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Summary: “Ohana means family. And family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” Everyone knows that Dan is a Lester and belongs on the family holiday–well, everyone except Dan himself. However, a beautiful seaside walk and a special surprise from Martyn and Cornelia may be just the ammunition he needs to change his mind.

Genre: Pure fluff

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: Like 2 swear words but that’s it

A/N: Because we all know there was some soppy convincing needed to get Dan to stay in Florida. Inspired by this ask over @nihilist-toothpaste.
I hope you enjoy!!

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Modern Amis (and co.) Coming-Out Headcanons

(I don’t even remember how the subject came up but @beatlemaniacinthetardis and I were taking about the Amis getting together at someone’s house and telling each other stories from when they came out of the closet. We stayed up way too late last night coming up with these so we felt the need to share) 

Bahorel comes out to his family when he goes downstairs in the rainbowest of rainbow shirts, announces that he’s going to Pride, and just sort of stares at each of them until they understand.

Courfeyrac realizes he’s gay in his preteen years and it takes him like a year to work up the courage to come out to his friends (Enjolras and Combeferre) and family (mom and dad). When he tells them they all just go “sweetie, we know”. Enjolras and Combeferre bake him a confetti cake that says CONGRATS in edible glitter. Courfeyrac cries. 

Feuilly doesn’t really have anyone to come out to, since he has no living relations and he went straight into a job at a young age. He kind of…forgets to, to be honest, so he’s not out to his co-workers. They only find out when Bahorel comes to get him from work one day and he kisses Feuilly hello.  

Like in canon, Cosette grows up into a pretty girl who loves attention. She’s very meticulous about the way she looks and is like nice when she notices guys checking her out. One day, though, a pretty girl smiles at her and does the checking-out thing and Cosette is like oh no when she feels her heart do the THING. She tells papa later that evening, and he’s amazing and supportive because, well, he’s Jean Valjean. He joins her marching in the Pride parade the following summer. 

Enjolras’ coming out doesn’t go so well. He’s pretty much known he likes boys since forever ago, but only tells his parents at the end of high school. His parents are cold and arrange a Nice Girl for him to marry at the age of 25 or whatever. Enjolras fights with them on it, but when they continue to stand firm he decides they don’t deserve to be in his life anyway. He moves in with Combeferre, who he came out to years ago.

Joly and Bossuet, who have basically known each other since birth, come out to each other before anyone else. They then make a pact to come out to their friends and family on the same day. Bossuet’s parents don’t take it so well–his dad is pissed, and his mom tries to push him to go back to church. His friends, too, say “yeah that’s cool” but he can tell every time he says something that even approaches the subject of his sexuality that they’re weird about it. Joly’s, on the other hand, went well. His friends start teasing him like “yeah man I bet you thought you had appendicitis the first time you saw a guy you liked” and stuff, but they’re cool with it. Joly’s family ends up pretty much adopting Bossuet, too. Bossuet’s parents come knocking for him one day and Joly’s four younger siblings work together to slam the door in their face. (Bonus: since those two have a hivemind, they tell each other about being poly the same day.)

The subject of their combined affections, Musichetta, was a total badass about her coming out. She told her parents straight up that she was poly/pan. They were not sold on the idea, but she told them to accept her as she was or she’d leave without a second thought. It takes them a while to get used to the idea, but Chetta answers whatever questions they have. They grow to understand her, and come to love Joly and Bossuet once the three of them start dating.

Jehan has a hard time with it all. They WANT to come out, to family and friends alike, but they want to understand themselves before they try and explain it to anyone else. They tell this to the Amis who are all just like…you don’t have to ever figure it out. It’s alright. No matter who you are or what you do or who you love, we’ll be here to support you. Jehan cries really hard because they’ve been so confused for so long and their found family is saying that it’s okay to be unsure forever because who needs a title anyway? The greatest of group hugs happens that day, Jehan smiling in the centre of it. (Bonus: shortly after that, Jehan asks the Amis to start saying “they/them”. Grantaire buys a ton of neutral-looking clothes with gross flower print that he knows Jehan will LOVE. Enjolras falls in love with R a lil bit more since he knows he doesn’t have all that much money but he spent a bunch of it for Jehan to be happy and comfortable anyway).

Combeferre comes out to all his friends shortly after he meets them, but he never comes out to his family at all. He knows they’re homophobic, and a) he doesn’t like to start fights, and b) he decides that they don’t deserve to know. In an act of silent rebellion, he secretly gets a part-time job as a sales guy at a boot shop for drag queens. Courfeyrac’s the shop’s #1 customer. (Kinky Boots AU someone back me up here)

While Marius is almost entirely on the straight side, but every so often he’ll meet a man who sets his little Pontmercy heart aflutter. Courf is one of those guys and when they end up roommates Marius kind of…”aksdjasgkdhdh Lord save my poor bisexual soul”. But then he meets Cosette. He doesn’t tell her for ages because he’s terrified of what she’ll think, but eventually he works up the courage. She laughs because hey she’s bi too!! From that point on, they point out attractive people of various genders to each other while they’re on dates. (Bonus: one day, Marius and his grandfather get into an argument about politics over dinner. In a moment of passion, Marius stands and yells “LONG LIVE NAPOLEON! ALSO, I SOMETIMES LIKE BOYS!” His grandfather faints into his chair.)

Eponine never really had friends, so she has no frame of reference for what romantic attraction feels like. When she meets Marius, she figures instantly that what she’s feeling is romantic love. Shortly after, she meets Cosette and feels the same way. Now she’s confused. And then she meets the rest of the Amis and feels the same way about ALL of them. It’s very strange to have a crush on everyone, she thinks. With Grantaire and Jehan’s help, she comes to understand that what she’s feeling is, in fact, platonic love. And god, is she relieved to know. The only family members she tells about being aro/ace are Gavroche and Azelma. Azelma is like “I think that might be me too” and Gav is like “sweet, more lovely ladies for me”.

FINALLY, Grantaire. He’s never really given a shit about what gender his lovers were, and never given a shit about who knows about it. He doesn’t know or care whether or not his parents know. But oh, god, then he meets Enjolras, and can no longer imagine loving anyone else of any gender. When the Amis share their coming out stories, he just snorts and says ‘does it count if you’re only attracted to one person?’ and he accidentally stares at Enj as he says it and the Amis collectively suck in a breath because if they didn’t know who he was talking about before, they certainly do now.  (Bonus: Everyone braces themselves when Enj stands up and goes to R, thinking Enj is going to try and start shit, but they start applauding when instead Enjolras grabs Grantaire’s face and kisses the life out of him). 

Imagine finding Chris’ tattoo about you.

It was 1:48AM by the time you and your boyfriend got home from your cousin’s wedding reception. It had been an insane night filled with lots of booze and a ton of dancing. Both you and Chris had drunk and danced your way long into the night; there was no doubt your heads and feet were going to pay for it tomorrow. But it’d been a great night, the two of you- as always- had a lot of fun together. The two of you were so cute together that everyone- even the bride and groom- were a little jealous of your relationship.

Chris spent the entire wedding being a total sweetheart, there was an endless list of sweet things he did: he carried your purse for you while you went to the toilet, he accompanied you when you had to run around and greet family members you hadn’t seen or talked to since you were a little girl, he wrapped an arm around you and kissed your hair when you started getting emotional about the vows, he made sure you drank enough water and ate enough food to counteract the alcohol you were consuming because he knew you were a lightweight after two years of being together. Chris even gave you his too-big-for-you shoes towards the end of the night, carried your heels in his hand, and ruined his favorite socks- all because he knew your feet were killing and couldn’t bear to see you in pain. You’d lucked out with him, that was for sure.

Chris carefully stacked your heels onto the shoe rack before turning his attention to his shoes that you easily slipped off. He picked them up and slotted them into their respective spot on the rack before taking your hand and hauling your half-drunk ass upstairs. Your eyes fell on his favorite socks which were no longer a pretty cobalt blue considering he padded around on public grounds without his shoes protecting them. You felt terrible as you were responsible for murdering his socks; it was more than likely you could just soak and wash them, but your half-drunk ass didn’t think of that.

“I’m sorry,” you said and he glanced over his shoulder at you with a raised brow; he’d no idea what you were apologizing for. “I ruined your favorite socks,” you explained then pouted, making him laugh. “They’re all dirty and gross now, thanks to me.”

“They’re just socks, sweetheart.” He shrugged nonchalantly because he really didn’t care, “don’t worry about it.” He tucked your arm under his when you got upstairs, he chuckled when he saw that you were still beating yourself up over the socks. “You’re still a little drunk, aren’t you?” He squeezed your hand gently and led you to the bedroom.

“I’m very much sober,” you said with a lopsided grin that made him laugh.

“Okay, my love. Let’s put you to bed,” he pressed a kiss on the top of your head.

He sat you down in front of your dressing table while he went into the bathroom to get your makeup cleanser and cotton pads. “Think you can manage?” He quizzed when he held out the two items for you; you nodded and took it from him, turning to the mirror to start the tedious process of removing your makeup. “Now let’s get this off,” he said as he moved your long locks out of the way to take off your necklace for you.

“Hey, Chris?” You looked at him through the mirror.

“Hm?” He looked up at you after he successfully removed your necklace.

“Do you think we’ll ever get married?” You asked him and he immediately smiled.

“Of course I do.” He lowered your necklace in your jewelry box. “I’m just waiting for the right time to pop the question. I feel like now isn’t because of my contract with Marvel, I mean- I don’t want to have to leave you after just getting engaged. I kind of just want to jump into the whole wedding planning and post-engagement glow, I can’t really do that if I have to run off. So I thought I’d wait until after my contract with Marvel finishes, if that’s okay with you.”

“As long as I know you’re in it for the long haul,” you smiled, “I’m okay with anything you want.”

“Sweetheart,” he chuckled. “Of course I’m in it for the long haul, if I weren’t- I wouldn’t have asked you to move in with me and I definitely wouldn’t have added your name to the house’s legal documents.” You nodded in acknowledgement. “Are you sure you’re sober?” He chuckled again, lifting your hair over your shoulders and letting it cascade down your back.

“Yes, I’d be a lot worst if I were drunk. You should know that by now,” you said and he laughed. “The wedding’s just got me thinking about having one of my own. I know you’re in it for the long haul, but we just haven’t talked about getting married before so-” You stopped talking and began to mumble when you saw the smile he had on his face, “I don’t know, I guess I just wanted to hear you say it.”

“I’m going to marry you,” he bent over and whispered into your ear. “I am not going anywhere and neither are you.” He planted a kiss into your hair, “are we on the same page now?” You chuckled but nodded, and he smiled. “I’m going to change out of this, I’ll be right back to unzip you.”

“Okay,” you nodded and resumed cleaning off your makeup.

In the mirror, you caught Chris walking into the wardrobe. He stood half in, half out as he took off his blazer, tie, slacks, then shirt. You watched him with great appreciation for his amazing physique; he was a lot more than his body, but it didn’t mean you didn’t appreciate it. He caught you admiring him as he pulled a pair of track pants over his legs, he smirked as he walked over shirtless with his tee in his hand.

“Why don’t you take a picture,” he teased, “it lasts longer.”

“Don’t really need to take a picture if you’re here for the long haul,” you winked at him. He chuckled and started to pull his tee over his head when you caught a tattoo on the side of his ribcage that you’d never seen before. “Hold up,” you lowered your cotton pad and turned around, lifting his shirt to take a closer look at the unfamiliar tattoo. “When did you get a new tattoo?” You trailed your finger across it then laughed softly when you realized what the tattoo was; a date, 4/7/2015. “Aren’t you patriotic, Captain?”

“Not that patriotic,” he responded with a light chuckle. “This is actually for the first time you told me you loved me,” he explained and you felt your heart skip a beat as you lowered his shirt. “Remember? Fourth of July, you met my family for the first time?” You nodded, smiling; it was a good day. “We rented a place by the beach, my whole family came out and we had a huge barbecue bonfire type thing.”

“And we snuck away just before they let off the fireworks,” you continued and he nodded, smiling. “We went for a walk on the beach and I told you I loved you, a feeling you very easily reciprocated which was nice to know. I can’t believe you got that memory tattooed into your skin,” you gently poked the spot where the tattoo was, “you couldn’t just keep it in your brain?”

“Nope,” he shook his head with a smile that made your heart flutter. “Because that memory is far too important to me. Yes, it reminds me of the first time you told me you loved me, but it’s more than that.” You raised a brow for a more elaborate explanation. “It’s the day my life fell into place, Y/N. When you told me you loved me, it was like- all the stars aligned,” he admitted and you felt your eyes welled with tears of joy. “That was the day I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.” He brought your hand to his lips and kissed it gently, then chuckled against your skin as he said. “And the day my mom said she’d disown me if I ever lost you.”

“Yeah, right,” you laughed. “Lisa loves you way too much to disown you, even if you did lose me.”

“You clearly don’t know how much she loves you,” he smiled. “About as much as I do,” he bopped your nose. You lifted his shirt to admire the tattoo again when he released your hand; an act to which he chuckled softly at. “If you’re wondering when I got it, let’s just say it’s been an inappropriate amount of time for you not to notice.”

“Okay,” you laughed softly as you pulled your hand away, letting his shirt fall back over his abdomen. “I’m sorry I don’t notice every single tattoo on you, you have too many.” He chuckled, turning you around to unzip your from your dress. “But I know about it now and I absolutely love it.” Your dressed dropped to the floor and pooled around your feet.

“Mm…” Chris brushed his lips against your bare shoulder as his hands ran up and down your sides. “Does this mean you’re going to get a matching one?” You turned around in his arms and wrapped yours around his neck, smiling. “Or you know,” he kissed your neck, “at least something that pays me and our love some form tribute?”

“You know me very well, Chris,” you began as he pulled back to look into your eyes, “so you should know what my answer is.” He chuckled softly when you smiled, the both of you simultaneously answered, “hell no.”

9 Things Couples Do - Jim Kirk

Summary: People do funny, stupid, cute, and sad things when they’re in love.

Warnings: language, a bit fluffy

A/N: everyone, i love jim kirk. i hope this is as good as it was in my head and better than i actually think its mediocre ass turned out (i am sick, though, so who knows). it’s such a long fic, y’all.


Jim assumed your favorite ice cream flavor was strawberry and you didn’t have the heart to tell him otherwise. Especially not when he was looking at you in the way he was.

Impacted by the width and intensity of his smile, his eyes were narrowed and illuminated. He looked softer that way— less authoritative, less like the Captain Kirk the crew served under— he looked like the Jim you’d fallen for.

When the girl behind the counter looked at you with an eyebrow raised in question, you gave her a half-shrug you made sure was hidden from Jim. “Just one scoop, please.”

“One?” Jim asked, turning a little to look at you. He snorted and rolled the blue eyes that could have lit up the entire old-school San Francisco parlor. “Baby. And here I thought you had a gut of steel.”

“It’s not polite to comment on what metal you think makes-up the gut of your significant other.”

He snorted again, his fingertips shoving you with a force your weakened legs didn’t have the strength to withstand. He caught you before you could stumble a few inches to the right, immediately clasping his hand in yours. “Still tired from the…” he cleared his throat, “walk?”

The girl behind the counter giggled loud enough to force your teeth into your tongue, your cheeks and the tops of your ears burning instantly. You squeezed Jim’s hand so a wince left his lips and he snatched it back from yours. “I’m tired from the actual walk here. It’s uphill. And I do have a gut of steel— a roomy gut of steel, roomier than yours.”

Jim titled his head and took his gaze from yours to meet that of the girl busying herself with your strawberry ice cream and Jim’s chocolate with peanut butter swirled throughout. He smiled at her. “Did that sound like a challenge to you? Did you hear me being challenged by the person that is supposed to love me, to uplift me?”

“I do love you,” you mumbled before you looked at the girl and took the cone she offered you. “He’s dramatic— excuse him, please.”

You looked down at the already melting pink mess, then back up at Jim. You quirked a single eyebrow. “But let’s say I was challenging you— that I’m betting you my gut’s roomier than yours. What’s that entail?”

“Whoever finishes the most ice cream in twenty minutes.”

“That’s a long ass time, Jim. We just had dinner—”

Ten minutes. No cones, just cups and spoons— cones take too long to finish.”

“The usual stakes or do you wanna modify them?”

“The usual stakes,” he said with a single nod. He was smirking so openly and cockily. It bugged you.

“We’ll tip you generously,” you told the girl who was now staring at the two of you with eyes the size and shape of saucers. “You just have to keep up, okay? Two servings ahead of us each time just to be safe. No stopping even when I look like my brain has frozen itself into a coma.”

Jim clapped his hands together. “This is what you trained for!”

“I-I haven’t really trained,” she said. She sounded nervous— a wise girl to be nervous, you thought.

You and Jim looked at one another, shrugged, and beckoned her to begin scooping.

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Punk (Chap. 4)

Originally posted by satanslifecoach

Summary: You’re head over heels for your best friend Bucky and hate the nickname he gave you as it doesn’t exactly scream romance.

Word count: 1878 

Warnings: Cursing, low-self esteem, chubby!reader x bucky, idk….

A/N:  Sorry for the long wait.  I needed some time.  I’ve got the next few chapters just about ready to go…and I’m gonna try and make them hurt ;) yay angst!

After Natasha successfully slammed you to the mat for the sixteenth time in a row you finally cried ‘uncle’ and ended the hour long workout/torture session.  You’d come here to kickbox and beat the holy hell out of a bag but a certain spider had other ideas.

“I deserve this,” you groaned.  Your chest heaved as your lungs strained for breath. The amorphous blob of a sweatshirt you insisted on wearing while exercising was soaked with sweat and made you feel as if you were slowly cooking in one of Hell’s saunas.  “This is why I hate exercising.”  Nat extended a hand to pull you to your feet but you shook your head dramatically on the mat.  “No, just leave me here to die.  I quit.  You go out and fight the good fight.  I’ll save my skills and start a nice, quiet dart league or somethin’.”  Natasha rolled her eyes and kicked your leg. “No, seriously.  I retire my knives to you.  My guns, throwing stars, all of it.  Take care of Ferd for me.  Tell him his mummy loved him,” you wailed with a huge fake sob.

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You Steal the Air out of My Lungs (You Make Me Feel It)

*click through to read on ao3

written by: Emily | @prosciuttoe

prompt: ‘I know that you think I hate you but I swear to God I didn’t mean to hit you with my car.‘

word count: 2815

The funny thing is, under entirely different circumstances, Clarke’s pretty sure that she and Bellamy Blake could have been friends.

The first time she meets him, Kane is introducing them and he’s supposed to be showing her the ropes, since it’s her first day at the bookstore. He has a well-worn copy of Howl’s Moving Castle sticking out of his bag, freckles, and dark, messy curls that Clarke really wants to run her fingers through. (She’s… pretty intrigued, if she’s being entirely honest.)

But then he opens his big, stupid mouth, and suddenly all of her feelings of goodwill go up in smoke, because Bellamy Blake is, undoubtedly, a massive asshole.

He won’t stop calling her Princess, for one, and makes a face every time she so much as asks a question about the cash register. The constant jibes about her having gotten the job due to nepotism (so their boss may also be her mom’s fiancé, sue her) certainly don’t help either, and he actually laughs when a book display falls on her foot.

Suffice to say, he is definitely not her favorite person. On particularly bad days, she entertains a fantasy or two of shoving him down a flight of stairs. On worse ones, she dreams of pushing him down a manhole.

Still, murderous tendencies aside, Clarke doesn’t mean to actually run him over with her car.

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Fun fair with the Family - Batmom x Batfam (REPOST please READ the explanation right under the summary :-( )

Summary : Batmom decides to take her family to the fun fair…She quickly realizes it might not be her best idea ever.

(My masterlist blog here :

Repost because, and this time I really don’t know how, the original post got erased…BUT I had it backed up for once. So here. FUCK. Hum. Sorry. But it had almost 100 notes, and comment people left I didn’t even had time to read because the story simply disappeared…I’m a bit bummed out right now…Is it too much to ask if you could like, reblog and comment again ? I kinda feel bad, it’s not my style to ask those things…I’m so sorry for that, but it’s a bit discouraging, to write something, and to see that apparently it was liked, but to not know who liked it, what were the comments etc etc, especially since this time, I didn’t do anything, the story simply disappeared…Anyway, hope you’ll enjoy, and re-enjoy if you already read it :’-(


Not even an hour in, and you know you made a huge mistake bringing them here. All at the same time. They were going to be the death of you, so much energy…But it was just so rare that you all had some free times at once…You just wanted to spend some time with them.

It all started so well though.


You woke up in the best way possible : with your Bruce’s lips trailing kisses on your neck, shoulders and back, his arms wrapped around you. You shifted around, and before you could say anything, he kissed your temple, the corner of your mouth, slowly putting butterfly kisses on your face, to finally kiss you on the lips.

You melted in the kiss, and squeezed his large frame against you, your arms struggling to wrap around him. Damn that man was big. When he pulls away, you can’t help but grin at him, and he gives you the smile he only reserved to you. A real, pure smile. You nuzzle his neck, and he let out a contended sigh.

-You’re alright ?

-More than alright my love, as always when you’re here.

-My sweet Broosh. You know what I mean.

-I am alright. Not even a single bruise or scratch. The boys are too. Calm night.

-I like those.

-I like you.

-I love you.

-Oh yeah, that too. I love you (Y/N).

-Well, here’s for our morning’s cheesy ritual…We probably should get up.

-I have the entire day off.

-Oh ? Well then, what’s the hurry right ?

He smiles once more at you, and you crash your lips on his, climbing on him to straddle him. One of his hand tangles itself in your (H/L) (H/C) hair, the other goes to your waist and his grip is almost bruising. He cannot stop himself, you always had a strong and immediate effect on him…He rolls on top of you, and you wrap your arms around his neck, your legs around his waist.

-What’s the hurry indeed.

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Boys in Plaid || Peter Parker x Reader

i have no excuse for this drabble other than the fact that i love peter parker too much.

this isn’t a sequel to {{beloved season}} since I feel pretty torn about it. on one hand, i feel like it’s gr8 on its own, but on the other hand–

i wanna give peter the happy ending he deserves 。゚(TヮT)゚。

i’ll think about making a sequel later. Maybe it’ll happen sometime in the future but idk bc the original requester never really spoke about wanting it to be a two parter so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

so to make it up for making any of you readers cry with {{beloved season}}, have a fluffy drabble with peter (●♡∀♡)

**I apologize for any grammatical errors since this was all written on my phone. When it’s posted then I’ll make sure to edit it a few more times just in case!**

**dont repost/plagiarize this story. Reblogs are fine!!



[key: =reader’s text

=peter’s text]

boys in plaid are so cute.

really? you think so?

petey, i don’t just think so. I KNOW SO.

so are you saying that you’d date any guy, as long as he wore plaid??

welllll, i do have standards tho. not any guy can date me just from wearing plaids alone.

then what do you look for…in a boyfriend?

hhhhh i can’t believe im telling my best friend this (/ω\) okay what i look for in a bf is that he has to be super sweet with a genuine personality. like, he’s not a lowkey asshole when im alone with him and only a sweetheart in public, you feel???

he has to be like SUPPPEEERR SMART and he has to be willing to spoil me with cuddles and nights spent watching cheesy 80s movies (/ω\)

also boys who wear plaid with jeans and converses are my absolute weakness (/ω\) ♡ ♡

i see…


Peter Parker couldn’t help the wide grin that showed on his face after reading the series of texts between him and [Name]. He could practically feel his confidence skyrocketing to the roof because he finally had proof that he had a chance with her.

Setting his phone to the side, he stands and searches through his closet, picking out all of the plaid shirts that he could find before setting them aside.

Despite how foolish Peter felt about doing this, he knew that it would all be worth it in the end if he managed to have [Name] in his arms.


You go into Midtown the next day with a sluggish walk that usually came with Monday mornings. Internally groaning at having to deal with chemistry and lab first thing in the morning, you unlock your locker and pulled out a thick textbook, your lab workbook, and binder. The weight of each book was becoming uncomfortable against your arms, and you were struggling with closing your locker when you felt someone take away your stack of books from the side.

“Here, let me help you [Nickname].” Recognizing Peter’s voice, you face him, about to thank him when you felt your words die against your throat.

Holy shit, had Peter always been this fucking cute?! The boy was standing next to you, looking positively delectable as he wore a black and red patterned plaid shirt coupled along with a pair of jeans and his signature converses. The fact that he wasn’t covering the plaid shirt with his usual Midtown High hoodie made you see his physique as a whole in a totally different light.

As you stared at him, you were loving how broad his chest was as his left arm seemed to bulge a bit as he carried your books in one hand, making you nearly drool at how his veins were shown on his wrist.

“Oh my god, you’re so cute-” you catch yourself at the very last minute, feeling a deep blush paint your skin when you cover your mouth with your hand. You had just told Peter that he was cute!!! And that was the one thing you were absolutely terrified of admitting.

When you had texted Peter last night about your love for boys in plaid, you had unconsciously (and automatically) described Peter Benjamin Parker in near perfect detail. Only after you had sent those texts did you realize the error of your ways- however, you were confident that Peter was too nerdy to understand your (un)intentional description of him.

But the fact that he was in front of you, (dressed to absolute perfection in your favorite aesthetic) was making your knees weak as you shivered at his proximity. You should have known better, dammit. Peter had been your friend for years now, and there really wasn’t much you could hide from him.

Peter seemed pleased at your embarrassment as he shifted all of your books beneath his left arm. Using his right hand, he gently runs a finger down your face, stopping at your lips before lingering against them, “I’m so nervous right now, and I want nothing more than for you to finally put me out of my misery and be my girlfriend. If the fact that I literally spent some time the night before picking out this exact outfit in a pathetic attempt to get you to notice me isn’t enough proof that I’m already madly in love with you, then I don’t know what is.”

You close your eyes and lean into the palm of his hand when he begins to caress your cheek, “Yeah? Well if the fact that I described you in perfect detail the night before isn’t proof that I’m madly in love with you, then I don’t know what is.”

Peter laughs, the sound making your heart flutter when he leans down to place a quick kiss against your lips, “How about we both put each other out of our miseries right now and become that gross couple who hold hands and kiss all the time?”

You cutely scrunch up your nose before nuzzling Peter with it, laughing while staring into his sweet brown eyes, “I think I’d like that.”


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The Bin, the creep, and the dryer

A/N: 3.1K of Sin Bin logistics, guys being dudes, and dudes being gross. I couldn’t stop laughing writing parts of this. It’s ridiculous. I’m sorry.

“Dex. Dex.”

Dex cracked an eye open. He’d been asleep on the green monstrosity, post-kegster. The light coming through the window was thin and gray, and he could hear Bitty in the kitchen, humming softly as he washed dishes. Ransom and Holster were not yet acting as cleanup crew, so they were presumably still asleep. Nursey was across the room, curled in an armchair. They’d rock-paper-scissored for the couch. The victor had surprised no one.

Standing over Dex was Chowder, his brows pinched and his hands fidgeting at his sides. “Dex,” he whispered fiercely.

“Huh?” Dex asked, tucking a yawn into his elbow.

“Dex, the dryer’s broken again.”

Dex sighed and sat up. He ran a hand over his face, wiping sleep away. “Sorry, Chow. It’s the best I can do.”

“It’s making… noises.”

“Yeah. It’ll work as long as you don’t put too much in it.”

“Dex, it sounds like it’s going to catch fire.”

“I know. We’re only $700 away from a new one. $400, probably, after last night.” After much debate, it had been the first kegster where they’d charged an entrance fee.

“This is the third day I’ve worn this pair of boxers.”

Yeah, they really needed that cash.

Dex blinked slowly, shook his head, breathed through his nose. “Ok. First, gross. Second, I – gross. Third, the washer still works. Hang up your laundry. I have a drying rack in my dorm. I don’t really need it, so I’ll bring it over.”

Chowder looked about to cry. “Thank you, Dex.” He grabbed the back of Dex’s head and rushed forward to kiss both his cheeks. By the time Dex could protest, he was already bounding up the stairs, hopefully to get his dirty laundry and fucking wash it. Dex personally hoped the others followed his example. There’d been a certain ambiance around the haus the past week.

Dex would bring over the drying rack, but a single drying rack could not handle the laundry of a haus full of hockey players. It would be a temporary solution, a bandaid over a bullet wound. He’d have to find a way to get the money soon.

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anonymous asked:

Hi there! if it's not too annoying, may I ask why you dislike Life is Strange so much?

Oh boy, where do I start. I’ve probably forgotten half of it too.

Also, before I get into it, don’t think I’m knocking anyone for liking this game. It’s obviously popular and I’m in the minority in hating it, so don’t let my opinion make you feel like you’re wrong or something. Art is subjective. Tastes differ.

Under a cut because spoilers and textwall

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Original request by @smilexcaptainx : “heyyy! i saw your post (congrats by the way) and i was wondering if you could do a bucky barnes imagine where you really want a dog and bucky keeps telling you no because he hates dogs. and than your birthday comes up and he actually gets you one and you love him so much for it. thanks!! you’re an amazing writer. x”

A/N: This is such a cute idea!  Thanks for the request!

Bucky x reader

Word count:

Summary: (Y/N) loves dogs and Bucky absolutely hates dogs.  But, Bucky’s love for (Y/N) exceeds his hate for dogs.

Warnings: N/A

 (GIFs not mine)

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I know I’ve been pretty quiet on here (everyone cheer for Depression™ !) but before I forget I do have a handful more Jazi’s Adventures in Dog Training post

This one is about a cute husky puppy we will also call M. M came to me at about 8 months old, smack dab in the middle of a fear period, with very little obedience. Her owners demonstrated her skill (or lack thereof) by pushing and pulling her roughly into position as she stood there slightly curled in on herself, shivering and cowering at any too-fast movements.

I talk in private to a lot of dogblrs looking for advice on their service dog prospect puppies, warning them of the temptation to do too much too soon and make training a chore instead of a game, which will lead to resentment and will make them wash their dog as a teenager. M is a puppy that was well on her way to having training as a whole completely poisoned for her. I’m glad her owners sought me out when they did.

My first session with M was spent giving her rewards offhand every time she took a step towards me, or offered me attention, or curiously sniffed at me. Anything that wasn’t hunkering in a corner asking to be allowed to leave, that involved her choosing to come to me and ask for the goodies she knew I had. No prompting from either me or owners, no leash, and no attention given. If I saw her approach out of the corner of my eye I would offer a treat as I continued facing away from her, pretending she didn’t exist.

My second session, M was cautiously offering a come-to-front behavior, which she was rewarded for. She became more confident as time went on until she was nudging my hand, my stomach, or my treat bag to demand that I continue feeding her. Clearly, whatever scary monster she thought I might be, the thought of me being a monster wasn’t nearly as important as the fact that I have a bag full of yummy things only operable with thumbs.

I discovered a problem that session. M’s sit was pretty okay for her age, provided her owners could be consistent with their rewards and timing and stopped repeating their commands. She really enjoyed the engagement games. But she absolutely would not lay down. Not for a lure, not by herself, not when offered a bed, nothing. When I asked how they got her to lay down in the past, her owners proceeded to bodily spin her around and slam her to the floor while repeating “down”. This is the way they learned how to teach a dog to lay down, this is the way that was learned by their parents, their parents’ parents, and so on. Just like that, M was done for the day.

This puppy’s down was poisoned. Completely and totally poisoned. There was too much fear and conflict and stress and anticipation for her to want to even perform the behavior on her own terms if there were humans around. I explained how this has caused the problem they’re trying to fix- by shoving and slamming her into position, all they’ve done is make her afraid to perform for fear that she’s going be grabbed and slammed again… and when she doesn’t perform because she’s afraid, her fears are affirmed and she is grabbed once more.

I was actually fairly sure that we’d have to start over with the getting her to trust me, but the next class M was demand barking that I continue to share free goodies and actively jumping on/mugging me for treats. Ah, well. Maybe not all is lost. After trying a couple things to convince her to down on her own, and failing, we worked on a few other things such as impulse control and I sent them home to digest for the week.

But the breakthrough happened last week. M came into my ring, playbowed, and laid down. Capture, mark, reward. M was very confused as to why she got a treat for initiating play with me. She initiated again, I chased her around the ring until she was giddy, and then she bowed and downed again. Capture, mark, reward. M has now caught on that there is something specific I’m looking for. She playbows, runs around with me in the ring again, and lays down. Capture, mark, reward. Ah! That’s what I want! Suddenly she is slamming herself down into position because I have given her an option to perform the poisoned behavior in a different context and a different mindset. No pressure- instant gratification. She gets to have fun playing with me, she gets to wiggle when I throw a party for every subsequent down, she gets yummy treats, and no one’s had to lay a hand on her to force her to do it.

Her owners were astounded. They were sure I was never going to get her to down without doing things their way. By the end of that session I could get her down reliably with command and body language and no play-chasing necessary. She would get up, nudge me, and throw herself back onto the concrete floor again and again and again because I’d opened up the possibility that training could be *fun* and not a chore or scary or intimidating. From there we were even able to get her to hold the down for 15 seconds at a time using 300 peck and lots of fun and play in between. In seeing how much happier she was to learn, and how much faster she picked up the concept compared to what they knew, her owners were able to get several good successes in with her and finally got over a huge training hurdle they’d accidentally created for themselves. M got to be happier communicating with her owners in a way that felt more natural to her.

If your puppy begins to act like M, it’s almost always a human problem that needs fixing, and rarely a dog problem caused by gross miscommunication. Try changing tactics, see where it gets you, and if your dog is happier there then who cares how your folks taught you growing up. My dog’s happiness is a lot more important than the possibility that someone’s father might be wrong.

Based on this post and written for @lizardliz100 

Alex thought getting a new toaster would be simple - get in, grab the cheapest one and leave but Kara had insisted on coming along, which was fine except that Kara had then spent the whole morning giggling over text messages from Lena. Then Kara had started rambling about what a good eye Lena had and to shut her up Alex relented and told her to invite Lena along. 

As usual Lena turned up looking like a model in that fancy maroon coat, black heels and a simple black dress which resulted in Kara spending several minutes gawking at her girlfriend, stuttering over words and proceeding to kiss like no one was around. Alex coughed twice and then settled for smacking the back of Kara’s head to get her attention, she received a Kara pout and a Lena smirk and with a roll of her eyes she led the way. 

Alex stayed ahead most of the way, smiling to herself as Kara asked Lena about her day and though she would never admit it she loved how excited Kara got when she talked to her girlfriend. She’d never seen her sister so animated and so bubbly and she was secretly glad that Lena was the one to bring the sunshine parts of Kara’s personality back out. She sent Maggie a few texts, updating her about how gross Kara and Lena were being, looking back up she heard Kara’s voice getting louder.

“I can be smooth!”

Alex can tell Lena is smirking when she responds.

“Of course you can darling. I’m just saying that naturally I am better at flirting.”

Kara gasps and moments later Kara is stomping off infront as Lena walks alongside Alex, both shaking their heads at Kara’s antics.

Kara was still pouting when they arrived at the Home Depot, refusing to even look at Lena as they turned onto the aisle with the kitchen appliances. 

“Kara darling please,” Lena’s tone is soft and Alex can see Kara relaxing despite her pretending to be mad. 

Still Kara remains silent and so Lena turns to Alex and plucks the toaster from her hands, ignoring her protests as she turns back to Kara with a coy smile.

“Quick! The toaster is burning…just like my desire for you.”

Alex fights the urge to vomit at how bad that was, expecting to see a disapproving look on her sister’s face but instead Kara grins and giggles like a little child blushing violently as Lena gives her a victorious grin in response before handing the toaster back to Alex turning back in time to see Kara dashing off, returning seconds later with a Fondue machine in her arms.

“Hey Lena! I am fondue of you!”

Kara looks so pleased with herself, her eyes twinkling as excitement radiates off of her. Alex has seen that look in her eye and she knows what it means, it means she’s not leaving the store any time soon.

“Alright, well let’s get go and-” Alex starts to say, immediately getting cut off by Lena’s voice.

“That was very cute Kara but I can do better.” 

The way Lena’s eyebrow quirks in challenge and how Kara stands up - puffing her chest out, eyes full of steely determination and Alex groans knowing that Lena just fired Kara’s competitiveness to the limit. Before she can voice any more protests Kara is zooming off with Lena hot on her heels. So instead of leaving like Alex had planned she has to deal with their terrible attempts at flirting whilst holding random household appliances.

“Your beauty blinds me” 

“I think I should fan myself - you’re too hot!”

Alex’s grumblings are ignored and Kara actually shoves her aside in favour of holding a leaf blower just so she can tell Lena that “she blows her away”.


“Half an hour Maggie! They have been going back and forth for half an hour!” Alex whisper-yells into the phone, groaning when Maggie cackles in response.

“It’s not funny!”

“it’s fricking hilarious, hold me closer to them I want to hear this.”

She does as Maggie asks, having to bite her lip to stifle her own laughter as she takes in the sight of Lena sidling up to Kara with a handful of wall hooks. 

“Kara Danvers you’ve officially got me hooked on your love.”

“That was terrible Lee.” 

Alex thinks it might be the first time she’s seen Lena pouting as she grumpily tells Kara to “see if she can do any better.”

Kara’s response is equally as corny, “You have the key to my heart!” she says as she holds a door handle with a lock infront of her chest.

Alex has to turn away when Lena gives Kara a kiss for that one, bringing the phone back up to ear as the sound of Maggie laughing gets louder.

“This is so much better than paperwork,” Alex can’t help but laugh too when Maggie struggles to get the words out from laughing too much.


“Guys come on!” Alex throws her hands up as she raises her voice for what feels like the hundredth time. Once again being cut off this time by Lena’s voice and the image of her thrusting a candle infront of Kara’s face.

“No one holds a candle to you my darling.”

Alex mutters under her breath, she’s getting so close to punching one or both of them when Kara grabs a french ornament turning back to Lena with a flirty smile.

“Oh yeah? Well I Eiffel for you more and more each day.”

“ENOUGH! We need to leave before the damn store closes!”

Alex yelling causes both of them to turn around with matching sheepish expressions. She lets out a sigh of relief when they both put back the items in their hands and they start walking down the last aisle before they reach the till. Alex thinks she’s safe but then Kara is giggling and Lena is smirking and the two are running off like little kids. 

Alex sees a Home Depot employee approaching and she wants nothing more than to be free of these dorky idiots. Watching as Kara returns carrying far too many light-bulbs.

“Hey Lena, you light up my world!”

Lena speaks, holding two buckets of paint as she does, “well you give colour to my life!”

Neither are paying attention when Alex turns to the employee with a defeated sigh, “they’ve been at it for hours, we only came to buy a toaster.”

When they finally leave the store Alex can hear the two of them arguing over whose pick-up lines were the best. She is walking ahead thinking the next time she needs to buy something she’s just going to order it online.

Unavailable (reader x Bucky) - Part 5 of Accidents Happen

Heyo! So I meant to have this posted last night, but I decided to try to go out and be social, therefore no time. Oddly enough, though, I’m posting this from my work because my power is out and I’m here after hours to use the wifi and charge my devices. Super crazy day. 

Anywho! This took me forever to write because this is my first attempt at a mission/action/fighting scene. Whew. I hope it makes sense and flows well. :) Send me any comments or constructive criticism in that regard! I’d love to your your thoughts. And thanks to @you-and-bucky for the tips and encouragement! 

  Part Four   Part Five   Part Six  

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Unavailable (reader x Bucky) 

Characters: reader x Bucky, Natasha, Sam, Clint, Steve, OC Viktor Sokolov

Summary: Y/N is on a mission with the Avengers and things don’t exactly go as planned. 

Warnings: One swear word, action/mild violence, then some fluff!!


Originally posted by teamsteverogrs

As far as missions went, this was actually pretty boring so far. Five days in and things were finally coming together. Days were spent doing surveillance, analyzing patterns between the comings and goings of the frequent guests to the compound in Eastern Europe suspected of housing HYDRA operations. Which for you basically meant freezing your butt off in the middle of the woods in mid Winter and keeping an eye on the only road to and from the compound. Sam was in charge of scouting from above with help from Red Wing and Natasha had tapped into their computers to watch for activity. Steve had spent what seemed like forever seeking out weak points in the compound itself before calling the whole team back together with a plan for tonight.

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hey! i translated a small part of one of the stories in the most recent TG novel “quest”! it’s the part with touka and nishiki in the story called “tension.”

it didn’t seem to me that this had been done already, though i didn’t do a lot of searching. additionally, i’m pretty uncertain about a lot of parts in my translation (esp. dialogue), and, i welcome any corrections or tips. for the most part, i just did this for my own japanese practice/enjoyment and also bc i adore touka, and am just sharing in case anyone is interested :)

hope you all are having a good day~

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Aria Montgomery: the rundown

Season 1:

Aria is categorized as the artsy family oriented girl who spent time away from Rosewood for a year while keeping a family secret who transformed into a girl who found love in a seemingly hopeless place with her teacher while her family is falling apart. Might I say that Byron is awful for having his teenage daughter keep his secret, that put her in an impossible position because all she wanted to do was keep her family together. Its a lot for a 16 year old to handle. Cue her and Ezra’s first encounter which was way too quick to my liking. I think they should’ve tried harder to stay away from each other, I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship that I would have to hide from the world—which is what they fought about during the course of this season. She forced herself into a relationship with Noel then they all thought he was A after the whole I See You thing on the car window. I do like how she stuck by her friends. I feel like she was the most skeptical about Alison’s bull than the rest in this season.

Season 2:

Although during this season she was more free to be with Ezra since he wasn’t her teacher at this point but I feel like if she can’t be with him around her family and friends then there’s no point. Ezra should feel gross by dating a kid. Don’t get me wrong, they have their cute moments, are loyal to each other, and have strong feelings for one another I just feel like it should’ve started when she was 18 because if the Rosewood PD was full of competent officers, Ezra would’ve been in some serious trouble. Cue Jason and her little thing where he was semi obsessive with the pictures, idk how I feel about that. Is Rosewood a place where men in their 20s go cruising for high school girls to date. I think this is the season she had that “hey, I have options’’ approach to dating. The thing that I hated about this season was when the parents got the Liars to separate but at the same time I love that it gave them time to trick A(even though it didn’t work out exactly how they planned, I loved it). I thought Dr. Sullivan was full of crap.

Season 3: 

I saw a lot of growth in Aria in the next two seasons but I noticed a lot of her growing moments have to do with her relationship with Ezra. The whole train thing was pretty intense. That whole being in a crate with a dead Garrett Reynolds should’ve been traumatizing for her. I have to say, out of all the times that Ali came to them, when she came to Aria it was my favorite.

Season 4:

When Maggie came to town she had to put things realistically and first started asking herself “can I do this? he has a child”, “can I see this in my future?”, “should I be dating someone my own age?” cue Jake. I enjoyed her relationship with Jake, they were on the same level and I think it had her thinking that she can survive without Ezra, I know their relationship was intense but Jake was a realistic choice considering age, common interests, and clicking quickly. But just like Maggie pushing her away, that led to her being pulled back in when the truth about Malcolm’s paternity was revealed.he went through a lot in season 4 with lashing out at Ezra for his “book” (which I loved) finding out that Alison is alive, etc. 

Season 5:

When Ezra got shot- it gave them more in depth memories and tested them- I was not surprised when they had sex a month later. Her character has such a great dynamic with the whole Shana thing(minus the whole YouTubing her funeral thing but anyways-moving along) I think she should’ve turned to the other girls more instead of trying to check on Jenna because of her guilt. Em went through the same murder-by-self-defense thing, she could’ve turned to her or the others instead of trying to create some distance. The whole dollhouse fiasco was ridiculous but I loved the scene when they found out the verdict was read out, it showed that no matter what happened leading up to that that their friendship was so strong.

Season 6:

I feel like she was the most traumatized post-dollhouse, I love how it was portrayed, gave her more depth. Five years forward I’m glad at Cece’s hearing she told the truth. I find Byron and Ella’s second marriage irrelevant, only thing that would’ve made me perk up would’ve been Mike attending; it was sweet and special that Aria officiated it though. Moving right along, I don’t think Ezria should be engaged because they broke up way before the season 6 time jump making it about 6 years since they’ve been together plus they didn’t see each other during the time jump, they had sex and then in a week or so’s time he was down on one knee, how is that realistic..Over the course of 7 years I think the most impressive thing about her is how much she’s matured, she thinks about things and calculates her moves instead of her younger and impulsive days. Bravo soon to be Mrs. Fitz.

Season 7:

So far I feel like she’s the one who was most determined for normalcy. I think she just wanted to keep her relationship with Ezra solid, I’m glad she kept him from the dark and depressing state he was in in 6A. Other than rekindling Ezria, she hasn’t been doing much in the first half of this season which is probably due to her having a good arc in 7b. 

Fave moments so far:

the emotions she felt watching Ezra find Nicole

accepting the proposal

her fashion sense

being honest at Cece’s hearing

“don’t look at me, I’m ready to hang a sign ’‘bitch can see!”

“she chipped us? she frickin chipped us”

the meltdown after finding out Ezra played her

officiating her parent’s wedding

the night she brought Ali back to Welby

when her and Spencer almost froze to death

What I want from her in the final 10 episodes:

I want her to really be clear about her relationship with ezra before marrying him. if after that she decides she wants to marry him then so be it, get married, have your career, have your man, start a family and be happy. If not draw the line with Ezra, give him back the ring and don’t go back to him.
Fireflies and Waterfalls - SaltyAuntSuga - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
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Explicit 18+

 Min Yoongi/Jeon Jungkook 

Word Count: 5.3k

Prompt: Your body gets hotter the closer you are to your soulmate + sugakookie.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Min Yoongi had spent his whole life being cold. Unlike his friend Namjoon who was fucking sweating any time he got around his boyfriend Seokjin. It didn’t matter to Yoongi that it meant he hadn’t found his soulmate.

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Kim Taehyung- Lights Out

Title: Lights Out

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst ; Fluff

Request: (((: write me one with me and Tae and I’ll marry u

A/N: This is my first fanfic with Taehyung! And my first time posting a fanfic on Tumblr so bare with me but enjoy!


Ahh, Saturday.

Definitely one of your favorite days of the week. You got to sleep in later than usual and it meant your boyfriend had no rehearsals until Monday approached.

The sunlight peered into your now dimly lit room. The light ran over your face, making you feel warm. You slowly opened your eyes and smiled to yourself. You looked at your clock to see that you slept in until 1:00 PM.

You hopped out of bed and threw on one of Taehyung’s long sleeved shirts. You being so much smaller than him, the shirt reached your knees and the sleeves ran way past your hands. You didn’t mind it much since winter was approaching and you were freezing. You paired Taehyung’s shirt with a pair of leggings and house slippers and headed downstairs, not even bothering to fix the messy bun on your head.

You walked into the living room to find your boyfriend along with the rest of the members comfortably watching TV or eating lunch.

“Well someone’s finally awake. You refreshed, baby girl?” Taehyung asked, placing his sandwich on the table.

You laughed, “I am, thank you. Mind if I join you?”

“Of course I don’t.” Taehyung replied, making space for you on the couch.

You sat down, giving Tae a kiss as you did, and placed your legs on top of his.

“You didn’t ask if we minded or not.” Jungkook gagged.

Yoongi nodded in agreement, “I agree with Kookie on this one.”

“Well that’s probably because I don’t care.” You smirked.

Taehyung chuckled, “This is why I love you.” He proceeded in pulling you onto his lap and gave you another kiss, this time glaring at Jungkook as he did so.

Jungkook cringed, “Gross. I’d rather have someone bury me in the snow outside.”

“It’s snowing?” You asked, hopping up to look outside a window.

Just as the words left your mouth, J-Hope ran in screaming, “It’s snowing! Just as I have wanted!”

You smiled at his adorable child-like behavior, “I’ll join you, Hobi. Give me a second to put on warmer clothes.”

J-Hope grinned and ran back outside with Jimin following behind.

You went to give Taehyung a kiss but instead he grabbed you and held you on his lap, “Don’t leave me; you just woke up” he whined.

You laughed, “I just want to have some fun in the snow with Hobi. He’s excited.”

Taehyung held you tighter, “Stay inside and have some fun with me.” He whispered.

You turned around to meet Taehyung’s grin. You gave him a fake smile and gave him a quick kiss, “No.”

You tried to remove his hands but he only held you tighter, “Please don’t leave, babygirl.” He whined.

“Look, (Y/N), leave or don’t leave. Anything to get him to shut up.” Yoongi scoffed.

You sighed, “Fine. I’ll stay inside.”

Taehyung smiled as you rolled your eyes, “I love you.”

You smiled, “Me too.”


Once you spent some time with your super clingy boyfriend, you went outside to enjoy the snow with the members who weren’t buzz killers.

You made snowmen, had a snowball fight and attempted in making snow angels. When it came to picking teams, you chose Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook. Jimin, because he wouldn’t shut up if you didn’t. Tae , because he’s your boyfriend but also he is very good at games and Kookie because duh?! He’s the golden maknae!

Once all of the commotion had settled, you all went inside for hot chocolate and for you, cuddles from your Tae Bae.

“It was obvious (Y/N) cheated. No way she made that last hit on her own.”

“So you’re calling my teammate a liar?”

“Well I’m definitely not calling her a truther!”

“Guys,” you sighed, “It really doesn’t matter who won or not. It was for fun.”

“Not true, sweetheart. Jungkook and I had a bet.” Yoongi smirked, “Your little boyfriend was in on it too.”

“Tae?! What the crap?” You asked.

He shrugged, “I knew you could do it. Plus with the extra cash, we could do something together like a romantic weekend.”

You paused, “I’m intrigued. Who won?”

Yoongi sighed, “Well because you made the final hit, Jungkook and Taehyung. But Tae bet $800 so he gets more than Kookie.”

“Tae, what if we had lost? We don’t have that.”

“Well it’s a good thing you won, baby.” He smiled, wrapping an arm around your waist.

You shook your head, “One of these days, Tae. Something is gonna go wrong.”

“You worry too much, babe. It’s just plain fun. What could go wrong?”

You sighed, “Usually when people say that, something goes-”

The lights throughout the dorm suddenly shut off, leaving you and your friends in a freezing building with no light sources.

“Wrong.” You finished your previous sentence.


“Yep, all that snow blew a fuse for us. No power tonight kiddos.”

Taehyung huffed, “You guys are the smartest people here, you seriously can’t figure out the lights?”

“Look, Tae. Yoongi and I are smart but not smart enough to get all the lights in the building going! If the professionals can’t figure it out, how could we? If you want to help, light some candles and wait with the rest of us, please.” Namjoon stated.

“I’ll light the candles. Everyone else can relax.” Jin said, taking the lighter from Namjoon.

You noticed Tae standing by the window, probably staring into space.

You walked over to him, “Let’s go lay down, mkay? We can cuddle. That sound good?” You wrapped your arms around his torso.

He turned around to meet your eyes and smiled slightly, “Sure thing.”

“You guys will know where to find us. Let us know if you fix anything or get dinner. Can you at least check to see when the lights will be back on?” You asked, dragging Taehyung to the door.

Jungkook sighed, “We’ll go check, (Y/N). We know you aren’t a big fan of the dark.”

You smiled, “Thanks guys.”


You and Taehyung spent the rest of the afternoon in his room, cuddling and talking about random things. Your head was on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. While his hands were wrapped around you, nuzzling his face into your hair and occasionally your neck. It was in the moments like this when you realized you had picked the right one. Though the start of your friendship was rocky, once it settled, the relationship was better than ever.

“Whatcha thinking about, baby? You’ve been quiet for a while.”

“Nothing. Just us,” You paused, “And how much I really hope they get the lights back on before it’s dark.”

“We can just use flashlights. I know you don’t like the dark but we’ll be fine.” He said as he kissed your forehead.

“I guess you’re right. I have such a dumb phobia.” You sighed.

“It’s understandable, babe. You’re not afraid of the dark, you’re afraid of what’s in it. You feel unsafe. You lose your sight and it makes you uneasy. Just as understandable as someone with claustrophobia.”

You smiled, “You get me. How’d I get so lucky?”

He huffed, “I should be asking you the same thing.”

You smiled, “I love you.”

He kissed your hair, “I love you too.”

You sat up, “I’m gonna go check on their progress. Coming?”

He shrugged, “Too comfortable. I’ll stay here.”

You rolled your eyes, “Lazy butt.”

You gave him a quick kiss, grabbed your flashlight and headed down the hall.

Though you had a flashlight, it didn’t diminish your nervousness. To some, being afraid of the dark was silly, especially with you being in your 20s. But for you, it was just as serious as being afraid of death. You had never had the best experiences as a child. Your teenage years were filled with nothing but bullying and you spent most nights in your room, in the dark, surrounded by your haunting thoughts. You had never grown out of it and the darkness reminded you more and more of what a terrible life you had.

You don’t sleep with a nightlight like a child or turn the bathroom light on. You would lay in the dark but it wouldn’t bother you as much as long as Taehyung was by your side. Whenever he would go to turn the lights off, you would make sure to stand by him and hold his hand, to be sure that he was still there. He would hold you close because he knew it made you feel safer and as long as you could feel him or hear his heartbeat, you knew you would be fine.

The hallway seemed to never end as you continued on your way to the living room. You had really wished that Tae had come with you because you were starting to get paranoid. You could feel your palms getting sweaty and your breathing was turning into hyperventilating. You tried to keep pushing forward but your whole body was slowing you down and you became dizzy. You stopped to catch your breath, when you heard things moving behind you. You aimed your flashlight at the end of the hallway, only to find nothing but more hallway.

“There’s nothing there. There’s nothing there. You’re alright.” You whispered to yourself.

Just as your breathing began to slow down, you heard footsteps coming from different directions.

“Hello? Kookie? Yoongi? Please tell me that’s you guys.” You yelled out.

There was no response.

You tried to sit against the wall but ran into a table and knocked over, what you think, was a vase.

“Dammit.” You whispered.

You sat down, and covered your eyes, burying your face in your knees.

“Nothing is there. Nothing is there. Nothing is there.”

You heard footsteps running towards you and you buried your head even more.

“Nothing is there. Nothing is there.” You told yourself.

The footsteps had stopped and they were in front of you now, shining a light in your face. You didn’t look up, figuring that you were just imagining things.

“(Y/N)? Babygirl, are you okay? What happened?”

It was Taehyung.

Still not believing he was really there, you looked up slowly, still sitting in a ball. Tears ran down your face as you met his eyes.

It was really him.

He picked you up like a child, you wrapping your legs around his waist as you buried your head in his neck and cried even more. He brought you back to his room and placed you on the bed as he turned the lamp on.

“How…how is the lamp working?” You asked through tears.

“They got the lights up a few minutes ago. But I figured you didn’t know because the hallway light wasn’t on.”

You simply nodded as you wiped away your tears.

“I…I didn’t know, (Y/N). I should’ve come with you. I thought you would be alright. I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have let you go alone.” He grabbed your hand.

“It’s okay, Tae. I thought I could handle it too.”

After a few minutes of sitting in silence, Taehyung spoke, “They got pizza. I know you love it. I could go get you a slice.”

You smiled, “That’s okay. I’ll just go with you.”

He proceeded in standing up and turning his back to you as you hopped on. He held your legs and steadied himself before going into the kitchen.

You were greeted by the team, all eating and laughing at whatever show they were watching.

“Namjoon, I’m sorry about the vase. I didn’t know.” You said as you grabbed a slice.

“Don’t worry about it. I can always get a new one.” He smiled.

You sat down next to Taehyung as you watched TV and ate your pizza.

“Hey,” Taehyung said, “I love you. I’m always here for you, okay?”

“I know. I love you too.” You replied, scooting in closer to him.

Very Special Agent: Papa DiNozzo- Part 1

*mood board by @theenchantedgalleryofstories*

Pairing: Tony x Reader

Warnings: None that I could tell. Let me know if I missed something.

Word Count: 2222

A/N: This is the follow up series to “Something Stupid”.  This can be read on it’s own, but some pieces will definitely make more sense if you have read “Something Stupid”. Thank you to @hamartiamacguffin for being an amazing beta!! Clears up why I definitely need to have someone look at my work more often! It was super intense and I think I need a nap haha! As always, feedback is very much appreciated!

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A/N: This took me ages to post, but I am finally back! sorry I have been so inactive lately. But I am coming back so I will be posting regularly! I am always willing to write another part!

Requested:  can i request like a kinda angsty fic where you and jungkook slept together one time but now you kind of have feelings for one another but neither one wants to make it weird?? you don’t have to write the smutty part you don’t want! thanks!! xx

Word Count: 4000 (It’s really long)

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Member: Jungkook (BTS)

Summary: It only happened one time! You and Jungkook made a mistake and slept together, but in your defense you were both drunk and had no idea what was going on. But what happens when you two grow feelings?

Originally posted by sugutie

Too much alcohol led to really bad decisions. You knew that and Jungkook knew it, yet here the two of you were, half naked and making out. The skin on skin contact you were receiving was almost too much, sending your certainly not sober brain into a state of euphoria, but did you care? No, you didn’t.

Jungkook is your older brother, Yoongi’s best friend. You were off limits to Jungkook as far as Yoongi was concerned, but you two were still about to have the best sex of your lives. The feeling of Jungkook’s hands on your bare waist was enough for you to disregard Yoongi’s strict warning to stay away from Jungkook relationship wise. You had just come out of a long term relationship a couple months ago and you sure as hell weren’t looking for a relationship. Jungkook wasn’t either, he enjoyed the freedom that came with being single.

The morning after you and Jungkook had broken every rule Yoongi had inputted, you felt sick. You just disobeyed everything you brother had told you, and you wanted to leave before Jungkook awoke. There was one major problem, Jungkook was in your bedroom, in the apartment you shared with your brother. Yoongi had spent the night with one of his other friends, Jimin, but you knew it was seconds before he would return. You knew one thing for certain, you didn’t want him walking in and seeing you and Jungkook naked in your bed.

Not thinking twice, you reach over and gently shake Jungkook. He groans and buries his head deeper in his pillow. You sigh exasperatedly, repeating your actions. He doesn’t budge though, only moves closer to you and pulls your body against his toned chest. You realize you don’t want to wake him up anymore and just stay in his warm embrace, but you’re snapped back to reality as you remember your brother will be home in less than 10 minutes.

“Jungkook. Jungkook, come on. Wake up, Yoongi will be home soon,” You whisper, half hoping he just hugs you tighter. He doesn’t though, your words snapped him to reality.

“Oh shit!” He exclaims. He sits up and hops out of your bed, throwing on his clothes messily. You follow suit, throwing on a new change of clothes, not wanting your brother to be suspicious of last night’s activities. “He can’t know,” Jungkook says to you, following you into the kitchen.

“Of course he can’t,” You reply. You walk into the living room, grabbing a pillow and blanket from the bin in the corner of the room. You place the pillow at the end of the couch and messily throw the blanket on the rest of the couch. “If he asks, which he will, you didn’t have enough for a taxi home from the club so we came back here and you slept on the couch,” You inform him. He nods.

“Smart thinking,” He compliments, causing a light blush to fall on your cheeks. You turn away from him quickly, lightly hitting yourself in the forehead. Why are you blushing? You brush off the thought and walk into the kitchen.

“Want something to eat?” You ask. Before he can reply, keys jingle in the lock on the front door and you tense up, going over the lie you composed seconds ago. The door swings open and Yoongi is standing there. He smiles at you warmly but when he sees Jungkook his face turns suspicious.

“What are you doing here?” He asks Jungkook pointedly.

“Jungkook didn’t have enough money for a taxi but I didn’t have enough money to get me home and him home, so he just stayed overnight here,” You reply, smiling innocently and hugging your brother.

“Where did you sleep,” Yoongi asks Jungkook.

“Couch,” Jungkook says. Yoongi peeks at the couch and nods approvingly.

“Thanks for respecting my wishes,” He says, hugging you again. You feel a pang in your heart, lying to your brother the way you and Jungkook were. You knew Yoongi would be furious if he found out that you and Jungkook slept together and his anger would be heightened if he knew the two of you lied to him. That was a rage neither you nor Jungkook wanted to face, especially at the moment when the two of you felt awkward being in the same room.

“No problem, hyung,” Jungkook says. “I am going to take my leave. I will walk from here,” He says.

“Don’t be silly, I can lend you enough money for a cab,” You protest.

“No, I will be fine,” He says. He bids Yoongi goodbye and winks discreetly at you as he walks by you, Yoongi not noticing.

“I am going to go take a shower,” Yoongi says, but then he spots something on you. “Y/N? What’s that?” He asks.

“What’s what?” You reply. He pulls your hair back, fingers gently landing on the side of your neck.

“Is that a hickey?” He asks. You curse internally for not wearing something that would cover the mark Jungkook left on you.

“Yeah, some guy at the club did that,” You lie, forcing your voice to be as steady as it can be in your current predicament.

“Gross,” He replies, turning on his heel and walking off, presumably to the bathroom. Once you hear the door shut behind him, you sigh in relief. You turn and clean up the fake bed you made for Jungkook and your lie. You fold up the blanket and grab the pillow, placing them back in the bin you got them from minutes ago. Turning around, you take a couple minutes to process what you and Jungkook did last night. On one hand, it was bound to happen. The amount of sexual tension that was radiating between the two of you was outrageous and you two sleeping together was a long time coming, you both knew that. Maybe it was the fact that Yoongi had forbidden it so harshly, the aspect of doing something against the rules was exciting, maybe it was because you two were attracted to each other, no one would know.

You sigh to yourself, falling onto the couch unceremoniously, already uncomfortable with the lie. If it was for Jungkook though, you weren’t going to tell Yoongi a thing. You sure as hell didn’t want to be yelled at as if you were three years old and unaware of the consequences your actions would have and you were sure Jungkook didn’t want that either.

The funny thing is, you and Jungkook were actually close as kids. He and Yoongi had met years and years ago at school. Jungkook was in the same grade as you but he was always hanging out with older kids. You on the other hand had friends your own age and was quite content to talk to whoever approached you, but Jungkook was never one of those people.

You were actually the one to approach Jungkook first when you two were in the eighth grade and he hung around your brother and their other friends almost every day. He was seriously scared when you talked to him, a common theme for him. He seemed to be scared of every girl in the school and was creepily quiet at school but really loud outside of school when he thought you couldn’t hear from your bedroom. After you started talking to you, the two of you never really left each other’s sides at school. Your brother liked that you had found such a close friend but as you and Jungkook grew up, he was more protective over you.

When you and Jungkook hit the second year of highschool and it was less socially acceptable to hang around people of the opposite gender, you two split ways. Right now, you two consider each other a friend, but no where to the extent you used to be. In more ways than one, you were seriously regretful that you two grew apart, but looking back at it now, you wouldn’t change a thing because it allowed you to make the friends you have today.

You snap out of your reminiscing when Yoongi sits down beside you. He helps distract you for the rest of the week from the nagging thoughts at the back of your head. Exactly a week later, Yoongi invites all six of his friends over, which includes Jungkook. You know that it is unfair to not want to be in your apartment when all your brother’s friends - all of whom you love deeply and are basically your older brothers - are going to be there but you want to not be there when Jungkook is. You called up one of your best friends, Wendy, and the two of you are going to hang out at your apartment. You would have gone to hers, but her roommate is having her boyfriend over and neither of you want to hear that all night, so naturally your apartment was the better option.

Even though you wanted to get out of your apartment, the fact that Wendy would be there would give you an excuse not to be around your brother and his friends soothed you. Wendy gets held up at her apartment though, so Yoongi’s friends start arriving before she gets there. At the start, just Hoseok and Jimin arrive, so you’re quiet content to lay out in the living room with them and have conversations with them. When Jungkook arrives though, you get up and walk to the kitchen, grabbing a glass of water and hanging out in the kitchen, not wanting to look to suspicious or eager to leave. Soon enough though, you’re dragged back into the living room by an eager Hoseok. He seats you beside Jungkook on the couch. You gently shift away from him by a centimeter, a shiver shooting down your spine at the memory of his body on top of yours, your legs wrapped around his waist and-

“Earth to Y/N, are you alive,” Jimin asks, launching a pillow at your face. You catch it and nod.

“Just waiting for Wendy,” You reply. Jimin nods but eyes you suspiciously. Great, the last thing you need is Jimin to question why you’re acting strange. Your phone buzzes and you eagerly grab it, reading the text message written out on the screen.

Wendy, the greatest: Fam I am so sorry, my roommate is having a melt down cause her boyfriend broke it off, I can’t leave her. Rain check?

Y/N: No problem, Wen! Tell her I am rooting for her.

You sigh to yourself as you realize you have nowhere to go and no excuse to leave. You don’t blame Wendy though, she’s trying to keep her roommate sane.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” Seokjin asks, concern lining his handsome face.

“Wendy’s roommate just went through a breakup so she’s not coming over,” You reply.

“Can’t say I am sorry! Now you get to spend time with us,” Namjoon offers. You smile.

“Me either,” You say, only half lying. You really do genuinely enjoy spending time with Yoongi’s friends, but you have no idea how to interact with Jungkook after what happened. You place your hands down on the couch to stand up at the same time Jungkook does and your hands brush each other’s. You quickly retract your hand, your heart racing like mad.

Of course, your heart racing at this simple touch sends you into a flurry of confusion. You’ve never had your heart race while touching Jungkook. You clutch your hand to your chest and walk to the kitchen, sitting on the counter and refusing to speak. You had such conflicting feelings about Jungkook, that you didn’t know how to react to him. You knew sleeping with him was irresponsible but you didn’t have all of your sense when it happened. Besides, the sexual tension between the two of you was killing you before you slept with him.

You decide to fake sickness and you tell the others you’re going to sleep it off. Yoongi watches you with a curious stare and Jungkook regards you with such sad eyes it hurts you. You turn and walk to your bedroom, shutting the door and turning off the lights. You lay on your bed, slipping your earbuds in your ears and turning on music really loudly.

Tapping your finger along to the beat, you start to wonder what Jungkook is thinking right now. Was he as upset as you were? Did he hate you now? The biggest question was: Why did you care? You never cared so much about one of Yoongi’s friends before, even though they were older brothers to you. You cared about them a lot, but you didn’t lose sleep over them. Not like this.

You see your door open and you take your earbuds out and sit up, seeing Jungkook walking in. He sits on the end of your bed and smiles at you. You return it, wondering why he is here.

“Y/N,” he says, the name rolling off his tongue so easily and smoothly, it makes a chill run down your spine. You remember how your name sounded on his lips that night, and it wasn’t the same.

“Yeah?” You reply, waiting for him to give you the answer you desire.

“I’m sorry that night happened. It was a huge mistake and let’s put it behind us and not talk about it again,” he says. Your heart breaks a little, leaving you wondering why the hell it hurts. A mistake? Is that all he thought you were?

“You want that?” You ask, keeping your voice steady and your face void of any emotions.

“Yes, I want that,” he says.

“Fine. Done. Now leave please,” you say, suddenly feeling empty.

“You’re acting like I just broke up with you,” he argues. You sigh, laying down.

“How could you break up with me? All we did was make a mistake,” You reply, an edge to your tone. He watches you like a predator watching it’s prey, with deadly precision. “If that’s all you wanted, you can leave now,” you reply, trying to get him to leave before you start to cry. He doesn’t budge or speak, just watches you. “I will call for Yoongi,” you threaten, not knowing how to get him to fuck the hell off.

“You won’t,” he says. “I know you won’t.” You sigh and put your ear buds back in, not paying attention to him anymore. You don’t see him move but you feel the bed shift. Within seconds, someone is overtop of you. You stare into Jungkook’s eyes in shock, wondering what the hell he is doing. He leans down, pressing his lips to yours. Your stomach does a flip and you tangle your fingers in his hair, completely weak for this boy overtop of you.

He pulls away, smiling down at you. He pulls your earbuds from your ears and chuckles. “You try to act like you don’t feel anything,” he says. Anger bubbles in the pit of your stomach.

“What would I feel, Jeon Jungkook. You’re the one saying to put it behind us,” you counter. He nods and sits back.

“Why are you being so hostile? I am doing this so we can still be friends,” he exclaims. You shake your head, eyes brimming with tears. That’s when you realize, you don’t want to be Jungkook’s friend. You want to be so much more than that. You don’t want that night to be a one time thing, you want it to be a regular thing. You want to be able to feel his hands trail over your bare skin as he drives you crazy by sucking marks onto your neck and chest. You want to hear him calling you corny pet names because he loves you.

“I’m not hostile,” you reply after a long period of silence. “I don’t want to do this right now. I feel sick and I want to go to sleep,” You say.

“Liar,” he replies. “I know you’re lying,” he clarifies.

“Listen, I don’t care whether you think I’m lying or not. Leave,” you say. He abides this time and leaves your room hesitantly. As soon as he’s gone, a tear slips out of your eye and you wipe it away quickly, hating the way you feel.

For the next month, things are more than painful. You see him all the time and things are only getting worse. You know your feelings for him will go away if you ignore them, but you feel so inferior to him. Your mission became for him not to find out how you feel, because he obviously doesn’t feel the same.

You didn’t know how to face him, and you didn’t know how to react around him. Yoongi suspected something was up, but he couldn’t put his finger on it and for that, you were glad. You considered telling Yoongi about the whole ordeal, but you decided against it because you didn’t want to start shit between him and his best friend. You weren’t the kind of person to go around forming conflicts for your own enjoyment.

You weren’t sure when you had developed such strong feelings for Jungkook - but you knew it happened. Maybe you had always felt that way about him but you didn’t realize until sleeping with him. Maybe sleeping with him was the reason you got the feelings. You didn’t know, and you weren’t going to waste your time. Jungkook didn’t feel the same, you knew that. So you bit your tongue and got over the fact that you were lusting over him.

You occupied yourself with your part time job and your university work. You were too busy studying and working at the pizza place to even begin to think of Jungkook. Well, that’s what you liked to tell yourself at least. Of course you still thought of him, but not to the extent you did before. He came over more frequently and you basically lived at Wendy’s house. Her roommate moved back to the Philippines where she was born and raised to pursue a degree in language studies. Wendy got lonely without her roommate around so you took her place, much to Wendy’s happiness.

She ended up inviting you to live with her permanently which you accepted. So this week, you were moving out of Yoongi’s apartment and into Wendy’s. Wendy was bouncing off the walls with excitement; Yoongi, however, was brooding. He wasn’t so sure about you moving out, he loved you and really didn’t see the need for you to leave. You weren’t sure how you felt about leaving; you were somewhere between Yoongi and Wendy. You were happy about living with your best friend but not so happy about leaving your beloved brother.

Brushing off any feelings for Jungkook was better in your mind. It was also easier said than done. You decided that Yoongi would never let you and Jungkook even think about having a relationship together, so what was the point of accepting your feelings? Yoongi aside, he thought that night was a mistake and most likely did not have feelings for you. Removing yourself from the situation was easier than getting hurt trying to fit in.

You are in the middle of packing your last box, when a knock on your bedroom door snaps your train of thought. You place the shirt you were about to fold on top of your bed and walk to the door, twisting the knob and opening the door, expecting your brother. Instead of your slightly short brother, a very tall Jungkook is there instead. You stare at him, raising your eyebrows at his presence.

“Hey,” You say. He smiles.

“Hey,” He replies. You open the door wider, gesturing for him to enter your room. As he walks inside, you realize how messy it is. Clothes are thrown everywhere, packing lists scatter the floor underfoot and your bed is barely visible.

“What can I do for you?” You ask, cleaning off a spot on the bed and telling him to sit down there. He does and you feel less short around him.

“Why are you moving out?” He asks. You shrug, knowing he knows Wendy’s roommate moved back to the Philippines. “Is it because of me?” He asks, his words rushed. You glower at him, wondering if he was right.

“Don’t give yourself so much credit,” You reply jokingly.

“Y/N, I am serious,” He says. You smile at him softly. Knowing in your mind that he is right.

“I am too. Why would I leave because of you?” You ask, deciding to play dumb.

“Y/N, you know exactly why. Do I make you uncomfortable now? Do you hate me?” He asks, eyes sad. You shake your head instantly, grabbing his hands in yours.

“Jungkook… It… It’s not like that. I don’t hate you, much the opposite actually.” You say.

“Are you saying you like he?” He asks. You nod.

“Of course I like you! You’re Yoongi’s friend I am obligated to like you,” You joke.

“No Y/N, I mean, do you like me like me,” he asks. His question suddenly makes sense and your face turns red.

“I… What if I did?” He smiles in return at your question.

“Then we would feel the same,” He says. In that moment you were happy, truly happy. You realized you were stupid for trying to suppress all of your feelings instead of growing up and confronting them head on. Even if he didn’t feel the same way, you made a mistake not telling him.

He snaps you out of your train of thought by pressing his soft lips to yours. Everything else disappeared suddenly and it was just the two of you standing alone in your room. You forgot about moving, you forgot about Yoongi and you forgot about everything else that didn’t have to do with Jungkook. For once, you two sleeping together didn’t seem like such a mistake. One question still remained, How would Yoongi react?