this is so innapropriate

okay, but imagine a prequels roleswap au where plo koon and his rebellious padawan ahsoka tano are the duo sent to naboo to settle with the trade federation. after plo’s death, ahsoka is the knight who takes anakin in.

imagine the adventures of snippy and skykid, the jedi master who won’t her padawan call her ‘master’ and the tiny child who won’t let her get away with ‘skykid.’ the council has so many stress headaches. so. many.

“master tano, it is unnecessary to allow your padawan extra blankets -” “YOU’RE UNNECESSARY” “padawan skywalker, please stop cuddling your master that is an innapropriate -” “BUT SHE’S SO WARM”

and then itty bitty teeny weeny, stickler-for-the-rules obi-wan kenobi gets apprenticed to anakin skywalker in the middle of a war, and, well.

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Persia, squatting down to smol byz's height: So, this is your son now? Rome: Eh, little brother. He's really young and impressionable so don't do anything innapropriate. Persia: 'Aight *silence* Persia: FU-- *is kicked by Greece and Rome*

Rome: IDIOT!!

Persia: then how do you explain Romano??

Rome: he… um… he’s just special…

I think something that makes people with BPD more susceptible to being abused is that we’re constantly told that our emotions are “innapropriate” and that we’re overreacting so when someone actually does something to hurt us or is abusive we always second guess ourselves and think that we’re overreacting so we stay with people who are hurting us, or allow ourselves to be abused because we think if we talk about it we’ll be accused of overreacting. It’s very easy to manipulate people with BPD into think we’re being dramatic because we are constantly told that we are doing just that.


Im gonna go on a bit of a rant here. So today it was school picture day at my school. I was wearing a tank top that came up all the way to my neck and was not showing any of my bra. YET SOMEHOW, THE PHOTO LADY TOLD ME TO PUT ON A OVERSIZED SHIRT TO COVER IT UP. Like excuse me, one of my good friends was wearing a dress that showed cleavage. My outfit wasnt innapropriate. Also I wasn’t ordering any pictures, so it shouldnt have mattered. I TRIED to protest but she wouldnt take my picture otherwise bc i needed the pic for my school ID. So, my blood boiling, i stood for the picture. She said she was following school rules. SHE DOESNT EVEN WORK FOR THE SCHOOL!!!! and the best part, here it comes, SHE HAD THE FUCKING AUDACITY TO TELL ME TO SMILE. excuse me, but trying to force me into sexist gender standards will not make me smile. I know of wayyyyyyy too many cases of stuff like this happening and it NEEDS TO STOP.