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A villain in love, a villain alone

Malora - Villain Kiss for @misslestrange274

I am an Entire Dumpster Fire and this is a Malora Phantom of the Opera AU hahahaha.

It was hard to think down here, in this endless darkness.  Aurora wan’t sure what time it was anymore, even though logically she knew she couldn’t have been here very long.  Where was she when…the opera.  Right.  Third act.  It was late.  Must be midnight by now, yet she didn’t feel tired.  Just…lost.  Confused.  Hazy.

The monster…the Voice…the woman with the mask was pacing.  Agitated. Moreso than usual.  Maybe she, too, had a hard time thinking clearly, hidden away in this labyrinth she’d built for herself.

She had to know someone would come.  Unless she’d come completely unhinged.  But no, she was unhinged already.  That was what everyone said, anyway.  And Aurora could see it.  Had seen it, at first, but it was difficult, sometimes.  Now, even.

So much genius there.  Few tried to deny it when they read her music, and when they did try, they were the ones who sounded foolish.  So much genius, and so much beauty, in the music, in the voice that seemed almost more than the woman that owned it.  She could throw it around as though by magic, she could render it so soft, so sweet that it was almost hypnotic–that it was hypnotic, that was what they told her.  She’d been hypnotized.  Taken in.

That was all.

A dream, nothing more.

Was it only a dream that caused Aurora to feel pity for this strange creature? Was it a naive and foolish heart that felt for her plight, so much that she saw more humanity than there truly was to see?

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Fred Weasley Imagine - I Love You Too Much

Could I get a platonic imagine with Bill or/and Charlie where they comfort me after Fred and I had a fight, and Fred overhears us and then it’s all cute and fluffy? Sorry if that didn’t make sense! Thank you though! I know like both the imagines I requested have Bill and Charlie in them, but I’ve always seen them as older brother types and I’ve bee having older sibling feels lately haha! So sorry about that! - requested by steverogersisbae

Thanks for requesting!  Sorry this took so long!

     I was sobbing in the guest room of the Weasley’s burrow when Bill found me.  Fred and I had just had our first major argument, and I was shaken to the core.  I couldn’t believe that Fred had actually accused me of cheating on him with Oliver Wood!  How could he think that I would be so insensitive?

     Bill knocked gently on the door, walked in, and sat down next to me on the bed.

     “y/n, are you okay?” Bill asked me.  I guessed that he had heard the whole argument.  Fred and I had been shouting so loudly that I wouldn’t have been surprised if the entirety of England had heard our argument.

     I shrugged glumly and Bill put his arm around my shoulders.

     “You know Fred didn’t mean what he said about you and Oliver,” Bill told me, “He’s just jealous.”

     “How do you know that?” I asked through tears, “He sounded pretty serious to me.”

     Bill looked me in the eye and said, “You and Oliver have been friends for years - that’s no secret.  But you’re Fred’s first serious girlfriend, and he’s nervous.”

     Fred suddenly burst in to the room.  “I’m not nervous!” he cried.

     Bill just raised his eyebrows and said, “Fred, you should apologize to y/n.  She’s allowed to have friends who are boys, you know.”

     “But he was flirting with her!” protested Fred angrily.

     “Then maybe you should talk to him,” said Bill calmly.

     Fred had no response.  Seeing that he had proven his point, Bill patted me on the shoulder and left the room.

     Fred turned and looked at me almost sheepishly.  He took in my tear-stained cheeks and eyes red from crying, and without a second thought, he pulled me into an embrace.

     “I’m so sorry y/n,” he breathed into my ear.  “I was just so mad.  I couldn’t bear to see you with anyone else - I love you too much.”

     I sighed.  “It’s alright, but you need to trust me more.  I love you too much to want to be with anyone else.”

     He planted a kiss on my forehead and pulled me even closer to him.

     “I think you should go hang out with Ginny for a while,” Fred said with a wink, “I have to have a chat with Wood.”

     “Fred!” I giggled.

     “What?” he asked, pretending to be confused, “I can’t have other boys flirting with my girlfriend, now can I?”

(( Sorry I had to soundcloud this! Too dang big.

Thanks SO MUCH you guys. Again. Can’t do it enough. This was a really fun side thing, so I’m sorry whenever I’d fall off of it, but that’s just what happens sometimes. I always came back!

Again, if you’re new or just never paid attention to the man behind the shades, I’m Tooch, my personal blog is here. Follow if you want, or don’t! I just post my own stuff usually, I RARELY reblog unless it’s to shout out a friend’s thing or something I was in/mentioned-in. Though lately it’s been homestuck sob posts haha.

So YEAH. I dunno what the future brings for Homestuck. I mean, never say never? If Dave shows up in anything else, I might just have to dust this thing off. Probably won’t take questions anymore, that whole scene is donzeo to me, but yeah! See ya around.

- Tooch ))

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Reading while the boyfriend naps. Or alternatively, using your boyfriend as a pillow as he tries to read. Being Inquisitor is an exhausting job.

Having said that, I went overboard with the saturation but eh. I wasn’t even gonna color this, but then I realized… I’m never gonna get comfortable with shading techniques if I don’t frikkin’ practice, so here we go! I still rushed it though, it was just an experiment. It was actually fun to do though, so I’m gonna try more with it.

Having said that, I’ve been doing so much angsty plotting and head-canoning for Tae and Solas lately (I’m so sorry bby ;_; But at least it’s not just MY fault that your love life sucks balls *squirts Solas with a spray bottle*)… I really wanted to draw something cutesy between them.

You know… happier times.

*gross sobbing*

Also I am never NOT gonna enjoy drawing HAIR <3333 And the hand holding is probably my favorite part of the whole pic <3333