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Can I request a Monsta X Jooheon imagine/scenario where you are both idols and you are both on weekly idol. (When he does aegyo and the mc's start yo tease you both and he is very protective of you) Thank you :)

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“ 금주의 아이돌!”  Defconn and Heechul struck the signature Weekly Idol poses once again as the time came to begin the main segment of the show.
“As Hani unfortunately can’t make it today, we have prepared a special MC for today’s episode,” Heechul announced, flashing a smile at the main camera. Off set, behind the main cameras, you were nervously fiddling with your cue cards, tapping them anxiously against the palms of your hands – you had never been an MC before, let alone on a variety show. 

“She is the nation’s ray of sunshine, Y/N of Hibiscus!” Defconn gestured towards you as he enthusiastically revealed your position as guest MC. You took a deep breath before walking on set with a big smile on your face. Your group’s newest single played in the background as you did so.
“A bu bup! Stop the music!” Defconn demanded. You stopped your walk towards the two MCs and tilted your head to the side in confusion, your mouth open with a slight pout. 

“D-did I so something wrong?” You inquired. 

“You were supposed to dance onto the set,” Heechul whispered to you behind his cue cards. Your face turned a slight crimson colour as you realized your mistake.  

“Oops,” you said sheepishly. “I’m very sorry,” you bowed to your superiors to show your sincere apology.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” Defconn assured you. “You can do it again, Y/N”. You bowed a second time to them and made your way back offset.

“She’s so cute… Okay! Let’s try this again. Today’s special MC is Hibiscus’ passionate leader Y/N!” Heechul announced. When your group’s song started, you made your way on stage doing a very enthusiastic version of the song’s choreography.  

“That’s better!” Defconn acknowledged quietly. When you reached the other MCs, you bowed to the main camera. 

“Hello, I am Hibiscus’ leader Y/N!” You waved your empty hand and gave a bright smile. 

“So this is your first time MCing, Y/N?” Heechul asked. You nodded. “Good, good. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.” His words gave you an extra boost of confidence. 

“Now let’s introduce our idol guests, one of which is part of our ‘Idols Are the Best’ corner! Please welcome Monsta X!” Defconn gestured towards offstage as Monsta X’s comeback song “All In” began to play. The boys danced onto the stage and stopped beside the MCs. 

“HOO! MONSTA X! Hello we are Monsta X!” They said in unison as they bowed towards the camera. “Jooheon, we haven’t seen you in so long!” Defconn exclaimed sarcastically. Jooheon smiled stickily before nodding in agreement.
“Yeah, it must have been at least two years!” He looked back at the two MCs playing along with Defconn’s joke, and then at you with a smile. You would be lying if you said he didn’t make you blush a little.


During all of the corners, you could not take your eyes off of Jooheon. There was just something about him…

“Idol call centre, call call call!” You, Heechul and Defconn proclaimed in unison.
“We have chosen questions sent by Monbebe to ask Monsta X! Let’s begin!” You looked into the camera with your thumbs up. 

You watched as Monsta X completed the requests of the lucky fans who were able to have theirs aired on Weekly Idol. 

“Okay time for the final question!” Heechul announced. 

“Ahh, did it work, did it work? Oh it worked!” The voice on the end of the line sounded very cheery. “Monsta X I love you! Okay okay okay, Jooheon oppa can you please do aegyo for me? Thank youuu~” 

Jooheon looked into the camera, smiling widely with embarrassment, cupped his hands under his chin and tilted his head to the side. “Bbuing bbuing~” He said before lowering his head in embarrassment. Heechul noticed you looking at Jooheon during the show, and decided to use the fan’s request to his advantage. 

“Aww, so cute. But Y/N didn’t get to see it. Jooheon-ee would you do it for her too?” Heechul looked at the two of you. Jooheon looked into your eyes. You felt all the blood rush to your face, and you pointed the toes of your feet together, trying to act cute yourself.

“Y/N, am I cute?” He inquired while doing the same motion. You felt your face instantly turn red from his gesture, and hid your face behind your cue cards to hide your blushing. You couldn’t believe what was happening.

“Wah~ good job Jooheon! You made Y/N blush bright red!” Defconn and Heechul laughed at the expense of your idol image.

“Hyungs, please stop teasing Y/N! You’re making her feel uncomfortable,” Jooheon protested as he got up from his chair to shield you from the other two MCs. 

“Okay okay, we’ll stop,” Defconn answered. “Heechul let’s leave the new couple alone.” 

“Hyungggg,” Jooheon complained as he looked down at the ground. The rest of Monsta X snickered behind the rapper. 


“That’s all we have time for today! Up until now it was Monsta X!” Heechul concluded. 

“Thank you!” The members of Monsta X bowed to the camera. All In began to play and they began to dance freely around the set to close the episode of Weekly Idol. 

“Okay that’s a wrap! Good work people!” The director shouted. You and the others bowed towards him and the other staff.  

You walked off set and went to gather your things in preparation to leave. You couldn’t help but still be embarrassed by your face going bright red from Jooheon doing aegyo for you. 

“Y/N…” You heard a familiar voice coming from behind you. As you swivelled around to see who it was, you realized it was Jooheon and he looked like he had something to say. 

“Are you doing anything Friday night?”  


Thank you for your request! I hope I fulfilled it~ ^^

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dennor au where den and nor are living together and one day nor randomly finds out about how much den likes those bendy straw things so he goes out to find some but can only find these heart shaped ones meant for two people but he gets them anyways and it make den so happy like?? he always uses them and asks nor drink from the other unused end because he loves the fact that nor thought of him even if it was such a little thing eE



150801 mandarin!sehun telling chengdu exo-l’s to drink plenty of water ( ◜◒◝ )♡

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hi tou so im a new follower who is extremely shy and just. uhm. OK: So imagine Haruka being really, really superstitious and doing the whole 'she loves me, she loves me not' thing with the flower petals. However, he ends up on 'she loves me not' and gets really upset. When he sees Takane the next day (Let's say they're already in a relationship) he's like, "TAKANE YOU STILL LOVE ME, RIGHT?" and she's all like "!!!? HARUKA?!///" because they're literally in the middle of the hallway at school.

ooh hi!! theres no need to be shy tho dont worry!!

and ohmygod thats really cute i can ttly imagine that ahaha this is really cute thank you//


was BLESSED with a ton of Pearl drawing submissions lately so I just thought I’d post them all at once together!! The artists (from left to right, top to bottom) are:

@apointlessfangirl​: “This is the first time I drew pearl, and I’m pretty proud. TBH Pearl’s probably talking to 80’s Greg here.”

 AH I love it!!! I REALLY HOPOE we get to see more 80s pearl because shes always sassy and her outfit is great and i love every minute of it

@sewer7​: “i hear people are sending u some pearls so!! :^)”

WOW this is REALLY GOOD! WOW. I especially love the coloring of her gem!!

@mr-steven0​: “So I doodled this a long time ago. Hope u like it.”

EEK NICE JOB FRIEND!!! Love the palate!! 

@ackamp​: “pearlips”

NICE. pearl with Ame’s lips is a nice THINg

@freddie-is-my-senpai​: “So I made this while bored in class 🙈 hope you like it. Long haired pearl 💖 I didn’t had colors btw…😅”

AWE SHES PRECIOUS… I have so many Pearl doodles on my school stuff as well, you have no idea.. never drawn her with long hair though, she totally rocks it \o/

@lapiss-lazuli-369​: “OI is Porl and Ame!”

EE SO CUTE!!! she is in denial help her!!