this is so funny idk what to do

LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!! what the fuck was up with gukdoo’s sudden outburst like ‘bongsoon… mine to protect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ that was actually so fucking funny I almost peed my pants. his voice was like booming n idk man it was just so random n its like he forgot minhyuk was the one that got STABBED for her like what did you do for her ?? buy her an emergency watch that is secretly a fitbit ?? give her a weakass taser ?? not confess to her despite being with her for 20 years n not realizing your emotions for somebody that has loved, worried n thought about you since the 9th grade ??? like hahahah is that what you did for her bravo IN GUK FOOL !!!!!!!

I remember one time when I was 18 and lady gaga was like having her breakout moment I read something, not sure if a real quote, where she was talking about like. How she could give herself an orgasm using only the powers of her mind. And I still think about it sometimes out of the blue I’m just like. What thoughts can she possibly be having. Anyway that popped into my head while I was j/o and I had to stop bc I like couldn’t stop laughing about that thought. Idk why it’s so funny to me but it really is and it sent me on such a head trip for a minute there. Anyway I’m done with that and now I’m going to do all those responsible things I said before

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this


“I’m one of the worst drivers I’ve ever seen. And I just want you all to know that if you’re ever on the highway behind me, uh… I hear you honking, and I also don’t want me to be doing what I’m doing.”

“Im not Daisy Ridley. I know we both have dark hair and talk funny to you Americans, and I know we’re both in Star Wars, but yes, remarkably, two young British women can exist in the same cinematic galaxy. I know. Crazy.”

this…tHis is the real oppression…People understandably confusing the sw women with each other because not only they “have dark hair and talk funny to you Americans”, they’re all fucking white!! You know what’s really crazy? The fact that not even one woman of color can exist in Star Wars, or you know, anything. Like, at all. So maybe Idk…do better? Hmm and acknowledge the fact that people confusing white women isn’t exactly misogyny??

Sorey: Should we tell Alisha about Maltran?
Rose&Sorey: Nah lol


Rose: Why didn’t you tell me about Dezel?
Sorey: We thought it was for your own good.
Rose: You guys really should have told me about Dezel.
Sorey: Yeah, you’re right. Sorry ‘bout that.


Sorey: Should we tell Alisha about Maltran now?
Rose&Sorey: Nah lol

*even LATER*

Rose: Should I tell Alisha Sorey’s dead?
Rose: Nah lol


ultimate dragon age meme: one class


Rogues are crafty combatants who succeed in battle by combining speed, subterfuge, and a wide range of abilities to bring their opponents down in unexpected ways, sometimes before the enemy even perceives danger. Rogues can pick locks with great skill, incapacitate enemies with ease, or sneak up on targets to deliver a devious and crippling backstab.

The signs while stoned

aries: “this is stupid, where’s the alcohol”
taurus: *opens fridge and eats everything*
gemini: “this stuff smells, but it makes me feel good so idk”
cancer: “wow did I just laugh for once” “am I actually happy” “what is this feeling”
leo: *plays video game without blinking for hours*
virgo: “why did I do this” “why do I feel like this” “I feel funny” “guys when will this end”
libra: doesn’t stop talking (probably about something they love)
scorpio: “I really want to have sex right now”
sagittarius *doing something weird (but funny) af in the corner of the room*
capricorn: chillin, randomly giggles
aquarius: *thinks of some complex theoretical idea* *blows mind of person sitting next to them*
pisces: *scrolls through social media quietly laughing*

Positive and not so positive headcanons of pre-voltron Lance because I cant think about anything else while walking home:

  • he’s one of those irritating guys who catcalls you on the street but he’ll always help an old person carry their stuff or give them their seat or walk them across the road or smth
  • he smiles back when children or babies look at him and he makes funny faces to make them laugh
  • he always gives to homeless people even if it’s the last money he has
  • when he has a chore to do he complains, a lot, the whole fucking time
    • but he does his best and does a pretty good job
  • he’s ridiculously competitive (fucking canon) and the sorest loser you’ll ever meet.
    • he literally will not speak to you for a week and holds petty grudges (“you thought I forgot about the time you humiliated me at scrabble?” “Lance that was fucking two years ago” “YOU CANT HEAL A BROKEN PRIDE WITH TIME, PIDGE”)
  • he’ll make fun of what you want for christmas but will secretly buy it and hide it in your room
  • he’s very sentimental and everything everyone has given him is stashed in a box hidden in his closet (or under his bed) and he has a scrapbook with all the movie tickets and stubs and stuff
  • he does nice things to his friends but hides it under an insult or a joke or smth
    • like holding the door for them (“I’ll get that, since youre small, you probably cant hold it open”)
    • or staying behind them when walking and watching their back
    • or buying them drinks when he sees them exhausted (“since I’m the awesomest friend in all of friendville, I figured I’d get you this, be grateful peasant”)
    • he will walk on the side nearest to the road while walking on a sidewalk in case an accident happens
  • he gets jealous easily when his friends gets friendly with another person (“hey lance wanna go see this new movie?” “why dont you go ask youR NEW BEST FRIEND???!”)
  • he’s a “I’m the only one who can insult my friend, anyone else will have to deal with me” person
  • harshest critic on cooking food (“ugh, my sister who hasnt even been toilet trained can probably make a better lasagna than you”) hut probably can’t even cook
  • he probably carries a first aid kit at all times because of how many times his siblings get scratches and stuff
  • he’s a shock absorber, whenever theres an argument, he puts all the heat on him (by laughing out loud or pulling a joke) because it’s better if theyre mad at him than at each other (being the 2nd child in the family made him that way)

I’ll add more as boring days go by. I hope this isn’t somehow offensive or anything.

BTS Reaction to You Imitating Their Choreo

Request: hey love <3 can i request a BTS reaction to their girlfriend imitating them in the BST mv (dance) but doing an awful job just to make him annoyed? 💓 (idk if that makes sense 😅😂) thank you & have a nice day

A/N: Lmao even if I tried dancing nicely I bet it would come out horrible. Enjoy this reaction!

- Admin Kiwi


He’d just stand there half amused, and half horrified as you continued to dance out the monstrosity. He’d already be pretty used to Jungkook and the other troublemakers making fun of his dancing as well so this probably wouldn’t upset him too much. “Oh wow very funny y/n.”

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He’d bare the most judgemental face ever once he realized what you were doing. After a while, he would break his silence to interject. He had to protect at least a little bit of his dignity. “Yah! I don’t dance that bad!”

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Honestly, he’d probably join you in this mess, which would turn into a competition. Even when he was trying to dance badly, he’d somehow still show exquisite technique, and eventually beat you in this dance-off. “Up for a rematch?”

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Rap Monster/Namjoon

He’d be infuriated, but in a joking way. Seeing his reaction, you’d probably mock him even more. Having enough of this, he’d try to come after you, which’d result in a chase. If he’d ever catch you, he’d carry you over his back bridal style and wouldn’t put you down until you apologized. “I’m not putting you down no matter how much you pout y/n.”

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He just couldn’t stop grinning and laughing at your dancing. He wouldn’t even mind the fact that it was his own song you were dancing to, but rather how you managed to contain no shame as you did this. *is erupting in his adorable giggles*

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He’d be slightly offended, but mostly amused at your strange acts. Later on to get back at you, he’d imitate you dancing badly. “Whee look at me! My name’s y/n and I can totally dance better than anyone else!”

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He’d just watch in complete shock as you continued to absolutely slander his choreography. Pretty sure his jaw would be open, too. Of course, this only drove you to continue doing it until he could take no more. “Why would you pain my eyes like this oh my god.”

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