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someone asked about my process, so here’s how that last Cullen came to be. when i’m working in SAI, i work on one layer, and when i hit a point where i think it’s hanging together ok, i copy the layer and continue working, so that if i flub it up completely i can revert back to a previous layer copy instead of scrambling to fix it, which… as many of us know, can be a headache.

anyway, once things are almost done i usually do an extra layer for shading, another for colour tweaks, and another for bg or w/e? i keep beards and stubble on an additional layer too, in case i change my mind. 

FIC RECS: english major nursey as written by english majors

aka my favorite poetic works for our favorite pretentious d-man (and dex, and their relationship) brought to you by an english minor who sighs about not having the time to make it her third major

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My human version of Prince Sidon for what its worth. I still have so many other things I need to work on, but this forced its way onto paper this morning. I splashed some really rough color on it in PS, but might go back and make it a vector illustration instead.

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I don't think they're talking either. Because. Camila said so. Don't call Gio naive when she's using her eyes, common sense, and Camila's own words. Lol. I understand maybe fans think Camila lied to keep "A fake feud" going. But honestly there's no proof of that. Too many other people around all of the girls are throwing shade for there not to be bad feelings. I think they will all get over it in time. But we shouldn't pretend they're already ok. They're being mature and that's all we can ask.

they barely talked when she was in the group and i doubt they’re talking now, forget narrative and management, shit happened and normila is one big proof in front of your eyes and the awkward moments and horrible tension that happened between the group explains a lot


ok lowkey I don’t really like tumblr/twitter’s attitude towards race as like a mixed race person???

Like???? I don’t like this notion that mixed race folk don’t exist at all??

Especially because my mother was Puerto Rican but my father was Italian too like,,,,,I’ve had a lot of like identity issues b/c I don’t look white, but I’m not Hispanic looking too??? Like especially Puerto Rico where there’s many shades of people not being Hispanic looking makes me feel not hispanic?? And a lot of pride on this website stems from “yeah you look Hispanic you look great” and I just look so plain??? This websites whole mentality towards race is basically “you’re white or you’re not” and like so much rides on “you gotta be proud you gotta look like it” but I don’t?? I wouldn’t even think I was Hispanic cause of my father being Italian??? And cause there’s so much pride in being a POC now I feel like I’m left out of that kind of pride because I’m mixed??? I’m not full Hispanic I’m only half Hispanic so so does that just mean I’m basically not even Hispanic?? Despite my grandmothers speaking spanish and growing up in and immigrating from Puerto Rico does that just mean cause of an inherent whiteness from my father am I cast to the side of this whole thing?? Do I not even count as a person of color despite being Hispanic and I just look like a tanned white?? Do I not get to tag on with that whole “pride of your race” thing with only just one parent actually being that race?? And does it not even count when one parent pretty much is white? TL:DR: we really gotta change how we think of mixed race people b/c it causes anxiety and confusion and they’re just as valid here

ok but brown eyes are actually so lovely?? like there are so many different shades and depths to the color brown and it’s such a huge spectrum and just the way the light reflects off ur irises is so nice for example:

and maybe u have super rich brown eyes that look like melted chocolate:

or maybe u have eyes the color of the deserts and sand dunes from the books u read when u were young:

or the same flaming orange as a sunset or the sunflowers from ur neighbor’s garden:

and maybe u have eyes that look almost yellow, like sunshine, a little burst of bright happiness on a cloudy day:

and maybe ur eyes are so dark they’re almost black, so deep that people get lost inside and write poems all about how ur eyes drank their soul down like water:

or maybe u have hazel eyes with all different colors and ur worried that makes u weird or strange-looking, but actually it just makes u that much more beautiful because ur eye color is all ur own:

in conclusion: ur eyes are so beautiful and perfect little galaxies made just for u, please appreciate them.


Commissions are open!!

Rules are listed above, but here’s the rundown:

  • - black and white sketch ($10), flat color picture ($15), full picture ($20).
  • - flat colored portrait ($17) and FULL portrait (shading, highlights, lines, etc.) ($25).
  • - Will not do nsfw, furries (but ears & tail are OK), robotics, or full animals.
  • - Send references for who you want drawn!
  • - I may close down commissions for portraits if I get too many, but I doubt it’ll reach that point.
  • - Each extra expression is $1.50.

If you want to commission me, email me at:

(it is a dumb name for an email account but whatev ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Sonic forces guys!!!!! uvjinvibuenvzjzierunviege
Ok i wanted to make this image really extravagant but got lazy so here you go guys the finished work !!!
Though there are many people having 50/50 thoughts on the game, i’m staying hopes for this game to be good. And if they need to the delay the release by all means go right ahead i say.

if anyone hasn’t heard the main theme song well:

(the process on my work, from sketch to shading and colouring)


I tried to lighten my load by changing my shading technique. Hope it looks ok~

Especially this time with the needlessly detailed bedroom as the background. Also the bloopers will be posted in a separate post~

Btw, Toriel will be making her last appearance next week. *tears* 

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Idek why but so many fans feel like they have to know every single detail about their bias or their fav kpop group and it bothers me a lot. It’s ok if you don’t know what their favorite food is or what shirt they wore in 2012 like literally who cares. Not knowing everything about your favorite group or your bias does NOT make you less of a fan. There are some fans who genuinely enjoy searching about these things, and there are some others who just don’t care. Let’s stop throwing shade at each other alright cause like what’s the point™ just chill and have fun pls


make me choose: black haired hyukjae or and blond hyukjae (for kpopforeplay​)

Ok Nonny!

You sent me an ask asking me to make a list of my top 5 Johnlock WIP’s, unfortunately I accidentally deleted the ask, but I’m making this post for you anyway!

Ok so here’s the thing, I don’t actually read all that many wip’s, however I do have a few authors of whom I would read literally anything they wrote. Seriously, these ladies could write instruction manuals for opening jam jars and I’d be there doing a pretty good impression of this

So, without further ado, the list.

- Into The Grey by lymphadei

Its a remix of 50 Shades without all the stalking, emotional/mental abuse, and terrible BDSM etiquette, so it’s already leaps and bounds better. Plus it’s JOHNLOCK! Need I really say more?

- And Your Very Flesh Shall Be A Great Poem by caitlinisactuallyawritersname

This one I can’t speak on too much because I refuse to spoil even the smallest moment for you. All I will say is that if you make it through the first chapter without curling into a ball and sobbing relentlessly, you need to reevaluate yourself because you have become much too desensitized to life. Do not go in unprepared. Seriously, have tissues on hand.

- I’d Probably Still Adore You With Your Hands Around My Neck by mssmithlove1

John and Sherlock are roommates in their first year of university, and begin to fall slowly, hopelessly in love. Against Sherlock’s wishes, of course. This one is a part of her Happiness Awaits series, so when you’re all up to date on this one, read the rest of the series! Seriously, its so wonderful and sweet. Happiness Awaits is one of my favorite series ever. When I need to smile, you can bet your bottom dollar this is probably what I’m headed for.

- In The Library by itsnotgonnareaditselfpeople

Sherlock is in his last year of high school, but because he’s Sherlock, classes are boring and unnecessary. He spends all of his time in the library among the stacks, learning and avoiding most all interaction, until John Watson, the new college aid comes to work there that is. This one has mystery and intrigue and everything that is wonderful and right in the world. This woman is beyond talented, so when you done, do yourself a favor and go read ALL of the rest of her stuff. Just a suggestion.

- Over Fathoms Deep by holmesianpose

Sherlock is the youngest son of a wealthy aristocrat and has been shipped off to sea to hopefully rid him of his bad attitude and worse temper. He fully intends to spend the entire time sulking and avoiding most all human interaction, that is, until he meets one John Watson, one of the sailors on the ship. OFD, oh dear lord OFD. This story is quite literally beautiful. I have run the gamut of emotions from pure, unadulterated, blissful happiness, to cold dread that left me sobbing with painful full body shudders. Every word she writes paints a picture like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Everything is so vivid. OFD has stolen my heart. I have an anklet and a phone case with anchors on them, it’s that serious, hahaha.


I know that you said top 5, and I know that you said wip’s, but I just wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t include The Rabbit Revealed by vex-by-any-other-name

Welp, Victor is in town and he’s about to turn EVERYONE’S life upside down. Sherlock and Jawn had better button up warm, there’s an east wind coming. When I say that this fic is amazing, I mean that it quite literally amazed me. I stayed up until 5 in the morning reading this one and chewed through the entire thing in under 24 hours. It’s that good. read it, and when you’re done, I dare you to not read the next fic in the series. You won’t be able to help yourself, I know I wasn’t.

So that’s the list, I hope you enjoy!

Oh! And one last thing before you go. All of these ladies are wonderfully kind and generous with their time and talent, so please comment and leave kudos and slather them all in well deserved praise and accolades! 

Why mocking people’s coming out is not ok

I know Onision’s new video was supposed to be tongue in cheek mocking youtubers coming out for views, fame and money. It’s still not ok though.

Coming out is a huge deal for so many people. To take that step is terrifying and scary. They need support and encouragement, not people fucking mocking them. I’m so furious right now. And yes, imo it was clearly shade at Shane’s coming out. This is coming from the guy who genuinely thinks he turned Shane “gay” because he was the first guy he kissed. The fucking ego on Onision is unreal. 

Other people will be MORE scared to come out after this. Who the fuck wants to be mocked for being brave enough to face that fact about themselves and come out? After all of that.. after all so many people have been through before coming out, this is what they’re met with.. really?!

The thing Onision doesn’t get is that this will affect so many more people than just youtubers. Kids being unsure about their sexuality and/or contemplating coming out might not do it because they’re afraid. Is that really the message he wants to send to young, confused kids? 

And WHO THE FUCK cares IF Youtubers come out for views, fame and money? How the FUCK does that change anything? Newsflash: EVERY VIDEO a youtuber uploads is for VIEWS AND MONEY if they’re partnered and get a share of the ad revenue. This is no different for Onision either. 

Lets say Youtubers just come out for fame and money.. that’s THEIR RIGHT. They have every right to do that. Fact is we can never know the real reasons behind why people come out, I’m sure there’s many things that make them come out, being honest is definitely one of them. Sure, youtubers might do it for money too, but I highly doubt that’s their #1 reason. Call me naive, I don’t care. And even if they did only come out for money.. it’s a good thing if that video can just help one confused kid out there. 

In the end we can’t know for sure the real reasons why youtubers come out, but I don’t think it matters. At the end of the day it sends a positive message. We want to encourage people to be true to themselves, that coming out is a good thing. We need to be supportive of them, not mock them. 

Demi vs PTX

Ok guys, let’s NOT fight with the Demi stans. There’s a reason why we’re considered the nicest and sweetest fandom. We have to keep it that way and not stoop low like what many of the lovatics are doing.
Just think about it, we represent Pentatonix. We don’t want to represent them by looking like conplete idiots and throwing shade to other fandoms.
So please please please, stop fighting and arguing with people just because you want to prove that Pentatonix is talented and successful.
It’s already given. Sooner or later, people are gonna realize how talented ptx really is.
The only thing that we can do is to continue to respect demi and her fans (no matter how annoying they’re getting) and KEEP STREAMING!!
I don’t want us to turn into one of the most hated and annoying fandoms in the world.
PTX wouldn’t want this to happen and we surely don’t want to be representing them the wrong way.
And besides, more people will start liking Pentatonix more if they realize that they’re fans are as equally qenuine and nice.
We have to bombard them with our kindness..
That’s the only way that we’re going to stand out as a fandom and not make Pentatonix look bad.

Ok, I’m on mobile and … I actually like this update. Maybe staff is on to something?? I’m ok with this layout. Its actually easier for me to scroll on my phone. Since my laptop is hell right now,y phone is all I have.

I know I’m part of the minority here when I say this, but…its just a layout. Its not the end of the world. Everyone has been through so many updates already and you threatened to leave then too. Stop being so damn whiney about this. If you hate tumblr, just fucking leave then. ITS JUST A LAYOUT!! YOU’RE STILL ALIVE!! CHILL OUT!!

im at a loss

My need for Jupiter Ascending fanfic is inversely proportionate to the amount of JA fanfic available. I need it SO BAD and there is SO LITTLE.

What gives? It’s got so much to mine:
1. Packfic of a fierce space werewolf without a pack

2. Wingfic of a warrior angel who lost his wings

3. Female protagonist with actual character growth and budding Dom inclinations

4. ALL the Oedipal complexes possible (seriously) intertwined within such machinations as to put the Borges, the Tudor and the Odinsson families to shame

5. So much man-angst. In space.

6. Family feels

7. Hetero/Homo bromance potential

8. Bots!! So many bots! And genetic engineering! And space politics and space society and space beaurocracy!

OK, this was getting long so I cut it off but you see what I mean.

Can you writers go see this movie over the weekend (it’s a damn sight better than 50 Shades) and then start writing me fic? Please?

I need
some Jupiter/Caine (Your Majesty)
some Jupiter v Space Society,
Some Caine backstory (who did he bite? Was it Balem? Is that why B wears a collar? Did he bite him bc of the murder? Is that why C claimed he didn’t remember? Bc there was no proof?)
Some Caine & Stinger besties stories,
Maybe some J/C/S if you’re feeling spicy…

Ugh. Just, please? See it and write stuff?