this is so cute look at matt


Storytime with Katie-

So remember when I was joking about those dang outdoor retreat campfires almost killing my son? lol that actually happened.

Basically, I have this save where my self-sim is married to Travis Scott (the EA pre-made from the best friends household) and we have a ridiculous number of children (like 7). Well I thought it would be cute to take them camping, so I had everyone gather around the campfire and I made my oldest son (Lizo, named for @lizillasimming because reasons…) play his guitar.


Travis looked seriously pissed that his son is ruining this kodak family moment though. (also notice my self-sim casually not even taking any note as her child burns to death…)

This last pic basically summed up the whole experience. Lizo survived, his brother Matt was embarrassed for no reason, and Travis looked like he was about to swear off family vacations forever and my simself Katie was nowhere to be found.

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This isn't a hc but...favorite funny moments from voltron? It would make my day :)

oo heck yah:

  • pidge: lance watch out we’re gonna crash
  • lance: man don’t worry, in my first year of flight school you know what they called me? they called me the tailor because of how i thread the needle
  • lance: [immediately crashes the ship]
  • this photo of everyone’s reactions to lance shamelessly letting one rip:
  • lance saying the space equivalent of shut your fuck
  • shiro dabbing:
  • hunk trying to form voltron by barreling into Keith’s lion and yelling COMBINE
  • honestly one of my favorite scenes that made me laugh is when hunk tries to be the head. because when they first formed voltron he yelled with the utmost sincerity “I’M A LEG” and then when you look at that scene……they all just sat there in their lions all stacked and waited while hunk flew to the top and sat on everyone and no one said ANYTHING fkgkwekflj and hunk’s just like……what do you mean i can’t be the head?
  • Shiro in 100% seriousness trying to form voltron by stacking up like a cheerleader pyramid and in pure sincere concentration: “I’ll form the head”
  • Coran trying to time the team’s response to the emergency drill using a meat thermometer
  • this entire exchange:
  • when they go to the arusian village and 
  • Pidge: also, I sweat a lot. I mean in general. Unrelated to the peanuts.
  • this collection of lance frames
  • Coran literally breaking his spine trying to lift the Balmera crystal
  • [sarcastic Keith voice] Winning what? The intergalactic time-measuring competition?
  • Coran attempting to spoonfeed Shiro like a baby
  • Keith honestly considering the most important event during the sendak incident to be him cradling Lance in his arms, so much so that his voice cracks in the way angsty teen voices do when they’re whining
  • Keith getting revenge on Lance for not remembering their bonding moment by pretending he couldn’t hear Lance over the comms. that was honestly rlly cute
  • [Lance voice] nana nana boo boo!!!
  • [hunk imitating allura]: oh LONCE he looks so fine im all atwitter
  • [matt voice] Don’t lie. I know you love those peas dad

Also, in case you haven’t already I highly recommend watching scenes from the original Voltron, it’s golden and had me rolling on the floor.

Ok but imagine a soulmate AU where the other persons name is written on your arm so Shiros upset ‘cause he lost his arm before the mark showed up and therefore thinks he’ll never find anyone but then one day when he’s looking at his new prosthetic he notices the logo of the engineer that designed it

“H. O. L. T.”

MatPat: *takes a deep breath*

MatPat: i lo-

Jason: yes, you love Stephanie, we know, you love Stephanie so much, she’s the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Stephanie we KNOW, you love Stephanie you fucking love Stephanie okay we know, we get it, YOU LOVE STEPHANIE FUCKING PATRICK. WE GET IT.

Klance vs Shatt

Shiro and Matt: *cuddling and whispering quietly to each other on the couch*

Lance: Stop it!

 Shiro: Stop what? 

Lance: Being like that. When you do cute things like that it makes Keith and I look not cute so knock it off.

 Matt: Pfft what? Look at you guys, if anything you need to stop one upping us in the cuteness factor. 

Keith: *waking up, hair disheveled, in Lance’s lap with his face buried in Lance’s neck* 

 Lance: *kisses Keith’s forehead* I have no idea what you mean.

If you draw/write this please credit me.


Hey, ever wondered what redbubble stickers look like in real life? here they are! i currently have 7 pixel designs to choose from ~

The stickers above are classed as ‘small’ but i think there are pretty big tbh, they come on strips in a hard durable cardboard sleeve/envelope (so no creasing, see first image), and have a matte kind off finish. And they’re all available right now here on my redbubble  - pretty-t ! 

Random Matt Cohen things day

Why does he look so cute?!

Speaking of children…

Matt and his son are so cute!

They are wearing the same outfit! aaww

And I’ll end with this

I really hope that it’s clicking in Maryse’s brain just how much her son ‘cares for’/loves Magnus. :)

(I’m so looking forward to when Maryse and Magnus start getting along, and she even begins treating him like her son and a member of the family. That’s gunna’ be hella sweet/cute.)

Pidge's Garden: When They Returned
  • Matt: Shiro my dude, I know you're accustomed to seeing Katie a certain way, so what happens next may surprise you.
  • Shiro: What do you mean?
  • Pidge: *kicks down the bathroom door* MY LEGS ARE SO. SMOOTH.
  • Pidge: And my eyebrows finally have SHAPE! Look at them!
  • Pidge: *runs and embraces her closet of cute clothes* I missed you so much!!
  • Shiro: *blinks*
  • Matt: Once she starts spouting nerd stuff again, you'll get used to it.

CONSIDER this klance headcanon

  • ok so what if. they find matt and he meets everyone and he automatically assumes keith and lance are dating bc of the way they act around each other??? 
  • matt would tell keith and lance that theyre a cute couple and keith goes SUPER red and lance is like WHAT no i hate that guy!!!
  • pidge would snort and matt would look at her so confused bc like?? they are together right??
  • soon it would become a running joke and every time lance shows up late for dinner everyone’s like KEITH!!! where’s your boyfriend!!! and when no one can find keith bc he’s training alone, they ask lance where his better half is 
  • eventually they stop correcting people and just roll their eyes at everyone 
  • but finally when they get together its super ironic and they laugh about it!!! but then they decide to tell the team and lance puts his arm around keith and is like hey guys, um. this is my boyfriend, keith. and literally everyone just blinks and is like ???? um, guys we know????