this is so gay like what is there concept even

a concept: kimberly with tattoos. Like imagine kim going to practice, showing off her new ink, and trini, bless her small gay heart, can’t handle it. She’s so distracted that she gets nailed by a putty and y'know what? She doesn’t even care because holy shit kim looks so good and she never knew she had a thing for tattoos until seeing kim with one. It isn’t until later when trini shows kim just how much she adores her new ink

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can u elaborate on the karkat quadrant post?

A couple of people have asked and I’m so glad they did because my tired ass loves talking about quadrants, so thank you so much!

I’m gonna try to hold back and not make this too long, since I’ve already covered these topics in other posts and I really don’t wanna seem like a broken record. Anyway here goes.

Troll romance, aka quadrants, are direct parallel to human sexuality, this is touched on tons of times in the comic, especially when quadrants are the main topic at that moment. The whole point of quadrants is that they aren’t real, they’re a concept, or a social construct made up by society, that everyone is supposed to uniformly fit into.

Karkat’s character arc is that he doesn’t actually fit into this, this is the troll equivalent of being queer, trolls are even killed if they haven’t filled the necessary romantic quadrants when Drones show up to collect their genetic material. Troll society doesn’t have the concept of being gay, just like human society doesn’t have quadrants, it’s all seen as the same type of relationship to each respective species. 

Quadrants were a very clever allusion to human sexuality that I still love. Karkat coming to terms with this is a very intentional direct parallel to Dave coming to terms with not being straight. 

Dave was raised in an environment full of toxic masculinity where he was expected to never cry or show much emotion, when he was 13 he tried his best to put on this hypermasculine facade that fell apart once he realized all that stuff he thought was spoonfed his whole life about sexuality and masculinity was a bunch of made up bullshit. Karkat is exactly the same, but with quadrants. He always did have a fascination with them, I have no doubt that his love for romance was genuine, but it may have also been a form of overcompensation. It’s pretty fitting that the two ended up together because of this. They were both able to find a middle ground and deviate from social norms, and just be themselves.

Trolls are supposed to have one person in one quadrant per time, not one person in more than one at any point. Karkat says to himself that he wants Terezi in all the quadrants, despite the fact that he always tried to settle on one but couldn’t decide (and for some reason thought a sensible solution would be to schedule it)

Combined with this is the fact that The Signless and The Disciple had a relationship that surpassed the quadrants, this is supposed to further emphasize what Karkat is dealing with. This is also probably the reason Vriska couldn’t place what quadrant Dave and Karkat were in, because they’re in both none of them and in all of them at the same time. It’s closer to human dating than troll romance. 

Beforus was a lot more calm than Alternia, so deviation from the social norm wouldn’t be as harsh, but this allowed us to get confirmation from Kankri that deviation from quadrants is actually viewed in the same way as being gay on earth, with his usage of phrases like “Panquadrant” which we can assume is the closest thing to “Homosexual” by troll standards. Aranea and Kankri were the only trolls to ever really touch on this, and Aranea did so only while talking about cherubs.

Speaking of cherubs Calliope and Caliborn have always been intentional inverses of each other, this topic is no acception at all, I’m gonna plug a previous post about this. Keep in mind that for cherubs, black romance is the norm, and no other.

While talking to Roxy, Callie says she doesn’t know if she’s capable of having red feelings, even though she would like to, so the topic fascinates her and she expresses it through fantasies of red relationships. She’s been pressured to believe that she, as a cherub, should have black feelings, because that’s what would be normal of her, be she never seemed to like the concept of black romance to begin with. She’s the equivalent to a closeted or unaware gay human.

Now for Caliborn. He’s the inverse, like many things with each other. Caliborn loves black romance and is disgusted by red romance. He’s seen bringing up blackrom several times and explains it to Jane as what’s normal for his species. He sees red relationships as “pornography”, as if they are something scandalous and dirty. Dirk describes this as Caliborn “Fetishizing his disgust for it”. He’s the equivalent to a straight human who fetishizes gay couples.

John realizing he has black feelings was supposed to be an allusion to realizing that he’s gay (by troll standards, this isn’t 100% literal). His conversation with Karkat about it, without context, would read exactly like a person realizing they’re gay. Of course that’s not what’s going on but it’s a very intentional reference to it.

Quadrants aren’t real in Homestuck, they’re intentionally set as a made up social concept, the same way “normal” gender and sexuality are for humans. They’re used as intentional allusions to human sexuality. Deviating from the social norm of quadrants is the equivalent of being gay, that’s a huge overarching theme in Homestuck, and rereading it with that knowledge is eye-opening as fuck. 

Concept: it’s 15 years in the future and I wake up every day in the same bed as the love of my life on the farm that we own together, somewhere it’s never too hot or too cold…….in the mornings we make breakfast while we laugh and dance together before we go out and take care of all our animals we raise like our kids……..we’re rarely ever sad and when we are we work through it together, and we’re so in love our friends are jealous. Life feels soft and warm, every sunset is beautiful and none of our past traumas hurt anymore. We thrive together with our pets and feel fulfilled.

Dear Future Me Reading This,

You are gay. Nope, I don’t want to hear any objections, you’re going to shut up and listen.

Remember when you were about nine and used to have all of these characters that you’d put in different scenarios in your head? You would pair all the girls together with the boys because that’s what you thought was the only option. Then, when you discovered that girls could love and kiss other girls. You went through all of your characters with boring, heterosexual relationships, and paired the girls together. I know specifically that the main girl (the one that was your self-insert) would always have the greatest girlfriend and all the boys she used to date before you knew about gays would be so baffled.

I know you thought later that the only reason you did this was because your older sibling is bisexual, and you were just trying to be cool like them, but that’s not it. You have had two boy “crushes” in your short life. One was of the most popular and sought after boy in the first grade, because everyone else had a crush on him, and one was the least repulsive boy you could think of.

I can name about three girls who you have had major, heart aching crushes on: Y, L, and S. When you had that big performance, everyone congratulated you on it, but you didn’t really acknowledge the compliments until Y did, which left you speechless, your heart pounding because she had noticed you! When you were at a sleepover with L, you stayed up all night thinking about how she was so pretty, you wanted to bury your face in her hair and kiss her until the sun rose. And when S confided in you that she was pan, your heart soared and you couldn’t believe it, because she’s the only other person your age you’ve met who’s in anyway lgbt. You’ve spent days thinking about all three. Not to mention that pretty girls continue to shock you every day as you marvel at their beauty.

Don’t kid yourself, you love girls. You know you want to go on cute dates with them, kiss them, and maybe eventually marry them and have a house with a big yard and dogs, cats, and birds everywhere. You could care less about boys, and you know it.

I know you think you’re just trying to be cool and hip like everyone else, but that’s not what that is. I guarantee it. Because the mere concept of being with a girl all those times when you where nine excited you so much that it was all you could think about. On some level, you knew that you were gay, but it took you three years to even come to that conclusion without running for the figurative hills.

You aren’t too young, you aren’t just trying to be cool. Think of it this way, if you honestly thought you were straight, you wouldn’t have followed this blog. You wouldn’t have scrolled through 600 pages of that one lgbt blog when you were figuring things out, and you wouldn’t have followed all those gay youtubers. You wouldn’t get so excited when you were reading a book and came across canon lesbians, or actively seek out books and media like that. If you didn’t know you where gay, you wouldn’t have spent all those hours trying to prove to yourself that you are faking and you definitely, wholeheartedly, would not have taken the time to write this message, or to find it and read it again. 

So stop your doubts, and start loving yourself, because you are gay and you are beautiful. If you don’t want to date a guy, you don’t have to. If you want to marry an amazing woman, do it, and trust me, you will be so so happy that you wont even have to think about it.


Thirteen-year-old you.

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I wish I could express the shame and disappointment I have in their reaction to fans, who for probably EVERY single day of their lives, have wished for their favorite character to end up in love with the girl. That's human. But we're vilified for it. You think this would be half as funny to them if it were Lena and a man? Is it so laughable that a girl can have a happy ending with another girl? They're making fun of my life. For the first time in a long time, I fucking wish I wasn't gay.

I agree 100% it’s not even the fact he said ‘they’ll never be together’ I think we all know that by now but seeing things in a different way and making it into what we want is comforting, it makes the shitty show more tolerable so if anything they should be thanking us. It’s also something to just enjoy the concept of. Like for me personally I’m not particularly motivated about life so I have a ton of free time and just wasting it reading supercorp fanfics and watching scenes just makes it all more fun, and to just be made fun of for liking something is really shitty, I’m sure we’ve all been there at some point, someone poking fun at us for liking something, coming from the cast themselves? Feels even shittier. It’s perfectly okay for someone to see something that isn’t shoved in the face of the audience, it’s perfectly okay to read between the lines, it’s perfectly okay to like something that makes you happy.

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Can we also point out the significance of it being an interracial couple. Not only did the fight for interracial couples end up in the Supreme Court here in America, but prior to that their marriages weren't considered legal. It was even dangerous for those couples who chose not to hide, and even today interracial relationships are still frowned upon by a lot of people. Sounds a lot like the issues gay couples have faced and continue to face doesn't it?

yeah i’m so thrilled with the casting choices they made because interracial couples aren’t featured in popular media enough (and yes the parallels are definitely interesting) 

also the two people they cast have incredible chemistry and that’s what the entire concept of the video is reliant on

Hold on, I wanna talk about the cherubs and their shipping and how it relates to the whole “Human vs Alien” romance ordeal and how quadrants are a metaphor for human sexuality. I covered this more here.

I’m gonna start with Calliope because I’ve covered her before. While talking to Roxy, Callie says she doesn’t know if she’s capable of having red feelings, even though she would like to, so the topic fascinates her and she expresses it through fantasies of red relationships. She’s been pressured to believe that she, as a cherub, should have black feelings, because that’s what would be normal of her, be she never seemed to like the concept of black romance to begin with. She doesn’t understand red romance because she was never really taught about it, that doesn’t mean she isn’t capable of those emotions (much like John and black romance).

Calliope is the equivalent to a gay human who has always been fascinated by the idea of gay relationships but doesn’t think that they’re gay, because they were never educated, but has always been pressured by society to believe that it isn’t normal to have those feelings.  

Now for Caliborn. He’s the inverse, like many things with each other. Caliborn loves black romance and is disgusted by red romance. He’s seen bringing up blackrom several times and explains it to Jane as what’s normal for his species. He sees red relationships as “pornography”, as if they are something scandalous and dirty. Dirk describes this as Caliborn “Fetishizing his disgust for it”. Make no mistake, he does like it, but for the wrong reasons. This is further driven home by the fact that he starts to draw amateur yaoi. 

Caliborn is the equivalent to a straight human who fetishizes gay relationships because they dare disgusted by the concept, but find it sinful and hot. He’s basically the equivalent of a yaoi fangirl, who sees a gay couple holding hands as dirty, and thus something to get off on.

The outlets for both of the cherubs are their shipping, see how Calliope handles hers with respect and finds genuine interest in the topic, while Caliborn demands pornography and treats it like something dirty.  

SO like a year ago i went to a tgi fridays with my cousin, the Hostess™ there is really cute (glasses, smol-ish, short blonde-ish hair bangs, adorable smile i diE), we talked for a min it was a nice time,,whatever. im having a Gay Crisis she kept lookin over and smilin makin eye contact, im makin it a bigger thing in my head proBABLY but anyways, i leave i don’t do anything. i text my friend and she says i should’ve left her my number. i go into a rANT about hOw i could do that if she’s not even my waitress and she’s like ,,,just fuckin,,leave your number on a receipt on the hostess stand???? bitch tf. and im like wow genius, what a concept. my friend calls me a useless gay. i go back like ,,,a month later with some coworkers. shes /there/. we continue to be cute i guess skdjnfds but i tell my coworker about my previous fuck up and shes like do it!!! so i leave my number on the stand when shes gone and we go. nOthing happens; i tell my friends i /did it/, i get zEro texts or anything so naturally i AVOID going to fridays for a year lmaooo. a year later, this past spring semester, i have film production, we get into groups for like half the semester to shoot some short films. one day im talkin to one of my friends in the group (i end up crushin on the bitch bc im usEless, she’s a mess and Straight™ so thats,,that) and i tell her how i live like an hour south of campus and i work at this mall (the same mall where fridays is) and shes like omg i have a friend who works there. inner me is like ,,,could it be??? the Hostess™?? so i ask, oh what does she do. she says the friend is a waitress. im like ,,,oh, she says sadly. (dumbass me didnt factor i’ve avoided the place for a year and people tend to ya know, MOVE UP in the workplace so naturally the progression from hostess to waitress is a Thing that /happens/ but im a MESS so whatever). everyone in my prod. group is USELESS so i’ve been stressed for mOnths literally carrying this entire group by a thread, the last two weeks has been us shooting my movie that i wrote bc my partner, we partnered up to write a script but,,,as i said,,,useless. so i wrote it and have been directing it and no one is making this an easy thing SO last day for my movie my friend in the group comes up to me and says she has a friend who’s gonna chill for a while, asking me if that’s okay. im like ,,,yeah?? thats fine of course!! the girl is,,,smol, blonde-ish hair, glasses, bangs, cute ass smile,,,,,IT DOESNT REGISTER IN MY HEAD THO that heY bITCH!!!!! ,,,,she looks familiar!!!!!! (this campus is str8 up an hour away from my work/home and im tiRED and stressed like there was no possible way right,,,wrOng son!) i say hi to her tho, give her a hug, a kiss, we’re hispanic so everyone in miami is fucking throwing around cheek kisses but my useless gay ass is already,,flustered. i’m trying to wrangle my actors (my two best friends so thats a mISSION) trying to get my shit ass crew to actually pay attention,,, i talk to The Girl tho and im like it’s been a time in this class,,, her friend tells her what my short film is and The Girl is like omg thats funny i’d love to watch that and im like gURl ,,thanks. (i think she’s cute obvs,,,still not putting the pieces together) we talk while i calm tf down before i murder this one boy who does nothing but complains,, she tells me she works at fridays and im like oh cool thats cool v nice,,i get distracted go off to do things,,, her friend in my group is messing around so i look to her and im like pls fucking control your girl here. later tho, the girl LEAVEs, comes to say bye and shes like v nice to meet you i hope you’re okay after this and im like look love me too they are,,,,a handful as you can see. she laughs she says yeah i’d love to see how it ends up looking tho and im like if i can show you i would but idk maybe ask ya friend later and i get distracted before i can get my shit together and like ,,,,get a number or whATEVER bc nO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING even tho i gAve them directions. i realize she’s gone like 20min later dsjfbsss. fast forward like 2 months or so maybe less, my cousin is like omg lets go to fridays endless apps are back for good. and im like bitch lehgo. we’re sat at fridays we eatin we having a good time,,,,,this waitress walks by and im ,,shook. im like,,,,oh shit. i know her. where do i know her. i think about it for like 5min and it all fucking CLICKS like it crashes down into me 2 fucking months later that this gIRL i’ve been pining over for a YEAR now,,,,is the same girl who i met at school that one day,,,is the same waitress taht walked by. and im like woooow what a DUMB bitch, djhfsjks. do i do anything tho??? nOpe. my cousin and i hang out/catch up via our fridays dates so like,,,every so often she texts me and we meet up there. it’s been like,,,4 months of us just going to fridays for endless apps there’s at least 3 different waitresses that know us and our order. we sit down and they wave at us now skjdfhd. i subtly am always looking for the Hostess™, am always hoping that i will be sat in her section so i can tRY THIS SHIT AGAIN AT LEAST but aLAS no. im like always a section away from her or shes not even there oR she is but shes like fuckin wiping tables or something idk whatever. i tell my friends every time tho and it’s their favorite story bc like of course. today my cousin and i went,,,we are sat down,,,20 min later sHE walks by me, stOps at the table behind me and takes their order,,,,the universe is truly fucking with me and i have hAd it. so yeah. not really a happy ending but like can you believe that shit. 

@effortlessly-opulent here it is i saved it in my drafts just in case , i wasn’t about to rewrite this whole mess 

It’s really hard being bisexual when stuff like this happens, because even though you totally get it, that some people don’t understand and that that’s okay - it doesn’t necessarily come from meanness, just from a lack of education , it still hurts just as badly? As a bi person Emmerdale has been important to me and I’ve been really proud, but all this stuff coming up is just so concerning. I’m not getting at Danny Miller (because I think he was merely representing Aaron’s thoughts in a bit of a tactless way), but how worrying is it when one of the actors playing the gay character in this huge bi/gay soap super couple doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of bisexuality? Like what is the Emmerdale team doing? It doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence that they want to go forward and educate viewers about biphobia when pretty much all involved (with a few exceptions) still can’t even define bisexuality properly or even slightly grasp the bisexual experience. 

Just to clarify, it’s not Danny Miller which is the problem here. I watched the interview and to be honest the guy looked pissed off at this whole situation. The storyline clearly isn’t to his taste (same, Danny, same), and that causes me even more concern, because the actors know a little while in advance, right? Clearly at this current moment, Danny isn’t going wild over what we have to come. 

Not to mention that he’s expressing Aaron’s sentiments in this interview, which means that where we are now, Aaron STILL hasn’t been called out for his biphobia. I love that character with everything I have, but the show needs to point out that Aaron’s biphobia is unfounded, which they seem to be working really hard to do the opposite of right now. 

I have no objection to Robert being called a liar, because he is. Canonically. That stuff is fine, whether it’s comfortable to hear or not, it’s just that the fact that trait is getting mixed in with him being bi is incredibly toxic, and I’m worried the show isn’t making enough of an effort to counter that. Because they REALLY need to. They decided to make their serial cheat canonically bisexual. They have a responsibility to make 100% sure the viewers are able to understand that this character trait is not linked to his bisexuality. 

If they can’t get the cast to understand it, then god help us as viewers. This could set bi awareness/rep back years and I’m not even joking. Soaps have a huge impact on how people view social issues. If they do this bisexual thing badly then it’s going to effect bi people in society, even if it’s only in small ways. 

So concerned right now. It’s so incredibly vital that they pitch this right.

Its kinda narcissistic for antis that are gay to assume that a piece of fiction is sexualizing them.

Dude, no one cares. This is not about you. Does this fiction have your name in it? No.

Overly sensitive people. That’s what I’m seeing antis. Overly sensitive and a bunch of followers. Because I bet none of you have read it. Torturing in fiction is nothing new. Abuse is nothing new. Actually, nothing in this is new.

As for the straight people thinking that somehow they’re just helping an agenda—

Seriously, the reasons you give are just because its gay. If it were straight people getting abused, tortured, murdered or whatever your problem is, you wouldn’t have a problem. Because that’s all you’re complaining about.

If it’s not, I want you to go to every other piece of fiction that features any of these elements and go complain. Whine about it.

What? Not gonna do it? Of course not. Because it’s not gay. Just admit that or admit that this is just not your type of fiction and you just can’t stand other people not agreeing with you. What; are you those type of people to shun hetero ships because it’s not gay either?

Should hetero people in fiction go through and everything should be rainbows and cupcakes for gays? So sad you’re a hypocritical fetishist.

The thing for antis (which aren’t really antis tbh because they wouldn’t even be here) that actually don’t like the manga because they’re not into its contents is that they don’t stay around to complain. So I probably won’t meet them.

The whole stupid thing about this is that it’s all over fiction. Hey, instead of complaining about something that’s not even happening IRL that we know of, go help the gays in the REAL WORLD. Complaining about fiction on Tumblr isn’t gonna fix anything.


You are not a sympathizer or support any mentioned unfortunate occurrences. You’re mature and you can handle what you decide to read. This is all fiction and you understand that concept.

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Love the new blog, “as many dicks as I can fit up my ass.” Looks good.

Since I was supposed to think the insult to Jesus was so funny. I will be coming out with gay joke posts. See if you practise what you preach.

@decomprosed thought we were done, not to be huh. Keep going ass hole


I’m replying to you here because I don’t want your shit on my main blog lmao.

  1. I’m not @decomprosed lol
  2. Mate, people have been mocking and bastardising my faith for CENTURIES. Not to be Extra but Christians forcibly converted my ancestors and killed those who refused to convert as heretics and heathens. I still know how to take a damn joke made about it. Because y’know, I have comprehension skills beyond that of a toddler and can understand when someone is being serious and when someone means something in jest. Which clearly you do not. 
  3. The post you replied to on my main blog wasn’t even a post of mine, it’s reblogged. So well done for spamming the poor content creator with your pissy drivel. 
  4. Bring it, mate. I have heard enough gay jokes in my lifetime to be desensitised to them. 
  5. YOU’RE the one stalking the horror blogs that respond to Max’s posts. Like man, maybe stop sending constant anons and leaving asinine replies and maybe we won’t keep going. What a concept. 

So uh

When did it start mattering whether your ship is canon or not? Like I remember back in older fandoms where shipping was kinda just for whatever reason you liked?

So when did it trun into this “No it’s canon” or “they better make it canon” shitshow?

When did people become so obsessed over whether their otp made it or not? Because where I’m standing it seems like the turn was recent, like within the past few years or so.

Part of what made the concept of shopping great sometimes was how uncanon it was? And you could explore characters in depth from different angles. That was awesome back in the day.

Now it’s all canon obsession anymore, and don’t even get me started on the whole “if it’s not gay it’s not good” mentality that has been ruining shit lately

So yeah it doesn’t fucking matter whether your ship is canon or not. Because that’s literally what fanFICTION is all about. Defying the canon.

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waaait hyuuga is homophobic??


ok, I should probably contextualize this a bit before throwing around accusations like that; after all, the whole debacle around Hyuuga’s recent behaviour derives from the way public perception of (male) homosexuality is often generally linked with femininity. While the other end of this spectrum is hypermasculinity, Japanese media is notoriously bad at differentiating between sexual and gender identity. In other words, for many people the concept of being gay, transgender, or just simply a crossdresser are literally one and the same.

Now, enter Mibuchi Reo, a.k.a the shining beacon of everything that is glorious in the world:

Meet Reo. He’s a libra. A second year student. An amazing shooting guard. A guy who has expressed that his favourite type of man is the “stylish” kind. What this means is that Reo is canonically gay. Now, because he is also an effeminate man (even called “Reo-nee” by one of his teammates), some Western fans have argued that Reo is coded trans instead of gay, which I personally find highly unlikely given that in Japanese media, trans markers are often attributed to cis gay men simply because the concepts are so rarely distinguished from one another – the backwards logic being that if you’re a man who likes other men, of course you want to be/dress up as/act like a woman. So, I am going to continue to refer to Reo as one of the rare examples of canon homosexuality in Kurobas.

Now, enter Hyuuga Junpei. During the Rakuzan game, we discover that as a fellow shooting guard, he has admired Reo’s abilities for a long time:

no homo

But wait! Every time someone admires someone, there’s some drama to be had. What would it be this time? Maybe Hyuuga’s discouraged by the fact that Reo is an uncrowned king and he isn’t. Maybe Hyuuga doesn’t like the fact that Reo is playing for Rakuzan, the Big Evil Team. Maybe Hyuuga doesn’t like the fact that Reo has such awesome and luxurious hair.



The “effeminate weirdos” Hyuuga refers to are, of course, okama; this is a alur that once again refers to men who express their sexuality/gender in a particularly feminine way. Given that Japanese media (and most media tbh) often struggles to understand the difference between gender identity and gender expression, using a term like this usually implies homosexuality more than any specific gender variant.

And Hyuuga has just told us he hates “those kind of people”.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Of course, you could say “well, Hyuuga never said he hates gay people! He just hates effeminate men!” Sure, this isn’t technically wrong, simply because a layer of arbitrariness always shrouds semantics. However, I would still personally argue that in this specific context, “effeminate weirdo” is a colloquial synonym for gay – what it implies is that you can’t be effeminate without being gay. No other “pretty” character in the series receives this particular treatment/attention, after all; Himuro and Kise (the latter in particular who expresses direct affection even towards his male cohorts) are never ragged on for being “girly”, because they are also not canonically supposed to be perceived as gay.

So, Hyuuga has admired Reo for a long time, and now he gets to play against him. I wonder what happens?




Translation: Reo is one fine ass shooting guard, but he’s an effeminate (gay) man so Hyuuga can’t respect him. Wowowowowowowowow ok.jpg

Now, fair enough, maybe we shouldn’t call Hyuuga a homophobe. Maybe he’s just 17 and stupid. Maybe, instead of blindly slapping on Western labels, we should call him a product of his cultural origin – after all, it’s not Hyuuga’s fault that effeminate men clash with the traditional (Japanese) mindset of everything serving a rightful and predetermined purpose in the world, so men who don’t act like men and women who don’t act like women clearly disrupts this perfect harmony.

Maybe there’s a lot of ways to explain away the fact that he directly express hatred towards men who deviate from gender (and sexuality) roles; maybe we can think of a lot of excuses for the fact that he intentionally refers to Reo by “okama” with derogatory intent (and not just out of ignorance without realizing it’s a slur). Hey, maybe it’s just a heated game, maybe it doesn’t mean anything!

Or maybe he’s just an asshole.

i honestly, genuinely do not understand the concept that there are actually people that exist that aren’t like…… attracted to girls???? like i’m sorry what??? how???? they’re all so fucking cute and magical and?????????? i know they’re not perfect but somehow that makes them even more perfect???????? anyway i’m stressed and confused

It’s just!!!!!!!!! So funny!!!!!!! When you find other lgbtq+ folk who discriminate you for not fitting THEIR image of what x concept (androgyny) should be!!!!! Sorry that I have tits and I like wearing tight jeans!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck you cis white gay dude!!!!!! I am what I am and I think I can still call myself androgynous and non-binary/genderqueer even if you don’t agree with me. If I feel truly sorry about anything it’s that I wasted my time trying to justify myself unnecessarily to you. I hope our paths never cross again byeeeeeeeee~