this is so damn ugly dont look at me

So @lildreamysoul tagged me to post my lock screen and most recent selfie, so heeeeeeere we go!

So to start, my lock screen! Drawn by the wonderful @laziskeli and it makes me smile every goddamn time I look at it.

Then we got my most recent selfie (which is like a fucking year old omg) and damn I’m looking fine. Though I miss my red hair Q-Q…and like most of my beauty spots are missing??? Idk, they just kind of appeared one day…

Here look I’ll take another one rn to prove it!

Now I tag: @bananatrashsenpai @badchubbybunny @imaniamora @sinning-a-skeleton @spirit-of-the-cat-eye-moon

will someone please explain to me why i struggle to sell gorgeous dragons on the ah and in the forums for damn near fodder price, and yet i see people listing and successfully selling ugly ass dragons with old genes with nothin special about them for 300kt or 2kg or something like that??

like legit why is it so damn hard to sell dragons that dont look like you scraped them off the bottom of a dumpster

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(part 1) just read the new chapter, well the official version, i already read the fan translations lmao. but i was thinking, eren seems to already know what willy is going to say. he makes reiner listen, and he just acts like everything willy is saying is old news to him. im thinking that means he has known the truth for awhile, from grisha and especially kruger's memories.

“(part 2) i mean there is probably a lot that kruger knew that we werent told yet, so im thinking eren learned some stuff from memories that we dont know about yet. any thoughts on this? also just wanna say god eren is so gorgeous. i love his cats eyes they look like they are fucking GLOWWINGG. it gets me all riled up god damn.”

Man I wish I could make a goddamn crunchyroll account of my own so I can read the better version of it, but I got no money lol, I hate reading the ugly raws. Anyway, ahh everything you just said is pretty much what I’m thinking too from this chapter. When Willy was addressing his long story speech, and Eren made Reiner and Falco listen, like you said, it seemed like he already knew what Willy was gonna say, it kinda felt as though he was waiting for a reaction from Reiner and maybe Falco too? So, as you said, I’m guessing it’s because he’s gotten the full truth from Grisha’s and Kruger’s memories throughout those 4 years, so at this point, Eren practically knows everything. And yeah, I also feel that Eren knows a lot of things thanks to Kruger’s memories that we weren’t exactly told yet, so that’s kind of a mystery. I feel like I have to re-read this chapter 20 times cuz all this 4D chess is making my head spin and I’m still trying to let this sink in lol. But yea, overall I agree with you. 
And yes~ Eren was definitely gorgeous in this chapter, and fierce and oh so dominating <33 I loved him. ^^

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how do you feel about how millie's physical appearance has changed besides her hair? like height and stuff

honestly makes me want to die because 1. im a huge lesbian and 2. shes so petite and slender and it makes me jealous like……. her body and health is just so great and i wish i could look like that still but im not in sports anymore and im bad at healthy shit so im just like damn goals……. also i have braces which are ugly as shit so im like ghhhhh dont look at my face please

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Look here dumbass. Dreadlocks are not just fucking black culture. If you had any concern about it you'd fucking know that.Quit acting like you were the one to fucking coin it. And you know what else, I think dreadlocks are fucking beautiful, so you have no god damn place to call them dirty and say that I (and any other white person) can't have them. You uncultured swine.

White people crying in my inbox, how fucking cute. Look youre fucking ugly and that matted shit of product, mud and baboon feces you call dreads is a disrespect to my culture and if youre gonna do a cheap imitation at least have the fucking guts to accept criticism, yt. Stealing black bodies and native land just wasnt enough was it, you inbred unwashed hippie dippie nobody. Go whine your entitled bullshit to someone who cares. Dont fuck with me if you cant take the fucking heat, 白人fuck.