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“And, you know, it was like that for me when I was a little kid watching RuPaul. And then to be on Rupaul’s Drag Race, knowing what RuPaul did for me as a young boy watching Supermodel and how much that changed my life…The picture is just so much bigger than just like our own insecurities, you know? There are people that are in many ways depending on us, you know?” (x)


“On June 12, 2016, 49 people were killed & 53 others were wounded at Pulse in Orlando. The attack is the deadliest mass shooting in United States history & the deadliest incident of violence against LGBT people in U.S. history. One year later, we sing for Pulse. We sing for Orlando. We sing for you. We sing as one. We will not be silenced. - Michael Korte”

I can barely wait to see the reaction to 2x15. The fandom is gonna go WILD. Good or bad? We will see. But if they did it right, a HUGE positive response is seen and, maybe, a #malec trending more than sure they should be stupid to not understand for who is the biggest part of the fandom watching the show for. With some luck we’ll have a reason to go wild after 2x18 as well and they’ll see Magnus and Alec are not scaring anyone and the screentime distribution’ll improve from now on.

okay so here’s the head’s up. 

recently my anxiety got really bad – I was really sick with it, having panic attacks multiple times a day, dissociating on like a daily basis, nausea and migraines and insomnia and it was awful. my depression became absolutely crippling and life was just really hard for me and I felt like I was in this weird cocoon of just existing. 

i’m doing better right now, the anxiety is better managed but i’m just a little quiet at the moment trying to figure out my new status quo and just keeping on top of my mental health. I am trying my best to be here and I will try to do some replies soon, but thank you for being so patient fam. 

making it clear:

i do not support or defend the racist or sexist ideas and actions of the founding fathers. in fact, i do not support or defend most of the things that the founding fathers did and believed. period. when i say i love them, i am talking about the way the characters are portrayed in hamilton the musical. i love the way the characters are portrayed. i love the actors who portray the characters. i do not, at all, believe that the founding fathers were good people with good morals. and i would never, ever, ever defend someone who owned other human beings and thought it was okay. i love the characters and the way they are portrayed, not the actual people. 


Wait guys are you really seeing “i love all of you” as castiel trying to cover up the first i love you? That wasn’t a cover up, that was a confession. Let me explain.

Cas says “i love you” and looks down(that is the only time he looks down, except when he’s thinking of what to say), camera cuts to dean and dean is.. a bit annoyed by it?? Because he knows where this is going. Cas loves them and he’s dying and dean is tired of all this saying goodbye crap. He’ glad he hears these words, but why are they always said in situations like these?

bUT THEN MY FRIENDS, cas says “i love all of you.” Camera once again cuts to dean, but this time dean doesn’t move a muscle. There is no need to say it twice, unless you’re one of these two idiots can’t confess their love without getting family in it. But they do say it one way or the other. He realises this is how he said that to cas and now he knows the first “i love you” was only for him. (May i add, i don’t think anybody ever said to cas they loved him except dean and dean said it this way. I might be wrong but..) It honestly looks like he’s caught off guard, he thought the L train has passed(tf am i even saying, but you get the point). And guess what, sam notices too. He’s heartbroken because his best friend is dying,obviously, but he knows cas loves them, he knows cas is family. He also knows what dean means to cas, and cas to dean. He’s spent too much time with them not to know.

Idk, to me it seemed deeper and more honest than cas just hiding love for dean in his last moments. They all already know so what’s the point. I also think this was a response (a very ironic one), to “we need you. I need you.”






This is so, so important. The way adults react to a child’s passions and ambitions can often shape the way the child sees themselves. It’s crucial to encourage them wholeheartedly, especially if the child is prone to beat themselves up about the little things anyway.

Gordon Ramsey is a treasure

he comes off harsh to adults, but I respect people that respect children. I love this man.

he comes off harsh because those adults are in the culinary industry, they’re not supposed to mess up, they are trained, he understands that for these kids, this is very often a learning opportunity, so he is going to be much less harsh, and even sweet to them because its often that they dont know better when they mess up.