this is so me with a lot of my shows

“What girl?”

“One boy…”

“The girl I’ve heard so much about.”

“At night desperate to sleep, you imagine an ocean. I see it. I see the island.”

“… and in dreams…”

“What do you see?”

“Light. Darkness. The Balance.”

“I need someone to show me my place in all this.”

“Kylo failed you. I won’t.” 

“Let the past die. Kill it if you have to. It’s the only way to become what you’re meant to be.”

Hello! I just want to show everyone Bunny, the rabbit that raised me. He was a gift from my grandmother, Dolly, on my dad’s side, who died when I was 4 and handed down a lot of existential dread to a toddler. I am so lucky that he’s still with me and still my friend! I fixed his eye myself, he had a bad run-in with my dog when I was 12. I’ve kept him private for a long time but it seemed like a good moment to share. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. All the best, Jules x

Ok so… you guys know I have this sideblog @larklikesstuff where I mostly share my love for Jason Isaacs and Star Trek. Since I started to be active there a lot, I‘ve got to know many AWESOME people who like to share their thoughts and theories about Star Trek and Jason Isaacs show with me. One of them is @societyneedstocrumble. And I promised my new friend to make a Hap drawing for her when I get home to Germany. I just couldn‘t wait so long, so I just sat myself down at the hotel table and drew a very tiny and quick sketch. 😄 It‘s really nothing special, just a little thank you. I‘m posting it here on my main blog, since Larkistin is still my blog for all art things.
Thanks for the warm welcome in the Isaacs fandom @sour-blue-milk @lovejasonisaacs @fuckyeahsylviatilly @xgreenfantasyx and everyone else who keeps sharing thoughts and theories with me frequently. I slowly learn who is who. 😂

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please please please tell us about your latin class

okay so i’m super tired right now and it’s been like 4 years since i was in high school so i’ll try to think of all the stories i can, but i will most likely add on to this in the future

  • first and foremost: my professor was a brony. not like, a creepy, “why aren’t they pandering to me” brony, he recognized that this was a children’s show meant for kids and fully was okay with that, but he also owned a rainbow dash hoodie and wore it to school after lots of insistence from the students
  • he was the youngest teacher in the school; he was a graduate of this school back in the day, and some of the teachers were old enough that he actually had them for teachers too. he tried to avoid commenting on this but sometimes his face would betray him, especially about one specific math teacher that everyone hated
  • going back to the bronies shit, a bunch of creepy bronies wanted to start a brony club at school so naturally went to him to be the sponsor, he had to be after school anyway so he’s like yeah, why not. all the brony club ended up being was him grading homework while a bunch of kids huddled around one kids phone watching episodes of mlp
  • one semester latin was first hour / the first class of the day. this kid walked in 15 minutes late one day, with a cake from the grocery store across the street, and set it down on the table in front of the teacher without saying anything. the teacher and everyone in the room is looking at him like “dude, what the fuck?” but he just says nothing, sits down, gets out his textbook and just waits for class to restart. some girl, for whatever fucking reason, had paper plates and forks in her locker so we all just ate the mystery cake instead of having class
  • i was late literally every day when it was first hour and he never wrote me up and also didn’t say shit about me eating breakfast in his class after showing up late

basically, either that post i reblogged was written by my actual latin teacher (i still have not ruled this out), or every latin class is taught by a chaotic good millennial who is trying to subvert the oppressive high school regime

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(I'm just wondering if I'm the only one this happens) a lot of times when I'm really into something I'm doing, like drawing or reading or watching a show/movie, I'm completely cut off from everything else around me. Like my mom or really anyone can be talking to me and I won't hear them or notice them at all unless they tap my shoulder or raise their voice.

Photos of the Gundam Wing English Dub Cast

I was looking for photos of the cast of the English dub of Gundam Wing and it took me an embarrassing amount of time to remember just how many photos I have from my old website days.

The good news is that I have a lot of photos from over the years so here’s some I took at Anime North 2003 when the con made a point to invite as many of the voice actors from the show as they could:

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You know, as someone who studies literature and storytelling, there’s a number of things I think anyone interested in reading or telling effective stories need to know–if you want to study Western Lit, you HAVE to have a decent working knowledge of the bible, for instance. But tarot has, up to this point in my life, never figured into that for me. It doesn’t come up a ton in lit, it seems to be more driven by visual media which isn’t a think I’ve studied intensely. 

Also I don’t think in media a lot of the time the actual meanings of the cards parallel according to whatever tarot guide you’re consulting, or for me it hasn’t been super useful. 

ANYWAY, tarot cards showing up is a basic media shorthand for “spoopy stuff” in most of my experience, SO I AM READY. 

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AH you watch free?!??!!?! do you have any pictures of your Haru?! I love that show so much!!!

((OOC: YeP I watch it.. I have a lot of ships and a lot of feelings okay don’t touch me *gross sobbing*

I’m not sure I’d necessarily say this is ‘my Haru’ because I literally have no makeup at all on and I didn’t do my eyebrows… but this is the way his wig looked after styling…))

FYI Regarding “Prompts of Turnadette” Updates!

Hello CTM fandom! I know I say it a lot, but seriously thank you thank you for welcoming me into the fandom and for being so supportive of this fic endeavor! Just wanted to post that updates will be coming significantly less frequently because my show just opened and we literally perform five shows a day thurs-sun, so my writing time is super diminished. Next update will be out on Monday and I’ll try to get two done a week! 

I hope you all are having lovely weeks and I wish you well on your own writing adventures! 


I still have the message from Taylor Nation saved as a personal reminder that I will hug my fav one day! It’s true that Taylor Swift shows up when you least expect it. I am glad I am at the happiest I’ve ever been because years ago I was super insecure about my open heart surgery scar. I had a hard time trying to be normal because of it.

People would stare a lot and say I don’t look sick so why did I need heart surgery. I have a panic disorder and social anxiety disorder because I thought people always didn’t like me because of it. I started treatment this month after I got the message from Taylor Nation because I want to be the best mentally for when the day comes I actually do meet her hopefully.

Really, it’s hard to explain but Taylor Swift got me past my insecurities and I am glad I am at a good state mentally that she invited me at a secret session. Next year I’m sure I will be even more happy. Life works out that way. Things do get better and you will get past things you are insecure about. I love you all and please love yourselves! 

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I love your Snarry drawings and art style! ❤️ would you ever be willing to draw a different pairing on request? Say, snamione? (Hypothetically. Asking for a friend)

Thank you, you’re very sweet. 💕 And yes I will consider drawing other pairings as well, I actually like a lot of HP ships, usually the strange/rare ones. (and shh don’t tell but I’m making 2 snack pieces for @doodlebat and @snuffles-groovy-doghouse to show my appreciation because they give me so much amazing snarry content. it’s coming slowly though, I keep getting distracted by snarry haha). I’ve low key wanted to draw other pairings for a while now.
But no, I will not draw Snamione. 


so from MONDAY NOVEMBER 20th to SATURDAY DECEMBER 2ND i’ll be on a semi-hiatus - i call it semi-hiatus because i’ll be around because i constantly have mobile but the amount of writing won’t be that great because i have performances almost every night for the next two weeks and they take a lot of out me - both time and energy wise. but after my shows i only ahave two weeks of school left then i’m takin a mini vaca in my bed.

Erased the tags on my last post. I need to learn that it’s okay to talk about what I want on my blog. I fear ridicule so much that the whole reason I made a DP blog was so I wouldn’t be judged for posting on my main. I use shortened versions of show names specifically so that fewer people will know what I’m talking about. A lot of my affectionate nicknames for characters are for the same reason.

I’m still terrified that everyone will think I’m gross and that friends will mock or abandon me. If I wanna get better at being nice to myself like I keep promising, though, I need to unapologetically like things. I need to accept that it’s okay to want to talk about myself. I need to accept that I can post whatever I want.

I think my greatest fear is being narcissistic, but putting myself down isn’t a good way to avoid that. It’s just mean. As long as I can admit when I’m wrong and try to do better and I’m not hurting anyone, it’s okay to not hate myself, right?

I’m rapidly losing confidence in these statements because it’s been so drilled into my head that this is wrong, but I wanna get better. I won’t discover how nice to myself I’m allowed to be without trying.

an anxious boyo

Things I appreciate about Joan:

  • Their beanie has a name
  • The beanies name is Marco
  • They’re very clever and rational
  • They help co write the Sanders Sides
  • And it’s so good as we all know
  • Also they help direct it
  • They’re really freaking funny
  • Big brown eyes
  • How dramatic they were when they played Roman
  • Has a doggo
  • Into theater
  • And for the record I generally dislike puns but Joan’s are funny not lazy
  • How overdramatic they can be while acting and how much it contrasts the rest of their personality
  • Super smart
  • Writes heartfelt songs
  • Just a super cool bean with a beanie

Things I appreciate about Talyn:

  • Okay I cannot get over their hair how do they keep it that vibrant how did the hair even get that vibrant to begin with
  • The pink to blue eyebrows like they’re so good with makeup
  • artistic
  • Expresses amazingly with fashion and style
  • Loves loves loves their cats (I think there’s more than one cat at least)
  • “…aspects”
  • Very reserved
  • But undeniably adorable
  • So shy but would probably talk for hours if you got them onto their favorite subject
  • Smiles shyly
  • Easily startled
  • Also when they played Roman and said “I AM FRAIL… AND BREAKABLE”
  • smol
  • Filmmaker
  • Knows how to lucid dream
  • Helps edit sanders sides and again as we know it’s so good
  • Occasionally wears Marco

Things I appreciate about Dahlia:

  • Super insightful
  • like basically a dream wizard?
  • Funny
  • appreciates puns
  • I don’t know a lot about her but I appreciate her a lot

Things I appreciate about Valerie:

  • bubbly and sweet
  • all of the bloopers from the Valentine’s Day video
  • just all of them
  • funny
  • I don’t know a whole lot about her but
  • YES.

Things I appreciate about Terrence:

  • Oh my god first of all Terrence as Patton I laugh so hard every time
  • him singing Birds on the soundtrack to Ultimate Story Time might be the prettiest thing ever
  • I hope someday that show tours again and I get to see it because I’ll bring tissues just for how that song makes me feel
  • when he played Roman and sang a Disney song
  • funny
  • I don’t know a lot about him either but he seems like a cool dude

Things I appreciate about Marco:

  • is a beanie

All this to say that I appreciate Thomas a lot, but I don’t feel his friends get enough appreciation, so. 

Notes to the girl whose house I live in

by reddit user JJX2525

It took me a week to find where you keep your wifi password. A whole week! I was really worried you’d thrown it away, but lo and behold, there it was in the cutlery drawer of all places. Everything about the way you organize things confuses me. I guess because you live on your own now you just put things any old place. I know there was someone else before, I heard you talking about him on the phone. Johnny, I think? Jimmy? Anyway, I know because you said it was tough being alone. But you’re not alone, of course. You have me!

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honestly, what I think would be great for like the opening scene of the Raven Cycle tv series is this: 

It starts off with an aerial shot of a quiet night and the interstate has no cars. The shot zooms into the sign on I-64 that says Welcome to Henrietta. It’s dirty, and you can still see remnants of the spray paint over it. Then it goes off into all the places that make Henrietta.  Slowly go over Nino’s where there’s a crowd of kids and it’s hustling and bustling with activity. Then show Aglionby, which is quiet, except for a few lights in dorm windows on. Go to Monmouth, and in the corner of the shot, you see a shadow of a boy. Then Boyd’s where you see just a lone bicycle outside, and a teenage boy hunched over a car through the window. Go back to the streets, it’s quiet, but then suddenly the revving of engines is heard and a white Mitsubishi and a black BMW speed into the shot and then over the horizon in a flash of screeching tires and red lights. And to finish off, it goes to the churchyard, in the distance you see an orange Camaro, and then goes to a stone wall and starts the show with Blue, like it does in the books.  

All while Southern Nights by Glen Campbell plays to give the illusion of a normal rural town before anything is found out (which we as readers all know, but if anyone watches the show without any prior knowledge of what goes down it would be great)

Movies I learned sugar skills from

We all know Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, and Halle Berry are some of the gems we have in movies now. But I’ve watched a lot of movies that helped me gain the sugar personas I had and I want to share some of those with you all.

Girlfriend experience

This is one of the more popular movies for sex workers and it is now a tv series. I personally liked it because I was ending a relationship while I was sugaring and I did feel some of the ways Christine felt.

Another thing I loved about this movie was the documentation and research this girl did on her clients. I use to have a notebook filled with all my POTs and SDs info, status, job info, likes and dislikes, turn ons, etc. My ex stole it a while ago but lucky for me I didn’t write down searchable info, even the names were in code.

I would recommend this as the first to watch before you binge watch sex work movies like I did.

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Memoirs of a geisha

This is one of my personal favorites because I love the Asian culture when it comes to beauty. The grace, the discipline, and the routine of these woman is really what got me.

When I saw that one look method I was determined to get it to work for me. The Kama Sutra movie below also helped me achieve this. But nothing gets a man across the room faster than an enchanting look from a beautiful woman in their direction.

From this movie I was able to learn how to move more gracefully which is very attractive for men who like “exotic” women. So if you got hips sway them, if you have long legs be swift with your steps, and if your hand are flawless move them like a water bender on avatar (anime joke).

The Treacherous

This movie is very gory so if that’s not your thing don’t watch it. But it does show some intense training for courtesans (old world Asia times).

The seductiveness of these women turned me on so I knew the same methods would turn any man on too. My favorite seductive move is the removing of clothes shown in the beginning scenes where the man challenged the woman to a strip game.

Another scene that showed me a lot of gems was the actual training of the women and how they were to taught to please. I even got some old school hoe tips for my Vag in this movie.

Kama Sutra

Yes it is spelled right and yes it is about using Karma Sutra. If you want a movie example of how some Karma Sutra techniques work then look no further.

This movie showed me how equally important foreplay is for men as it is for us. It showed little snippets of how even feeding can be sensual for men. My favorite tip from the movie would have to be the eye movements of the women while they danced. Those eyes have gotten me compliments from many dance teachers because they could see sexiness in my eyes.

Just look at these eyes:

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Etiquette of a mistress

In case you haven’t noticed by now I watch a lot of Asian movies. This one in particular is informative and funny so you’ll really enjoy watching it.

If you’re a sugar that deals with a lot of married men this movie is for you. It shows you how to be properly discrete with your time together and how to deal with the cons of a married man. The best part of this movie is it shows the perspective of a veteran and a newbie, so I know my vets will enjoy this if they or helping any newbies out there.

Wolf on wall street

This is of course on here because of the famous Naomi character that we love so much. Her sharp tongue is definitely needed when you are trying to pass through all the BS talk. But another thing to pay attention to is her physical presentation of herself. Her style with her looks was like devil in a red dress but with diamonds add.

Two can play that game

This one is mostly for my brown SBs who are close to their mid 20s.

In the 2000s this movie was like the black woman’s player guide. I’ve used many of these strategies to get men back on track to what I wanted. My little black dress is still in the closet waiting for the day my fiance acts up.

One thing from that movie I don’t do is flaunt another man because doing that in this world can severe ties real quick.

A lot of people focus on Shante in this movie but I also loved watching Conny too. Mainly because I love Gabrielle Union’s acting especially in Being Mary Jane.

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I didn’t learn much from this movie for my personal gain but I did learn a lot about sex work around the world. So if you’re just interested in a movie that shows you different kinds of sex workers watch this.

Breakfast at Tiffany

I love a good Audrey Hepburn movie because her white woman swag is just as awesome as Marilyn’s. She taught me how to be sweet and

youthful while also being mysterious and unavailable.

Being sweet and youthful is what kept my men feeling lucky to have me. But being mysterious and unavailable at times is what kept them on their toes and more willing do what was needed to “secure” me.

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Show Girls

I’m starting to think I should’ve tried stripping because sexy dancing is one of my favorite things to do. Expressing with my body is like art to me but I was probably right not to strip, I would get addicted.

This movie however made me more glamorous and aggressive when it came to my sexy looks. I never got a chance to see real show girls in Vegas but I’m pretty sure I would be in awe by them. I’ve never been a glamorous person but after this movie I started adding a little shimmer and glitter to my style.


Again with the dancing lol, I’m sorry ladies but these women, even with out the dancing were phenomenal. The He Made Me Do It song was an all time favorite for me.

But as far as lessons I started to see how competitive women could be when it comes to money and credibility/fame.

I learned on movies like this how to out smart them when it comes to whales.There have been many new girls who tried taking my main SD away from me but they couldn’t get to my relationship quality. Even when girls did get some dates from other SDs of mine they didn’t last long. So please remember ladies quality and good relationships always wins when it comes to real SDs.

Josephine Baker Biography

My girl next door persona has always got me the most money. So when I saw this biography I started mastering it. Her happy demeanor and tiny voice was so close to mine it wasn’t hard to practice.

What made me the happiest, was that even though she was sweet, innocent, and goofy she was also sensual. She knew how to express her sexuality without taking away from her innocence.

The end of the movie was sad and showed a lot of her flaws but she was still iconic.

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Confessions of a Brazilian Call Girl

I can’t remember if this is based on a true story are not but it’s amazing. Especially with the online social platforms we have now, this movie has been very useful. This woman on here became a high class call girl based on online status alone.

She was also another person I looked to for glam sexuality and showed many women that even average women can dominate the sex world. There were bad parts like her cockiness and drug use but if she would’ve stayed in her grind she would’ve still been raking in millions. One thing this movie can show you (on the bad side) is that you should never try to “Keep up with the Jones” even in the sex world because it’s never greener on the other side.

Call Me: The Rise and fall of Hiede Fliess

If you don’t know Hiede Fliess, look her up now. She’s the greatest when it comes to call girls. The tactics she used to get where she was is amazing. She really knew how to keep connections with her clients and how to get other girls money.

I don’t know what she does now but I do respect the contributions she’s made to the sex work industry. If you’re in LA or Hollywood you should really watch this movie.

Some notable tv women I watch

Joseline Hernandez

She’s so unapologetic about who she is and will get money by any means necessary. Her and Cardi B are like alter egos I wish I had sometimes.

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Cardi B

She is one of the realest woman I’ve seen on TV and she used what she had to get her fame. Now that she got it she is doing here to the max and I’m happy for her.

Nene Lakes

I can see myself being like Nene when I get older and wealthier. She is a star in many forms and doesn’t let these women or her man interfere with her money. She went from housewife to breadwinner even outside of the show.

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Whitley Gilbert

I get all my bougie ways from Ms. Whitley lol. Really she was a good representation of a high class but down to earth black woman for me. She started out a little too much for me but after some seasons she grew on me. I’m always a sucker for tiny voiced women because mines is tiny too (Not as annoying as hers).

Tasha Patrick

Now I’m going to be honest I just started watching power but I love this women’s attitude. She’s sexy, ride or die, and also strategically vengeful. I might update this after I finish the show but for now that’s all I have to say.

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Phaedra Parks

This woman beats me in being bougie and extra. I’ve never seen anyone who goes all out like she does. When I was in college I always wanted to be a like southern belle with curves so when this show came on I was tuned in. If you ever wanted to see an example of a curvy southern belle that can still get a little ghetto, Here she is.

This list is just a few of the many women I’ve watched to perfect my personas.

Now, when I switch my persona it’s not to completely change who I am but helps me adapt to different environments.

For example: If my SD likes to watch football games from his box then I’m not going to go into my prim and proper mode, I’m going to bring out girl next door me.

Depending on what your daddy likes you’re going to be put in different types of atmosphere and if you’re black than your going to need to adapt. The way to more opportunities is by building your credibility which is usually based on how much people like you. You re like an undercover celebrity lol.

Now if you don’t want to change that’s fine but that’s what’s work for me.

I change up like a Johnny Depp Movie role

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Hope this all was helpful to you ladies.

Much Love T