this is so cute ohmygoodness

Give me a plot about a shy girl being dragged to a bar and getting hit on, where a tattooed guy takes pity on her and rescues her by saying he’s her boyfriend. He walks her home and she realizes he’s not that scary, so she invites him in and they talk. Maybe he falls asleep on her couch and she takes care of his hangover and ohmygoodness it could be so cute?

Tabby my darling, please forgive this yoongi loving, puddle sinner. I was feeling some type of way hahah but I toned it down some~~

I tried to use your color palette (bc i love it) but it didn’t come out that good…


anonymous asked:

Whenever its really cold in resembool, Winry refuses to sleep in the same bed as Ed because of his automail leg wich sucks out the warmth and is ice cold. Sometimes he is so hungry for cuddles that he deattaches it for the night, despite having to go through the pain of attaching it again the next night.

ohmygoodneSS, that’s so cute wowieeee

tho i love this headcanon that in times like this he just wears a hugeass sock on the automail so the cold doesn’t bother winry but what you wrote is just wonderful ahhhHHHH

and yup i totally feel like ed’s such a big cuddler but IN DENIAL, he’d never admit it to anyone, this dork