this is so innapropriate

Symptoms of OCD people don't talk about

-Depressive episodes
-Generalized anxiety
-Mild to severe hallucinations
-Innapropriate emotional reactions
-Hypersexuality v no libido changing constantly
-So many thoughts in your head it’s just a roaring buzzing noise and all you can do is cry
-Noticing literally everything, whether it’s things passing by, what everyone around you says no matter how far, how people react or say things, mood changes, how things feel, how another person’s hands feel because they just touched something dirty and didn’t wash up
-Sudden selective mutism
-Nightmares every single time you sleep
-Separation anxiety

Among so many others.

okay, but imagine a prequels roleswap au where plo koon and his rebellious padawan ahsoka tano are the duo sent to naboo to settle with the trade federation. after plo’s death, ahsoka is the knight who takes anakin in.

imagine the adventures of snippy and skykid, the jedi master who won’t her padawan call her ‘master’ and the tiny child who won’t let her get away with ‘skykid.’ the council has so many stress headaches. so. many.

“master tano, it is unnecessary to allow your padawan extra blankets -” “YOU’RE UNNECESSARY” “padawan skywalker, please stop cuddling your master that is an innapropriate -” “BUT SHE’S SO WARM”

and then itty bitty teeny weeny, stickler-for-the-rules obi-wan kenobi gets apprenticed to anakin skywalker in the middle of a war, and, well.

So today this one teacher (he’s really attractive) was trying to give us a hint on a word because my class didn’t know it. He was trying to give us the word ‘Directions’.
My Teacher: “Come on class. I’ll give you a hint it starts with D and ends with erections.”
Let’s just say my class couldn’t stop laughing. He was even laughing!

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(I was too lazy to do it so please imagine them all screaming.)

Anyway fun fact: undertail is actually the reason why the fandom makes me so uncomfortable and why I stopped enjoying undertale (on the internet and drawing I mean. I still love the game so much), and everytime I get a note from a fontcest or undertail blog, It makes me so uncomfortable. And it sure happened many times sadly. :^)

undertail is the reason why weeabootale is so disgusting, since I wanted to denounce it. But eventually I embarassed my own self because it was too much. You’re right, it’s too inappropriate, and this is why I shall make it more aproppriate now. It will still have its own humor and some pervy jokes but it should be less awkward.

I think.xD at least I’ll only focus on the characters and the weeaboo idea.

(if I ever post again lol)

anyway here’s Pap as you requested:

so kakkoi desu ne amirite.

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What would the twins reaction to someone trying to touch you innapropriately include?❤❤❤

Okay, so you didn’t specify if you wanted an imagine or preference, so I wrote a preference! If you want an imagine, just request it, because I already have an idea. I hope you like this!! xx


-”Get your hands off of my girl right now!!”

-Would be super pissed and yell at whoever it was for a while

-“Omg, Babe, are you okay? Look at me, look at me, it’s gonna be okay.”

-Would be even more overprotective afterwards

-“I swear, I won’t let anyone else ever touch you like that.”

-Would calm you down for hours afterward, and do anything to make you smile

-“I love you. I love you so much. If I had to, I would have fought him. I still would. You don’t deserve that. You are perfect, and wonderful, and beautiful, and mine.”


-“Hey, get the fuck off of her!! I swear to god, I will rip your throat out if I have to!”

-Would be super angry and try to fight the guy and you’d have to calm him down

-“Omg Y/N, I’m supposed to be the one calming you down. I’m so sorry.”

-Would cuddle with you for hours, and be so sweet to you

-“If I find out where he lives, will you let me shave off his eyebrows in the middle of the night?”

-Would buy you a ton of ice cream because he wouldn’t know what else to do

-“I’m not letting you out of my sight ever again. I promise, I’ll protect you.”