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I drew a boyfriend for my boy [x]

You know, come to think of it - The Stan Twins really are dressed into color schemes that… I’d almost say don’t quite match their personalities?

Here, look at them with me here for a sec. This is not just an excuse to look at them either. Which, I know nothing about color theory, so that’s not really what I’m talking about. 

-Stan’s outfit: Practically all black, with very little points of white, red and brown.
-Ford’s outfit: Mostly beige and red, and about half dark colors.

Black can generally be off-putting and well - think about Robbie, another character who wears all black. Goth aesthetic aside, I’d say it fits with his aloof and closed off nature. Then that beige is definitely lighter and… I’d almost say more ‘pleasant’ a color. 

This is veering into personal opinion, but it’s like the lighter color scheme is more welcoming and ‘open’ as opposed to the all black. 

Which, although both characters are multi-faceted and everything - please don’t ever get me wrong on that - I’d say Stan has the more welcoming personality where Ford is in general more closed off, at least upon first impressions.

We have also briefly seen both of them in their opposite color schemes though.

-Ford in all black.

-Then Stan in a beige/red color scheme.

BUT okay like you see what I mean? These colors… I’d dare say fit their personality types more. The tan/beige and red of Stan’s outfit aligns with his more open personality whereas the black of Ford fresh out of the portal is fittingly ominous with the dramatic situation he arrived in. Although, as a whole, does also fit the aloof loner he was initially presented as.

This set of brief moments isn’t the only time we see them in these sort of color schemes though!

May I present, the good young boys:

In my opinion, the color schemes (and outfits) they have as kids perfectly fit their personalities of that moment. 

Fun and adventurous with the vivid colors of Stan’s shirt, and Ford’s partially dark covering himself while mostly still having lighter colors - not entirely closed off, but still almost protective in a way.

It just- It’s hard to explain, but it fits them.

I think this can be attributed in part to how each twin presents, or maybe even the unintentional nature within themselves.

For example, despite Stan being a conman dealing with customers he still has since develop a lot of closed off traits such as his gruff demeanor. Where Ford still has this very innate openness to people and interacting with them despite the serious mission constantly in mind and his behavior which he often goes against with his own actions.

There’s also something that could be said for the Sea Grunks outfit which has them wearing a pretty even balance of colors or Stan’s outfit change to the pink sweater when they’re saying goodbye to Mabel and Dipper. I could make a whole post about Stan wearing that sweater from Mabel actually, there’s a ton to say about that.

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This is why I love Fall Out Boy. Expensive Mistakes hasn’t even been released yet but the lyrics are so important to me. I don’t post much about myself on this blog but I just had to now.

‘I’ve become such a strange shape from trying to fit in’

This is so important to me. When I was younger I often tried to change myself to fit in and make sure that friends didn’t leave me. I did this so many times as a child that when I eventually got to high school I didn’t have a personality of my own until I met the better and wonderful people that I have in my life today. This line resonates with me so much I can’t even put it into words.

It’s the lyrics like these that really get to me and just remind me of how much fob mean to me. The song isn’t even out yet and I’m crying over it


Remembering Gene Tierney on her birthday.

November 19th 1920November 6th 1991

Everyone should see Hollywood once, I think, through the eyes of a teenage girl who has just passed a screen test.


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I was gonna give my iPhone X to my mom for Christmas but then I found out she stood in line for 13 hours in Boston on launch day to get one and as much as I wanted to call her an idiot for standing in line that long for a phone, I couldn’t help but think of how cute it is that my nearly 50 year old mom has such a passion for technology and all things Apple-related