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Tonight only, reigning champ Lexa ‘The Commander’ Woods faces newcomer Clarke ‘Supernova’ Griffin in the Bantamweight throw down of the century! 

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Fic insp: Ground and Pound by dancetyd

Has anyone realized that The Incredibles movie is basically just fandom reactions?

Introducing someone to the fandom:

Our behavior after a midseason or season finale:

When we’re on hiatus until the next episode/season:

Helping each other during said hiatus:

When we connect something the writers didn’t think we would:

Writers denying that our connections are correct:

When the writers reluctantly reveal we were right all along:

When the writers do something stupid:

When you really don’t want to accept what just happened:

When the writers manage to write an amazing episode:

When a character looks directly at the camera:

Dealing with haters:

But, in the end, we’re all Syndrome:

I wish i could have the ability to write an essay about even after everything that happened to him, Percy is still a Hufflepuff at heart. 

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May you recommend me some of the best books about river according to you?

Hey there! :) 

My absolute favorite is In Search of River Phoenix. It is a great book and one of the best researched biographies on River so far.

Last Night At The Viper Room is another one and I’m reading it now. I’m really enjoying it, it’s a very well written book and full of details of River’s life, some maybe unknown until this book. Some people have informed me, before I start reading, that this is especially hard to read because it is so true about his life - but I think it is a necessary reading, not only because it is so true, but to understand him better. It’s incredibly accurate!

These two above are probably the two best about River so far.

There’s also River Phoenix: The Biography (or Lost In Hollywood: The Fast Times and Short Life of River Phoenix, which is the same book but re-titledby John Glatt. It was the first one I ever read about River and it is a cool book. You can notice quite a few errors by the author, such as names, dates, why they changed the surname to Phoenix, wrong information about characters and etc. That is actually something already known about the book if you search about it. Despite that, it is good to have in your collection! 

And finally, there’s River Phoenix: A Short Life by Brian J. Robb. The author methodically documents Riv’s life and is also a good book, with some cool b&w pictures.

These are the ones I have and recommend! They will certainly help you to understand River better, learn more about his life and probably help you to form an opinion on some things. 

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I just came across your blog on Google and I deadass have tears in my eyes reading through your Ed experience and the progression of the cool gifts you've given him and how much he talks about you and stuff. Like, I'm just really really happy that he loves you so much. I know this is a weird message but I'm just really happy for you. x

Oh, I love when people find me through a search engine! :D 

I have been so incredibly blessed (ugh, that sounds so corny, but it’s true) when it comes to my experience as a fan, and it makes me so happy to be able to share that with other people who admire Ed as much as I do! I think there’s something so special about being a fan – honestly, it sets us apart from other people, because it means we have so much love that we can’t contain it all and so it spills out of us all over the place. We’re so lucky to be so full of joy and love and respect and admiration for another person (there are actually some people living on this planet who aren’t full like we are! Imagine that!) and I cannot think of a single person more deserving of our… love spillage (?)… than Edward muhfuggin Sheeran. I’d be spilling my joy in his direction whether or not he ever took notice of me at all - like so many other fans do - but the fact that he actually has noticed and has gone out of his way to make my fannish life so special just makes me like him even more. This guy will always have my 100% full support. And probably around 93% of my income. 

Okay, let me stop gushing. I love to fangirl over Ed’s music but I get sort of embarrassed when I start going on about how nice he’s been to me. I happily gush about how great other people are too, just in normal conversation, but it starts getting kind of weird when you blog about it, right? Imagine keeping a public record of every time one particular person made you smile, haha. I mean I guess that’s what this whole blog is… just a bunch of ways that Ed made me smile and blush, even the times he wasn’t specifically thinking about me when he did it. But it’s… I don’t know. Sometimes it makes me feel kind of weird. Good thing he’s famous, or else everyone would think I was crazy. :) 

Anyway, thank you for such a sweet message! I’m really glad you’ve enjoyed my blog. 


Reposting the video from my other account because it’s so true. I’m so incredibly proud of how far he’s come.
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I’m so proud of how far he’s come. Now we sing back to him. You can see how happy and grateful he is every time we sing his songs back to him. He never stops amazing me. This new album is going to be phenomenal. All his hard work is going to pay off. I’m already loving it. ❤️ @hunterhayes

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•8•22•15• I want to live this day over and over again. It was a dream that has been in my heart for a lifetime and to have it come true is incredibly surreal. God has been so good to us. Life’s theme is a story of the bittersweet, and you don’t know how good it feels to finally be taking a big bite of the sweet. We have seen dark days and there were times we never thought we would experience this joy but God has ushered us out of our valleys and brought us to this perfect view. We know life will bring again difficulty and pain but we are walking in a new strength that is solely from the peace His presence and purpose brings.

I am 3 years and 4 months clean from heroin today!

I am not ashamed nor do I try to hide the fact that I had a drug problem. I don’t think there is anything negative about being a recovering addict. I overcame a drug addiction and that takes true strength and bravery.

I am so incredibly proud of myself.😊

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I was 20 years old when I reallllly started getting into 1D, I watched them on xfactor and fell in love etc but they just kinda faded out of my life and then I heard some songs off FOUR and it changed everything for me. As stupid as it sounds, up until I listened to FOUR I had never had music which just set me alight and made me feel alive. That's what one direction does to me, makes me feel alive. Years later they still make me feel that way and I think that's pretty incredible 😊

aww that IS incredible. and is very true. their music is so special to so many ppl.