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Steph, I need your help. I have a crush on Ben. I know it's just a public image and all - but I can't get him out of my head. I'm suffering, I don't even want to look at other people in a romantic way. It would be normal if I was a teen, but I am in my 20s and this situation makes me depressed. I don't want to live in a reality where I am nothing compared to someone I'm in love with. I'm probably not the first girl among the fans with this problem, but I feel so lost. Maybe you have some advice?

Hey Nonny! <3

Ah, I feel ya, Lovely. Ben is that unachievable goal that we’ll never reach, it seems. I really get you on this, though I think he pleases me aesthetically and he seems like a genuinely nice person that I want to be friends with, hah hah. Maybe have a snuggle or two with.

But unfortunately reality is a cruel jerk and I am not friends with him, nor will I ever get my snuggle, and will probably never meet him – it’s sad to think about since meeting him would make my entire life, but it’s just something of a logical realistic thing I had to come to terms with. 

Honestly I don’t know how to help you get over your Ben-addiction; still suffering it myself, LOL. If it makes you feel any better Nonny, I have pics of Ben up on my wall at home and at work, because seeing his face makes me happy; I am in my mid-thirties. Do people make fun of me for it? Hell yeah, but Ben doesn’t make them happy, so I don’t care. And I know I am just a blip on his radar, and I’m okay with that. The fact that you know and admit you have a problem is the first step to healing. I guess the best advice I have for you is to try to get out and meet new people, spend some time with coworkers or friends, and step away from the Ben for a bit. Find out WHAT about Ben you like, the TRUE qualities about his character that attract you, and understand that those may be the qualities you might like in a potential partner. I’m not trying to be harsh, but your “love” for Ben is a superficial thing that will never be realistically reciprocated from him. Your “love” could actually be a manifestation of your own loneliness and desire to feel love in return… trust me on this one. Learning to love yourself, or at least find out why others like or love you, is a good way to start the healing process. And in turn, you can then offer genuine love and then see in other people what you saw in Ben.

For instance, I love his charming nature, his natural ability to be really funny, he’s dorky, and his need to ensure everyone is happy and respect for people is something to aspire to. Plus his work ethic and acting is astounding, and I find that, as someone who has a similar work ethic, very attractive. See? Nothing physical listed here (though I will be the first to admit that his ethereal beauty is SO lovely to me. His eyes, cheeks and smile. GUH), and in turn if / when I look for a partner, I now know some of the check boxes I can use. It’s not about looks, it’s about the character of the person for me. 

I’m very sorry you are suffering, Nonny. Please don’t be depressed because of a “fan phase”. It is just a phase, one that we all go through at some point in our lives and will eventually tide over once your heart realizes it needs to listen to the head for a change. If it does get really bad, though, Nonny, please do talk to someone. Sometimes hearing yourself say it out loud is enough to realize “what the hell am I doing?” and be able to carry on. Your heart is a very special thing, and one that someone who loves it in return deserves to see.

The Signs From A Cancers Opininon
  • Aries: Fucking rad. Aries are so headstrong and hilarious I've never met an Aries I didn't like! You come off as a little intimidating imo but that's usually because of how awesome you all are!
  • Taurus: I've never really seen eye to eye with Taurus' which is weird because we should be hella compatible but they're usually so cocky and it rubs me the wrong way. I do however know a Taurus and I highkey love him he's this super weird, innocent quiet kid who is obsessed with cats and lowkey seems a little crazy but I'm obsessed with him he's amazing!
  • Gemini: MY FUCKING DORKS OMG, Geminis are all like those weird dorky kids and I love them all they don't fit in with society and they don't need to! You get along with everyone effortlessly and you are awesome!
  • Cancer: Lowkey I cannot stand Cancers at all when I first meet them. We're too similar and I don't like it I like diversity and being able to learn new things but when I finally get to know them we're like two peas in a pod awesome lil emotional water balloon mamas.
  • Leo: Y'all need to calm down for like a minute, just a minute, the world doesn't revolve around you it revolves around me. But Leos are the life of the party they're so crazy and fun but also really chill and relatable and I envy you're extrovertedness.
  • Virgo: Literally either get the whole entire fuck away from me or never leave my side. Virgos can either be hella obsessive and controlling, in which case girl bye, or the most down to Earth ride or dies ever and the latter ones are my soul mates
  • Libra: Fuckin' party! I get on with Libras so well! We just chill together. Libras are really flighty and chill and awesome that I could listen to them pretend to know what they're talking about for hours because they're just so down to do whatever!
  • Scorpio: Literally fuck me. Scorpios are fuckin' hot and sexy and dark and mysterious and I love it oh me oh my!
  • Sagittarius: There is a 99999999% chance if we get together we will bitch about something and it will be hilarious that is the way when we are together.
  • Capricorn: Fuckin' nerd. I know one Capricorn and he just studies constantly and does so well in school and still has time to be a human and idgi how do you exist so easily?
  • Pisces: BABE. Babe, you're the sweetest peach on the tree but you can also be a rotten apple if you wanna you're my emotional bitch sisters till the end and we will destroy all who stand in our way

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if/when you have time, could i see a non-love square ML ship fic from you? i would enjoy reading it but obviously u don't have to if you don't want!

okay the part of my brain that’s in charge of prose is dead but i have this super cute adrialya idea, hear me out:

  • adrien and alya go to a different school than mari and nino, and while mari still has tikki, fu couldn’t find a suitable holder for the ring, because, you know, adrien was somewhere else entirely
  • so now adrien and alya are the founders of the ladybug fanclub of their school, which starts out as a ‘oh my god are those two nerds talking about ladybug again’ kinda thing and ends up gaining a fair amount of members and traction as ladybug’s popularity skyrockets
  • they start out fast friends, both loving superheroes as they do, and when they catch wind that there’s an actual real live superheroine in their city, they just about lose their minds together
  • alya founds the ladyblog, and adrien helps etcetcetc
  • just imagine the two of them bent over maps, whispering excitedly to each other about ladybug this and akuma that, recording it all with intense dedication
  • they become inseparable very very quickly
  • even after the club has five members, ten members, twenty members and more, the core of alyaandadrien remain intact, always at the center of the latest attack and getting the hottest scoop
  • they give ladybug a lot of premature grey hair, but they’re just so enthusiastic she doesn’t have the heart to rip into them
  • much
  • okay so they’re both pains in her ass but they’re cute pains in her ass and she’s actually rather fond of them both, despite the ever-present hero worship, so she’ll give them interviews and wink for their cameras and keep them from becoming akuma chum
  • obviously, their crushes deepen near-unbearably
  • but even with their mutual feelings for ladybug, they still manage to notice little things about one another —
  • alya bites her lip when she concentrates, and adrien has to look away and pretend he doesn’t blush; adrien falls asleep on alya’s bed after a particularly long akuma chase, and alya has to talk herself out of kissing him while he’s so defenseless
  • alya has crushed on him from the start (he’s cute and dorky and funny and they get along really well, what was she expecting really), but friendship was more important to her than getting a date at 15
  • adrien was pretty sure the reason his heart raced around alya was hormones (she’s really hot, okay — and tactile and charismatic and engaging and), and so never acted on them, because the internet tells him that that is a Bad Thing that will make him an asshole if he does
  • he really just wants alya to be happy, tbh
  • alya wants to kiss her dork sidekick but is afraid that she’ll ruin their friendship if she does
  • they both have plans to seduce ladybug
  • they may or may not talk to each other about their plans to seduce ladybug
  • they may or may not have joking plans about seducing ladybug together
  • (listen i didn’t actually get very far in this idea but maybe once during a late night going over their data, alya gathers her courage and asks if she can kiss him
  • and maybe adrien says yes
  • and maybe makeouts become a feature of their ladybug-tracking adventures)

also: the ring and the fox necklace are definitely things that get involved at some point

(ladybug mentally upgrades them from ‘cute pains in the ass’ to ‘good god make them s t o p’ and then to ‘okay so maybe they’re not bad’ and then to teammates, all over the course of several months and many adventures)

Signs as People I Know
  • Capricorn: (you're my dad.)People say you come off as scary but you're one of the nicest people I know, you always lighten up the situation, you throw shade so damn hard, you take everything literally, you're the student that's always a smartass but the teacher can't help but love because you're super smart
  • Aquarius: (you're an old friend.) You're super dorky, and would rather vent to your cats than to a person, you don't trust easily, but once you've found someone you can trust you attach to them, you have a beautiful soul, listens to emo bands but doesn't look like it
  • Pisces: (you're my neighbor.) You let people walk all over you, a go-with-the-flow vibe, physically aesthetically pleasing to the eye, always has a sense of wonder, the most chill person
  • Aries: (you're my best friend.) You're the kind of friend that constantly gets on everyone's nerves but would never want to lose you, you do have a big temper lmao but despite that you're a great listener, you're very confident in everything you do, you make your dreams a reality
  • Taurus: (you're a new friend I met this year.) You're very down-to-earth and grounded, you're that person who always has their shit together in a horror movie, you're good at keeping people stable, you have a pretty personality that no one else seems to realize
  • Gemini: (you're my brother.) You're not very too-faced as the stereotype depicts, you're really good at coming up with funny one-liners, you don't know what to do in a bad situation, you're also very chill and don't really make decisions in a group, don't talk much in a group convo but everyone wants you there
  • Cancer: (you're the boy I like.) You're under appreciated and so kind, you're surprisingly very hotheaded but you cool easily, you have a hard time showing but you care for everyone a lot, you don't like showing weakness to anyone and sometimes you really should, you have a tendency to hurt yourself whether you mean to or not
  • Leo: (you're a classmate.) you're so socially awkward it's adorable, you look so innocent but you are most definitely fucking not, definitely has the prettiest eyes, are also very chill and will only get heated if something applies to them
  • Virgo: (you are my childhood friend.) you're the biggest meme I know, unintentionally funny, you love so hard without meaning to, hopeless romantic but would never admit it, very insecure but doesn't want people to know, is a social butterfly
  • Libra: (you're an acquaintance.) you talk way too much, you're very awkward in social groups, but you always have an opinion that is used in the end, clingy, very blunt, has an idgaf attitude which is fine until you lose friends and complain about it
  • Scorpio: (you're my mom.) you're the most forgiving person I know, you never get mad at anyone, you have a very spiritual vibe, honestly if you ever got into any trouble with the po po you'd probably get away with anything bc you're so god damn nice and loving
  • Sagittarius: (you're my cousin.) you're that person everyone hates just bc you complain about your figure and you're rocking an hourglass body like wtf, incredibly creative and artistically talented, you can pull off a variety of styles, very good with children, also good at persuasion

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OMG I LOVED YOUR HEADCANONS!!!!!!! I AGREE WITH SO MANY OF THEM, IF NOT ALL!!!! REALLY, I WOULD READ THEM ALL NIGHT, I DON'T CARE IF TOMORROW I HAVE A REALLY IMPORTANT MATH TEST (on my country we're almost touching, feeling with our fingertips, the winter vacations) I WANT TO MEET YOU AND JUST SIT AND EVERYTIME YOU STOP TALKING, I WOULD SAY "KEEP TALKING, I DON'T MIND!!!" Anyway, I really liked them. me want more headcanons.



  • Ed doesn’t eat tomatoes because they remind him of when they found their mom collapsed on the floor omg
  • Ed being really self-conscious of his shoulder scars but Winry kisses them to make him feel better ahhhh
  • Al and Mei spend a few years in Xing but eventually move back to Amestris and open an alkahestry clinic to heal people (and animals too of course!)
  • Roy proposing in a really dorky way by handing Riza a flower vase
  • They give one of Black Hayate’s puppies to the Edwin kids
  • Edwin growing old togehter and Winry gets arthritis so she can’t work on Ed’s leg anymore and he refuses to let anyone else work on it after that ヽ(´□`。)ノ
  • Ed being really lame and making his teenage self seem really cool and epic and Winry and Al are just like no
  • I have so many ideas of what Ed would do. I kind of like the thought of him being part of Roy’s cabinet, like he recruits alchemists or appoints alchemists or something. I also like the thought of him teaching or writing philosophy/alchemy books ^^


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Hi :D Don't know if you remember me, I had sent you an ask before (about shippers going overboard on Twitter) but ah, that's irrelevant anyway haha :'D I would like to ask another question now, if you don't mind. You have seen Exo live, right? I have heard from people that ChanBaek are seldomly physically close at concerts, yet they always pay a lot of attention to each other? Is that true, dear admin? What are your impressions on CB at concerts? Love you and your blog very much ♥

Chemistry (During the EXO’luxion in MNL)

Hello there darling~ <3 Oh ofc I remember you. You called me chill and how can I ever forget such flattering words from a sweetheart? Again, thank you for that :”) oh and it’s not irrelevant, I would love it if anons informed me if they have sent me an ask already so that I can address you with a different familiarity and form some sort of bond with you guys :D idk wat im saying. 


Anyways~ I don’t mind answering a question at all, it’s totally fine, I like it a lot actually. So never hesitate sending a message :D 

Oh yes I did see EXO live hihi. I still can’t believe it everytime I remember that day coz “shit I saw EXO live?” still kinda surreal and the whole occurrence still hasn’t fully sunk in hahaha.

During the concert (in Manila) I didn’t see BaekYeol being next to each other all the time. Like most BaekYeol shippers have observed, BaekYeol is more about subtle looks, touches, and everything subtle. They’re one  of the ships in KPOP that doesn’t rely on skinship just so they can keep sailing. 

Like during peter pan (not the hug) Cy was ‘feeding’ Bh with the big ass spoon. 

And sometimes I saw BaekYeol all alone in the same part of the stage. The stage had 3 parts. Yes I’m gonna go ahead and explain the vicinity of the arena in which EXO’luxion in Manila happened haha

  1. The first part is the main stage where they do the ments (talking and dance heavy performances. LMR, Overdose, Growl, CMB, The Star As well as Bh’s piano solo. The changing of clothes hot damn! And ofc Sehun time, and the rest of peter pan <3)
  2. The second part is the walkway. It’s literally a walkway haha. It separates the two VIP standing sections. Therefore, the people situated in the VIP standing (I’m here! haha) are SUPER near the members who walk/dance/stand by the walkway. Bh fcking danced while facing us hOW DaRE hE !
  3. The third part is the second stage. It’s located at the other end of the main stage. Right in front of the people in the third section of the VIP standing (I think puppy store was situated here). It’s shaped like a hexagon.

I just realized that I had a picture and all my explanations weren’t needed. But well, what’s done is done, appreciate my efforts!!!! hahahaha!

Now that you know how the arena looks like…Sometimes during the concert, I see both Bh and Cy simply walking past each other, or being near each other, or walking near each other. It’s not anything normal ppl would consider shippable but tAKE A LOOk pLS!

The chemistry is so strong even tho they’re not even interacting yet. hOW?!.

When changing clothes hot damn! they’re always next to each other (but I guess this is due to their formations)…But still. When next to each other or when interacting, and when they share even just the slightest glance or laugh…it’s honestly VERY hard to not see their chemistry. And just being dorky and very much like puppies?! BAEKYEOL WHY?!

The subtle glances and their perfect harmonization <3 <3 <3

On cam the chemistry is already very strong. But there’s just something different once you see it live. During one ment (the last one, after unfair), Bh and Cy were right next to each other and I was left stunned bc they look very very good together.

The height difference, the difference in their mannerisms, the way they butt in when one of them is talking, it all looked so endearing to me. (but this is filtered thru a delulu baekyeol shipper’s eyes so…)


AND OFC THE HUG! Honestly I thought I’d be screaming and freaking out over seeing BaekYeol do interactions. But I found out that I was just gonna be left speechless once I see BaekYeol being BaekYeol in person. 

I couldn’t say anything, I could only observe them and hope that I would never forget how wonderful their relationship and interactions are. How they don’t need to show us anything to make us feel something.

The laugh tho ;;A;; baekyeol y u make me feel like dis my heart huhuhuhu.


Just by seeing BaekYeol in one stage and doing the subtlest things,like when Bh held Cy’s hand during The Star and seeming like he doesn’t want to let go adakdjhdfsdfsdf hjkh!=1 !

And seriously…the moment I saw Bh and Cy live, I remembered all the reasons why I shipped, still ship, and will continue shipping BaekYeol.

I guess that’s why even though I’m not that crazed over EXO anymore, I’m still very attached to BaekYeol. I just can’t bring myself to not ship them. Call me delusional but I will never ship BaekYeol as just bros.

I sometimes think that maybe what I’m doing is stupid. Trying to prove a relationship between two male kpop idols. Maybe I should stop. But then I see a photo of them both, I see them doing things like posting extremely similar pics and vids on ig (mic with name, msqrd? vids etc), interacting, and just…being BaekYeol.

A video posted by EXO_CY (@real__pcy) on Mar 2, 2016 at 7:26am PST

A video posted by EXO_CY (@real__pcy) on Mar 2, 2016 at 7:21am PST

A video posted by BaekHyun. (@baekhyunee_exo) on Mar 21, 2016 at 8:56pm PDT

A video posted by BaekHyun. (@baekhyunee_exo) on Mar 21, 2016 at 8:48pm PDT

Honestly wtf. They are such relationship goals I cant even…

pls pray tell how much more obvious BaekYeol can get. ugh <3

I agree with you darling. All of it. That although BaekYeol isn’t always near each other, they always make it apparent that they pay attention to one another <3 

BaekYeol has a chemistry as hot as the sun in person. And when they simply stood near/next to each other during the concert, my BaekYeol crazed heart already started skipping about 4 beats.

And when they hugged? Let’s say about 69 beats? hehe.

Anyways that was long. Let’s just say my impression on BaekYeol during concerts is THE CHEMISTRY IS TOOOOO STRONG LIKE EVEN WHEN THEY’RE FAR FROM EACH OTHER YOU CAN FEEL IT. AND ONCE THEY’RE NEAR EACH OTHER?!!! iT eXPLOdZES!

Hehe, thank you for sending another message darling! Please don’t think twice about sending another one when you have a question :** I hope you didn’t mind the kinda long answer haha.

Thank you for loving my blog! I really appreciate it! I love you too <3 <3 <3 have a good day! ^^

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Sorry, don't want to bother but I just started watching Teen Wolf and I wonder if you can explain to me what is "Sterek" I know is Stiles and Derek but why those two? I don't really understand it, sorry.

It’s okay lil anon

I dont know… I actually started watching the show because of sdkay sterek‘s art and because my best friend was watching it too and was very nuts about it. Then I found gifsets of this episode:

And my curiosity led me to watch the first one. I inmediatly fell in love with Stiles and then with Derek, they also are my favourite characters (along with isaac).

I think people like sterek because in the first two seasons you can see how dorky they are together, in season 3 stiles is a little more confident but the relationship doesn’t change at all.

I also think that because at first both of them were single, even with stiles having a crush on Lidia he was often talking about gays and being atractive to them, so people just put the pieces together. 

That’s how shipping works after all.

AND along with Destiel it’s one of the most powerful ships around. This was proved several times through polls.

Dammit, even the actors ship themselves.

Sterek FTW

I hope it helped you to understand, welcome to the Teen Wolf fandom :)

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hi! you don't know me, but i've been really confused the past few weeks and i thought.. maybe you can help me out. there's all this talk on the internet about benedict and sophie and their engagement and the way ben is acting and how - apparently - he's not nice anymore. the thing is, i really just only want him to be happy and i really don't know what to think.. what are your thoughts on this..? i hope you understand me haha. i'm so sorry, i'm just really confused..

Hello! Well this is a controversial matter no doubt. My opinion? Let others believe whatever they want. If you want him to be happy then respect his personal choices, which are allegedly making him happy, as he says so himself.

Chit chat about his engagement online is only that: hearsay and rumours because no one knows anything for sure. So be careful before believing any of it, no matter what proof is presented because in the end you can not trust any of it.

Enjoy his work and his dorkiness. Don’t let other people tell you what to think, decide for yourself, that’s my advice :) 

(btw I still think he is very nice

but I do love his sass and his ‘I suffer no fools’ attitude sometimes, he is not a statue you put on a pedestal and he has bad days and off days and days he wants to tell you to fuck off like everyone else. If people are bothered by that… well maybe they should think about their own behaviour before judging.)

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it’s christmas eve and i just reached 3,000 followers and i want to thank every single one of you for helping make 2015 my best year on tumblr!! 

i can’t express how much i love the community we have here;  you’re all so talented, and you’ve never failed to brighten my days. thank you for reading my fics, thank you for talking headcanons with me, thanks for telling me about your lives and listening to my rambles, thank you for being the most amazing people.

i appreciate every single one of you and i hope that, whatever you celebrate, wherever you are in the world, you’re having the happiest of holiday seasons and that your 2015s have been as great as you’ve made mine!!

a particular shout out to @shelbychild, @percy-the-dark-one, @blackjacktheboss, @queenreynaavilaramirez-arellno, @aphnodite, @falloutpercy, @ihaveafrostyproblem, @percabeth-is-endless, @festivethalia, @hecatekid, @patrick-says-im-emo, @swftmas, @somethingmorecreative1, @snowbenderannabeth, @snowflakhione, @dgkeyblade, @sallyjacson, @ananbeth, @pepperminthazel and @son-of-rome for making this fandom feel more like a group of really great, really dorky friends

@lililibird@percyyoulittleshit and @ishelmascarinas for being the greatest squad to ever exist, aka. the princess squad, you girls are the absolute best and so talented and i’m so honoured to call you my friends

@aroacebiancadiangelo for being so lovely and making me so many beautiful things and still loving me even when tbah practically ruined you, ily so much itchy i will never be able to thank you enough

and to @lililibird (again). lili, my wife, i hope that the bananabird ship keeps sailing on, because you’re such an incredible friend and my favourite person to talk headcanons with and honestly it feels weird now if a day goes by without us chatting. you let me adopt our child, adult!jasper, and you dragged me down into the pits of punk!percy and girly!annabeth with you and i will never be able to express my gratitude. you’re an absolute sweetheart and i love you lots

happy holidays everyone!!!