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okay so I'm a baby lesbian (as in young (16) and gay ) and I've not been able to completely come to terms with my sexuality yet and can I just say that seeing you and your gf being happy and in a relationship and in love etc. really really helps me a lot like.... it's possible and I can maybe do it and be happy and have a gf too and??? Just.. thank you for this

aside from the fact vlogging/comedy has always been a thing her and i participated in prior to even meeting eachother, @toomuchducky and i completely recognize the importance in showing people, lgbt+ or otherwise, that wlw can be happy, that we’re normal, and that we can get happy endings. it’s fucking cheesy i know, but it’s the truth. we have genuine fun doing these dumb videos but a lot of what propels us is knowing how important it is to put this type of stuff out there. ❤

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Have you heard about the svt issues about the rumors spreading that svt said that carats are money makers? I know it's not true... Has pledis heard of this? 😢😢😢😢😭 I'm so sadddd

Hello! As a carat to another carat, let me ask you this: Do you genuinely think Seventeen have ever done anything, anything at all, that would make you think, Hey, I don’t think they’re treating us very well? Because I don’t think that has ever crossed my mind. Which should give you some peace of mind about our boys and their attitude towards carats. 

Seventeen love us a hell lot. They worked hard, to the point of Wonwoo’s health suffering, last year just so they could give us one full length album, a repackaged album, an extended play, an entire tour, went on multiple shows, constantly did vapps, multiple fansigns and concerts. Just for us. They’ve told us time and time again that they always put us first. They’re willing to share their music, talent, time and thoughts with us and they work hard to always show us the best sides of themselves. They’re a group of boys who are crazy passionate about their job, and have prioritised being an idol, loving their fans and being a Seventeen member on top of their personal lives. As idols, they have also been taught how to handle themselves in public, in front of a camera, how to interact with fans, etc. Do you really think they would say something as careless as that? Even if they did think it, which I really highly doubt, they would be smarter than to actually say it aloud. They’ve come this far, it’d be pure stupidity to voice careless thoughts like that (WHICH I DOUBT THEY’D EVER SAY OR THINK). So LOL good one, antis, stop trying to find a fault with Seventeen because I promise you really wouldn’t be able to find anything for now. 

In case you’re still upset, I ask you to remember that one time during their Going Seventeen showcase when Seokmin cried because he was so grateful for Carats’ love. I ask you to remember when during a vapp, they asked us not to believe weird rumours and trust them. I ask you to remember their countless sleepless nights, practicing the same choreography hundreds of times, putting their work before their health. I ask you to remember how much Seventeen love us. So please don’t worry too much! Don’t let baseless accusations ruin the image the boys have built for almost two years of debut. Don’t let negative false rumours shake your faith in Seventeen. 

Pledis has seen the rumours, and they have addressed it here, and a translation of it can be found here. In case you heard dumb rumours about svt throwing fan letters away, please read this. I have no idea what else is circulating, but please please remember how genuine our boys are. Let’s have faith and put our trust in them because so far, they’ve never done anything to disappoint us or break our trust. 

I hope you feel better after reading this ♡

we finally finished regular show tonight and i lost my shit…. the series finale was so heartfelt and really brought the whole show together, reaching all the way back to its origins. i cried so much watching it, and i cried after it was done too. beautifully done final episode of a series that had surprising growth in its writing and its clear by the end how much everybody working on it cared about these characters theyve been with for the past 7 years.

Who I wished was my irl squad

Not really a follow forever, it’s the people I love, admire and will probably never unfollow. It’s mostly people I talk to or just really enjoy seeing them on my dash and activity, if you’re not on here, I love you too, I’m probably going to forget a lot of people. please don’t be mad at me, I just felt like showing some love :) 

Alright so first the wifey @bostonianrhapsody and the child @darthsaader, love you fam ;)

The coolest people on the block :

@mttymrts @mchmrnr @magic-box-of-fucks-i-dont-give @jordanstaalsmugshot @crazedcanadian @depechemaude @landeskogs @justdrinkyourdiet-soda @lifeishopeful @ladysstardust @letangier @sidnezcrosby @captain-crosby @ancient-amber95 @xavierdodolan @bostongirlatheart @the-reading-chronicles @pinkyhuxy @savedbyprice @carey-price-31 @carey-price-31 @habsroom @stupendousbadasses @ryanmcdnagh @somethingnerdythiswaycomes @highstik @idem-a-vous @staalsie @stlouisramz @steveyzermans @aliceinhabsland @confusedhockey @lancebouma @ironic-memes @like-in-tonights-sky @kylorenedict @anthonyvincentrizzo @plduboiz @crosbeast @viktorkruhm @violadavisoscar @e-nomine-grinchus @hockeyismyreligon @wheelofdawn @pksuburban @jakegardiner @a-bgally @gallylove @sweetforsid @habbygleek @allstarrnicky @voguemonkey @dayumpens @demdimpleskhudobin @bournivals @adamsparirsh @morkov

Love you all! xx

Uhm hello, guys, you probably know how much I love classic literature, I’m sure it’s conspicuous since I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut about it. I get so excited when I see graphics related to it, but they are so rare, it saddens me a lot. Classic literature deserves some love. So let’s show it some!

  •  From now on I’ll be tracking #classiclitedit, and you should do too, if you like classics.
  •  Whenever you post a classic lit graphic, please use this tag, as it will help you get more notes (I will definitely reblog it)
  •  It can be anything really, as long as it’s considered a classic.

These graphics will one of these days appear on a blog especially dedicated to them, I am still working on it but I will let you know when it’s ready, so hang in there. It’s totally happening!

Don’t forget to use the tag #classiclitedit and feel free to track it, if it strikes your fancy.

That’s all for now, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop me an ask/a message.

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Hey what can you tell me about Green Day's show? I'm taking my sister for her first concert ever to Green Day tomorrow and we were blessed to get floor seats, so I want to k ow what to expect! Love your blog so much, it's great!!

Ooh, you’re in for the greatest night of your lives!😍 Every other concert your sister goes to will pale in comparison, I guarantee you that.

The shows are always about 2 ½ - 3 hours long, the light & pyro effects on this tour are A+ and you can expect a lot of crowd participation - he will try to involve everyone in the show, meaning people in the stands and not just people on the floor. Occasionally Billie Joe will pull fans on stage to play the guitar or sing and crowdsurf, he will talk about love or something political (most of the time it’s Trump now) or other things that bother him, and make lots and lots of eye contact with people. It’s just full of energy, lots of moshing, lots of singing and yelling ♥ There will be no break, meaning they won’t leave the stage like some other artists in the middle of the set, but if you ask me, King For A Day makes up for it because they all just kind of do stupid shit and lie around on the stage 😂

(And thank you!! 💓)

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Hi. I uh found that AU of Dirk loosing his memory you posted and was wondering if... maybe I could write it? I have been aching to write and that outline has so many ideas going through my head...

ya go ahead, im p much okay with any random idea i’ve thrown/drawn on this blog being expanded on by others, provided the only rule be u gotta show it to me after because i wanna see

a lot of times my ideas are like. fics i would want to read/comics i would want to draw if i had even a spare second of free time so


Before you watch this video, please know that this means a lot to me and that I would normally never post something like this. It’s very personal and for someone special, for someone that I admire and adore endlessly. This is not professional at all, it’s just me and my ukulele.

@lunaisbandtrash this is for you daisy. I told you that I wanted to show you a song which I’ve learned to play on my ukulele and here is it. It’s probably silly and I know that I’m not the best at playing the ukulele and I also can’t really sing great but I thought I could show you how much you mean to me with playing this song for you.

You are the most beautiful flower, the kindest person I know and the reason for my happiness. I adore you with all of my heart and I hope you like this.
I love you Luna and when I sing that I can’t help falling in love with you I’m just being honest. Because it’s true, I genuinely can’t help but fall in love with you. You’re the best and I hope this is not too much or too awkward.

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Hello, how are you today?

hiiii i’m doing well!!!! quite tired because i had a very late night but it was so much fun!!!!!!!! i went to an actual real life drag show and my mind was blown :0 so much talent and beauty i was so overwhelmed… and then my roommate and i had a lot of fun just hopping around a few queer clubs and i had such a good time omg.. i’m still getting used to the fact that i can just do that in this city bc i’ve never had the option of such inclusive spaces before and it makes me feel so alive and fully myself in a way that i’ve never really experienced aiejroaierjoaer. anyway now i’m just camped out in a cafe trying to get some writing done but rly just procrastinating on here and by reading about quantum computing of all things ,, what else is new. i’m trying to think more proactively about like, life and the future and my mental health and how to do things that are fulfilling but not too draining on my spirit i guess?? i have a lot of big life changes on the horizon and that always scares me on a fundamental level

….. sorry you literally did not ask for a mini journal entry hahahah but i always find it sweet when you guys ask how i’m doing. i hope you’re having a beautiful day and that your weekend has been relaxing and fun xxxx 

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once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and then send it to ten of your favourite followers wooo positivityyy (also ur theme is so aesthetic woow)

hi alright 5 things about myself!

1. i watch so many tv shows (psa: pls talk to me about ur fav tv shows i will love u forever)

2. i love coffee & i drink it everyday 

3. i love makeup & i’m slowly getting into fashion

4. i listen to a lot of different genres of music that i don’t even know what my music taste is anymore tbh

5. i play volleyball wooOo

Riverdale Appreciation Week (and a half)

Day 7: Friendship
The full RAW list can be found here!

I choose Betty and Kevin for my friendship!

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 I think this show has a lot of amazing friendships and I really enjoy the dynamics between pretty much everyone, but I choose Betty and Kevin because I think they have such a solid, drama free, supportive friendship. The show has been highlighting Kevin’s friendship with Veronica recently (Which I am all here for) but I really love his friendship with Betty. It seems like such an easy friendship to me. It’s obvious they have been friends for a while and they really care for and love one another.

So…here’s a little Kevin and Betty drabble.

Originally posted by kevinkeller

Betty didn’t look up as her bedroom door opened. She assumed it was her mom coming to either put away her laundry or checking up on her. Whatever the reason, she didn’t even acknowledge her presence. It was her own private way of fighting back. Her mom could lock her in her room for as long as she wanted, but she couldn’t get Betty to talk.

Alice Cooper had figured out that Betty knew where Polly was staying and was punishing Betty for not telling her mom where she was. Betty knew that her mom would figure out that Polly was at the Lodge’s, but she wanted to give her sister as much space and time away from her mom as possible.

Betty yelled in surprise when someone jumped on her bed, half on top of her. She turned in surprise to see Kevin’s smiling face right next to hers.

“Kevin! You startled me. I thought you were my mom.”

“Well that explains the silent greeting.” Kevin rolled off of her and sat up. Betty followed suit and gave her friend a smile.

“How’d you get in here?” Betty asked. “My mom has me on lockdown”

“Honey, I’m the sheriff’s son. That opens a lot of doors.” Kevin said smugly and Betty gave him an unconvinced look.

“You’re dad isn’t exactly in my mom’s favor right now.” Betty said, thinking of how his dad was with the Blossom’s in the woods looking for Polly.

“Well, your mom is still at work and I told your dad I am here for a school project.” Kevin admitted. Betty reached over and pushed his shoulder.

“You liar!”

“Hey, I wouldn’t be complaining. I am here to save you from complete and total boredom!”

“You’re right. Thank you. It would’ve been a really long Saturday without you.” Betty said

“How are you doing?” Kevin’s grin faded and he regarded her seriously.

“I’m fine” Betty shrugged noncommittally

“Betty…” Kevin wasn’t believing that for a second. “Look, we haven’t really had a chance to talk about everything that has happened, it’s all been happening so fast.”

“It has…I just, I don’t really know what to think about everything.” Betty sighed and looked at her friend. “Everything has changed. I don’t know who my parents are anymore, my sister is pregnant with her dead boyfriend’s baby, Jason was tortured and murdered by god know’s who, and our friends, everything feels different with them, like everything has shifted. I think you Kevin, are the only thing in my life that has stayed constant.” Betty took Kevin’s hand and squeezed. Kevin smiled and squeezed her hand back.

“And that’s not going to change anytime soon. I’ll always be here for you Bets, you know that. And I know everything’s changing, but it’s not all bad right? Veronica is new, but she’s a change for the better.”

“Yes, she is. I’m glad that she entered all of our lives.” Betty agreed

“And Jughead…” Kevin trailed off, wagging his eyebrows at her which made Betty laugh.

“Yes, he’s definitely a change for the better as well.”

“You know that I was very pro Archie, but I have to admit, after seeing how you and Jughead are together, I think that you two are a better fit.” Kevin said seriously

“I agree. I think Archie and I are better off as friends. And Jughead…he just understands me in a way that I don’t think Archie ever could.”

“See? Everything may be all new and upside down and confusing, but it’s not all bad right? Plus you’re going to be an aunt. That’s pretty exciting!”

“Yes it is. I just wish my parents shared in the excitement.” Betty couldn’t wait to meet her niece or nephew. The thought of the adorable little baby made her extremely happy, but it also brought a sick feeling to her stomach when she thought about how her parents didn’t want Polly to keep the baby and how the Blossoms wanted to steal the baby.

“We’ll figure it out, I promise Betty” Kevin tried to reassure her.

“Thanks Kev” Betty said. Although nothing had changed in her life, since talking about it with Kevin, Betty did feel better. He was right, everything wasn’t all bad, she had a lot of good things going for her. She was incredibly lucky to have such amazing friends who stood by her and supported her and were willing to do anything to help her. She was grateful for the boy in front of her. He was her solid, unchanging rock. Betty knew that no matter what happened, she would always have Kevin to rely on.

“Alright, enough serious stuff. Tell me all of the details”

“Details about what?” Betty asked, confused at the sudden change in topic.

“Tall, dark, and mysterious. Come on, I want all of the details about how that happened.”

“Okay” Betty laughed, finally catching on. “Well, it was after we went to see Polly…” Betty proceeded to tell Kevin every little detail about her and Jughead. For a little while, Betty forgot about her worries. For a little while, it was like she was just a normal teenager telling her best friend about the boy she liked. And for that, Betty was thankful for.

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Confession: unless someone says something specific to me, I usually don’t reblog introduction posts

Which makes me feel like a snob okay I know it’s probably bratty, but I just really appreciate my loyal followers who I feel like are my friends and supporters and whose URLs show up time and again in my activity or inbox or tinychat

So i know that that quality of relationship is out there on Tumblr and if someone just @’s my name with a bunch of other URLs I’m not as compelled by it ya know but that’s taking a lot of things for granted which I don’t want to do

But I’m gonna try and be better about checking my tag in general and being dedicated to reblogging all of the posts there

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HOW DO YOU MANAGE YOUR CC? I'm so bad and handling wcifs because I have sooo much cc. Tell me your dark ways.

I have this bad boi downloaded!! It’ll show you all the items on your sims and if you right click on an items name it’ll give you a “find on google” option, so it makes it a lot easier. I think I saw a post a week ago about an easier way but I… let it get lost in my like 23k likes so yikes

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It is literally one of my favorite things that Loki in RTC has taken to calling Wanda "witchling." (This is the only comment I can make so far about the water is getting colder because too many parts of my brain are still screaming. If someone asked me what my favorite type of fic was, I would show them this one)

:D :D

I’m glad you liked it! For some reason I was weirdly insecure about this one (as though I am not weirdly insecure about everything I write, but, you know, it’s a matter of degree). But it was a very self indulgent thing and therefore a lot of fun.

It’s funny - I was thinking about it and other than the way Loki sometimes calls Steve “Captain”, Wanda being “witchling” is the only nickname Loki has for anyone.

It’s true that I have “hawkling” as a thing Loki called Clint back when Clint was under his control, but that nickname is pretty much Off Limits now and had a very different valence from “witchling” anyway.

Given their first meeting it is probably kind of funny that Loki has ended up as fond of Wanda as he has (and a little bit protective, even though he’s aware that she’s quite probably stronger than he is when it comes to magic). But then again, if I think about it, Loki tried to kill Bucky when they first met, and he was trying to conquer Earth when he and Steve first met, so…maybe not that weird.

Of all of Loki’s weird friends Sam is probably the only one he didn’t meet as an enemy first.


Awwww you look so nice in your baseball stuff. And when you tell me gossip at a baseball game. And when we show off in geography, in our own unspoken competition.
Maybe there really is something between us, like my friends say. And maybe we’ll talk a lot more as baseball really starts and we watch our brothers play and go to banquets and I watch you. And we can hang out on the end of year trip and go on roller coasters and eat ice cream and nachos and sip Pepsi and laugh.
And maybe we can get together. Like, really together. Like, dating together. And everyone can know, or no one can know. As long as we know.
So I guess I’ll see you at school?


I also met the lovely Lauren Cohan. I was more intimidated talking to her, she has such beauty and grace and I went a little blank. She loved my makeup and cosplay and couldn’t believe I did it myself. When I showed her what I wanted to sign and what I wanted her to say, she just paused and stared. She told me that my choice gave her chills and she is so happy that I put so much thought into this. She flipped through my book (I like to note things) and was so happy that I’m such a dedicated fan and that I’m awesome. Yeah, I’m sure she says that a lot but that doesn’t mean that still made me want to pass out!