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ok so im genuinely curious - who's your favourite fictional character from the books you've read? you can choose more than one 📚

there are so fuckgin many uGHHH

  • nico and percy jackson (percy jackson series / heroes of olympus)
  • neil, andrew, matt, wymack (all for the game trilogy)
  • EVERY character from the raven cycle series
  • rhy, kell, lila, alucard, holland (a darker shade of magic)
  • aedion and lysandara (throne of glass)
  • kaz, jasper, inej, wylan (six of crows)
  • the darkling (grisha trilogy)
  • damon and laurent (captive prince)
  • daemon black (obsidian)
  • simon and baz (carry on)
  • katniss and finnick (the hunger games)

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I LOVE that Victuuri sketch/WIP you posted a few days ago, did you finish it?

Indeed I did.

Now to kick myself in the face for all of eternity for deciding on an art style with so much shading and detail. Fun.


How to propagate succulents from leaves

Part 3/3 - planting young props

After they have developed roots and little plants, it’s time to pot them up…

I use a mix of 50% cactus mix and 50% volcanic gravel in wide shallow pots. When planting, I lay them at the edge of the pot so the parent leaf doesn’t touch the soil, and only the roots are touching their soil. They will work their way into the soil on their own :)

Usually I wait a day at least before watering newly planted props… it pays to be careful and only water the roots, and not let any water get on the parent leaf as they are prone to rot in the high humidity environment that young plants can thrive in.

Parent leaves will wither or rot on their own, there’s no real need to separate the babies forcefully. Sometimes they rot when the baby is only a few leaves big, but I’ve found that it’s ok to just leave them in mass prop pots and they might still grow, if very slowly.

Watering should be done more often than with adult succulents - don’t let the soil get bone dry, but don’t let it be soggy either. Constantly moist is good, with occasional deep waterings and opportunities to dry out a little more (let the top inch of soil dry out but not the whole pot).

Light should be bright shade-partial sun, no harsh direct noon sun but a few hours of morning/afternoon sun should be ok.

Different succulents grow at different speeds, some kalanchoes, graptopetalums and sedums can be fully grown in a matter of months, but most echeveria and others grow much more slowly ! I tend to separate the aforementioned three from the rest of the props, as they suck up water and grow roots very aggressively, crowding out the slower-growing plants.

That’s about it for how I propagate succulents with leaves ! Didn’t expect it to take so many posts, but I hope this helps :)

Be patient , good luck, and have fun growing your own lovely little forest of baby plants 🌱

live action dc comic movies: good & classic characters brought down by horrible writing, looks good but too many plot holes, some actors were bad choices for the characters, okay at first but starts to not make any sense when u drive home and think about it

lego batman movie: god tier, beautiful, outstanding, spectacular, funny and has the campiness of the 60s batman tv show but still has an overarching serious tone that batman should have, amazing and animated well, simply beautiful


Happy Valetines Day!!!

(tags are in order with the comic. so read the right paragraph!)

@herrmann thank you for being such a great friend to me! And honestly you were the first friend i ever made on tumblr. Your art is and always will be amazing. And i know you’ll improve and gain more followers! Thank you for encouraging me and talking to me. I hope you know how much i care and adore you. I hope you enjoy your day.

@outertaletrash oh my gosh sis. You have been here for me for so long. Your blog popped up and was my favorite Frans blog i ever found. Your art style is so cool and cute. I love how we both love Undertale. And who knew you were gonna be one of my best friends? You are so dear to me, don’t ever forget how much i love you. Thank you for being with this nugget(me) every day. XD I hope you have a joyful day.

@burebu-luxiu hey buddy! Thanks for talking with me and being there when im bored. XD You are a great friend and your art is just amazing. I know you love drawing and your so passionate for it. I know your gonna get better and better, buddy. Hope you know when we have our little chats, i feel better knowing your there and talking to me. Not everyone is willing to chat with me. Hope you know i care about you! Have a wonderful day.

@sanspar you are just a funny bean. You know that? You make some of the best art out there. I may not know you personally, but i know your a wonderful person. And that you always try your hardest. Thank you for posting tons of awesome art and entertaining many of us. You always make our day. If your feeling down or needing of a break, you don’t always need to post. We know you have a life, and want some free time. I hope you know we all love and care for you as a person. And not just a artist. I am hoping you will be happy always, and that you still love Undertale. XD I really hope your day will be well.

@glitteryandpeachy you are so cute and kind! Your art is so cute and well drawn! Oh my gosh I don’t think i’ll ever be that good! XD No seriously though, your so talented and special. You seem so kind to us, your followers, and I’m happy I got to know your blog. We may not really know each other. But can i say I still love you?( not romantically, don’t worry) Your so sweet, and all you drew so far is a masterpiece. I hope you know you make me and others happy to see your art. X3 May your day is filled with joy.

@nekophy YOU. Are by far the most joyful blog i have ever seen. Your always saying something kind about someone else’s work. You really make people’s day. And I gotta say, we all love your little Goth. How did you come up with such a cute little bean? I’m sure you know how amazing you are. And if you don’t. Please know that there are so many who love you and your work. May you have a lovely day.

@sichounlee aka Daystream, wassup bro. You are such a great addition to my life. Thanks for chatting with me for the longest of times. XD I know you go through hard times and all. But please know there are people who love and care for you. I hope you see this, and remember all the good times you ever had. Hope you have a fantastic day bro.

@owosa you are such a great artist. Your cute art style and comics are beyond what i can do. I love all the wonderful art you draw, and hope you know others do as well. You are a great inspiration, and I hope I’ll get to your level of skill one day. And I love that you stream! It’s always fun to watch you and others draw. X3 You make sure you know people love ya, ok? Remember that. May you have a glorious day Senpai.

@imjustalazycat you have also been an amazing friend. When I first started chatting with you, it was fun getting to know you. XD I still do now of course. Also all the artwork you draw is simply amazing! I don’t know how you get all that shading done in black and white. XP The story is really interesting as well. You got so many people hooked into your work. Man, with all the work you did, you deserve so much happiness and love. Hope I don’t bother you while you sleep.(lol the picture above) Also, remember we love you and your work! Stay determined, and make sure to be happy! The chats we had are really fun, and hope we can have more. I wish you a wonderful day buddy!

@cursetale hey there! Your work is just simply splendid! The au’s you made are also really cool! I know we don’t know each other, but i wish you an amazing life. You work so hard, and draw so wonderfully. How do you have the time to do it? Well no matter how you do it, your skills say you are talented. I hope you know that you bring joy and laughter to us, your followers and friends, with your work. By the way, making sure to say this I love all that you do. (also i drew Dre, because i don’t know what your sona is. ;-;) Have a fabulous day!

@alldrawnup wow. You draw amazingly well. I can’t describe how good you are at it. You draw digitally and on paper. It goes beyond anything I could ever do. Just letting you know, your loved and cared for by your friends, family and your followers( cough and me cough) Lol I am one of your followers. Also I’m excited for my key chain! How did you do it!? It looks so well drawn! I’m glad I was introduced to your blog. I hope your day turns out great!

@willowpower123 eyyyyyy, hey wassup friend? You are a great friend to have, Cat. I hope you know that you make me happy talking to you. And giving me info on your life and day and etc…(she my irl friend) Also for giving me info on the best thing I’ve encountered…                                                                          UNDERTALE!!! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to see so many talented artists! Thank you so much for being an awesome friend, and giving me a new reason to live. lol Hope your day is swell, buddy.

@heavenfell-au and @huntertale-au you two are the one of the cutest couples out there~ Both your artwork and stories are amazing. Hunter, I know yours is still coming along, but I love it so far already. <3 And Heavenfell, “Their Wings” MMM!!! Such a great story! All the grammar and story are just simply amazing! Every chapter is very interesting! And man, you two are just two stars from the same sky. I love all the talk you two post of each other. Brings a blush and giggle out of me. Actually you both make me giggle, some of the posts you guys do are just simply hilarious! Make sure you guys remember you are loved and cared for. We wish you two a happy life, and blessed time together. Hope you two are having a wonderful day, and stay DETERMINED!!!

@hiimtryingtounderfell you are one of the first artists i have encountered. Honestly, I first saw your comic on Youtube. And I was so, as you say, surprised. Amazed, you got so much done. And it all looked so well drawn. The story was very interesting, and I wanted to see who made it. Your very talented, and determined to be doing such a long comic. I really hope Undertale stays in your heart. And if not, remember you got someone else’s heart. <3 Lol the pink ones I threw at you. X3( in the picture above) Remember you are very special and that people love you. May you have a very edgy day! >:3 kidding. Have a bright and happy day, Senpai.

@blogthegreatrouge Now…. YOU. Because of you I got tumblr. I was just so into your blog, and it was all very interesting! To know so many fandoms, introduced to many new blogs and your art style. YASS!!! Your art style is very fine indeed! Even the small sketches you do are far better than my shaded in canvas trash. Make sure you know you are loved. And know you were my first tumblr inspiration. Everyone and I love your work and your humor. May you have a great day.

There are many other Senpai’s I really do admire. But i just don’t have the time to draw you all…                                                                                                    IMMA TAG YOU ALL ANYWAYS!!! NYEHEHEHEH!!!!

@min-play @swpo3 @alcorner @maybear2003 @caribun @yugogeer12 @ybmiyuki @ania-da-peasant @zombie-frisk @friisans @mudkipful @macotea @majikokoko @eachiwaii @crossxdream @underlineau @kuwacha @zarla-s @buttercupsticksntricks @suisan @walkingmelonsaaa @v0idless @undertalebrokenhome @dayuh @nyublackneko @jaquesart


Also to all my followers! Thank you for being there for me! Without you, I probably would have given up! Make sure to know I love you all! And that you give me so much to do. Also shout out to @zoulubu who gave me the kindest words I heard from any of my other followers. Thanks to you buddy! May you all have a wonderful and magical day!!!


someone asked about my process, so here’s how that last Cullen came to be. when i’m working in SAI, i work on one layer, and when i hit a point where i think it’s hanging together ok, i copy the layer and continue working, so that if i flub it up completely i can revert back to a previous layer copy instead of scrambling to fix it, which… as many of us know, can be a headache.

anyway, once things are almost done i usually do an extra layer for shading, another for colour tweaks, and another for bg or w/e? i keep beards and stubble on an additional layer too, in case i change my mind. 

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Would you ever consider putting up a tutorial of how you color your artworks? No pressure, I just really like how you color things and wanted to know your process.

yes!! ok!! i’ve done so in the past but.. i didn’t tag it i think so i forget where the post is. i’ll do one for an artwork i just posted! 

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ok but brown eyes are actually so lovely?? like there are so many different shades and depths to the color brown and it’s such a huge spectrum and just the way the light reflects off ur irises is so nice for example:

and maybe u have super rich brown eyes that look like melted chocolate:

or maybe u have eyes the color of the deserts and sand dunes from the books u read when u were young:

or the same flaming orange as a sunset or the sunflowers from ur neighbor’s garden:

and maybe u have eyes that look almost yellow, like sunshine, a little burst of bright happiness on a cloudy day:

and maybe ur eyes are so dark they’re almost black, so deep that people get lost inside and write poems all about how ur eyes drank their soul down like water:

or maybe u have hazel eyes with all different colors and ur worried that makes u weird or strange-looking, but actually it just makes u that much more beautiful because ur eye color is all ur own:

in conclusion: ur eyes are so beautiful and perfect little galaxies made just for u, please appreciate them.

FIC RECS: english major nursey as written by english majors

aka my favorite poetic works for our favorite pretentious d-man (and dex, and their relationship) brought to you by an english minor who sighs about not having the time to make it her third major

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ok ok so @richardgoranski posted abt kleinsen with colton as evan and i wanted to try drawing it

i don’t know if it looks like him or if it looks too much like ben but?? i tried,, it definitely looks different from the way i draw ben though so 

also people should draw jared in this outfit more smh

(ignore how sloppy this is ugh i know there’s so many screwups and i was planning on shading it but that is Not happening tonight)

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i recently read a ff where jk is famous and jm is a fan and last night i was thinking about how cute it would also be if it was the other way around (jk going to a fanmeeting and being nervous and shy when he meets jm and jm being really cute and nice to him) and i kinda need you to write about this please

“You’re going to chew your fingers off at this rate.” Seokjin says in amusement as Jungkook keeps nibbling on his finger nails.

“H-How can I not?” Jungkook says as his hands go down to play with his camera, “I’m going to see Jimin Hyung…”

Jungkook blushes as he imagines finally seeing Park Jimin, Angel voice and amazing dance fairy in person. Jungkook was living in American during Jimin’s debut and Jungkook cries over the miss opportunity to see him. Now 2 years later Jungkook is sitting in a fan meeting with waiting to see Park Jimin.

“You’re so cute.” Seokjin, his cousin, coos and pats his head. Jungkook pouts at him and before he can reapond the lights flicker and Jimin suddenly appears on stage. Jungkook gasps as he freezes. How can a human be so beautiful?

“Morning everyone!” Jimin says with a smile, “did you all wait long?”

“No!” Jungkook and the crowd reapond’s. Seokjin chuckles at how enchanted Jungkook is with Jimin. The elder sneaks Jungkook’s camera away so he can take pictures for his cousin.

The fan meeting goes smoothly for the most part. Jimin is charming and makes everyone laugh. Soon the high touch starts and Jungkook feels himself sweating.

“Go on.” Seokjin says handing Jungkook Jimin’s album to get sign. “Tell him how much you love him.” Jungkook blushes as he moves away from Seokjin who laughs. Jungkook soon finds himself next in line to see Jimin.

Again, how is someone so beautiful!?

Jungkook is shaking when he gets on his knees in front of the table Jimin is sitting at. Jimin smiles fondly at him and Jungkook swallows painfully.

“Hello, you’re new.” Jimin says softly as he takes Jungkook’s album and Jungkook freezes when Jimin’s soft fingers brush against his. “W hats your name?”

“Jeon…Jungkook.” Jungkook whispers as his cheeks go bright red. Jimin smile brightens as his pen touches the album page.

“Cutie Jeon Jungkook.” Jimin sighs happily as he signs the page before handing it back to Jungkook. “Come visit me again ok cutie?”

Jungkook eyes widen as his mind goes blank. Jimin looks heavenly in the lighting and voice is like velvet and he is calling him a cutie and so many emotions are going through him and Jimin is smiling at him and he just can’t!

“I love you!” Jungkook declares before he can stop it. Jimin looks a little shock by the sudden outburst before he starts giggling cutely. Jungkook face darkens to the shade of a lipstick while Jimin can’t stop giggling.

“Seriously, you’re way to cute.” Jimin leans forward as he pets Jungkook’s hair. “Come and confess to me again, ok?” Jungkook nods dumbly before staff shoos him away.

Jungkook hugs his album to his chest as he goes back to his seat. Jungkook watches as Jimin entertains other fans as his mind trys realize what happen. Seokjin takes pictures of his cousin who looks dumbfounded.

Jimin announces that the fan meeting is over 15 minutes later but doesn’t leave with out shooting Jungkook a wink. Jungkook blushes and Seokjin pats his back while laughing.

I’ll Never Forget Him

Summary: When Dan slips and tells the entirety of the internet a secret about Phil, he tries desperately to cover it up. He just doesn’t try hard enough.

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None 

Word Count: 1,271

A/N: I really hope you guys enjoy this one. I’ve spent over three months crafting it to make sure that the whole thing is perfect. This really means a lot to me so please enjoy yes yes.

Hello crafties!

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Regular Anomalies

Read the first 8 chapters here 


Danny didn’t know how to feel about all the strange looks Perdu kept giving him.

He didn’t know how to feel about a lot of things.

Danny heard so many stories and possibilities of the Ghost Zone. None of them were even close to the truth.

The green was in so many shades, mixed with backlashes of purple. Things drifted without explanation or reason. But it was really the feel, a buzz of strange energy that got him. The wildness of the forgotten, whispers of the old and ancient. It was both overwhelming and enthralling.

He huddled closer to Phantom, who held him bridal style, with eyes wide and held on tight. The only person keeping him adrift and from falling to the void that ends in god-knows-where.

Phantom re-adjusted his grip and gave Danny a concerned look “Um… are you ok?”

Danny kept his eyes on the ghost zone “Doesn’t it…  doesn’t it bother you?” Didn’t Phantom feel it? Phantom was a ghost, after all. Wasn’t this his home?

Phantom looked back at the Ghost Zone “Well, to be honest it is kinda creepy. But, I mean, I could get used to this.” a beat “Does anyone know which way we’re supposed to be going?”

Everyone slowed to a stop.

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I LIVE FOR THAT LISA VLOGGER/BEAUTY GURU HC BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT I'VE ALSO ALWAYS THOUGHT OF HER. she's so pretty and funny she'd literally bang and have TONS of followers and subscribers and fans. And once in a while she'd drag Cisco into it. "this is a bf does my make up tag" "but... I'm not ur bf" "technicalities." also sometimes when Lisa live vlogs, her fans ask where her attractive brother is and she's always like, *eyeroll* "he's not THAT attractive. LENNY COME HERE."

OK OK BUT CISCO WOULD HE KILLER AT DOING LISA’S MAKEUP TOO sorry I had 2 say that when I read that, ALSO leonard probably does her makeup for a video once too and it gets SO many views, but he only does shades of blue bc he’s a dramatic icy fuck ass

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idk if you know Billy hyugh ( @oraltwjnk on twitter ) but he cute af , anyway can you do a angsty hc of jimins stylist noticing how interested he is in make up and asking him if she can do a full face for him and jungkooks reaction would be like omgg i wanna bone you like right now and just throws him over his shoulder !!! angsty but happy ending please

+ Jimin thinks makeup is magical. They can turn someone so bland and make them into someone beautiful.

+ Jimin frowns as he wipes off the stage makeup, staring at himself in the mirror. He isn’t beautiful BTS Jimin who steals hearts anymore, he is back to regular ugly Park Jimin who won’t even make a puppy look his way.

+ It’s no secret that Jimin has confidence issues, it hurts really. Jimin wishes he could wear the makeup forever, be beautiful forever.

+ Jimin heads straight for bed after wiping off his face. The sooner he sleeps the sooner he can be back in the make up chair to be beautiful.

+ Jimin sits in the make up chair and eyes the different make up tools laying about. So many shades of color and he doesn’t know wha to use, but his stylist does.

+ She knows how to make him beautiful.

+ “Do you want to learn Jimin?” She asks suddenly, surprising Jimin. She smiles sweetly at him. “I’ve notice your eyes glowing when you look at the make up so figured you may want to learn.” Jimin smiles back.

+ “Please show me.” “Ok, how about a full face?”

+ Jimin loves make up, it makes him beautiful and it also gets Jungkook’s attention. The maknae stares in awe and lust when ever he has make up on. Jungkook makes his way to Jimin who is looking at himself in the mirror.

+ “Hyung, let’s go somewhere private.” Jungkook whispers as he grabs Jimin by the wrist and Jimin follows with no struggle. As Jungkook fucks him against the wall in a empty room, JImin wonders if Jungkook would date him if he look this beautiful all the time? He is sure Jungkook would cause he wants Jimin only when he is beautiful.

+ Jimin learns how to apply make up with their stylist. Jimin feels Jungkook’s eyes on him all the time now as Jimin feels even more beautiful. Jimin wears makeup during practice, he wears makeup out to eat, he wears make up while visiting his brother. He wears it all the time. He never has to see ugly bland Jimin anymore.

+ Jimin misses the frown on Jungkook’s face when Jimin darkens his eye liner.

+ One night the dorm was empty except for Jimin and Jungkook. It didn’t take very long till they were all over each other in Jungkook’s bedroom. They were making out intensely while removing each others cloths. Jungkook’s hand come up to cup Jimin’s cheeks but Jimin pushes his hand away.

+ “D-don’t. I don’t want you to smear my make up.” Jungkook frowns as he gives is Hyung a curious look. “We’re about to have sex, it’s going to smear. If you’re so worried about it then let’s remove it real fast.” “NO! No we can’t do that!” Jungkook pauses as Jimin looks horrified.

+ “Why not?” “Because….” Jimin goes quite as Jungkook catches the change in mood. Jungkook slowly rubs Jimin’s thigh as to coax Jimin to tell him what’s wrong. “Because?” “….because if I take it off I won’t be…. beautiful… anymore… to you…”  they fall silent before Jungkook sits back.

+ “What are you talking about? You’ve always been beautiful to me.” “That’s a lie!” Jimin snaps angrily as his eyes water making Jungkook jump, “you only seek me out when I wear makeup! We only have had sex when I am wearing makeup! With out make up you don’t look my way at all! We don’t have sex! I’m invisible to you when I am not wearing make up! I’m ugly! So ugly you won’t date me! But wearing make up-” “Stop it right now!” Jungkook snaps making Jimin stop. Jungkook looks upset as he shakes his head.

+ “Hyung… you’re beautiful in either face.” Jungkook says grabbing Jimin’s hand. “I want you in either face, I don’t care if you’re wearing make up or not. Yeah you look stunning in make up but you’re also gorgeous with out it. You’re never ugly, never been ugly to me Jimin. I’m sorry.” Jungkook eyes tear up as his mind reels, “I’m sorry that I made you feel this way.”

+ Jungkook think back at all the times he stare in wonder at Jimin’s bare face, how many times he snuck into Jimin’s room for silent sex when Jimin’s face was swollen and sleepy, when he stole kisses when Jimin was standing in the hall way after he wipe off his make up. Did these not happen in Jimin’s mind? Jungkook then thinks about how how often he did seek out Jimin when he was wearing make up and styled, more then when Jimin was bare faced for sure but not by too much.

+ “C’mon.” Jungkook says pulling Jimin out of bed towards the bathroom. Jimin sniffs behind him. Jungkook lifts Jimin onto the counter before he grabs a cloth and make up remover. Jimin surprisingly lets Jungkook remove his make up, but that’s probably because Jungkook pauses to kiss Jimin and tells him how beautiful he is. Jimin sobs when all his make up is gone but Jungkook doesn’t stop kissing him.

+ “you’re beautiful no matter which face you have on.” Jungkook says wiping Jimin’s tears, “and i’d be happy to date both. If you’ll have me?” Jimin doesn’t speak but just kisses Jungkook.

+ Jimin still avoids mirrors when his make up if off and still puts on make up, but they’re working on re building Jimin’s confidence together.

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/1/ Your sentence "I think she tried to orchestrate some sort of coming out and it backfired badly" caught my attention. Maybe all these years being a fan of Gillian I misunderstood her and all she stands for, but I would have never thought she would "orchestrate" anything with the paps, let alone reveal a new relationship. I cannot imagine her orchestrating such a thing and saying to the paps: "Look, I want to come out with my bf (!!!), let's make a deal that you follow us around on Monday...

/2/ and Tuesday” and then on Wednesday she thought “OK, I’m safe now, I’m gonna let my bf poke around my intimate parts in public.” She is a 48 y.o. experienced actress and a star, not a naïve young girl. I have no problem whatsoever with her dating whoever she wishes, but this whole mess is so unlike her that I can’t wrap my head around it no matter how much I tried. If you are really becoming OK with it all, then I’m a little jealous.


This is the only logical explanation I could come up with. In my opinion, the equation is simple. The law here in Europe would have allowed her to sue. But as new papers are printed every week in many different countries with those pictures, it means they’re still for sale, so no one has been sued.

Knowing Gillian, we would have expected her to not let it go so easily, or at least, to throw shade at those paps publicly on Twitter maybe. She did nothing of that, which for me, means she can’t. And if she can’t, it means she has originated it. I think she agreed on some nice pictures walking the street and eating ice-cream, but yes, it backfired. There’s 450 pictures of them during several days with some of them where they look directly at the camera. I don’t see any other explanation than that.

Now they think she’s okay with being followed around and photographed all day, why would they not keep going as she’s back in Italy? It’s not a coincidence, and I think it’ll happen every time she’ll go there. But maybe she will sue the ones who followed her with her kids because it was without her consent. The fact that the pictures aren’t really publicly available so far, and that no one really knows where to find them and where they come from must mean something. If no paper buy and release them, it means she was able to catch them before but couldn’t do anything about the Portofino ones. 

There was an interview in June where she said “there are so many things in this business that can make you feel uncomfortable – you feel you’re selling your soul in a sense. And that makes you feel depleted, that you’re doing things that aren’t genuine.” (source) So maybe that was one of those things and now it’s too late and there’s nothing she can do to fix it.