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PROOF Yoonseok is the real vocal line. 


Ricky Whittle talks about a possible black batman while at San Diego Comic Con in San Diego [x]


@ruki-32​ always inspires me to draw jaspidot whenever they post it AAAAAAA so here are some doodles from today



Lance couldn’t stop the tears from falling down his cheeks.
He hadn’t meant to mess up so bad in training, it’s just he hadn’t slept thanks to being kept up with nightmares of getting back to Earth and his family are long dead.
He had failed at even the simplest exercises and Allura had tried to be patient but even she had her limit and snapped at him.
Lance had managed to hold off crying until they were dismissed and he shut himself off in his room.
It hurt to be so useless, he could mess up and someone could die.
“Lance buddy?” Hunk knocked on the door “you missed dinner, is everything ok?”
Lance felt panic rise in his chest “I’m f-fine!” He said too quickly.
There was silence for a moment “that’s it I’m coming in” Hunk didn’t wait for Lance’s response and instead slid open the door.
One look at Lance’s tears stained cheeks and red eyes were enough for Hunk.
He pulled Lance onto his lap and wrapped his strong arms around him.
Lance melted into his touch hesitating for a moment before the flood gates opened.
He began to sob while Hunk ran his fingers through his hair whispering quiet words of comfort
An hour later Lance had calmed down and was fast asleep on Hunk.
Hunk kissed the top of Lance’s head “I love you buddy.”
Lance smiled in his sleep cuddling closer “love you too.”


okay but the ending to the @bmc-switched-au would be really nice??

Can we take a moment...

And think about how amazing Nicole Haught is? Really, this girl can notice when her girlfriend tastes different due to demonic possession. What’s even more amazing than that, though, is that she doesn’t tell Waverly that she tastes like ‘her Waverly again’ until 2x06. After the demon has been excised from her and it’s been at least 24 hours since Waverly barfed it up.

Which means that when Nicole kissed Waverly after she threw up her demonic roommate, Nicole got a taste of aaaalllll that.

And chose not to mention it.

Because she didn’t give a flying fuck that her girlfriend’s mouth tasted like the remains of demonic vomit.

Relationship goals, right there.

Favorite Female Characters in TV

So @not-she-which-burns-in-it tagged me in this and I am sick and dying so why the hell not. So here we go, in no particular order:

1. Charlie Bradbury

2. Maggie Sawyer 

3. Lena Luthor 

4. Emma Swan 

5. Jessica Jones 

6. Daisy “Skye” Johnson 

7. Melinda May 

8. Peggy Carter 

9. April Ludgate 

10. Willow Rosenberg 

11. Kimmy Schmitt 

12. Rory Gilmore 

13. Mabel Pines 

14. Wendy Corduroy 

15. Morgana Pendragon 

16. Rose Tyler 

17. Zoë Washburne

18. Kaylee Frye 

Before you say anything yes Katie McGrath is in here twice fight me. 

I’m gonna tag @your-random-friend, @ohdaae and @sempiternis

i cannot believe…that I got up at the crack of dawn for this boy.

I exercised for this boy. 

I pushed my body to the limit for this boy. 

I chose a salad over a meat-lovers pizza for this boy. 

I attended a sport event to support this boy.

I jumped off a waterfall for this boy.

And he has the nerve. the audacity. to share a sleeping bag with me, confesses that he has romantic feelings for me, sleeps with me, and then gives me this shit:

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girlronanlynch  asked:

okay i've talked about it before but. ronan straight up picking gansey up and carrying him places. like in a football hold or over the shoulder or princess hold really there are endless possibilities! anyway gansey is moping and ronan's like ok fuck this so he picks gansey up (gansey's like ronan noooo i'm Sulking leave me be) and takes him outside, where blue and noah and adam and henry are all waiting for them with stuff for a picnic. the end

ronan “no words, just right” lynch cheering gansey up by just. lugging him around is The Best Thing??? 

gansey: )^:
ronan: scoops
gansey: “ronan n lynch. put me down.”
ronan: holds
gansey:  |^:
ronan: holds
gansey: …….. c^:

and like. don’t get me started on a gROUP PICNIC….. gansey’s got the bad vibes but everyone comes over with snacks and pizza (with fucking. avocado on it just how he likes it, that loser) and they sit in the sun in the grass out front of monmouth and they do not leave until gansey is Fed and Hydrated and Vitamin D’d and Sufficiently Reminded that he is very loved….