this is so haram

I rmr in elementary school I thought I had a crush on someone bc like that’s what kids do ?? and then I had a moment of panic and felt rly guilty bc I was like “what if having a crush is haram???” so I asked my mom if liking someone was haram and she told me “pyaar hai na? pyaar kabhi b haram nahi hota hai” (basically love is never haram)

and so now when I think about all of the ways that people are made to feel ashamed of who they love, I think of that moment. love? love can never be haram.

Subhanallah what did i just read.

A man who worshipped Allah, had a wife and 3 kids then he won the lottery and ended up getting a divorce, became alcoholic, hired women…

He passed away last week with an unmarked grave and nothing to his name.

Subhanallah, wealth can be such a trial for some. We think if we had money we’d give it in sadaqah and spend it in the path of Allah, but we don’t know how it could change us for the worse.

Sometimes Allah keeps money away from us as a blessing because of the haram we could get into. So if you’re struggling financially, know that it might be a blessing. And Allah knows you better than you know yourself.

May Allah protect us from haram income.

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Can I say your anakin feels really Jewish and I love it? Purim is a holiday explicitly celebrating how a Jewish woman saves our people from genocide planned by an evil advisor Haram who had a stupid hat. So today we make cookies in the shape of the hat, boo when we hear his name, at my synagogue we cheer when we hear Esther and Mordecai (her uncle) and feast and drink and party. So thats why the fact anakin uses things that would be scary/evil and do mundane things out of spite feels very jewish

I’m delighted by this connection, anon, because quite a lot of Tatooine slave culture is inspired by Jewish stories and traditions.

There are already rough Tatooine equivalents for Passover and Hanukkah (the second is the brain child of the excellent @skywvlked). I feel like a Tatooine Purim would make a lot of sense.

It’s called Kashka-Makkat (which means “Day of Tricks”) and it’s the only holiday specifically centered on Ekkreth the Trickster. People tell endless stories of the many ways Ekkreth has tricked Depur - some are legends, and some are stories of their own ancestors, friends, or even themselves. Many people consider this day an especially auspicious time to pull a trick on their own Depur.

In the evening, and in secret, people gather to make vulappa (Hutt cakes), which are similar to pancakes: flat, round cakes with a “tail” extending from them representing Depur (who everyone knows is a Hutt). They’re eaten with fruit when it’s available, or plain when it’s not.

Someone is designated as the Depur for the evening, and everyone else makes a point of ignoring him, except to serve him the worst of the food (usually a burned vulappu (the singular) and a cup of “Outlander tzai,” which is generally a very weak, nearly flavorless tea). His status is indicated either by a mask made in a parody of a Hutt or else by some marker of wealth, like a piece of purple cloth or an ostentatious hat. After the first Ekkreth story is told, everyone laughs at the “Depur,” who mimes agony in response to the laughter before throwing away his mask to join in the festivities (and finally get to eat some good food!).

Among communities of freed people, this tradition has developed into a kind of costume party, where everyone will dress in a mocking parody of their former Depur, or else of the Depur of Tatooine (Jabba the Hutt, in the PT and OT era).

Once, when he was fifteen, Luke Skywalker dressed as Emperor Palpatine for Kashka-Makkat, which left Uncle Owen mildly terrified. But the party was at the Lars homestead that year, and no one saw him except their close friends. And Beru thought the costume was hilarious, so he got away with it. Only for that year, though.

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What is the whole picture of homosexuality when the Quran says: 7:81: You lust after men rather than women! You transgress all bounds! Is there more to this? Your thoughts on this would be much appreciated

1. The Quran says that qaum Lut have wives, why would they have wives if they were gay?

2. It doesn’t talk about men within the same tribe having sex with each other, it talks about men raping other men from other tribes. The stories behind it mentioned by historians and scholars are quite a few, most prominent of which say it started because they had a drought and wanted to protect what little land they had left so when anyone passed through they would rape the men to traumatise them and steal their belongings and with that they developed a reputation. The verses don’t say you approach each other, they don’t say you have sex with other, they say with the men, other verses clarify that these men are foreign to the tribe. That’s why Lut married one of them, because he was sent to them and he didn’t want to be considered an outsider. 

3. The Quran doesn’t talk about being gay anywhere else, and here it talks about married men raping people from other tribes. How do you take that concept in that context and generalise it to cross out being gay?

4. The hadiths on the matter have been almost entirely shown to be weak.

5. The general notion of Islam is that everything is halal until proven haram clearly by verse or decent hadith.

6. These ideas of gender identity were never really established in the East before colonialism, and in the west before the 18th/19th century. The very idea of imposing them on Islam is the working of colonised minds.

7. There was only the question of whether anal sex is haram. Never men or women being attracted to men or women. The question included women/men relations.

8. Sex change is allowed in Islam, if the notion is that of natural and unnatural, in what way is sex change manufactured in a surgical room “natural”, yet they’re allowed. 

9. What is haram in Islam is not haram just so that it could be haram, its haram for a purpose. premarital sex was made haram so that lineages don’t mix, marriage was instituted as sacred for that same reason. For gay people, lineages from each other are not  really a thing, therefore marriage for them is neither necessary nor sacred. Not my words of course, this is how fiqh works.

Muslims talk about this all the time, marginalise LGBTQ people in their communities thinking they’re doing what God wants. How many studies have they done on the matter? On gender and sexuality? How much science stands behind these “natural” and “unnatural” claims?

More importantly is realising that this conversation is entirely pointless, because what do you think you’re doing? The LGBTQ communities around the world are some of the most educated and politically/socially aware and active people on the planet. Do you think you’re going to [not the anon, generally] stand in their face with a fatwa and say “oh no you’re doing it all wrong please the women find yourself a penis, men fetch a vagina and marry it thank you very much”? You have literally no say in this, the worst you can do is make Muslim LGBTQ people’s lives harder, and if you’re lucky you’ll manage to convince some of them to stop being Muslim. Unfortunately for you though, they’re also quite intelligent and have looked through their religion and wrote very interesting things on the nonsense of patriarchy and its monopoly on “naturalness”. 

Straight people have straight people privilege. We look at LGBTQ people like the bourgeoisie looks at the working and peasant classes. “Why can’t they be like us? They did this to themselves. They should fight it. They made the choice.”  Yeah because people usually make the choice to be oppressed.Your narrative is like that of ISIS who chucks gay men off the top of buildings. Because if you accept the weak hadith that talk of it (whatever it in the hadith is) then you must accept that equally as weak ones that dehumanise them and make them worthy of being chucked off buildings. So you become ISIS, at least at heart.


dear women,
today is Jummah 7/28 and i’m so immensely proud to call myself a Hijabi from today on. you have no idea how happy and excited i am because Allah helped me through all my self doubts.. i will highlight this forever: DUA AND SABR ARE THE KEY TO EVERYTHING. never ever ever ever lose hope, get depressed or think negative of Allah. He hears every single prayer with every single tear in your eye and He hears every scared heart beating and this gives me so much chill.. you have no idea.
to motivate some of you girls i decided to share my little (not special) story about me and my journey to my 👑 (Hijab) ☺️
when you start reflecting yourself and when you feel you want to do more for your Religion than praying and fasting, you come to the point that there is beside improving your character which is a never ending job, another obligation for us women: Hijab. you must know (a little fact about it: when people are looking at you with your Hijab on, they get Hassanats too, because they look at something pleased to Allah. my Grandma told me so. and i think this sounds very logic. subhanallah. then i made especially during Ramadan so much Duaa for this and i felt like Allah already answered my prayer but i had to follow His plan and He wanted me to please Him more and more and the effect was that i got closer to Him like never before because i wanted something He also wanted for me and the most beautiful this is when your Plan matches with Allahs plan. So i told myself okay Iman when will you finally start, Allah is waiting and you too! i started to understand the Hijab and to get attached to it, subhanallah Allah let the love for His obligation grow in my heart very fast.. i started to see the Hijab as something i absolutely wanted to wear, for His sake and i was afraid to die without it. so i constantly made Duaa in Ramadan and after Ramadan. then i’ve told myself i want to get used to it before i finally start it. so the opportunity with morocco came and this at least changed and and strengthened me. i visited the Quran school and i had to wear it everyday, day by day i felt so guilty going out without it, i felt like something so big was missing and i was afraid to get Allahs anger.. i wanted Him to be pleased with me, i remembered every single thing He gave me immediately when i made Duaa for it and i knew Allah was still waiting for me to do my part and i felt it so much. Allah made me this road easy and He is the only one who can make your road to something you see as big as a mountain easy. i please you with all my heart to never underestimate Duaa and to think anyway Allah will not help me, this is so haram.. you have no idea. we as Muslims have to be full of positive thoughts of Allah and we KNOW that He hears us and only wants the BEST for us. i pray for every single woman who is stills struggling and I SWEAR TO YOU Allah is with you and just wants you to beg Him a little more, for you to get closer to Him and His timing will be the best in shaa Allah. Assalamu Alaykum tumblr fam

Nigeria’s Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky and Bahrain’s Sheikh Isa Qassim are two Shia clerics who lead nonviolent movements within their countries and have both been detained illegally because they organize (effectively) against the Sunni state apparatus’ that abuse Shias, in Zakzaky’s case… all six of his sons were killed by state military at the behest of Boko-haram, just… pray for them

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My dearest AnnaHakuouki. Let me start by saying you are not my hoe or any similar word to it. You are more than that. What do the young kids say now? Oh, right. BAE. Please refer to yourself as HaradaBAE. It is a title you most definitely earned for your loyalty to me. Your love for me has not gone unnoticed. I read every post you dedicate to me. Sometimes, my (other) spear shoots up unexpectedly when I think of you. The war is nearly coming to an end and I cannot wait to see you. Love, Sano

Dearest Harada-san,
Thank you for viewing me with such high regards. You are a thoughtful gentleman, and I don’t deserve your ardent considerations of my feelings. Though, if you really hate the Harada Hoe name, from now on I will refer to myself as Harada BAE. I will be loyal to you always. I am getting flustered thinking about your *spear*, but more than that, I am worried about your safety during this war. I hope you will return to me soon. Until then, I will be waiting for you day and night. Love, Anna

[Al-Mujib/The Ever Responsive/One who answers all]
“Surely my Lord is near, responsive to the prayers.” ‎﴾‬‎11.61﴿‬‎
A believer is taught that Allah is very close to him and ready to answer his prayers. “And when My servants ask you, [O Muhammad], concerning Me - indeed I am near. I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon Me.” ‎﴾‬‎2.186﴿‬
He listens to the prayers of the righteous. “And He answers [the supplication of] those who have believed and done righteous deeds and increases [for] them from His bounty.” ‎﴾42.26‬‎﴿‬
On the other hand, the disobedient man should not expect his prayer to be answered. The Prophet ‎ﷺ‎‬ mentioned [the case] of a man who, having journeyed far, is disheveled and dusty, and who spreads out his hands to the sky saying “O Lord! O Lord!,” while his food is haram (unlawful), his drink is haram, his clothing is haram, and he has been nourished with haram, so how can [his supplication] be answered? [Muslim]
Allah listens to man’s cry to agony and relieves his suffering. The Qur'ān directs the Prophet ‎ﷺ‎‬‎ to pose this challenging question to the unbelievers: “Is He [not best] who responds to the desperate one when he calls upon Him and removes evil and makes you inheritors of the earth?"‎‎﴾‬27.62﴿‬ Our belief in Allah’s nearness and responsiveness should make us all the more obedient and faithful to Him. Moreover, the above divine name should infuse more conviction and sincerity into our prayers to Allah. We should have the conviction that He will respond to our prayer in the way which suits us best.

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What advice would you give a college aged lesbian who's considering converting to Islam? It all feels so overwhelming and I don't know where to even start, not to mention I don't want to offend anyone.

Get to know Islam, read the Qur'an, learn what Islam is all about.

Remember that everyone has different interpretations and one line in the Qur'an can be perceived in hundreds of different ways by different people so I suggest you read it yourself and try to understand the religion yourself and find out what it means to you. Especially as a lesbian, you’ll hear so many people tell you that being gay is unlawful/haram because of some allegory they supposedly read in the Qur'an when in fact it’s just their homophobic and bigoted interpretations that deducted it in that way.

If you do decide to convert, what you should always keep in mind is you shouldn’t dress in a certain way or celebrate a certain thing because you want to be recognized as a Muslim by other people, you should do it because of your love for God. Islam is not about praying 5 times a day/wearing a hijab/etc, Islam is about your relationship with Allah SWT

All in all, Im wishing you the best of luck, you have my support! ❤️

Here are some pretty great posts filled with resources and tips that could help: 

lmao these insta skam fans are so fucking gross they’re literally asking adam if he’s a haram child like do these folk even know what the fuck that means?

they literally asked adam if he was a bastard child.

just bc you learn like 2 new arabic words don’t mean you start spouting them everywhere and anywhere and think ur some Arabic Expert™ fuck outta here.

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Now I wanna really wanna know how did Crowley found his vessel, it doesn't seem like some random person to me

Yay, more Crowley talk!

Crowley and his vessel - we’ll probably never find out, will we? We know the man was a literary agent from New York, which is why I like to think Crowley lived his life for a while. I mean - Crowley is passionate about the arts, and he likes to work behind the scenes, so that seems like a world he’d be quite at home in. I can just about imagine him dining in some fine restaurant with Salman Rushdie and Margaret Atwood - in fact, I’m sure poor old Salman sort of looked over the table at his colleague more than once, trying to convey to her something was seriously wrong, wasn’t it, because his agent is suddenly fluent in Marathi and this is not normal and also, can you feel it? That slight chill over your skin, that tension on the back of your neck when he looks at you - when he’s really focused on you - and some animal part of your brain is screaming and screaming that this is haram and dangerous and GET OUT - 

So, I don’t know - probably this is just a RL choice, and thank God, because Mark is a real treasure, but I like to think you’re right - the fact Crowley always comes back to this specific vessel out of a sort of - affection, perhaps. Maybe this was the first vessel whose life he was actually interested in. Maybe it was a long-lost relative. Maybe it was a friend, even - someone who summoned a demon by mistake while doing background research on some manuscript, and Crowley was too taken in by the beautiful room - rows and rows of books, Central Park fading in the distance through the soundproof glass, and wait - is that an original Canova? - that he forgot to make a deal with him, or maybe didn’t have the heart too. Instead, he came back, week after week, to talk about literature and art, the two of them snorting with laughter at some writer’s mistake, because Good Lord, Fergus, listen to this - and Crowley would listen, his lizard heart lighting up in colours and music.

Ramadhan bersama Istri part.1

Dear diary,..







Preeet ah,

Ramadhan hari pertama.

Ngomong-ngomong soal ramadhan, aink ada cerita. Ceritanya tentang menjaga diri dari hal yang diharamkan ketika bulan ramadhan. So, last year a had a gf. Meskipun pacaran statusnya jelas haram, apa daya lah aink yang cuma remah-remah kripik pisang ini.

Mendekati ramadhan, aink bilang “yuk break dulu, kita ibadah masing-masing”. Niat aink sih selain menstabilkan emosi (yang waktu itu naik turun banget) aink pengen ramadhan kemarin bener-bener maksimal ibadahnya. Jadi ga pengen dulu lah ada chatting sama pacar, flirting, ato bahkan buka bareng pacar dan taraweh bareng. Sekilas tampak seperti ibadah bersama, padahal,…

Well, the thing is,..
she didn’t like the idea

We got a big misunderstanding, and got separated. Few days before ramadhan.

Ga misunderstanding juga sih, tapi lebih ke beda pemahaman agama. Pola pikir kita ga sepaham dan hal itu lebih dari cukup sebagai alasan untuk berpisah.

Beberapa bulan setelah pisah itu, aink dapet kesempatan buat ketemu seorang akhwat yang wonderpul. Ga lama setelah kenal, aink langsung suka banget trus ngajakin nikah (seriously). Yang mana dijawab dengan iya.


Ternyata mengupayakan menikah tidak segampang kata ustad. Tapi ga sesusah kata orang-orang yang ga beneran niat.

susah banget tapi bisa

Menjelang pergantian tahun 2016 ke 2017 aink ama si akhwat yang statusnya pacar baru dan calon istri (belum sah) ini ngebahas banyak hal. Termasuk ngebahas  soal ramadhan dan target nikah. Dulu pas awal jadian aink bilang target nikah aink adalah sebelum ramadhan tahun 2017.

Ketika ngobrol berdua kayak gitu, rencana pernikahan kita masih belum fix karena satu dan lain hal,. Lalu, aink mengutarakan hal yang sama dengan yang aink bilang ke mantan.

“ntar pas ramadhan, kalo masih belum sah kita break dulu ya”

Nekat sih sebenernya, tapi aink mesti bilang. Selain biar nikahnya jadi ada target aink mau nekenin sikap aink soal ramadhan. Sempet takut si calon ini akan berakhir seperti mantan. Tapi ternyata engga

“ayok”, dia bilang (ato iya, ato oke, ato apa gitu aink lupa tapi intinya dia setuju)

Dia nge-iya-in. Dari sejak saat itu aink uda bisa ngenilai dari sekian banyak perbedaan, seenggaknya pandangan kita soal agama itu sama. Sepaham. Hal itu yang bikin aink makin mantap untuk lanjut ke jenjang pernikahan.

Kata nabi, wanita dipilih dari empat hal dan yang paling penting adalah dari segi agamanya. Disini aink ga bicara soal apa dia uda hafal sekian juz atau serajin apa ibadahnya. Tapi lebih ke cara dia memaknai agama yang dia anut seperti apa lalu gimana respon dia terhadap perintah Allah dan contoh dari Rasul.

Setelah menikah dan menghadapi banyak (ga banyak sih, namanya juga newbie) hal aink jadi semakin bersyukur. Aink dan istri (yang sekarang uda sah) sepakat tentang hal-hal prinsipil dalam islam.

Kalo aja kita punya perbedaan paham dalam beribadah sesuai tuntunan Islam pasti repot. Banget. Debat ini itu. Hal hal kecil selain paham beragama masih bisa lah didiskusikan, tapi kan prinsip hidup ga demikian.

dalam rumah tangga, suami jadi kapten kapal dengan istri sebagai navigator (merangkap koki serta ketua departemen kebersihan, kesehatan dan keuangan)


Buat aink, awal ramadhan akan selalu identik dengan perubahan.

Perubahan status ketika melepas mantan dan pertemuan dengan seseorang yang nantinya bersatu dalam pernikahan.

Perubahan status ketika melepas masa lajang dan men-sahkan dirinya dalam ikatan pernikahan.

It is very good to make others laugh, the Prophet صل الله عليه وآله and Imam Ali علیه السلام were quite funny and kind, so much that people would doubt whether Mohamed really is a Prophet of God.

Imam Ali too, one of the pathetic excuses Arab leaders brought for not allowing Imam Ali to be Caliph is that he jokes too much.

So it is good to joke and be funny, so long as it’s not Haram or problematic.

Religion doesn’t want us to be moody in order to seem “spiritual”, express kindness and make others happy


[..] I am an Ezidi girl. My real age is 18 years old. […] I was 15 years old when Daesh attacked my village. They killed all the men of my village including my brother, my father, other relatives, young and old. They then took us to another place and they separated us between older and younger women. They killed the older women, they divided the younger girls among themselves and we were then traded on the slave trade market. I, myself, was sold 4 times by Daesh, and every single time I was sold, I tried to escape but was captured again and tortured and beat. One of them who was responsible for making explosive devices forced me to help him in the construction of bombs. The last Daesh who bought me was an Iraqi Doctor called Dr. Islam. He was the director of the Hawija hospital. He tortured me and the other Ezidis immensely. He would even rape girls who were only 9 or 10 years old.

My childhood friend Katrin, I and Alma, a 9 year old girl were held and raped by him. The three of us  could escape from him but before we managed to arrive to safety, Katrin walked on a landmine that exploded under us. Katrin‘s screams were the very last thing that reached my ears.  When I woke up, I realized I had lost the sight of both my eyes. My body was burning and I did not believe that I would ever be able to open my eyes again.

I was then helped to travel from Iraq to Germany where I was medically treated. I am now able to see through one eye. I cannot think of myself alone. I believe God helped me so that I can be a voice for the victims. […] I too have vowed to become a voice for the voiceless. The Ezidis have been victims of extremism, violence and terrorism. They have lost their lives. But I firmly ask you and urge you to promise us that never again we will allow these kind of things to happen. That you will listen to the helpless so that justice will be done and so that the criminals can be held accountable. It‘s been two and a half years now since the tragedy that affected the Ezidi people. There are still more than 3500 of our girls and women and children in the hands of Daesh. They wish for their own death everyday. And Until the bones of our dead remain untouched in the mass graves, they will find no peace. Ezidi people are of no value in Iraq, whether dead or alive.

My village was very beautiful. It has been around Arab villages for hundreds of years. I remember, when our Arab Muslim neighbours visited us, they wouldn‘t eat the meat in our house because they said it was haram for them. We respected their religion so my father would ask our Muslim guests to slaughter the animal themselves to make it halal for them to eat the meat. But when the Islamic State arrived and attacked us, it was those neighbours that we respected, who before everyone else attacked us and killed our men and enslaved our women. As a result of this we have lost the social order in our own society and we have lost trust with these countries because they don’t treat us Ezidis as equal to other citizens.
Today we need Europe so that we can build up our country and experience again peace in our society. These criminals must be brought to justice and held to account. Ezidis and Christians need international protection. Both women and children are in need of programmes to escape that country, and in order to forget what has been done to them. Dear guests, I would like to thank you very much again for this prize. I stand here before you and I would like to accept this prize on behalf of all the women and girls and children who are now still living in camps in Kurdistan under appalling conditions. I very much hope that all of you will help us as well. […]


Lamiya Aji Bashar

Ezidi activist and survivor of sexual violence and enslavement by IS, receiving the 2016 Sakharov Prize by the European Parlament