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OMG your art is like 1000000% amazing. So cute and fluffy!!!!!!! I have a question. What program do u use and brush? Also, do you like kagehina or hinakage??????? I'm clearly a HUGE fan of u. Keep up the AMAZING work.

THANK YOU A LOT!!!!!!! i use paint tool sai to draw, and these are my brush settings:

as to kagehina, i’m fine with both!!! i headcanon kageyama as asexual so who tops/bottoms doesnt really matter to me´´´

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I wanna b ur friend cuz ur so chill but smh assertive? Like u kindly tell someone when theyre wrong, and u dont seem sassy or lowkey rude. Ur a great Person and so so Kind!!!!!! And!!!!u have/do Cute stims!!!!! Yes please!!!!

LMAOOO I am not assertive at all idk whatever gave you that impression. the big dream is to become more assertive haha but thank you <3

Palette woke up to see Cupcake, missing from the bed? He got up and searched for him, finding him in the living room, eating. That was a first… “Morning Gothy” Cupcake smiled and waved a bit. “Morning….” “Fell Palette is coming over in a bit..” Cupcake nodded “Yeah, I know”

Cupcake smiled more at the thought of his Palette. Unlike what people believed, he was actually pretty sweet to him. He just….drank sometimes….. He heard a knock on the door “O-oh, he’s here..” Cupcake went to go answer it, being greeted by Pudding’s normal smile. 

“Good morning love~” Cupcake giggled and kissed his cheek. Goth nervously waved and smiled “H-hi Palette…” Goth went over to Palette, hugging him gently. Cupcake kissed Pudding sweetly, wrapping his arms around his neck. He pulled away and cuddled into his chest.

“I missed you baby…” Pudding smiled and picked him up “So did I” Cupcake kissed him one last time before going home. They arrived home after a short walk through the woods. Pudding set him down “Ladies first~” He opened and held the door open for Cupcake.

Cupcake rolled his eyes but thanked Pudding and walked through the door. Pudding walked in as well and shut the door behind him. He pull Cupcake back, into his arms. Cupcake gasped in shock, backing away in surprise. Pudding softly shushed him.

“It’s ok, it’s just me~…..” Cupcake smiled nervously and relaxed into Pudding’s strong but gentle grasp. “Honey, I wanna talk to you…” Cupcake felt a pang of fear in his chest. Was he gonna break up with him? Is something bad happening?? Cupcake nodded anyway. “Talk to me about what…?”

Pudding motioned for Cupcake to follow him, Cupcake obeying. His heart beat quick as anxiety started to increase. Pudding got something out, hiding it behind his back. Cupcake stood in front of him, his fear obvious. Pudding sighed a bit. “I wanna ask you something, and you’re free to say no.”

“O-ok…what is it?” Pudding brought the object out from behind his back. It was a black leather collar, with Cupcake printed onto it. It had a skinny material Cupcake couldn’t identify as a leash. 

“C..can you wear this? I know it’s a weird thing to ask, but….it’s because I wanna make the town finally see that you’re not something to stare at.. I’m so tired of people yelling at you, and whispering about you when they see you. I want them to know you belong to me alone!”

Cupcake backed away in fear, scared that Pudding was gonna do something to him. Pudding sighed angrily, attempting to calm down. “I..I’m sorry…it just, bothers me a lot..” Cupcake nodded and went back to him. “N-no, I understand what you mean…. A-and yes, I’ll wear the collar…”

Pudding smiled at him. “Thank you sweetheart.. It..somehow makes me feel safer knowing that people won’t do that to you anymore..” Pudding kissed his cheek and put the collar around his neck, making sure it wasn’t too tight or too loose. After all the adjustments he did, the collar pressed into his neck only slightly.

You look really hot like that…“ Cupcake blushed at his comment “Thanks….” Pudding jerked his leash forward as a test, causing Cupcake to run into Pudding’s chest. “W-what was that for??” “Just seeing what it does… Did I hurt you??” Cupcake shook his head “No, I’m fine..”

Pudding nodded “Ok, good…” Pudding kissed his cheek again, letting go of his leash. “I…I’m gonna go out real quick…..I’ll be back soon..” Pudding rushed out the door, leaving Cupcake in tears. “No no no no no no… were doing so well…..” Cupcake took in sharp breaths as he cried harder into his sleeves.

Pudding’s POV

I felt shame push away any sense of any other emotion in me as I took my fifth shot…. “God I’m a wreck…” I heard the sound of heels hitting the floor become louder as a young blonde haired bunny come up to me. She was obviously looking to hook up, or she was a prostitute… There were a lot of hookers where Gothy and I lived…

“Hey big boy~ How about you come back to my place and fuck me silly?~” I cringed at her words. Even thinking about having sex with her made my stomach churn. “No thanks lady, go and hit on someone else, I’m already taken” She just smirked and rubbed her breasts, which were definitely fake, on my arm. 

“Oh, you mean that nervous wreck of a skeleton Goth? I bet he isn’t half as good as I am at getting you off~” I tightened my grip on the shotglass, trying to contain my anger. “Lady, I said no. End of story." 

She rolled her eyes and walked off, but not before saying something to me that nearly made me knock her out cold "Fine, but next time you’re doing him, you can thank me that you don’t have to fake it anymore” I shattered the shot glass, getting up and storming over to her before the bartender held me back.

“Easy Palette, we don’t want another problem, do we?” I growled angrily and gave up struggling “No…..” The hooker ended up going home with a bird monster. The bartender let me go “About time you headed home to your man, isn’t it?” I nodded silently “He’s gonna be so disappointed in me….." 

"Well, look on the bright side. If you go home now, you haven’t dranken nearly as much as you used to. Normally, you’d finish three entire bottles by now…..” I smiled at his words “Yeah, I’m just a bit tipsy, not full on wasted..” I paid the bartender and headed out the door, stumbling a bit.

Cupcake wasn’t crying as hard as earlier, but tears still fell down his face occasionally. He snapped his head towards the door when he heard it open. He ran towards Pudding, hugging him tightly “P-Palette…..” Cupcake cried into his chest

Pudding felt a lump in his throat as he hugged Cupcake back. “Y…you promised…..y-you promised you wouldn’t d-drink again!!” Pudding flinched, but didn’t blame him. He broke his promise to his one and only love of his life. Cupcake calmed down enough to talk, sorta normally.

“Why did you do it…..?” Pudding was silent for a few moments. When he spoke, his voice sounded broken. “I needed it so badly… These months have been tortuous without even a drop… But….I didn’t get drunk…I-I’m just tipsy..” Cupcake backed away so he could get a good look at Pudding.

It was true. He didn’t reek of alcohol, his speaking wasn’t that butchered, and he could stay balanced. He sighed, and kissed Pudding “I should hate you for breaking your promise to me, but I can’t…. And, I’m proud you didn’t get that drunk..” Pudding smiled “I’m proud of myself too….” Cupcake smiled and hugged him lovingly.

He would get better. Just wait..

All the angst in here tonight…

fanfic by creepychick420


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U know there a gay animated film called in a heartbeat go check the story out is so cute, the film will be released on 31 of July 💜💜🌹

are u kidding i have been waiting for it for MONTHS 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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If Titania is a baby unicorn, will we get to meet her parents? Does iwa-chan join her when she rests by the waterfall to look at rainbows? ;u; she's so cute. Ah.

maybe! it seems unicorns live in small groups of 4~5 so we might meet them eventually! Iwachan really likes the babies so he spends a lot of time with them!

my mutual’s anons: ur so cute i love ur blog um if u had to have a date night with ur bias what would it be like ? ☺️
my anons: who’s got the hairiest dick in exo 😈


we finally have a girl who does :”^)