this is so light oops

I guess i might as well put a LAPIDOT thing here.

Another dream-based AU thing I wanted to draw that kinda got away from me haha. Stan still ended up getting burned and it turned him back for some mysterious reason.

Merry Christmas!! <3

                I never did understand - the duality of art and reality - living life
and treating it as such but with a certain disconnect to touch that cajoles at the                                     artist with comfort and abandon.

ladyknighttime  asked:

Mabel A4 (if you're still doing it). And maybe a Christmas/Hannukah/general holiday sweater because that seems very Mabel-y

“Just because the lights in it are a MILD fire hazard doesn’t mean I should turn them off!!!”

Pose meme!


the future is fuckin bulletproof

HDM fan month ; week four ; favourite book of the trilogy

“… she would not do him the treachery of looking away, for if he looked at her he must see her shining eyes and their love and belief, not a face hidden in cowardice or a shoulder fearfully turned away”