this is so gay like what is there concept even

whenever i try to call out cis gays for being shitty and whenever i even bring up the concept that monosexuality is like… not real… they all come after me and then i have to explain to a bunch of cis people why they are being transphobic while they attempt to cisplain to me why me (a trans person) is wrong about my definition of transphobia and I don’t know what im talking about

I’m so glad I’ve learned of compulsory heterosexuality as a concept, because I’ll tell ya…I literally used to assign myself crushes on boys, it would be like, girls would talk about having a crush on a certain boy and then I’d be like ‘alright I too will have a crush on this boy now’ like all the way back in elementary school. like grade 3. I didn’t even know what a lesbian was until 5th grade

I was gonna stop this post there but listen. by the time I was in 7th grade I thought I was bisexual but still felt very bad about it, very bad about being attracted to girls. I distinctly remember thinking ‘I’m like 90% gay and 10% straight, I’d feel bad if I left boys out’ like I literally thought like that. I wasn’t legitimately attracted to boys, I just didn’t want to ‘leave them out’, like that 10% would make me feel a little more normal and accepted 

It wasn’t until high school when it took me having to make out with a guy to realize Hey Wait A Minute

and that’s fucked up

anonymous asked:

How imagine you 3rd year Yamaguchi ? (Personnaly, I would love to see him with a "punk" style, with tatoos and piercing .. And EXTREMELY awesome, like even the most straight guy would become gay for Yamaguchi !) Also, do you prefer KuroYama or YamaKen ?


I feel like I bring up this art whenever someone mentions 3rd year Yamaguchi but it is SO PERFECT?! Literally EXACTLY how I would love to see Yams in his 3rd year. He’s rockin’ that hipsterish style with the half-up/half-down hair, gauges, and is just looking all around FRESH TO DEATH and CONFIDENT!!!! I’m totally into it. 

Pls Furudate give Yams the confidence boost he deserves!!!

As for the ships, WOW I have never heard of those pairings before! I gotta be honest with you my dear anon, I tend to not be a fan of rare pairs! (Not that I’m against them by any means!!! I just don’t personally ship them ^^) So I’ll have to take the lame route and say neither >.< BUT YOU DO YOU BOO GO DOWN WITH THOSE SHIPS IF IT SO PLEASES YOU! <3

Thanks as always for sharing head canons with me, friends!

So I came out to my mom but it wasnt even “coming out” really…

Mom’s known for years now and ive been very aware of that, I guess it became a more solidified awareness when she told my brother she knew a few months ago. I told her I knew she knew and that I dont really like the concept of coming out because I dont think its necessary and instead makes it so much more uncomfortable and difficult on many gay teens/adults. If a parent or someone knows… then why not just embrace it and accept it for what it is… I think continuing to feed into this norm of coming out to satisfy something placed on to gay/trans individuals by others is so tiring….

she of course told me she loves me regardless because Im her son but then told me it makes her sad but theres nothing she can do…. which of course is what I wanted to avoid with all of this…. I know it upsets her that both her sons are gay and its hard for me to even accept that, that’s something she even feels. She then told me that…. the reason I was even born into this world is because she was hoping she’d have another chance to have that normal life she wanted with me. She said she was going to stop at my brother but thought she’d try again and here I am now… gay. That’s something she’s accepted long ago and still loves me and only wants the best for me but thats so difficult to hear still, especially with everything this family has gone through with my dad and mental issues and all these different factors for that to even be a thought…. 

It hurt me to hear that and I still love her so much and I know she loves and will do anything for me. I think all the choices my brother has made growing up made it a bit harder for me because she assumes ill make the same decisions as him. 

I think its the law of life though, wanting and praying for something so bad and then getting the complete opposite, of course youre gonna be upset. It just sucks that all these things I knew she was thinking were all true.

Anyways, I knew this would be the outcome for years and im just glad I told her I guess. 

I need to be embraced

more discourse thoughts

wow stuff really happened on saturday??

1) when i say i hate people who talk abt gay nazis, i don’t mean they didn’t exist. i mean using them as an excuse for shit like Why Kylux Is A Holy Ship is… bad as fucking hell, like, knock it off and let gay men be uncomfortable with kylux and/or the concept of canon gay first order members

2) i’m gonna say it… i think the concept of certain ships being triggering is beside the point and even hurting antis. when we say “reylo triggers people stop shipping it” that sounds ridiculous, bc so what?? i’m triggered by pregnancy stuff a lot of the time, does that mean nobody can talk abt characters being pregnant? for a while i was triggered by guys w/ striped shirts, but i didn’t tell every man in existence to stop wearing striped shirts.

the important thing isn’t that people are triggered, it’s why. and the fact that these ships hurt people. saying “reylo is an abusive ship stop shipping it” is an entirely different ballgame, bc then we can talk about abuse survivors’ views on the ship and how it’s abusive and why abusive ships hurt people. triggering content may be literally anything, bc triggers can be anything. triggering content =/= problematic content.

3) gonna make a whole ‘nother post about this one, hold up a sec

something that’s really great about steven universe is how it normalizes things. that’s what makes it so revolutionary in teaching morals through children’s programming. like not only is it introducing concepts in children’s shows that have rarely been touched on, but it’s doing so in a way that’s never done before. a way that is 3479382749 times more effective. 

they don’t make an episode about gay rights. they probably would get a lot of criticism for that! instead they have openly gay characters without even mentioning the fact that they’re gay. it’s not even a question. and it isn’t suggestive of a romantic relationship, it is painfully obvious. by introducing gay characters and gay relationships, we’re exposing children to it in a positive way. a whole new generation of kids will be raised to think that it’s perfectly normal to be gay. 

and steven too! steven is emotional. he cries all the time. he’s very empathetic. he has many behaviors that would be considered feminine or unmanly, but he is never once criticized for that! there isn’t an episode where is teased that says to boys “it’s ok to be different and manliness isn’t everything (but it is kind of weird and you will be made fun of.” steven is loved by everyone around him and even encouraged for being himself. 

and don’t get me started on the diversity! there isn’t a single character who is treated as weird or unattractive for their appearance! we don’t need an episode about “everyone is beautiful! even people aren’t conventionally attractive!” they just exist. no character is taught to be insecure about their appearance. even when you preach about everybody being beautiful and capable of finding love despite what others say, you are introducing the idea in kids’ minds that there are people who will find them unattractive because of the way they look! that they may be made fun of! 

but what steven universe does is beautiful. there is such a wide range of diversity like nothing we’ve ever seen before. and guess what? no character ever doubts themselves because of their appearance. you can’t tell if a character is mean, weird or evil because of their physical traits. everyone is treated as beautiful and attractive without question. and they are not loved despite their appearances (”telling “unattractive” characters it doesn’t matter how you look, it’s what’s on the inside that counts!) they are loved for who they are, inside and out and that is so powerful for children and, hell, ADULTS to see. characters are judged purely on their actions, but children are being taught to love their bodies without even knowing it. that is so so wonderful. 

concept: adam parrish and the freshman fifteen

  • part of his scholarship includes a meal plan so for the first time probably ever he’s eating three square meals a day
  • but even ivy league college fare isn’t exactly superior to the garbage sold at most institutions 
  • and it’s not like adam has ever had to think much about what he eats because the kid’s just been knocking down whatever he can afford
  • plus he’s only working one job and he’s not gallivanting around a magical dream forest with his magical dreamer boyfriend and co. so his lifestyle has suddenly gotten a lot more sedentary than he’s used to
  • truth be told he kind of needed the extra pounds
  • so when he comes back to henrietta over winter break there’s not a marked difference he just looks a little healthier and a little more well fed 
  • the jut of his collarbone isn’t quite so sharp and his face looks a little less gaunt (though no less elegant for it)
  • ronan of course just thinks he looks Good (and tells him as much while sliding his hand in adam’s back pocket with a leer that’s suspiciously soft around the edges)
  • and that’s that until later at the barns after the welcome home party (the rest of the gangsey made a u-turn in their road trip because not celebrating christmas together would be a grievous oversight of their friendship according to gansey) has petered off leaving ronan and adam with some much needed alone time
  • alone time hear meaning freedom to make-out in a way not suitable for public 
  • ronan’s hand happens to find its way under adam’s shirt and he knows the feeling of him, how soft the skin of his torso can be, but this is a new kind of soft entirely
  • sure enough hiking up adam’s shirt reveals a strip of soft flesh above his waistline that definitely wasn’t there before and it’s just a small subtle fold but
  • ronan’s in love
  • adam is like “what the hell, lynch” but you know all affectionate as he slides his hand over ronan’s scalp because the guy’s mouth is all up on his stomach now and he doesn’t know what else to do
  • he never does get his answer but even later that night when they’re tucked away in bed with ronan draped over his back and a hand splayed over his stomach, ronan says again, breath a warm caress over his shoulder, “you look good, adam”
  • (adam picks up a running routine when he goes back after the holidays because it helps him work off the extra energy, but he doesn’t really try too hard to tighten up his waistline)