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@justagingerwithgoals tagged me to do the “selfies of 2017”, so here I am to deliver!

#1, January:
The first time I really felt happy in 2017. I felt so darn cute with my little dimple, and to be fair I looked heckin cute. Still have the dimple, by the way.

#2, February:
This was my first time doing my makeup since January 9th, and I felt so amazing. I seriously killed this day. No occasion, I just really wanted to get all dolled up. Rocked it then, still rocking it now.

#3, March:
I finally started to appreciate myself and everything I could do. I was heading to State Basketball with one of my friends and I just felt really cute.

#4, April:
I went to the “lake” (it’s a reservoir if you want to get particular) with one of my friends and I had so much fun. It was peaceful and beautiful. We ended up going on a mini adventure for some food. It was an amazing day.

#5, May:
This selfie might look peaceful but I was livid when I took it. I was waiting for one of my friends so we could head to a wedding, and his hair had to be perfect so we were like five minutes early. I was so mad, but the wind caught my hair perfectly so obviously had to capture the moment.

#6, June:
Oh boy. I heard coconut oil naturally whitens your teeth so I decided to try it! Let’s just say that it works, but swishing it around your mouth for 15 minutes is exhausting and time consuming. But I mean, it worked really well so I guess I can’t be that mad about it.

#7, July:
Literally just wanted a cute selfie to post on Instagram since it’d been awhile. No cool story, sorry.

#8, August:
I took this yesterday! Basically I decided to go ahead with my fitness-instagram so I got really excited and wanted to post about it. (If you guys aren’t following me and want to, it’s road_of_self_love).

So that’s my year so far in selfies! Pretty lame but also really cool! I’d like to see… @self-love-and-squats, @imhellafit, @gradschoolforty, and @courtlosesit share a year of selfies!

xbxbxb123-deactivated20170305  asked:

I'm having a hard time figuring out what I would be because I'm so complicated. Are you considering making a personality test thing? (For classpects)

Maybe, now that you bring it up! We haven’t thought about that. However, I am willing to help you out with this. Keep in mind that multiple classpects you will probably feel suit you. You just choose the one that you think suits you the /most/. For example, I think I’m a Rogue of Space, but Rogue of Rage and Seer of Heart (and probably more, but those are the ones I can think of right now) also suit me. I just think that the Rogue of Space represents me, and where I need to develop, the best. 

There are tests available to help you get a starting point, one I like to use is here:

I recommend then looking up your classpect to make sure it actually fits. Since it’s based highly on personality, I recommend Dahni’s analyses. In fact, if you look at the way we write out personalities for the classpects, they’re very similar.

Anyway, I’m gonna list short Blips on each class and aspect. Choose the ones you feel might suit you, and then mix and match them until you feel you have the right classpect!

Also, just for reference, mainly for princes and Bards, here are the inverses of each of the aspects and classes, in my opinion (I follow Bladkindeyewear’s classes)

Witch <—> Seer

Heir <—> Mage

Prince <—> Sylph

Bard <—> Maid

Thief <—> Page

Rogue <—> Knight

and for the aspects-

Space <—> Time

Heart <—> Mind

Blood <—> Breath

Light <—> Void

Rage <—> Hope

Life <—> Doom


Witch: Witches are often rebellious, and probably rebel against something in their aspect, without ghosting the opposite. For example, Jade not feeling like everything is random, which is represented by space. They’re also probably optimistic and enthusiastic! Witches however, need to make sure they use their powers in a moral way, and also to inspire others and act!

Heir: Heir’s vary pretty heavily based on aspect. They tend to have a shitton of their aspect, kinda like they inherit it. Like John is the embodiment of breath! They’re kinda like extreme versions of their aspect in a way. A Heir of Heart would be VERY empathetic and emotional, while one of Mind would be very smart, unbiased and logical, both to large degrees.

Mage: Mages tend to suffer™ because of their aspect. For example, Meulin got taken advantage of because of her heart. However, because of this, they tend to have a very good understanding of it.  They’ve basically become wise through pain, and their wisdom is related to their aspect. In case this is a little confusing, a Mage of Blood might end up with a lot a responsibilities that aren’t theirs to burden, but because of this, they know how to cope with them and how to be responsible. They need to make sure they don’t close off to new ideas about their aspect. They also need to make sure they don’t hate on themselves.

Seer: a Seer will struggle with what to do with their aspect. Like Rose knew fuck-all on what to do with all the Knowledge she had gained with entering SBURB. Another example would be me, even though I’m not a Seer of Heart, a Seer of Heart-y thing that I do is have trouble choosing something in particular to be passionate about, because there’s lots of things I want to do from a, like, hobby or something, or politically, when first introduced I can easily see both sides and may have trouble choosing at first. Seers need to get better at using their knowledge to act and to trust themselves.

Prince: Princes tend to act a lot more like their opposite aspect as they destroy theirs. For example, Eridan acting like there’s no hope and was about to turn against the team, when he’s a fucking HOPE player. They also tend to have too much of their aspect, and then not enough. Like Dirk being the type of dude to have a breakdown at 3 AM and then refuse to acknowledge it happened and act emotionless at 4. Princes also may be a little self absorbed, thinking about themselves more then others. They need to make sure they don’t completely demolish their aspect within themselves or other people.

Bard: Bards tend to be Laid back, while also acting more like the opposite aspect. Bards tend to have a crisis, where some sorta thing happened and it rekt their asses and then they act more like their actual aspect. They also passively destroy their aspect, so in a personality way, a Bard of Heart would act really emotionless, and tend to make the people around them a lot less passionate and emotional too, even if it’s not intended. They need to make sure once they have their crisis, that they aren’t taken over by their aspect.

Maid: Maid’s tend to rely of others for their aspect, but as they develop, they begin to rely on themselves and be able to give it to other people! For example, a Maid of Void would a first need people to tell them what not to care about or to ignore, and as they continued they’d choose what to not give a fuck about for themselves. They’d go from the consumers to the creators.

Sylph: Sylph’s tend to be the ‘mom friends’. They fix whatever lack of their aspect they notice, but they need to make sure they act, and don’t start thinking they’re powerless. They heal through their aspect, in a sense. Like a Sylph of Hope would go around cheering up anyone who looked remotely sad! They also would have very strong availability of their aspect in them, like Aranea being so darn knowledgeable. They’re willing to give it away.

Thief: Thieves tend to be self centered like Princes, though they stem from different sources, as the thief is likely insecure, and Princes are proud. They also might have a big ego and weak morals. They also steal their aspect, so like a Thief of Heart might become very passionate about a thing, but the original person loses interest in it because of that. Thieves need to learn to allow other people have their aspect, like (Vriska) allowing Meenah to have some attention.

Rogue: Rogues tend to be cheerful and playful! They also are uncomfortable with their aspect and they think they aren’t good with it. They give their aspect away, thinking they can’t handle it, they’re aren’t good enough. For example; me! As a Rogue of Space, I’m very uncomfortable with how random the world is, and I often times think my art isn’t all that great. I also don’t think I’m good enough to accomplish maybe my story ideas or art ideas, so I’ll give them to a friend. Rogues need to learn to become confident and comfortable with their aspect.

Knight: Knights tend to have a facade of their aspect, hiding the fact that they don’t think they’re good with their aspect, which can get pretty complicated. I guess the best way to explain it would be Karkat thinking he’s shit w/ people, let wanting to be leader. Knights are insecure but fuck if they’re gonna let people know that. They need to tear down their facades and become more open, and realize that they’re good enough.

Page: Pages are at first, HORRIBLE with their aspect, but think they’re fine. Like Travos acting all cool and confident, while being a fuckign nerd that relies on people. Pages, however, can become the best with their aspect if they keep at it! Their potential is overwhelming! They need to learn they they need to improve with their aspect and not to give up!


Space: Space players tend to be creative, optimistic, and in the now! They may also be spontaneous. They’re often interested in fashion or art (or both)! Space players also tend to be feminine. They need to learn to find a middle ground between having their heads in the clouds or being ten feet underground.

Time: Time players tend to be a tad pessimistic, masuline, and patient. They also probably believe in things like destiny. Time players probably have a good sense of timing and might play an instrument. Time players might be too independent or dependent, and they need to balance.

Light: Light players tend to be knowledgeable, analytical and lucky. They also are probably aware of their surroundings. They also might believe in some superstitions and such, like a Rabbits foot being lucky. Light players need to break the walls down around their emotions.

Void: Void players tend to be able to hide, or go unnoticed. They might be ignorant or unaware, but more likely they’re the ones that know peoples secrets. They might need to break out of their shells. They also might have a drinking problem, tho not necessarily alcoholic. See: Equius (or me drinking all the goddarn apple juice).

Heart: Heart players tend to be passionate and emotional people. They are probably impulsive and biased. They also are probably pretty intense shippers. They need to learn to control their emotions, but not repress them.

Mind: Mind players tend to be logical and unbiased. They might also be unemotional. Mind players are very good a judging things and making decisions. They need to get better at looking at the emotional side of things.

Breath: Breath players tend to be carefree and fun people! They are hard to tie down and probably dislike commitment. They’re probably disconnected and apathetic to people. They’re free people, and I’m personally having trouble of thinking of one thing in particular Breath players need to learn. I know there’s something though.

Blood: Blood players tend to be responsible, leaderly types.They tend to be attached and stubborn, and are probably quite social. They need to make sure they don’t take too much responsibility. 

Hope: Hope players tend to be cheerful and, well, hopeful! They might be naive or reckless. Hope is seen as a very powerful aspect. Hope players need to make sure they don’t blindly accept things, but also aren’t too skeptical.

Rage: Rage players tend to be skeptical and very, very grumpy and pissed off. Rage players, despite their stigma, are not inherently evil. They are negative people though. They’re very doubtful. They need to learn to control their anger.

Life: Life players tend to be rebellious and hyper! They also are reckless and very dominant people. They may be ‘larger then life’. They’re energetic, but have few boundaries. THey also might be a bit selfish. They need to find a balance with their energy and what rules they break.

Doom: Doom players tend to follow rules and be very pessimistic. They’re very cautious and may be downers. They often have a ton of self control. They’re very selfless in the end however. They need to learn to allow themselves to live and not sacrifice everything. 

Talks Machina for Episode 82 highlights this week (now including the alpha stuff because I belatedly realized I’ve had an account this whole time, whoops):

  • Yes, Travis dabs in front of the camera before the episode starts. Again.
  • Before the usual opening, they play a ten-year-old video of a glasses-wearing Matt very enthusiastically singing karaoke. It’s kind of amazing. Matt is… so thrilled the subreddit dug that up. So thrilled.
  • Taliesin: “Thank you for running out the clock on my birthday, by the way. Thank you.” Matt, sunnily: “You’re welcome!”
  • There’s no particular card Matt wants to see drawn, but he hasn’t decided yet how far the material-wealth-destruction card would extend. He’s also interested in the card that makes an NPC turn on them.
  • Half the party isn’t even aware of the deck’s existence in-character right now.
  • “What made Kiki think it was safe to light the brazier?” Marisha: “Grog saying ‘YES’!”
  • Matt points out that it’s a lot more fun when characters aren’t too cautious, because you get much more entertaining results. The party had been very cautious for a while early in the dungeon-crawl, but at a certain point you just have to act to see what’ll happen.
  • Matt had an hourglass ready for a puzzle that the party bypassed (the stairs). Every five feet there was a check, and then whoever was on the staircase, the wall was going to shove them into the center of the cylinder and force them down toward the spikes. After that point, when the hourglass ran out, all the walls would’ve slammed in and knocked everyone into the spikes. It was pretty darn fortunate that they decided to fly down instead.
  • Marisha and Taliesin talk about how stressful it was to play Scanlan.
  • Sam gave Marisha and Taliesin some general texts about where Scanlan is in his headspace, and what to do in different situations, but they’re not going to share any of that information and are going to do their best to forget it as players.
  • Matt points out that “Modify Memory” would be a great brand name for tequila.
  • Matt figured the reverse-gravity chasm would be a neat visual puzzle that would be a spin on just having them cross a bridge, and then added a bunch of undead clinging to the bottom where, as soon as they found something living, they woke up and tried to reach upwards, which resulted in them falling up toward the party. Everyone else decides it may be time to insure Matt’s brain to protect it.
  • Even when Keyleth succeeds at something (like the grasping vine), it doesn’t really boost her self-regard—she focuses more on her mistakes.
  • If they’d hit the top or bottom of the chasm, they’d have been grappled and the DC to break the grapple would’ve increased with more and more hands grabbing and pulling them down, as would the damage taken as they got drained away…
  • Percy’s immediate and all-consuming reaction to puzzles: “I have to prove that I’m more clever than whoever built this thing.”
  • In a previous campaign run by Matt, Taliesin was the first to figure out that they were inside a giant skull. Travis: “I’m glad that was them and not us…”
  • The trigger for the glyph was a strong presence of magical energy. It was a powerful dispel-magic glyph that would’ve borked everything below it for about a minute. Marisha: “Laura would have melted.”
  • Brian: “It’s time for this week’s ‘Lord Have Mercer’.” Matt, in the background as the title card pops up: “Is this a thing? Is this a thing now???”
  • Matt points out that they’re all good friends and they regularly give each other shit, but very rarely he has to remind them with a little nudge that he spent a lot of time on something, and they’re all very quick to respond to that and settle down.
  • Travis: “You haven’t taken revenge on a player?” Matt: “I haven’t had to in a long time.” Matt tells the story about a player he had once who would get really drunk and belligerent every game (his go-to joke was to have his character pull his dick out), so at one point a cavern mysteriously collapsed and killed his character. “Sorry, you lost D&D.”
  • Matt confirms that it’s not Raishan’s lair; the party knows it was part of Thordak’s background and not hers.
  • Does Percy have any inventions on the backburner? He’s hit the “fuck-it” phase of his building. Marisha: “You’re like the guy with the best Etsy shop.”
  • Taliesin starts humming “Under the Sea” when visiting the Water Ashari comes up, and Matt and Marisha immediately get miserable remembering that song on loop in Kingdom Hearts.
  • Matt’s really excited to showcase Allura in battle, especially her team dynamic with Kima.
  • Matt: “I’ve got TWO DAYS to build this tension, motherfuckers, let me enjoy it!”
  • Matt really didn’t see Scanlan’s suude obsession coming, but he’s interested to see where it’s going. There are 3 types of suude that can be distilled from the residuum, you get different metamagic effects with each, and the sorcery points last and accumulate for an hour. There are some very bad effects with repeated use.
  • In a more serious moment, Brian brings up his perspective on the subplot given his own past with substance addiction: “shame can be a siphon that drains our ability to do good.” He’s finding this plot very interesting coming from Sam, and especially coming from Scanlan, and he knows Sam has been putting a lot of thought into that character choice. Nobody in the room has any idea where this is going to go, and everybody is fascinated.
  • A fan asks for advice for going through tough times. Travis mentions that sharing meaningful time with people has been the most important thing. Taliesin: “…therapy and medication.” Everyone else backs him up on that and talks about how important therapy is. Marisha mentions that she was going through a rough time at the start of this game, but that the game helped her a lot by letting her try big things without having to face major consequences. Matt talks about how Dungeons and Dragons was always a therapeutic outlet for him growing up. Marisha talks about how watching A:tLA at a particularly rough time literally saved her life. Brian also talks about it can be good to spend time alone to recharge, but how important it is not to isolate yourself: “Find other people who want to leave the world better than they found it.”

~~~after-dark (Alpha-exclusive)~~~

  • Everyone talks about the International Dialects of English Archive as a great resource for voice-acting.
  • VM taking Craven Edge away from Grog when he was so desperate to use it against Kevdak was something that really made Grog realize how much Vox Machina cares about him—his old herd wouldn’t have cared. Taliesin pictures Grog wistfully singing “Somewhere Out There” to Craven Edge. Matt sings back in-character.
  • Brian’s favorite NPC is Gilmore. Matt: “He dresses really nice. He smells really nice, too.”
  • Allura did the jug thing not so much because Matt was pushing them along but because Allura was pushing them along.
  • Travis didn’t know Keyleth was interested in multiclassing into the barbarian class and is delighted.
  • Keyleth is still working out her frustration over never having been told how terrible the world is, but Marisha thinks she’s got a strong enough support group that she’s pulling back out of her anger. It would take a lot to push her over into multiclassing—if she found her mom alive and well, there’d certainly be a moment of “Oh yay, you’re alive! (pause) What the fuck?”
  • Taliesin: “So many parental issues in the group, have you noticed that?” Matt: “Hey man, that’s D&D.”
  • Marisha to Taliesin about Percy: “You’re like the Pandora’s Box of people.”
  • Taliesin wants a “please stand by” screen with everyone trying to get through a door.
  • Brian feels so betrayed that Travis doesn’t remember that he gave him the nickname Tarvis Wellingrod.
  • Travis thinks Grog would probably go evil if he got a headband of intellect.
  • Taliesin sings “Pure Imagination” and then realizes he’s spoiled something for Signal Boost. Brian: “Ah, it’s Alpha, nobody’s watching it.”
Fate is a Fickle Thing

Anonymous requested:

Could you do a modern era Jacob where Jacob and the reader have a committed relationship born of a one night stand but they have a lot to work on?

Oh gosh, I never expected for it to turn out so long! I also hope this is what you had in mind! And, you probably already know this, but my deepest apologies for how long it took me to finally post this! I just hope you enjoy <3 Not gonna lie this was a bit out of my comfort zone (but in a good way I need to branch out tbh) so if you’re not satisfied then by all means let me know.

Warnings: Light NSFW towards the end ((honestly it really is)) 

Words: 4,186

Jacob Frye x Fem!Reader

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  hello darlings !! i’d like to start off by wishing all of you a merry christmas and an ( almost there ) happy new year !! this year’s been hectic, worldwide, but i hope that everyone’s ok, and that everyone remembers that they’re special and wonderful and beautiful this holiday season. take some time for yourself to remember that, okay?

  and so, in the spirit of giving, i’d like to propose a giveaway for all you wonderful people out there who have made my entrance into the mcu fandom such a joy, one that i haven’t yet regretted !! i’ll be listing prizes and rules for this extremely belated giveaway first, before continuing onto my follow forever under the cut, just for length’s sake !! so, here we goooo –

➳ ❝ RULES.

  number one. the giveaway will end at MIDNIGHT ON NEW YEAR’S DAY AEST or GMT +10:00. i live in ‘stralia, so this giveaway will likely end before new year’s for everyone else, but better early than never… ish?

  number two. must be following me for this giveaway! it’s mainly for the 120+ followers that i have slowly been falling in love with these last weeks, but you’re welcome to follow for the giveaway at any time!

  number three. one like and as many reblogs per person! just remember not to spam your the smol human beans on your dash mmk?

  number four. i will be contacting the winners after the time limit ends. hopefully, the winners will reply within 72 hours, y’know? but, also !! winners are allowed to transfer their prize to someone else if they want to, or request to swap the prize for something of equal value. ( theme = 1000 icons if available, etc. )

  number five. roleplay blogs only, unless i know your personal !! which, uh, i probably don’t? ( squints at smudged writing on hand and coughs awkwardly )


 third place. hundred icons. promo.

  second place. five hundred icons. promo.

   first place. theme. promo.



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Dead Of Night

Summary: Leaving isn’t easy and its not courageous either but Fiddleford can’t live this way anymore. He can’t live with Bill.

Characters: Fiddleford Mcgucket, Stanford Pines and Bill Cipher

His heart was pounding and he had to keep a hand over his mouth to not let his gasping, panicked breaths wake the man sleeping soundly next to him. Fiddleford’s eyes darted towards Stanford and he bit deeply into his lip to keep the heavy sigh of relief from passing when he found out he was asleep.

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