this is so grainy i am so sorry

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Hold up. Hang on. Are you saying Liam got the three roses I Love You tattoo on ZAYN'S BURTHDAY. IS THIS WHAT YOU'RE SAYING BECAUSE I DID NOT KNOW THIS I CANNOT BREATHE I AM IN PAYNE

THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I AM SAYING. Technically he could have gotten it anytime between January 10*-13 but I am going to use boob instincts and my Olivia Pope Gut to  Benson & Stabler this shit and present the facts:

Both Liam and Zayn were in Los Angeles during Zayn’s birthday. 

Here we see Loam Pan’s Beautiful Abominable Snowman Sized Paw on January 9*- no roses tattoo (this really is like grainy Big Foot sighting quality guys, I am so sorry, video is here):

Loam Pan’s glorious yet red and freshly tatted fashionable lumberjack hand on January 13:

Tag yourself, I’m Paddy, glaring at Liam like “BRUH. WHY DID YOU DO ME LIKE THAT, BRUH.”

*I’m pretty sure he also didn’t have it on January 10, which brings us to January 11-13,  but I couldn’t find a photo of his hand in the three minutes I googled it, and Melly has real life work things to finish, so please feel free to hop on this and help a hoe out

My package from Hachuu arrived today! Aaaah it’s all so cute and I love how shiny the postcards are too! The buttons are adorable! (And make me want to play ORAS so bad). I can’t wait to show these off! They are so much cuter in person!

 We had the hardest time with my post office so thank you again Hachuu for working with me! I really appreciate it and am so glad the package came safely! 

Definitely recommend her shop! 

Man Face Monday - Practically Tuesday Edition

So sorry that your dose of face is super late today. A new fic has overtaken me today. I am trying to finish it, so less time for Man Face. Also, can you believe, this appears to be Man Face Monday #10? 

Let’s get started!

How’s this for clear-eyed up close and beautiful?

Ooh, intense. 

Pretty sighing man is so pretty. 

A bit of grainy. A bit of moody. 

Painterly Al-Sahim. He has a stunning profile, I think. 

Well, there we go. I hope you enjoyed. That is some face, I’ll tell ya. 

Gotta get back to my one-shot (a thank you to followers for helping me reach a milestone). I’m stuck for a title. Hope inspiration hits me tonight.

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