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so i finally got a drawing drive today and i was only able to muscle out these two precious Lucio’s! I imagine him to be the trendiest of the ovw crew

Have the precious child in colourful clothes! ´w`/

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Greatest/sweetest ranking of BL movies/series that you don't wanna miss!!

UPDATED: As of April 4, 2017 !!!!!
Hi guys!!! been addicted by Bl movies/series/webisodes/ and even short movies and these are my rankings of it from best to worst xD

  1.  Takumi-kun series movies - especially series 2,3 and 5. A big DaiMao fan here xD
  2.  Love Sick Series 1&2 - PerWin, PhunNoh, and OmMick are my ships
  3. ***HIStory webseries: Obsessed - the title says it all! if you loved Gloomy Salad Days and loves a whole lot of kiss scenes then you will definitely love this! very nice chemistry next to my beloved DaiMao <3
  4. ***SKAM - oh shocks whoever told me to watch this is an angel! love love love love it to the max! who knew norwegian Bl can be this good?
  5.  Make it Right the Series - Very Funny and Sweet!! Kyaa! TeeFuse and BookFrame are my OTPs very much like Lovesick!
  6. ***Uncontrolled Love 2 - the directors are very mean. i really thought this was a sad ending…but it was not! love the possessiveness the kiss and the after credits <3
  7.  Love love you (Love’s Coming 2) - haven’t watched this yet, but the trailers are just, ooommph! If ever you have a copy PM me XD
  8.  Like love Series 1-2 -I love the uncut scenes the most. And the story gets better xD
  9.  Junjou Pure Heart - sweeeeteeest ever!  really, those awwww moments xD
  10. ***Fanatic Love - Game themed BL coming through! I loved the side characters especially the sister <3 Must watch!
  11.  Waterboyy the movie - a must watch especially to those fans who have been missing love sick series xD Ngern-oppa is sooo hot here.
  12. Uncontrolled Love- Finally, Master x Servant BL!!! the uke is soo cute and seme is sooo possessive can’t wait for the second part!
  13. ***My bromance:the reunion - this is the series remake of the movie my bromance. and thank goodness that in the first season nobody dies! a different conflict altogether but still the same plot.
  14.  Counter Attack Web series - QingYu for the win xDD. they are sooooo married. I also recommend their photoshoot sessions, more kissing scenes than the series xD loving the doctor’s cow licked hair, kawaiiii xD
  15.  Addicted/Heroin Web Series - Sweetest punk I ever watched really. I wish for uncut scenes! and I demand a continuation!
  16. ***Ame to kisu - Love this movie! it made me read the manga and you will love how cute the uke is and how the story was very well portrayed in the movie
  17. *** The right man - there are only a few BL movies/series who would portray the love of a parent and their worries. i loved this film because other than the love story unfolding, the relationship between the mother and the son progresses too <3
  18. Yandaixie No.10- honestly, the story has a lot of promise! it was very good but I didn’t like how the first season ended being them still in bad terms…then hearing that there won’t be a second season!!!! or so i heard.
  19. ***SOTUS - hazers! hihihi. if you’re ooking for a cute-tsundere uke then this is what you’re looking for! it has the all goody kissing scenes and a very good college plot. very recommended
  20.  Love’s Coming - Nai x Gump xDDD
  21. Love Place 2(Shiawase no Katachi)- A continuation of Love Place 1. Finally an English sub that I’ve been waiting! Typical BL story, most of the time you can read in a manga but you can feel the characters feeling very deeply!
  22.  Grey Rainbow - Has every thing I want in a BL,marriage, sweet moments and even a kid! and it also has something I didn’t like…death! why!?!
  23.  Doushitemo Furetakunai - the story is great and is really based on the manga. Loved the characters. this is my first BL ever just forgot to post teehee :P !!!
  24. ***HIStory webseries: My Hero - so this is one of the ghost themed BL. Comedic. but I do not like that the ghost girl experienced all the sweet moments using the boy’s body. oops spoiler. BTW the seme is sooo hot *wink*
  25.  To you for me–chocolates - I laughed at this BL so much. It really portrayed the case of miracles to two people that should be in love. wonder when it will end?
  26.  Paternity Leave - you’ll love it, Mpreg xDD
  27.   eCupid - movie about the greatest app for semes who take advantage of their uke’s love xD
  28.  Just Friends? - hottest and sweetest forbidden love I have ever watched!! sadly it was tooooo short for a very good plot movie xD
  29.  Udagawachou de mattete yo - sooo cute! as in supeer!!! one of the best live action next to Doushitemo Furetakunai <3 <3
  30. ***HIStory Webseries: Stay away from me - brother’s theme! yehey! though I wished for more sweetness. the eyes of the uke seem to catch my attention a lot in a not so okay way. but I STILL LOVED IT.
  31.   Two Weddings and a funeral - I loved the comedy aspect of it. It mainly focused on the life of gays and how the ‘two weddings” conquered it with love. but why Tina !?!?! why ?!?!?!
  32.   My Bromance - I love the on-relationship scenes but I just hope the ending was not when one dies. I bawled for this one,it’s like rising you up,then pulling you dooown,why!?!?!?waaah! But the story was really good!
  33.  Happy together - loved the couple sooo much! being 6 years together, those fights and make-ups seems like a typical married life 
  34. Oppressive Love - half-horror and half BL and they actually became a couple! to bad the older brother had to possess him…ooops spoiler ;-P
  35.  Ai no kotodama 2
  36. ***Bad romance the series - another side story BL but because they started the series already together and the ending was so sweet so it is okay.
  37. ***I’m here our twelve years is a reincarnation legend - short shounen ai chinese BL. if you’re on to watching just the sweet, innocent stuff, then this is good for you :)
  38.  Takuya and Joon jae “the lover” - you may be a bit disappointed because it is missing some smexy moments like kissing and “you-know” but the story is great with lots of laughs and sweetness. hoping for season 2 
  39. ***Love Complex - this is a thai series but the BL part is a side story and doesn’t develop much though it is still on the first two episodes. some of you may not like it because it is on a side story but promise, the main story is very funny.
  40.  Docchi mo Docchi - may be low budget, but that romcom theme was perfectly executed xD sooo funny xD
  41.  Itsuka no kimi e - loved the story so much. It was like reading Junjou Pure Heart again xD soooo cute! Wishing for more kiss scenes though. 
  42.  Ai no kotodama 1
  43.  Seven Days Monday-Thursday, Friday-Sunday - perfectly executed as of those of the manga
  44. Hollyoaks (Ste and Harry) - lots of problems; closet gay, HIV, parents are against, even teachers then there are also cocaine involvement. wut?! haha but the story and how they still get back together is what makes it great. 
  45.  Diary of Tootsies - Very very funny!! as in very funny! but they left Gus and Top’s story hanging, which is what I’ve been waiting…sigh
  46.  Fujimi orchestra live action - it’s like the BL version of Nodame Cantabile. the movie needs a sequel. it’s not that they did not end up together but the movie ended with the seme still pursuing the uke xD 
  47.  Go go go G boys - very funny, packed with hot bishies. Last part after credits is a must seen
  48. Farewell my ghost boyfriend - short movie. I’m not on vote on the new ship. i still wish there was some kind of miracle for the ghost. huhu 
  49.  Love Place - I preferred the part two (2) than the first one, more Bl action, though it is still not translated
  50.  Boku no Kareshi wo Shoukai Shimasu - was hoping for more kiss scenes xD
  51.  Gloomy Salad days - ep13-14 only. Hidoku Shinaide story, bully and the bullied. You’ll be hoping for more.
  52.  Love of Siam - honestly, a good plot, really. It just needs some tweaks on that bad ending,urgh. Hoping for season 2 to change it.
  53. I’m yours - a one-sided love of a robot to a human and he’s quest to help the guy to achieve love. it was badly cut, I don’t know. it was missing some parts when I watched it so I am still heavily confused.
  54.  Love next door 2 - Watched XD but still looking for subs. but very promising especially in terms of comedy and hotness.
  55.  Mr x and I - First Season: First and Second story only, the other two has horrible ending, I advise this to those who do not wish to see a sad ending. Second Season: Loved the ending, hated the hetero guy, urggghh
  56.   Princess Princess D - actually, this is a live action adapted from a shoujo manga. full of fanservice and crossdressers and will leave you laughing at the clichès and corniness. 
  57.  Love next door - the story escalated quickly and the ‘love’ (sweetness) I was searching for was too short in the plot.
  58.  A Pair of Love - so-so xD
  59.  Time line - Watch the first couple only, and/or the last one. never ever the second one, it still gives me goose bumps till now
  60. Me my familiar people - uhhh…actually I didnt quite get the story. it was soo confusing. its like he has s*x to another then I don’t know maybe his bestfriend too?
  61.  Teacher and student - because I was expecting that light, romantic theme I was deeply disappointed by that twist as it turns out to be too psychological. One of my least favorites next to Kindan no Koi. 
  62.  Kindan no koi - simple……i hated it. the plot twist at the end was just tooo much, really, too much. Still a good movie though, but definitely my least favorite.

This is an edited list XD those with *** are newly posted as of April 4. Will update for more lateerrr! Ask me for links if ever you are interested xDDD hehehe

So in my biology class today, while learning about genetics, our teacher had us doing this activity where we simulated the process of how a person ended up with the genes and traits that they do using the parents genes. We were supposed to draw an end result of what they would look like with the genes that they got, and we were told to draw the full body only wearing a diaper so we could see all the traits. But somehow i missed the memo that we were supposed to draw a baby, so I ended up turning in a drawing of a ripped 27 year old dude only wearing a diaper, and now it’s hanging on the wall next to all the baby drawings. This is going to be an interesting rest of the year…

*Karamels voice* It’s disgusting how that NASTY woman Lena always cares about Kara and supports her every time. That mutual respect is truly the ugliest thing I ever laid my eyes on. I’m gonna puke! 🤢🤢🤢 Mon-El on the other hand? A man of my dreams, oh how I love when he yells at Kara and guilt-trips her every time something doesn’t go his way! 😍😍😍 It’s so funny and hot haha, truly a chemistry right there! I can’t believe that bitch Kara is always so cold to him though, how dare she not reciprocating his feelings. She’s hurting my slave-owning bae. 😤😤😤 You know what, if Kara doesn’t want him, I can have him. Am I rite? 😂😂😂

Ways I am exactly like Maria Reynolds

• half-dressed
• apologetic
• a mess
• looks pathetic

  • Khadgar: Hey Maiev
  • Maiev: ...
  • Khadgar: So uh, you remember how you erm, warned us about all the things Illidan has done and that we shouldn't trust him?
  • Maiev: *slow headturn*
  • Khadgar: ...well, haha, funny story. He might've maybe done something bad
  • Maiev: *silently crushes the umbra crescent with her bare hand*
  • Khadgar: Uh, don't worry though! We can fix this! Honestly, it's not like this can possibly get wo-
  • Maiev: *shuts his mouth with her hand* I'm going to make sure you share a cell after this
10 steps to flirt like a pro:

By the end of this lesson, you will totally be a flirt sensation, I follow these tips myself and it totally works! So if you want to know how to flirt like a pro; keep reading! Here we go!

Step 1: Talk to them!
I know it seems obvious but have you actually opted to say a quick hello and spark up a light conversation? If not this is a good way to start haha!

Step 2: Laugh, laugh and laugh some more!
Everyone likes to think that they are funny - just throw them a bone and laugh along (not too hard you don’t want them to think you’re too crazy!)

Step 3: Use your eyes
If you avoid eye contact, your crush is never going to know that you like them! So make sure to give a few meaningful looks - use the old “look, look away, look again” technique, it does wonders! Make sure you don’t stare though. And if you find it hard to look someone in the eye; look in between their eyes at their nose, they won’t know the difference!

Step 4: Smile!
Pair that look with the beautiful smile I know you’ve got!

Step 5: Compliment them
A few subtle words can make a major difference on how a person sees you. If you give compliments you are going to be more likeable as a person. It doesn’t have to be a long explanation of how everything about them is perfect; it could be as simple as “you look nice today” or “I like your shoes”. The simpler, the better.

Step 6: Think of them!
If you are watching the match of your crushes favourite sport or even if you see the funniest youtube video you know they’ll love, TELL THEM! It will give them the idea that they are on you’re mind, which is obviously completely true!

Step 7: Body language
This is key! Body language reflects how you feel, so if your feeling awkward it will show. Just relax. Do things like leaning in a little bit when you are talking to your crush, lightly brush past them or even maybe touch their arm in mid conversation. All these things will hint your into them. (Warning: sitting on their lap may be too far).

Step 8: Social media
This is perfect if you are shy or you just want to be in contact with your crush at home and outside of school/work. Like a few photos or statuses, send funny links to each other or even just strike up a conversation. Don’t be too stalkerish!

Step 9: Ask for their opinion
Whether it’s about homework or an outfit or if you should eat an apple or an orange… opinions matter! Asking for you crushes opinion will not only hint that you like them but will show that you care what they think. This will give them a confidence boost and also get you a step closer to making your crush a reality! It’s a win win!

Step 10: Be yourself!
Don’t be willing to change for your crush too enormously as that shows you don’t think your good enough, which is completely not the case. If your crush is genuinely interested in you they will like you for who you are. So be confident, be unique and most of all just act like you always do! If you are happy with yourself this will reflect in your presence - and think what kind of message that sends your crush!

You are now the most flirty flirt I know, go try it out on your crush and let me know how you go!


Straight White Boy Problem #579

my teacher asked me to explain a problem in math bc some people didnt understand the homework so i had to go all the way up to the chalkboard and start writing but i dropped my chalk! ! i bent over and picked it up but i heard some girls in the back laughing at me!! like wtf? i think they saw my “Homer Simpson” boxers that my mom got for me at kohls and they thought that was funny! haha why you lookin down there though……

  • y’all are disgustingly cute
  • like he looks all cocky and confident
  • nd tbh you thought he was a fuckboy at first
  • but then he got really shy and stuttery when he asked you out
  • spoke a mile a minute honestly
  • “heydoyouwannagooutwithmesometime”
  • nd you’re like boy slow down what are you saying
  • nd johnny overheard and decided to help be an “”””official translator”””
  • “I think he is asking you on a date or maybe he’s telling you there’s something in your teeth it’s hard to tell”

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I swear it looked like he rolled his eyes at the label and girlband bit, though I know it wasn't that just the way he shifted his eyes haha! Though he did look down after that, there's definitely something there he isn't comfortable with.

lol yes the way he shifted his eyes to the side did kinda make it look like that. i definitely wouldn’t say he was convincing about his so-called excitement for the girl band. it’s also funny that he mentioned them in ONE interview out of the tons of interviews he did in the last month. and how nice that this one interview happens to be released a couple of days after louis remembered the girl band existed and posted them to his instagram.

Exo’s Reaction to your group members friendly picking on you

We hope you enjoy the reaction! :)


*At first he would see how you went along with everything they said even if it was horrible but then wouldn’t be able to hold it in and would tell them to stop.*

Xiumin: “Do you all find this funny?? What if it was being said to you… would you still be laughing? Let me tell that she’s only laughing to be respectful to her unnies. So since she can’t tell you to stop I will.”

*Then he gives them a dirty look while he grabs your hand and then leaves with you.*


*Lu would straight up cut them off as soon as he figured out what they were going to say.*

Luhan: “Watch out for what you’re about to say because it will not only end up hurting her but it will also make me angry….and I don’t think you’ll want to see that.”




*He’d get so angry he wouldn’t even know what to do but just look at them with the dirtiest look ever.*


*Right when he heard what they said to you and he looked at your face giving them a fake smile, he just grabbed your hand and pulled you away from them.*


*He’d look at you to see the way you reacted at the ‘friendly joke’ but when you just laughed along with it, he would laugh in disbelief. Then he would look back at the members and just with the way he looked at them they knew and stopped saying stuff to you.*


*He’d immediately would tell them off and that this wasn’t the way they should be joking around with you. When you try to stop him, he would just gently push you away until he finished talking to them.*


*As soon as one of the members ‘jokingly’ insulted you and you laughed, he grabbed your hand and just left. But before you two left, he looked back and gave your members a dirty look.*

Chanyeol: “Don’t listen to them….and don’t ever laugh at something like that again.”


*Right after they said it, he looked at you and saw you kind of laughing along with it. You looked back at him and that’s when he knew you were faking it. So he looked back at the members and gave them a dirty look.*

Kyungsoo: “Why would you say that to her? Why would you ever say that to anyone in general? It’s not funny.” *gives them a disgusted look ad then leaves with you.*


*He’d get extremely frustrated at them and at you for laughing along with it. He would let his anger show just so they saw that what they were saying was wrong and they shouldn’t say things likes that.*


*He would look at them surprised that they actually said something so horrible. But he was more surprised at the fact that you were laughing along with it even though he knew it hurt you. When they were about to say something else, he interrupted them and told them you two had to leave.*

Kai: *whispers to you* “Don’t pretend to be fine with this…. even if they are older than you. Let’s go.”

*For the rest of the day, he’d comfort you and would made you forget about everything they said.*


Sehun: “Haha! You think that’s funny?? Look at yourself and you’ll actually see the way you just tried to describe her.” *gif*

*Wouldn’t even care that they were “only joking” because what they said went to a whole other level that it was supposed to.*

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  • Morrowind: *exists*
  • Fanbase: yes please we love this can we have more of this?
  • Bethesda: we made oblivion! It mentions the Neravarine at one point!
  • Fanbase: ok that's cool. It's not Morrowind though
  • Bethesda: we made Skyrim! And look one of the DLCs has you going to Solstheim! One of locations from Morrowinds DLC haha isn't that funny
  • Fanbase: Morrowind remake when?
  • Bethesda: ok I here what your saying, so we're remaking-
  • Fanbase: Morrowind!
  • Bethesda: Skyrim! :)
  • Fanbase: No!
  • Bethesda: oh Now we know what you want, Morrowind!
  • Fanbase: YES
  • Bethesda: In ESO!
  • Fanbase: DAMNIT

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okay, I love your camp halfblood AU but also, please tell us more about Dex, son of aphrodite, because I can't stop imagining him grumpily standing in a plastic shell while the aphrodite soundtrack from hercules the animated series is playing in the background xD

OH MY GOD STOP. Now Aphrodite is Lisa Kudrow that’s what’s happening in this AU look what you did. 

Okay Dex is a son of Hephaestus it’s just a Fact, but I love him as a son of Aphrodite because it’s just…he’s not. He’s the worst son of Aphrodite ever and he knows it and he’s just so MAD. He gets claimed and everyone is staring at him and he’s like “mother of FUCK” and someones like “lol yeah that’s your mom” and he’s gotta throw down right there. 

Not much changes with him being a son of Aphrodite, like I still think he would talk his way into the Cabin 9 bunker to work with the Hephaestus kids, even if they don’t believe an Aphrodite kid can keep up with them (he can). But he probably fights a lot more, like he’s training in every weapon he can get his hands on just because FUCK YOU GUYS I CAN FIGHT TOO. He’s over compensating so hard but no one really wants to make fun of him because he’ll fuck them up. 

His sisters adore him and his brothers are scared of him but they all keep trying to give him a makeover and he has climbed out of the window of cabin 10 so many times trying to escape this Hell. They always wanna know about his love life too, but they’re always disappointed because he doesn’t know how to do that. He’s busy he doesn’t have time for this. Also he’s ugly and no one likes him.

That last part’s not true and Dex doesn’t even actually care but he said it once and four of his sisters just started bawling and it was a stressful time in Cabin 10. It’s always a stressful time in Cabin 10 for Dex but that day was particularly rough. He’s actually a good looking guy, but he’s so stressed and embarrassed about being a son of Aphrodite that he just assumes all flirting with him is a joke and he has to fight someone. 

Aphrodite Dex literally always has to fight someone it’s his Curse here. That someone is usually Nursey, but sometimes he mixes it up. 

“You look really nice today Dex. I…like your hair.”

“Yeah HAHA Nurse, you’re so goddamn fucking funny. Because I’m a son of Aphrodite and you’re Ares HAHAHAHA shut the fuck up gods I hate you.”

“HAHA. Yeah. Got you good. Why don’t you love me?

It’s okay though, because Nursey can openly sob into his pillow in Cabin 5 and no one will say anything because they’re all so fucking embarrassed they don’t want to acknowledge it’s happening. 

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Hi so I live in Huntington and I have never really heard of these McElroy brothers can you explain to me what they do exactly? Like it is so surreal for me to see anyone from here doing anything. I'm in total shock! They seem pretty cool though!

haha it’s funny that you ask this because there is so much that they do i can’t really give you any ‘exact’ answers. i’ll try my best tho:

so the McElroys are three brothers (Griffin, Justin, and Travis) and their dad (Clint) who are from Huntington, as u know. 

like… 6 years ago they started making a podcast called My Brother, My Brother, and Me where people send them questions and they give very shitty hilarious advice. MBMBaM is a really funny podcast and the brothers often talk about growing up in Huntington on it. early on, it got picked up by a podcast network called Maximum Fun who also hosts many of their other podcasts which i’ll get into in a sec. MBMBaM updates weekly and is on episode 343 now!

two of the brothers, Griffin and Justin, work for the videogame website/channel Polygon, who you may know from when a bunch of shitty gamergate boys got mad at them because Polygon docked Bayonetta 2 points in their review of it because the game sexualized women so heavily. Griffin is the Senior Editorial Producer and Justin is the Editor-at-Large. you may also know Polygon from their hilarious Monster Factory videos where Justin and Griffin push video game character creators to their ridiculous limits

if you’re in Huntington, there’s a chance you’ve heard their dad Clint McElroy on the radio! he’s been doing radio since the late 70s and he’s, to my understanding, on 103.3 with Judy Eaton in the mornings? he’s also a published comic book writer and freelance editorial writer! Clint McElroy does a lot of cool stuff. him and Justin are the only 2 McElroys still living in Huntington

when Justin had to take paternity leave off a week of MBMBaM, the brothers replaced that week’s episode with a pre-recorded episode of all three of them and their dad playing dungeons and dragons because they’d been dying for an excuse to play dungeons and dragons FOREVER. enough people liked it that there was precedent for them to release a few more episodes, and soon enough Griffin dropped the pre-written campaign, wrote his own storyline and his own NPCs, and took Justin, Travis, and Clint through a wild fucking campaign that’s still ongoing in the form of their podcast called The Adventure Zone

those are the boys’ main projects right now but there’s so much other shit that they do! but, as you know, MBMBaM recently got a TV show and filmed their first season in Huntington! their show will be streaming on Seeso in like 3 days. as well, The Adventure Zone has a graphic novel adaptation in the works!

here’s a breakdown of some of the other stuff they do:

CoolGames Inc - a Polygon podcast series Griffin McElroy hosts with Nick Robinson where they take suggestions for games and flesh them out but the games are often goofs, like “Fifty First States”, a VN where you date each of the 50 states of america, etc.

Car Boys - a moderately esoteric adventure Griffin and Nick go on weekly where they play a game called which basically lets you do body horror things to cars

Sawbones - a podcast Justin does with his wife Sydnee, who is a doctor! together they talk about ailments from history and the terrifying ways people tried to treat them! this podcast is REALLY good and has garnered a lot of critical acclaim

Rose Buddies - a The Bachelor fancast Griffin and his wife Rachel do which is amazingly smart and funny

Shmanners - a podcast Travis and his wife Teresa do about etiquette and manners!

there’s a ton more podcasts they do, honestly, but i’d be here for hours just trying to explain ‘Til Death Do Us Blart’

fundamentally, they do comedy podcasts and video games series, but bc of their popularity and genuine nature they’ve started to branch out into other formats!

When I Was Jungkook // JK x Reader

Formerly known as Salt and Pepper

This was a little random. I had the idea to write about what would happen if Jungkook and Y/N switched lives and bodies, and had to go through the other person’s life, kinda like Freaky Friday. I thought it’d be funny haha, but this one is a lil random. I loved writing it though, so let me know if you want a part 2?

Genre: comedy, fluff, i can make this somewhat smutty in future if ya’ll want hehe
Jungkook x reader
Length: 9k words

YOU closed the lid of your laptop with a sigh, pushing it to the side and running your fingers through your hair. Leaning back in your chair and eyeing the clutter of your desk, you basked in the realisation that now you could finally go to sleep. You looked over at the clock next to your bed to find that it was 2:43am. You had only just finished everything now. And you still knew that soon enough you’d be assigned another twenty things.

Being a university student meant that you were given barely time to even breathe around all the work your professors set for you. What with your job added onto all of that, the amount of stress you dealt with on the daily was crazy. But you dealt with it regardless because you were passionate about what you were studying, and if this is what you had to do to reach the place you wanted to get to then so be it.

Your job was one thing you were less enthusiastic about, but that couldn’t be helped. Your tuition wasn’t going to pay itself.

Besides all the stress and work, you liked to think you were a cheerful and optimistic person. You were reasonably confident that at some point your life would stop being as damn repetitive as it was now. Work, lecture, study, sleep, repeat. You hated to admit that your life was dull, but it really was. There wasn’t much else to say about it, if you were honest.

Pulling yourself out of your desk chair hurt far too much. You’d been sitting still there for so long that your back absolutely killed now that you’d straightened out. Your bedroom door opened as you sat down on your bed, allowing your dog to wander lazily into the room. He immediately came to you and rose up to rest his paws on your thighs, trying to lovingly lick your face. You pushed his head away from you with a soft chuckle, mindful of the fact that the rest of your family would definitely be asleep by now. Cookie must have gotten bored of staying in your sleeping sister’s room again, which would be why he was now here trying to lick your cheek as you tried to keep his tongue off of your skin.

Eventually you fought him off and managed to lie down with your head resting on your pillow. Your poor rejected Cookie took the hint that you were going to sleep and curled up in a fluffy ball next to your body. You lay there for a minute petting his curly fur for a few minutes, just thinking. Right before your eyes fluttered closed, you wished for the fiftieth time that your life would change from dull and repetitive to somewhat eventful. At least you could dream of what it would be like.

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i hope this isn't a weird question, but i feel like it's appropriate to ask you - what BL series can you recommend, manga or otherwise? they don't have to have xxx scenes, and relationships can even just be implied... thanks, either way!

Ohoohohoh I have a lot of BL stuff I could tell you about!! Here’s a list:  

That’s all I can think off but hopefully you’ll read some of these cute stories!! Thank you for asking me!!!

Kubo and the Two Strings was the only movie that made me ship a monkey and a beetle before finding out that they were canon.

Also, they were all “ugh you’re so annoying, only I know what’s best for Kubo blah blah blah argue argue bicker bicker” And then all of a sudden they were all, “you’re so funny haha wow im suddenly into you be careful in that water and stuff haha flirty flirt” 😂 I loved it though.

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