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Reader x McCall Pack, Reader x Hale Pack

Requested By Anon

“Hey (Y/N) you wanna help Isaac out?” Derek asked and you stopped your search for your brother as you spotted Derek rearranging what looked like a box of chains.

“No offence I don’t think Mr Grey was a werewolf.” You told him and he chuckled.

“Yeah but werewolves are better, let me tie Isaac up and show you.” Derek smiled when your eyes widened and you blushed.

“Oh wow Derek that was just bad.” Isaac mumbled as he rubbed the back of his head. “Besides, (Y/N0 should be tied up so I can roam freely.”

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GA, GC, CG, CT, AA, AC and AT: order fast food from EB

Words: 1,652

Rating: G (death mention, mild innuendo based on blood color)

Characters: John Egbert, Equius Zahhak, Nepeta Leijon, Karkat Vantas, Kanaya Maryam, Tavros Nitram, Aradia Megido, Terezi Pyrope

Ships: Meowrails, implied Karezi (mainly <3<), one-sided Karnep

Sequel to this. Part three is on the way here.

EB: welcome to ecto burger, home of the slime shake, how may i help you?

CT: D –> Do you have any products that do not originate from the slaughter of beautiful creatures

EB: um

EB: we have salads?

EB: theyre pretty awful though

AC: :33 < equius this is not the time for your squ33mishness!!

AC: :33 < we have to eat m33t to live, its that simple!!!

CT: D –> Yes but

CT: D –> It

CT: D –> Makes me uncomfortable


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Generation domination [[closed rp with Reborn]]

Your fandom has been on edge lately, what with the Rakuzan vs. Seirin going on. Your mind was going in seven different directions at one and it was starting to get bad… really bad. But Reborn and Free couldn’t see you like this. No way. So you locked yourself in the shed, hoping that this would all go away…. that the voices would calm down.

In the corner you sat, clutching your now multi colored hair with your hands.

KB: Calm d0wn….. calm d0wn….

Aka-Kuro: We are calm, so stop acting like a child and leave the shed.

KB: N0 way! N0t unt1l y0u bastards st0p talk1ng.

Kuro-Kuro: I’m sorry but, there is to much going on at the moment.

Kise-Kuro: Kurokocchi’s right-ssu

KB: St0p….

Mido-Kuro: That’s something you’ll have to do on your own-nanodayo.

Ao-Kuro: So shut the fuck up and make us stop…. man I’m tired….


Mura-Kuro: Arara~ he’s getting mad

Kaga-Kuro: Oi, just -