this is so gay like what is there concept even

a concept: kimberly with tattoos. Like imagine kim going to practice, showing off her new ink, and trini, bless her small gay heart, can’t handle it. She’s so distracted that she gets nailed by a putty and y'know what? She doesn’t even care because holy shit kim looks so good and she never knew she had a thing for tattoos until seeing kim with one. It isn’t until later when trini shows kim just how much she adores her new ink

Dear Future Me Reading This,

You are gay. Nope, I don’t want to hear any objections, you’re going to shut up and listen.

Remember when you were about nine and used to have all of these characters that you’d put in different scenarios in your head? You would pair all the girls together with the boys because that’s what you thought was the only option. Then, when you discovered that girls could love and kiss other girls. You went through all of your characters with boring, heterosexual relationships, and paired the girls together. I know specifically that the main girl (the one that was your self-insert) would always have the greatest girlfriend and all the boys she used to date before you knew about gays would be so baffled.

I know you thought later that the only reason you did this was because your older sibling is bisexual, and you were just trying to be cool like them, but that’s not it. You have had two boy “crushes” in your short life. One was of the most popular and sought after boy in the first grade, because everyone else had a crush on him, and one was the least repulsive boy you could think of.

I can name about three girls who you have had major, heart aching crushes on: Y, L, and S. When you had that big performance, everyone congratulated you on it, but you didn’t really acknowledge the compliments until Y did, which left you speechless, your heart pounding because she had noticed you! When you were at a sleepover with L, you stayed up all night thinking about how she was so pretty, you wanted to bury your face in her hair and kiss her until the sun rose. And when S confided in you that she was pan, your heart soared and you couldn’t believe it, because she’s the only other person your age you’ve met who’s in anyway lgbt. You’ve spent days thinking about all three. Not to mention that pretty girls continue to shock you every day as you marvel at their beauty.

Don’t kid yourself, you love girls. You know you want to go on cute dates with them, kiss them, and maybe eventually marry them and have a house with a big yard and dogs, cats, and birds everywhere. You could care less about boys, and you know it.

I know you think you’re just trying to be cool and hip like everyone else, but that’s not what that is. I guarantee it. Because the mere concept of being with a girl all those times when you where nine excited you so much that it was all you could think about. On some level, you knew that you were gay, but it took you three years to even come to that conclusion without running for the figurative hills.

You aren’t too young, you aren’t just trying to be cool. Think of it this way, if you honestly thought you were straight, you wouldn’t have followed this blog. You wouldn’t have scrolled through 600 pages of that one lgbt blog when you were figuring things out, and you wouldn’t have followed all those gay youtubers. You wouldn’t get so excited when you were reading a book and came across canon lesbians, or actively seek out books and media like that. If you didn’t know you where gay, you wouldn’t have spent all those hours trying to prove to yourself that you are faking and you definitely, wholeheartedly, would not have taken the time to write this message, or to find it and read it again. 

So stop your doubts, and start loving yourself, because you are gay and you are beautiful. If you don’t want to date a guy, you don’t have to. If you want to marry an amazing woman, do it, and trust me, you will be so so happy that you wont even have to think about it.


Thirteen-year-old you.

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Hey Mama, since I have nothing to ask, what would the 104th and vets think about Seven Universe. Sorry if you don't know about it

Mikasa: Thinks it’s very cute and well written!
Reiner: Feels the whole homeworld thing a bit too much
Bertholdt: Likes Rose!
Annie: Will protect Peridot at all costs
Eren: Thinks it’s cool, though nit his favorite
Jean: Loves it! Huge fan of the concept of fusions
Marco: Loves Steven!
Sasha: Is totally covered in SU merch 
Connie: Yes! Good!
Historia: Loves it!
Armin: is into gems anyway and now even more, has a gemsona
Ymir: Loves the gay

Levi: One of the few shows he might actually watch
Hanji: LOVES IT! L.O.V.E.S. I.T!
Erwin: Doesn’t really like it
Nanaba: Thinks it’s so cute!
Mike: It’s perfect!
Moblit: What is happening?!

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Okay so I'm gay and I'm all for equality & do my best to be open minded & respectful, but sometimes I catch myself not being so. Like sometimes I struggle understanding trans rights, even though I'm gay?! And sometimes I fall victim to the thinking of conservatives. Like we accuse conservatives of being close minded for not supporting LGBT rights, when liberals don't accept conservative views Ike being pro life... I don't know I just think it's hypocritical of liberals..

Ok so, not gonna lie, reading this was not fun. That being said, I sorta have this rule where if someone asks me a question, even if it’s problematic, I try my best to just answer calmly, hoping that if you’re asking a question it’s because you’re open to new ideas that might hopefully replace your existing ones.

Soooooo lets get started.

1. One of the biggest hurdles for the trans community is in fact the gay community, you expressing some sort of surprise that you, presumably a gay man, can at times feel transphobic would probably not come as any surprise to an actual trans person who has to deal with this all the time. Probably definitely saddens them, but not exactly surprising. I mean, the gay community by and large can still be very hostile towards trans people and some gay people will even casually shit all over trans people as a way of engendering themselves to conservatives as the Cool Gay. “Sure, I’m gay, but I’m not one of those liberal hippy gays, I believe in a gender binary, look at me and how much we have in common!” The thing is, yes, being a cis gay person makes it sometimes very hard to exactly understand what the experiences of a trans person are. The notion of feeling uneasy about ones gender, which for most of us is an aspect of our identity we just take for granted and don’t think about, is probably very alien to most cis people, even gay ones. However, you don’t really need to have an intimate understanding of every issue to simply respect that persons ability to lead a life that they feel reflects their most authentic self. At the end of the day, even if you’re someone who can never understand specifically what it feels like not be comfortable with your own gender, you can still hopefully understand that it’s not really your business to regulate other people’s lives. Conservative arguments about gender revolve around bathrooms - essentially making it impossible for trans people to work in a public building or even go out because once they leave their house they don’t have a bathroom to use. Their reasoning is the safety of others, specifically women and children, which is insane because there’s never been a single instance of a trans person attacking anyone in a bathroom and this whole argument is rooted in the same kind of bigotry that led people to characterize gay men as pedophiles for fucking years. So, I’m not really sure what about the conservative argument makes sense to you, personally I don’t see what right people have to regulate the private personal decisions of other citizens.

2. Next, women’s reproductive rights. Ok, so, the big problem here is pretty obvious just by the way you phrased your question, which was that you seem to view women’s access to their own reproductive rights as like this abstract argument. Sorta like, what should our tax rate be? 30% or 25%…. lets debate the merits of both sides and find out. The thing is, reproductive rights aren’t abstract. They may seem that way to men, even gay men, because men have no concept of how essential these rights are for women since our government at no point has ever regulated our lives and our bodies in order to trap us within certain moral norms.

But yeah, lets break this down a little. Why are reproductive rights so important to conservative ideology? Well, it’s actually not the Christian thing, since Christianity was completely silent on abortion throughout history until we began entering the industrial era. Why the change? Well because the shift from a pre to a post-industrial economy meant having tons of children was not feasible for most people anymore. Prior to industrialization if you wanted to lead a successful life you had to have children, lots of them, because children tended the fields, brought in the harvest, fed your animals, and the fact that kids didn’t always reach adulthood meant you had extra for just in case. Moreover, the industrial revolution made it very hard for families to survive one just one partners income, especially if you had more than just a couple kids. So what happens? Two things - women start going to work to help their families and they also start having abortions with much greater frequency because they literally could not afford these kids anymore. Now, why is this such an issue? Well because society up until this point was heavily invested in the idea of female domesticity, which was essentially a religious fable created by men that said women were the moral center of every family, which is why it was their jobs to raise the children and also to guide their husbands moral decisions. However, the only way women could stay pure enough to maintain this role was by not leaving the house, the public sphere was an ugly immoral place where people had to sell their virtues to get ahead and it was thought that if women were allowed to enter that world then morality as a whole would decay. It’s all bullshit, of course, but it was a very effective way of giving women the illusion of agency and influence while still keeping them locked up in their home. Plus, the fact that women were forced to believe that they were the pillars of morality created a sense of duty for them to stay with their husbands and fulfill their role. POINT IS, ok, so now women are leaving their homes, how do we fix that? Oh, right, lets make it fucking impossible for women to work or have careers by taking away their agency to make decisions about their own lives. Like, oh, you don’t want this fourth baby because it’ll prevent you from being able to have a job and your family will suffer as a consequence? Too bad! Sucks to suck #awomansplace. All that said, did any anti-abortion regulations ever actually stop abortions? NO. Women were still having abortions, the only difference was that they were having them in alley ways and butcher shops. They were getting sick from an infection or a botched surgery and dying and for what?? To have the same sort of basic agency and free will to determine the circumstances of their lives that men have always had as a given and take for granted.

Reproductive rights is essential to every other aspect of a woman’s life. It determines what level of education they can get, what their income could be, what sort of personal freedom they’ll have to go on vacation, or date, or just have a night out with friends, and sometimes it even determines whether they’ll live or die. And that’s what conservatives want. They want to use women’s reproductive biology as a tool to subjugate them and make them less independent, it’s a way of exercising patriarchal control over women by making those women dependent on either a man or government assistance just to survive financially. So, yeah, the lives of women aren’t simply an abstract idea you toss around, debating the pros and cons of, as if it’s all the same.

Call it hypocritical if you want, but I think that’s an awful mischaracterization of things because at no point in time are liberals ever trying to control or regulate a private aspects of a conservatives life. I think liberal ideology is about being accepting of whatever personal choices people make as long as those choices don’t have a direct negative impact on another persons happiness or freedom. It doesn’t mean accept anything without question. If a person wants to impose control on another individual then no, we won’t accept that, because people should not get to build their political ideology based on their ability to exert control into other people’s lives.

ANYWAYS, this has been super long and it honestly doesn’t even cover half of the complexities of these issues so I hope you’ll do your own research and keep thinking about these topics while also remembering that as a cis male your ability to actually understand the experience of others is limited, but that doesn’t mean you can’t educate yourself and try to empathize with those that are different than yourself and imagine how you’d feel if you were trapped in their circumstances.

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Can we also point out the significance of it being an interracial couple. Not only did the fight for interracial couples end up in the Supreme Court here in America, but prior to that their marriages weren't considered legal. It was even dangerous for those couples who chose not to hide, and even today interracial relationships are still frowned upon by a lot of people. Sounds a lot like the issues gay couples have faced and continue to face doesn't it?

yeah i’m so thrilled with the casting choices they made because interracial couples aren’t featured in popular media enough (and yes the parallels are definitely interesting) 

also the two people they cast have incredible chemistry and that’s what the entire concept of the video is reliant on

It’s really hard being bisexual when stuff like this happens, because even though you totally get it, that some people don’t understand and that that’s okay - it doesn’t necessarily come from meanness, just from a lack of education , it still hurts just as badly? As a bi person Emmerdale has been important to me and I’ve been really proud, but all this stuff coming up is just so concerning. I’m not getting at Danny Miller (because I think he was merely representing Aaron’s thoughts in a bit of a tactless way), but how worrying is it when one of the actors playing the gay character in this huge bi/gay soap super couple doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of bisexuality? Like what is the Emmerdale team doing? It doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence that they want to go forward and educate viewers about biphobia when pretty much all involved (with a few exceptions) still can’t even define bisexuality properly or even slightly grasp the bisexual experience. 

Just to clarify, it’s not Danny Miller which is the problem here. I watched the interview and to be honest the guy looked pissed off at this whole situation. The storyline clearly isn’t to his taste (same, Danny, same), and that causes me even more concern, because the actors know a little while in advance, right? Clearly at this current moment, Danny isn’t going wild over what we have to come. 

Not to mention that he’s expressing Aaron’s sentiments in this interview, which means that where we are now, Aaron STILL hasn’t been called out for his biphobia. I love that character with everything I have, but the show needs to point out that Aaron’s biphobia is unfounded, which they seem to be working really hard to do the opposite of right now. 

I have no objection to Robert being called a liar, because he is. Canonically. That stuff is fine, whether it’s comfortable to hear or not, it’s just that the fact that trait is getting mixed in with him being bi is incredibly toxic, and I’m worried the show isn’t making enough of an effort to counter that. Because they REALLY need to. They decided to make their serial cheat canonically bisexual. They have a responsibility to make 100% sure the viewers are able to understand that this character trait is not linked to his bisexuality. 

If they can’t get the cast to understand it, then god help us as viewers. This could set bi awareness/rep back years and I’m not even joking. Soaps have a huge impact on how people view social issues. If they do this bisexual thing badly then it’s going to effect bi people in society, even if it’s only in small ways. 

So concerned right now. It’s so incredibly vital that they pitch this right.

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ok but what about the abstract concept of remus?

dude, even if i could get past remus’s bullshit he’s just not an ideal romantic partner/sirius-level exception, and there’s no way he’d be good in bed tbh. remus would be a total pillow queen who’s so hung up on his ex he’ll never be any fun and is always mentally somewhere else i.e. the halcyon days he spent with sirius before Events ripped his life into bloody tatters

remus is more like my nineteenth-century survival strategy:  he’s a gay man, i’m a lesbian, we enter into a sham marriage so my family doesn’t send me to the convent and he can keep skittishly flirting with the disowned ~man of letters down the road

stillmyguitar replied to your photoset “cassianed: first year at hogwarts, a guide for muggles part one:…”

Love the new blog, “as many dicks as I can fit up my ass.” Looks good.

Since I was supposed to think the insult to Jesus was so funny. I will be coming out with gay joke posts. See if you practise what you preach.

@decomprosed thought we were done, not to be huh. Keep going ass hole


I’m replying to you here because I don’t want your shit on my main blog lmao.

  1. I’m not @decomprosed lol
  2. Mate, people have been mocking and bastardising my faith for CENTURIES. Not to be Extra but Christians forcibly converted my ancestors and killed those who refused to convert as heretics and heathens. I still know how to take a damn joke made about it. Because y’know, I have comprehension skills beyond that of a toddler and can understand when someone is being serious and when someone means something in jest. Which clearly you do not. 
  3. The post you replied to on my main blog wasn’t even a post of mine, it’s reblogged. So well done for spamming the poor content creator with your pissy drivel. 
  4. Bring it, mate. I have heard enough gay jokes in my lifetime to be desensitised to them. 
  5. YOU’RE the one stalking the horror blogs that respond to Max’s posts. Like man, maybe stop sending constant anons and leaving asinine replies and maybe we won’t keep going. What a concept. 

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Shouldn't Penguin have an asexual or demisexual flag?

Like, um, hate to be the barer of bad news but ace-spec people can still be gay. Neither Asexual or Demisexual are inherently heterosexual/romantic or even multi gender attracted identities. I have no idea why yall have the idea that ace/demi should be treated separately from gay when whether or not they’re mutually exclusive concepts comes down to individuals, particularly in dealing w/ an ace-spec character who is also very clearly canonically same gender attracted. 

In fact the desire to emphasise what Oswald DOESN’T feel toward men verses what he does, given that hes a GAY CHARACTER is actually really homophobic so? Like don’t come up here trying to police my pride month icon lol. Oswald’s gay. Yes he is also ace/demiromantic & in my HC somewhat sex repulsed but hes definitely still gay and very attracted to men when he does get to experience attraction so yeah. Rainbow pengus for everyone. 🌈🐧

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random question, what are your thoughts on the new final fantasy? I got it recently and wow they're really good at unintentionally writing gay characters

im not even slightly familiar with the series honestly. like i dont even have a concept of what its even About and i thought it was like. kinda high fantasy genre for a while but theres a car in the new one so i guess i know even less than i thought

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waaait hyuuga is homophobic??


ok, I should probably contextualize this a bit before throwing around accusations like that; after all, the whole debacle around Hyuuga’s recent behaviour derives from the way public perception of (male) homosexuality is often generally linked with femininity. While the other end of this spectrum is hypermasculinity, Japanese media is notoriously bad at differentiating between sexual and gender identity. In other words, for many people the concept of being gay, transgender, or just simply a crossdresser are literally one and the same.

Now, enter Mibuchi Reo, a.k.a the shining beacon of everything that is glorious in the world:

Meet Reo. He’s a libra. A second year student. An amazing shooting guard. A guy who has expressed that his favourite type of man is the “stylish” kind. What this means is that Reo is canonically gay. Now, because he is also an effeminate man (even called “Reo-nee” by one of his teammates), some Western fans have argued that Reo is coded trans instead of gay, which I personally find highly unlikely given that in Japanese media, trans markers are often attributed to cis gay men simply because the concepts are so rarely distinguished from one another – the backwards logic being that if you’re a man who likes other men, of course you want to be/dress up as/act like a woman. So, I am going to continue to refer to Reo as one of the rare examples of canon homosexuality in Kurobas.

Now, enter Hyuuga Junpei. During the Rakuzan game, we discover that as a fellow shooting guard, he has admired Reo’s abilities for a long time:

no homo

But wait! Every time someone admires someone, there’s some drama to be had. What would it be this time? Maybe Hyuuga’s discouraged by the fact that Reo is an uncrowned king and he isn’t. Maybe Hyuuga doesn’t like the fact that Reo is playing for Rakuzan, the Big Evil Team. Maybe Hyuuga doesn’t like the fact that Reo has such awesome and luxurious hair.



The “effeminate weirdos” Hyuuga refers to are, of course, okama; this is a alur that once again refers to men who express their sexuality/gender in a particularly feminine way. Given that Japanese media (and most media tbh) often struggles to understand the difference between gender identity and gender expression, using a term like this usually implies homosexuality more than any specific gender variant.

And Hyuuga has just told us he hates “those kind of people”.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Of course, you could say “well, Hyuuga never said he hates gay people! He just hates effeminate men!” Sure, this isn’t technically wrong, simply because a layer of arbitrariness always shrouds semantics. However, I would still personally argue that in this specific context, “effeminate weirdo” is a colloquial synonym for gay – what it implies is that you can’t be effeminate without being gay. No other “pretty” character in the series receives this particular treatment/attention, after all; Himuro and Kise (the latter in particular who expresses direct affection even towards his male cohorts) are never ragged on for being “girly”, because they are also not canonically supposed to be perceived as gay.

So, Hyuuga has admired Reo for a long time, and now he gets to play against him. I wonder what happens?




Translation: Reo is one fine ass shooting guard, but he’s an effeminate (gay) man so Hyuuga can’t respect him. Wowowowowowowowow ok.jpg

Now, fair enough, maybe we shouldn’t call Hyuuga a homophobe. Maybe he’s just 17 and stupid. Maybe, instead of blindly slapping on Western labels, we should call him a product of his cultural origin – after all, it’s not Hyuuga’s fault that effeminate men clash with the traditional (Japanese) mindset of everything serving a rightful and predetermined purpose in the world, so men who don’t act like men and women who don’t act like women clearly disrupts this perfect harmony.

Maybe there’s a lot of ways to explain away the fact that he directly express hatred towards men who deviate from gender (and sexuality) roles; maybe we can think of a lot of excuses for the fact that he intentionally refers to Reo by “okama” with derogatory intent (and not just out of ignorance without realizing it’s a slur). Hey, maybe it’s just a heated game, maybe it doesn’t mean anything!

Or maybe he’s just an asshole.

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*My MC is a chubby brown skinned gal, Jaehees height, dark curly hair and eyes* I would LOVE to request a HC of the MM boys (+ Saeran) opinions of that. Do they like/hate/accept it? Love her anyways and just dont care about her looks? Or do they actually even LIKE her chubbyness and finds it attractive? I have no clue lol. THX IN ADVANCE <3



  • Jumin could care less what you looked like. Tall, short. Chubby, skinny. 
  • He fell in love with you because of your mind and not the way you looked.
  • He couldn’t deny that he loved the way you looked as well, though. 
  • The fact that you were bigger just meant that there was more to ravish…
  • Just more places to mark you~


  • When he first saw you and noticed that you were chubby, he was shocked at first. It wasn’t what he was expecting.
  • He made sure that you knew he loved you anyway, though.
  • He didn’t love it at first, as he expected you to look perfect, like the models he worked with.
  • He grew to love it, though, it was still you. The woman he loved.


  • This boy.
  • Oh god. This boy.
  • He’s so sweet.
  • He always made sure he paid attention to your tummy, he loved it so much.
  • He would like to blow raspberries on it and laugh. 
  • He’s just so innocent.
  • It didn’t even seem like the concept phased him at all.


  • She noted that you looked quite a bit like her, only a bit…larger.
  • She made a joke asking if you were her long lost twin.
  • But you were so gay for her so??
  • That was weird.
  • She didn’t mind your weight, and she always made sure that you were comfortable no matter what.
  • She also made sure that you knew she loved you very much. No matter what you looked like, you were still the MC who helped her out of her shell.


  • He would take note of your chubbiness and would find himself often poking you in the sides.
  • The thing here though is
  • That living off of Honey Buddha Chips and Ph.D. Pepper won’t make you skinny.
  • Bread makes you fat??
  • You would make sure that you poked and prodded at his chubby tummy as much as he did yours. 
  • You both loved it, though.


  • He found comfort in you. In everything about you.
  • Due to your sweet look, it helped him trust you. You didn’t look like all of the hard people that he’d dealt with most of his life in Mint Eye.
  • At first, your weight was a safety relief for him. You couldn’t hurt him looking like that.
  • Eventually, after he trusted you completely and loved you. It was almost like a safety blanket to him.
  • He was near your stomach and chub a lot.

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explain what qualities make troye sivan a rat?

OK kiddies take a seat …this is going to be a long one…
1. This hoe ass bitch is always saying soon
2. This hoe ass bitch is always looking good as fuck
3. His hoe ass hair is curly just like a rat’s tail
4. He got them skinny legs just like a rat
5. Animals have no concept about what homosexuality is so most of them are homosexual
6. Fucking not answering whether he has a boyfriend or not
8. During his show sometimes he’ll do runs during the song AND THEYRE SO GOOD THAT HE KILLS HIS FANS
9. Him throwing up peace signs even though HE IS ANYTHING BUT PEACEFUL
10. The way he’ll just randomly drop shit on us
11. The fucking inspirational ass becoming you video
13. He dances like a fucking NOODLE on stage
14. His bendy ass fingers
15. His pretty blue ass eyes that look like the ocean and shit
16. He a hoe(Source: TOO GOOD off of blue neighbourhood)

Is stardom really this Shitty?

I thought long about it if I should really write something about it or not. We all had read that post aiming badly at Stardom entertainment, written by an ex-fan of ToppDogg with several connections.
I myself cant really agree to the things she wrote…but also cant deny it but I have my own opinion about it. (I wont say its right nor its wrong)
So Ill write about it based on my own experiences with Stardom and with what Friends of mine who worked under stardom told me.
1.Mino were kicked out of stardom, thats why hes shooting at stardom and stardom artists now.
First of all…Mino werent kicked out, he left Block B and stardom entertainment because he were still underaged and his Father dissapproved him beeing part of a HipHop group~ Thats why he joined a Ballad group (BOM) afterwards and now that hes full aged, he can decide himself what kind of Music he will do. Also I dont even see it as Diss what he used during show me the money. Most rappers believe that youre only a good rapper when you show some kind of arrogance and confidence, and you can only show this when putting yourself better than the others. So I dont think he really meant it serious when he rapped, but only wanted to appear as real rapper. I asked Jucy since people said she felt hurt about his diss, and she said she was dissappointed in herself for not doing better but that she doesnt care about others “dissing” her.
2. Stardom fucked up with Block B
Yes they did…but the Team of stardom entertainment changed to 80% after that incident…and after the fake ceo dissappeared and Cho PD took over the ceo position again, they had a talk so both parted on good terms. Stardom helped them to build up Seven Seasons.
3. Stardom ent is corrupt.
I cant say anything to that since I dont work there and have no clue about their incomings and what they usually pay for things…
I just can say that after Block B left stardom fired most of his staff and had to quickly hire new staff people….and those people are really extremely chaotic, No one knows what the others do….and that is even said by the persons who worked there as internship. I know that the Fan-staff is really biased towards some fans, and HATES internationals…so Koreans easily get intern informations while internationals even have alot of problems during fan-sign events….But on the other hand, If internationals search the contact to the staff whos responsible for promotions, you easily get out all informations you want as long youre an International. I remember when ToppDogg were about to make their Open the Door comeback….Stardom started to post the member teaser pictures 7 Days before the MV Release (take down saturday and sunday since no one in stardom works on the weekend) ~ so 5 days, for 13 members…. and then my friend told me after 3 days: wow…they just realized that they dont have enough time to post all teaser pictures.
Another incident that happened were about the concert in europe. Stardom found an organizer who was willing to bring them to Germany, and everything were settled already~ The German-Organizer than told us that he had to cancel the concert sadly because stardom is not trustworthy. He said that they already had a deal to hold a concert in April but stardom cancelled it (I guess because they didnt only wanted to come to Germany) and now they had a deal, since the other concerts in europe were announced already, stardom had to write a short message on their facebook account that ToppDogg will come to Germany BEFORE the ticket sale for the other countrys start. Stardom failed that deal and didnt wrote anything so the organizer cancelled everything.
Then we all know about ToppDogg and Underdogg~ stardom had a clear Idea about the concept of both Groups, thats why they started with the “kingdoms”~ one Kingdom for every sub-unit + Underdogg as addition to the sub units~But however, they already announced underdogg when they didnt even had all members, so they casted 2 members afterwards~ one got kicked out…one left a while ago as well so they casted another one again in…and of course the concept were leaked out, so they wanted to come up with something new to surprise the audience but everything ended up in chaos again, so even the employees at stardom ent doesnt know what toppdoggs sub units etc are about.
I also know that Hansol had suffered from depressions for some time when he were called Gay by more and more fans, but stardom insisted him to keep up the fanservice with B-Joo, I dont know how he is now, I just know that it were like that not too long after ToppDoggs Debut. Also they created TD as 13 member group to not lose its trainees. even though Originally, TD were planned as 6 member group.
BUT~ The ToppDogg AND the EvoL girls trust Stardom ent and Cho PD~ The girls of EvoL had the chance to leave but they stayed. So I dont think they are really treatened worse. Just that stardom simply has no clue how to promote someone right (But there are more agencys out like that…just look at CCM/MBK or D-Buisness) 
One of my friends working there said: “I will keep on working here that one Day I can take over…no one here knows how to lead such a company right, no one knows what the other does or how to promote someone the right way…they dont know how to use facebook and Tumblr well…so If Im leading this company…I finally can teach them!”
So I think…there are alot of wrong things in the company..but not because they mean it bad but because they just dont know it better. 
And I know that its hard to not get furious when we hear stuff like that and worry about the ones we grew so attached to…But we all CANT know and tell whats going on behind the doors. Maybe Stardom is corrupt, but we cant know since were not investigators. Maybe stardom is shitty and treats its artists wrong, but we cant know since were not trainees there. So I think we shouldnt shoot blind at stardom entertainment but use our energy instead to support ToppDogg and EvoL….Instead of sending hating messages towards the company, send something that shows your love to your group to show stardom that its worth it to give them a proper promotion. If youre a Fan of EvoL…stop to ask” Where are evol? what is shitty stardom doing?” use your sns accounts to tell the girls personally that you love them and that you support them. The girs are so thankful for every single support…You can think about stardom whatever you want…but keep your thoughts in your head and the support for your beloved groups in your heart and hands~

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Also, I would like to say without causing a disrespectful argument. In Romans 1:26-28 and 1 Timothy 1:8-11 they talk about it. Not only the Old Testament, but a lot in the New Testament as well. So not only before, but even after, God spoke about it.

26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

28 Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done.

-Romans 1:26-28

Here’s one that’s popularly cited. Now let me provide you with context…

In this verse Paul is condemning some very specific practices that took place in his day. One of them is sexual relations that resulted from idol worship. There was prostitution done in the name of Aphrodite and a number of other sex and fertility gods. Often men and men or women and women would take part. But can you honestly say that the things that took place in such places are really the same as a healthy romantic relationship between two people of the same sex?

Back then there was also a very common practice of young commoner boys being found and “tutored” by older richer men. They would provide these boys with an education and oportunities, and in return the man would sleep with the boy. And you know what? That’s friggin rape. And you can bet your ass Paul was against that practice.

THAT is what those verses are taking about. Not healthy gay relationships. They’re talking about prostitution, coercion, and rape.

…The translations of that verse in 1 Timothy are particularly misleading. Here’s the translation that most christians are familiar with.

8 We know that the law is good if one uses it properly. 9 We also know that the law is made not for the righteous but for lawbreakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful, the unholy and irreligious, for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers, 10 for the sexually immoral, for those practicing homosexuality, for slave traders and liars and perjurers—and for whatever else is contrary to the sound doctrine 11 that conforms to the gospel concerning the glory of the blessed God, which he entrusted to me.

and you look at that and go “See! Right there! It says Those who practice Homosexuality” …But wait a minute.

Paul wouldn’t have even had a concept of what homosexuality is. There wasn’t even a word for it back then. Sure they understood the idea of a person sleeping with the same gender but that was seen as actions, not as a part of who that person was. They had words for buttsex and “person who has buttsex with little boys because of that whole tutoring thing I explained earlier” and “boy involved in aforementioned buttsex thing”… but there was no such word for “person attracted to the same gender” or “the attraction to the same gender”. The concept of being attracted to the same gender didn’t even exist to them.

So in the original greek, do you know what word Paul was using to describe “those who practice homosexuality”? Arsenokoitai …which is apparently a word that might have been invented by Paul. It comes from “arsen” man, and “koitai” bed. And you look at that and think “I dunno that sorta sounds like it means gay man to me” but listen. Back then, if you wanted to reffer to sex between two dudes you’d have said “paiderasste” so why’d he go and invent a whole new word??? Based on this, I think it’s far more appropriate to assume that Paul was probably either talking about the tutor situation I mentioned earlier, or male prostitutes.

Either way he definately wasn’t talking about two men who are in love and get married and adopt a kid together. Like… come on man.

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hey there, i know you really like yugioh zexal, but like. what do you like about it? ive been thinking about watching it since it just showed up on netflix.

Obama chuckled . “You mean the Chaos Emeralds?”

some stuff i like about zexal 

  • huge cast of cool and stylistically developed characters dealing with all sorts of different issues 
  • cute aliens
  • it’s actually blatantly a magical boy series but just doesn’t call itself that, you’ll see what i mean when some of the later duels start
  • insanely?? intricate?? level of detail?? in?? everything
  • i love the forgiveness themes, forgiveness forgiveness forgiveness, being kind to others, mindfulness, being helpful
  • i love the reminders about getting through the day especially when you have depression
  • i love the overall message that like… no matter how awful shit gets, it can get better. you can even make it better.
  • you can forgive people. but if you’re hurt and you can’t forgive someone, you’re not in the wrong either.
  • you like aliens? fuck. i love aliens. i love all these gay pastel colored aliens theyre everywhere. they aint got mouths. theyere in here being moe and shit.
  • the villains are so good like WHAT ARE YOU DOOOOOINGGGGGG *yells it from rooftops*
  • hey, y- you know gem fusion? did you like that whole concept? Well
  • the second time you watch it you’re so angry because there are full episode where like every single line was foreshadowing something else huge but you didn’t even notice at the time because it seemed totally normal and the big foreshadowy thing hadn’t happened yet im so hype about this i m gonna throw my computer through a window

oh also there are multiple positively portrayed lgbt+ characters including the main character. he’s only 13 so it’s more like puppy love but he’s confirmed to be in blushy-type romantic love with an alien who is the other main character of the series. (he also has a slight schoolboy crush on another older male character he looks up to for awhile although it obviously never goes anywhere… and a bunch of other stuff.) although the romantic part isn’t outright stated until the end it’s heavily implied starting later on and their relationship itself and how they help each other grow is a pivotal point, maybe even the biggest focal point of the entire series. (you’re gonna wanna watch the japanese version for this (maybe check out the manga after too) though as the localization team explicitly removed all references to the fact that the feelings between the two of them weren’t just 100% platonic Manly Bro Friendship. and the japanese version aint on netflix soo…)

anyway check these two cool guys out, i love em. they love each other.

it’s good. zexal changed my life a lot and helped me feel like it was okay to be me. theres like a kajillion more reasons it resonates with me than this if i had to list all of them it’d take all day. it’s just like… it’s a really feelgood show . and then it stops being a feelgood show and it feels like youre drowning. but then… then it’s ok again. it’s different, it’s more whole, but it’s okay. im on benadryl right now so im sorry if im not making a lot of sense. cool! awesome! Radibad!  okay! hope you watch it bye

So my thoughts on the CPR/kiss scene!

While understandable for some people to not immediately see what most people in the fandom saw, I think it’s important that for those that do that we allow for them to stay excited and celebrate what happened!

First off no one can blame the fandom really for getting excited over it. It wasn’t just the fact that their lips met, but the fact that this is a character based on Snow White, who fell into a deep sleep after eating a poisonous apple where the only way to wake her up was for her true love to kiss her. And heck it’s not even just a Snow White thing, it’s a fairly common fairly well known story element in many existing or existed fairy tales. I’ve heard people bring in theories for why Darling’s kiss worked as opposed to Darings but tbh I don’t think Mattel was trying to go down that type of route given the obvious set up the scene had. The scene before made it clear that Apple wasn’t choking on the apple the entire time, so it had to of had a different method to break the spell. Sure CPR was likely needed but even if just CPR, lips met, thus equaled enough as a kiss to break the spell.

So to carry on my point, this scene is a test of the waters type to see what would happen if two female characters shared a lip to lip moment as a reminisce to classic story tale elements. How will fans react? How will parents react? How accepted will the idea be? After all the concept of Ever After High having a gay character following a direction that may likely win them prejudice is a kind of perfect idea for something that’s so heterocentric like classic fairy tales. I think Mattel has ideas for this and I think Ever After High has the perfect set up for it. 

Allow for fans to be excited, allow for people to acknowledge the scene and embrace the idea, immediately acknowledge if homophobic backlash is apparent and make note that this type of thinking is not okay, spread the fact that it happened on a children’s network so others can see and have them embrace it with us! Allow for it to exist so that we can allow for it to exist elsewhere! 

SJWS: This will be my only superserious response to your madness from here out. (Besides laughing.)

REAL talk and tough love.
if you are any of those annoying so called Social Justice Warriors. (For example, nazi-feminist, racist, sexist ranters.) Have a listen. Okay, so you really won’t listen… But maybe when you’re all grown and finally want to become a decent human being, maybe then this will hit home.

There is no such thing as reverse racism- it’s just racism. Many straight white males are awesome people. Men aren’t born to rape you. White people aren’t inherently privileged or have savior complexes. You’re so very wrong and way off in your thinking… Not to mention your people skills SUCK.

No normal person (Yes, NORMAL: disabled, trans, gay, straight, black, white, what have you) even TALKS like you do in a normal setting. And NO, no one cares if you THINK it should be the norm.

No. No. Nope. Stop right there… Whatever silly shit you’re thinking is wrong.

You have no actual real concept of how the world works with your victim bleeding heart full of “oppression.” and hypocrisy. Only this creepy little fantasy land here on Tumblr. I don’t know how you could possibly even have a real life social circle, with how creepy you all can be.

Grown ups do not behave this way, and you will not get anywhere EVER with the sad and pathetic outlook you have on life.

Get it together.

Get a fucking backbone.

Stop being a cry baby.

Become a productive member of society.

I wish survival of the fittest would actually work in today’s day and age just a bit faster, because people like you are just a heavy burden to our society. We can’t advance if the people who think like you ever crawl out of the social justice circles of the internet. Fortunately for us, you’re all hermits and socially too awkward to do anything more then cry on your keyboard.

The majority of you are children throwing tantrums and crying about “oppression.” Oh, suck it. You have no idea what real oppression is and probably never will. You’re a pathetic keyboard warrior and nothing more. What the fuck have you actually done to help people?

Regular, real people can’t and won’t cater to your strange, harmful, and off putting behavior.

You just continue to be a freak on the internet while real, NORMAL white, black, trans, straight, bi, gay, disabled, etc. people lead happy and healthy lives.

Im sorry if it “hurts your feelings” but the majority (yes! That darn privileged majority) doesn’t give two flying fucks if your stupid wittle feewings are hurt :(

You know why we are the majority? Us NORMAL people? And so called privileged no matter what race, culture, gender, disability or lack thereof?

Because WE ARE the survivors.

We are the doers. We are the real people that put sweat, blood and tears. into this world to make it better. Not you. Not people who think like you.

You and these so called Social Justice warriors… sit in a dark corner of the internet crying… Moaning… waiting for your shit filled diaper to be changed, then when someone finally wants to do it or you so you finally shut the fuck up? you yell at them and cry harder for making you a victim… For OPPRESSING you.

WE are strong.

WE are a community without labels, we evolve. We aren’t yuppy cry babies and we certainly don’t need labels, fancy new pronouns, pity or a victim mindset to feel like we are worth something. Soon people who think like you will move on or die out with your skewed views of the world… Because


No one cares. Get it? You can’t change that. But you can change being an idiot. Stop crying, stop being weak, pick yourself up off your crutches and move the fuck on and actually enjoy life before everyone figures out how big of a stupid asshole you really are.

You’re wasting time. Better get on it. :)