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@markiplier charity livestream just ended with a nice Winner Winner Chicken Dinner on PUBG. Was a fun time, so fun in fact I only got done with two new drawing! 

The new merch was Googleplier so I decided to draw him in the style of BATIM since Mark played chapter 3 on the stream. Also decided to do something cute as well!!!

Had a great time!

Just a little something I thought up for being a cute nickname for Tyler! I think it’s pretty darn adorable, so adorable that I had to draw something like this to go along with it.

In a Tythan sense, I can just picture Ethan being like “Oh you’re my Beanie Baby~” towards Tyler and just give him all kinds of other cute nicknames ones beside from this one, this one being by far my favorite <3

But, I love it! All of you are free to use the nickname if you want <3 cause I think the names really freaking cute♡

Anonymous said:

Can you do one where andy and y/n are both in bands and they’re in an interview togother, so they’re getting asked a lot about their relationship and it’s really cute and fluffy with playful banter and pda?



(Y/N) opened the trailer door, peaking around the corner. Andy sat on the couch while  a crew set up a camera and an editor from AP organized her questions.

“Am I late?” She mouthed.

Andy shook his head, smiling when she entered. He patted his lap, motioning her over which she gratefully did, taking the weight of her tired feet. She had already preformed twice today, and it was blazing hot.

“Alright Andy, and (Y/N). Are you guys ready?” The warm faced interviewer asked. Andy nodded, while (Y/N) gave a thumbs up. The woman circled her finger behind her back and the camera started rolling.

“Alright guys, so it’s a well known fact you guys have been dating. And can I just say its adorable. Anyway, the reason I mention it is because of my following question. There is a lot of controversy on how you initially met. Some say warped 13 others say at a bar in vegas. Can you guys enlighten us on the truth?” She asked.

“We met in Nj on tour.” They said at the same time, causing them to break into laughter.

“Alright, how about your first kiss?” She asked next. Her name tag said peggy.

“Oh that’s easy, that was in vegas.” Andy said with a smirk.

“Hey I thought it was ‘What happens in vegas stays in vegas.” (Y/N) scolded playfuly.

“Alright guys, second to last question.” She said, smirking like she knew something. (Y/N) shrugged it off. “Are you planning on colaberating your bands in the future?”

“Oh most definitely.” (Y/N) said with a grin as she put her hands around andys shoulders and squeezed gently.

“Yeah, it would be amazing to have them with us. Maybe tour together more often.” Andy agreed, rubbing her shoulder. He released, standing up and walking to the kitchen and giving the one minute sign with his finger.

“Alright, last question but I believe its andys turn to ask.” Peggy said with a cute little grin.

“What?” (Y/N) asked, knitting her eyebrows together. Before she knew it andy was on one knee.

“(Y/N) you’ve made me so happy in the last 3 years, Happier then I ever thought I could be. Will you…marry me?” Andy asked with a glimmer of hope in his eye.

“Of course I will!” (Y/N) screaming, pulling his up and climbing onto him so her legs were wrapped around his waist. “I love you so much.” She whispered in his ear. She didn’t notice the interviewer and camera guy leave but she didn’t care. She only had eyes for her andy right now.

Dean’s Flannel

Gif is not mine

Title: Dean’s Flannel

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,836

Warnings: Fluff and angst!

A/N: I hope you guys are ready for some cute Dean Fluff!! <3 <3 I hope you all enjoy this! I love you all so much!! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

You walked through the bunker, your blanket cloaked around your body.  You trudged through the halls of the bunker, which was empty because the brothers were currently out on a hunt.  You had been with the Winchesters for a few years now, and you weren’t one for the hunts, just the research.  They had always reassured you that they didn’t mind you not going on the hunts.  They preferred to have you safe at the bunker anyway.  However, you sometimes got lonely all by yourself.  You would worry, but then they would come home the next day and they would take a couple days before the next hunt, if they could.  

You sat down on the couch in the library, grabbing your laptop off of the side table that was next to the couch.  You opened your laptop, lying against the arm of the couch for support.  It was midnight and you still couldn’t sleep, but you loved the library; it was where you spent most of your time.  You scrolled through your YouTube subscriptions.  There wasn’t much of anything that was new since you had last watched.  You closed your laptop and set it back in it’s spot on the side table.  You got up and headed towards the kitchen.  You liked to cook when you felt awful or when you couldn’t sleep.

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Thor is such a sweet baby - but he’s bein’ a stubborn lil asshole in this particular chapter. I was going to leave it as a surprise as to whether or not the hunting party contains him, but I’ve used the word thunder in descriptive terms so much that it’s kind of obvious. Anyway, enjoy!

Prompt[s]: oh, hell yes!!!! this is amazing! Finally some cuteness <3 Dont you dare take that away from me! That painting part - Im choking xDD Great job, keep up the fluff!!! <3 xD

My dude yes

Awesome as usual! Definitely can’t wait for the next part

‘The Tower’ (Part 16)

Part 15

You swung your basket around happily as you foraged in the forest. It had only been a couple of days but already the Tower was beginning to feel like home. You always had company, you weren’t shamed for spending your time as you wished, and the only thing you had expected of you was to collect food from the forest every so often, something you were happy to do! Some days, if you were lucky, your roommate was even happy to see you. In any case, it was still better than living in the village.

The village…

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I got a P.O. box! I’ve had a few messages about sending art or little trinkets and all that good stuff so I finally got one! Feel free to send notes, pictures of crabs, a drawing based off of one of mine, or what ever you’d like! I just ask you please do not send food! I don’t want the other items in the box to be ruined. I do look forward to the letters and packages! <3

✉ 💙 P.O. Box 831387 Richardson, TX 75083 💙 ✉ 

So I just got out of seeing Spider-Man Homecoming, and let me start off all of this by saying two things.
1: Tom Holland is hands down, without a doubt, 100% the BEST Spider-Man we have ever fucking been given, and he needs to be cherished forever because of it.
2. He is also without a doubt the sexiest little twink cupcake I’ve ever laid my eyes on, and I thank Marvel and whoever was personally behind casting Tom, because not only have they made me fantasize about Spidey, I’m even fantasizing about Holland himself.

I’m not a review blog, and I’d hate to spoil anything, so I won’t take up too much more of your time, but I had to rant about this. Peter Parker here is the most lovable person I’ve ever seen. I love the original 3 movies, but my statement stands. No one has ever played Spider-Man like Holland does. I’m thinking about making a side blog dedicated to the men of the MCU just for shits because I need to write all kinds of cute raunchy stories about this boy. I wouldn’t care so much about who’s following, because that would be all for me, but please, if you’re interested in that, lemme know! It’ll be more of a push to get that up and running regularly 
At the end of the day you can have your opinion of course, and i’ll totally respect it, this is just my personal opinion. Tom is #1 in the MCU now for me, both who I’d love to fuck, and who I want to be my friend- and who I just love most in general, character and actor. He’s fucking incredibly talented, incredibly sexy and cute, and just…ugh. UGH. I’m done. Please excuse this post, your regular teen wolf look alikes will be scheduled to run as normal after this important message. Bye.

Great Catch, Cas!

Title: Great Catch, Cas!

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 976

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: I hope you are all ready to enjoy some cute Castiel fluff! If you’d like to see something you can request it! :) <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I especially need some Sam, Dean, and Lucifer requests, along with NCIS requests. So if you’d like to see more of them, go ahead :D

You grumbled as you opened the bunker door, bringing in Sam and Dean’s bags.  They had a rough hunt and wanted you to get their bags from the car.  It was more of a demand than a request, actually.  You didn’t have a choice in the matter, but you did it because you were you a kind person.  Even when Dean was an ass hole, you smiled and helped him anyway.

You didn’t want to make two trips up and down the stairs so you grabbed both bags.  They were heavy for being mostly clothes.  You kicked the door shut behind you, spinning on your heels to go down the stairs.  When you turned around you stumbled over your other foot.  You closed your eyes ready to fall.  You felt a hand grasp your wrist tightly, pulling you in the other direction.  A pair of arms wrapped tightly around you, keeping you safe and secure.  The bags hadn’t even fallen down the stairs.

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i had my first exam today!! and i had a panic attack right before it!! so i did it later during the day bc i was freaking out!! and i also probably failed the exam!!

one exam down… four more to go :/

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