the dirt and muck I had acquired for the three days I had been gone. Once I felt clean enough I stepped out and quickly dried myself off. I wrapped the towel around me and walked out to see a few other women that had joined as well.

              She introduced me to the other ladies as Ellen, Jo, and Charlie. They were all so sweet, and gushed how happy they were that Dean had finally reunited with his one true love. Once I was dressed and ready to go, the nerves started in. I still had doubts that he was making the right decision, but Ellen sat next to me and assured me that they all supported him and wanted him to marry a good woman with a golden heart. There was a knock on the door and I knew it was show time.

              I walked out seeing Sam and Cas waiting for me, eyes widening at me wearing my outfit. “Wow y/n you look amazing” I looked down with my face flushing red. Sam held his arm out and walked me to where the ceremony was going to take place. A pair of glass doors opened to see a semi lit circle with black candles and red rose petals leading and going into the circle with the full moon shining down giving it an eerie glow.

              Then there he was, dressed to the nines, with Crowley smiling. “I hope you don’t mind darling, but we had to test you to see if you were ready and I have to say you did better than I thought. Lisa will be dealt with for harming your family! I promise that!” I kissed him on the cheek and looked towards Dean. “You look amazing y/n, I hope you’re ready to be stuck with me forever” “Dean, I will always be stuck with you”

              It was time to start the ceremony, and of course I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but I would do what I had to do. Rowena had made a special brew for me, so that I could have eternal life without letting my soul be twisted by hell. We said our vows, exchanged rings then finally Dean kissed me as my husband and I his wife. Suddenly the candles exploded into a ring and then went out on their own. “Come on honey, we’ve got a honeymoon to enjoy”    

              We walked out to hearing cheering and clapping, and baby was sitting right there ready to go. Dean opened the door for me shutting it behind me. He got into the driver’s side, grabbing my hand to interlock our fingers as he pulled away. “So where are you taking husband?” “It’s a surprise my love” I giggled at his dorkiness and wondered how I was so lucky. He clicked the radio on to classic rock floating through the car.

              We pulled up to a small brick building, curious about what this was. “Stay here and I’ll come back to get you” He grabbed the bags and went in, I saw the lights come on and saw the windows open for fresh air. He came back out with a smile on his face, I hope this was a pleasant surprise. He pulled me out of the car then picking me up bridal style into the beautiful building.

              He set me down so I could look around, it was all open except for the huge bathroom behind a pair of French doors. There was a huge black canopy bed with red and black sheets, a huge overstuffed couch with a standing fireplace and a flat screen television hanging above it. There was a kitchen, table and even a pool table. It was breathtaking at the work put into this place, I noticed a bunch of pictures on one wall. My eyes widened when I recognized the faces, it was all of us when things were good and happy.

              I felt two hands grip my hips pulling me against a firm chest, I relished in the fact that Dean and I had finally come back together, stronger. “I’ve waited so long my love, I need you baby”. “It hasn’t been a picnic for me either Dean” I gasped when I felt his erection pressing into my lower back. I walked over to the Bluetooth speaker and put on my playlist. ‘Butterfly’ by Crazy Town came on I swayed my hips as I walked back to my husband already naked on the bed.

              I quickly undressed and got into the red satin sheets, I had more scars and stretch marks than before but I knew Dean didn’t care. He pulled me close to him his lips hovering over mine, giving little kisses and learning the feel of each other again. I pushed him to his back then straddled his thighs, kissing down his chest leaving little love bites all over. I took him in my hand, remembering all the spots that drove him crazy. I took his head into my mouth tasting the precum that had come from the slit.

Originally posted by deangifsdaily

              I started bobbing more and more, until I got most of him into my mouth my hand covering the rest. He put his hand in hair as I sucked him off, making him groan and whimper. To have this much power over him. I could feel his thighs starting to shake and knew he was close, so I went to work until he screamed my name then shot his cum down my throat. I licked him clean then wiped the sides of my mouth. “Did I do good baby?”

              He didn’t say anything, he just pulled me up by my upper arms then flipping me over on my back. “That was.. Fuck baby that was amazing! Let me return the favor” His hands went down my sides until they were pushing my thighs wide open. He pressed open wet kisses down my neck onto my collar bone. He suckled a nipple into his mouth, biting then soothing just making me even more turned on.

Dean POV            

              It had been so long since we had been intimate but I remembered every little spot that made her sound like a porn star. He skin was just as soft as I remembered, it always tasted so sweet. I worked on her breasts until her nipples were hard and achy then made my way further south. When I got down to her hips I could smell her slick from there. I put my forehead on her hip and ran a finger through her folds. She was absolutely soaked. I pushed my finger in there and automatically her walls wrapped around my finger.

              I found her g spot then added another finger, I moved a fast pace then started sucking on her clit. Her legs started shaking uncontrollably, then she came gushing over my hand onto the sheets. She was still shaking from the intensity of the orgasm, and that just made me hard again.

Reader POV

              He still had that magic touch, after ten minutes the tremors had finally stopped. He started pushing into me, feeling the stretch I always had with him. He wrapped his arms around me, then started thrusting. It didn’t take long to get close to the end for both of us, he started rubbing my clit with his thumb sending me over the edge pulling him with me. We held each other while we rode out our orgasms together.

              He collapsed next me then pulled me to his side, snuggling into him face into his neck. I fell asleep breathing in his scent happy to finally be back into his arms and feeling protected. I started coming to smelling bacon and pancakes. I cracked my eyes open to see Dean in the kitchen, moving around and putting out the food. He was only wearing a pair of sweatpants, and I was drooling at the defined muscles moving with precision as he moved. I got out of bed and walked over wrapping my arms around him. “Good morning baby” He turned to return the favor but was cut off to see I was naked as a jay bird from last night’s activities. “Are you trying to kill me?” I just giggled and shrugged.

              He sent me back to bed and brought the tray loaded with coffee, fresh fruit and food. After that we got back to business learning each other’s bodies again, bringing each other to bliss the entire day. After dinner, he started a bath and went to the nines with candles, rose pedals and of course classic rock. I was in absolute bliss, both of us were relaxed and happy. For a week it was walks, swimming, amazing sex, amazing food. It was the day before we were supposed to head home when his emergency line rang. That was never good.

              I was on the couch watching a movie, letting him sort things out. Once he hung up he came over and explained what had happened. “I’m so sorry honey but Lisa apparently has some followers that are angry over what happened. It’s not a big enough group to be concerned but I need to go back just in case” I smile and kissed him sweetly, “I understand” “How did I get so lucky?” I just shrugged.

              We packed up everything and got our things in the car. “You know, I really hope I got you pregnant this week. I would love to have a little girl that looks as beautiful as you” “We’ll just have to see” As we drove off, I suddenly got a bad feeling that something was going down.


* Peggy × fem!reader
* Modern
* Requested by anonymous
* 36: Do you think she could have loved me?
* 37: Does she know about the baby?
* 79: I can’t get you out of my head.

A/N: ok, this story went through like 3 different versions which is why it took so long. This is also my first attempt at same gender stories so there’s that…I hope you like this anon, as well as all my other followers!

Word Count: 2,416


You stared down at your drink. Getting drunk wasn’t your usual coping method, but your friends were too busy to listen to you whine tonight. “You ok?” A soft voice said. You looked over and assessed the person who spoke.

Tan skin that contrasted nicely with her yellow top. She had long brown curls that were tied into a high pony tail. Everything about her screamed happiness and joy.

“Uh…well I will be.” You shrugged. She sat down on a barstool next to you. She tilted her head in curiosity and gave you a small smile.

“Wanna talk about it?” She absent-mindedly swung her legs back and forth, childish but adorable.

You chuckled at her question. “I don’t want to bore you.” You said and sipped your drink.

“It’s fine. Please, if you want to talk about then go ahead.” She urged. You sighed.

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K is for Kink

Kink headcanon from the NSFW headcanon list

Pairing(s): None

Word Count: 180

Warnings: spanking!kink, hair pulling!kink, panties!kink, implied rough sex, implied dom!Sam, nsfw pictures/gifs (below the cut)

When you first look at Sam Winchester, you don’t think he’ll have a lot of kinks, and if he does, he’s into the light stuff.

Fuck, are you wrong.

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December 9


Blow Me by @carrion-wayward-daughter
  Cas gets tired of Dean saying “Blow me,” so he decides to do something about it.

All I Want for Christmas by @fandommaniacx
  Dean is sick of you singing Christmas songs in November, so he goes to confront you about it but things don’t exactly go they way he first planned.

The Convention by @ilostmyshoe-79
  The boys and the reader head to a Supernatural convention because Becky needs their help. Things get smutty.

More Than OK by @impala-dreamer
  You stumble into Sam’s room without knocking and cross more than one line…

(Untitled: Jensen’s Tongue) by @impalaimagining
  Jensen’s tongue is an amazing thing.

Hens by @its-my-perky-nipples
  Your friend’s Bachelorette party was just the excuse you needed to to let your hair down, but things heat up when the entertainment arrives.

Paradise City by @lacqueluster
  A hypothetical question asked in the dark.  "Okay, if you like men so much then which one of us would you pick? And you can’t say neither, you have to pick.“   He didn’t say you couldn’t choose both.

Relax by @saxxxology
   You and Sam finish a hunt together, and you want more from him but you’re nervous because you’ve never been with anyone before.


Imagine Dean trying on suits and tuxes for your wedding by @bringmesomepie56

Love, In Parking Space 3B by @deanwhincheshter
  You parked in the parking space I always use so I wrote a note and put it on your car and you put one on mine the next day and now we have been writing notes for over a week just tell me your phone number to make this easier.

The Night Sam Sang Karaoke by @littlegreenplasticsoldier
  (The title pretty much sums it up.)

Close by @lipstickandwhiskey
  Hunting a witch is never fun- but when a last-ditch spell curses Dean, the two of you can’t dance around each other anymore.


Revolving Doors by @chelsea072498
  Reader is coming home to Lawrence for her first extended stay in years. She’s got several surprises coming her way.

Restless Heart by @sincerelysaraahh
   You and Jared were nothing more than just friends. For years, you two were all you’ve got. Until the day Gen appeared on the show, and changed everything. And though, you were used to him dating other people, things changed when you found out he was engaged to her. 


He’s My Cherry Pie by @aria-lerendeair
  Dean is a stripper.  The first time he meets Cas, he sees the guy breaking up with Crowley.  The next time he sees Cas, he gets to talk to him for the first time, finds out he’s Gabriel’s brother.  Sure, the guy’s a little nerdy, but Dean likes him immediately.  After that, well, Dean realizes he’s in way too deep, when he has a drunken night with Cas and Cas gives him the out of pretending it never happened.  For the first time in his life, Dean finds himself disappointed with that out, and wishing that maybe…Cas had been different.  Cue some misunderstandings, some overdue conversations with Sam, and maybe, maybe a second chance with his best friend.  (One of my favorite fics ever - I have re-read it multiple times!)

Love How You Hate Me by @carryonmywaywardwriters
  Sam and the reader are constantly fighting.  Can they ever get over how much they dislike each other?  

My Sister’s Wedding by @chelsea072498
  Eden’s sister is getting married to Sam Winchester, and it pulls her back into the family and small town she had grown up in.  She reunites with Dean, their past bringing up many memories, both good and bad.

On The Line by @ilostmyshoe-79
  It was a silly dare, a fun game at your best friend’s bachelorette party. It was late, and you were all drunk and tired. None of you were thinking straight when you started playing truth or dare, and that’s how you ended up calling a local phone sex hotline. It was stupid and silly. But also kind of hot. So you find yourself calling again, when you are sober and alone. But what happens when you hear that voice one night, out in public? What happens when you meet the man you’ve been talking to? When you meet Sam?

Balconies by @lipstickandwhiskey
  She moved into a new apartment, got herself a new job and a few new friends. What she didn’t realize, was that on the other side of her wall was someone who would change her life. A man with bright green eyes and a charming grin. The neighbors met on the balcony, but can their little world up there survive when it meets the real world?

Forever by @not-moose-one-shots
  When you find out that Dean is your soulmate, can you make a relationship work out?  Will Sam ever find his soulmate?

Things I’m Angry About by PrettyMessedUpSituation on AO3
  Jensen is upset by a few things of Misha’s. It’s starting to get difficult to be around him without thoughts creeping into his head. First on the long list of complaints is Misha’s thighs. (And so it continues…)

Welcome to the Con by @wayward-marvel-and-more
   Jensen x reader - they met at a con and they are drawn to each other.

mysanitynotfound  asked:

10, 11, 26, 69 (you don't have to, I just think you're beautiful) 75, 79, 117 - How has your day been?

❤ ❤ 10: What are you listening to?
Placebo - You don’t care about us

11: You can only drink ONE liquid for the rest of your life - what is it?
TEA. There’s a lot of flavors so I guess I would not get bored.

26: What colour is the shirt you are wearing?

69: Picture of yourself?
I’ll make a different post for this. <3

75: What part of a person’s body do you find most attractive?
Lips! T I love cute smiles. Also eyes, eyes can tell a lot.

79: What makes your heart flutter and brings a big cheesy smile to your face?
Fics (?). Ok no, I guess, when people are like…Really nice? And they show you that they care about you? Thats really good.

117 - How has your day been?
Tiring, sort of? Not bad tho. <3

Thank you Kat!!   ❤ ❤

Send me a number.

chimchim-cheree  asked:

4 10 19 44 47 79 🌼💛


4. Do you find it easy to trust others?

nah, it took a long time for me to trust some of my irl friends– online i’m a little more friendly i think?? but irl it’s hard to trust ppl

10. What are you listening to?

Listen - One Ok Rock (ft. Avril Lavigne)

19. Is there someone that makes you happy every time you see them?

@crystals-n-diamonds; she’s one of my best friends !!! no matter what, when i see her, i usually end up smiling and feeling so happy and glad ??? like honestly?? i love this kid with all my heart and i would do anything to see her smile and be happy? i just wanna keep her safe and happy and always make her laugh, because omg her laugh is the purest thing n she’s so soft n cute and mY HEART OK A Y ???? i love my kid 

44. If you had to get a piercing (not ears), what would you get?

well, if not my ears, i’d really want lip and/or nose ?? like i’ve always wanted one of those tbh;; 

47. Honestly, what’s on your mind right now?

i’ve been worrying about my kid @crystals-n-diamonds, like i just feel like she’s been working so hard and she hasn’t really mentioned if it’s getting to her and i hope it’s not because i don’t want her to get burnt out and stressed because she doesn’t deserve that ??? i just hope she’s doing good n is feelin warm n healthy and aHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i just worry lol 

79. What makes your heart flutter and brings a big cheesy smile to your face?

so many things omg ???? ok i’ll list the top 3 things tho:


2. @cherryuta: famfmaiwoefnaoewfnaoiwnfaoi i love charlie so much u have no idea like ???? my heart hurts so much sometimes n i get the dumbest smile on my face when i talk to her or think of her ?? she makes my heart hurt in the best way lol– i love her ok ?? 

3. jo h n n ys e o ?!??!??!?!?!??! um he makes me cry so much but i will smile so big n get so many butterflies and feel dizzy n giddy and happy and omg i love him so much i think i nimght di e he’s so soft n cute and gorgeous an d perfect nad lovely i m crying 

ask me something?

😑Motherfucking bitch ass punk ass dumb ass stupid ass crackhead ass POS Comcast😡…been pressing buttons for 15 minutes, look gotdammit, you gonna take off Finding Dory on Demand, I did not sanction this, my sneaky 7 year old did…so, alls you got to do is take it off. Take 👏🏽it👏🏽off👏🏽. Why must we squabble all the gotdamm time? Why??!!! First over my bill being a gazillion fucking dollars now over a forgetful fucking goldfish—you gonna make me lose my religion, 😠don’t you correct me!! Goldfish, salmon…listen I don’t care what type of fish—this bitch put me on hold!!! …oh no she didn’t…when she get back….grrrrr😤…you put me on hold? Imma break my foot off—😒special? I don’t want not fucking speci—79.99 for 1year?? 🤔Ok, best friend , sis, tell me more. Naw gurl, I was just playing…low blood sugar, imma do you a solid on that survey for real, I gotcha, 😘but about that special though…

EVERY(!!!) pynch moment in trc part 3: blue lily, lily blue

 alternatively titled: if you didn’t think adam was bi before,, well bud, u do now

part 1 // part 2


“Maybe I dreamt you,” [Ronan] said.

“Thanks for the straight teeth then,” Adam replied. (pg. 13)

ok, an anon asked me to explain the significance of this quote and i’m gonna try to do my best. this is the first textual example of ronan,, (hear me out),, actually, intentionally flirting. did he mean it in the ‘adam you’re so unreal, you’re like a dream, i love you so much’ way? maybe!!! maybe not!!! but regardless, ronan made a joke that he knew could be taken as a romantic advance, and he did it ANYWAY!! this just shows how far he’s come since the dream thieves. adam handles this statement well and honestly? this sets up the entire book in terms of their relationship

Blue’s voice warred with the engine and Ronan’s still abusive electronica. It seemed impossible that Adam could sleep through it. (pg. 33-34)

hmmm, adam is so used to his extremely loud music that he can sleep through it??? he must spend a lot of time around ronan, then …..hmmmm

For a moment, he watched Ronan and tried to imagine that he was a teacher instead of a Ronan. It was impossible. Adam couldn’t decide if it was how he’d shoved up his sleeves or the apocalyptic way he tied his tie. (pg. 78)

mostly I’m including this line to remind you all that adam thought of ronan as a teacher, a king, and a god all in one book (but we’ll get to the last two later ok)

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