this is so freaking bad

im freaking out so bad over infinite’s theme and the trailer that just came out im freaking out SO BAD. ITS SO GOOD. I LOVE HIS SONG SO MUCH i tried transcribing the lyrics to it and then comparing to other peoples interpretations to verify….in case anyone wants to check them out

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Can you do one where your like some popular girl and you have this huge crush on Dylan and he thinks it's a joke at first but it's not and you give up being in the popular crowd to be with him

I had a request similar to this - “Maybe an imagine where a popular girl likes dyl, he likws her back and her friends say “us or him” and she chooses him” so I’ll just combine them.

There he was. Golden hair. Crystal eyes. Sandy completion. Everything about him looked perfect. To bad he wasn’t a “jock” aka a fucking dick. I wanted him so bad but couldn’t have him.

“He’s a freak right?” My friend snorted seeing me staring at him.

“Huh? Dylan?” I asked, shocked out of a trance.

“Yeah. Surprised you even say is name, people just call him fag,” she continued to laugh.

I didn’t reply. The words she said pissed me off. He wasn’t a fag. He wasn’t anything they call him. He was nice. If I smiled he would smile back. I know he would be supportive if I needed his help. The guys I hang around with aren’t a fraction of a man he is.

“Okay, partner up everybody,” the teacher called out and my “friend” grabbed my arm,“But the rule is you have to be someone you don’t know and never speak to,”

This is my chance. I tugged away from Amy and her arm dropped from mine. She huffed and went with someone else. I stood up and walked over to Dylan who was sitting alone.

“Can I work with you?” I asked quietly.

“Huh? M-me?” He coughed looking shocked.

“If you don’t mind,” I smiled while admiring how amazing he was.

“Um…yeah sure,” he quickly said moving his bag from the seat next to him so I could sit down just as the teacher started speaking.

“These are your new seats. Whenever we have partner work you will work together and get to know each other. First task is today! I want you to get to know each other,” he said and sat back at his desk playing some computer game and drinking his fourth cup of coffee. Clearly this is just a free lesson to him.

“Sooo, what’s something you like to do?” I asked, trying to start a conversation.

“I-I like to go shooting with my friend,” he answered politely.

“Eric right? He seems cool,” I continued to get to know him.

“Yeah…what about you?” He asked.

“I don’t know really,” I laughed slightly,“There’s nothing really interesting about me,”

“I doubt that,” he said.

We continued to talk for the rest of the lesson and got to know each other. I just wish I could know more. He was so interesting and had such a perplexing mind. It intrigued me.

“Dylan?” I said in a more serious tone,“Do you wanna hang out after school one day?”

He looked sad for some reason, am I really that bad?

“I guess the jocks put you up to this right?” Dylan sighed tightening his hands.

“What? No of course not Dylan,” I said in shock, why would he even think that. I guess they treat him that bad,“No Dylan, they really haven’t. Those guys are pieces of shit anyways why would I listen to them….I just really like you and you’re so interesting,”

Dylan looked at me few a seconds before a small smile broke onto his face.

“Really? Well then yeah defiantly. I l-like you too,” He chuckled.

As soon as he said that I felt so lucky. We had only been talking for an hour but I already felt like we had knew each other for ever and I couldn’t wait to get to know him more.

I held his hand, it was warm and large and made me feel safe. Which didn’t last long, I forgot where I was.

“What the fuck,” Amy and the other populars sneered,“Why are you holding that freaks hand?”

I just stared at them trying to process how awful they were being, but I didn’t let go of his hand and he only held it tighter.

The teacher had left the room to get another coffee at this point so the jocks were free to say what they wanted, just like usual,“Do you like that fucking fag?”

“Shut up,” I said,“You guys are disgusting,”.

“You’re the disgusting one. Fuck you. It’s us or him,” Amy shouted.

I knew who I wanted. But I had to think carefully. This would effect the rest of my time here. I would be a “loser”, I’d get bullied by people I called my “friends”. But I’d have him. And in the short space of 1 hour, he’d made me feel better about myself than they ever did.

“I choose Dylan,” I smirked.

“Bad choice hunny,” Amy laughed along with the boys.

Dylan suddenly stood up, still holding my hand, so I followed. He lead me out the classroom and we just started running. It was random and unneeded but it felt so right. We just ran through the school and out to the parking lot and laughed.

“Why did you do that?” He looked at me.

“As I said, I like you,” I replied out of breathe.

“You’re the kindest person I’ve ever met,” he shyly smiled.

I laughed at how cute he was being and kissed his cheek.

“Thank you for being here for me Dylan,” I whispered.

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I feel so freaking bad for Karin tbh. Sakura and Sasuke are in love and having their happily ever after and she just has to sit back and watch as the one she loves the most loves someone else. I seriously respect her for not acting on it though. The fact that she was strong enough to keep her emotions in so they could be happy is seriously amazing

I could lie and say it’s okay but Kishi ruined everyone with the ending (almost everyone I mean Teuchi is probably a millionaire now that he makes instant ramen).Thats what fan fiction is for!

~sailor itachi

I’m just gonna headcanon that Sakura dumped Sasuke and now she and Karin are dating and raising Sarada as two happy bi ninja moms.


Anti slowly taking over Jack’s body then killing him off.

i watched this so many times i dont even know if its good at all or makes any sense or what 

@anti-support-group i hope it’s okay that i’m tagging you guys in it!



I haven’t posted any art lately cause I’m a fart but also I’ve been super busy so here’s a quick doodle dump to show you that I have been drawing… just not… anything like… nicely. Anyway. Here you go. I may finish the top MML pic but I’m not feeling it now so we’ll see.

I could have been at home on my computer, but noooo… someone suggested that I ‘grow as a person’
—  Scotty, glaring at Marcel

more quick doodles since i really shouldn’t be drawing right now;; this time the characters from carry on! just getting a feel on their designs cause i wanna draw them for realsies sometime.

my tablet’s pressure died… 

see you all around after i’ve saved enough money 4 new tablet

i am seriously… in shock still. i love all 3 of these guys so much, and i got the opportunity to meet them yesterday. i feel really bad because i didn’t get anything for Brian or G, since i figured i’d only be meeting Ethan. i’m also sorry that i was rushing. i was so nervous and shaking really bad and i was freaking out. i’m so happy though. Brian told me my shirt was amazing, Ethan thought my drawing was cool, and G thanked me for supporting him. this weekend has been absolutely wild, but i’m so happy about this. my dad drove me 5 hours away just so i could meet them, and i’m forever grateful. ❤️❤️❤️

(i’m gonna be drawing something for Brian and G here soon, even though i can’t personally give it to them yet!)