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//requested: November Prompt List #3 and #4 with Kol Mikaelson (“You jerk!” and “Sorry, but people like me don’t associate with people like you.”) //

//warnings: swearing, flirty Kol and reader, sexual tension (or my lame attempt at it. also, I’m posting this on my birthday cause Kol is my absolute fave so happy birthday to me)//

“Oh sweetie.” I laughed, flipping one of the free curls out of my face. “I’m too much for you to handle, always have been.”

“Well Darling ” He replied smoothly. “Why don’t we get together tonight and find out?”

“Kol, baby, pretty boy. I always have been too much for you. Ever since we met, what was it, a few hundred years ago? Right before you got daggered?” I teased. “Wild spirit. And you just can’t keep up. No stamina.”

“No stamina?” He repeated. “I’ll tell you what, let’s test that theory. One night. If it’s not the best night you’ve ever had, I won’t ask again.”

“Interesting tactic, but I’m going to stick with no.” I smirked. “Go ahead and keep trying. This is kinda fun.” I patted his chest and walked by him towards the stairs that led to my bedroom.

Kol and I have known each other a very long time. We always had a unique relationship, a constant flirtatious banter. He was persistent and hot as hell, but I knew Kol. He wasn’t the relationship type. He was mildly sadistic and psychotic so I never expected anything to come out of our dynamic.

“Don’t think you’re getting off that easy.” He laughed and sprinted after me. He grabbed me by my waist and slung me over his shoulder. Anyone else I would’ve flipped them onto their back and snapped their necks. But I let Kol carry me, occasionally flicking his ear to annoy him.

He carried me to my room and dropped me on my bed. After, he locked the door and sat next to me. Luckily, my roommates weren’t home. When I came home, Stefan and Damon let me stay with them in their house.

“Well, this is an interesting turn of events.” I laughed and laid on my back. I stretched my arms out above my head, arching my back off the bed slightly. I crossed my legs and propped myself up on my elbows. “Is there a reason you did this?”

“Of course there is.” He smirked, trailing his index finger up my thigh to my exposed stomach and back down. “A new tactic… Tell me Y/N, when will your resistance with me wear thin?”

“Sorry, but people like me don’t associate with people like you.” I said in a low, welcoming voice. I sat up and positioned myself to be right behind him. I sat up on my knees and placed my hands on his shoulders. “You’re so tense, Kol. Something on your mind?” I asked in an innocent voice.

“Something is definitely on my mind, yes.” He said deeply, reaching up and placing a hand on mine. “And what do you mean, people like me?”

He quickly repositioned us so I was leaning against my pillows and he was leaning over me with an arm above my head. He smirked down at me and placed his other hand on the exposed skin of my side. Using the arm he had on my pillows, he pulled my headband off and tossed it across the room.

“You jerk!” I laughed and placed my hands on his chest. “I wasn’t finished teasing you.” I said truthfully. “I was having fun.”

“It’s my turn now.” He winked and squeezed my side slightly, causing my body to tense slightly.

“I don’t think so.” I smirked and flipped us so I was straddling him. “That’s better.”

He ran his hands up my thighs and licked his lips. “I agree, this is better. I love the view.”

“Don’t get use to it, baby.” I said and placed my hands on my knees. “You’re you. We’re just too different of people to ever work. You know that… You are the one that said it after all…”

It was true. Kol was the one who said that we were too different to work. He said I was too sentimental and considerate for him. He said he couldn’t see something long term with me. I had always seen the opposite.

I started to consider a future with Kol a few years after I was turned. Rebekah was my sire and we spent the first few decades of my new life as a vampire together, along with the rest of the Mikaelsons. During the first decade, he gave me my daylight necklace. He told me ‘Such a bright soul shouldn’t have to hide in the dark’ and kissed my cheek before he left my room that night. That was the moment I thought he cared about me.

But as time went on, he continued with his boyish charm and wit while I continued to fall for him. He was always adventurous, fun loving. He embraced what he was and had fun with it. Maybe that’s what it was that locked me in, that he wasn’t ashamed of who he was or what he did. He was unapologetically him. And I loved that about him.

“What are you talking about, Y/N?” He asked, genuinely confused.

I sighed and climbed out his lap, sitting next to him instead. He sat up and watched me intently. I crossed my legs and dropped my hands into my lap, fiddling with my fingers. I never had issues talking to Kol before. It was always playful and teasingly, but this time there was something different. Something serious. It felt like the whole dynamic was going to shift, if not fall apart.

“What you told Klaus a while back. You didn’t know I was there. I was looking for Rebekah but I came across you two talking. Klaus had asked if I meant something to you… You said I was something for when you were bored, that we were polar opposites and had no chance.” I said, remembering the day with perfect clarity.

“Y/N, Darling.” He said softly, gently reaching over and taking my hand in his. “What I told Klaus that day…” He began softly. I lifted my eyes from my hands and he smiled softly. “I was foolish. You are quite possibly the best thing that could ever happen to me. You may not believe me or you may not feel the same way but I need you to hear this… I think I- I think I love you.” He nearly whispered.

“Do you mean that?” I asked with a slightly hopeful tone. “Because if you do, that changes everything”

“I’ve loved you since I gave you your necklace.” He admitted. “You are beautiful, smart, kind, gentle, and confidence. You embrace everything about yourself and have never hid any part of yourself. Do you remember what I told you when I gave you the necklace?”

“You said I was a bright soul that shouldn’t have to hide in the dark.” I said with a slight smile. “Kol, when you gave me this necklace, I thought I meant something to you and I began to fall in love with you. And then I heard what you told Klaus and I thought all we were left to be was friends with flirty undertones…”

“I’d love to be something more with you, Y/N” He smiled sweetly. “If that’s what you want.”

“I’ve wanted that for a long time.” I admitted.

“Then why didn’t you say something something long time ago?” He laughed.

Our Little Secret-Part Five

Summary: You and Dean figure out how to tell Sam. Later the two of you try something that Dean hasn’t really done


Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Square Filled/Kink: Face Fucking for @spnkinkbingo

Word Count: 4300

Warnings: Smut, fingering, oral, rough sex, squirting, language

A/N: I’m sorry. I was going to wait until tomorrow afternoon to post this, but I couldn’t help myself. Thank you so much for reading. I absolutely love writing this series and sharing it with you. Any feedback is always appreciated.

“You want to tell Sam?” He’s got that crease on his forehead, “I thought you didn’t want him to know.”

You smile, stretching your neck, kissing right below his ear, “But you do.”

“You’re okay with it?” He’s confused, “You’re sure?”

“Yeah,” you nod, “I’m sure.”

You’re not sure, not at all, but you kinda need to take the chance.

Dean pulls you up, pressing his lips against yours, kissing you deeply before breaking away.

You giggle, “I guess it will be easier too, we won’t have to come up with excuses for getting a different room.”

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Those Four Words

Summary: “You absolute fucking prick.”

Word count: 1.6k

Rating: Teen+

Warnings: Swearing (guess it’s a little late for that though whoops I’ll just put that in the tags), food mention

A/N: Inspired by a debate between @botanistlester@insanityplaysfics, and some anons on Phanfiction Catalogue about whether Dan or Phil would propose. I, um, might have been one of those anons btw (*cough* #TeamEliza *cough*). I hope this serves as an acceptable compromise.

read on ao3


Dan doesn’t bother to look away from the episode of Steven Universe they’re watching, acknowledging his boyfriend only with a noncommittal sound somewhere between a hum and a grunt. Phil’s using his ‘idea’ voice, and as it’s barely past ten in the morning and Dan was up pacing the lounge until nearly five, he has neither the energy nor the mental capacity to pay attention to anything more complicated than cartoons right now. He pops another spoonful of cereal into his mouth and hopes whatever Phil has to say is brief.

(He gets his wish).

“Marry me?” Phil says in the exact same tone he used last week when he suggested that they go miniature golfing in the middle of a typical London downpour.

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Quick drawing of my favourite assassin.

Also I love the Captain Morgan’s redingote outfit, it’s one of my favourite outfits in the games!


2,500 Followers Oneshot

Summary: The reader moves into a new town and finds out something surprising about her gorgeous neighbor.

Prompt: “I’m not sure if you’re trying to turn me on but I have a boner now.”

Pairing: neighbor!Dean x Reader

Requested: @whispersandwhiskerburn


You’ve never despised a word so much in your god damn life. It mocks you, rips every little aggravation from the world and throws it right into your fucking face. It’s turned your life completely and totally upside down. Then it spun you the fuck around just to make sure you’re officially screwed.

Having just moved from New York two weeks ago, you can now call Nashville home. Forget a different state, you feel like you’re in a freaking different reality. The friendly residents alone throw you for a loop. You’re slightly convinced that they have some ulterior motive. Then again considering the shady fuckers in your past, you could just be paranoid. 

Growing up in a big city has given you a tough exterior that the men around here seem to be intimated by. It must be the way you carry yourself, also the permanent bitch face that you’ve acquired over the years.

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RFA HEADCANONS: They Get Jealous~

(It’s almost midnight, what am I doing with my life. ANYWAYS. It would be so great if someone would request something *hint hint* *wink wonk* because it’s hard trying to be creative. Lel.)


RFA~ they get jealous. V+Saeran included.



Yoosung has always been a more jealous type. Literally, if he even sees you talking to anyone other than him, he can’t help but feel a little uneasy.

So, he would go to the restroom for a brief few seconds, and when he gets back..

You’re. Talking. To. Another. Guy??

Now, he didn’t know that this ‘other guy’ was a cousin you haven’t seen in a while.

His stomach goes in knots, and he balls up his fists, wanting nothing more than to go push the guy away from you.

Sadly, he is probably too shy to just walk up there, but for a few moments, he tries to gather up his courage to go take you back.

When he realizes he’s just too nervous, he starts to think that he lost you, and starts tearing up a bit.

At this point, you’d be like “damn boi, how long it take to pee?” And start to look around..well, o shit, your cute blondie is just standing all the way back there.

“Yoosung? Come over here! I’d like you to meet my cousin…wait, are you crying?”

“Wha- cousin?! Oh..! Uhm..I- I wasn’t crying..!! I yawned! Aha. Hi. Nice to meet you, (C/N)..!”



Uhm. Who are you talking to?

He is pissed off when he see’s you talking to one of his better looking security guards.


He’s probably gonna start getting really touchy on you, (kink) and grip you by the waist h a r d.

Casually starts questioning the security guard as to wHY WAS HE TALKING TO YOU?

you’d get really embarrassed, and tell jumin to stop making a scene, buT HE IS JUST “NO” NO ONE ELSE CAN LOOK AT YOU LIKE THAT?

Straight out fires the guy. Oops.

“Jumin, what the hell?! Why would you fire him? He wasn’t trying to steal me away! I love you, and only you.”

“…Hm. I don’t like people eyeing you like that. That’s for me to do, no one else. ..(Y/N) know I love you. I only want what’s best for you.”



You two will be at one of Zen’s musicals, just enjoying the show..wheN THIS IDIOT JUST DECIDES TO START FLIRTING WITH YOU???

You try to tell the guy, you don’t swing that way?? But he doesn’t listen??

Jaehee goes into extreme jealous woman mode, and actually lashes out on the guy.

“She said she doesn’t go that way. Do you not get what she meant? Are you that idiotic? Do I seriously have to show you who she BELONGS to?”

Will casually start making out with you right then and there.

The guy will scoff and walk off, giving Jaehee the middle finger.

Jaehee awkwardly pulls away, refusing to make eye contact. She’ll probably start nervously running her hand though her hair.

She apologizes??

Nono, sweetie. No need to apologize. You’re a d o r a b l e.

You both end up leaving the theater, just so you can cuddle the rest of the night in peace.

“Jaehee, it’s fine. If anything, I thought it was, come here and love me, baby girl~”

Will high key melt at being called baby girl.

“I’m glad that you could just put the situation behind you so quickly..but, I’m warning you. Next time, I may not be so calm. You’re mine, (Y/N).”



Everywhere you went you seemed to get hit on in one way or another. Normally, Zen would brush it off, knowing that you only had eyes for him.

But oh.

One day. ONE DAY. He’s just had enough.

“Hey, cutie~ I lost my number, mind if I-”

“Yeah, she does mind, actually. Back. Off.”

He would roll his sleeves up, intimidating the guy with his muscles.

“Woah, chill. I was just being nice to the lad-”

“well, that lady happens to be taken. Now, if you ever so kindly..back the hell off, that would be great.”




He’s already a big fan on Pda, but ohhh, it’s gonna increase.

You practically can’t be farther than 5 inches away from him from then on.

“Zen, you know you’re the only one I see..”

“I know, Princess. I’m sorry, it’s just becoming so frequent..I want people to know not to mess with you.”



You two will be joking around, and then you’ll probably trip into someone. (Klutz.)

They’ll help you up, and give you a cheeky smile.


They’ll pull some lame pick up line, like “oh, you fell for me kdkfkfk ha.”


B A C K O F F M Y W I F E???

His normally cheerful attitude is gonna change real quick.

He will get really serious, and pull you closer to him, making sure you aren’t hurt from falling, first. (Or diseased from the guy.)

High key starts sassing the guy.

Starts to laugh, and gives the guy a lil chest bump thing, as they 'make up’

Yeah, well. Seven stole his wallet out of his pocket.

That guy just lost everything, lol.

His money, his ID card, his credit card, business cards.


“Well, you got over that fast. I’m impressed.”

“Heh. Babe, look what I got!”

“IS THAT HIS- oh my god. You’re evil. I love it.”



He’s so gentle, he just stands there awkwardly, shifting his weight on a different foot, waiting for you to hurry up.

You were at an art museum, and this guy came up to you, trying to show you the “best art works” there. He started cracking jokes, and yOU WERE LAUGHING AT THEM?

you didn’t know it was bothering V so much, but he was literally starting to tear up?

He wanted to step in, but if you were having fun, and you were happy.. He would stand it.

He actually felt his heart sink when the guy gave you his email address.

“Yeah, email me sometime. I can teach you a lot more!”

You sighed the moment the guy left, and crumpled up the paper, tossing it in the trash.

“What a waste. I didn’t want to be rude, but God..he was showing the worst pi- V? What’s wrong?”

“Oh..Nothing. Don’t worry about me. Shall we go over here?”



Saeran: (Mild spoiler?? Maybe??)

Literally doesn’t like you talking to anyone.


He’s not the kind of guy that is like “oh, you can’t do this, you can’t do that.” But it’s easy to get him jealous.

In fact, he got jealous of his own brother.


“Yeah? Well if you like his jokes so much, why don’t you just date him instead?!”

Ends up getting in a huge fight with Saeyoung.

Low key starts trying to crack jokes (and fails) to keep up with his brother.

He starts getting so frustrated, thinking he was never going to be as good as his brother. That you would leave him for Saeyoung.

Poor smol bean. You had to reassure him that he was the only Choi for fact, he was the only one at all for you.

“Saeran. You know that I love you, right?”



“… you too, I guess..”

“YOU GUESS? IS OUR LOVE IN QUESTION.” (He freaks out a bit when you say this, lel)

“Wha- no! No.. I..Uhm, I love you, (Y/N). I really do.”

“Hey mom ! ...I mean Mrs. Stark...” - Tony Stark x Reader x awkward!Peter Parker

Summary : Peter calls Tony and his wife (the reader) “dad” and “mom” by accident and…oh it’s awkward. 

Just a silly little story. Wrote in ten minutes on the verge of exhaustion, because I have almost no free time lately and…yeah. Uh. Hope you’ll still like it.

My masterlist blog :


It was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to him. By far. 

It outdid that time when, as Spider-Man, he hit a signboard while swinging from web to web, and fell face first down in a busy NYC street…There were videos on YouTube, and pictures on the internet of “The Friendly neighborhood Spider greatest fail”…but at least, no one saw his face. No one actually knew him. 

But now ? Oh God. He was good old and regular Peter Parker and everyone knew it. And this all thing was embarrassing beyond all measure ! 

He had just called Mrs. Stark “mom” on live TV ! 

He obviously didn’t mean to but…it was the stress really. 

People were starting to get curious about Anthony Stark’s mysterious intern, and he just had to give an interview about it so as not to blow his cover. After all, it was the first time Tony’s company was taking interns ! And everyone was curious about that guy that teenage boy who got the first one ever. 

With how obsessed with the Starks the World was, the interview was a huge deal…Millions of people watched the great Iron man’s new protégé, the boy so many were jealous of for landing the best internship ever at Stark Industries.

The journalists asked him hundred of questions, and everything was going smoothly. Besides, Peter felt like with Mr. Stark by his side, he was invincible, his hero and role model giving him strength…Up until he talked about you and used the word “mom” to do so…And you were right next to him…Oh, awkward.

It happened barely a second ago but he already rewinded the scene in his head a thousand times…The journalist asked :

-How is it to be so often in the presence of Tony Stark, a genius and also one of the biggest and most famous superhero on Earth ? 

And stupid, embarrassing, idiotic, nervous Peter answered :

-It’s ok really, Mr. Stark is amazing, and his wife, Mrs (Y/N) Stark is really great, right mom ? 

And he turned to you. Right after he called you “mom” in front of millions of people…and just froze. Why didn’t he stop at “Mrs. (Y/N) Stark is really great”, why the Hell did he turn to you and said “right mom ?”…he would never know. 

There was a sudden silence in the room, all the journalists and even the damn security guards staring at Peter. He cleared his throat and laughed nervously, but he wasn’t able to say anything. 

He glanced quickly at Tony and your husband was just like everyone else right now, staring at him, probably thinking : “wait…what did he say ?”.

This was Peter’s worst nightmare. Public humiliation. Saying something so damn stupid. In front of so many people…

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Haii, is it okay if you write smth with Steve where the reader drops off their younger sister at the Snow Ball the same time Steve drops off Dustin but Steve offers to take the reader home but they end up at a cafe or smth and talk abt the crazy stuff that happened (fighting the demodogs and all that) and end up confessing to each other??

Steve Harrington X Reader


Summary: You weren’t usually so bold but you really had to talk about it.

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Richie Tozier: the arcade

Pairing: Richie Tozier x reader (gender neutral)

Summary: you work at the arcade that richie spends all of his free time at, and though you are quit infatuated with him, he doesn’t seem to notice you.

Originally posted by scerek

A/N: in this story the characters are maybe sophomores or older.

Warnings: cursing and bad pick up lines

It was almost 10 at night, and your most spirited customer had been there since 6. You couldn’t see him, but you knew he was there because every now and then, you could hear him curse at whatever game he was playing. He came here almost everyday, and the boy intrigued you to say the least. He had friends, but for some reason he usually came to the arcade alone.

The first day you had started working there, he walked up to the counter, asked for a large ICEE, change for his cash, and “a piece of your fine ass” with a wink. You were immediately flustered and became infatuated with the strange boy. He didn’t seem to pay you much attention though, and you’ve been working there for almost 2 years now.

Sometimes you would consider talking to him at school, but you doubted he would remember you. One day, you had worked up the courage to try a pick up line on Richie like he had on you once, but that same day he happened to walk into the arcade with a girl under his arm ,whom you never saw him bring again after that day much to your relief.

Most of the people at the arcade had left, and about less than 20 patrons remained. You swept the ground of the arcade, and “happened” to end up near Richie playing Donkey Kong for probably the 100th time. You looked at him deeply concentrating on the game, and watched as he bit his lip while focusing.

You guessed that he had died, because he let out a stream of obscenities and kicked the machine. You snorted at his overreaction, and he looked up at you and immediately started to look flustered (he had just kicked the machine of the place where you worked after all).

“Maybe if you kick it more, it’ll work better.” You said sarcastically to him with a smirk. He glared at you for a second before sighing and apologizing.

“It’s okay, this is just a minimum wage job, I don’t care.” You said to him, and walked up to the machine. You bumped him out of the way of the screen with your hip, and grabbed a coin out of his hand. He protested, but you simply slid the coin in the slot for the game.

Richie gazed at you, completely doubting that you could outdo him on this game. He did have the high score on most of the arcade games here anyways. With a laugh, you pressed a sequence of buttons on the game that you had memorized, and were able to smash through the game with immunity, earning the high score.

He gasped for a second, and looked at you in awe. When it asked you for your name, you typed in “ass” and laughed at your own middle school humor.

When you turned to Richie, he whispered “damn that was hot”, causing you to laugh so hard that your stomach hurt.

“I’m Richie.” He said and stuck out his hand.

“Yeah, I know,” you said with a bit of a scoff, “we’ve met before? You used a pick up line on me, I’ve been working here for like 2 years.”

“Oh” he said, blushing out of embarrassment, but then changing it to a smirk as he planned a recovery. “Well sorry, I guess I just assumed I would have remembered a someone as hot as you…” He glanced down at your name tag “… (y/n).”

You laughed at his lame, but oddly charming recovery. “I get off of work in like 5 minutes,” you inform him “want to hang out then?”

“If you are bringing more of those game moves and your fine ass, then yeah.” He said confidently without wavering. You sincerely wondered how he said that shit with no embarrassment at all. After you got off of work, you changed into your normal clothes and sat down next to Richie in a booth.

“I brought you something.” You say and slide him a large blue raspberry ICEE, and sip the coke flavored one you got for yourself.

“There’s no way I’ve seen you and forgotten you. I’m sure I would’ve remembered such an angel. Likes arcade games AND buys me ICEEs? Where have you been my whole life?” He said with a sigh and began to sip his drink.

You blushed severely and said “I actually see you around the hall a lot, but I’m always too nervous to say hi or anything like that. Judging by how much you seem to love me I guess I should’ve just talked to you…”

“YOU were nervous to talk to ME?” He said with a laugh. “To be honest, I do remember using the pick up line on you the first day. I just didn’t want to seem obsessive or creepy for remembering it.”

You sighed and said thank god quietly with a smile. “Good, now I seem less like an obsessive creepy too.”

“Well I mean I didn’t say you weren’t-” he countered.

You glanced at his mouth, and noticed that he had some ICEE on it, and without thinking you move to wipe it off of his lips. After wiping it, you looked up at him and realized how awkward what your action was. He leaned forward and softly kissed your lips before pulling back.

When you didn’t say anything, he freaked out and said “uh sorry… did I like misread the situation or something? Forget that I-”

“No! It’s just that…” you hesitated. “Well… your lips tasted like blue raspberry.”


“Um yeah.”

“Well maybe I can try your slurpee and then you can see what my lips taste like then?”

“Yeah that works for me” you said pretending to be in deep thought.

The rest of that night, (y/n) and Richie traded pick up lines and short kisses. After that, he and you would keep up the tradition of slurpees and arcade games.


2,500 Followers Oneshot

Summary: Dean meets the reader at a party and he finds out something about her that he doesn’t expect.

Prompt: “Will you for once stop thinking with your dick!”

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Requested: @blackcherrywhiskey

“Damn she’s fine.” Dean growls under his breath, practically eye fucking you as you stroll into the frat party.

“That’s Y/N. She’s cool. And a law major too so we have a good amount of classes together.” Sam explains before polishing  off his beer and chucking the empty can into the trash.

“Her friend is pretty good looking too. Let’s get on that and do a double date, man. I get Y/N though. You get…”

“Kelly. She’s Y/N’s girlfriend.” Sam finishes with an amused smirk followed by a full on snicker. Dean doesn’t catch on at first making his younger brother  laugh even harder.

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summersaltturn  asked:

Stiles does Pilates while Derek's at the gym

I see your headcanon and raise you: Stiles teaches yoga while Derek’s at the gym and Derek gets so distracted by his downward dog, looking through the glass that separates the yoga class from the cardio room, he falls off the treadmill. 

Erica can’t stop laughing for days. She also has it recorded, as she had been videoing Derek watching Stiles at the time to prove to him what a creeper he is:

“Why is it when Stilinski is taking his class, you always want to be on the treadmill? You don’t even like the treadmill, Derek.”

“If you don’t stop talking, I’m going to stop liking you.”

Oh my god, you are so far gone on him his lame ass comebacks are already starting to rub off on you! How is this my life?” (she probably asks, eating popcorn….which she bought on the way over there, full well knowing she was going to get a show. 

Plus, it’s not like she goes to the gym to exercise. She only goes to watch Derek drool over Stiles and flirt with the gorgeous new manager, Boyd).


The Baggage In Benefits (nsfw)

jungkook has done many, many stupid things. the list seems neverending as he couldn’t even count on his hands how many times he was faced with a near death experience simply cause of his utter idiocy and pride but among all the times death nearly kissed his lips goodbye forever. he’ll admit that this, this was probably the stupidest thing he’s ever done.

the young man will openly admit that agreeing and even offering this kind of relationship with someone as beautiful as you is a mistake. he can feel it already. the fluttering in his stomach as he stares at the lone coat that you supposedly “forgot” this morning. the way his hands are getting clammy at the mere thought of you going out of your way just to see him; lame, old jeon jungkook, hidden under the dark sheets of stars and the glowing moon.

he was slipping, falling so fast for your ethereal eyes that held the galaxy within them and your smile that’s so bright it could very well challenge the sun. oh god, it’s too late for him… isn’t it?

synopsis: it started with a “forgotten” coat and a simple deal that would change everything and nothing all at the same time. 

note: I was highkey inspired by one of my fave bops atm tittled “raincoat” by Timesflies ft. Kira Kosarin. if you want, you can listen to the acoustic ver here (x) 💓💓 —Admin Sav

{request for texts are open}

Fake Dating Series; Mingyu

- “i’m sorry….. i can’t date you…..”
- mingyu apologizes to the person once more, who remains quiet and only looks down with a sad expression on their face while listening to his words
- when the person leaves, mingyu jogs up to you, who’s waiting for him near the school gates
- you say “three in a week. i win.”
- mingyu scowls “BUT I JUST GOT PAID” and you say “WELL TOO BAD”
- you and mingyu have been best friends for as long as you can remember and everyone in the school knows it
- it’s no exaggeration when i say EVERYONE……
- mingyu is REALLY popular because not only is he handsome, but he’s smart and funny and kind and charming and??? everyone loves him
- they know you because you’re his best friend, and since you’re always with him, some people ask you for his number but you’re like no. ask him yourself
- but seeing him get all these confessions and getting asked out so often….. it’s so upsetting??
- because every time you’re with mingyu, every friCKING TIME, someone has to interrupt you two
- whether it’s flirting with him or asking him out, it’s so frustrating because heLLO I’M RIGHT HERE can i PLEASE just have one day with him and only him???
- mingyu notices it too, but he’s too nice to say anything about it….. but it’s clear he’s also starting to get fed up with it
- you and mingyu finally make it to his workplace, a coffee shop in which he works as a barista
- and you guessed it, a bunch of people from school come by often just to get served by him
- you’re sitting on one of the chairs by the counter, your usual spot, and wait patiently for mingyu to make you your favorite drink which he’s paying for LOL
- he passes it to you when he’s done, but not before taking a sip from it first and you’re like EVERY TIME
- while you’re both talking and joking around, a bunch of people suddenly enter the shop and you groan because you know you and mingyu’s conversation ends here
- mingyu greets them with a smile until he realizes that the person he just rejected is here and he’s like oh….. awkward
- when they go up to the counter, they ask “hey…. i just wanted to ask….. would you maybe….. think about what i said?”
- mingyu’s clearly tired of hearing the same thing over and over….. plus he was hoping to spend a peaceful afternoon with you aka his best friend
- mingyu’s face suddenly lights up and he says “i’m sorry….. like i said, i can’t date you….. because….” he takes a quick glance at you and takes your hand exclaiming “I’M DATING (NAME)”
- the whole shop goes quiet at his words and your eyes are wide in complete shock
- you look at him and scream with your eyes “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY???”
- mingyu shoots you a look that says “PLAY ALONG PLEASE”
- he looks back at the person and continues “now you know why i can’t date you. we’ve been together for a while now…. we just didn’t know when to announce it…..”
- but it’s not only that person who reacts, but the entire line of customers which so happen to be students from your school all go like NO WAY
- you sigh, lifting up your intertwined hands and saying “that’s right, so please don’t ask him out anymore” and they’re all clearly upset but understand that if mingyu likes you, then there’s nothing they can do
- mingyu serves the line of people and when they’re all gone, you say “i cannot. believe you.”
- you say “you really expect me fake date you??” and he says “you’re my best friend, aren’t you??”
- you say “well yeah but—” and he cuts you off “then PLEASE just “date” me for a while….. just for a few weeks to stop all this because it’s getting a bit tiring…..”
- you sigh “all right FINE….. it is kind of annoying, not going to lie. but you owe me for this. seriously.”
- mingyu grins “THANK YOU (NAME), HOW ABOUT DRINKS IN RETURN? THEY’LL ALL BE ON ME” and you cheer YAAAY because free drinks are always cool LOL
- you do your homework in the shop while waiting for mingyu’s shift to end, and when it does, you walk back to the dorms together
- he says “alright, well word spreads fast so you know what we’re going to do tomorrow?”
- you say “oh no stop please no” and he takes your hand and exclaims “I’M GOING TO WALK YOU TO CLASS AND HOLD YOUR HAND DARLING”
- you rip your hand out of his grasp and say “DO NOT CALL ME DARLING” and he say cries “what but you are my darling ;A;”
- mingyu walks you back to your dorm room and says “good night, lov—” and you say “don’t…. even”
- he laughs and pats you on the head instead, saying “good night, (name). i’ll see you after school at the coffee shop, your drink will be ready”
- you joke “wooow so you’re not even going to walk me to class?? some boyfriend you are”
- your best friend waves goodbye and you enter your room when he’s out of sight, but the second you walk through the door, your roommate attacks you and screeches “YOU’RE DATING MINGYU!!! KIM MINGYU AKA THE MOST POPULAR GUY ON CAMPUS!!!”
- and you scream “WHAT?? YOU ALREADY KNOW??” and they say “EVERYONE KNOWS”
- while they’re yelling excitedly, all you can think of is “why….. did i agree to this…..”
- you find mingyu outside the building like you do every morning but you know everyone’s eyes are on you two when you’re walking to class
- you say “you weren’t kidding when you said that word spread fast” and he says “ok i was kidding when i said that i seriously wasn’t expecting this”
- when you make it to class, mingyu gives you a hug and says “have a good class!!” while making a finger heart
- you’re like ew get tf away from me and mingyu fake cries
- when you enter class, you get to your seat and you’re attacked by the people next to you who exclaim “you’re dating mingyu!!! finally!!!”
- you say “finally???” and they say “we knew you’d both end up together eventually!!!” and you’re like umm what are you saying??
- you and mingyu become the talk of the school it’s crazy, like for once you’re not just “mingyu’s friend”, now people actually know your name and you’re just like wow. this popularity LOL
- after school, you get to mingyu’s workplace and like you expected, your drink is sitting in your usual spot and you grin as you take your seat
- mingyu says “well i did promise you free drinks sooo that’s the first of many” and you say “thank you!!”
- he asks “oh so how was your first day of being my s/o??” and you say “ugh i mean i knew you were popular but what the heck?? i was almost late to all my classes because i kept being stopped by your admirers”
- mingyu says “at least we know they’re all convinced”
- speaking of his admirers, they all suddenly walk through the door and mingyu immediately grabs your hand and says “well i’ve got work to do, you’ll be here right??”
- you take out some homework and say “of course…….. darling” and you cringe to death while mingyu cracks up
- this goes on for about three weeks now and the excitement is still so high it’s crazy
- while hanging around in the coffee shop on a saturday evening, mingyu asks “i’m off tomorrow, do you want to go on a date?”
- you exclaim “WOAH DATE??” and mingyu laughs “well i can’t say hang out because we’re you know”
- you say “don’t say it like that!!! it’s embarrassing??” and he says “ok but is that a yes or a no LOL”
- you say “obviously a yes….. where are we going??”
- mingyu says “there’s apparently a spring festival going on this sunday!! let’s go check it out!!”
- you say “NICE that sounds cool, it’s just like when we were kids” and he says “right?? okay well it’s in the afternoon near evening so i’ll come by at around 5pm”
- near 5pm the next day and your roommate asks “are you going to the festivals too?” and you say “yeah!! i’m going with my….. (cringe) boyfriend” and they say “wait…… you’re wearing that??? you look like you’re about to go to bed”
- you say “it’s just mingyu LOL” and at that very moment, someone knocks on the door and you know it’s him
- you open the door, surprised to see your best friend dressed up so nicely while you’re just standing there wearing like….. shorts and an old hoodie….. oh whoops
- but you just shrug and say “well you’re dressed like you’re going on an actual date”
- he grins “this is a date” and you’re like “slfjasljds I TOLD YOU NOT TO SAY THAT”
- mingyu just says “BUT IT IS—” AND YOU’RE LIKE NO S TOP
- the event’s apparently in downtown, so you both have to take the train there, and the walk to the station is as normal as it can get, with you and mingyu playfully arguing and making lame jokes and puns like always
- you finally get to the station, but when the train comes…… it is PACKED
- which is crazy because??? is EVERYONE in town going to this event??
- mingyu says “well it’s like any other spring festival, it was bound to be packed. i say we take this one since there’s no point waiting for the next if it’s going to be just as packed. we only have a few stops anyway”
- you nod and you both push yourselves through the sea of people to get inside when the doors slide open
- but the second they close, everyone relaxes, making it so hard for you to even move….. your back is already against the wall, there isn’t any space left
- when the next stop comes, everyone is pushing each other out of the way either to get in or get out, and someone pushes mingyu, and he slams a hand on the wall you’re against to regain his balance
- your faces end up REALLY close to each other, and you could swear your face is burning and it’s not because it’s so cramped in there……
- he asks “are….. you okay?” and you say “yeah i’m fine” (you’re not)
- mingyu says “there’s not much room left…… and you’ll definitely get hurt, so let’s just stay like this until our stop” and you just quietly nod your head like asjfshldjk what is happening to me????
- when you reach your stop, you and mingyu exit the train and stare in awe at the sight before you because the spring festival is so pretty under this sunset sky
- there are street food stands, games, blooming flowers and pretty lights….. you just think about how nice it is to be here with mingyu because it’s a nice throwback to your childhood and all the festivals you’d go to together
- you think it’s nice that for once, it’s just you two and not the whole school watching your every move
- but you were wrong
- mingyu says “i expected this” and from the corner of your eye, you can see a group of people a distance away pretending to look at the flowers
- and in front of you, you can see a few classmates of yours looking in you and mingyu’s direction
- heck there are even people purposely bumping into mingyu to get his attention????
- you know everyone goes to this festival but can you all look at the flowers instead?? can you go eat the food with your friends without having to be watching us?? can you not strike up a convo with mingyu when i’m standing right here??? can you let us LIVE
- mingyu clearly knows what’s going on and says “just ignore them for now, maybe they’ll leave after a while”
- but they don’t, they’re not even enjoying the festival, they’re literally just there spying on you guys like please leave
- you ask “why won’t they leave??”
- mingyu says “i overheard a few people say they don’t believe us being together, that’s probably why they’re watching us like hawks” and you say “really?”
- he nods “they said we act like we normally do. we apparently don’t seem like a real couple, someone even said that maybe i’m just using you to stop people from confessing”
- you’re say “well they’re not wrong” and he says “yeah but they can’t know that LOL”
- when you and mingyu are walking around, you sigh for the hundredth time that evening when you notice a group of people following you
- mingyu asks you “are they really still following us??” and you say “apparently. what do we have to do to convince them??”
- mingyu’s face lights up when an idea comes to mind, but his cheeks are red when he says “there’s one thing we can do….. but i’m not sure if you’ll be up for it.”
- you ask “what is it??”
- mingyu stops walking, making you stop as well, and he looks down at you and says “kiss me.”
- you exclaim “WHAT…. WHAT DID YOU SAY??” but he pulls you close and says
- “kiss me while they’re looking.”
- you begin “what the hell are you—” but mingyu’s the one to kiss you instead and your eyes go wide when you realize what’s happening
- you almost push him off of you but….. something stops you from doing so….. and instead you close your eyes and kiss him back…..
- when you both pull away, you look to the side to see the group of people in complete shock and you tell mingyu “i think it worked”
- they stop following you guys after this
- mingyu’s face suddenly turns red when everything sinks in and he screams “I’M SORRY THAT WAS JUST TO GET THEM TO STOP YOU KNOW THAT RIGHT I’M SORRY”
- you, who’s also red in the face, say “oh no it’s fine!!! i mean….. it was just to convince them right?? i know it didn’t mean anything”
- at your words, mingyu’s face falls slightly, but it’s too subtle for you to notice
- the “date” goes well but you just keep thinking of the kiss the entire time…..
- you know mingyu, he wouldn’t just kiss anyone, whether it’s on the lips OR cheek…. could he…. maybe….?
- you shake your head at the thought because there’s NO WAY like you’re his best friend, he chose you because he knew he wouldn’t be able to pull that off with someone else
- but something changed after that kiss
- over the next few days, you start to see mingyu as more than a friend……
- and to think this is all pretend……
- hurts?
- mingyu’s your best friend, holding his hand is normal, you’ve had piggyback rides from him before, and hangouts are just called dates because you’re now “a couple”
- but you can’t stop the rapid beating of your heart whenever he holds you close
- or whenever he grabs your hand while walking down the streets
- or whenever he smiles at you and calls you cheesy pet names to tease you
- you didn’t think this would ever happen but….. you think……
- you’ve fallen for your best friend
- while you’re eating lunch together, mingyu asks “i’ll see you at the coffee shop after school?”
- you say “i actually have a lot of things to work on, so maybe not tonight….” and he says “that’s fine!! work hard, i’ll see you tomorrow morning!!”
- that night, you’re sitting on your desk, twirling a pencil in your hand to try to finish up some homework but you just CAN’T CONCENTRATE
- even your roommate’s like “hey you haven’t touched your paper in the past hour” and you’re like “really?? i….. i didn’t even notice…..”
- they ask “what’s up?? is there something wrong??” but you lie “no i’m just really not in the mood to do homework. i’m all right”
- but you’re not…… you just keep feeling so sad because how long will you be able to keep this up??
- you don’t want to keep this going when you know your feelings for him aren’t fake anymore because you know that eventually…… you’re going to get hurt
- you have to end this now
- you check the time to see that it’s nine in the evening and mingyu’s shift ends in an hour
- if you catch him at work, he wouldn’t be able to leave and you could be alone to give yourself time to calm your heart which will most likely be broken afterwards
- you get up and your roommate says “you’re leaving?? if you are, bring an umbrella because it’s apparently going to rain a bit later” but you shake your head and say that it’s fine because you won’t be out for too long
- while walking down the streets, you think of these past few weeks with mingyu and even your childhood memories and to think your friendship will probably be ruined after tonight……
- the coffee shop is finally in view and you walk inside without your usual grin
- mingyu notices it immediately and gets a worried look on his face
- after a quick hello, when you sit in your usual spot, he asks “(name), are you all right??” and you fake a smile and say “me?? of course why wouldn’t i be??”
- but mingyu doesn’t believe you and says “no you’re not. but i know what’ll cheer you up, i’ll make your favorite drink in a sec!!” and he goes straight to work
- while he’s making your drink, you look around the shop to see that it’s pretty much empty….
- which makes you feel more at ease knowing that no one will eavesdrop….. well besides mingyu’s co-worker who’s in the back making pastries but it doesn’t matter to you that much
- you look at mingyu sadly, and you tell yourself that this all has to end now….
- you say “mingyu?”
- “hm?”
- “let’s break up.”
- mingyu stops what he’s doing….. and you could swear that the world went dead silent for a moment
- he whispers “what….. did you say?”
- you say “i’m breaking up with you. this whole fake dating thing—it’s over now, okay?”
- mingyu just looks at you in shock…… your drink halfway done, and his entire body frozen…..
- you get up from your seat and say “i’m going now then. i just wanted to tell you that.”
- you get from your seat and walk out the door, ignoring mingyu who’s calling your name
- your roommate was right; it’s raining outside, but you don’t care and run out into the streets to get as far away as possible
- you eventually slow down to a stop and look down, thinking about how you and mingyu’s friendship is all ruined now……. and it’s all because you let your feelings get in the way……
- while looking down, you soon realize….. rain isn’t falling on your head anymore
- you look up to find an umbrella over your head, and you turn around to see a panting mingyu
- you say “mingyu what are you—”
- he cuts you off and says “(name), wait….. before you say anything else….. why did you break up with me?”
- you answer “mingyu, we were never really “together”. i think we’ve convinced everyone enough.”
- he says “no. give me the real reason. i know you’re lying.”
- you argue “i’m not lying.”
- “yes, you are.”
- “no, i’m not.”
- “yes, you are, (name).”
- “no, i’m NOT”
- mingyu asks “what do you mean?”
- you look down and confess “i just….. can’t keep pretending to love you when i know i really do….. holding hands, going on dates, that kiss….. i can’t stand the fact that all this is fake…..”
- you keep your eyes planted to the ground and all you can hear is the sound of rain hitting the pavement
- until mingyu says
- “…it never was fake to me.”
- you look up, only to be caught off guard as mingyu takes a step forward and surprises you with a kiss on the lips
- he drops the umbrella and instead cups your cheeks while you hold onto his shirt tightly
- and it’s just crazy because you’re kissing your best friend in the rain and…… it’s something you’ve been waiting for forever even though you’d never admit it……
- when mingyu pulls away, you joke “idiot, pick up the umbrella, we’re going to get sick”
- but he just laughs and pulls you in for another kiss
- the next day at school, mingyu walks you to your class and as usual, people have their eyes on you two
- you notice this and smirk “well…. seems like they’re all staring at us again.”
- mingyu grins “yeah? kiss me while they’re looking.”
- (you do)

Theft - Part 1 (A Sehun Two-Shot)

Theft - Part 1 (A Sehun Two-Shot)

Genre: Suspense / Angst / Psychological Thriller 

Pairing: You X Oh Sehun

A/N: well this was going to be a Halloween one shot. I am lame and slow, so it is now an after Halloween two shot. Before you invest yourself in this, you should be aware of the warnings that will apply to Part 2, which include a knife/blade warning, as well as a smut warning.

He is out of your league. This fact is irrefutable. The hair, the skin, those broad shoulders with unimaginable arm muscles; the clothes, and that watch on his wrist–everything about him is beautiful. Striking. Unattainable.

This isn’t even your country. That isn’t even your language you hear peppered off his tongue in a slick Seoul city accent as he orders his coffee. You are an outsider, a visitor. A tourist in the truest sense of the term, as you are quite literally on vacation now. Alone in Korea, and for two entire months.

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"You're such a bitch" chloenette for the writing prompt please if your still taking requests

Authors note: I am so excited that I have multiple Chloenette and Ladybee promts in this challenge so I can explore so many dynamics in this relationship! For this one, I had to go with humor ^_^ (For those looking for romantic Chloenette don’t worry, it’s coming) 

“Chloe, what are you doing?” Marinette asked as she stared at girl who was currently lounging in Alya’s seat. 

“I’m sitting next to my best friend of course!” She smiled, patting the desk beside her, “Cesaire can sit over there. Isn’t that right Sabrina?” she called to her usual partner in crime. 

“Of course! Whatever you think is best Chloe. I’m so excited we are getting new friends!” Sabrina grinned manically, giving Marinette an energetic wave. 

Marinette slide into her seat. “What did you tell her?” she hissed, “I thought we were clear yesterday that a secret identity needs to be kept a secret!” 

Of all the people to possibly find out about her alter ego, it had to be Chloe. 

“Of course I didn’t tell her about… you know… I just told her that you and I ran into each other at a cafe and hashed out our differences,” Chloe whispered back. “So I was thinking we should go shopping together after class.” 

“Why would you tell Sabrina that?” Marinette asked, praying that she could get this whole mess sorted out before Alya and Nino showed up. If she was lucky maybe today they would have one of their morning make out sessions and come racing in seconds before the bell. 

“Well Sabrina is my best friend, I had to tell her something! Especially since we are going to be spending so much time together now. I didn’t want her freaking out and going all… invisible again.” 

“What… time togeth… what are you talking about?” 

Chloe gave her a pitying smile, “Oh silly, you don’t have to pretend anymore. I know you have to keep up the whole lame, clumsy persona so that people don’t figure out your secret, but you don’t have to hide from me! I’m your best friend!” 

“No you’re really not.” 

“And I know you better than anyone.” 

“I seriously doubt that.” 

“and just think, now you can be yourself around someone! Because we are truly together now. It’s like destiny. Me and Ladybug, just like it was always meant to be. And you know you can even act like less of a spaz and everyone will just assume that it’s because our friendship has made you that much cooler, and no one will suspect that it’s just your true self shining through.” 

“Could this get any worse?” 

“Chloe?” a new voice interrupted. “What are you doing in Alya’s seat?” 

Apparently it could get worse, because Marinette looked up to see Adrien, looking confused, standing next to his own place in front of her. Great. 

“Oh Adrikins! Marinette and I have decided to become best friends. It’s alright if I bring her with me for our monthly movie night on Thursday right?”

“Sure, I guess…” Adrien said still looking like he was expecting to wake up any second to find the whole conversation was a dream. Or maybe Marinette was projecting.

“I was thinking we could all go shopping first,” Chloe continued obliviously, “or maybe manicures because really Marinette we should do something about your poor nails. Oh! Before I forget- selfie!” She pulled out her phone, slinging an arm around Marinette shoulder and giving the camera a brilliant grin. Marinette scowled, then flushed self consciously when she noticed Adrien staring at them both with a strange, searching expression. 

“Sorry!” Adrien said, shaking his head when he realized he had been caught staring, “deja vu… anyways I am glad you two are getting along now, it will be fun to all hang out together.” He gave them both an encouraging smile and slipped into his own seat, pulling out his phone. 

Marinette sighed, slumping down in her chair. At least something good might come out of this. It seemed that Chloe was finally going to stop trying to ruin her already disastrous attempts to spend time with Adrien.

“So where should be go for lunch?” Chloe asked. 

“Chloe, we are not going to lunch together,” Marinette said trying to channel her mother’s firm but quiet tone. “We are not best friends, and you need to go back to your seat, preferably before Alya gets here.” 

“But you’re Ladybug.” 

“Yes, but I am also Marinette. You know, the girl you picked on mercilessly for the last 5 years?” 

“I know and I forgive you for that.” 

“Chloe,” Marinette growled, “get out of that seat.” 

“God, you’re such a bitch. So anyways I was thinking seafood…” 

If you can’t sleep... we could have sex?

Request: 62 pls

Could you do #62 with Peter? Thanks love xx

Summary: You’re facetiming your boyfriend Peter in bed and you end up inviting him over.

I’m having a bit of writers block right now so this is a little short and lame and stuff

Originally posted by septodragon

“If you can’t sleep… we could have sex,”

“Peter, you’re not even here,”

“Oh believe me I could be there in like 30 seconds. Just say the word,”

“If we were talking about anything other than sex then that line would’ve been adorable,”

“Well not nearly as adorable as you my dear,”

You giggled and said nothing in response, you both just stared at each other through the screen. You sighed in content at the boy on your phone. He was yours, all yours. You were so happy and grateful for that. He made you happy, and he felt like home. Better than home. You could count on him for anything.

“Come over,” You told him softly, having a sudden strong urge to be with him right now. 

   His eyebrows raised at your request, “Like right now?” He asked,

“Yes right now Peter. Come spend the night with me,”

   His face lit up as a smile grew over his features. He sat up in his bed and that’s when the call ended. Peter actually hung up on you without saying goodbye. A part of you wasn’t too concerned knowing that he was probably on his way. 

   You set your phone on your bedside table and laid silently, the ghost of a smile still lingering on your lips. 

    Surely enough a few moments later, you heard rustling outside your window, and in clambered Peter, in a very chaotic fashion. Once his feet were steady on the ground, he looked down and smiled at you, “Hey,” he greeted breathlessly, standing in a pair of grey sweatpants and black tee. 

“Hi,” you responded. 

  He made his way over to your bed and brought himself underneath the covers behind you. You closed your eyes as you felt his arms wrap around your hips pulling you closer to his body. Peter buried his face in your y/h/c and inhaled your sweet scent, cherishing this moment. 

  You had both settled and the only sound you could hear was the smooth rhythm of your breaths until Peter spoke up, “Really though, if you can’t sleep, just say the word and my clothes will be on the floor,” 

  You laughed at him and shook your head, “Go to sleep Peter,” 

“But if I can’t, then can we have sex?” 

You sighed opening your eyes and rolling them. You turned around in his arms to face him, then moved your left leg to the other side of him so you were sat straddling his hips. He stared up at you with wide eyes, “What are you-” you quickly cut him off by connecting your lips with his in a slow, deep kiss…

So this one isn’t all that great, I just wanted to post something for you guys so i tried.


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Fanfic with just a n y t h i n g with mike wheeler ft eleven, please and thank you!! ♥️

Pairing: Mike Wheeler x Reader

Warnings: One swear

A/N: I didn’t want to make it a jealous love triangle thing with Eleven, Mike and the reader so instead, I made it as Eleven is friends with the reader and Mike does not have feelings for her (Eleven). Sorry if that wasn’t what you exactly wanted! I got the title from the game Telephone? Hopefully people get it?

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“Steve tells me if you like a girl you’re supposed to show you don’t care about her.” 

Furrowing his brows at Dustin, Lucas opened his mouth to say something then closed it. Then opened it again.

“That makes absolutely no sense. You’re going to trust Steve Harrington with love advice?” 

“Hey! Steve’s gotten lots of girls.” Dustin defended.

“Yeah, and the only girl he actually wanted dumped him! What were you even doing asking Steve for love advice?”

“Guys!” Mike butted in. “Not helping.” 

“Sorry Mike.” They chorused. 

“I think you should just tell her. We all think you should.” Will piped up. All the boys nodded. To be honest, they were getting tired of Mike pining after Y/N. 

“But how? And what if she doesn’t like me back? She’s one of my best friends! I don’t want to mess this up.” Mike groaned, flopping back onto the sofa. They were all sitting in the basement of the Wheeler residence, discussing this very serious matter.

“What about Nancy?” Dustin asked.

“Nancy? What about her?” 

She’s your sister… A girl… Who has a boyfriend of her own…” Dustin waved his hands in a pinwheeling motion, trying to get him to catch his drift. 

“No! No way! I’m not going to ask my sister for love advice!” Mike said, horrified.

Rolling their eyes, Dustin, Lucas and Will internally groaned. 

“Suit yourself.”


“What?” The red haired girl grinned mischievously. “You do! You love Mike!”

Turning as scarlet as her friends hair, she waved her arms around, trying to shush her.

“I don’t! I just.. I just..” Y/N sputtered, trying to think up of what to say.

“Just tell him already!” Max giggled. 

“I agree.” Eleven spoke softly. “Tell Mike.” 

Both girls grinned. “Tell Mike you looovveeee him!” They said simultaneously, before collapsing in heaps of laughter.

“Alright, alright!” Y/N smiled, still pink faced. “Stop it already. I’m not telling Mike.” 

“Why not?” Eleven asked curiously. 

“Because I don’t know if he likes me back!”

Even Eleven rolled her eyes at Y/N. “He does! Trust us.” Max sighed. 

“The TV I watch. Love.. Soap operas? Mike looks at you like how they do in there.” Eleven said slowly, proud at how forming sentences was easier now.

“Just ask Nancy! I’m sure she’d know if Mike liked you.” Max shrugged.

“I’m not going to ask Nancy about Mike. That’d be weird!” Y/N refused adamantly.

Sharing a look, Max and Eleven sighed. 

“Yeah right.”

“How’s your family?”

Twirling the cord of her phone, Nancy shrugged, although knowing Jonathan couldn’t see her. The Byers were on a vacation, courtesy to Joyce’s boyfriend Bob Newby, who had taken them to New York. 

“Mom and Dad are the same as always. Mike though, you wouldn’t believe it! He has a crush! On Y/N!”

He told you this?” Jonathan’s voice was amused at Nancy’s delight for her brother having a crush. 

“No, of course not. I wish he would. We agreed we shouldn’t keep secrets from each other last year, but you know how everything worked out. But you can tell. He looks at her all lovesick with big eyes, it’s adorable!” Nancy gushed. 

Jonathan laughed. “Do you know if Y/N likes him back then?”

“She does actually. Steve told me-” 

Steve? He’s in on this too?” Jonathan’s cheeks were beginning to hurt from grinning at Nancy, now Steve’s as well, antics.

“Well, yes, in a way. You know he loves the kids! Not that he’d admit it though. He told me he heard from Max that Y/N does like Mike but she’s too scared to tell him and its the same with Mike I know it!” 

Grinning too now, Nancy relented at the sound of Jonathan cackling. “Okay, okay, laugh it up. I’m just happy for Mike alright?”

I know. I can tell.” 

Creeping up the stairs, Y/N looked around nervously to see if anyone else was around.

No one was. 

It was a week after her talk with Eleven and Max, and a week after Mike’s talk with Will, Dustin and Lucas. 

Y/N had lied to her friends (they were all gathered in the basement downstairs of the Wheeler household) and said she had to go to the bathroom but in reality, was doing something quite different.

Reaching the top of the stairs, she made her way to a closed door, hearing the buzz of a voice behind it, still looking cautiously behind her before bumping into someone.


Oh shit.

Mike! What are you doing here?” Y/N tried to calm her racing heart desperately.

“This is my house?” Mike looked at her confusedly, but he looked flustered as well.

“I meant, like here.”

“In front of Nancy’s room? Well she’s my sister so, um.. I was going to ask her what she wanted for dinner.” Mike finished lamely.

“It’s one o’clock.” Y/N blinked.

“What are you doing here?” Mike rounded on her, avoiding her comment.

“I saw Nancy’s new shoes the other day and I wanted to ask where she got them.” Y/N fibbed quickly. 

“Nancy didn’t buy any new shoes lately.” Mike said slowly.

Silence enveloped them, both wondering why they were lying to each other about seeing Nancy and why they both wanted to see Nancy. 

Suddenly, Mike lunged forwards to kiss Y/N, almost missing her lips, hands fluttering near her face but too nervous to touch her. His resolve crumbled when she touched him and kissed him back, his fingers cupping her face. 

Smiling, they pulled apart slowly, then leaned in again before getting interrupted by Nancy’s door flying open. Jumping apart, they all stared at each other with wide eyes. 

Nancy smirked at their red faces, trying to push down her thrill. 


She shut her door again with a bang. Y/N and Mike stared at each other, blushing furiously still.

“Wh-what did she mean by finally?” 

“I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s good.”