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I mean, look at her. It’s not a bad gig. It’s a great and rare combination of qualities to have- to be physically very formidable and compelling and magnetic- which can sometimes I think come across as harsh because there’s a sharpness to beauty that’s very overwhelming- but simultaneously she has a warmth and a curiosity that’s very true and very child-like. I mean, when she smiles it makes me giggle because it’s just pure! There’s a purity to it. And that softness and that beauty and that strength, that’s, to me, the critical combination. And she has it in spades. And she doesn’t have to try all that hard to do it. So my job is very easy. I got to come to work, fall in love with her, make her laugh as hard as I could, flirt, act like a jackass. It’s a lot of fun.
—  Chris Pine on what it’s like playing opposite Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman’s love interest (starts at 17:40

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Link: *intently focused on sheikah slate* Paya: he's so dedicated to his role of saving Hyrule! I wonder what he's studying?? Probably battle strategies or his map to plan where to go next! Link: *is playing candy crush* (not an art request, I just don't have any friends on tumblr who I can send silly pointless headcanons to and I can relate strongly to your love of Link so I thought what the heck maybe it'll at least make you giggle a bit lol)

this was a fun idea!! XD

i dont care if it was not an request! i drew it anyway~ XD

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NCT 127 Reaction to You Pulling Away From Kissing Them Because You Get Shy


He’d be thoroughly amused by how red your cheeks got and how shy your smile turned as you looked down.   “Aww, you’re so cute~“

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Cheeky mf He would giggle and poke fun at you but still be sweet  “You look so adorable when you get shy”

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Let’’s be honest here, he’d probably say nothing. Just giggle lots and pull you into a tight hug with the occasional coo at your flustered state.

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CHEEKIEST LITTLE SHIT EVER OMG! He’d get such a huge ego boost from it.   “I really have the power to make you this shy?”

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I imagine he’s a lot like Taeyong in this sense and just like smother you with affection because you’re too cute for words.

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The gif is self explanatory because I really can’t picture him reacting any differently.

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He’d probably be just as shy at first but seeing your cheeks aflame and your smile bright, he’d be so giddy. Like he wouldn’t talk because he really couldn’t stop smiling.

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This precious bean, bless his heart. He’d really think he made you uncomfortable at first so you’d have reassure him that he didn’t make you uncomfortable, you just got really shy and nervous.   “Are you okay? Did I do something wrong?”

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He’d probably tease you and be a little concerned that he did something to make you uncomfortable and pull away.   “Did I do something wrong or am I just too amazing that you can’t handle it?”

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So this was a request on my old blog and I just did it for NCT. I’m going to redoing just about all of my old prompts for NCT. Anyway, I hope you guys liked it!

Nct Dream's reactions to having a small s/o

Requests: hi!! can i request a reaction that nct dream finds out that their s/o is really short but has REALLY broad shoulders and is really muscular and strong bc (s)he used to do gymnastics?? thank you!! really love your account!!

Hello! Can i request a reaction that nct dream finds out that their significant other is cute and smol but can be really scary when he/she is angry? Tysm! :)

A/N: aye im back attending to requests again!! so i decided to combine these two and made it into a ‘having a small s/o’ reaction instead, i hope you dont mind!! i actually made a reaction with nct127 here so it’s the same for markhyuck!



I don’t think he’d tease you because he doesn’t want to upset you but he secretly laughs to himself when he sees that you’re still so much shorter than him even after wearing heels. He loves it when you link arms with him when you’re out together and that you have to raise your head up just to see his face. He’d help you if you asked and also, he loves to have his arms around your shoulders.

pretend you’re jaemin or the dog

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He’d ADORE you so much, treating you like small child and cooing over how cute and adorable you are. He blushes a lot too because in his eyes he’s never seen anyone as smol and cute as you so he’s all weak for you!! Probably goes up to you for random hug sessions and he’d just spend hours holding you in his arms because you can fit in them perfectly

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Lots of giggles and teasing, but most of time he’d just stare at you lovingly and pat your head, saying things like “you’re so short hehe” or “my small baby”. Is always up for cuddles too so he jumps like an excited kid when you run up to him to give him a hug, and the way his arms can wrap around your small body entirely gives him a sense of pride as he knows you’re his.

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Lots and lots teasing and jokes. He’d purposely place things in high places so you have to ask him for help . And everytime you ask, he demands a kiss from you before he agrees to help. He insults you a lot but when others do that he’d get pissed.

“Are you dating a child or something? Why’s she so short?”

“I don’t think it concerns you who i’m dating”

“Also, she’s cute the way she is, why can’t i date her”

And he giggles everytime you cant reach to kiss him and calls you short after that but deep down he’s fanboying.

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Would look at you with that cheeky and big smile of his 24/7 and would also randomly go up to you to either pat your head or pull your cheeks. Lots of teasing too because he loves how you get mad at him for making fun of your height. At the end he always makes up to you by giving you kisses and hugs so you don’t complain i mean who would he’s so sweet i miss him sm

“babe i think I know what to get you on your birthday”

“aw what?”

“a life supply of heels and insoles!!”

“go away i hate you”

“i was kidding, come back here *pulls you into a hug*”

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Would outright fanboy in front of you and he smiles/blushes a lot too. Probably screams “YOU’RE SO CUTE, SO SMALL MY JAGI” at least 4 times a day and never fails to give you a pinch on the cheek when he sees you everyday. Would tease you from time to time but more often, he’d just laugh and giggle to himself, admiring how small you are.

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Doesn’t show it much but secretly loves how your hands and feet are so small as compared to him, and with his constant growth spurt he’s towering one head above you so he loves ruffling your hair or patting your head. Would smile and giggle to himself, and would find you so adorable. It was not until Chenle told you that Jisung always talked about your height that you knew.

“y/n!!! jisung’s talking about you again, please stop him”

“aw why??”

“he keeps mentioning about how you always struggle to talk to him because of the height difference and that he finds it cute blahblah all that”

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learning by heart is something almost every student has to do at some point and that stuff can be painful af. so i decided to share the method that has worked wonders for me during my 4 years at university and may even be a tiny bit of fun. 

always remember: the dumber the better!

and by this i mean that your brain will be able to retain information a lot better if the information is so dumb it makes you wanna giggle and kill yourself at the same time. 

also, before applying this method i have already composed my study guide in question-answer form. however, you don’t have to keep to the question-answer format, this technique also works fine with bullet points or flashcards.

step 1: bust those rhymes

this is a poem i wrote when i studied for my language acquisition class. writing poems is great when you have to remember lots of information. i always do this as a first step to gather the main points of a topic and once i know these by heart, i will be able to deal with the details more easily. 
you could also write a song or a rap if you like. by composing the information into rhymes and verses you are forced to really think about it, plus rhymes (especially really dumb ones) are easier to learn and remember than just any boring old text. 

step 2: build those donkey bridges

in german, we call this memorization method “building donkey bridges” because donkeys are conventionalized as very dumb animals for which you have to make it very easy to be able to walk over a bridge. so imagine your brain as the donkey having to cross a bridge to get to the information you want to learn. i like to build my donkey bridges as follows:
- read your bullet points and highlight ONE important keyword per bullet point
- then you take the first letters of each of your keywords and arrange them to form some kind of word or letter cluster you will be able to remember (words like BUTT or BOOB or POOP are especially easy to remember if you’re an immature piece of sh*t like myself)
- bonus points if the donkey-word you just composed somehow relates to the topic you’re studying
- repeat this for every question / paragraph
- let me know if you want me to write a more in-depth post about this technique!

step 3: flashcards

to really make this method foolproof, write your donkey-words on flashcards - the word on one side and on the other side the keywords the letters refer to. that way, you will be able to revise them anywhere you go but try to not giggle too much at the stupid sh*t you came up with, this might make you seem like a weirdo. (jk) 

just send me an ask / a message if you have further questions or requests! happy studying! 

I’ve been sporadically laughing all day because I was thinking about a cosplayer at Youmacon that helped make the con for me.

He was dressed as a scientist, and he had a clipboard that said “Squeak Meh For Science!” Pretty much wherever you poked him, or if you squeezed his arm, or pulled his finger, or tweaked a button on his lab coat, or any interaction, he would squeak with like, the best squeaks.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever expressed how much I absolutely love squeakers. I probably love squeaky toys as much as your average dog (which I feel stupid saying), but I don’t really indulge in them because they can be annoying to people. Anyway, this Squeaky Scientist cosplayer was just the most fun I have experienced interaction-wise at a convention. He was really digging the fact that I giggled like an actual five-year-old child literally every time he squeaked, because he put a lot of expression and personality into those squeaks! It was great. I was having so much fun I did not even care that I probably looked incredibly silly, especially dressed as the Director.

Who knows if he will ever see this, but:

Thank you, Squeaky Scientist, for a lovely time. It’s cosplayers like you who make cons memorable.


A sort of continuation to this and this by @sarogane (help I’m falling for this ot3 forreal and one of them isn’t even really a character in the show)

It got a little long so… Most of it is under the cut, sorry mobile users //

Kuro watches Shiro wipe down Lance’s bruised thighs, gently, slowly, carefully. He doesn’t dare interfere. He studies Lance’s expression: Blissed, adoring, impossibly affectionate, and a sharp tang of something churns his stomach. Something negative, that makes him feel somewhat aggressive. Human feelings are weird, and he still hasn’t gotten the hang of them entirely. Separating them from one another was difficult, and he didn’t like concentrating on them for long enough to really understand. Following his instincts was much easier.

Except his instincts tell him to jump right back into bed, snuggle between their warm bodies, kiss Lance’s cheek and nuzzle into Shiro’s warm chest. And what the fuck, Kuro. That’s just not something he’s supposed to want. It’s not for him. There was no place for him on that bed. His role begun and ended with sex. Lance accepted him because he looked like Shiro, and Shiro, well… That guy was one kinky fucker, as he proved to them both not even twenty minutes ago when he ordered Kuro to- Well, that’s another story.

Point is, soft kisses and quiet murmurs were for them. That was the entire plan anyway, right? Get Lance and Shiro together. He was never supposed to be a part of the equation to begin with, and really, he shouldn’t outstay his welcome.

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Honestly, I Still Love You

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pairing: hyungwon x [y/n]

genre: angst(?????)

word count: 3678

a/n: oh my glob, im so sorry if this scenario’s all over the place but i hope you guys like it? i really do apologize for it being all over and messy and whatnot ;-; i apologize for any grammatical errors and i don’t own the gif.


I don’t want to hurt you
But I have to tell you now

The room was filled with nothing but silence. The sight of Hyungwon staring at you with eyes black as orbs was too much for you to take. His eyes have lost the twinkle that you used to love, his thick, lush lips were pursed into a thin line, and his listless limbs hanged on his sides. “Please, don’t do this to us, Hyungwon.” You pleaded with eyes glistening with tears. Everything was going too fast for you to comprehend, and here you are, holding on to his hands that didn’t even bother returning the grasp that you were used to.

It’s not easy to hide my heart
I know you feel deceived, I’m trying to end it

Hyungwon may look unfazed by the tears on your eyes, threatening to fall anytime soon. “[y/n], let go of me.” Wincing at his choice of words, you shook your head and tightened your grip around his hand. “No..” You couldn’t bring yourself to let your lover walk out of this relationship just because of something that you, yourself, couldn’t bring to believe. He was the only person that you have and yet, there he was, just like the rest of them, he was going to leave you.

You used to smile brightly but now I’m gonna make you cry for the last time
Everything changes like morning becoming night

“Damn it! Just let go of me, will you?! Us? The ‘us’ was long gone, [y/n]! It died three months ago and I’ve had enough of this!” This was the very first time that Hyungwon has raised his voice at you. Staring at the person right in front of you, you couldn’t help but think that this isn’t the Hyungwon that you used to love. He isn’t the Hyungwon who made your heart beat so fast, butterflies going wild after being freed from their cage. Crack. You let out a gasp as you could feel your heart shatter into thousands of pieces, tears finally spilling out. Tears that were long hated by Hyungwon has finally come out. Looking away from you, Hyungwon takes a deep breath and pries your hands off of him one last time before walking past you with his luggage with him. 

“But I still love you, Hyungwon, I still do! Am I not enough for you? Hyungwon… please don’t leave me.” you cry out, hands frantically trying to take a hold of his shirt. Coming to an abrupt stop, Hyungwon heaves out a sigh and lets out the words that you’ve dreaded to hear slip pass through his own.

“But… I don’t love you anymore.” And with that, he takes his leave with nothing but lies filling his mind. He knew that he had to do this. He knew he had to do this the harsh way. He knew that this day had to come. He knew that his feelings had long perished when he didn’t see the spark between the two of you. He knew that he didn’t want to receive your love anymore.

When that night passes, just like another day repeats
That feeling comes to me every day like waking up in the morning

How long has it been? Two weeks? Two months? You don’t know. It hasn’t been long since Hyungwon left you like a shattered bottle that was just thrown away. Lifting yourself off from the blissful warmth of your bed sheets, you listlessly dragged your tired limbs to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water, only to be remembered of that night once more. 

The way Hyungwon just let those words out of his mouth, as if the two of you didn’t share any memory and affection with each other for the past two years. The way how his eyes didn’t seem to care when he saw you cry your heart out. The way how he just continued to walk out of your life when you, yourself, begged him to stay. 

Ever since that night, you were a living mess. Heart torn into pieces, mind filled with nothing but negativity, and tears constantly brimming down your cheeks. You called off from the office for a week and only had to quit when you knew you just couldn’t handle it anymore. You shut yourself from everyone else.

Heaving out a sigh, you carefully placed the glass in the sink and made your way back to your room and into the bathroom, washing yourself up to have yourself prepped for the work that you’ve been passionate about for the first time.

“I am strong… I am beautiful… I am enough.” you chanted your mantra, eyes focused on your own reflection. Soon enough, you’ve found peace in you, heart swelling with happiness and confidence and you couldn’t ask anything more of this beautiful mantra that brought you back to your feet.

“I can do this.” 

That feeling comes to me every day like waking up in the morning
So I’m gonna erase you completely, I’m sorry

“Hyung, who’s this lady in your wallet?” Changkyun curiously asked as he fumbles with the brown leather in his hands, eyes intently staring at the picture of you and Hyungwon during the very first lover’s getaway that the two of you had. “Nobody.” Swiftly taking the picture off Changkyun’s grasp, Hyungwon didn’t think twice but to rip the picture apart and threw it directly in the basket, just like how he threw away his feelings away for you.

“W-why did you throw that away, hyung? I know for sure that that picture held a deep meaning in your life!” Changkyun frantically searched for the torn picture and shot his older brother a look before stuffing the found pieces in his pocket. “It doesn’t anymore.” Hyungwon’s voice was nothing but cold. When he stepped foot out of that damned apartment of yours, he has long deemed to himself that you were no one but a stranger to his life now.

Changkyun knew that you were someone of significance to him, that had long been forgotten by someone like him. Grumbling to himself, he watches the older lad walk towards other members with that facade he always put up front. 

Muttering to himself, he pulls out the picture of the two of you and sighs.“The look of their eyes says so the otherwise. Oh well..” Changkyun walks back to the older lad as he places the picture back to his pockets, promising to put it back together once they go home.

I was so happy looking at you all day, every day
I was so happy listening to your stories
I guess time is up now

“So, [y/n], you have to hear this. I just saw Miki talking to Kyujin, and man, you could see the twinkle in their eyes! I bet they’re going to last long!” your co-worker, and now best friend, Jia beamed with eyes filled with fantasies that were far for her to reach. “Really? That’s great for them.” you flashed them a fake smile and transferred your attention back to the pile of pictures that you were going to submit to the Chief Executive. As you were busy shuffling the pictures hand, you could help but freeze when you saw the photo that you took years ago with Hyungwon, who’s curled up into a blanket, arms outstretched towards you, hurrying you up as he was already itching to hear about your day.

“Baby, hurry up! You have to tell me about your photoshoot awhile ago.” Hyungwon beams as you positioned your camera right at him and had set the timer. “Wait, a minute baby. I need to–” Before you could even fully set your camera up, you were yanked towards his arms, a big smile plastered on his face and before you knew it, the camera had captured such precious moment. “Baby,” you cooed as you tried to wiggle yourself out from his hold. “So, how was it? Did you have fun?” Hyungwon snuggled a lot closer to you, his face pressed on your cheeks, making you burst out giggling. “Oh glob, Chae Hyungwon, I love you so so much!” you gleefully squealed as you gave him a chaste kiss before telling him your day went.

I guess we’re the same as others
Now even when you’re telling me interesting stories, I’m only nodding

His eyes were always filled with interest whenever you arrived from work. He was utterly happy when you told him about everything, may it be what’s going through your mind, your work or how you’re feeling. But somehow, all of those disappeared. His eyes were no longer showing any signs of interest. Head just nodding from time to time, as if his mind was drifting off to somewhere else more interesting than you. 

As days went by, the Hyungwon that always asked you how your day was was slowly disappearing. With a simple ‘welcome back’ to nothing but silence. He wouldn’t even glance at you as he continued watching the tv show that he was currently watching or would even just shrug you off when you tried to wake him up.

Hello, earth to [y/n]?” Jia waved her hand in your face, only to snap you out from your train of thoughts. “H-huh, what was that?” you absentmindedly asked as you tried to recall what just happened. “Mr. Bang wants to see you.” Jia worriedly looks at you, eyes observing every single movement that you made. It has been the nth time you’ve spaced out and entered that little world of yours. Oh, if only she knew what was going through your mind, she would try her best to help you out. Watching your retreating figure, Jia glances down and takes the photo in her hands, only to realize that it was a picture of you and Hyungwon.

Oh ah, I loved you more than anyone else
You were the most beautiful girl in the universe

Loneliness then again visits Hyungwon. In a room with nothing but the moon, as it’s the only source of light, the glint of a ring had Hyungwon’s attention. Carefully tucked in between his fingers held a silver ring that once reminded him of how much he loved you and how much you’ve meant a lot to him. You were once his sea as he was the boy who loved the waves and had finally overcome his fear of swimming. 

Your beauty shone despite the activity that you did. The mesmerizing smile of yours would always light up his way, sending him into the abyss. Whenever compared to someone else, he could remember himself denying the fact that there was someone more beautiful than you. You were nothing compared to the rest of those women. Heart and mind as pure as yours was enough to be called as a beauty.

Tracing the initials on the ring, Hyungwon couldn’t help but laugh at how petty it was for him to not be able to throw such thing as if it there was someone or something that held him back. It was as if it was something to commemorate such beautiful love blossoming through the spring, a reminder of that time when you’ve finally become his. The muse of his life. 

What exactly happened to me?
I wanna turn back time

“Here you go, hyung. I taped it back together.” standing before him was his younger brother, arms outstretched with a picture held in between his fingertips, something that made his heart flutter. With his long, slender fingers accepting such thing, Hyungwon couldn’t help but look at Changkyun with eyes glinted with confusion. “Why are you doing this?” 

Flashing the older lad a smile, Changkyun gives Hyungwon a soft pat on the shoulder before leaving the room. In between his fingers laid a beautiful memory that you both once cherished. With his cheeks tightly pressed on to yours, a happy and profound smile crossed both of your faces. Arms tightly wrapped around each other as if both of your life depended on it. 

With his eyes fixated on your smile, Hyungwon couldn’t help but question himself. Why? he asked. You said you didn’t love her anymore, replied his heart. But.. what was the reason behind it? Why did you stop beating for her? And there it was, an answer that had him wishing to go back in time and stop himself. 

I never did, it was just you who made such decision all along.

I see you over there, arrived first
With a bright smiling face
The fastly rewinding times with you
Have stopped now

The sliding of the glass door had everyone’s attention at the door, except for you, who was busy talking to the Chief. Lips turned into a big smile, a melodious laugh leaving your lips, filling the air with such glee. “Oh, [y/n], I want to meet your new clients.”

Everything went slow-mo, the way your wavy lock gracefully sliding down you shoulders, your beautiful eyes meeting his gaze and your lips losing its smile. “MONSTA X.” 

“It’s nice to meet you, guys.” You gently smiled and shook each of their hands, despite having to meet the gaze of Hyungwon. “Have you ever heard of them, [y/n]?” The Chief asked with a proud smile on his face. With your eyes looking back at them, you shook your head and apologetically smiled, “I’m so sorry, but I haven’t.” 

Lies, Hyungwon thought with his eyes glued on to the smile that held a lot of hidden feelings. “Anyways, before we could start the photoshoot, I want you boys to look at the pictures that our [y/n] has captured.” Pictures of different people, animals and sceneries were shown, except for one picture that was held in between your hands. “And the last–”

“Uh, this is nothing Chief. I kind of mixed it up with these pictures.” you lied as you pulled the picture away from him, only to receive a knowing smile from the Chief. “Is that so? Then will you please tell us what that picture is about that you aren’t able to show it to us?”

I’m looking at it again and my frozen heart is melting
were my spring but I pushed you away

At some point, the atmosphere seemed to waver towards such a depressing turn. “It’s just a picture of my lover and me when were still both madly in love with each other.” There was sadness in your eyes but your lips said otherwise. It held a happy smile. A smile that seemed to send a pang in Hyungwon’s heart. “But anyways, all of those flowery feelings are long gone, as we’ve separated ways.” 

“But, [y/n], I think that shot might be beautiful.” Changkyun reasoned out, eyes almost as pleading. “I think so too…” The Chief chimed in. Taking a quick glance to each of their eyes, you couldn’t help but let out a soft chuckle. “But the content is far from beautiful.” 

“Why?” Finally, Hyungwon decided to speak up, heart yearning to hear what you’ve felt throughout the past months. Your glistening eyes then met his, only to finally hear his heart crack. 

“Because it’s like the boy who loved the waves, but was too scared to swim… once he realized that the waves weren’t meant for him, it had him walking away from the sea and forgetting about his love for those waves.” 

I left you all alone when you were so kind
Just when I started regretting, you held my hand and said
I waited for along time, hurry and come

“But despite having that boy walking out from her life, the sea still hoped that maybe one day, he would return and make her life colorful again, but for now… the sea still continues to make her tranquil waves the same. ” you muttered as you stared at the photo in between your hands. Startled to have the picture taken away from, your eyes snapped towards him, who’s eyes slowly being filled with tears. 

“You still kept this picture despite what happened?” Hyungwon’s voice was soft as his eyes trailed along every single detail there was in the picture. Changkyun, who was beside him, took a quick glance at the photo, only to have him staring at you with eyes wide open, a finger or two pointing directly at you.

With your eyebrows furrowed, you swiftly grabbed the picture away from Hyungwon and decided to just show it to everyone, revealing such past to seven people whom you barely knew. “Is that… you and Hyungwon?” The Chief’s voice trailed off as he searched for your eyes, hoping that you’d answer truthfully.


“Why did you still keep it?” Kihyun queries as he stares at you with eyes filled with curiosity. “Honestly,” you thought about it. Why in the world would you keep such picture? Glancing back at the picture, a smile crosses your lips as you speak, “I really don’t know. I just couldn’t bring myself to forget about it.” 

“It’s a memory that I wouldn’t want to trade it for anything… despite having my heart crushed.”

Today, you’re the same as yesterday, only I’m different
(I think I’m crazy, I was deceived by familiarity and let you go)

Everyone couldn’t help but send you a sad look. It was something that they’ve never expect to hear from you. “Are you angry at Hyungwon for leaving you?” Wonho interrogates despite receiving a couple of smacks from the others. It never really bothered Wonho though, as he wants the two of you to clear things up. 

“Me?” you return the question, a finger pointing at yourself. “I was at first but I realized that I couldn’t blame him. I was no God to control anyone’s feelings and mind. If he doesn’t love me, then he doesn’t love me anymore. I kind of like accepted it so I’m not angry at Hyungwon. I would rather be thankful to have met a guy like him rather than be bitter and be loathful about it.”

Pang. Hyungwon couldn’t bring himself to look at you. He was filled with nothing but guilt and shame. Just hearing the way you spoke made him realize that you haven’t changed- you were still the person who had captured everyone’s heart with your beauty and pureness. 

I really didn’t know I’d have these feelings
(Actually, it’s just momentary, I just wanted you to melt me)

“Hyungwon hyung, what can you say about that?” Jooheon asks as he transfers his attention to Hyungwon, who just had his small bubble pop. Silence immediately surfaced, hearts were pounding loudly against their ribcages, hoping to hear something worth it from the tall man, who had his gaze fixated on you. 

“What if I told you that… I still love you?”

Should I be honest?
(It doesn’t make sense, trying to let go of all that time)

The moment those words left his lips, you could feel your breath hitch. You were emotionally fine just a moment ago but now, you couldn’t explain what you were feeling. A gush of emotions came rushing in and you just couldn’t understand why he was doing this. “What?” you gawked at him, heart beating rapidly and the butterflies have finally been freed.

“I still love you.”

Should I be honest?
Don’t be surprised, I’m gonna make you cry

Overwhelmed by Hyungwon’s sudden confession had you tearing up. Hands shaking as you held tightly onto the picture, eyes never leaving his. The corner of his lips was tugged upwards into a loving smile. His outreached hand soon met yours, making you melt under his touch.

Oh how long have you yearned for him, his touch and everything. “I was a crazy for leaving you back then without any reason,” said Hyungwon as he slowly pursed his lips, eyes filled with regret and sincerity. “Honestly, my heart never stopped beating for you.”

“H-hey, don’t cry.” startled by everyone’s remark, you looked at them and patted your cheeks, only to have them wet with tears that have spilled without you realizing it. “Oh god… I’m so sorry.” you stuttered, accepting the tissue being offered by Minhyuk. 

Should I be honest?
(Without knowing anything, your eyes are filled with me)

Finally taking your hands in his, you couldn’t help but stare at him with your lips quivering as you tried to hold back the tears. “I love you, [y/n]… I really do…” His voice was soft yet calming, the grip around your hands tightened as he could feel a lump in his throat.

“I really am sorry, [y/n], for everything. For being a jerk. For being a fool… and for leaving you. I know I sound really stupid and all but… Just last night when I saw our ring, I couldn’t help but wonder why I never had the guts to throw it away and that’s when I realized it…. my heart never really stopped beating for you.

You didn’t dare to look away. He was the only one that you needed to see. 

Should I be honest?
You’re smiling like a fool

“[y/n]…” Hyungwon’s voice trailed off as he took a deep breath, “Honestly… I want you to be mine again…. will you give me another chance to prove myself to you?” 

Nodding your head, you let out a soft chuckle. “Yes.” It didn’t really take you that long to decide as you knew that your heart was still beating for him, no one else but him. Pulling you into a tight hug, a big smile was plastered on both of your faces. Sweet nothings were whispered on both of your ears, filling each other with words that both of your hearts have longed to say. Howls and cheers were heard from the boys and the Chief, which had the two of you pulling away to give them an apologetic look.

You guys do know that the two of you are smiling like fools right? But anyways, stay strong you two!”

anonymous asked:

hey, hun! sending you love as always. when you get a minute would you consider writing a blurb about Niall and his girl having a complication during pregnancy/delivery? just thought I'd ask xx


My hospital room looked like a flower shop.  I wasn’t exactly sure how the hell so many people sent flowers when as far as I knew no one even knew I was in the hospital, but apparently someone had seen Niall walk in with me and as things do with social media nowadays, word got around.  

Most of the flowers came from names I didn’t know which lead me to believe they were from fans.  I didn’t mind.  Shockingly enough Niall’s fans were super supportive of our relationship.  I don’t know how I’d gotten so lucky to not induce the hate I saw Harry’s girlfriend get, but they left us alone for the most part.

However the announcement that I was pregnant was met with more fan fare than the boys announcing their return to being a group.  So I shouldn’t really have been shocked that they found out the hospital and room number I was in.  I should have been shocked there wasn’t a crowd outside, but Niall reported that so far the hospital was bare of any fans.

Niall walked into the room with yet another huge vase full of colorful flowers.  He smiled,

“This one is actually from someone we know.  Bressie and the Boys.”

I smiled,

“Clearly they had a female voice of reason.”

Niall set down the vase and nodded,


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Too Sweet - William Nylander #5

Originally posted by theseleafsarealright

about/request: A William Nylander imagine where Auston hits on you not knowing your Willys girlfriend.

warnings: cursing and sex references and a flabbergasted Auston Matthews

authors note: this was cute, idk if you wanted it to be angsty but it’s totally not so sorry!! i hope you enjoyed it!! 

word count: 951

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Getting Ready for Bed with Ethan Would Include...

• put on them pajamas (both of you)

• he’d watch you take off your makeup and be in awe of how beautiful you were

• then you two would brush your teeth together and make funny faces in the mirror

• if you wore a retainer, you and him would make fun of how you both looked in them

• lots of giggling and hanging on him like a child

• before he would get in bed, he would take you to your side and tuck you in really well

• then he’d get under the covers and mess the tucking in up

• SO then he’d wrap his arms around you and say “okay well now you’re tucked into me” bc he’s fucking corny as hell

• forehead kisses

• petting/playing with your hair

• playing with your fingers

• talks about life, death, religion, your pasts and futures, what ifs

• listening to his heartbeat

• hushed I love yous

• finally dozing off into a slumber at the same time

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Katsuki shouto and Momo screwing up something important but instead of getting angry at them the s/o pretends to be fine about it

Bakugou shoots up in his bed, sitting straight up. His head whips over to the clock on his nightstand. He glares are the numbers staring back at him. Ah, fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck him in the motherfucking asshole. He fucking overslept. Bakugou grabs his phone only to see multiple texts from his partner.

Babe, are you coming?

You promised Katsuhiko you would.

Please hurry. He’ll be on soon.

He did great. We’re headed home.

Bakugou rubs his face with his hand. Shit. He was only supposed to sleep for an hour. That was the plan. Shower. Sleep. Wake up. Go to Katsuhiko’s recital. He had a solo. His first solo. Bakugou was supposed to be there. It didn’t matter if his muscles were so sore that he could barely move. It didn’t matter that he felt like he hadn’t slept in days. It didn’t matter if he’s stressed to hell over this new villain. He promised Katsuhiko that he would be there. What kind of hero … what kind of father is he?

Bakugou finishes pulling a shirt over his body when he hears the front door open. You walk in, followed by your son and daughter. He walks into the living room to find the rest of his family staring back at him. Katsumi takes her brother’s hand and pulls him past their father with an up-turnt nose.

“Mom says we’re not supposed to talk to you,” Katsumi says, sitting on the couch with her younger brother at her side.

You place Katsuhiko’s cello down by the coat rack and stare at your husband with a furrowed brow. You kick off your shoes, pushing passed Bakugou and entering the kitchen. He follows close behind you. Bakugou wraps an arms around your waist, pulling you back against his chest.  

“On a scale of pissed to furious, how fucked am I?”

“I’m … I’m not mad,” you sigh, “I know you didn’t do it on purpose, but you promised him. And you know how much this meant to him.”

Bakugou breathes, “I know. I fucked up.”

“Yeah, you did, and I’m glad you know you did. But you still have to make it up to Hiko.”

“I fucking know, dammit.”

“Good,” you smile as you slip from his grasp, “Hiko wants hamburger steak for dinner. You can get started on making up to him that way.”

You teasingly pat Bakugou on the cheek. He snaps at your hand with his teeth as you laugh, walking out of the kitchen to join your children in the living room. Bakugou huffs. Turning to the sink, he washes his hands. He’s got a lot of making up to do.

Todoroki sits on the edge of his daughters’ bed after he finishes tucking them in.

“Did you have fun at your birthday party?” Todoroki asks, tucking the blankets in around his daughters.

Yuki yawns and nods her head. Her eyelids are already heavy, worn out from an evening of fun with their friends. She smiles when Todoroki bends down and pecks her forehead. He turns to Yoko who is still staring at him rather expectantly. He peppers little kisses over her cheeks as she giggles quietly. Todoroki smiles, hearing his little girl’s bubbly laugh.

“What about you, Yoko? Did you have fun?”

“I had lots of fun, Daddy. I’m so happy because Uncle Deku came too,” Yoko says, “And I’m gonna go to sleep now so I have even more energy to have more fun tomorrow!”

“What a good idea, sunshine.”

Todoroki gives each of his girls another kiss before he leaves the room, making sure he turns on the night light and leaves a crack in the door. He walks into the living room to find you curled on the couch with a glass of wine in your hands. Today had went off without a hitch. Todoroki had booked the venue weeks in advances, made sure the cake would be made on time, and he even got no. 1 hero Deku to stop by. So why … why does he feel like he’s forgetting something as he sits next to you.

“The girls asleep?”


You breathe and raise your wine glass, “Well, it’s late, but happy anniversary, Shouto.”

He watches as you knock back the rest of the red liquid. No … no, that’s not today. Because today is Yoko and Yuki’s birthday. (Month) (day). And your anniversary is on … (Month) (day) … Todoroki’s eyes widen.

“I’m not mad. I’m just happy Yoko and Yuki’s birthday party went well, and thanks for getting Deku to come.”

“(Name), I’m so sorry. I—”

“Shouto, it’s really okay.”

You gasp as your husband presses kisses to your neck. He grabs the wine glass, placing it on the coffee table as he lays you back against the couch. Todoroki pecks your lips.

“Well, it’s not to late if we still want to celebra—”

“Nah. I’m tired.”

You roll out from under Todoroki and head to your bedroom. He blinks as he watches your form disappear down the hallway. He sighs, laying on his stomach and pressing his face into the pillows of the couch. He’s definetely going to the jewelry store first thing in the morning. 

“Mother,” Momoe sits on the counter top swinging her feet as she watches her mother run around the kitchen and living room, “Mother.”

Yaoyorozu pops into the kitchen, checking on her soup before returning to the kitchen to finish creating more decorations for the table. Her daughter’s eyes are focused on her mother’s slightly frazzled form. Yaoyorozu takes a small breath. She knows she has people to help her, but she really wants to make a nice dinner for her family and her in-laws. By herself. And she can do it.

“Mother,” Momoe speaks up again.

Yaoyorozu stops and looks at her daughter who is staring at her with eyes so very reminiscent of yours. She smiles at Momoe, tucking a free strand of hair behind her daughter’s ear.

“Yes, Momoe, dear?”

“Mother, I think something is burning.”

Burning? Yaoyorozu sniffs the air, panic rising in her eyes. She opens the oven and a black plume of smoke billows out. She coughs and fans the the air around her.

“Momoe, open up some windows, honey,” Yaoyorozu says, creating a fire extinguisher from her thigh.

Momoe nods, cautiously sliding down from the counter and running over to the window. Yaoyorozu sprays the burning mess with the extinguisher. She bites her lip, feeling tears start to sting in her eyes. Yaoyorozu had it all planned out, but now it’s ruined and you are going to be home any minute and …

“Babe, Momoe!” you sing as you throw open the door, “I’m ho— What the heck is going on?”

You are greeting with the sight of your daughter fanning the smoke alarm as smoke curls out of the window. You recoil when the smell of burnt food hits your nostrils. Fanning the space in front of your face, you make your way into kitchen. Your wife stands, clutching the red fire extinguisher close to her chest.

“Ah, (Name)! Y-You’re early! You’re parents aren’t here are they?”

“No, I’m going to pick them up in an hour. What’s going on though? Was that dinner?”

She doesn’t respond, but you know the answer. You take the fire extinguisher from your wife’s hands and use your thumb to wipe away her beading tears. Yaoyorozu looks down at her hands. She can’t even make dinner for her family. How useless is she? How could she mess up something so important. You cup her face, bring her gaze back to yours.

“Hey, hey, hey, no tears, babe,” you say with a smile on your face.

“B-But I promised that I—”

“I’m not mad or anything. We’ll just go out for dinner,” you peck Yaoyorozu’s lips, “What do you think, Momoe?”

Your daughter bounds up to the two of you and wraps her arms around Yaoyorozu’s leg. You stroke Momoe’s dark hair as she grins up at you.

“See. Everything is gonna be fine, babe.”

Yaoyorozu nods, wiping the last of her tears. You kiss her again, and she smiles against your lips feeling Momoe squeeze her leg in a tight hug. Everything would be okay, but she is definitely going to make that dinner for you and Momoe. Just not tonight.

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Okay so what about RFA + V and Saeran who come home and find MC dancing while cleaning but PLOT TWIST MC is actually a really good dancer! I love your writing btw

This is such a cute request anonny, I love it! Thank you very much for the kind words, I love you anonny! I made this super fluffy since I was in the fluff mood so I hope that’s alright and if not, feel free to let me know! I hope that you enjoy!! :D


  • Yoosung was coming home from a long day of working at the veterinarian clinic
  • He was confused when he heard music loudly playing so he went to investigate
  • Yoosung found you vacuuming the bedroom floor while dancing along with the music
  • Seeing you so into dancing made Yoosung giggle but then he noticed how good of a dancer you really are, even dancing with a vacuum
  • You suddenly feel a pair of arms wrap around you and turn to find Yoosung nuzzling into you telling you how cute you look
  • “You’re such a good dancer MC, plus super cute! Seeing you dance with the vacuum was the most adorable thing ever but dance with me next time okay?”
  • Yoosung gives you one more squeeze then tries to dance with you but he ends up tripping over your feet and falls on the bed
  • You lay down next to Yoosung, giving his blushing face a kiss on the cheek as you promise to teach him how to dance after you finish cleaning


  • After another tiring day of rehearsals for an upcoming musical, Zen was more then relieved to come home to see you
  • Imagining your warm, smiling face was enough to motivate Zen to perform twice as good as normal
  • So when Zen came home to find music from one of his musicals that he sung and you dusting the shelfs, he instantly fell in love with you all over again
  • But when he saw you dusting, you seemed to be dancing as well and to add, your dancing was pretty awesome in Zen’s eyes
  • Zen stood at the door completely mesmerized by your beautiful and was snapped out of it when you asked if he was okay
  • He grabbed your hands and twirled you around, the two of you laughing as he questioned you
  • “Since when did you become an amazing dancer Jagiya? Now that I know you’re a great dancer, I think we need to become dance partners now! Just think, the two most perfect people are also perfect dancers!”
  • You and Zen spent the rest of the night dancing around the house, leaving the cleaning for tomorrow


  • Jaehee was always excited to go home after work and relax the night away with you
  • So when she came home with music playing loudly, her headache increased and she wondered what they heck you were doing
  • She glances in the kitchen to find you drying pots and pans but also dancing to the music
  • Normally, Jaehee would have stopped you right away but she was so impressed with your dancing, even while cleaning
  • Jaehee shyly walked into the kitchen, causing you to jump, and then excitedly ask when you learned to dance so good
  • You shrugged and told her that you were just bored while cleaning and started dancing
  • So you grabbed Jaehee’s hand and started spinning her around, the two of you giggling in the process as she caught her breath to compliment you
  • “Really MC, why am I not surprised that you’re an amazing dancer and I find out about it when you’re cleaning. Your talent never ceases to amaze me.”
  • The night was spent finishing cleaning the dishes, because she’s Jaehee, then enjoying a relaxing night of dancing and cuddles


  • Jumin would be able to get through the day because he’d think of your smiling face to come home to
  • One night after coming home extra stressed out, Jumin opened the door to hear music loudly playing
  • Rubbing his temples, he went to find you and ask why your taste in music was so poor until he found you wiping down the kitchen counters
  • Confused, Jumin asked why you were cleaning since he had hired house maids and more importantly why didn’t you tell him that you were such a skilled dancer
  • You told him one that you felt like cleaning and two dancing just came naturally to you when cleaning
  • Seeing Jumin still perplexed, you turned up the music and started more like tried dancing with him
  • But since he wasn’t a very good dancer, you just casually moved his arms back and forth with you laughing and Jumin smiling as he told you
  • “This is quite fun MC. I never thought that dancing would be this fun so let’s learn together to deepen our bond of love alright?”
  • With an obvious yes, you started teaching Jumin some standard dances moves but with his skills, it would end up taking a long time before he would be able to properly dance in public


  • Seven was always coming home at weird times because of his job but one thing was for sure, he would always come home to tackle you with a hug
  • This boy was so clingy and not that you minded, but you minded when he or you would almost fall over because the of the force of his hugs
  • So one day when Seven came home, ready to give you a killer hug, he paused when he heard music blaring throughout the house
  • He investigated to find you folding laundry but also dancing to the music
  • Seven secretly recorded you dancing since it was the cutest thing he’d ever seen in his life then he came up behind you and gave you a gentle hug
  • You jumped in surprise but Seven them took your hand and led you into a dance, commenting on how you’ve hidden your secret talent from him
  • “Your dancing is the most adorable thing ever MC! Instead of hugs, how about when I come home we start dancing together!”
  • So you and Seven made a new tradition to have fun and dance more except when Seven accidentally knocked over all of the laundry, then he had to fold it all back up much to his dismay


  • V’s work increased drastically ever since he received the eye surgery
  • You were very supportive of him, something V truly appreciated, so coming home to see you was always the highlight of his day
  • Coming home from a long photo shoot, V opened the door to find music loudly playing throughout the house
  • V winced since his ears were still sensitive even after getting the eye surgery so he went to find you
  • He chuckled when he saw you organizing and dusting off his photos but dancing along to the music
  • Seeing you elegantly dance while smiling brought tears to his eyes, mad at himself for not getting the surgery sooner so he could see your happiness
  • You noticed V and gently wrapped your arms around him, slowly dancing with him as he wiped his tears away telling you loving words
  • “I simply adore you MC, everything about you. You’re such a beautiful dancer, I want to dance with you always since your grace is unmatched.”
  • So you and V would spend most nights dancing and cleaning together, V realizing that this must be what true happiness feels like


  • You were proud of Saeran for easing back into a normal life so well, he even got a job as an artist that he throughly enjoyed
  • While he did like his job, it meant less time with you which this boy wasn’t a fan of
  • Saeran wanted to be with you more so he came home early one night to give an annoying glare at how loudly you were playing music
  • He wondered around the home to find you cleaning the windows but you were dancing with the music
  • Saeran couldn’t take his eyes off you, never has he seen such beauty or felt such warmth within him until he saw you dancing
  • You saw Saeran staring, he shyly turned his head away, but you took a hold of his hand and spun yourself around, giggling as you tried dancing with him
  • His cheeks tinted a dusty pink color as he let himself smile, even a small laugh as he awkwardly but sweetly danced with you
  • “This is… a lot of fun MC. You’re a really great dancer, I could watch you dance for hours but make sure you never dance with anyone but me alright?“
  • With a nod, you cuddled into Saeran’s chest as he slowly swayed you back and forth, secretly planning on learning how to dance so he could someday be on par with you

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Any soumako fic recommendations? I'd appreciate it!

np! ive got a couple, lol :’D 

- When The Stars Align, by astudyinwhimsy. soulmate AU, very dreamy and cute. :’) i don’t often read soulmate AUs, but this was a reaaaal good one. 

- Unnamed, by tastewithouttalent. PWP, featuring soumako one night stand and bottom!sousuke, which im personally a big fan of. great characterization, great writing, great smut, with the tiniest dash of angst to top it all off. 

- close quarters, by popnographic, aka @radiodread (<3) roommate AU with broke friends, sousuke and makoto, bein adorable sexy dorks together. a must read. 

- 404 by moeblobmegane is another soulmate AU that’s FANTASTIC. a great example of a soulmate AU done right, and it’s adorably done soumako, to just add a whole new level of perfection to it. :’) 

- Image recieved by Trashness, aka @irrevocably-delicious, is an absolutely hilARIOUS texting fic that should be a required reading for anyone who likes soumako. so good. makes me giggle just thinking about it. 

- To the flower of winter, by aesopeau, is a soumako classic that’s p much 25 chapters of pure poetry. it includes yakuza!sousuke and paramedic!makoto, and i just about die every time i so much as think about the title, it’s so good. 

- I’ve known you before…, by wheelsablaze. Another soulmate AU, but much more lowkey on the soulmate aspect of it. focuses more on the fun lil plot. remember how i said i didnt read a lot of soulmate fics? well i wasn’t lying, soumako just happens to have top-tier soulmate fics that get the better of me. anyways…. real good fic including messy makeouts and scary video games

- Ever Blue! Iwatobi Music Club, by karumello aka @karumello. super cute band AU with slow burn soumako bein high school dorks. features both of them singing, so you know im gonna lovelovelove it

- and, of course, the legendary Future Earth, Future Sky, by Inky. the soumako bible, if you will. it’s unfinished, (and probably abandoned for good, as much as it pains me to say,) but boy oh boy what a fic. 57 chapters of A level shit right there. 

Really anything by cyancandy (@roseshell ) and Miss_Murdered (@miss-m-muses) and ishka (@iskabee) is gonna be hella good. Very trust-worthy writers who leave me shook again and again. next level shit w/ them, guaranteed. you should check out their blogs too, bec i know iska and miss-m both have soumako drabbles on their tumblr and roseshell’s got a greaaaat soumako dance AU under the tag :’D

ok, that’s all im gonna say now, bec im p sure that’s more than enough and im starting to feel guilty about tagging all these people :’) sorrryyyyyy

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Hi Tam, I know you're going to ECC this weekend. I've seen comments from folks in the fandom - *not just shippers* - encouraging those going to ask S & C about the latest narrative, i.e. if they have SO's or if they are dating each other. Please tell me people have more sense then to ask something so invasive. If they are in fact a couple and hiding it, they have their reasons. Even if people are angry none of us have the right to ask them these questions, especially at a con.

I wholeheartedly agree, Anon! Yes, I am going, and I am still very excited. I am excited to meet Sam and Cait, I am excited for the panel and I am excited to meet many, many fun Tumblr friends!

I hope that people will have enough respect to NOT ask invasive personal questions. The party line everyone likes to repeat “They don’t owe me anything” is actually true, and no matter what anyone’s personal feelings or beliefs or opinions are. Think about it this way, we barely know each others names. We barely know each others personal circumstances. We certainly don’t, in most cases, know each others relationship status or sexual orientation or many, many other private details. I’m happy to interact with you but I don’t even know if you have a tumblr blog, or if I follow it or anything.

I think of all of us as Sam and Cait’s anons. They don’t know anything about us. We know about them only what is publicly available. If it’s not a question I would feel comfortable asking an anon, or having an anon ask me, I certainly have no business asking a person, IN PERSON, whom I don’t know.

Just remember, we CHOSE to be here, following the minute details of their lives. They didn’t make us come here. They don’t make us stay. We are fans, who, for various reasons, CHOOSE to follow them this closely. It is not up to them to make us happy or sad or even indifferent. They live, we watch and interpret and react. A theory isn’t true just because it is stated as so on 50 different blogs. It’s still just a theory. It is a perfectly valid activity to speculate and theorize on tumblr, and have lots of fun doing it - as long as we always check in and remind ourselves that it is still theory and speculation.

So, yes, dear anon, I do hope most sincerely that no one actually asks such inappropriate, invasive, rude questions. I look forward to fun and jokes and lots of giggles. What if they show a preview? OH MY GOSH I MIGHT DIE!!!!

Make a Move

Sami Zayn x Reader

Requested by  @native-snowflake

Prompt: What about a fluffy one where Sami Zayn teaches the reader how to ice skate?

A/N: Some Sami fluff bc why not:D I combined this with a little idea I had while writing a prompt for the made up fic title thing. Hope the gramamr isn’t too bad in this one…

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

“See you after the show.” Sami smiled at her and kissed the top of her head. She returned the gesture and pecked his cheek before she turned on her heel to hurry to the locker rooms.

“Behave yourself.” she winked over her shoulder. Sami chuckled and turned around. His smile fell into a scowl when he saw Kevin lurking near a curtain.

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anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on Jane and Adam?

Ugh, I cry. They’re amazing. 

I mean yes, I love Tyler Posey. And yes, I love what they have done with the character of Adam as an individual. But what I love the most is who Jane is when she and Adam are together. 

Ever since Micahel’s death, they’ve written Jane to have this heaviness in her heart, seriousness in her voice and hardness on her head (rightfully so). I don’t hate Rafael as a character but he only adds to these shades of Jane’s personality. He’s constantly stressing her out, everything is always serious, everything is always life or death, they disagree constantly, he is always doing things to put himself or his family in danger, and the domino effect is Jane always being angry, annoyed, frustrated, scared, or serious. And I don’t blame her. 

When Jane was with Michael, she was a good mom and she had that side to herself but she was also light- lots of laughing and giggling and fun and love. And that was one of my favorite things about Michael- the life he gave Jane. The decision to take this crazy storyline on and make it a part of his own, just because he loved her so much, and how he ended up bringing so much light into her life with him. 

Obviously nobody is going to replace Michael. Never would say that. But, Adam brings back that Jane vibe- she’s having fun. She’s being her age. She’s also being a great mom, but she’s enjoying her life. And a big part of that is because of who Adam is and what he innately brings out in her. And it very much can look thinly veiled as immaturity but it’s exactly the opposite. It’s a healthy balance. 

When Jane almost ended things with Adam this past episode because he “needed a week to think about things because of Mateo” I was literally screaming at my TV that she was making a mistake, because Adam making that move is SUCH an impressive thing to do. Alba is 100% right. He took a week (ONLY A WEEK!!!) to take a step back and make sure taking on a little boy that wasn’t his was something that he could handle well in his life and that he was up to challenge, etc. Unbelievably mature and attractive of him (and it really only took him 6 days). The reality of being in a child’s life potentially forever, especially a child that isn’t yours but you’re expected to treat as so? That’s serious shit. And to just jump into it without considering all aspects would be a huge mistake. Michael decided it was worth it. And now so has Adam. And that’s a really, really good sign. 

I am team Jane and Adam all the way. He’s honestly got it all. And I’m sure they’ll ruin it so she can get back with Rafael but I’m enjoying this writing of another healthy and happy relationship for Jane that does so much more than just bring her doom gloom and sadness. 

itsagentromanoff  asked:

i need more deaged tony. Hes precious and it would be great to see a playdate with the others. maybe Bucky be Tiny Tony's bodyguard defending him from the others especially Steve whos jealous. When the toys Pepper buys arrives maybe Little Steve accuses tiny Tony of trying to buy their friendships, this causes little Clint and Natasha to also defend Tony saying they dont like him bc hes mean and bossy. When Steve demands Bucky leave with him Bucky said no bc hes a bully and he likes Tony


Aww thank you :D yeah he is really a sweetheart! :3 and now get ready for some more of our little hero! ( i changed it a bit hope you like it anyway :>)


“Bambino!” says Peter and Tony looks up at him. He is still playing with the car Rhodey got him. Its his new favorite toy. Besides Eddy.

“Sì?” asks Tony back and holds his hands out. Peter picks him up immediately. 

“Well it seems like your new best friend waits for you.” says Peter and tickles Tony, who squeals with laughter.

Tony stops when he understands the words and cuddles into Peter.

“I don’t have friends.” whispers Tony sadly and Peter shakes his head.

“Nope. Remember Bucky was there the other day and he is down in the big living room and asked for you.” explains Peter and Tonys eyes light up at that.

“He didn’t forget!” says Tony and begins to squirm in Peters arms. Peter laughs and sets him back down.

“Of course not. And Sam said he can’t wait to see you.” says Peter and Tony spins around.

“I have a friend!” yells Tony and Peter laughs. Tony deserves all the friends in the world. Peter knows that even as an adult Tony hadn’t many friends. And if he did, he was always disappointed.

Only Pepper and Rhodey were always there for him and Peter is glad about that because he loves them both.

“Yeah. So lets clean you up and i will dress you with something comfortable.” says Peter and Tony is still dancing happily when they go to his room.

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