this is so mean of me

I cannot describe how much I adore @starshaping for making this amazing aesthetic for my little drabble “Flowers”. I love everything about this, but I especially love the way Harry is pushing his face into the bouquet :D

grim-dude  asked:

Ey Wowza I gotta curious question. :Vc What's the story/inspiration for your little horned (or pointy eared?) blue persona?


im shameful to admit that it was mostly inspired by Disturbed’s mascot. I started drawing myself like this when i was in my obligatory 12 year old emo phase lol.

Early drawings of my persona were super emo it hurt omggg. It looked more or less like the disturbed mascot but drawn rly bad and with crooked horns.

I haven’t been more active lately, but there’s a good reason…

Guess what otter may get  SECOND RAISE at work before i was even paid the first one?? 


As a thank you for all of your support of my art, within the next couple of days I will be doing free drawing requests which includes icons, character sheets, etc.

Just send me an ask or a message and I’ll try to get as many done as I can.

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I’ll post up my let’s play of Episode Prompto on YouTube after I play it tomorrow. I’ll make sure Prompto the puppy plays with me… for emotional support. Heheh.

Good night, y’all!!