this is so hot!!!!

The moment when Fitz is completely besotted with Jemma.
  • Jemma: Let's never look at that awful thing again. (re: AIDA's head)
  • Fitz: Yeah. Or, you never know, you might wanna go Godfather on somebody else.
  • (Jemma smiles bashfully)
  • Fitz: Is it weird that I find that attractive?
  • Jemma: Yes. (Jemma smirks.)
  • Fitz: You handled Talbot like a pro.
  • Jemma: Oh please. Coulson always makes it look so easy.

Potentially the most Emo thing I have ever been a part of (this coming from a person who has once cosplayed Gerard Way) here are the Halloween costumes I made for me and Angela. I made these all myself because I thought it would be funny (it was) and I’ve always wanted a chance to re-create that gold coat!

Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross’ Nothing Rhymes with Circus stage costumes by me!


this filter is so fucking annoying but I still looked so fucking good today