this is so horribly written how to brain

I wish tumblr would let me control how many characters could be put in my asks, I keep getting multiple part asks and submissions and fan mail that are awkward to reply to. Character counts are so horrible, it’s like with Twitter’s stupid short character limit resulting in everyone having to spell incorrectly and disobey grammar or spam 6 tweets to get an announcement that doesn’t seem like it was written by a brain dead texter from the slums. Seriously half the time people get in trouble for saying something on social media is because they couldn’t explain themselves fully or qualify any of their statements with exceptions and use more appropriate words. It’s 2016, no longer do you have to limit things to make them easier to send, no more smoke signals, telegrams, or fitting into a band around a pigeons leg. I run a science related blog, let me have the characters I need to be intelligent, your character limits are encouraging the dumbing down of the Internet. Proper grammar and English should be respected so we can tell what people mean, no more of these cryptic illiterate haiku shenanigans.