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Your headcanons are so cute <3 I hope it's not too banal but soukoku high school? :)

how tf did you discover my secret kink are you a witch?

  • They meet on accident - Dazai is running late and runs into a foreign exchange student (bc you can pry French!Chuuya from my cold, dead hands) with a pile of too many books and a fiery temper
  • Chuuya’s pretty popular, but he sticks to a small group of friends and is mainly at school to focus on his studies before he has to return home
  • Dazai is almost the opposite - he socializes with everyone but doesn’t seem to have any close friends. He’s alone a lot, and usually in after school detention for skipping class. Honestly, he doesn’t really care about school all that much. Or, well, anything really.
  • Chuuya gets tasked with tutoring him, (which is a big surprise bc he’s not even particularly smart, just very motivated) and thinks it’s impossible until he finds out Dazai is a fucking genius.
  • He accidentally sees Dazai’s notebook which has all of these stories in it, and Dazai finds him crying and hunched over the paper
  • Chuuya convinces him to turn in one of the stories, but Dazai is very uncomfortable with it, explaining they’re a little… too personal.
  • Dazai continues to hold Chuuya at a distance until Chuuya realizes what’s going on
  • The dark stories contemplating reasons to live, the long absences, the bandages that cover his arms and neck
  • He confronts Dazai about it again, and the brunette begrudgingly admits that he doesn’t have the healthiest coping mechanisms
  • Chuuya isn’t 100% sure what to do, but he does know that Dazai could use some affection right now, so he hugs him and tells him he’ll be there
  • And he is. And he watches Dazai change and grow more comfortable with him, watches the brunette begin to tease and pester him with a twinkle in his eyes.
  • He watches Dazai share his story with the teacher
  • He listens to Dazai nonchalantly tell a story about Oda and what happened and his family and why he started with SH and ST and Chuuya is right there and listening
  • And they spend the night at each other’s houses a lot and rumours start floating about them dating because come on, the way Chuuya and Dazai look at each other. 
  • It’s senior year, they’re sitting outside eating lunch, Chuuya’s nibbling on a rice cracker. Dazai leans over and plucks a veggie from his bento, pops it in he mouth, and tucks strand of hair behind Chuuya’s ear. It’s a silent confession, and they’ve been friends for three damn years now so he knows what Dazai’s saying.
  • Because as brilliant as Dazai is sometimes he can’t express himself.
  • They start dating halfway through the year, and they’re that iconic couple. Ya know. That one. They win all the awards together, they eat lunch together, they sit next to each other in class. (”Dazai you don’t even take this class what are yo-” “SHHHH Chuuya’s talking”)
  • so yeah.

Send me an AU and I’ll give you some headcanons

Promoting weeks

Hello everyone <3 last week I proposed an idea for the two weeks coming, since I’ll leave in vacation so my blog will be active mostly from my queue.

In the past, I’ve received many times messages to promote arts by reblogging them but I couldn’t do it all the time because otherwise, my blog wouldn’t be personal anymore (I would only reblog what people wants me to reblog basically)….but I thought I should take a moment once to accept any aks of this kind.

So what I propose is, if you’re interested of course, to promote your arts during the two weeks I’ll be away. 

But of course, I have some little conditions :

- no nsfw please (no violence, no gore, no sexual arts…)
- since the theme of my blog is “fluff”, I rather not reblog too angst things, so preferably, any cute arts <3
- original arts are accepted
- if it’s “fandom arts”, I rather reblog the fandoms and ships I’m into (Free, YOI, hq!!, bnha, ccs, owari, toz ect…)

You can start from today to send me by PM (I prefer PM than asks) the link of the arts you want me to reblog (it can be more than one but don’t send too much because I need space in my queue for others too).

I won’t be here tonight and tomorrow (no co) and I leave this week end, that’s why I write this now. I’ll check my PM tomorrow and being to put them in my queue (the queue order will be random).

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I really appreciate all the work you put into your custom content! You deserve nothing but the best. You don't owe us anything, yet you still make us beautiful hairstyles! I love you and your creations, and honestly, take a break whenever because you certainly deserve it. <3

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I mean it! let me hug you nonny pie <3 this is so cute. I have no idea how many time I can say “thank you” for all those kind messages. It’s so heartwarming. Same goes to you nonny, you deserve nothing but the best! Sending lots of love :*

Sorry my lovely girls and boys! ♥

As you can clearly see, I’ve had a busy summer so far, but I want to try to catch up with messages and submissions a little later today, so please stay tuned! :3
I love my cute and oh-so lewd followers SO MUCH, so thank you for staying with me~ Okay everyone, see you just a liiiiitle later ♥ !!