this is so innapropriate

Symptoms of OCD people don't talk about

-Depressive episodes
-Generalized anxiety
-Mild to severe hallucinations
-Innapropriate emotional reactions
-Hypersexuality v no libido changing constantly
-So many thoughts in your head it’s just a roaring buzzing noise and all you can do is cry
-Noticing literally everything, whether it’s things passing by, what everyone around you says no matter how far, how people react or say things, mood changes, how things feel, how another person’s hands feel because they just touched something dirty and didn’t wash up
-Sudden selective mutism
-Nightmares every single time you sleep
-Separation anxiety

Among so many others.

okay, but imagine a prequels roleswap au where plo koon and his rebellious padawan ahsoka tano are the duo sent to naboo to settle with the trade federation. after plo’s death, ahsoka is the knight who takes anakin in.

imagine the adventures of snippy and skykid, the jedi master who won’t her padawan call her ‘master’ and the tiny child who won’t let her get away with ‘skykid.’ the council has so many stress headaches. so. many.

“master tano, it is unnecessary to allow your padawan extra blankets -” “YOU’RE UNNECESSARY” “padawan skywalker, please stop cuddling your master that is an innapropriate -” “BUT SHE’S SO WARM”

and then itty bitty teeny weeny, stickler-for-the-rules obi-wan kenobi gets apprenticed to anakin skywalker in the middle of a war, and, well.

So today this one teacher (he’s really attractive) was trying to give us a hint on a word because my class didn’t know it. He was trying to give us the word ‘Directions’.
My Teacher: “Come on class. I’ll give you a hint it starts with D and ends with erections.”
Let’s just say my class couldn’t stop laughing. He was even laughing!

Baby I Adore You

Bucky x Fem!Reader ((Smut!))

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Requested by my bff: @badasscas-3-lol

This is my first, so go easy on me!

Summary: You’re enjoying a party with all the Avengers, everyone is having a great time, and Bucky can’t seem to take his eyes off you. He’s fallen head over heels for you…He adores everything about you and he wants to make you his…

Word Count: 1,378

Warnings: Good ole fashioned SMUT!

Music was blaring, and everyone was drinking having a great time. It’s been awhile since everyone could just kick their feet up and relax with their friends.

You were invited to the party, you may not be an Avenger but they all still loved you as apart of the family. You held your favorite martini in your hand, your (H/L) (H/C) hair smooth and combed nicely. You took the time to doll yourself up for this party.

The boys and the girls complimented you on how beautiful you looked, Tony throwing in a ‘You wanna fuck’ look here and there. You just simply rolled your eyes and laughed at him. He was attractive, you gave him that.

There was however one man, who hasn’t said a single word the whole night, who couldn’t take his eyes off you…Bucky. He loved everything about you, from your beautiful (E/C) eyes, to your plump limps, to your amazing figure, he always found himself gawking at you. Bucky was head over heels for you, he just couldn’t bring himself to say it. He would get extremely jealous when Tony would flirt with you that he’d often break something before storming out of the room leaving everyone confused. By god this man wanted you, he wanted to make you his, he wanted you so bad. He wanted to just pin you against the wall and fuck you senseless.

You turned your head and caught him staring at you, he straightened up and quickly looked away. You cocked an eyebrow and walked over to him.

“Hey hey Bucky, enjoying the party?” You asked, your voice sweet like honey

He squirmed, awkwardly crossing his legs, he had a lot of dirty thoughts running through his mind right now but he managed to force out a reply

“Uh…ahem….yeah it’s great….” He awkwardly scratched his neck with his metal arm, then pushing a strand of his brown hair out of his face.

“What’s up?” You asked “you seem tense..”

You placed a hand on his shoulder, causing him to jolt up and speed walk out of the room. Everyone turned to look at him and then to you

“What’s with him?” Natasha asked

“He’s probably horny!” Tony laughed

“So innapropriate!” Steve quirped

You set your drink down on the table and followed after Bucky to see what was up, leaving Tony to get smacked upside head by Big Daddy Steve.

You knocked on Bucky’s door, his voice echoed through telling you to come in. You opened the door to his neatly arranged room, but your face flushed bright crimson as you saw Bucky standing there without a shirt on, showing his muscles, you could feel a knot forming in your lower area

“Oh (Y/N)….” He said knocking you out of your trance “What’s up?”

“I just wanted to know why you stormed off from the party..?” You asked turning to look away, all you got in reply was a shrug.

“You can tell me.” You said kind heartedly looking at him now

“Wasn’t feeling good.” He said turning to fully face you, you caught yourself staring at his body

“That’s a lie…” You retorted

“Okay yes, it was lie.” He said slowly making his way over to you. You backed up until you were corned against the wall and Bucky

“Then what was the problem?”

He was really close to you now, you could smell the cologne on him, and you could feel his body heat

“There is this really beautiful girl, I adore everything about her…I’ve fallen hard for her that it’s hard for me to be around her without wanting fuck her passionately but roughly against a wall…I love her so much, and I hope she feels the same..”

You looked up at him, your eyes sparkling

“Who is this girl?”

“Its you..”

You felt butterflies swarm in your stomach, you can’t believe he had feelings for you. Suddenly you felt his thumb on your chin, tilting your head to look up at him

“I can’t hold in my feelings anymore (Y/N)…I must know.. do you feel the same way?” He looked down at you with soft eyes

You did have feelings for him and to hear him say that he loves you made your feelings grow stronger for him. You longed for him. You nodded your head showing you felt the same way

His thumb traced your bottom lip and he moved his head closer to you, your lips barely touching

Bucky then pressed his lips to yours, they were soft, and he kissed you passionately, showing all the love he had for you. He snaked his arms around your lower back and lifted you up with ease, you wrapped your legs around his waist

He licked your bottom lip with his tongue asking for entrance, to which you gladly agreed. You gave him access and he plunged his tongue deep into your mouth swirling his tongue with yours. The feeling of his tongue pressed against your made you moan, you began to feel heat pool between your legs

Breaking the kiss he carried you over to his bed and laid you down, climbing on top of you. He moved his metal arm down to your thighs, gripping and squeezing, before looking at the button to your pants. He looked up at you, asking for approval to continue, and you nodded. He popped the button open and slid his metal hand into your panties, be began to tease your womanhood, making slow circles with his fingers

You buck your hips in rhythm with his fingers, moaning at the sensation his cool metal fingers gave you. He leaned down and began to make out with you again while he slowly slid two of his metal fingers into your wet pussy, he began to slowly finger you, making sure it felt good

While he fingered you with his metal arm, his other arm made its way up your shirt, groping your breats. He took one of your nipples between his fingers and teased the sensitive bud, you became a moaning mess now as his fingers began to slowly pick up pace

He broke the kiss and looked down at you without filled eyes. You could see his cock, already rock hard, pressed up against his pants, how you wanted it to fill you up right now

He removed his fingers from your dripping cunt, he then straight up ripped your shirt down the middle, and then your bra. He then yanked your panties and pants off so that you were now fully exposed to him

“Damn babygirl…” He exhaled at your gorgeous figure “look at how wet you are for me…”

You bit your bottom lip as he dropped his pants and boxer, his length springing free…he was huge and you wondered how he’d fit, and how painful this was going to be

Seeing your reaction he lined himself up with your entrance, the head of his cock making your legs shake from just the small touch. “Don’t worry doll, I’ll be gentle…”

He slowly pushed himself inside of you. You clenched the sheets in your hands, as the walls of your pussy adjust to his size. Before you know it he’s burried deep within you. He slowly starts to fuck you, making sure he doesn’t hurt you. He leans down and kisses you to help you think of something other than the pain you’re feeling

He slowly picks up speed. You moan into his mouth, his cock felt good sliding in and out of you. You wrapped your arms around him and pulled his close, whispering in his ear “Harder…”

He smirked and began to pound you, the bed squeaking and you moaning uncontrollably whilst he fucked you

You felt yourself reaching your climax, each thrust hit your g-spot and it felt so good. You clenched the sheets in your hands and bit your lip “I’m gonna….” You were cut off by your moans as his cock slammed in and out of you pleasurably

“Do it baby…” He panted

You arched your back and moaned loudly as you climaxed all over his cock, after a few more thrusts you feel a warm feeling in your pussy as he shot his seed deep inside you

He pulls out and lays down next you pulling you close to him

“Baby…I adore you..” He said looking at you as he played with your hair

You smiled and planted a kiss to his lips

“I adore you too James Buchanan Barnes.”

So I got out of the hospital and now i’m enrolled in an outpatient program with four other women and we all just sit around talking about our lives and feelings

And the therapist asked me what makes me happy and I said reading makes me happy, then she asked what book i’m currently reading and it just so happened to be Band of Brothers

And no one knew what that is so they had me explain the premise and talk about why i like the topic and what about the topic makes me happy

So basically I just sat in therapy for half an hour explaining why a group of paratroopers from WW2 makes me excited to be alive and anyway it was wild

Afro-Magic Tips

Note: all my Afro-magic tips are hands off to non Black people, but this is one of the few that I see as ESPECIALLY closed.

Black people who feel they’ve lost their way…

Our enslaved ancestors were lost. They were taken to a strange land and subjected to numerous horrors. They wanted to escape, but they couldn’t. Very few were successful.

I had a thought while thinking about that old song “follow the drinking gourd”. We’re lost. Not just in the general sense that we’re an oppressed minority outside our now colonized homeland. But also, shit, I feel lost right now not knowing what college major is most conducive to the Black community. My best friend is lost cuz he’s in an abusive relationship. My mom is lost cuz she’s perpetually unemployed.

Call upon Harriet. Look to the North Star. Follow the Drinking Gourd. When you feel lost in life, look towards our old guides for new answers.

Is this an innapropriate use? I don’t think so. Some may disagree, and that’s fine, because guess what, there’s no official way to remember and use Harriet Tubman’s memory, or the astronomical guides of our people. If you want to ask for a sign from the North Star if you should marry your s.o, go ahead. If you’d rather use it while mulling over whether or not your org should go through with a demonstration, that’s also fine.

I wish I had some more developed ideas for this. But it just enterred my head and I wanted to get it down before I lost it. I hope what’s here helps, even if a little bit.

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Be honest with us oh goddess Melons (dude that sounds so innapropriate lmao anyway)... In your Death By Glamour animation (a reeeeally good one btw), Papyrus has the heart-doki-doki-I'm-in-love eyes because of Mettatton am I right? ;3

haha you are 100% correct. XD 

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What would the twins reaction to someone trying to touch you innapropriately include?❤❤❤

Okay, so you didn’t specify if you wanted an imagine or preference, so I wrote a preference! If you want an imagine, just request it, because I already have an idea. I hope you like this!! xx


-”Get your hands off of my girl right now!!”

-Would be super pissed and yell at whoever it was for a while

-“Omg, Babe, are you okay? Look at me, look at me, it’s gonna be okay.”

-Would be even more overprotective afterwards

-“I swear, I won’t let anyone else ever touch you like that.”

-Would calm you down for hours afterward, and do anything to make you smile

-“I love you. I love you so much. If I had to, I would have fought him. I still would. You don’t deserve that. You are perfect, and wonderful, and beautiful, and mine.”


-“Hey, get the fuck off of her!! I swear to god, I will rip your throat out if I have to!”

-Would be super angry and try to fight the guy and you’d have to calm him down

-“Omg Y/N, I’m supposed to be the one calming you down. I’m so sorry.”

-Would cuddle with you for hours, and be so sweet to you

-“If I find out where he lives, will you let me shave off his eyebrows in the middle of the night?”

-Would buy you a ton of ice cream because he wouldn’t know what else to do

-“I’m not letting you out of my sight ever again. I promise, I’ll protect you.”