this is so exciting omg first gif set

Aka the hella gay fanfiction network


  • mbf me and Raven
  • Take this lil survey
  • Reblog this post!
  • Have your ask box open please
  • Be really excited because this is going to be so cool

what we are looking for

  • kind and respectful bloggers (no hate pls)
  • Active bloggers (on at least once every other day)
  • People who love and want to talk about/share fanfiction
  • People who like and reblog Johnlock (multifandom is fine but you probably should really dig johnlock)

what’s in it for you?

  • more friends!
  • cool new fanfiction reading material
  • more followers probably
  • a lil family <3

what else?

  • this has to reach at least 30 notes please or Raven and I will be super sad
  • This will be mostly Johnlock so just be aware
  • our tag will be #fanficcrew
  • I (or one of the admins) will send you an message saying you got in!
  • Please respond with your email so we can invite you

a little extra info

this is going to work just like a normal book club. We will of course give recommendations but we will also have a weekly fic! You wont have to read it of course but at the end of the week we can all get together to talk about it. Each week will have a theme. It will be cool. That is all.