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What you see online does not portray what animal ownership is really like

Pet ownership online is extremely glorified, every time you see a goofy little pet your initial instinct is to scream “I want one!” because it’s cute and doesn’t seem that difficult to care for.

What is posted on Tumblr and other networks does not accurately display what it’s like really working with these animals on a daily  basis.

Here’s a few personal examples:

Online: “All the birds online do this, it must be a common behaviour, they all must love it! I want a bird so I can do this!”

Reality: Months of refusing human contact, seldom wanting to be around people, every moment of my free time spent training and working to create a positive bond where she would then allow me to do this, not all birds like being touched, there’s never a guarantee they would learn to like it

Online: “Wow this is neat, I want a bird so I can do this, I would look really cool!”

Reality: Years of setting up a good diet, years of basic training, years of trust building, her refusing to cooperate, lack of training interest, struggling to get her back on track, months of learning the concept, making sure the right muscles develop properly, feeding a diet to help muscle development, training her so she flies correctly without harming herself, gaining her confidence so she takes off on her own,

Online: “I want a bird so I can take it out for walks and show off!”

Reality: Months of getting used to the harness, learning to put on the harness, learning to be comfortable with the harness on, getting her used to the outdoors, climate adjustments, watching her behaviours, making sure every outdoor experience is a good one, months of recall training and trust building so if something goes wrong there’s a better chance of her coming back.

Online: “Aw they’re so cute I want them!”

Reality: Introducing them properly, making every encounter positive, weeks of quarantine, making sure they get used to each-other over the course of a few months, setting up multiple food bowls, eliminating aggression that occurred, spending a lot of time trying to figure out what they’re fighting over, solving the problems, there’s no guarantee two birds will ever get along

Online: “wow what a pretty blue! I want a blue bird, it’s such a cool colour!”

Reality: Trying to set up a proper diet, refusing to eat vegetables, developing fatty liver disease, feather pigmentation faded, spent several months trying to convert her on to a fresh food diet, running out of ways to serve foods so she’ll eat it, finally converting her, struggling to convert her on to pellets, spending every single present day working to feed this picky eater, spending hours preparing meals just so she will be healthy

Online: “wow those feather sure are pretty! I want a bird to be flighted so it can fly to me on command!”

Reality: Years of proper training, setting her up on the right path, making sure to exercise certain muscles so she can control her flight, bird proofing the entire house, having loads of safety precautions put in place, doing training to exercise her brain so the reactions develop properly, putting obstacles in the way so she learns to maneuver, flight training so she has the strength to fly against winds if she ever escapes, recall training in case anything goes wrong, working to build confidence in her flight abilities, daily flight sessions so she continues to build muscle.

That doesn’t even include all the cage cleaning, expenses, socialization, stimulation and day to day care these little birds need.

Almost everything online is glorified to some extent, if you see something you think is cute or that you would like one in the future please research it! Get hands on experience and learn about them, there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes that you may think.


Ur local genderflux babe wishes u a happy trans day of visibility 💖(they/she)

so um.. i hit 1k a few days ago is this even real?!?! & I’m still processing that one thousand of you actually follow me??
Thank you all so so much! You make my day by sending me cute messages & those tags underneath posts when you reblog something 😭💖

To all my mutuals, just thank you for always being there for me. Your thoughts & kindness is just so invigorating & amazing. idk wHAT I can do to thank y'all 💘

Every single one of you here are such amazing people & I hope that you all achieve everything you want in life.
Thanks for being such an amazing & helpful community <3

i thought it would be a fun idea to do some blogrates wow how original nidhi lols to celebrate this moment? ✨

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I recently set up the beginning of March and finished up February, and wanted to share my progress! I’ve never had meal plans before and I’ve been bad about keeping up with my habit tracker so I’m using this month to try new things.

Bullet Journaling 101: Oh wow! This is so neat and pretty! I really think I’m going to try gridded journals soon.

How about that new Chroma skin, eh? Created a totally new colour scheme for this skin and helmet that’s compatible with electric, toxic and ice elemental affinities, but I think I could probably find some for fire as well. Captura makes it easier to get some sweet angles of these things. I’ll do a details post next.

Rastaban looks fuckin sweet in these light colours, as opposed to his usual darker palettes. 

so i have a CT scan tomorrow but i might? not? bc for some reason they havent been able to contact my insurance or something? (been wrestling w this insurance shit since january they still havent sent me a card???) so i just drank my first bottle of contrast and WOW that was UNPLEASANT and i already feel pretty garbage already so 👌 neat wow great

also ive basically barely eaten in a week bc my stomachs been Messed Up and we dont know whats wrong with me/IF somethign is wrong???????

and ive been running around like crazy going to appointments/trying to deal w being sick/making up for lost time on work for being sick/getting ready to go to england in two weeks (which is Very Good but still a lot of prep!)

SO BASICALLY im very, very tired. im ready for this to be over! i wanna go be w my gf and not be so sick anymore but the in between time is grueling 👍

i already made some quick textposts but here’s a quick list of what i caught during baekhyun’s live ig story thing (let me know if i missed something!!):

  • baekhyun said he ate lots of good food today 💕😭 
  • baekhyun really looked so tired and sleepy and was yawning and in bed and stuff during the whole broadcast and was acting like it was 2 am but it was 2 pm soihfeowijefoiwjefwe
  • his mother changed his sheets/bedspread to pink lmfao (i’m assuming he’s at his parent’s house ant not the dorms)
  • myongryong’s legs hurt bc he’s been running around a lot and welsh corgis’ legs hurt very easily apparently so he has to take him to a hospital soon :(
  • there are baekhyun posters put up all around his room that fans gave him and im crying
  • someone asked him to speak in english in the comments and he got a little embarrassed and said ‘hi my name is baekhyun’ he’s so cute
  • and he also read a comment that said ‘good english’ and laughed (i’m unsure if the comment was in english sounding korean or actual english though)
  • he put his face so close to the camera to read comments and it was so cute im ded also he covered his face a lot w/ the blankets and looked super comfy im 💕💘💗💟💓💖
  • after showing his room really quickly he giggled a little (i d*e) and he was like ‘it’s really clean huh??’ (as in his room) he’s so neat and organized wow

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ok first off .. i love jihope. the fact that u made them well known dance partners not to mention that u have them fusing their styles is !!! so great yeaaaa i lov it i hope we get to see more of that in the future! (p.s. sometimes i find it rly hard to paint in color palettes like those as far as figuring out skin tones, backgrounds and outlines .. but wow u did an A++++ job!! it looks so neat) 💖

Thank you sm!! I love jihope too so they’ll def appear more in the future~ For the palette, I totally get that. Colors are so hard to get right :-( but having a limited palette makes you really think about everything! (Contrast/bg/readability of scene/ tones/ etc) Working through the struggle means you’re learning something new :-)

Guren has better handwriting than me what the fuck and why is he writing in English?

“I can’t help noticing that hardly anyone ever bats an eye at my muses until they catch the attention of some popular big kahuna of the fandom, and then suddenly I’m interesting. It feels like people are just coming because ‘so-and-so said they’re good,’ rather than 'wow their muse seems so neat/I love their writing/I like their subject matter!’ Are people really that afraid to be the first to take a risk, or are my muses only worth as much as the popular canons I write with?”

This is the dumbest thing I’ve gotten completely sucked into this stupid Japanese McDonald’s Part-Time Job Advertising Campaign and its lovable cast of characters.
The cast includes the two girls in the commercials, but also a bunch of other people who are working at McDonald’s for various reasons. One girl is a high schooler, one guy is saving up as he works towards being a performer, one woman is an old housewife who hasn’t had a job in a while, etc. 

My favorite is Carlos, a study-abroad college student who’s working there while he’s in Japan. Carlos’s profile says he was nervous about coming to Japan, but he wants to improve his Japanese skills and his hospitality skills. 

So I’m like “wow, that’s really cute! What a neat campaign”. Then I start reading his story and I freaking lose it. Here’s what I could make of it: 

4:30 PM. Its almost that time of day, when that person comes. Without a doubt their order will be a coffee and an apple pie. It hasn’t changed once since that rainy day.

About half a year ago, there was a cold, rainy day. I had recently come to Japan for my study abroad and was getting used to working at McDonald’s. When I was cleaning the parking lot, I met this older woman. She seemed to be confused. I was at a bit of a loss, but I boldly tried to talk to her. It turned out that she was on her way shopping when she realized she didn’t have her wallet or house key, and she was making the return trip from the supermarket
(then something about finding her in that state, maybe she was at her wit’s end? idk lol what is my life)

I consulted with the manager. We let her rest in our store and gave her a coffee and an apple pie. Warmed up from the coffee, her relieved face became happy. (After that, something about an old man (her husband?) coming in and seeing her face, becoming really happy as well). 

Since then, the two have come into our store every day and ordered a coffee and an apple pie. 

“Is Carlos here today?”

Ah, its the old woman’s voice. From the open door, together with the old man, she always comes in smiling. 

“A coffee and an apple pie, right?”

“Hmm, should we change it up for today?”

Those sudden teasing words had the three of us smiling.

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congrats on 500!! my fav song is probably some kinda drug by g eazy IT'S SO GOOD!! i love your blog btw

ahhh omg tysm! ty for supporting me!

song: the rhythm for this song was so catchy and I rly liked it! this is so fun bc i get a chance to try all kind of different music :3 thanks for the recommend!

compliment: wow your digital notes are so neat and creative!! i wish i could write my notes on the computer ;; and I rly love your url!! so cute!

He reminds me of a diamond, the way there are a million different sides of him. Every day I learn a new one - his sense of humour, his birthday, his past girlfriends. I like to imagine that one day I will learn about the parts that don’t sparkle as much, like what makes his heart angry and how he reacts to it. And when I do - I mean if, if I do - I promise that I will be there for you anyways. I promise that I will not leave you until you cut me as sharply as only diamonds can do.
—  I’ll never forget you for being the one who made me happy. // lily rose.