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im gonna ask a bunch of asks because im hyper rn sorry!! so goopy, what is your favorite epsidoe of su?


Like, No.1: all amethyst episodes, all of them, no exceptions, all of them are in my number one list, they are all amazing.

Number 2? Ocean/Mirror gem, it holds an special place in my heart! I’ve told this story many times before my followers must be tired of it but when those episodes aired the -by that day- small, sweet and kind fandom was all united in one and just one thing, IT. WAS. AWESOME!!! everyone was fangirling like a sweet lovely passionate girl on the concert of her favorite band, it was super nice being there!!!

No.3 Is probably The Answer, super great episode!

Storm in the Room /Lion 3 both take the cake on No.4!!!

I love making this game but some days, I am all kinds of done.

So many things to fix, so much more dialogue to write, keeping up with team members who have gone MIA…

I really think you’ll like this but I don’t want to hit burnout either. At the same time, it’d be awesome to be able to say that I did almost all the writing for this game singlehandedly…

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I'm glad I follow so many artists that do commissions because I plan on opening up my own maybe sometime this year, but I feel like the mistakes other artists have made with them have helped me learn what not to do. Like I know not to begin a final work without payment and stuff like that. Plus I have an idea of how to base my prices and what kind of products people are interested in, etc.

That’s awesome!! Yes, learn from our mistakes haha. Communication between yourself and the client is 100% necessary, at every single stage! Be sure to send the client regular updates and allow time for their revisions on your work :) 

My bae roleplays Peter Maximoff so well that she feeds my Quicksilver obsession even more, Pietro from Evo is still my favorite version but man, I can’t handle it, her version is awesome. In our rp Peter likes to use stockings, and socks of many ridiculous colours (based on Evan Peters tastes). And sometimes he forgets to wear any kind of trousers.

He’s eating a twinkie…

© Marvel, FOX

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Hi! 😊 I have a cute story to tell you! Today, me and my datemate went swimming at the pool and we held hands, swam around, made jokes and I kissed them before they left and it was kind of our first real date and it was really fun, and it was the first time we've kissed or really been open in public 😊 and even though we come from a place that there's not many out LGBTQ people but It was amazing and nobody judged or cared! It was absolutely amazing and i just wanted to share! 😊😊

OMG AHHHH THIS IS AMAZING!! omg this is so cuteeeee eee this sounds like an awesome date, im so happy for you!! Im so glad people didnt care, ah that makes me feel so so good :3 Im so glad you had a good time! Thanks for sharing with me :D


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016) - David Yates

5 bullets on this film:

  • First of all, don’t watch this film thinking it will stop the crisis you’ve had since Harry Potter ended, because it’s set in the same universe and it has some similarities, but it has nothing to do with the movies we know and love. There are some little details that remind you of the Harry Potter films and that was so cute and it made me feel nostalgic. 
  • The characters are awesome and it was amazing to see the american magical community, but many things were left unexplained (maybe because there will be other films) and I felt like many concepts were kind of forced into the movie.
  • Eddie Redmayne is great, but Ezra Miller and Dan Fogler made the entire movie. Honestly Johnny Depp was a terrible choice to play Grindelwald, I’m sorry, that was a huge turn off. 
  • The special effects are not that good and some scenes were kind of awkward because you could really notice that everything is fake, even the scenery, so the magical vibe wasn’t really there.   
  • I really loved the beasts, though. This may sound kind of silly but they were really cute and now I want my own briefcase full of magical animals.  

I love how so many aro/ace jokes clearly state that we’re after world domination. We don’t even have to keep quiet about it. We can just say it openly and they’ll still never see us coming. Because that kind of shit happens when you turn a whole bunch of awesome, clever, creative people invisible.

They won’t even see us while we slay them with our bad puns!

Can I just say that this clip is so important. This particular type of homophobia is quite wide spread even in 2016 and particularly in the gay community. Basically Isak came out of the closet but not as “that kind of gay”. And that prejudiced way of thinking, that flamboyant gay men are somehow lesser than other homosexuals is not a gone and forgotten type of homophobia. Even in Norway it’s still an issue. Hell so many people have disliked Eskild for this exact reason, so for SKAM to bring this up is actually pretty fucking awesome! Thanks SKAM and thank you Eskild!

The Road Not Taken

This fic was written for the birthday of an amazing woman, the one and only @akai-echo whose very special day is today :)

You know her as a great video artist, giffer, images maker. She is the one who makes the great banners for so many writers - and always think they are not good enough.

She’s the one who created the @loveinpanem theme, and yes, she doesn’t think it’s good enough …

But we know the contrary, right? We all know she’s kind, and giving, brilliant and sweet ?

so Hapy Birthday, my dear dear friend !

(My deepets thanks to @loving-mellark for the awesome banner and to @xerxia31 and  @dandelion-sunset for the gigantic task that was betaing this story :) Can be found on AO3 and FFN  )

It had taken time to get used to it. The colors, so pure everywhere. White, the snow all around. Blue, the sky high above. Green, the pine trees everywhere, clad under a cloak of flakes.

Winter. When temperatures reached minus 30 celsius - because apparently the entire world didn’t use Fahrenheit or feet - and the cold welcomed her in its chilly embrace.

Katniss had loved it there. Loved the way people respected nature and its rhythm, how in sync they were with the seasons. Loved how breathing here had felt better, healthier, purer. Lighter. Even when the night could last for twenty hours a day.

“You okay, ulkomainen?” he had asked, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. She could see the white plane waiting for her, the plane that would take her back to her country, to her town, to her life. WIthout him. But they had reached an agreement a few nights ago.

“I will be,” she’d answered, relishing in the warmth of his hand near her face, for the last time. “I have to go….”

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Here’s my reason for wanting Even to be the protagonist of season 4 :
- we need to see how parents deal with their child being mentally unwell. We’ve see how children react to their parents being unwell (Isak finds it hard to deal with and Magnus embraces it really well). I feel like it will help so many people out there to see the tables turned around, to see how parents can enhance your life if you just allow them to. We’ve not had the best parent-child relationship (Noora and her parents and Isak and his parents both have had their fair share of troubles) but Skam needs to show that parents are not villains, that there are kind loving parents out there who will do anything to keep their children safe (imagine if Even has two dads or two mums? Like how awesome would that be?).
- also do I even need to mention that we still don’t know barely anything about Even. That boy has so many layers to him (get it… okay I’ll shut up). I still have a million questions that I need answers to and having it from Evens point of view would make things so much sweeter.
-and just to add to the mix… more Evak. Need I say more?


I’ve been waiting to post this! A small pic of these two meme queens from Altertale and Undertwist. Honestly, Frii, you and your art are one of my many inspirations. Not to mention your amazing AT AU also had a big influence on my AU, too! You’re just so amazing. You keep being awesome! I love your blog!

…Also, sorry if this looks kind of bad. I sort of drew it at 4am. :>

Need to share...

I feel the strong need to share with you all how incredibly awesome you are. Seriously, you are supportive, funny, caring, talented, and kind. You make my day every day, and I am so incredibly thankful for you.

This is for every one of you. If you’re reading this, I’m talking about YOU. Thank you for being you.

Also tagging just a few folks, though I know I’m forgetting so so many!

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Hey all 💚⚡️

I’ve been meaning to do something to thank my followers and those who I follow for such an awesome year - for being so wonderfully kind and supportive of this blog (and myself) and filling my dash with such wonderful things. So here’s just a small selection of blogs (because there are so many of you beautiful people) who have lit up my dash. 


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Happy New Year. I hope everyone has a fantastic 2017, full of happiness and success. 


So … my husband is kind of the best person on the planet.   I know, I know.. everyone has their own awesome people who they would challenge me with. But here’s just another reason why I’m so unbelievably grateful for mine.   This was his post on FB in response to SNL’s  HILARIOUS joke:   

So this “humor” is infuriating to me on many different levels.

First of all, there is the basic assumption that diabetes is caused by poor lifestyle choices. The cliche is obese, weak willed folks who would rather sacrifice their independence for another bite of cotton candy.

Diabetes kills more people each year than breast cancer and AIDS combined. Diabetes is hilarious.

By the way, where are the jokes about the slobs who gave themselves breast cancer or AIDS?

Oh I forgot, the poor children that get AIDS from blood transfusions, and the ladies who are genetically prone to cancer or exposed to environmental factors. It’s not their fault.

Wonder what my wife did to give herself diabetes at age 3? She must’ve done something to make her immune system render her pancreas useless. The laughs keep coming.

Type 2 is lifestyle though…well if that were the case how many of you bacon eating, craft beer swilling paradigms of health and fitness would have diabetes? It’s still genetic. Sure lifestyle choices can exacerbate health challenges but show me a person who gave themselves diabetes and i will show you the unicorn they rode in on.

“But so many diabetic people are fat fatties.”
Where my bro-science gym bros at? We all know insulin is a growth hormone right?
Maybe you’ve read about competitive bodybuilders supplementing insulin to get BIGGER?

So imagine your pancreas doesn’t work right you gotta take insulin to balance out blood sugar levels so you don’t die. You inject insulin, a growth hormone (makes tissue BIGGER, fatty tissue, muscle tissue), but it’s not an exact science because so much affects blood sugar; stress, exercise, other hormones in the body. So your sugar might crash….. and pancreas still don’t work. You gotta drink a lot of a sugary beverage or eat mass amounts of simple sugars like candy to raise the blood glucose level, again, so you don’t die. Those calories get stored somewhere. Sure diabetics have a choice. Most choose not to die, and we vilify them for being overweight.

Anyway I’m rambling…remind me why diabetes is funny again?

Human Bean

I really enjoyed seasons 1-3 of RWBY, and was even super hyped for volume 4. Everything was pretty well and good, but I started to think the multiple storylines going on were a bit much. Having so many characters in different locations with all kinds of stories to tell makes me thing of volume 4 as kind of a mess. Focusing on each of team RWBY’s characters could’ve been enough, but the inclusion of Oscar and what is left of JNPR is just too much in my eyes. Don’t get me wrong, I do want to know more about the characters; but with so much jumping around this season, I feel like there was nothing really impactful this season. Sure one awesome event would happen to a character, (like Weiss getting her *not going to say exactly because of possible spoilers* to finally work) but as soon as it was there, it was gone. Chances are you won’t see it again for a multitude of episodes before it is brought up again.

It is just all over the place…

Angelina’s Monthly Fic Recs

I read a TON of awesome fics this month. Kudos to all of the immensely talented writers that are kind enough to share their talent with us. We are the lucky ones. I know there are many lists out there, but I am a HUGE fan of lists, so why not? If you don’t like it, tell me. If you do like, tell others!

I apologize in advance for absolutely NO organization. I was just really excited to get this out. I’ll do better next month. Thank you!

Leather and Lace (Dean x Reader) by @chaos-and-the-calm67 

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Soltice (complete series) by @just-another-busy-fangirl

Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend (series) part 1 by @chelsea072498

Some Things Aren’t Meant To Be (angst, fluff Dean x Reader) by @chelsea072498

Tic Tac Toe (Sam x Reader AU series) by @percywinchester27

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50 Shades of Desire (Dean x Reader x Master smut series) by @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms

Cowboy Courting (Dean x Reader AU Fluff) by @avasmommy224 

Boston General (Misha x Reader AU fluff, angst) by @d-s-winchester

Forward (Jensen x Reader angst, fluff) by @blacktithe7

Growing Love pt 1 - Spark (Jensen x Reader AU, fluff) by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing

Woman of Letters (series in progress) @like-a-bag-of-potatoes

Fallen Grace (Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader, smut) by @chelsea072498

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Angels Among Us (Dean x Zephania OFC, angst, smut) by @iwantthedean

In Another’s Eyes (Jared x Reader angst) by @impalaimagining

Lucky (Jensen x Reader AU fluff)by @jensen-jarpad